Embassy celebrates Diwali by liuqingyan


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                                                                                                                   December 1, 2010

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From left: Kumar Barve, Majority Leader of the Maryland House of Delegates, John P McDonough, Secretary of State of Maryland, and Ambassador Meera
Shankar with the proclamation certificate dedicating November 5 as ‘Diwali Day’ in Maryland.

              Embassy celebrates Diwali
n Indian economy                                  n Infrastructure                                 n Nikki Haley is the
grows 8.9 percent in                              sector output grows                              first Indian-American
the second quarter of                             by 7% in October,                                woman in US to win
the fiscal year 2010-                             compared to 3.9%                                 Governor’s race in
11, says data on GDP                              in October last year                             South Carolina state

           AmbAssAdor Addresses business
              softwAre AlliAnce event
               mbassador Meera Shankar                                                  enues during the same period were
               and U.S. Under Secretary                                                 close to $73 billion. In addition to
               of State for Economic,                                                   adding value to the economy it had
               Energy and Agricultural                                                  also played a major role in employment
    Affairs Robert Hormats addressed the                                                generation, especially in the urban
    Business Software Alliance (BSA) on                                                 areas, and service delivery to rural
    November 30 on the topic ‘Emerging                                                  areas. She said, “India is confident that
    Trends in India-U.S. Economic                                                       the IT Industry in India would remain
    Engagement’. Thanking Robert                                                        a leader in shaping business responses
    Holleyman, President and CEO of                                                     to the emerging global trends in this
    BSA, the Ambassador said that in                                                    area.”
    recent years India-U.S. ties had                                                       Ambassador Shankar said that in the
    evolved into a strategic partnership.                                               field of cyber security, which is linked
       Referring to U.S. President Barack                                               to IT, both the governments were now
    Obama’s recent landmark visit to India                                              closely engaged. The International
    from November 6-9, the Ambassador                                                   Observer Program of the U.S. Cyber
    said, “During the visit, building on the                                            Storm III national cyber incident
    successes in our relationship, Prime                                                response exercise included representa-
    Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and            U.S. companies had booked export         tives from India for the first time.
    President Obama reaffirmed that the        orders worth $10 billion, contributing      She said, “Experts of the two coun-
    India-U.S. strategic partnership is        to over 50,000 jobs in the U.S. It was   tries are also exploring how they can
    indispensible not only for their two       clear that enhanced trade and com-       work together to develop recommen-
    countries but also for global stability    mercial interaction had, in fact,        dations for norms of behavior and con-
    and prosperity in the 21st century.”       brought mutual gains.                    fidence building measures in cyber-
       She said that a key factor in the          She underlined that innovation was    space.”
    growing India-U.S. trade and com-          a key theme during the visit of             She also touched upon opportunities
    mercial engagement was the changing        President Obama to India and there       in other high technology areas, such as
    face of India and its economy.             were many business opportunities for     biotechnology, renewable energy,
       The Ambassador said that India’s        companies from the two countries to      health care, and nuclear energy, and
    growth story; its ability to withstand     partner in the technology and innova-    said that it was a reflection of India’s
    the global economic downturn in the        tion sectors.                            unique strengths in the knowledge
    last couple of years; its paradigm of         Ambassador Shankar remarked that      economy that a large number of U.S.
    domestically driven growth and our         the Indian IT industry had been the      companies now conducted their
    desire and effort to develop India into    face of India’s strength in the knowl-   advanced research and development
    an innovation hub had all contributed      edge economy. India’s global software    (R&D) in India.
    to constructive India-U.S. economic        and services exports touched $50 bil-       The Ambassador informed the audi-
    engagement.                                lion during 2009-2010; and its rev-      ence of the robust intellectual property
       Highlighting the achievements of the                                             regime in India and how the
    Indian economy, Ambassador Shankar            The Ambassador                        Government was taking steps to fur-
2   said that the Indian economy had           remarked that India’s                    ther strengthen it in ways which would
    regained momentum and was poised            global software and                     promote innovation while taking care
    to grow at 8.5 percent in 2010 and 9                                                of India’s development needs. She
    percent next year. Growth in the first        services exports                      said, “Recently a bill has been intro-
    half of this fiscal year had exceeded       touched $50 billion                     duced in Parliament to amend and fur-
    projections at 8.9 percent.                during 2009-2010; and                    ther strengthen the Indian Copyright
       She spoke about the growing                                                      Act and provide protection to digital
    momentum in bilateral trade, including      its revenues during                     products, which would bring the
    trade in services which was broadly           the same period                       Indian act in conformity with the
    balanced. Indian direct investments in         were close to                        WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) and
    the U.S. were growing rapidly.                                                      WIPO Performances and Phonograms
       During President Obama’s visit,               $73 billion                        Treaty (WPPT).”

                                                       December 2010
                                                          India Review
                                    diwAli celebrAtions At embAssy

                                                                                                       From left: Kumar Barve, Majority Leader of the
                                                                                                       Maryland House of Delegates, John P           .
                                                                                                       McDonough, Secretary of State of Maryland, and
Ambassador Meera Shankar welcoming                                                                     Ambassador Meera Shankar with the proclama-
guests during ‘Diwali’ celebrations at the                                                             tion certificate dedicating November 5 as
Embassy Residence on November 21.            Children singing the invocation song on the occasion.     ‘Diwali Day’ in Maryland.

                                                            Artistes presenting a variety of musical performance on the occasion.

A section of the guests at the Residence.

                            diwAli celebrAtions in montgomery county
                                                                                                                           Montgomery           County
                                                                                                                           Executive Ike leggett, State
                                                                                                                           Senator Rob Garagiola,
                                                                                                                           Maryland House Delegate
                                                                                                                           elect Aruna Miller, Minister
                                                                                                                           (Community          Affairs),
                                                                                                                           Embassy of India Datta
                                                                                                                           Padsalgikar, Dr. Suresh C.
                                                                                                                           Gupta and others at the
                                                                                                                           Diwali celebrations at the
                                                                                                                           Montgomery           County
                                                                                                                           Executive office building on
                                                                                                                           November 8.

                                                                December 2010
                                                                   India Review

                                                      fulbright ProgrAm

              he Embassy of India hosted                Fulbright Scholars. In her address,                 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary
              a reception to commemo-                   Ambassador Shankar noted that                     Clinton conveyed her felicitations on
              rate the 60th Anniversary of              besides the bilateral contacts at the             the occasion through a recorded mes-
              the        Nehru-Fulbright                political levels and the business trans-          sage played at the event, saying that
    Educational Exchange Program on                     actions, the long-term engagement of              the program had truly enriched and
    November 16.                                        students, scholars and researchers                transformed the lives of students
      Ambassador Meera Shankar and                      made possible by programs like the                from India who had come to the US.
    U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James                Nehru-Fulbright            Educational            Secretary Clinton also said on the
    Steinberg addressed the gathering                   Exchange has significantly con-                   occasion that External Affairs
    that included prominent members of                  tributed to the progressively strength-           Minister S.M. Krishna was one of the
    the U.S. government and many                        ening India-U.S. relations.                       notable Fulbright alumni.

    Ambassador Meera Shankar addressing guests at a function to commem-
    orate the 60th Anniversary of the Nehru-Fulbright Educational Exchange       US Deputy Secretary of State Mr. James Steinberg addressing the gather-
    Program at the Embassy on November 16.                                       ing on the occasion.

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conveying her felicitations on the
    occasion through a recorded message played at the event.                     Artiste Ms. Divya Uma playing the veena on the occasion.

                                                            sAltAf briefing


    Artistes performing at a briefing hosted for the South Asian Literary and Theatre
    Arts Festival (SALTAF) at the Embassy on November 12.                                  A section of the guests in attendance.

                                                                  December 2010
                                                                      India Review

D   eputy Chief of Mission Arun K. Singh briefed the members of the
    World Affairs Councils of America on the contours of India’s for-
                                                                        eign policy, the India-U.S. global strategic partnership and the
                                                                        challenge posed by terrorism.


Deputy Chief of Mission Arun K. Singh addressing members of the World
Affairs Councils of America (WACA) at the Embassy on November 4.        A section of the audience.

D  eputy Chief of Mission Arun K. Singh briefed the members of the
   Wharton Club and Harvard Business School Club on the out-
comes of President Obama’s visit to India from November 6-8, 2010
                                                                        and explained how the growing opportunities in India for coopera-
                                                                        tion in trade and investments is a win-win situation for the two

Deputy Chief of Mission Arun K. Singh addressing members of the
Wharton Club and Harvard Business School Club at the Embassy on
November 15.                                                            A section of the gathering.

                                                 PANEL DISCUSSION
      he Office of Global Women’s              Chairperson of the Indian NGO, The                against women had to be addressed as

T     Issues hosted an event in
      honor of the International
Day to Eliminate Violence Against
                                               Independent      Commission
                                               People’s Rights and Development
                                               (ICPRD), Dr. Nandini Azad, were
                                                                                  for            part of the larger effort to empower
                                                                                                    Ambassador Shankar described the
Women and 16 days of Activism                  among the panelists.                              work of ICPRD as a valuable compo-
Against Gender Based Violence on                 In her remarks, Ambassador                      nent of bringing change in the attitude
November 29 at the U.S.                        Shankar said that the principle of                of men and women toward gender
Department of State. Madam                     gender equality was enshrined in                  issues in India.
Melanne Verveer, Ambassador at                 the Indian Constitution, which                       At the event, Ambassador Verveer
Large for Global Women’s Issues,               offers equal opportunities for                    also announced that ICPRD was one
moderated a panel discussion on                women and also empowers the                       of the recipients of the Avon Awards
“Changing Attitudes: What Men and              State to adopt positive measures                  for the Elimination of Gender Based
Boys Can Do to Address and Prevent             towards ending discrimination                     Violence and applauded ICPRD’s
Violence     against      Women”.              against women.                                    youth forums against gender based
Ambassador Meera Shankar and                     She noted that the issue of violence            violence.

                                                          December 2010
                                                             India Review
                                                                                      Bilateral & Consulate

               Agreement for setting up Joint clean energy
                   research and development center
             n agreement for setting up Joint Clean   and Development Center. Its aim is to facilitate       and experience to undertake first-rate collabo-
             Energy Research and Development          joint research and development (R&D) and               rative research programs. The consortia will
             Center was signed between the            deployment for clean energy technologies. The          leverage existing resources and physical infra-
     Ministry of Science and Technology,              initial priority areas to be addressed will be         structure and bring together talents from both
     Government of India and the U.S. Department      solar energy, second generation biofuels and           countries. The agreement will be valid for 10
     of Energy, during the US President Obama’s       building efficiency. It will involve active partici-   years and can be renewed for periods of five
     visit to New Delhi. Dr. M.K.Bhan, Secretary,     pation of academic and private sectors of both         years so long as bilateral S&T agreement is in
     Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of         the countries working in a consortia mode. The         force. The Government of India will provide
     Science and Technology and Mr. Timothy           consortium will be self-selecting teams with           equivalent of $5 million each year for 5 years
     Roemer, U.S. Ambassador to India signed the      entities or individuals from national labs, aca-       and the same amount of $5 million would be
     agreement that would facilitate the establish-   demic institutions, NGOs etc. Awards will be           provided by U.S.Government each year for 5
     ment of an India-U.S. Clean Energy Research      made to the consortia which have knowledge             years.

               diwAli celebrAtions At cgi, new yorK

               Diwali celebration was held
               at the Consulate General of
               India, New York on
               November 13. It was attend-
    ed by over 200 members of the Indian
    community in the Tri-State area.
       Welcoming the guests, Ambassador
    Prabhu Dayal, Consul General said
    that this year’s Diwali had an added
    significance for Indian Americans
    because of two major factors. Firstly,
                                                      Consul General Prabhu Dayal welcoming the              Ambassador      Hardeep    Puri,      Permanent
    Diwali coincided with President                   guests during the Diwali celebration                   Representative to the U.N.
    Obama’s visit to India. which was an
    outstanding success. A large number               U.N. Security Council elections. He
    of bilateral agreements were signed               recalled that India secured 187 votes,
    during his visit and the warmth and               which was the highest achieved by any
    friendship displayed by the two sides             country not only in this year’s elections
    was unprecedented. President Obama                but a record for the past several years.
    had said that the Indo-American                   He said that the Government of India,
    strategic partnership would be a defin-           and especially the Ministry of External
    ing relationship of the 21st century,             Affairs had played a stellar role in
    and this indicated the great heights to           achieving such an outstanding success
    which the relationship has risen.                 in the elections.
6   Ambassador Prabhu Dayal congratu-                   He also pointed out that                              A section of the audience
    lated the Indian-American community               Ambassador Hardeep Puri, Permanent
    for their outstanding role in helping to          Representative to the UN, who was                      had been secured by team work at all
    build such a close friendship between             present at the function), and his team                 levels. He also said that in several other
    the two countries, and exhorted them              deserved accolades and applause for                    recent elections in the UN, India had
    to continue playing such a useful role            having ensured such a thumping victo-                  achieved thumping success and regis-
    in future also.                                   ry for India.                                          tered victories.
       The Consul General said that anoth-              Speaking       on    the    occasion,                   He stated that it was only a matter of
    er reason why this year’s Diwali was              Ambassador Hardeep Puri warmly                         time before India would achieve the
    highly significant was because it came            reciprocated the Consul General’s sen-                 status of a Permanent Member in the
    on the heels of India’s victory in the            timents and said that India’s victory                  U.N. Security Council.

                                                                 December 2010
                                                                     India Review

              AmbAssAdor visits orlAndo                                                                         diwAli


Ambassador Meera Shankar and Mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, (center), had a meeting on
November 19 during her visit to Orlando. Others in the picture are (from left): Mr. Earl M.
Crittenden, Chief of Protocol for the City of Orlando, Mr. Ajay Shankar, former Secretary,
Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Government of India, Consul-General Sanjiv Arora
and Dr. Jogi V. Pattisapu, a community leader.

                  seminAr on indiA And un

                                                                                                       Indian Students at Rice (ISAR), an associa-
                                                                                                       tion of international students from India at
                                                                                                       Rice University, Houston, celebrated Diwali
                                                                                                       on November 14 at a function titled
                                                                                                       “Deepotsav 2010”. In his remarks as the
                                                                                                       Chief Guest, CG Sanjiv Arora compliment-
                                                                                                       ed ISAR for organizing this event on the
                                                                                                       birthday of India’s first Prime Minister
                                                                                                       Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, which is celebrat-
Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, Permanent Representative of India to the UN in New York, deliv-
                                                                                                       ed as Children’s Day. He highlighted Pandit
ered a keynote address on “India and the United Nations” organized by the International Speakers’
                                                                                                       Nehru’s seminal contributions to the build-
Association (ISA), a student body at University of Texas, Austin. Here, Mr. Puri is seen with ISA
                                                                                                       ing of modern India, and also spoke about
office bearers and members, CG in Houston, Sanjiv Arora (far left) and Vinod Jacob, First Secretary,
                                                                                                       India’s rich cultural diversity.
PMI, New York (3rd from right).

                                 doing business with indiA summit
                                                                                                                The Indo-American Chamber of
                                                                                                                Commerce of Greater Houston
                                                                                                                (IACCGH) organized a “Doing
                                                                                                                Business with India” Summit in
                                                                                                                cooperation with the Indian
                                                                                                                Consulate and Greater Houston
                                                                                                                Partnership on November 18.
                                                                                                                The speakers at the inaugural ses-
                                                                                                                sion are seen in the picture (from
                                                                                                                left): Mr. Madhukar Prasad,
                                                                                                                President, IACCGH, Consul-
                                                                                                                General Sanjiv Arora, Harris
                                                                                                                County Judge Ed Emmett and
                                                                                                                Greater Houston Partnership
                                                                                                                Chairman Patrick Oxford.

                                                                December 2010
                                                                   India Review

                                         cArrie trybulec visits indiA
            nder the “Distinguished                 of the Gandhi Memorial Center of the               Chairs of various Gandhian institu-

    U       Visitors Program” of the
            Indian Council for Cultural
    Relations, Carrie Trybulec, Director
                                                    Washington, DC, visited India in
                                                    October 2010. During her visit,
                                                    Ms. Trybulec met with Directors and
                                                                                                       tions and cultural centers in Delhi,
                                                                                                       Ahmedabad, Wardha, Kolkata and

    Ms. Carrie Trybulec, Director, Gandhi Memorial Center,      Ms. Carrie Trybulec as Chief Guest at a Valedictory Function on “Concerned Citizenship
    Bethesda, Maryland, with Shree Narayanbhai Desai,           Workshop” held at Indian Society for Community Education, Ahmedabad.
    Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith.

    Ms. Carrie Trybulec is seen spinning the ‘charkha’ at the   Ms. Carrie Trybulec with students and Professor Mehendale at the Institute for Gandhian
    Gujurat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, India.                        Studies (established in memory of Jamnalal Bajaj) in Wardha, India.

                                                                                                                           Ms. Carrie Trybulec with
                                                                                                                           Director, Dr. Varsha Das,
                                                                                                                           and staff of National
                                                                                                                           Gandhi Museum in New

                                                                December 2010
                                                                  India Review

           economy grows 8.9 Percent in Q2
         he Indian economy grew by                                                      percent, financial services 8.3 percent
         8.9 percent in the second                                                      and mining 8 percent.
         quarter (Q2) of the fiscal                                                        Reacting to the figures, Finance
         year 2010-11, latest data on                                                   Minister Pranab Mukherjee said, “In
gross domestic product (GDP)                                                            the first two quarters we have grown
showed on November 30 beating the                                                       nearly 8.9 percent. So now I can con-
Government’s expectations of an 8.5-                                                    fidently say that the annual growth will
percent expansion this whole fiscal.                                                    not be less than 8.75 percent.”
  The growth was identical to the 8.9-                                                     He said, “Our economy not only                9
percent expansion during the first                                                      recovered rapidly from the global
quarter (Q1) and 0.2 percentage            ture during the second quarter, com-         downturn, but also took the monsoon
points above the 8.7 percent registered    pared to a mere 0.9 percent in the           failure last year in its stride and is now
in the July-September period of the        same period last year.                       showing robust growth.”
previous fiscal year, data released by       The output of manufacturing was up            Chief Economic Advisor in the
the Central Statistical Organisation       9.8 percent, while trade and communi-        Finance Ministry Kaushik Basu said,
showed.                                    cations expanded 12.1 percent during         “The GDP numbers seems exciting
  The most striking aspect was the         the quarter under review. This apart,        and highly endorse the India’s growth
4.4- percent growth logged by agricul-     the construction industry grew 8.8           story.”

     growth pegged at 8.5 percent                                                        infrastructure output rises 7
                                                                                              percent in october
         in fy11: rbi survey                                                             T    he country’s infrastructure sector out-
                                                                                              put grew by an impressive 7 percent in
        ccording to an RBI survey,         which was derived on the basis of their

                                                                                         October, compared to 3.9 percent in the
        professional forecasters have      individual growth forecasts.                  same month last year, indicating a positive
        revised their projections for         The forecasters assigned the highest       signal for the Index of Industrial Production
GDP growth in the current fiscal to        probability to 8.5-8.9 percent growth         (IIP) for October to be released next month.
8.5 percent from the earlier estimate      this fiscal year and 8-8.5 percent                The six core industries — crude oil,
of 8.4 percent. “Forecasters have          expansion next fiscal, but the maxi-          petroleum refinery products, coal, electrici-
revised their real GDP growth rate         mum number pegged economic
forecasts marginally                                           growth at 9.2 percent
upward to 8.5 per-                                             this fiscal year and 9
cent in 2010-11                                                percent in 2011-12.
from 8.4 percent in                                               The forecast for
the last survey, driv-                                         agriculture growth
en      mainly      by                                         this fiscal has been      ty, cement and finished steel — grew by
increased agricultur-                                          revised upward to         2.7 percent in September.
al    growth       and                                         4.9 percent from 4.1         The six industries have a weight of 26.7
increased growth in                                            percent in the RBI’s                    .
                                                                                         percent in IIP The growth in October was
services in the subse-                                         last survey of profes-    propelled by a robust rise in cement pro-
quent       quarters,”                                         sional forecasters.       duction, crude oil and electricity genera-
according to the Reserve Bank’s 13th          For industry, the growth forecast has      tion.
Round of Professional Forecasters          been maintained at 9 percent, while for          The April-October cumulative perform-
report.                                    services, it has been revised from 9.1        ance remained unchanged at 4.5 percent
   The central bank said the forecasters   percent to 9.2 percent for 2010-11.           from the previous year, according to data
had also pegged inflation at 6-6.9 per-       “Forecasters have assigned the high-       released by the Ministry of Commerce and
cent by the end of this fiscal year, as    est 34.3 percent chance that it (infla-       Industry.
against the RBI’s own projection of 5.5    tion) will fall in 6-6.9 percent in end          During the April-October period, crude
percent.                                   March of 2010-11,” the survey said.           oil sector registered 10.7 percent growth
   However, the 30 forecasters sur-           Inflation fell to a nine-month of low      against a contraction of 1.3 percent in the
veyed by the RBI did not all subscribe     8.58 percent in October from 8.62             same period in 2009-10.
to the 8.5-percent growth projection,      percent in September.

                                                     December 2010
                                                        India Review

           InDIA’S GDP to GRow 9.1                                                        India Inc’s M&A deal tally
                                                                                            touches $42.76 billion
          PERcEnt In 2010-11: oEcD
                                                                                         I ndia Inc’s shopping spree for October
                                                                                           remained unabated with 46 merger

               he Indian economy is pro-                                                 and acquisition transactions (M&A) worth
               jected to grow by 9.1                                                     over $530 million taking place during the
               percent in 2010-11 on the                                                 period and the year-to-date deal touch-
               back of a strong rebound in                                               ing a whopping $42.76 billion in value
     the agricultural sector, according to a                                             terms.
     recent forecast by the Organization for                                                According to global consultancy firm
     Economic         Cooperation       and                                              Grant Thornton, there were 46 M&A deals
     Development (OECD). A grouping of                                                                             worth $530 mil-
     mostly developed nations, OECD had                                                                            lion in October
     earlier pegged the country’s gross        withdrawn, a pick-up in consumption                                 2010. So far this
     domestic product (GDP) growth at          spending, aided by a recovery in farm                               year corporate
     8.3 percent for the year ending March     incomes and robust business invest-       India has announced 546 M&A deals
     31, 2011.                                 ments are expected to be the mainstays    worth $42,759 million — the highest in
       One of the key observations made        of growth,” it added.                     the last two years, both in terms of value
     by OECD was that the economy was            In the 2011-12 fiscal year, Indian      as well as number of deals. Outbound
     shifting from the recovery phase to       GDP is estimated to grow 8.2 percent      deals, wherein Indian companies acquired
     one of sustained high growth. “The        and by 8.5 percent in the 2012-13 fis-    businesses outside India, were the flavor
     Indian economy expanded very              cal year, OECD maintained.                of the month as deals worth $390 million
     strongly in early 2010. The agricul-        “With domestic demand strong and        were struck in this space. The major M&A
     tural sector enjoyed a sharp rebound,     the current account deficit widening, a   deals in October include Fortis Healthcare’s
     following a return of normal rainfall     steadfast commitment to timely fiscal     acquisition of Quality HealthCare for $195
     patterns, while recovery in non agri-     consolidation and further moves to        million, followed by Venkateshwara
     cultural sector continued to strength-    normalize the stance of monetary pol-     Hatcheries’ takeover of Blackburn Rovers
     en,” OECD said.                           icy will be important for ensuring bal-   for $68.09 million.
       “As fiscal stimulus continues to be     anced growth ahead,” OECD said.
                                                                                            Dr Reddy’s launches
      Economy can grow at double-digit in                                                 anti-asthma tablets in US

          two years: Finance minister
            inance Minister Pranab             reminiscent of the pre-slowdown

     F                                                                                   A     fter receiving regulatory approval
            Mukherjee expressed hope           years, though some concerns on its              from the U.S. Food and Drug
            that the Indian economy would      growth momentum have emerged in           Administration (USFDA), pharmaceutical
     soon grow at 9 percent annu-                       the last month or two,”          major Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories on
     ally and even have a double-                       Mukherjee said. He said that     November 20 launched its anti-asthma
     digit expansion in the next                        India’s macro-economic out-      tablets in the American market. The
     couple of years. The Finance                       look was strong and the          approval by the USFDA came after a dis-
     Minister said this on                              country would register robust    trict court’s decision on the non-infringe-
     November 14 in New Delhi                           growth in the coming years.      ment of the patent for the tablet. This deci-
10   during the 26th India                              “Savings and investment          sion paved the way for the product’s
     Economic Summit, co-organ-                         rates have reached levels that   launch. “On November 15, the U.S. district
     ized by the Confederation of                       even ten years ago would         court of New Jersey granted Dr. Reddy’s
     Indian Industry (CII) and the Davos-      have been dismissed as a pipedream        motion for summary judgment of non-
     based World Economic Forum                for India. On this important dimen-       infringement against Astra Zeneca, clear-
     (WEF).                                    sion, India is now completely a part of   ing the way for the launch of the product,”
        The Union Minister said that the       the world’s fast-growing economies,”      the company said. The company said that
     recovery was yet to “attain the pre-      he said. Mukherjee said economic          soon after the judgment, USFDA approved
     2008 momentum” given the industrial       recovery in India had been driven by      Dr. Reddy’s new drug application (ANDA)
     output numbers. “The manufacturing        increasing investment and private con-    for Zafirlukast tablets.
     sector has been showing buoyancy          sumption.

                                                        December 2010
                                                           India Review

 novEMBER cAR SAlES zooM                                                                    BMw to expand
                                                                                           Indian operations
                                                                                       G     erman luxury car maker BMW will
                                                                                             increase its investment in India to $40
                                                                                       million by the end of 2012 and start rolling
                                                                                       out the X1model from its plant near here by
                                                                                       the end of this year, a top official said in
                                                                                       Chennai on November 24. The BMW group
                                                                                       had set up a car plant near Chennai in 2007     11
                                                                                       with a capacity to roll out 5,400 units per
                                                                                       year. The plant produces the BMW 3 Series,

       ndian automobile manufactur-          Chennai-based auto manufacturers          as also the BMW 5 Series sedans in petrol
       ers reported good sales figures     Hyundai and TVS also closed the             and diesel variants.
       for November on the back of a       month with good sale numbers.                  By end of 2010, the plant would also
       spurt in demand during the fes-       Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL)            start producing the BMW X1, said Andreas
tive season. Market leader Maruti          reported a 12 percent rise in domestic      Schaaf, the president of India operations.
Suzuki reported a 28-percent rise in       sales for the previous month. Sales
vehicle sales in November this year,       stood at 31,540 units as against
with 112,554 units sold during the         28,162 units in the like period of 2009.
month as against 87,807 sold in the          “Spurred by the festive season
corresponding period last year. The        demand in November, HMIL contin-
sales included 10,051 units of exports     ued to maintain steady growth in the
last month.                                                             ’s
                                           domestic market,” HMIL director
   November was the second consecu-        (marketing and sales) Arvind Saxena
tive month, when the sales crossed         said.
100,000 unit mark in the domestic            Meanwhile, driven by its new model           While the auto giant has a central spare
market with 102,503 units.                 Figo, Ford India closed last month          parts warehouse in Mumbai, it is focussing
   India’s biggest auto maker by sales     with a sales of 7,504 units as against      on developing a dealer organization across
Tata Motors saw total sales of cars,       2,520 units sold during November            major metropolitan centers of the country.
sport-utility vehicles, trucks and buses   2009. From January to November                 Schaaf said the company aimed at main-
climb marginally by 1 percent at           2010, the company sold 79,586 units         taining a leading position in the Indian mar-
54,622 units as against 54,108 units       as against 27,906 units sold for the        ket by now embarking on the second wave
sold in the corresponding period of last   same period last year.                      of India strategy.
year.                                        Two- and three-wheeler manufac-              “We are confident that we will be able to
   General Motors India also saw a rise    turer TVS Motor Company also                increase sales substantially over the coming
in sales for November which grew by        reported stellar sales figures for the      years with new products, now produced in
17.67 percent at 8,376 units in the        month of November, with a 29 percent        India and the ongoing expansion of our
month this year as against 7,118 units     increase in sales as compared to the        dealer network to reach out to more of our
in the corresponding month in 2009.        corresponding period last year.             potential buyers,” he added.

                     october exports touch $18 billion
       he exports touched $18 billion                               registering a     than the growth of imports,” said

T      in October, posting a 21.3-per-
       cent growth as compared to the
corresponding period in 2009, while
                                                                    26.8 percent

                                                                    while imports
                                                                                      Khullar. All sectors, including engi-
                                                                                      neering, gems and jewelery, marine
                                                                                      products, petroleum and its products,
imports rose by 6.8 percent to touch                                during     the    leather and leather products, had per-
$27.7 billion, according to Commerce                                same period       formed well, Khullar further said.
Secretary Rahul Khullar.                                            had grown by        The export growth outpacing import
  Addressing a press conference in                                  26 percent at     growth during April-October 2010
New Delhi, Khullar said that during        $194.2 billion.                            had taken “us by pleasant surprise”, A
the April-October period, the exports        “The growth of exports for first time    Sakthivel, president, Federation of
had reached a level of $121.4 billion,     (in last three to four years) is higher    Indian Export Organization, said.

                                                    December 2010
                                                       India Review

        Kingfisher inks codeshare New Wipro Infocrossing
                                    data center in US
       pact with American Airlines W                                                                             ipro’s IT infra-
                                                                                                                 structure man-

                  ingfisher Airlines and                                                                 agement services arm
                  American Airlines, both                                                                Infocrossing will set
                  members of the Oneworld                                                                up a new data center
                  Alliance, will begin their                                                             at North Carolina in
     codeshare and frequent flyer arrange-                                                               the U.S. to support its
     ment in 2011, the two airlines have              frequent flyer relationship will mean              growing business,
     announced. The codeshare pact they               that Kingfisher Airlines’ guests will              the company said on
     signed on November 23, when cleared              benefit from seamless travel on the                November 16. “The new data center will be
     by the regulators, will allow American’s         routes covered by the codeshare.”                  built in the building purchased in Cleveland
     ‘AA’ code on Kingfisher Airlines’                   Members of American’s AAdvantage                County to support all major platforms,
     domestic network; Kingfisher can have            and Kingfisher’s King Club frequent                including mainframe, Windows, Unix, Linux
     its ‘IT’ code on American Airlines’              flyer program will be able to earn miles           and iSeries,” the IT bellwether said in a
     daily non-stop Delhi-Chicago flight              on the codeshare flights.                          statement in Bangalore. The facility, to be
     and on selected AA routes between the               “The two airlines are exploring a               designed to meet LEED (Leadership in
     U.S. and London’s Heathrow.                      more comprehensive frequent flyer                  Energy & Environmental Design) certifica-
        AA will also codeshare on Kingfisher          agreement that will include the ability            tion, will also house the company’s cloud
     flights from London Heathrow to                  to earn and redeem miles across each               computing services.
     Delhi and Mumbai. As part of the 12-             carrier’s network,” said a Kingfisher                 “The vision for the new data center is to
     airline Oneworld Alliance since July             release.                                           not only increase our data center footprint,
     this year, Kingfisher gets to share code            The codeshare partnership with                  but also build such a facility that brings the
     with the other members, starting with            Kingfisher “offers our customers the               best infrastructure technology to our
     its first partner British Airways.               choice of flying to more cities through-           clients,” Wipro Infocrossing president
        Manoj Chacko, Kingfisher’s execu-             out India and a more convenient trav-              Sameer Kishore said.
     tive vice-president, commercial, said,           el experience,” said Virasb Vahidi,                   The US-based Infocrossing, acquired by
     “The codeshare on American’s flight              American’s Chief Commercial Officer.               Wipro for $600 million in August 2007, has
     to Chicago will mark the first time ever         “We look forward to strengthening our              been providing comprehensive IT manage-
     that Kingfisher Airlines will place its          partnership further as Kingfisher com-             ment solutions to large and mid-size enter-
     code on any flight operating into the            pletes the process of joining the                  prises over the last 25 years.
     United States. This coupled with the             Oneworld Alliance.”

               India’s air traffic up 18.3                                          Microsemi unveils new chip
                  percent till October                                                  development tech

       L                                                                       C
             ed by budget carriers Spicejet, Go Air and                                alifornia-based semiconductor technol-
             IndiGo, India’s domestic airlines registered an                           ogy solutions provider Microsemi
             18.3-percent growth, carrying 41.93 million                               recently unveiled its new 65-nanome-
       passengers in the January-October period this year as                   ter embedded Flash technology that would
       against 35.45 million passengers during the same                        pave the way for the production of new-gen-
       period last year. According to official data released in                eration chips that can be used across space communication technolo-
12     New Delhi on November 22, total domestic passen-                        gy, aviation and defense sectors. The technology was developed by
       gers carried by the scheduled airlines increased 18.05                  US-based system and power management solutions firm, Actel, which
       percent to 4.62 million in October, from 3.91 million                   it acquired recently through a cash transaction offer of $430 million.
       in the previous month. Jet Airways along with its subsidiary Jet Lite      The Hyderabad R&D unit of Actel, now a part of Microsemi, had
       continued to lead the industry with 26.2 percent market-share in        contributed significantly to the development of the new technology
       October. However, the budget carriers were picking up fast. IndiGo      platform. Esam Elashmawi, vice-president, product development,
       controlled 16.8 percent market share, while Spicejet had 13.6 percent   Actel, said after the Actel acquisition, the company was ramping up
       and Go Air 6.6 percent in terms of number of passengers carried.        the Hyderabad R&D facility to make it part of its global R&D network.
          With 0.81 million passengers carried in October, the government-     “We will look at expanding the scope of the (Hyderabad) R&D unit
       run Air India (domestic) controlled 17.7 percent market-share.          beyond research to product development for our global market.”

                                                                 December 2010
                                                                    India Review

 IBM SIgNS deAl WIth IItS FOr                                                                        FII inflows cross the
   pOWer grId eFFIcIeNcy                                                                             US$ 100 billion mark
                                                                                                     T    he net foreign fund investments in India

       BM has signed a research col-                                                                      have crossed the $100-billion mark on
       laboration agreement with IIT-                                                                November 8, ever since the foreign
       Madras and IIT-Kharagpur to                                                                   investors were allowed to invest in the
       develop systems that will help                                                                Indian stocks in 1992.
power grids become more efficient and                                                                   With an addition of $1.6 billion, accord-
resilient. The systems will analyze                                                                  ing to the data from Securities and               13
power grid data for predictive insights.          Energy Agency, the global demand for               Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the figure
They will also improve grids to                   electricity is expected to increase sig-           now stands at $100.9 billion. Taking a cue
enhance productivity and reduce inef-             nificantly during 2006 to 2030 — 1.1               from the trend of a strong inflow of funds
ficiencies in power consumption, said             percent per year on average in the                 by foreign institutional investors (FII) into
the company.                                      Organization         for        Economic           the India market, it was expected that the
   IBM Research-India will work with              Cooperation and Development coun-                  inflows would cross this milestone before
these two premier institutes to develop           tries. This increase is likely to be about         the end of 2010. Significantly, the net FII
open system designs that can boost the            6 percent in India per year.                       inflows into the market have already
potential of Phasor Measurement                      In order to lessen pressure on grids,           crossed $3.5 billion, during the first eight
Units, a new type of sensor on power              it is imperative to make the grid more             days of the November 2010. A third of the
grids. IBM researchers and the stu-               intelligent by adding sensing, control             total inflow came from the Coal India IPO.
dents will develop network architec-              and communication components.                         In addition, so far this year, there has
tures to collect and process data to                 “The collaboration among IBM                    been a net FII inflow of $28.3 billion, an all-
provide information to grid operators.            Research-India, IIT-Madras and IIT-                time peak, according to the SEBI data.
   The knowledge and insights gained              Kharagpur aims at reducing inherent
from this collaborative research will be          inefficiencies of power grid technolo-
made available to the public, and gov-            gies and make them optimally produc-
ernments and businesses world over to             tive,” said Dr. Manish Gupta,
take advantage of the technology,                 Director, IBM Research-India, and
according to a company statement.                 Chief Technologist, IBM India/South
   According to the International                 Asia.

         Forex reserves cross                                              Manufacturing sector on a roll
             $300 billion
                                                                                   he manufacturing sector expanded to 57.2 in October 2010
                                                                                   from 55.1 in the previous month, as per the latest HSBC

        or the week-ended November 5,                                              Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI). The index rose consecutive-
        India’s forex reserves rose by $2.26                               ly for the 19th month in October.
        billion to $300.21 billion, according to                              The index is based on a survey of 500 companies. A reading above
 the data in the weekly statistical supplement                             50 indicates expansion in the sector while one below 50 shows con-
 released by the Reserve Bank of India. The                                traction. The rise has mainly been attributed to a sharp rise in new
 reserves rose on account of a $2.2-billion increase in the bank’s for-    business orders and with accelerating output performance, thus lead-
 eign currency assets. For the week under review, foreign currency         ing to the expansion in India’s manufacturing sector.
 assets stood at $271.29 billion.                                             Indian manufacturers also reported an increase in employment
    This is second week in succession where the central bank’s foreign     during October 2010, which was attributed to a sustained growth in
 reserves have risen. The foreign exchange reserves for the previous       output and new orders. “Growing employment suggests that domes-
 week stood at $297.96 billion. Foreign currency assets expressed in       tic demand will remain robust,” said Frederic Neumann, Co-head of
 U.S. dollar terms include the effect of appreciation or depreciation of   Asian economics research, HSBC.
 non-U.S. currencies such as the euro, sterling and yen, held in              “After some bouncy data in the last few months, India’s economy
 reserves. According to forex dealers, in the week under review, there     has picked up steam again. The manufacturing sector remains sup-
 was a valuation gain as the U.S. dollar depreciated against other         ported by strong local consumption growth,” said Neumann.
 major currencies. Gold reserves remained unchanged at $21.67 bil-            India and China posted the strongest expansion in their respective
 lion. SDRs rose by $43 million to $5.23 billion.                          manufacturing sectors during the month of October.

                                                             December 2010
                                                                 India Review

       Nikki Haley South Carolina’s                                                                              Indian American
                                                                                                              feted for winning Ellis
          first woman governor                                                                                     Island honor

                 ikki Haley,                                           District in Lexington
                 daughter of
                 Sikh immi-
                                                                       County       in
                                                                       when, as a virtual
                                                                                           2004,              R    ao S. Anumolu,
                                                                                                                   India-born president
                                                                                                              and CEO of a technology
                 grant par-                                            unknown, she beat the                  services company, has
     ents from Amritsar,                                               longest serving state                  been felicitated for win-
     created history by                                                legislator       in     a              ning this year’s presti-
     becoming the first                                                Republican primary.                    gious Ellis Island Medal
     woman to win the                                                     In 2008, Haley was                  of honor, the highest civilian award in the
     Governor’s race in                                                sent back to the state                 U.S. for immigrants.
     South Carolina state                                              house with 83 percent                     Andhra Pradesh-born Anumolu, presi-
     and the first Indian-                                             of the vote — the                      dent and CEO of ASR International
     American woman in                                                 highest      percentage                Corporation, received a standing ovation
     the country to occupy the office.                  earned by any lawmaker facing a                       from a gathering of business leaders, aca-
        Haley, born Nimrata (Nikki)                     contested South Carolina election                     demicians, technology leaders, and politi-
     Randhawa, will be the first woman                  that year.                                            cians at an event held at Long Island, New
     chief executive of the state and                      Born in Bamberg, South Carolina,                   York recently.
     America’s second Indian-American                   Nikki’s first job was keeping the                        Former Congressman George J.
     Governor after Louisiana Governor                  books for her family’s clothing store,                Hochbrueckner, who was the chief guest
     Bobby Jindal, also a Republican, who               when she was only 13 years old.                       at the event, acknowledged Anumolu’s
     became the first Indian-American                      She went on to graduate from                       contributions and congratulated him on
     Governor three years ago.                          Clemson University with a BS degree                   behalf of the New York Congressional del-
        The 38-year-old mother of two                   in accounting. Following her gradua-                  egation.
     defeated Democrat Vincent Sheheen                  tion, Nikki worked as Accounting                         The Ellis Island Medal of Honor recog-
     with a surprisingly close 51 to 47-                Supervisor for the Charlotte, North                   nizes its recipients for outstanding contri-
     percent vote in the most expensive                 Carolina-based corporation FCR,                       butions to the community, nation and the
     election in the state’s history.                   Inc. and five of its subsidiaries. Nikki              world. Both the U.S. House of
        Endorsed by former Massachusetts                then went back to the family business                 Representatives and the Senate have offi-
     Governor Mitt Romney, former                       where she helped oversee its growth                   cially recognized the Ellis Island Medal of
     South Carolina first lady Jenny                    into a multimillion dollar operation.                 Honor and the recipients are read into the
     Sanford, and former Alaska                            Nikki and her husband Michael, a                   Congressional Record.
     Governor Sarah Palin, Haley is also                full-time federal technician with the                    In 2003, Anumolu was honored with
     part of the populist, conservative and             South Carolina National Guard and                     Congressional recognition on Capitol Hill
     libertarian Tea Party Movement.                    an officer in the Army National                       for helping to boost homeland security
        Haley, one of the strongest fiscal              Guard, live in Lexington with their                   after the September 2001 terrorist attacks.
     conservatives in state government,                 two children, Rena, 12, and Nalin, 8.                                                     —IANS
     was first elected to represent the 87th                                           — IANS

        Indian American doctor eyes stem cell bomb against cancer
14                                                                                                         the article adapted from his book Emperor of

               n Indian-American cancer                            covery would obviously be enor-
               physician and researcher                            mous,” wrote Siddhartha Mukherjee,      All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer.
               holds out hope for a next                           an assistant professor of medicine in      Mukherjee’s comprehensive ‘biography’
      generation of drugs attacking malig-                         the division of medical oncology at     traces the origins of cancer. He recounts how
      nant stem cells to slay what he calls                        Columbia University in The New York     modern treatments — multi-pronged
      the ‘Emperor of All Maladies’ — can-                         Times. “...and its scientific impact    chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, as well
      cer. “If stem cells can be found for                         would be just as profound. Centuries    as preventive care — came into existence
      certain forms of cancer, and if a drug S i d d h a r t h a after the discovery of cancer as a dis-   thanks to a century’s worth of research, trials,
      can be found to kill these cells in                        ease, we are learning not just how to     and small, essential breakthroughs around
      humans, then the clinical impact of such a dis- treat it — but what cancer truly is,” he said in     the globe.                            —IANS

                                                                   December 2010
                                                                      India Review

  Kamala Harris is California                                                                 Indra Nooyi,
      attorney-general                                                                   Vikram Pandit among
                                                                                         top-paid CEOs: Report

           our weeks after                               Gopalan Harris, a Tamilian
           election        day,                          breast cancer specialist
           Democrat Kamala                               came to the U.S. from
           Harris, daughter                              Chennai, to pursue her
of an African-American                                   graduate studies at the
father and Indian Tamil                                  University of California                                                        15
mother, finally sealed a nar-                            Berkeley.
row but historic win making                                 In December 2003,
her the first woman attor-                               Kamala became the first
ney-general of California.                               woman to be elected
  “I stand before you today
humbled to be chosen to be
                                                         District Attorney in San
                                                         Francisco’s history.
                                                                                        P    epsiCo’s Indra Nooyi, Motorola’s Sanjay
                                                                                             Kumar Jha and Citigroup’s Vikram
                                                                                        Pandit are the three Indian-Americans
the next attorney-general of this state,”      A recipient of numerous awards, she      among the highest paid CEOs in the U.S.
Harris said, her voice breaking with         was recognized as a ‘Woman of              listed by the Wall Street Journal.
emotion as she spoke to supporters at        Power’ by the National Urban League            Nooyi is ranked 67th with a total pay
the Millennium Biltmore in downtown          and received the Thurgood Marshall         package of $13.97 million, Jha bagged the
Los Angeles.                                 Award from the National Black              377th spot with a total package of $3.45
  “I pledge and make a pledge to work        Prosecutors Association. She has also      million, with Pandit bringing up the rear at
hard every day to make sure the law of       been featured on the Oprah show and        the 450th position with a pay package of
this state is on the side of the people of   in the Newsweek as one of “America’s       $1.25 million.
this state,” she was quoted as saying by     20 Most Powerful Women”.                       Gregory Maffei, CEO of Liberty Media
the Los Angeles Times.                         Last year, she was named by the          Corp, with a pay packet of $87.1 million,
  Harris, 46, currently the San              New York Times on a list of 17 women       was the highest paid CEO in the study of
Francisco district attorney, defeated        most likely to become the first lady       456 companies with an annual revenue of
Republican Steve Cooley, Los Angeles         President.                                 over $4 billion.
County’s district attorney.                    Harris’ win cemented a Democratic            Maffei was followed by Larry Ellison,
  Her final lead stands at 75,000 votes      sweep of every statewide post in           Oracle’s billionaire founder, who received a
out of nearly 8.8 million votes cast.        California, a remarkable feat in a year    $68.6 million package and most of that
  She was born and raised in the East        when Democrats suffered deep losses        reward came in the form of stock options
Bay. Her mother, Dr. Shyamala                in the rest of the nation.     —IANS       valued at $61.9 million.
                                                                                            Occidental Petroleum Corp’s Ray Irani

  Indian American students develop
                                                                                        bagged the third position with a total com-
                                                                                        pensation of $52.2 million. At the fourth
                                                                                        place is Yahoo’s Carol Bartz who took home
        new game application                                                            $44.61 million followed by CBS’ Leslie Ray
                                                                                        with $38.93 million.
        hree Indian-American students          The trio plan to come up with con-

                                                                                            Others on the top 10 list include Philippe
        in California have developed a       tests on the game to help popularize        .
                                                                                        P Dauman of Viacom Inc ($33.7 million),
        new game application for Apple       the app.                                   Marc N. Casper of Thermo Fisher Scientific
where users try to steer their lost rock-      They also plan to launch a sequel to     ($33.04 million), Raymond Elliott of Boston
et ship home using the gravity of plan-      the game app.                              Scientific Corp ($32.1 million), Ralph
ets. Rahul Bhatia, Akshay Narayan              Pete Murchison, Principal, Irvington     Lauren, founder of Polo Ralph Lauren Corp
and Rohan Agarwal, all aged 17,              High School in Oakland, California,        ($27 million), and McKesson Corp’s John H.
began with the idea of the app in June       where the trio study was quoted as         Hammergren ($24.5 million).
and went over brainstorming ideas and        saying in the newspaper, “This is              Overall, median total direct compensa-
worked through the summer, Oakland           unbelievably difficult. They (Apple) get   tion for CEOs rose three percent during their
Tribune, a local newspaper, reported.        a gazillion of these applications, and     latest fiscal year. Total direct compensation
   The app, called Galactic Odyssey,         for these kids to do it, it’s absolutely   includes salary, bonuses and the awarded
was sent to Apple a week and a half          amazing. Now they’re dealing with the      value of stock, options and other long-term
ago and it became available on               biggest, the most powerful company in      incentives.                           —IANS
November 22.                                 the world.”                    —IANS

                                                      December 2010
                                                         India Review

                       India successfully tests Agni-I missile

            ndia on November 25 success-                                                          Developed under India’s Integrated
            fully fired its nuclear-capable                                                     Guided       Missile     Development
            surface-to-surface Agni-I mis-                                                      Programme, the missile was first tested
            sile from a test range in Orissa,                                                   in May 1989.
     a defense official said.                                                                     The last test of the missile was suc-
        The missile, which can strike targets                                                   cessfully conducted on March 28 from
     700 km away, was tested as part of               said. Agni-I is an intermediate range     the same defense base.
     user-trials from a facility on Wheeler           ballistic missile and it uses a solid       Agni-I has already been inducted
     Island in Bhadrak district, test range           propulsion booster and a liquid           into the armed forces.
     director S.P. Dash said.                         propulsion upper stage and is derived       It is 15 meters tall and weighs 12
        “It was a text book... successful             from the Prithvi surface-to-surface       tons. It can carry a one-ton nuclear
     launch. It was tested by the army,” he           battlefield missile.                      payload.

                                                                                                  DRDO conducts maiden
          India’s maiden scientific team                                                            flight test of Kaveri
                reaches South Pole                                                                         engine
             fter traversing over                            Antarctica, on November

     A                                                                                           T   he indigenous-
             2,350 km in nine days,                          13.                                     ly designed
             India’s first scientific                          The expedition traveled           and      developed
     expedition team to the South                            on four specialized arctic          Kaveri engine was
     Pole planted the Indian flag at                         truck vehicles, which did           successfully flight
     the earth’s southernmost point                          face slight problems owing          tested by DRDO on
     on November 22 afternoon.                               to the intensely cold tem-          November 3 dur-
        The eight-member team                                peratures. Each of these            ing the Flying Test Bed (FTB) Trials at
     reached the South Pole at 4                              vehicle, besides its human         Gromov Flight Research Institute (GFRI),
                                      Former Minister of
     pm India time. “The Indian State for Science & baggage, carried special                     Moscow, Russia. In its maiden flight, the
     flag has been hoisted at the Technology and Earth gears, emergency medical                  engine was tested from take-off to landing
     South       Pole,”    director, Sciences     Prithviraj kit, frozen food, and navi-         and it flew for a period of over one hour up
                                      Chavan launched the
     National Centre for Antarctic First National South gational and scientific                  to at an altitude of 6,000 metres at a speed
     and Ocean Research and Pole Expedition in New instruments.                                  of 0.6 mach, according to a Ministry state-
     leader of the expedition, Rasik Delhi on November 1.       Earlier, the expedition          ment. With this test, Kaveri has accom-
     Ravindran, told reporters over                           was       launched      on         plished a major milestone in its develop-
     phone. “It is snow outside everywhere. November 1 as part of an international               ment program.
     We are feeling good and feel at the top celebration of the centenary of man’s                  During the coming months, further 50-60
     of the world, though geographically we reaching South Pole in 1911. Prithviraj              test flights will be carried out to hone the
     are at the bottom of the world,” he Chavan, then Minister of State for                      engine in terms of reliability, safety and air-
     said. The team, consisting of a geolo- Earth Sciences, had launched the                     worthiness.
     gist, glaciologist, geophysicist and a National South Pole Expedition from                     These trials would pave the way for fur-
     meteorologist as well as vehicle engi- New Delhi via video conference and it                ther flight trials for Kaveri with a fighter air-
     neers, had left Maitri, India’s second was flagged off by Governor of Goa,                  craft, according to the statement.
     permanent research station on the Dr. Shivinder Singh Sidhu in Goa.
                 India’s first advanced radar system to roll out next year
          ndia’s first indigenously-developed Airborne Early                       Navy could acquire a number of them over the coming
          Warning and Control (AEW&C) system is ready and is                       years.
          being sent to Brazil shortly to be integrated with an                       DRDO’s Chief Controller Dr. Prahlada, one of India’s
      Embraer 145 jet.                                                             most distinguished military technology scientists, said that
         The development is a major milestone in India’s quest                     the first Embraer was due to roll out in January 2011. The
      for self-reliance in advanced radars. Based on the success                   Indian AEW&C radar is expected to be integrated to
      of this system, both the Indian Air Force and the Indian                     Embraer by 2011-end.

                                                                   December 2010
                                                                    India Review

  GulShAn GROveR cASt                                                                       Big Pictures releases
                                                                                             ‘Skyline’ with 650
  OPPOSIte SAlMA hAyeK                                                                          prints in India
                                                                                          R     eliance Big Pictures has distributed the

            ollywood actor Gulshan                                                              alien invasion sci-fi thriller Skyline in
            Grover has been roped in as                                                   India simultaneously with its worldwide
            the lead opposite Mexican                                                     release. Directed and produced by the
            beauty Salma Hayek in                                                         Brothers Strause (Colin and Greg Strause),
Hollywood director Bill Duke’s next                                                       the movie hit the Indian screens with             17
film The Driver.                                                                          around 650 prints in English, Hindi, Tamil
   “I was in LA (Los Angeles) and Bill                                                    and Telugu on November 12.
Duke saw me at a charity event. Later                                                        “Skyline is an alien invasion action
on, a meeting was fixed and we met                                                        thriller with some heart-pounding moments
where I read the script, liked it and                                                     which will appeal to fans of high-octane
signed it on,” Gulshan said.                                                              action films. Taking this into account, the
   Duke has earlier wielded the mega-                                                     film has also been dubbed in Hindi, Tamil
phone for movies like Not Easily                                                          and Telugu to maximize its reach,” Sanjeev
Broken, Hoodlum, A Rage in Harlem,                                                        Lamba, chief executive officer, Reliance Big
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit and The                                                   Pictures, said in a statement.
Cemetry Club to name a few.                                                                  The film stars Eric Balfour, Scottie
   “Because the lead actor in The                                                         Thompson, Donald Faison, David Zayas and
Driver will be acting with a range of                                                     Brittany Daniel. The movie revolves around
Hollywood stars I wanted to cast an                                                       a group of friends, who, after a night of
Indian actor with talent, range, experi-                                                  partying, are distracted with beams of light
ence and ability to improvize, I chose                                                    that awaken everyone in Los Angeles and
Gulshan Grover over many because he           numerous people and situations who          attract every person like a moth to a flame.
has what I wanted,” Duke said.                inspire and often horrify him, some-           As the night progresses, they soon dis-
   A story about hope, the movie shows        times even pushing and shoving him          cover that once exposed to the light, they
Gulshan’s character as a rank and file        into giving it all up before he could       vanish into thin air, caused by extraterres-
accountant, who does what is expected         reach his destiny.                          trial forces that later threaten to swallow
of him, until he finally decides to risk it     Hollywood stars, such as Will             the entire human race. Skyline has been
all and drags his wife (Salma Hayek)          Smith, Janet Jackson, Whoopie               written by first-time screenwriters Joshua
with him on a journey to go after his         Goldberg and Queen Latifa, NBA              Cordes and Liam O’Donnell and produced
dreams.                                       player Kobe Bryant will play them-          by Kristian James Andresen and Liam
   Along the way, he encounters               selves in guest roles in the movie.         O’Donnell. The executive producers of the
                                                                                          movie include the likes of Ryan Kavanaugh,

       Anil Kapoor to act In Mission
                                                                                          Brett Ratner, Tucker Tooley, Brian Tyler and
                                                                                          Brian Kavanaugh-Jones.

              Impossible 4!
        ollywood actor Anil                               ing a hit, Anil has been able

B       Kapoor has got an
        offer to act in
Mission Impossible 4, and
                                                          to make a name for himself
                                                            Now, he will be sharing
he has accepted the offer.                                the screen with Tom
  After the success of the                                Cruise, Jeremy Renner,
Oscar winning Slumdog                                     Paula Patton, Ving Rhames
Millionaire, Anil Kapoor                                  and Simon Pegg.
has not only earned inter-                                  An overwhelmed Anil
national fame but also con-                               said, “Someone up there is
siderable influence in international cin-     looking out for me. I have been con-
ema circles. With his television              tacted for Mission Impossible 4 and I
Hollywood series 24 on AXN becom-             have said ‘yes’.”

                                                        December 2010
                                                          India Review
                                                                Trends in

                     nurturing green
              India will be a major player in international green businesses

                 y 2020, industry experts say,                           energy sectors. This confidence stems
                 renewable energy will be a                              from the incredible entrepreneurial
                 nearly $10-billion business                             buzz in the sector. Clever innovative
                 in India. At a recent confer-                           ideas have mushroomed across indus-
     ence, Ajay Mathur, Director General of                              tries, such as clean technology, eco-
     the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, said                               tourism, green building materials,
     that India’s energy efficiency market                               sustainable agriculture, renewable
     was worth about $15 billion.                                        energy and water management.
        These figures suggest that India                                    “Every day we get three to four pro-
     could be a major player in green busi-                              posals,” says Poonam Garg, assistant
     nesses and that Indian companies                                    general manager at IFCI Venture,
     could even lead the global eco-brigade.                             which launched the Green India
     The Bureau of Energy Efficiency says                                Venture Fund in 2008 with a corpus of
     to deliver a sustained economic growth                              $70 million.
     rate of 8 to 9 percent in the next 20                                  Since its launch, the fund has dis-
18   years and to meet the lifetime energy         Analysts say India    bursed nearly $38 million to five com-
     needs of its citizens, India needs to tre-                          panies. In fact, the fund has already
     ble, even quadruple, its primary energy
                                                       has definite      exited from one of its portfolio compa-
     supply and increase its power genera-        leadership potential   nies, Luminous, with unprecedented
     tion capacity by six times.                     in greening the     returns of 42 percent in the first year.
        Undoubtedly, India needs careful                                 Luminous manufactures power invert-
     planning and creativity to successfully         cement, paper,      ers, solar inverters and several pack-
     execute its green business projects.              building and      aged power products.
     Analysts say the country has definite                                  “In the last two years, both con-
     leadership potential in greening its
                                                   renewable energy      sumers and businesses have shown
     cement, paper, building and renewable               sectors.        awareness of being environmentally

                                                     December 2010
                                                       India Review
                                                                  Trends in


conscious,” says Karan Gupta, direc-                                                Europe, the U.S. and Australia and
tor, Breathe India Ventures, a new ven-                                             the firm is also a New Ventures India
ture capital fund for seeding green                                                 portfolio company, which says, “the
businesses.                                                                         company exemplifies the recycling
   Niche areas are emerging too, such                                               spirit by converting trash to trea-
as fuel cell technologies, off-petrol                                               sure”. And they have been fighting
products, and eco-tourism.                                                          poverty through fashion.
   However, investors believe the sun
has just risen. The Green India Venture                                             Solkar
Fund says entrepreneurs were earlier                                                   K.E. Raghunathan, who set up the
cautious about inviting investment, but                                             Solkar Solar Industry Ltd., in 1985,
lately, there has been a great thrust.    range of clothes, carpets, footwear,      personifies the spirit of brave
   “For instance, the solar sector has    bags and jewelery for a foreign clien-    entrepreneurship.
received a lot of attention. Similarly,   tèle from a material call “HRP”,             An engineer by profession, he start-
things are moving well in wind energy.    handmade recycled plastic. It’s an        ed his venture at a time when terms
The success of these industries also      alternative recycling or up-cycling       like renewable energy and green busi-
shows there is much more scope in         process that converts discarded plas-     ness were not even heard of. His mis-
industries that manufacture and supply    tic bags into HRP.                        sion was “to bring the sun closer to
to them,” explains Garg. She feels that      They convert used polythene bags       the common man”.
the Government can help by setting up     into “renewed” innovative material           To begin with, his company manu-
a body similar to the Technology          with significantly different properties   factured industrial solar heating sys-
Development Board, dedicated to nur-      and great visual appeal without using     tems. The first company with an ISI
turing green technologies.                any colour or dye.                        certification for this product, Solkar
   Other industry observers agree, say-      Founded in 1998 as a social mis-       has installed nearly 45,000 square
ing that money coming into India is at    sion to work in energy efficiency and     feet of solar collectors nationwide.
the development stage. They believe       waste management, Conserve started        Collaborating with a German scien-
that the huge untapped R&D potential      making HRP in 2002.                       tist to make solar meal makers won
will move after the new technologies         Products made out of HRP now           Solkar the Best Small Scale Industry
start gaining traction with consumers.    grace high street shelves across          Award in 1996.
                                          Europe and the United States.                Such meal makers are made only in
Conserve India                               It is a successful business model      India. Solkar, however, has special-
  It is an unusual proposition but one    that delivers both high fashion and       ized in lighting, spanning a wide
that defines global inter-connected-      life-giving opportunities. Its products   range of portable, indoor, and out-
ness. Conserve India crafts a stylish     sell in 2,500 retail stores across        door products.

                                                   December 2010
                                                     India Review

               THE FLUTE PLAYER                           By Ruskin Bond

                 own the main road passed        towards the horizon. Kamla was used          London, she made up her mind and
                 big yellow buses, cars,         to city life. In England, it was London      crossed the main road. She did in this
                 pony-drawn           tongas,    and Manchester. In India, it was Delhi       afternoon when grandmother was
                 motorcycles and bullock-        and Jaipur. Kamla had seen very little       asleep and the maidservant was in the
     carts. This steady flow of traffic          of the English countryside, even less of     bazaar. She slipped out of the back
     seemed, somehow, to form a barrier          India outside the cities.                    door, and her slippers kicked up the
     between the city on one side of trunk         Her parents lived in Manchester,           dust as she ran down the path to the
     road, and the distant sleepy villages on    where her father was a doctor. She           main road... Kamla ran through the
     the other. It seemed to cut India in half   went to school in England. But this          dust, past the jacaranda trees that lined
     — the India Kamla knew slightly, and        year, during the summer holidays, she        the road, and into the fields.
     the India she had never seen.               had come to India to stay with her              Suddenly the world became an enor-
       Kamla’s grandmother lived on the          grandmother. Apart from a maidser-           mous place, bigger and more varied
     outskirts of the city of Jaipur, and just   vant and a grizzled old night watch-         than it had seemed from the air, also
     across the road from the house there        man, grandmother lived alone in a            mysterious and exciting — and just a
     were fields and villages stretching away    small house on the outskirts of Jaipur.      little frightening.
     for hundreds of miles. But Kamla had        During the winter months, Jaipur’s cli-         The sea of wheat stretched away till
     never been across the main road. This       mate was cool and bracing; but in the        it merged with the hot blinding blue of
     separated the busy city from the flat       summer, a fierce sun poured down             the sky. Far to her left were a few trees
     green plains stretching endlessly           upon the city from a cloudless sky.          and the low white huts of a village. To
                                                   None of the other city children ven-       her right lay hollow pits of red dust and
                                                   tured across the main road into the        a blackened chimney.
                                                      field of millet, wheat and cotton,         Some distance away, Kamla could
                                                         but Kamla was determined to          see a camel moving round a well,
                                                           visit the fields before she        drawing up water for the fields. Her
                                                             returned to England. Finally,    Grandmother had told her not to wan-
                                                              when there were only two        der off on her own in the city; but this
                                                               days left before she went to   wasn’t the city, and as far as she knew,
                                                                Delhi to board a plane for    camels did not attack people.

                                                                         Suddenly the world became an
                                                                          enormous place, bigger and
                                                                             more varied than it had
                                                                           seemed from the air, also
                                                                         mysterious and exciting — and
                                                                            just a little frightening...

                                                          December 2010
                                                             India Review
   It took her a long time to get to the        His body had been                        would take them in his arms and stroke
camel. It was about half a mile away,                                                    them. “Can you catch a squirrel?”
though it seemed much nearer. And             burnt dark by the sun;                     asked Kamla.
when Kamla reached it, she was sur-            his hair was tousled,                        “No, they are too quick. But I caught
prised to find that there was no one           his feet chalky with                      a snake once. I caught it by tail and
else in sight. The camel was turning the                                                 dropped it in the old well. That well is
wheel by itself, moving round and              dust. In the palm of                      full of snakes. Whenever we catch one,
round the well, while the water kept          his outstretched hand                      instead of killing it, we drop it in the
gushing up in little trays to run down        was a flute. He was a                      well. They can’t get out.”
the channels into the fields. The camel                                                     Kamla shuddered at the thought of
took no notice of Kamla, did not look           thin boy, with long                      all those snakes swimming and wrig-         21
at her even once, just carried on about       bony legs, but Kamla                       gling about at the bottom of the deep
its business.                                felt that he was strong                     well. She wasn’t sure that she wanted
   There must be someone here,                                                           to return to the well with him. But she
thought Kamla, walking towards a              too, for his body was                      forgot about the snakes when they
mango tree that grew a few yards away.            hard and wiry...                       reached the canal.
Ripe mangoes dangled like globules of                                                       It was small canal, about ten meters
gold from its branches. Under the tree,      day. But it eats a lot.” Mention of the     wide and only waist-deep in the mid-
fast asleep, was a boy.                      camel’s food reminded Romi that he          dle, but it was very muddy at the bot-
   All he wore was a pair of dusty white     was hungry. There were some man-            tom. She had never seen such a muddy
shorts. His body had been burnt dark         goes lying besides him, and he offered      stream in her life.
by the sun; his hair was tousled, his feet   one to Kamla.                                  “Would you like to get in?” asked
chalky with dust. In the palm of his            “There are parrots in the tree,” said    Romi.
outstretched hand was a flute. He was        Kamla, noticing three or four parrots          “No,” said Kamla. “You get in.”
a thin boy, with long bony legs, but         conducting a noisy meeting in the top-         Romi was only too ready to show off
Kamla felt that he was strong too, for       most branches.                              his tricks in the water. His toes took a
his body was hard and wiry.                     “They spoil most of the mangoes,”        firm hold on the grassy bank, the mus-
   Kamla came nearer to the sleeping         said Romi.                                  cles of his calves tensed, and he dived
boy, peering at him, for she had not            “Where do you swim?” asked               into the water with a loud splash... It
seen a village boy before. Her shadow        Kamla. “Down in the well?”                  was a poor dive, but Kamla was
fell across his face. He opened his eyes        “Of course not. I’m not a frog. There    impressed.
and stared at Kamla. “Who are you?”          is a canal not far from here. Come, I          Romi swam across to the opposite
he asked a little gruffly. He was not        will show you.”                             bank and then back again. When he
used to waking up and finding a                 As they crossed the fields, a pair of    climbed out of the water, he was cov-
strange girl staring at him.                 blue-jays flew out of a bush, rockets of    ered with mud. It made him look quite
   “I’m Kamla. I’ve come from                bright blue that dipped and swerved,        fierce. “Come on in,” he invited
England, but I’m really from India. I        rising and falling as they chased each      Kamla. “It’s not deep.”
mean, I’ve come home to India, but           other. Remembering a story that                “It’s dirty,” said Kamla, but felt
I’m really from England.” This was           Grandmother had told her, Kamla             tempted all the same. “It’s only mud,”
getting to be rather confusing, so she       said, “They are sacred birds, aren’t        said Romi. “There’s nothing wrong
countered with an abrupt: “Who are           they? Because of their blue throats.”       with mud. Camels like mud. Buffaloes
you?”                                        She told him the story of God Shiva         love mud.”
   “I’m the strongest boy in the village,”   having a blue throat because he had            “I’m neither a camel nor a buffalo.”
said the boy, deciding to assert himself     swallowed the poison that would have           “All right. You don’t have to go right
without any more ado. “My name is            destroyed the world; He had kept the        in. Just walk along the sides of the
Romi. I can wrestle and swim and             poison in his throat and would not let it   channel.”
climb any tree.”                             go further. “And so his throat is blue,        After a moment’s hesitation, Kamla
   “And do you sleep a lot?” asked           like the blue-jay’s.”                       slipped her feet out of her slippers, and
Kamla innocently.                               Romi liked the story. His respect for    crept cautiously down the slope till her
   Romi scratched his head and               Kamla was greatly increased. But he         feet were in the water. She went no
grinned. “I must look after the camel,”      was not to be outdone, and when a           further, but even so, some of the
he said. “It is no use staying awake for     small grey squirrel dashed across the       muddy water splashed on to her clean
the camel. It keeps on going round the       path he told her that squirrels, too,       white skirt. What would she tell grand-
well until it is tired, and then it stops.   were sacred. Krishna, the God who           mother?
When it has rested, it starts going          was born into a Yadav’s family like            Romi took her by the hand, and they
round again. It can carry on like that all   Romi’s had been fond of squirrels and       went stumbling along the side of the

                                                      December 2010
                                                         India Review
     channel while little fishes swam in and         “Yes, England is across the seas. I        stopped playing, everything was still,
     out of their legs, and a heron, one foot     have to go back to my parents. And my         everything silent, except for the soft
     raised, waited until they had passed         school is there, too. But I will take the     wind sighing in the wheat field and the
     before snapping a fish out of the water.     plane from Delhi. Have you ever been          gurgle of water coming up from the
     The little fish glistened in the sun         to Delhi?”                                    well.
     before it disappeared down the heron’s          “I have not been further than Jaipur;         Kamla stood up to leave.
     throat. Romi gave a sudden exclama-          said Romi. “What is England like? Are            “When will you come again?” asked
     tion and came to a stop. Kamla held on       there canals to swim in?”                     Romi.
     to him for support.                             “You can swim in the sea. Lots of             “I will try to come next year,” replied
        “What is it?” she asked.                  people go swimming in the sea. But it’s       Kamla.
        “It’s a tortoise,” said Romi. “Can        too cold most of the year. Where I live,         “That is a long time. By then you will
     you see it?”                                 there are shops and cinemas and places        be quite old. You may not want to
        He pointed to the bank of the canal,      where you can eat anything you like.          come.”
     and there, lying quite still was a small     People from all over the world                   “I will come,” said Kamla.
     tortoise. Romi scrambled up the bank         come to live there. You can see                    “Promise?”
     and, before Kamla could stop him. had        red faces, brown faces, black                      “Promise.”
     picked up the tortoise. As soon as he        faces, white faces!”                                 Romi put the flute in her hands
     touched it, the animal’s head and legs          “I saw a red face                                 and said, “You keep it. I can get
     disappeared into its shell. Romi turned      once,” said Romi.                                    another one.”
     it over, but from behind the breastplate     “He came to the                                        “But I don’t know how to play
     only the head and a spiky tail were vis-     village to take pic-                                it,” said Kamla.
     ible.                                        tures. He took one of                                  “It will play by itself,” said
        “Look!” exclaimed Kamla, pointing         me sitting on the camel. He                         Romi.
     to the ground where the tortoise had         said he would send me the                              She took the flute and put it to
     been lying. “What’s in the hole?”            picture, but it never came.”                         her lips and blew on it, producing
        They peered into the hole. It was            Kamla noticed a flute                             a squeaky little note that started a
     about half a meter deep, and at the          lying on the grass. “Is it                           lone parrot out of the mango tree.
     bottom were five or six white eggs, a        your flute?” she asked.                              Romi laughed, and while he was
     little smaller than a hen’s eggs.               “Yes,” said Romi. “It is                          laughing, Kamla turned and ran
        “Put it back,” said Kamla. “It was        an old flute. But the old ones                       down the path through the fields.
     sitting on its eggs.”                        are best. I found it lying in a                  And when she had gone some dis-
        Romi shrugged and dropped the tor-        field last year. Perhaps it was                 tance she turned and waved to Romi
     toise back on its hole. It peeped out        God Krishna’s!                                       with the flute...

      “It is an old flute. But the old ones are best. I found it lying in a field last
      year. Perhaps it was God Krishna’s! He was always playing the flute...”
     from behind its shell, saw the children         “And who taught you to play it?”              Cupping his hands to his mouth, he
     were still present, and retreated into its      “Nobody. I learnt by myself. Shall I       shouted across the fields: “Don’t forget
     shell again.                                 play it for you?”                             to come next year!”
        “I must go,” said Kamla. “It’s get-          Kamla nodded, and they sat down               And Kamla called back, “I won’t for-
     ting late. Granny will wonder where I        on the grass, leaning against the trunk       get.”
     have gone.”                                  of the mango tree, and Romi put the              “Was England home?” wondered
        They walked back to the mango tree,       flute to his lips and began to play.          Kamla. Or was this Indian city home?
     and washed their hands and feet in the          It was a slow, sweet tune, a little sad,   Or was her true home in that other
22   cool clear water from the well; but only     a little happy, and the notes were taken      India, across the busy trunk road...?
     after Romi had assured Kamla that            up by the breeze and carried across the          Romi watched her until she was just
     there weren’t any snakes in that well.       fields. There was no one to hear the          a speck in the distance, and then he
     He had been talking about an old dis-        music except the birds and the camel          turned and shouted at the camel,
     carded well on the far side of the vil-      and Kamla... Whether the birds liked it       telling it to move faster. But the camel
     lage. Kamla told Romi she would take         or not, we cannot say, although it is         did not even glance at him, it just car-
     him to her house one day, but it would       true that they were all suddenly silent       ried on as before, as India had carried
     have to be next year, or perhaps the         when Romi began to play. But Kamla            on for thousands of years, round and
     year after...                                was charmed by the music. The boy             round and round the well, while the
        “Is it very far, where you are going?”    smiled at her with his eyes and ran his       water gurgled and splashed over the
     asked Romi.                                  fingers along the flute. When he              smooth stones...

                                                           December 2010
                                                               India Review
                                                                        Travel &


 UdaipUr: india’s Lake city
                                           Major attractions:

            daipur is a city of tranquil                                                    eral palaces and structures to the orig-
            lakes in the state of                                                           inal complex. Still, the palace retained
            Rajasthan. A city beloved        Udaipur is replete with lakes, forts,          a surprising uniformity in its design.
            of many Hollywood stars        heritage buildings and palaces. These            The entry to the Palace is from the
because of its serenity and tranquil       palaces, built in the medieval and               Hati Pol (the Elephant Gate). The
ambiance, Udaipur was named the            early modern eras, reflect an aesthet-           Bari Pol or the Big Gate brings you to
Best City of the World in 2009 by          ic sense of beauty of the people of              the Tripolia, the Triple Gate.
travel magazine Travel & Leisure.          Mewar.                                           Fateh Prakash Palace: This grand
Also known as the ‘Venice of the           City Palace: Maharana Uday Singh                 heritage palace has now been con-
East’, Udaipur shot also into limelight    began the construction of the palace,            verted into a luxury hotel. The
when the Indian sections of James          but succeeding Maharanas added sev-              warmth of royal hospitality greets you
Bond film Octopussy were filmed                                                             as you walk along the corridors lined
here, especially in the Lake Palace                                                         with large paintings of the Mewar
and the Monsoon Palace.                                                                     School that flourished during the
   The ‘City of Dawn’ has retained its                                                      17th-19th centuries.
pristine beauty in terms of its rich                                                        The Lake Palace: The Lake Palace
cultural, social and natural heritage,                                                      encompasses the whole of 1.5
aesthetic beauty, and ecological                                                            hectares of the Jag Niwas Island in
abundance.                                                                                  the middle of the Pichola Lake. Built
   Udaipur’s lakes, serene and opulent                                                      by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1743, it
hilly ranges of the Aravalis, and lush                                                      was a royal summer palace. Now a
green vegetation and gardens and                                                            five-star luxury hotel, it is marked by
standard structures of the buildings                                                        exquisite craftsmanship.
showcase a spectacular panorama.                                                            Bagore-Ki-Haveli: Built right on the
The breathtaking beauty of Udaipur                                                          waterfront of Lake Pichola by Amir
leaves tourists spellbound.                                                                 Chand Badwa, the Prime Minister of
   Udaipur is a historic city and con-                                                      Mewar in the 18th century, the palace
stitutes a part of the medieval capital          How to reacH                               has over 100 rooms and a spectacular
city of the glorious Mewar of                By Air: Debock Airport is 24 km from the       gallery of costumes and modern art.
Maharana Pratap, a Rajput ruler.             city center. Indian Airlines flights connect      The glass and mirror works in the
Udaipur, by virtue of its interconnect-      Udaipur with places like Jaipur, Mumbai        interiors of the haveli are delicate and
ed lakes, has a large water retaining        and Delhi.                                     have been well preserved for cen-
capacity.                                    By Rail: Udaipur is the nearest railhead       turies.
                                             and the city is well-connected with all
   The lakes, hill ranges and habitats                                                         In the evening you can treat your-
                                             major cities by train.
of the city present an excellent para-       By Road: A wide network of bus service
                                                                                            self to some Rajasthani traditional
digm of harmony between nature and           links Udaipur with several destinations.       music and dance in the surroundings
human beings.                                The city is 630 km from Agra and 406 km        of the haveli. Indeed an ideal spot for
   The city is known for a number of         from Jaipur.                                   spending the evening while taking in
historical and religious landmarks.                                                         the view of Lake Pichola.

                                                      December 2010
                                                         India Review
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                         n    The Festival of Light

                          A Indian woman lights earthen lamps during Diwali — the Festival of Lights — in Siliguri in the eastern Indian
                          state of West Bengal on November 5. The festival marks the homecoming of Lord Rama after vanquishing the
                          demon king Ravana and symbolizes the arrival of light and the victory of good over evil.

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