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                               ABOUT THE INDUSTRY
Gone are the days when only certain aspects of the wedding - like décor and catering – were
outsourced. The time has come when the entire event is managed, coordinated and planned by
professional service providers.

Industry experts‟ latest estimate of the size of the wedding industry in India is a whopping Rs.
1,90,000 crores. The size of this industry - which really is a composite of several industries - was
approximated at Rs. 1,25,000 crores in 2007, with a growth potential of 25 percent annually. The
burgeoning growth of this industry has led to greater organization within. Some semblance of
structure has come in too, with large event firms creating specialist event divisions, and specialist
wedding planners also growing.

In the origin of this „industry‟ lies an interesting story. Many individuals, who started off planning
weddings within their own family, moved on to offering services outside the immediate family.
With time, enhanced professionalism saw some of them become full-fledged wedding managers.

Nisaar Merchant, Director, Aadhyam Wedding and Allied Serices, explains the genesis of the
industry: “At present, a lot of the wedding industry is still made up of family run businesses.
However, I see a lot more professionalism coming in to this field. There is great potential in the
industry, and professionals, even MBA graduates, will join in to make the industry more

The growth of the industry has also attracted many large event management companies to venture
into offering wedding management services. PDM-WMS (Percept D‟Mark), Wizcraft‟s wedding
management division, and Seven Steps (70 EMG) are a few names in this list. Earlier this year,
Britain-based wedding planners Tania Tapel also set up base in India to leverage their wedding
planning expertise in this high potential market.

The involvement of big event managers in wedding planning has led to weddings adopting the
grandeur and extravagance of a live event, and entertainment aspect has assumed utmost
importance. The recently concluded Ruia wedding in Mumbai had a reception that included a
Dutch circus, a live band, acrobatics and an orchestra, for the entertainment of various guests
housed in different sections of the venue. Another element of the wedding included a private show
by renowned artists Richard Marx and The Gypsy Kings.

The more elaborate the affair, the greater the event manager‟s involvement in both the
conceptualization and execution. Merchant reflects on his experience and association with many
families while planning their weddings.

He said, “Previously, one would hire vendors for different things like décor and catering. Today
however, we are involved in the conceptualization of the entire affair. We present concepts to our
client and then service them through an end-to-end solution. We literally become a part of the
family for those days.”

      Plan a wedding
       India‟s premiere wedding planners are right here to mould your wedding into a
       remembered event of life. From location scouting to arranging for the most unforgettable
       honeymoon, the very essential wedding orientation to wedding ensembles, to theme
       wedding to sketching the ceremony- this planner has many feathers to wear in its cap. Don
       your best look, repose in the thought that you are catered the best and leave fond
       memories in the minds of the people.

      Indian wedding planners
       Weddings are momentous events in the lives of any individual. But planning a wedding
       takes a lot of effort and hard work. Harjai Pvt ltd is a company which provides all round
       solutions for your wedding. They plan and manage your wedding from the initiation to its
       execution. They also conduct destination weddings. So if you want to get hitched in a exotic
       locale these superb wedding planners will plan that too. Not only that your post marital
       bliss will also be planned to perfection by these guys who also offer charming honeymoon
       tour package.

      Ring and roses
       Its a misconception that wedding planners are only appointed in high profile wedding and
       that means oodles of money being over spent. Wedding planners not only plan and
       manage wedding for you but appointing a wedding planner can actually lead to cost saving
       since these wedding planners work according to your budget and a tight leash on the
       budget and a special supplier rate can make your wedding much more economical. This
       Ring and roses are one of the top wedding planners of India who have made their mark in
       the wedding planning business. They offer you completer peace of mind with their higly
       professional services blended with empathetical friendliness.

                                 ABOUT THE COMPANY
Making your special moment an unforgettable celebration, we at Grand Vivaah provide
personalized and innovative wedding services. We provide complete wedding solutions. Dreaming
of a traditional wedding or a modern wedding we help you to turn your dream wedding into a
reality. Embark on a new journey together in style and leave all your worries behind.

Weddings are special and auspicious occasions. Each one of us wants to have a wedding that will
be remembered for years to come. However, this is only possible if all the preparations for the
wedding are perfect. There is a huge amount of planning needed in order to achieve this. Right
from choosing the perfect venue for the wedding to inviting guests there is a lot that goes into a
wedding. It does not matter what type of wedding you have decided to have, Wedding
Preparations for all the weddings are basic necessities.

There are several Wedding Preparations that need to be taken care of irrespective of the variations
in the rituals or the traditions that will be followed for the wedding. The Wedding Preparations for
most Indian Weddings include deciding the venue, booking the caterer, florist, preparing a
wedding budget, getting invitation cards made, selecting the music, gifts, and shopping amongst

Getting all these things in place is not an easy job and can prove to be very hectic. We are here to
ensure that you have a hassle free experience. We readily make all the arrangements that might be
needed for a grand wedding celebration. Apart from the Wedding Preparations, we also make all
sorts of other arrangements which include accommodation for guests, arrangements for
ceremonies before the wedding and post wedding ceremonies.

You could avail of our facilities and services that ensure that you have a wonderful wedding and a
memorable experience. We also make preparations for ceremonies like the mehendi ceremony,
sangeet ceremony, and many more. Apart from this, all the Wedding Preparations are made,
keeping in mind the type of wedding that you are having. The traditions and rituals that will be
followed during the wedding ceremony are also given due consideration.

In the initial phase we are launching our services for Punjabi, Marwadi and Gujrati communities.
Also we will be targeting only 3 regions, namely Punjab, Delhi and Mumbai. We are launching our
service Shaadi Live where friends and relatives no longer need to miss all the events, excitement
and conversation at a wedding mandap even though they are miles away.

Our Vision statement
       Be the most helpful wedding planning resource in Mumbai, Delhi &Punjab
       Create services and products for the marketplace that will add value for both couples and
       wedding professionals

Our Mission statement
Grand Vivaahs promises to its customer‟s uniqueness, convenience and value for money during
planning, coordinating and executing wedding requirements. Whether the special day involves just
the couple or the family and friends, tying the knot making it memorable is the core objective of
the wedding planner.

Our quality policy
We are committed to provide services in Hospitality and Recreation Industry, which will confirm
to the specific requirement of the client as per their Taste, Style, Budget & Requirements. This will
be advanced by continually improving Quality, Management System, Process and Technology.
This policy shall be reviewed periodically for suitable and changed if deemed necessary.

We are committed to:
   o   Saving you valuable time, energy and money

   o   Being imaginative, personal, flexible and organized

   o   Providing a smooth, worry-free experience

   o   Obtaining the highest quality goods and services within your budget

   o   Partnering with you to ensure your wedding and reception reflect your taste and personality

   o   Impeccable attention to details with a sensitive spirit.




                                       BUSINESS SYSTEM

A Wedding Planner Business System is what makes a business run in an expedient manner. We
will need to create a Business System that will work for our Wedding Planner Business. A
Wedding Planner Business System is the way we operate our business. This system should include
a plan of operation for every aspect of our Wedding Planner Business.

The First System
The first part of our Wedding Planner Business includes how we would run the day to day
operations of our Wedding Planner Business.

The Second System
The second part should include all of the process we will need to operate our Wedding Planner
Business. It includes the day to day operations and process that need to take place. All the
operations are mentioned above in the diagram.

The Third System
The third part of our Wedding Planner Business includes our Wedding Business Guide of
services that we will offer our customers. These services can be customised according to our
customers‟ needs. Service offered by us will give a real value for money to our customers. This will
be possible because of the package deals and tie-ups we have with various agencies.

The Fourth System
The Fourth part of our Wedding Planner Business is that, it will be financed by our capital (25
lakhs) and as we grow and expand we would take loan from the bank.

The Fifth System
The fifth part of our Wedding Planner Business System is locations.

Initially we will start with 3 different location and those are

       Delhi

       Mumbai

       Punjab

                                    WEDDING RITUALS
We,Grand Vivaahs,understand the specific requirements of each of the communities wedding
celebrations.So we take care of providing best services to each wedding.

Marriages in Metro

Indian weddings have also become commercialized with every modern aspect of metro life.
Changing trends of the society have a huge impact on the way marriages are held in Metros.
Marriages in metro offer a lot of gloss and glamour compared to the marriages in villages. There
are a number of religions that celebrate weddings in metro cities according to their traditions and
theme of wedding.

Grand Vivaahs is here to take care of all your requirements through the procedure of arranging
Marriages in Metro.

People celebrating their marriages in metro are more concerned about the decoration, venue of
the wedding, the menu and what they would wear for the wedding. There are people in the cities
to help you out in all wedding arrangements. People in the city usually are very busy people and so
they     hire    wedding     planners    who     can      do      their    wedding     preparation.

Marriages in metro are not much different from the village marriages. People living in the metro
cities also follow the traditions and rituals of wedding according to their religion and region. There
are pre-wedding ceremonies along with main wedding and post wedding ceremonies. But there are
a few that just skip up the long wedding process to just a single day wedding process.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals

The Gujarati community has been known for their faith and the belief in their religion. Gujarati
wedding ceremonies are grand and last over a few days. The Gujarati wedding rituals are rich and
deeply rooted in customs and traditions. The Gujarati‟s are very lively and celebrate the wedding
ceremony with magnificent splendor and cheerfulness.

Rituals and Customs

The Gujarati wedding rituals are colorful and enjoyable. It begins with the Mandap Mahurat which
is the occasion where the marriage date is fixed. The typical Gujarati wedding begins with the
blessings of Lord Ganesha. The wedding ceremonies include the Kanya Daan where the Bride‟s
father proposes his daughter to the groom. Then the marriage ceremony includes various rituals
like Hasta Milap, Antarpaat, Madhuparka Griha Shanti, jaan, Pheras, and Saptapadi. Some of the

post Gujarati wedding rituals include reception, ghar nu laxmi, and aeki-beiki. All the pre wedding
and post wedding celebrations are held luxuriously.

Special Features

There are various wedding celebrations included in the Gujarati weddings. These consist of the
Dandiya ras, Sangeet Sandhya, Mehendi. Other ceremonies include music and dance
performances where all dress in vibrant and colourful clothing. These are some of the few things
that make Gujarati wedding rituals special.

Marwari Wedding Rituals

Marwari weddings are celebrated with pomp and splendor. With all the ornaments and lavish
clothes, the Marwari weddings are an extravagant affair. Marwari Wedding Rituals are an integral
part of the Wedding and are done in a traditional way. The different Marwari Wedding Rituals
can be divided as Pre Wedding Ritual, Wedding Rituals and Post Wedding rituals.

Rituals and Customs

The Marwari Wedding Rituals before marriage are quite a few. The engagement ceremony takes
place at the groom‟s residence where a „Tilak‟ is applied on his forehead by the father of the bride
and offers him gifts. In „Pithi Dastoor‟ a vermilion paste is applied to both the bride and the groom
at their respective homes. In „Mahira Dastoor‟ the maternal side of both the bride and groom
bring gifts for them. „Palla Dastoor‟ takes place at the bride‟s residence where she gets clothes and
jewellery from the groom,to be                wornon             the            wedding           day.

When the Rajput baraat, constituting only of men, arrives at the bride‟s residence the Marwari
Wedding Rituals are performed. A special Aarti of the groom is performed by the mother-in-law.
The wedding ceremony at the mandap is usually attended by the female members. After the
marriage the post Marwari Marriage Rituals take place. The bride bids farewell to her family in the
Bidai ceremony. She is welcomed with the Grihspravesh Ceremony to the groom‟s house. The
Pagelagani ceremony takes place on the next day where the bride is introduced to the members of
the family and receivesgifts from them.

Special Features

Marwari Wedding Rituals are an expensive affair. Lots of money is spent to make special clothes
and jewellery for the bride because it is a symbol of the wealth of the groom. The maternal side of
both the bride and the groom also spend a lot of money while performing the various ceremonies.

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Punjab is the state in the northern region of India whose culture is generally associated with a lot of
fun and frolic. The Punjabi weddings are popular due to their unique style celebrations. Punjabi
wedding rituals are celebrated lavishly. Punjabi Wedding Rituals are elaborate and are celebrated
with great enthusiasm. There are many Punjabi wedding rituals that are performed.

Rituals and Customs

Many rituals and customs are performed in the typical Punjabi marriage. Most of the Punjabi
Wedding Rituals add fun and frolic to the occasion. Sangeet is a pre wedding ceremony where
only ladies are allowed. They sing and dance on the tunes. Juta Chhepai is a ritual full of fun,
where the groom‟s shoes are hidden by the bride‟s relatives and friends and a negotiation takes
place regarding the price which has to be paid for it to be returned. Bhangras and Giddas are
dance forms which are performed at Punjabi Wedding

Special Features

Punjabi Wedding Rituals are a traditional extravaganza and Punjabis follow customs which are
truly unique in nature. Punjabi wedding is arguably the one with the greatest fun. All the wedding
rituals at the wedding ceremony are fun also many games are arranged for this purpose. The
Punjabi Wedding Rituals are celebrated with a lot of fervor and gaiety and hence, register
memories for a lifetime.

                                 MARKETING MIX

1) Product : We at Grand Vivaahs provide following services:-

   Wedding Venue
   Wedding Transport
   Wedding Themes
   Wedding Songs
   Wedding quotes
   Wedding Photography
   Wedding Music (Vocal Singers, Punjabi Singers, Bands, DJ, Traditional Performers,
    Indian Instruments, Western, Bhajan Singers, U.K. Artists)
   Wedding Kits (All your pooja & lagan items for a do it - yourself wedding)
   Live webcast from India(of the vivah to friends & relatives who cannot be there) through
    shaadi live
   Wedding Mithai Sweets
   Shopping guide
   Indian Wedding Traditions
   Wedding Mandap
   Wedding Jewelry
   Wedding Invitation Card
   Wedding Entertainment
   Wedding Dress
   Wedding Cakes
   Wedding Budget
   Flower Decoration
   Choosing the Caterer
   Fireworks

       Accomodations
       Mehandi/Henna art
       Honeymoon tour package
       Guests reception

Marriage Venues

       Marriages in Clubs
       Marriages in Parks
       Marriages in Banquets
       Marriages in Farm Houses
       Marriages in Temples
       Marriages in Hotels
       Marriages on Cruises
       Marriages in palaces


       Bridal Accessories
       Bridal Hair Care
       Bridal Make-Up
       Bridal shoes
       Pre wedding bridal package
       Bridal bangles
       Bridal Handbags and Purses
       Bride Hair & Skin care
       Bridal dress
       Bridal jewelry


       Groom Accessories
       Groom Shervani

      Groom Wedding Sehra
      Groom Ethnic Wear
      Groom shoes
      Groom Wedding Turban
      Groom Hair Care
      Groom Skin Care

Wedding decorations

      Car Decorations
      Mandap Decorations
      Sangeet Decorations
      Engagement Decorations
      Mehendi Decorations
      Wedding Stage Decorations
      Sagan Decorations

Wedding Gifts

      Decorative Items
      Electronic Items
      Jewelry
      Flower Vase
      Silver Wedding Gifts


      Finance through banks.
       We would be providing easy financing options to our customers. We will have an
       arrangement with Kotak bank to provide loans at lower interest rates.
      Health and Fitness

       Secret to Wedding Weight Loss - No matter how much weight you want to lose for your
       wedding, you'll want   to do it right. We all know that starving yourself not only doesn't

    work, it may actually cause weight gain. Plus, you'll want to feel your best and have a
    ton of energy for your wedding day and during the wedding planning         process,     right?
    Never leave out any whole food group or stick to eating just one type of food. Eat a
    balanced diet of healthy food choices to ensure you'll be a healthy bride. So, lose weight for
    your wedding the smart way - by following the advice of experts in the health and fitness
    Below are a few healthy wedding weight loss diets to consider:

o   The Wedding Day Diet - The only diet created exclusively for brides with a deadline in
    mind. Get fast results to sport that honeymoon bikini confidently. Learn secrets of fast
    weight loss from a professional trainer. Free ebooks include with this special offer.
o   South Beach Diet - It's easy to do because you get all of the online support, menus,
    shopping lists and recipes. No special food to buy, no exclusion of any food groups, but,
    you will have to cut out sugar and "white" unprocessed products like white bread. But, we
    found this to be super easy, healthy and yummy. The first two weeks require that you cut
    out fruits and grains to sort of detox but after that it's a breeze of a diet program. Give it a
o   The Flat Belly Diet - This weight loss program seems sound in theory. Problem is, the
    website is horrible. I would think Prevention Magazine would have prepared better before
    unveiling this diet plan online. I had daily "service unavailable" message (so did others
    which I found out by way of their online forum which was the best part of their website).
    Many of the features were "being worked on" as told to me by other members in the forum
    as well as a moderator. Recipes and instructions were unavailable. There's a lot of specialty
    foods to buy and this plan could get very expensive. I'm not sure if you can actually lose just
    belly fat but any fat lost is beneficial I suppose. If you want to try this plan, buy the book
    and don't pay for the online plan until (if ever) they work out the kinks.
   Shaadi Live
    Imagine your own private TV station. A place from where you can telecast the most
    important event of your life… your wedding, to your family and friends across the world.

    Friends and relatives no longer need to miss all the events, excitement and conversation at
    a wedding mandap even though they are miles away. Now, they can share it all - with

    Your private TV station is now a possibility. Thanks to Shaadi Interactive Web TV, a new
    concept using Internet technologies. Shaadi Interactive Web TV allows you to broadcast
    video over the Internet, which can be viewed by family and friends with access to the
    World Wide Web.

    Benefits of Shaadi Online Interactive Web TV:

    • Your family and friends can participate and interact across the globe sharing the joy and
    excitement of the big day as it happens!

       • A friend or a professional Emcee can present a live commentary of the wedding events
       and conversations with your guests at the wedding venue, which is broadcast live.

       • Visitors to the site can sign the couple's online Guest Book - leaving their greetings and
       blessings for the couple. They can sign the Guest Book while the wedding is on or log in
       later and leave their blessings for the couple.

       • Messages received during the wedding will be handed over to the couple before they
       leave the wedding venue

       • A unique, personal, lifelong website and a photo album of the couple

       • An archive of the webcast on the site for a period of 30 days, that can be seen by family
       and friends who could not 'be there' as it happened.

       • You can choose to get almost any important event, happening or celebration webcast to
       the entire world. Some examples are: Marriages, birthdays anniversaries, parties, special
       events etc.
      Our experienced and efficient knowledge of the wedding service provider industry.
      Our vendor relationships and referrals.
      Our detailed and meticulously constructed packages including full planning and
       management services along with wedding day coordination facilities.
      We also provide advice and recommendations for creating idyllic décor and settings also
       recommend suitable music selection alongside your band or DJ.
      Our familiarity and knowledge about both religious and non- religious celebrations.
      Wedding etiquette and guidance.
      Unique ideas for executing theme weddings so as to help and create a wedding that suites
       your interests, taste and lifestyle.
      Legal services like name change, pre nuptial assignment

To provide best suitable services to the customer,we will ask for some information regarding the
events to be taken care of.

For example:- For wedding arrangements in Mumbai,Following information would be taken from
the customer.This is required to plan the wedding arrangements,schedule etc.

                               WEDDING PLANNER (Mumbai)
Choose Location:              Select

Gathering Type* :
                                 Large     small

                         Approx. Guests :
Pre Wedding Ceremony* :

                            Yes         No

If Yes :                    Engagement / Ring
                            Mehndi & Sangeet
                            Bachelor/Cocktail Party


All above Events In* :      1 Day        2 Days    3 Days
Approx No. of Guests
the Above Events:
Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony Type*:
                            Hindu / Traditional Indian

Preferred Venue :
                            5 Star Grand Palace Lawns / Pool Side
                            4 Star Heritage Hotel banquet Hall / Lawn
                            3 Star Heritage Haveli Hotel banquet Hall / Lawn
                            City Gardens ( Vatikas )     (for large gathering only above 200)
Approx No. of Guests
Attending this Event:
Wedding Date:             MM            DD         YY         *

Date Is:                    Fix     Can be changed

                            5 Star Palace Hotel
                            4 Star Palace Hotel
                            3 Star Heritage Haveli Hotel
                            2 Star Economy Hotel

No. Of Nights:
Approx. number of
Guests to be
at Hotel :
Payment for
Guest's Accommodation:            Guests will pay directly         We pay
You are willing to
finalise the wedding plan         few Months          in a Month       in 2-3 weeks      Earliest
in :                          possible
Approx Budget in Mind for the complete Event :
( Please note this is really important to us , as it give us a fair idea about the event you are
dreaming of / please make sure you carefully mention your budget keeping all above inclusion
which you have choosen )

                                              (in Rs.)
Name :
Email :
Alternate Email :
Telephone (R) :
Telephone (O) :
Mobile :
Contact me through :           Email           Phone
Country :                    Select Country

Any Specific

2. Price : The customized package would start from Rs.50 lakhs onwards and would be tailor made
to cater different levels of requirements at various celebrations involved at the wedding. The price
would vary as per the requirements of customers but we assure value for money to our customers.

3. Place : Initially,we will start our business operating in Mumbai,Delhi,& Punjab.Then we will
expand to Gujarat,Rajasthan & other metros.

4.   Promotion     :   Advertisements     in   Matrimonial     websites,Matrimonial     section   of
newspapers,Women`s magazines,Regional newspapers in Punjab,Gujarat.

Also,We`ll have presence at cultural get-togethers & festivals like garba,dandiya,Lohiri, etc.

Promotional schemes would include:- Complimentary Airport Transfers with our luxury
cars,Special Welcome greetings on Arrival,Complimentary 1 night free stay for wedding couple
while booking honeymoon package of multiple days.

                         BUSINESS EXPANSION STRATEGY

To deliver best services with win-win situation for customer as well as for us, we will tie-up with
Designers, Jewelry Makers, Tour Operators for Honeymoon Packages, 4/5 Star hotels in various
states, Car/ Bus Operators, Exhibition show, focusing only on certain types of weddings, Internet
Website bookings/ Detailed Information, Advertising in various Magazines

Initially we are going to offer our expert services in Mumbai, Delhi and Punjab. After
strengthening our brand presence in these three places we will expand to other states like Gujarat,
Rajasthan, Haryana in a phased manner.

We would continue to cater to Gujratis, Marwaris and Punjabis as that is what we specialize in. We
would expand our presence in other regions of the country where we can arrange marriages of the
above three communities.

We would also be open to having in house fashion and jewelry designers as well.


1) Target Audience:

   The audiences we are planning to target are the communities who spend lavishly on weddings
   like the Marwaris, Punjabis and Gujratis.

2) Current Belief:

       a) Wedding planners are needed for weddings with high budgets. For low & medium
          budget, weddings planners are not needed.
       b) Planners might not arrange everything to ones‟ satisfaction.
       c) They charge a high commission.
       d) That level of personalization might not be there. For most it is one of the biggest
          occasions in their life, so they would want to have the satisfaction of doing everything by
          themselves. Weddings are very intimate & personal occasions, but for the planners it is
          just another job.

3) Current Do:

       a) As of now most existing wedding planners do not engage in much of advertising, they
          rather depend on word of mouth publicity.
       b) There are no dedicated planners for specific communities.
       c) Most planners give the entire range of services.

4) Desired Belief:

       a) Can provide highly personalized service keeping religious & traditional sentiments in
       b) Commission they charge is worth it as they make the entire wedding occasion hassle

5) Desired Do:

       a) More awareness amongst people of their capabilities.
       b) Less commission charged to the customers and earning more revenues by other
          sources such as tie-ups with garment, jewelry companies.
       c) Provide value for money even for medium & low budget weddings.

6) Proposition:

       Making your special moment an unforgettable celebration, we at Grand Vivaahs provide
       personalized and innovative wedding services. We provide complete wedding solutions &
       we help you to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Embark on a new journey together
       in style and Hassle free manner so that you leave all your worries behind. We at Grand
       Vivah take care of all your wedding and travel arrangements.

7) Support:

       a)   Advertising on sites such as, etc
       b)   Media & print advertising during wedding season.
       c)   PR activities like securing a high profile wedding so that we get good media coverage.
       d)   Promotion through vendors such as hotels, jewellery & garment brands.

                                                                                     (IN LACS)

Particulars         1st year       2nd year          3rd year          4th year      5th year
Sales                       1500              1750              2100          2600           3000
Less :
Mandap              150            175               210               260           300
Caterers            375            437.5             525               650           750
Accommodation       94.5           110.25            124.95            147           151.2
Designers           270            315               378               468           540
Advertisement       75             87.5              84                78            90
Tour operators      300            350               420               480           520
Office exp.         22.5           22.5              24.7              27.2          29.9
Salaries            10.8           10.8              10.8              15.6          17.4
Partners Salaries   33.6           38.4              43.2              52.8          62.4
Music,              15             17.5              21                26            30
Invitation cards,   37.5           43.75             43.75             50            54
Photographer        30            35                 35                42            48
Misc                60     1473.9 70          1713.2 70         1990.4 87.5 2384.1   100     2692.9
PBT                        26.1               36.8              109.6       215.9            307.1
Tax                        7.83               11.04             32.88       64.77            92.13
PAT                        18.27              25.76             76.72       151.13           214.97


                                   Particulars             Amt
                           Advance Rent                            9.18
                           Advertising                                7
                           Travelling                                 6
                           Computers                                  1
                           Furniture                                  1
                           TOTAL                                  24.18


   We will manage atleast 30 weddings in the 1st year. (average cost of each:
    Rs.50 lacs)
   Other expenses have been taken at industry average.
   Advertisement exp. Is higher in the first 2 years and decreases in the 3rd year.
   Partner‟s salary is taken as Rs.35,000/month for 1st year and increases y-o-y.
   Tax is taken as 30%
   Advance rent is paid for 6 months
   Initial exp on advertising and travelling is high as the partners will have to
    travel a lot to meet various people and promote the brand.

                                TEAM CONTRIBUTIONS

Vaibhav Vashishta - - Marketing Mix (4 P`s-services offered, pricing structure of the services,
promotion, place),Business Expansion Strategy----(7 Hours)

Amit Varshney -- Introduction about the Wedding Industry, Wedding budget worksheet,
developing format of wedding budget planner -- 6 hrs

Siddharth Mohan Kumar -- Communication Strategy (Target Audience, Current Belief,
Current Do, Desired Belief, Desired Do, Proposition, Support) -- 6 hrs

Kinjal Patel -- Financial Projections (revenue, expenditure, profit calculation), developing
format of wedding budget planner,–7 hrs

Saurabh Roy – shaadi LIVE unique features, benefits to relatives, Information on grand
vivaahs expertise on communities Wedding rituals -----(7 hours)

Anishka Ramchandani -- Introduction about the Company & Primary Research -- Consumer
Insights for designing Company Services -- 7 hrs

Neeraj Parmanandka – Business Model (Organisation structure, functions, The five systems
i.e. the components of business model)-- 6 hrs

Payal Kunjir – Decorations types, venues offered----- (6 hours)


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