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									360 Analysis of FMCG Private
  Label Products at more.

                Presented By –
                    Kushal Jain
                       About the Group
• A metals powerhouse, among the world's most cost-efficient aluminum
  and copper producers. Hindalco-Novelis is the largest aluminum rolling
• The fourth-largest producer of insulators
• The No.1 producer of carbon black
• The seventh-largest cement producer
• Among the best energy-efficient fertilizer plants

In India:
•    The top fashion (branded apparel) and lifestyle player
•    Among the top three mobile telecom players
•    Among top 10 BPO companies
•    A leading player in life insurance and asset management
•    Among the top two supermarket chains in India

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            Verticals of Aditya Birla

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            About Retail Industry
The Indian retail industry—one of the fastest
growing industries in the country over the past
couple of years — is no exception. While 2008
showed growth for the industry on the whole,
the last quarter of 2008 was impacted by the
economic slowdown and liquidity crunch.

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            Its Relative Position
               In The Industry
    It is the 3rd largest revenue generating retail
    company in India.

                Future Plans
      They are planning to be the leader in this
industry and to create their own brand names
in private labels.

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            Business Model

 Vendor          more.          Consumer

            Revenue Sources

            Direct Customer Sales

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            Comparative Companies

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             Organizational Structure

              CPO           CFO            CMO            CIO

                          CEO                             CEO
                     (Hyper Market)                  (Super Market)

                 VP                   VP             VP                 VP
              (Staples)             (FMCG)        (Staples)           (FMCG)

                GM                   GM              GM                GM

            Category Head         Category Head   Category Head Category Head
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                    Work Culture
                Dedicated, Goal Oriented

            Technological Infrastructure


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            Strength           Weakness
• Store Name               • Supply Chain
• Strong Loyalty Program     Inefficiencies
• Head start in PL         • IT System
                           • Lack of Advertising
• Preferred Retailer
                           • Low Financial Risk
• Financial Backing by       appetite
  ABG                      • South Centric
• Employee Friendly
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                    5 P’s Analysis

            Place                    Price

            Promotion         Packaging
8/10/2011                                    11
                    5 P’s Analysis

            Place                    Price

            Promotion         Packaging
8/10/2011                                    12
                    5 P’s Analysis

            Place                    Price

            Promotion         Packaging
8/10/2011                                    13
                    5 P’s Analysis

            Place                    Price

            Promotion         Packaging
8/10/2011                                    14
                    5 P’s Analysis

            Place                    Price

            Promotion         Packaging
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                    5 P’s Analysis

            Place                    Price

            Promotion         Packaging
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                      Project Brief
• Context of the Project
       – Plugging Gaps and identifying Opportunities in
         Private Label
       – Understand 5Ps of Private Label of Competition
         and identify Gaps and opportunities

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• Understand modern retail market its future
  and role of Private Label in it.
• Visited Stores
       – 1 more. Hyper and 2 Super stores
       – 1 Star Bazaar hyper
       – 1 Reliance Mart 2 Reliance Fresh
       – 4 Big Bazaars
       – 1 Spencer’s
• Analysis of the collected data
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• Move towards rural market with an aggressive
  strategy for private label products.
• Provide trial packs to the customers of not selling
  and new launches.
• Provide e commerce facilities with pop ups of
  private label to increase their visibility.
• Provide discount coupons for private label to the
  customers at the cash counter for next time
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• Provide home delivery to clients or take
  online orders from customers and collect
  those at stores only and help customers to do
  their shopping quickly.
• Focus upon low personal involvement
  products rather than high personal
• Focus on the cash cow SKU and stop the SKU’s
  which are not performing up to mark as
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            Problems Faced
• Data Collection
• Lack of cooperation form other category

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            Questions plz……

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