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DECEMBER 2010                                                         A Newsletter by Metro Taxi, Denver’s Largest Taxi Company

                  Robert McBride to Lead the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association
                  To a packed house at the 92nd Annual TLPA               for cash or credit card transactions. McBride has championed and led
                  Convention and Trade Show in Los Angeles,               the charge in going ‘green’ by powering the Metro Taxi headquarters
                  CA, Robert McBride recently assumed the 2011            with used motor oil and adding hybrids to the company’s fleet of 500
                  presidency of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit      vehicles serving over 1.5 million passengers in the Denver Metro
                  Association (TLPA), the nonprofit trade association     Area each year.
                  of and for the private passenger transportation              McBride has outlined several goals for his year as President,
industry. McBride is operator of Metro Taxi, the largest ground           including expanding TLPA membership by twenty percent. In addition,
transportation company in Denver, Co.                                     McBride said he would further engage the association in important
     As an entrepreneur in ground transportation since 1982 in both       community-related programs, including re-energizing the Taxis on
New York and Colorado, McBride has been in the vanguard of quality        Patrol initiative, which encourages TLPA operators nationwide to act
standards and customer service. Today, Metro Taxi is recognized for       as an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in their
its advanced dispatch system, interactive voice response, efficient use   communities. Congratulations to our very own Robert McBride on this
of GPS systems, and prepaid billing options eliminating the necessity     great achievement!

                                                                                                                                 FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                  DENVER, CO
                                                                                                                                PERMIT NO. 353

            5909 E. 38th Ave., Denver, CO 80207


    CYNTHIA ORTIZ                    KEITH MUSE
    Employee Excellence          Independent Contractor
      Award Winner                 Driver of the Quarter
DECEMBER 2010                                                                   THE METRO TRAVELER
                                                                               Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
                                                                               Metro Taxi was involved in celebrating and
                                                                          supporting the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition’s
                                                                          (CCDC) 20th anniversary. Our support enables them
                                                                          to defend the rights of people with disabilities who
                                                                          have been abused, neglected and/or discriminated
                                                                          against, secure access to health care services for
                                                                          individuals with disabilities, assure that public policy meets the needs
                                                                          of those with significant healthcare needs and to ensure compliance
                                                                          with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) throughout Colorado.
                                                                          Metro Taxi takes great pride in enhancing the quality of life with people
                                                                          with disabilities. Although the CCDC faces many challenges on a
                           Pink Ride                                      daily basis, all of us working together will strengthen our community.
          Sense of Security, Inc to Receive $2,000 Raised                 Metro Taxi will continue to support and join in the efforts to improve
              from Metro Taxi’s ‘Pink Ride’ Program                       the lives of people with disabilities throughout Colorado.
      For the entire month of October, Metro Taxi designated five
vehicles, donating $1 from each fare toward Sense of Security,
Inc. in the fight against breast cancer. The effort was part of the
first ever North American ‘Pink Ride’ initiative spearheaded by the
Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA), a professional                               HOLIDAYS
organization representing more than 1,000 for hire fleet owners.
      There was no additional cost to passengers during the fundraising
campaign, and drivers were not allowed to accept donations. Metro
Taxi presented the check to Sense of Security on November 5. None                         303.333.3333
of the money raised goes to the TLPA, since the entire initiative
was ultimately driven and managed at the grassroots level by each                           Metro Taxi Billboards
member company.                                                                Once again, Metro Taxi has taken the initiative to promote
                                                                          our independent contractor drivers by having two billboards in the
Denver Feed A Family: Thanksgiving 2010                                   Denver area. The first billboard is a 14 x 48 display that is located
               Giving Thanks One Basket at a Time                         on Broadway and Champa on the north side of the central business
                                   Every year for the past 16             district, which is close to hotels, theaters, restaurants and major
                                   years, Metro Taxi has delivered        businesses in the downtown area. This is an incredible amount of
                                   Thanksgiving Baskets.      Metro       exposure in hopes to gain more business for our drivers and remain
                                   Taxi has been an integral part         the top cab company in Colorado.
                                   of the coalition to save Daddy              The second billboard is located at the Denver Performing Arts
                                   Bruce’s Annual Thanksgiving            Center, which is a digital billboard that includes all of the DPAC
                                   Dinner tradition.    The annual        signs. There will be three different impressions displayed throughout
                                   event is hosted by Epworth United      the month. Metro Taxi also has a kiosk in the Colorado Convention
                                   Methodist Church which brings          Center. The billboard not only reaches the multitude of Coloradans
together the community to provide Thanksgiving dinner for families in     who work, or play downtown, but it exposes Metro Taxi to the millions
need. Each year, Metro Taxi independent contractor drivers volunteer      of visitors arriving in our city daily.
to deliver these meals to families and individuals in need who are
physically unable to come down to the church. There were more than
8,000 families that were helped
because of your generosity.
      Metro Taxi would like
to recognize all of the
independent contractor drivers
who participated in the basket
distribution for The Epworth
Foundation. Thank you for
making this another successful
year, we appreciate your hard
work and dedication!
DECEMBER 2010                                                                 THE METRO TRAVELER
      Sullivan’s- Driver Appreciation Day
On Wednesday November, 17th Sullivan’s Steak House hosted a taxi
driver appreciation day. According to the restaurant it was a success.
We play an integral role in the operation of a restaurant and it is
important for all of our drivers to realize that. So while the restaurant
passes along their clients to Metro, it is important for us to recommend
our clients to them.

   A Message from the General Manager
Metro Taxi is proud to be the exclusive Taxi Company for the 105th
National Western Stock Show. This is our 3rd straight year serving
the stock show. The National Western Stock Show runs from January
8–23, 2011. Metro Taxi will have a taxi kiosk conveniently located
at the event entrance to drop and load passengers. This is a great
opportunity for Metro Taxi to show off our great service. Drivers please
get ready for the first big Denver event of the New Year. I want you to
remember this. The National Western Stock Show requests you, Metro
Taxi. That happens when YOU’RE THE BEST! - Kyle Brown

                                                                                  INTRODUCTING METRO TAXI’S
                                                                                    New and Improved Website
                                                                            We are proud to announce the new
                                                                            featuring new resources and updated information. Learn more
                                                                            about our Green Fleet and our other conservation efforts, in
                                                                            addition to our community outreach projects.

                  Larry Stevenson
                 Recruiting Manager
                 Team, I am extremely humbled and excited for the
                 chance to serve you and make your experience
                 with Metro Taxi both delightful and successful. It
                 is the goal of the recruiting department to build
                 positive, successful sustainable relationships with
                 our Independent contractor drivers. You are the
                 “driving force” behind the sustainable growth of             Visit
our company and we are here to help, listen and serve you in order
to ensure your success. We are Metro and Team work makes the                for frequent updates on Metro Taxi
dream work!
                                                                            and the greater Denver metro area!
     “If you make a sale you make a living. If you make an investment
of great service in a customer, you can make a fortune!” - Jim Rohn
DECEMBER 2010                                                                 THE METRO TRAVELER

                                                                            Taxis on Patrol (T.O.P.)
                                                                        Metro Taxi owner and TLPA President Robert
                                                                        McBride has successfully implemented
                                                                        the Taxis on Patrol program in the Denver
              Guaranteed Ride Home
                                                                        area. Beginning January 2011, the Denver
This quarter we were fortunate enough to have Sharon White come         Police Department will be entering into a
by Metro Taxi to help educate our drivers about the Guaranteed Ride     memorandum of understanding with metro
Home Program. The Guaranteed Ride Home Program provides free            area taxicab companies (Metro Taxi, Yellow Cab, Freedom Cab, and
metro taxi ride home from the office for employees who have an          Union Taxi) in order to support the Taxis on Patrol Program. The Taxis
emergency arise on a day that they used alternative transportation.                                   .,
                                                                        on Patrol program or T.O.P is a “neighborhood watch on wheels”
Such a program is great for drivers because it is allowed to go up to   program. Since taxicabs drivers provide transportation 24 hours a
100 miles one-way, drivers are allotted a 10% tip, and they get paid    day, 365 days a year, serving all areas of the community, they can
immediately when they turn in the vouchers. The Guaranteed Ride         effectively increase observation and reporting of incidents.
Home trips come from all over town. But for the last couple years                                        .
                                                                             The key figures in the T.O.P program are the drivers, who observe
Denver International Airport has been the biggest pick up point. We     and call in reports, and the taxi dispatchers, who will record relevant
have been working with this program for many years and hope to          information and relay it to the appropriate public safety officials. This
continue it for many years to come.                                     cooperative effort between taxicab companies and the Denver Police
                                                                        Department puts offenders on notice that people not only support their
                                                                        police department in fighting crime, but are actively working with the
                                                                        police to fight crime.

                                                                                    The Commitment Remains,
                                                                                    Safety First with Courtesy a
                                                                                           Close Second
                                                                        For your safety and security, Metro Taxi will have on-site armed security
                                                                        both uniformed and plain clothed beginning in December of 2010.
                                                                        We have also reached out to the Denver Police Department who have
                                                                        committed to providing extra patrol around the building. Lastly, we
                                                                        are adding several more 24 hour surveillance cameras around the

Denver Police Officer Ligeia Craven and Metro Taxi’s Larry Stevenson

                       Safety Tips While Driving in the Winter
            Before starting out in snowy weather, take time             remember to drive with caution to help maintain your
     to remove the snow from the entire car so it doesn’t                  safety as well as that of passengers, fellow motorists
     blow onto your windshield. Make sure your                                  and roadside workers.
     mirrors and lights are clear as well.                                               Watch for icy surfaces on bridges, even
            Make sure tires are properly inflated.                                  when the rest of the road seems in good
     Under-inflated tires can be dangerous,                                         condition. If you get stuck in snow, straighten
     and may suffer damage. Remember, the air                                      the wheel and accelerate slowly. Add sand or cat
     pressure in your tires will decrease 1 to 2 psi for                       litter under the wheels to help avoid spinning tires.
     every 10-degree drop in outside temperature.                               From all the shop staff, have a safe and pleasant
            When taking to the road during winter weather,              holiday season!

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