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March, 2011
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UNDP Regional Centre - LAC
Staff Directory

March, 2011

The UNDP Regional Centre - LAC supports Latin America and the Caribbean Country Offices by sharing knowledge, endorsing the creation of strategic
alliances, building capacity and forging partnerships.

The Centre is integrated by a team of professionals and experts working in initiatives that promotes human development in focus areas such as Democratic
Governance, Environmental and Energy Practice, Gender, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and Poverty Reduction and MDGs. Additionally, the Knowledge
Management Unit, the Capacity Development Team, and the Regional Programme on HIV/AIDS are also consolidated to strengthen the capacity of
governments and communities, to promote sustainable development, and to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

In this compilation, you will find our staff directory provided to offer our Country Offices, Government counterparts, partners, and UN agencies an overview of
the diverse range of services, expertise and experience offered by the Regional Centre. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional assistance
finding a person who can best serve you.

Telephone: +507 302-4500

Freddy Justiniano
Officer in Charge
UNDP Regional Centre LAC
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                    Operations and Support Unit                                                                  Knowledge Management

                    Environment and Energy Practice                                                              Capacity Development

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                    Management Support Centre                                                                    UNDP Regional Security Advice Office

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Regional Centre LAC Directory Structure
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                                                                           RSC LAC Directorate

                 Freddy Justiniano
                 UNDP RSC LAC Officer in Charge
                 Coordinator of Operations and Project Implementation
                 Telephone: +507 302-4500
                 Mail to:
Freddy is an Economist, Coordinator of Operations and Project Implementation. He has been at UNDP since 1987. From this time until June 2008, he has served in UNDP as
Head of the SURF, Coordinator for the Regional Programme in NY, and Coordinator for the Support and Oversight Office in NY. He also served as Senior Deputy
Representative in Colombia, and General Advisor in El Salvador during the implementation of Peace Agreements and the establishment of MINUGUA, ONUVEN and
ONUSAL. In addition, he has acted as Officer for the Central America Area and ATP for the Regional Project for Overcoming Poverty. Furthermore Freddy has also worked at
ECLAC. In Bolivia, he served as Minister of Planning and Coordination, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Economic Adviser to the President, and Executive Director of
the National Institute of Statistics and Census. Was involved in, led and participated in several studies and publications. Some of his recent collaborations are: The Democracy
in Latin America Report, and the compilations and regional analysis on the Millennium Development Goals. Freddy has also worked as a teacher at the Institutes of Public
Administration (Bolivia and Colombia), Universidad del País Vasco, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and, UCA in El Salvador.

                 Bethzifanny Carrera
                 Executive Associate to the RSC Director
                 Telephone: +507 302-4500
                 Mail to:
                    Fanny provides extensive support to the Deputy Regional Director’s Office, and works in close collaboration with the RSC-LAC and UNDP staff, UN Agencies
and national authorities, thus ensuring the effective and efficient functioning of the office. Fanny is also responsible for ensuring effective communication through the
facilitation of information sharing, knowledge building and management among UN Coordination Units, RC Thematic Clusters, Regional Projects, Donors and RSC staff. Prior
to joining the Regional Centre, Fanny worked for the UNDP Panama country office, in the Poverty cluster, as well as in the Resident Coordinator’s Office. Fanny also brings
professional experience from the private sector, in the areas of Finance, Business and Administration, at the national and international level. She is a United World College of
South East Asia Graduate (2001), holds a BA in International Studies and a BA International Business from Lindenwood University in Missouri, and an MBA with emphasis in
Hospitality Finance from Les Roches School in Switzerland.
               Maribel Landau
               Regional Programme Officer
               Telephone: +507 302-4853
               Mail to:
                Maribel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Studies and a Masters degree in Economics and Social Policy. She has 10 years of experience
in development work and project management in social areas, first in UNDP Panama and now in the UNDP RSC-LAC. Before joining UNDP, she was Deputy Director and
Director of Public Investment in the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Panama.

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              Inka Matilla
              Evaluation Analyst
              Telephone: +507 302-4708
              Mail to:
               Inka is the Evaluation Specialist in the RSC-LAC. Her main responsibility is that of monitoring and evaluation, and of performing an advisory role related to
decentralized evaluations managed by the COs and the RBLAC. She provides her technical evaluation expertise to support in planning, implementing and reporting
evaluations, conductive to strengthening more result oriented programming and organisational learning. She has over ten years of professional experience on economics, and
development policy and cooperation issues. She has worked several years with multilateral and bilateral development organisations in the region, including UNDP Country
Office. Her evaluation track record includes outcome level, joint-fund and programme evaluations, among others. She is well familiar with the new development cooperation
instruments such as Budget Support and Sector Wide Approaches, and has worked for establishment of monitoring and evaluation systems and guidelines at organizational
and governmental levels.
*** Scholars and Interns
              Carla Lecaros                                                           Maaret Cañedo
              Visiting Expert                                                         Intern
              Telephone: +507 302- 4752                                               Telephone: +507 302-4578
              Mail to:                                         Mail to:


               Pablo Basz
               Regional Communications Advisor
               Telephone: +507 302-4864
               Mail to:
                 Pablo is the Regional Communications Advisor for UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean. From this position and in close coordination with the Office of
Communications in HQ, Pablo develops and helps to develop different regional and national communication tools, both external and internal, in order to help UNDP to get
more visibility and efficiency in its relation with partners and among colleagues. He supports the formulation of communications strategies for Country Offices, and advises on
launches of major global, regional and national initiatives, events and programmes. He also provides support for communications planning to the clusters and the Regional
Pablo brings more than fifteen years of experience, working both in journalism and institutional communication. He was journalist and editor in newspapers in Argentina, he
wrote articles for specialized publications and worked as radio and TV columnist and host. He joined UNDP Argentina in 2001, where opened the first Communication Unit. He
started his international career in 2006 as Communication Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean at UNDP Office of Communications in New York, and moved to RBLAC
in 2008 as Institutional Network Coordinator of the Spain UNDP Fund. Pablo has a degree in International Law at the University of Buenos Aires, a Master in International
Relations at FLACSO and a Master in International Politics at the London School of Economics. He also completed the UNDP VDA.
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               Karla Jiménez
               Communications Assistant & Workspace
               Telephone: +507 302-4560
               Mail to:
                Karla provides extensive support to the Regional Centre’s formulation and implementation of communications and advocacy strategies, regional publications,
and online tools. She is responsible for ensuring effective communication within RSC LAC staff and its partners at regional level, working closely with thematic areas to support
the creation of good practices, and the facilitation of knowledge exchange. Karla has a degree in Mass Communications, and a Master’s Degree in Communication and
Education. Before joining The Regional Centre, she served as Communications Assistant for the Latin America and Caribbean Sub-Regional Resource Facility (UNDP LAC
SURF). Prior to her work in UN, Karla worked as a sub-editor and journalist for La Prensa Newspaper, and as a feature writer for several magazines in Panama City.

                                                                       Regional Coordination Team

                Louise Agersnap
                UNDG LAC Coordination Specialist
                Telephone: +507 302-4768
                Mail to:
               Louise was born in Hoeng, Denmark and is fluent in several languages such as Danish, English, French, Spanish, and German. Currently, Louise is the Regional
               Coordination Specialist for UNDG LAC. Throughout her career within the United Nations Common System, Louise has worked in various positions and
agencies such as Programme Officer for the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (2007-2009), Programme Officer for UNICEF Emergency Operations Division (2006-
2007), Humanitarian Affairs Officer for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (2004-2006), and as a Consultant for the United Nations Monitoring Group on
Sanctions against Al-Qaida and the Taliban (2003-2004).Louise Agersnap holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Humanities and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University
of Copenhagen in Denmark.
              Belita Ileana Siu
              Administrative Assistant
              Telephone: +507 302-4758
              Mail to:
             Belita joined the UNDP Team on June 15th, 2010 as Administrative Assistant for the Regional Coordination Specialist, Poverty Reduction and MDG´s, and
             Regional Communication Advisor. Previously, she worked the past 10 years with The Shell Company (W.I) Limited as Senior Sales Support in the Maritime Area
(2000-2010). Belita Ileana Siu has a Bachelor in Science in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and a MBA from University of Louisville.

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                                                                       Operations and Support Unit

               Querube Mora
               Administrative/Finance Associate
               Telephone: +507 302-4570
               Mail to:
             Querube joined the Regional Centre in 2010 to provide extensive support to the Regional Centre’s management and Operations Unit in the Finance and
             Administration area. Querube holds a degree in Business Administration (major in Finance) and studies in International Affairs/Economics. Before joining the
             Regional Centre, she served as Administrative/Finance Associate in UNDP/GEF and as Programme Assistant in UNICEF TACRO. Prior to her work in UN,
Querube worked and developed her administrative and financial experience in the private sector as Sub-General Manager for a company in the agricultural industry in Panama.

                Zorina Ortega
                Administrative Assistant
                Telephone: +507 302-4564
                Mail to:
                Zorina provides administrative and financial services to the Regional Centre. She also supports other administrative and financial responsibilities like project
                monitoring, expenditures and funds availability, and other specialized tasks requiring analysis, application, and interpretation of a variety of UNDP Staff Rules
and Regulations and policies and procedures. She brings extensive experience in administrative tasks and provides support to office operations performing a variety of
standard administrative processes, always ensuring a high quality and accurate work.
Prior to her work in the Regional Centre Zorina served as Administrative Assistant & Receptionist for the Latin America and Caribbean Sub-Regional Resource Facility (LAC
SURF) since March, 2003. Before joining the UN, she was Customer Service and Receptionist for the Car and Health Claims Department within Aseguradora Mundial Insurance
               Patricia Bustamante
               Programme/Finance Associate
               Telephone: +507 302-4741
               Mail to:
               Born in Managua, Nicaragua. Studied Social Work at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) and Sociology at Universidad Centroamericana
(UCA). Pursued a Master’s Degree in Sociology at Ohio University and a Post-Graduate in Management at Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP). Fluent in Spanish,
English and French. Have worked in some private universities, UN agencies and international organizations in the fields of programme, project management and human
resources. Currently works for the Operations and Project Implementation Unit of UNDP Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Service Centre.

               Donerys Ramos
               Regional Finance Officer
               Telephone: +507 302-4734
               Mail to:
               Donerys joined the RSC LAC in September 2010. She has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. Donerys has over ten years experience in
               Finance related areas in different companies from the private sector. Prior to joining UNDP, Donerys worked as Internal Control Coordinator for the Swiss
multinational company Syngenta.
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               Noemí Lagrtotta
               Administrative Assistant
               Telephone: +507 302-4728
               Mail to:
               Collaborates with Operations, Programme and Project´s staff in RSC and other UN agencies staff to exchange information, ensure consistent service delivery,
               implementation of operational strategies ensuring effective and efficient functioning of the unit, focusing on quality results achievement.

               María Valeria Cabrera
               Programme/Finance Asociate
               Telephone: +507 302-4522
               Mail to:
               BA in Business Administration – Universidad Católica Boliviana. Initially, she worked for the Government in Bolivia, and then as an administrator in a company
               within the private sector. Her first job at UNDP began in 2010 as a consultant for the Afrodescendant Population in Latin America Regional Project.

               Liliane Araúz
               Administrative Assistant
               Telephone: +507 302-4656
               Mail to:
                 Liliane holds a Master’s Diploma in Business Administration with emphasis in International Commerce from the Universidad de Panamá, also a Degree in
Administration with emphasis in Marketing from the Universidad Latina. Liliane has a experience in different areas within the private sector, as she previously worked for
various hotels in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), as a marketing assistant for the Embassy of India in Panama, and as a sales and marketing officer for the sugar and banana industry.
Prior to her job at UNDP, she worked as a business professor at the Universidad Latina.
               Rosabel Henríquez
               ICT Associate
               Telephone: +507 302-4729
               Mail to:
               Rosabel leads the Information, Communications and Technology services. She promotes a client-oriented approach to ICT Management systems and strategies
               implementation. Prior to joining the Centre, Rosabel served as ICT Associate at UNDP Panama Country Office. Before joining the UN, Rosabel worked as ICT
Security and Assurance Manager for Private Panamanian Banks, ICT Security Consultant for Local Panamanian Government and as IT Support Specialist at GBM Panama.
Rosabel holds a Master Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua (USMA) 1997, a Postgraduate Degree in Systems Audit UTP 1997 and a
Bachelor Degree in Systems Engineer from Universidad Tecnológica de Panama (UTP) 1993.
                José Daniel Cornejo
                ICT Assistant
                Telephone: +507 302-4751
                Mail to:
                 José Daniel began working on computer repairs in 1995. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2000, and has taken several courses on Microsoft
products and networking. Prior to joining UNDP, he worked on IT Companies, and banks as an IT Officer. Currently, Jose Daniel is studying a Master’s Degree in networks and
Security at the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá.
             Raj Ramnath
             Programme/Administrative Assistant with duty station in Port of Spain
             Telephone: ++1 868 623-7056
             Mail to:
             BA in Business Administration with a minor in Organisational Psychology. Raj joined UNDP in 2006, working initially with the Caribbean Sub Regional Resource
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Facility and has maintained her role as programme/admin assistant with the RSC-POS office. Previously worked as a Finance/Admin Officer for a Regional HIV Non Profit
              Edgar Navas
            Edgar provides driving services to senior management and guests as assigned. He also assists with the messaging and official procedures for the Regional Centre.
            Prior to joining UNDP. Edgar worked in as a supervisor for “Networking Opportunities Programme” at the Ministry of Social Development. He also brings
            experience from the private in different areas such as storekeeping and auto mechanical managing.
            Juana Varela                                                                                Joel Moron
            Human Resource Assistant                                                                    ICT Consultant
            Telephone: +507 302-4851                                                                    Telephone: +507 302-4500
            Mail to:                                                              Mail to:

                                                                   Environment and Energy Practice

            Christopher Briggs
            LAC Energy & Environment Practice Team Leader
            Telephone: +507 302-4767
            Mail to:
            Chris started as a marine biologist and then worked overseas with NGOs on land management and biodiversity issues before joining the British Council in 1987.
During that time, he worked overseas to prepare, fundraise for, and manage rural development, scientific and primary health projects in the former Yugoslavia, Mexico and
Tanzania until 1995. On leaving, he managed a DFID tourism and environment project in Brazil which led on to working for UNDP as GEF Regional Coordinator for Biodiversity
and International Waters for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He then left UNDP to run a global programme under UNEP-GEF to build capacity in 130+ developing countries to
work with Genetically Modified Organisms from a Geneva base. Since then, he has been Team Leader in charge of Operations in the GEF secretariat and responsible for the
project processing, policy, finance, database, Earth Fund, RBM and IT.
             Helen Coles de Negret
             Senior Technical Advisor: Biodiversity and Ecosystems and Regional Technical Advisor for the Southern Cone sub-region of LAC
             Telephone: +507 302-4508
             Mail to:
            Helen started working for UNDP in 1989 as Environmental Advisor in the Brazil Country Office; as a consultant from 1995 through 2001 and since then as part the
LAC UNDP-GEF Regional Coordination Unit first in Mexico, and then in the E&E Cluster in the Panama RSC. Prior to working with UNDP she lectured on Ecology,
Environmental Management and Environmental Impact Assessment of Development projects at the Universities of Brasilia (Brazil) and Jorge Tadeo Lozano (Colombia) and led
an environmental consultancy group. Helen holds a PhD in Ecology from the University of Southampton, UK and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Biology from the same
             Lyes Ferroukhi
             Regional Technical Advisor-ENRM
             Telephone: +507 302-4576
             Mail to:
             Lyes joined the Team in October 2006. He provides support to COs in Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela and Jamaica, in the development of new programmes
                                                                                                                                                                 P a g e | 10

and policies as well as in the supervision of projects in the fields of marine and terrestrial protected areas, sustainable forest management, BD conservation, land degradation,
REDD and adaptation to climate change. He is bringing extensive experience from the field. Before joining the Regional Centre, he worked as Chief Technical Advisor for UNDP
in Haiti. Before that, he was based for several years in Costa Rica where he worked as an international consultant. A field where he has been particularly active is in municipal
management of forest resources. He has coordinated various programs in LAC and written books related to this topic for CIFOR, IaDB and FAO. His experience with the UN
system started at FAO headquarters in Rome where he worked as a program officer for a community forestry programme in Africa. Lyès has a background in water
management and soil sciences.
             Santiago Carrizosa
             Regional Technical Advisor- ENRM
             Telephone: +507 302-4510
             Mail to:
              Santiago joined UNDP/GEF in January 2007 as Regional Technical Advisor for Biodiversity. Prior to joining the UNDP-GEF team, Santiago worked with the Inter-
American Development Bank developing their biodiversity strategy, mainstreaming biodiversity issues into infrastructure project development, and designing GEF BD projects
in the Central American and Caribbean region. Santiago has also worked with the National Department of Planning of Colombia, Conservation International, and the University
of California at Davis where he lectured on biodiversity conservation and access and benefit-sharing policy development. Santiago has over 15 years of experience in project
management, environmental policy, and economics. He holds a Ph.D. and a Masters in Natural Resources Management, with emphasis on Environmental Policy and
Economics from the University of Arizona (USA) and a Bachelor Degree in Biology from the Andes University in Colombia.
            Andrew Bovarnick
            Lead Resource Economist/ Director Green Commodities
            Telephone: +507 302-4589
            Mail to:
             Andrew has fifteen years experience as an environmental economist working internationally on environment and development issues, for both the public and
private sector. Andrew is UNDP’s Lead Natural Resource Economist, leading UNDP at a central and regional level to introduce and apply economic approaches to global
environmental problems and provide the foundations for UNDP’s work on ecosystems services, environmental mainstreaming and environmental finance. This includes
developing and guiding initiatives promoting market based approaches and private sector engagement, certification, small business development, sectoral reform, supply
chain management, economic valuation, payments for environmental services and sustainable financing. His area of specialization is integrating environmental and social
issues into natural resource based economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry and tourism through investment, corporate engagement, capacity building, supply chain
management, microfinance and SME financing, certification systems, payments for environmental services, local community development, sustainable livelihoods,
environmental and social impact assessment, partnership development and policy reform. Prior to joining UNDP Andrew was a Senior Economic Consultant in the
Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development team of Environmental Management Resources (ERM), a global environmental consultancy working on a broad range of
natural resource management projects funded by international donor agencies (IFC, World Bank, European Commission, EBRD, DFID, FINIDA) and national governments.
             Oliver Page
             Regional Technical Advisor CC Mitigation
             Telephone: +507 306-4548
             Mail to:
              Oliver joined UNDP in the Mexico City Energy and Environment Regional Coordination Unit in June 2002. He is a Regional Technical Advisor for Climate Change in
Latin America and the Caribbean based in Panama since June 2005. Oliver brings extensive knowledge and project development and implementation experience to the Energy
and Environment Practice in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable transport. Prior to joining UNDP, Oliver worked in an environmental
engineering consulting firm, designing and managing several projects focused on environmental impact mitigation in the mining industry. Oliver obtained a BS in
Environmental Engineering at Cornell University in 1997 and a Master Degree in International Affairs, focused on Environmental Policy, at Columbia University's School of
International and Public Affairs in 2002.
                                                                                                                                                               P a g e | 11

             Kasper Koefoed
             Regional Technical Advisor –POPs/Montreal Protocol
             Telephone: +507 302-4573
             Mail to:
             Kasper works as Portfolio Manager on Chemicals within the Montreal Protocol Unit of the Energy & Environment Practice in the LAC Regional Center. Kasper
provides guidance and support to the UNDP Country Offices and governments within the region on policy and the development of projects that deal with the phase out of
CFCs and HCFCs (Montreal Protocol) as well as projects dealing with the safe use of chemicals and the elimination of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Kasper holds a
Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Economics at the University of Copenhagen and began working within the Montreal Protocol Unit in 2005. From 2002 to 2005 Kasper
worked as a Junior Professional Officer in the UNDP Costa Rica. Before joining UNDP, Kasper worked in Corporate Finance in Telecommunication in Denmark.
              Pierre-Yves Guedez
              Regional Technical Advisor-UN REDD
              Telephone: +507 302-4594
              Mail to:
               Pierre-Yves is an agronomic engineer and has MCs in environmental sciences. He started his carrier in 1997, working for agro-chemical companies in Europe and
then for the French bilateral cooperation in Bolivia. He has been working for UNDP for the last 7 years, first in UNDP Burkina Faso as Energy and Environment Program Officer,
then as a consultant for several CO in LAC in the area of Energy and Environment, and since 2010, as a Regional Technical Advisor for UN-REDD and GEF.
              Maaike Kempkes
              Programme Officer Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Management UNDP-GEF LAC portfolio
              Telephone: +507 302-4684
              Mail to:
              Maaike joined the team in 2008. She has been working for more than 12 years with international NGOs, development organizations and the UN in Africa and
Latin America on the overlap between development and environment. Her academic background is in Tropical Forestry.
              Lorena Lee
              Finance Associate
              Telephone: +507 302-4575
              Mail to:
                Lorena joined UNDP in June 2009. She has a title in Marketing and an M.B.A. in International Commerce. Prior to joining UNDP, Lorena has over twelve years of
professional experience in banking and finance areas in the private sector.
She is fluent in Spanish and English.
              Ericka Espino
              Programme Associate
              Telephone: +507 302-4544
              Mail to:
              Ericka supports the EE portfolios in their development, implementation and monitoring of GEF funded projects within the LAC region. She provides support and
guidance to COs throughout the region on UNDP and GEF procedures; and facilitates communication between E&E HQ and the COs. Ericka has an B.A./B.S. in Marine Science
from Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida; and has a Masters Degree in Project Formulation and Evaluation, from Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua in Panama City,
Panama. Prior to joining the UNS, she worked in the Panamanian public sector, as a Project Coordinator. She joined UNDP Panama in 2005, as a Programme Associate of the
Rural Development Portfolio and was responsible for programme monitoring and financial management of this portfolio. Ever since she joined the LAC-E&E Unit, in December
2006, she has had the opportunity to work with International Waters, Land Degradation, Biodiversity and Multi-focal Area type of projects. She is fluent in both English and
                                                                                                                                                               P a g e | 12

               María Gabriela Pinto R.
               Programme Associate
               Telephone: +507 302-4744
               Mail to:
                Maria Gabriela supports the Energy and Environment Practice backing up the BD, IW, LD and Adaptation portfolios. This is Gaby’s first experience in the UNDP.
Prior to joining the Centre, she served successfully for over 11 years in a local insurance company involved directly in Marketing, Customer Services and Quality Management
Systems under the ISO Standards.
              Analisa Munich
              Programme Associate-Climate Change Mitigation
              Telephone: +507-302-4739
              Mail to:
             Analisa helps the EE Practice supporting the CC portfolios and the enabling activities. Analisa also provides communications/marketing/strategic capacity
             building support and any other special needs the Unit requires. Analisa brings extensive experience in marketing, strategic planning, business administration and
market research, within the private sector and as an entrepreneur. This is Analisa first experience in the UN, prior to joining the Centre, Analisa worked as a consultant for
several EEP projects such as the preparation of the UNDP- GEF Biodiversity PIR Report 2008. In the early years of her career, she worked for ten years as a brand and
marketing manager for important mass consumer companies such as Nabisco and Kraft.
* Project Personnel
                Katherine Dunn                                                               Rigoberto Pérez
                Carbon Finance Technical Specialist and Project Coordinator                  Project Implementation Manager
                Telephone: +507 302-4500                                                     Telephone: +507 302-4702
                Mail to:                                             Mail to:

              Fernando Pinel                                                               María del Pilar García
              Carbon Finance Programme Assistant                                           Administrative and Finance Associate
              Telephone: +507 302-4865                                                     Telephone: +507 302- 4519
              Mail to:                                             Mail to:

               Carlos Salgado                                                                Joana Troyano
               Regional Climate Investment and Finance Specialist                            Programme Assistant
               Telephone: +507 302-4523                                                      Telephone: +507 302-4753
Mail to:                                                             Mail to:

             Rafael Burgos                                                               Emmanuelle Legrand                                Xabier Lecanda
             Green Commodities Analyst                                                   IFF Project Manager                               Monitoring and KM consultant
             Telephone: +507 302-4670                                                    Telephone: +507 302-4657                          Telephone: +507 302-4574
             Mail to:                                              Mail to:                                          Mail to:
                                                                                                                                                                P a g e | 13

*** Scholars and Interns
              Hanka Habeck
              Telephone: +507 302-4500
              Mail to:

                                                                     Crisis Prevention and Recovery

              Pablo Ruiz
              CPR Practice Team Leader
              Telephone: +507 302-4566
              Mail to:
               He leads the BCPR regional team for Latin America and the Caribbean, and he is reporting jointly to the Chief of POSC and the RBLAC Deputy Regional Director
               heading the Panama RSC. Pablo brings to this role fifteen years of experience in Crisis Prevention and Recovery issues, including both conflict and natural
disasters. He has served with UNDP for more than 11 years in several countries in special development situation, such as Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Lebanon. He has also worked on
other UNDP practice areas, such as governance and coordinated a national human development report (Haiti). He has extensive experience in transitional planning, conflict
transformation, early recovery, and disaster risk reduction. Prior to this, Pablo conducted research and consultancies with Universidad Complutense and think-tanks, as well as
training on foreign trade with several Spanish Chambers of Commerce. Pablo holds two Masters degrees, one in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and the
second in European Law from the University of Rouen. He is currently a PhD candidate in International Economics and Development at the Universidad Complutense. Pablo is
of Spanish origin and speaks, in addition to his native language (Spanish), French and English fluently.
              María Jesús Izquierdo
              Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist
              Telephone: +507 302-4756
              Mail to:
               She brings 15 years of professional experience working with international organizations at both headquarters and field positions, with a balanced experience in
the areas of policy, research and program management. She started in the LAC Region working in decentralization and local development programs to strengthen the capacity
of local governments in Central America and the Caribbean. In 1998 joined NGO Ayuda en Acción where she developed a variety of positions and was responsible for the
Humanitarian Action and Disaster Risk Reduction Areas. She holds a BA in Sociology and Politic Sciences from the Complutense University in Madrid (UCM); She holds an
International Diploma for Humanitarian Assistance from the Fordham University of New York; and Master’s degrees in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action
from the Pontificia University of Comillas in Madrid; in Participatory Action Research and Local Administration from the UCM; and, in Urban Planning from the Carlos III
University in Madrid.
            Daniel Luz
            Regional Citizen Security Specialist
            Telephone: +507 302-4757
            Mail to:
            BA in Political Sciences and International Relations and Graduated in Culture of Peace by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). At this moment is
            finalizing his PhD thesis on "Peacebuilding Measures in Urban Armed Contexts”. In 1998 began to work at the UNESCO Chair on Peace and Human Rights of the
UAB on disarmament and small arms control issues. He has been adviser of the European Parliament and diverse organizations of the civil society on disarmament and violence
                                                                                                                                                                 P a g e | 14

reduction. Before to be part of UNDP, Daniel coordinated the Program of Human Security of the Brazilian NGO Viva Rio, focused on research and policy issues of the following
topics: arms control, youth participation in organized violence, security sector reform, and peacekeeping operations and drugs policy.
             Leida Mercado
             HDR Citizen Security
             Telephone: ++1 868 623-7056
             Mail to:
             Prior to this post, Leida worked as Environmental Economics Advisor for LAC with BDP. Mercado holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics and a Master’s
             Degree in Environmental Management from Cornell University. Prior to UNDP Leida worked with the Ministry of the Environment in Venezuela.

              Karla Jaén de Alcedo
              Administrative Assistant
              Telephone: +507 302-4856
              Mail to:
               Karla Jaén de Alcedo, is Panamanian and has a Bachelors of Science in Mass and Media Communications. She works as the Administrative Assistant in the
Conflict Prevention and Recovery Practice Area of the Regional Centre LAC. Her functions include providing support to the CPR Practice Area, propitiating effective and
efficient functioning of the unit in the administrative and logistical services and knowledge building. She also provides support in the office maintenance and assets
              Howie Prince
              Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist with duty station in Port of Spain
              Telephone: ++1 868 623-7056
              Mail to:
               Howie has responsibilities within the CPR thematic area, providing technical support for the COs of the Caribbean SIDS. He also manages regional projects in
support of building capacities of the COs to build resilience against disasters. Howie has over 8 years of experience in DRR. Prior to join UNDP he was the Director of St
‘Vincent’s national disaster office where he served as chief liaison between DRR entities and regional agencies. He is an international trainer in many DRR topics with training
experience in the Caribbean, South East Asia, Africa and the South Pacific. Howie holds a BA in Mass Communication/Public Relations, an MSc in Tourism Management as well
as diplomas in Human Resource Development, DRR and Train the Trainer.

              Karold Guzmán
              Programme Finance Associate
              Telephone: +507 302-4555
              Mail to:
                Karold’s functions include Administration and implementation of programme budgets and financial management of the CPR Cluster, support the administrative
management of the projects, coordination of proper supply and assets management, facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing, coaching and oversight of
administrative personnel of the CPR Cluster and CPR-managed Regional Projects. Karold has previously worked as a consultant in a DIPECHO regional project with issues
related to crisis prevention, lessons earned and best practices, and local risk reduction. She has a Degree in International Business and also has a Master in International
Cooperation and Development.
Gastón Ain                                       Gloria Manzotti         Celia López                         Iñaki de Francisco                            Natasha Leite
         Democratic Dialogue                     Citizen Security        Programme Analyst                   Conflict Prevention Consultant                Citizen Security
         Regional Expert in                      Consultant              Telephone: +507 302-4563            Telephone: +507 302-4568                      Consultant
         Conflict Prevention                     Telephone: +507                                                                                           Telephone: +507 302-
                                                                                                                                                                  P a g e | 15

             Advisor                  302-4562                                      Mail to:                             Mail to:               4500
             Telephone: +507 302- Mail to:                                                 inaki.defrancisco@u    Mail to:
             Mail               to:
*** Interns
            Christian Grace Kisame
            Visiting Expert
            Telephone: +507 302-4500
            Mail to:

                                                                          Democratic Governance

               Gerardo Berthin
               Governance and Decentralization Policy Advisor/Democratic Governance Practice Area
               Telephone: +507 302-4858
               Mail to:
                 Before joining the Centre, he worked for Casals & Associates, Inc, a U.S. consulting firm specializing in governance topics, where he designed, implemented and
evaluated various governance and transparency funded by USAID. He was the Director of the Transparency Program in Nicaragua funded by USAID and Senior Technical
Advisor for the Governance and Transparency Program in El Salvador funded by USAID. Between 2002-2005, he was the Deputy Director for the America´s Anticorruption
and Accountability (AAA) Regional Project also funded by USAID. Since 1992, he has been a program manager and/or technical adviser for various large and complex policy
reform programs funded by USAID and UNDP. He has had assignments in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. He was Special Advisor to the UNDP Resident
Representative in Sofia-Bulgaria. He was the Director of the Masters Program in Public Policy at the Bolivian Catholic University, and has thought courses in various
universities and learning centers throughout the hemisphere. His is the author of two books on political development and democracy, co-author of three books about
governance, political parties and institutional development respectively and is the author of more than 25 articles in specialized social science journals. He is also author and
co-author of 10 UNDP National Human Development Reports on governance issues in a number of countries around the world. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from
Madison University, USA; a Certificate in Leaders in Development: Managing Political and Economic Reform from Harvard University/J.F.K. School of Government; a Masters
in Political Science from the University of Chicago; a Masters in Latin America Studies with a concentration in Economic Development from Georgetown University; and a
Bachelors in International Politics from the George Washington University.
             Pablo Gago
             Democratic Governance Policy Specialist with duty station in Port of Spain
             Telephone: ++1 868 623-7056
             Mail to:
             Pablo has worked in Ecuador (UN-Habitat project manager) and in El Salvador (UNDP programme officer), supporting governments and country offices on issues
             related to governance, urban poverty and sustainable local development. He has also worked at the regional and global levels in RBLAC and BDP at the MDGs,
Poverty and Human Development Cluster, and at the Democratic Governance Group, respectively. He holds a bachelor's degree on Political Science and Public Administration;
a Master’s Degree on International Cooperation and a Postgraduate’s Degree on Urban Management and Planning.
                                                                                                                                                          P a g e | 16

           María Angélica Vásquez                                      Dayana Guillén                                             Yael Bolaña
           Consultant on Local Governance and                          Consultant on Project Management for                       Local Governance and Decentralization
           Decentralization                                            Local Governance and Decentralization                      Consultant
           Telephone: +507 302-4577                                    Projects                                                   Telephone: +507 302-4500
           Mail to:                             Telephone: +507 302-4861                                   Mail to:
                                                          Mail to:

*Project Personnel
          Silvia García Savino                           Veronica Filippeschi                     Gemma Xarles                              Miguel Cereceda
           Afrodescedant Population of Latin             Afrodescedant Population                 UNDP virtual School                       SIGOB - Technical Advisor
           America Project Coordinator                   of Latin America                         Coordinator                               Telephone:
           Telephone: +507 4743                          Administrative Assistant                 Telephone: +57-1 488-9000                 Mail to:
 Mail to:                 Telephone: +507 302-4857                 Mail to:                        
                                               Mail to:                      
***Intern and Scholars
             Amagoia Salazar
             UNDP Virtual School Intern
             Telephone: +507 302-4781
             Mail to:

                                                                     Poverty Reduction and MDGs

               Stefano Pettinato
               MDG Regional Policy Advisor in the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC)
               of UNDP at the Regional Service Center in Panama
               Telephone: +507-302-4738
               Mail to:
Previous to his current post, Stefano was a program officer at the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC) in UNDP HQ. He was a Policy Advisor in the
Human Development Report Office of UNDP, and co-authored the 2003 and 2004 editions of the Human Development Report. In the past he worked at the Inter-American
Development Bank, the World Bank, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace. While working in development projects he has been a consultant for a number of governments and think-tanks in places as diverse as Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and
Barbados. Mr. Pettinato is co-author of Happiness and Hardship: Opportunity and Insecurity in New Market Economies with Carol Graham (Brookings 2002). He has also
published several articles and book chapters on poverty, inequality, subjective wellbeing and social security reform. He has graduated and completed graduate studies in
Development and Public Economics from the University of Florence and obtained a Master`s Degree from Johns Hopkins University with thematic concentration in
International Economics and regional concentration in Latin American Studies.
                                            P a g e | 17

           Tammy Singer
           MDG Associate
           Telephone: +507 302-4754
           Mail to:

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                                                                                                                                                               P a g e | 18


               Carmen de la Cruz
               Gender Practice Leader
               Mail to:
                She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and History, and a post-graduate degree on Advanced Social Anthropology from Universidad Autónoma de
Madrid. She is a Gender and Development Specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian affairs in areas of conflict and
post-conflict, within Africa, the Middle East and Latin America and the Caribbean. She has worked as a Regional Advisor, as well as a Consultant for many international
organizations, particularly, UNIFEM, UNDP and the European Commission.
               Neus Bernabeu
               Gender Specialist
               Telephone: +507 302-4553
               Mail to:
               She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences (International Relationships) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communicational Sciences (Journalism), a Master
               degree in Gender and Development and a post-graduate degree on Gender and Public Policies. After several years working as journalist and editor, she has
been working for 13 years in the field of development cooperation in Africa and Latin America, last 8 years specifically on gender equality and women’s empowerment issues.
              Marlouis Alvarado
              Program & Finance Associate
              Telephone: +507 302-4862
              Mail to:
              She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Finances emphasis, a Postgraduate’s Degree in Management and a Master Degree in Business
              Management from the Universidad Latina de Panama. She has over 7 years of experience in administration and operations in the banking and NGO’s sectors,
working in the implementation of environmental conservation projects including debt for nature swap’s projects. She currently works on the administration, logistic and
finance operational support to the Gender Practice Area and its regional projects.
*Project Personnel                                                                      **Consultant

           Ivonne Urriola Pérez                                                                    Ane Extebarría
           Gender Advisor                                                                          Conocimiento Pro Igualdad Project Consultant
           Telephone: +507 302-4725                                                                Telehone: +507 302-4725
           Mail to:                                                        Mail to:
***Intern and Scholars
             Barbara Auricchio
             Visitng Expert
             Telephone: +507 302-4733
             Mail to:

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                                                                                                                                                              P a g e | 19


               María Tallarico
               Practice Team Leader
               Telephone: +507 302-4717
               Mail to:
               Maria Tallarico is the team leader of the HIV/AIDS Practice area for LAC. She is in charge of ensuring the quality and relevance of the current HIV/AIDS
programmes and project services in the region through the integration of HIV policies into national development plans, the reinforcement of national capacities for inclusive
governance and the support to the implementation of policies and programmes to protect the HHRR of people affected by AIDS. Maria Tallarico is a Pediatrician, with a
Master’s Degree in Tropical Diseases.
              David Ruiz Villafranca
              HIV/AIDS Policy Specialist
              Telephone: +507 302-4639
              Mail to:
           David Ruiz recently joined to the team as policy adviser of the HIV/AIDS Practice Area for LAC. He is in charge of the provision of quality advisory services and
           technical support to address human rights, gender and sexual diversity issues at the Regional and Country level in LAC. He also assists the Practice Leader in the
management of the Regional Programme. David Ruiz is Pharmacist, PhD in Pharmacology, with a Master’s Degree in international Humanitarian Action.
                Adela Hive
                Administrative and Research Assistant
                Telephone: +507 302-4707
                Mail to:
Adela Hive has an MBA emphasized in Organization Development, a Postgraduate Degree in Strategic Administration and a Bachelor in Global Business. She joined UNDP in
2010 and has supported UN Programme teams related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV by undertaking logistical, administrative and financial tasks, as well as the
organization, implementation and monitoring of IPs and COs in the region-wide scale.
           Ernesto Kraus
           HIV/AIDS and Knowledge Management Consultant
           Telephone: +507 302-4716
           Mail to:

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                                                                                                                                                                P a g e | 20

                                                                        Knowledge Management

                Lina Salazar
                Knowledge Management Unit Coordinator
                Telephone: +507 302-4726
                Mail to:
                 Lina Salazar started as KM Team Leader for LAC in December 2010. She has over ten years of experience in knowledge management, communications,
qualitative research and evaluation. Lina received her doctorate in Management from Oxford University’s Said Business School, and a Masters in Management of Information
Systems from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In her new role she provides advice and support in the design and delivery of knowledge management products and services
in the RSC and country offices in the region. Before joining UNDP she worked as a Learning and Knowledge Management Specialist at the Knowledge Management Division,
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington, DC, where leading initiatives in the areas of good practices and lessons learned, knowledge portals, knowledge
management strategies, reflection methodologies, knowledge sharing events and monitoring and evaluation of knowledge products and services. Before joining the IDB, she
worked at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), the European Commission’s DG Development in Brussels, and at Fundación Social in Medellin, Colombia.

          Guillermina Martin                            Octavio Aguirre                                             Alana Aguia
           Knowledge Management                         Knowledge Management Consultant                             Knowledge Management Consultant
          Consultant                                    Telephone: (571) 488-9000                                   Telephone: (571) 488-9000
          Telephone: +507 302-4565                      Mail to:                           Mail to:
Mail to:

                                                                         Capacity Development

            Ines Brill
            Capacity Development Practice Leader
            Telephone: +507 302-4587
            Mail to:
            Has acted as civil servant in a national planning agency, as advisor to the General Manager of a national financial institution, as an NGO Executive Director in an
            umbrella organization. Co-founder of several NGOs (Sinergia in Venezuela, New Synergies in Development in Geneva, Fundación Hábitat Colombia, Participación
Ciudadana in Colombia). International consultant to the Inter American Development Bank, SUM Consult, UNDP, UNESCO. Prior to this appointment in Panama, was part of
the CADRI Secretariat (Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative) for UNOCHA Geneva, Head of Office of UNOCHA in Chad and Programme Coordinator for the United
Nations Office for the Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq. Started functions in Panamá in December 2008.
                                                                                                                                                               P a g e | 21

             Ian Carlo Sandoval
             Programme/ Finance Associate
             Telephone: +507 302-4590
             Mail to:
             Ian Carlo has a Masters degree in Engineering Management from the University of Louisville and a B.A. in Industrial Engineering from the Technological University
             of Panama. His professional experience covers various areas, including 3 years as a Programme Assistant in the UNDP Panama Country Office, acquiring valuable
experience in Project Management and Procurement processes.
              Ana Rebeca Díaz
              Capacity Development Advisor
              Telephone: +507 302-4500
              Mail to:
***Intern and Scholars

                Christina Brady
                Visiting Expert
                Telephone: +507 302-4500
                Mail to:

                                                                          Regional Legal Advisory

             Aldo Garcia
             Regional Legal Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean
             Telephone: +507 302-4852
             Mail to:
             Lawyer and Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD) from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Thesis: “Administrative Law from international finance
             institutions. Loans contracts from The World Bank (WB) and Inter American Development Bank (IADB)”. Postgraduate studies in Capital Markets from Macro
Economic Studies, Argentina (CEMA). Previously he worked as Executive Vice President of the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI); Representative of Argentina at
the SGT 10 of MERCOSUR; Advisor to the Senate; Consultant of the Federal Council of Investments (CFI) and member of the Center for Research and Improvement of the
Public Administration (CIPEAP) of the Catholic University of Córdoba. Mr. García was a consultant and coordinator of projects from WB, IADB , Financial Fund for the Plata
Caucus (FONPLATA), ILO and UNDP. He is a visiting lecturer from Argentinians and foreign Universities . Former Director of Postgraduate studies on Procuredment from San
Martin National Universtiy, Argentina. Aldo has published several law books: “Legal Framework for UNDP projects” (Ed. RAP, 2003); co writer of "Reforms of the Government
Financial Administrative System” (Consejo Federal de Inversiones; Buenos Aires, 1993) as well as different articles in “Revista Argentina del Régimen de la Administración
Pública, RAP”; “Actualidad en el Derecho Público”; “La Ley”; “Derecho Constitucional y Administrativo” and others.
            Pauni Obregón Ortega
            Associate Legal Specialist (JPO)
            Telephone: +507 302-4850
            Mail to:
                                                                                                                                                                P a g e | 22

LLM in International Legal Studies, Georgetown University Law Center (2004). Licenciado en Derecho, Universidad Centroamericana (1999). Prior to RSC LAC Pauni worked at
The World Bank, Country Office in Nicaragua, JPA (2007-2009), Embassy of Nicaragua, as a Legal Analyst (2005), and at Universidad Centroamericana (2005-2009) as a

                                                                         Global Information Unit

             Jarle Herikstad
             Global Information Specialist
             Telephone: +507 302-4540
             Mail to:
               “As of May 2010, Jarle in his capacity as Global ICT Specialist is part of the Global Information Advisory (GIA) Unit, the revised global BOM/OIST structure for
               Country Office (CO) ICT support located in Copenhagen, but he is performing his functions under a telecomuniting agreement in agreement with BOM/OIST and
LAC RSC. Jarle is currently in the process of moving all transactional functions for the BOM/OIST/GIA Unit top Panama, which is expected to grow to a $10 million operation by
2012. Jarle is a Norwegian national and first joined UNDP as a JPO for the UNDP Bolivia CO, where he acquired substantive knowledge of UNDP's work and the development
issues facing Bolivia as well as the LAC region. Following an ARR assignment in UNDP Ethiopia, he moved over to IT related functions within UNDP, where he subsequently
assumed responsibilities for roll out of UNDP's corporate VSAT network and later on managed the ERP Connectivity Assurance Project. He furthermore led a strategic initiative
to off-shore functions and activities related to CO connectivity from New York, which culminated with the establishment of the Connectivity Support Unit (CSU) in
Copenhagen. As of March 2008, ICT Advisor for UNDP Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region based in Panama RSC, providing strategic advisory and management
support services the COs in the LAC region and acting as a channel to align UNDP management procedures and policies with the actual challenges in the field. Formulated the
regional ICT strategy and telecom roadmap and provide guidance and support to CO and regional programmes on ICT management principles and practices for management
and development dimensions.”

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                                                                                                                                                                   P a g e | 23

                                                             Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement

             Rodolfo Sanjurjo
             Regional Chief Procurement Officer
             Telephone: +507 302-4517
             Mail to:
             Rodolfo, as Regional Chief Procurement Officer, Chairs the RBLAC-Regional ACP Committee, which reviews procurement, contract and assets disposal cases
             submitted by the CO and UNDP Regional Business Units. In his role of RCPO, Rodolfo advices and advocates CO on procurement related issues, training
procurement and program staff as well as CAP members on its functioning and regulations. During 2007 and 2008, out of the 24 RBLAC CO, 18 CO were visited and has
organized 3 week-long Procurement Seminars for Procurement practitioners, CAP Chairs and RACP members. Prior to his position as RCPO, Rodolfo was Head of the UNDP
Procurement Units in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and Brasilia (Brazil). Before joining UNDP he served as Chief Technical Advisor of the Lima (Peru) UNOPS office and prior to
working for the UN system, he served as World Bank consultants to Africa and Latin America. Rodolfo holds an Architect degree.
             Carmen Mantovani de Canales
             Associate to the RACP
             Telephone: +507 302-4518
             Mail to:
              Carmen, as Associate to the RACP, reviews all the RACP submissions, accepting them for the review of the RACP, organizes the weekly meetings, and prepares
              the minutes for the members’ approval in coordination with the RACP Chair. She takes care of all secretarial aspects of the committee as well as organizes all files
and records, keeping track of payments and secretarial transactions in Atlas. Prior to joining as Associate to the RACP, Carmen, worked as Procurement Assistant in a IADB
financed Health Project in Panama and at an local Insurance Company.

                                                                       Management Support Centre

              Ignacio Etcheverry
              Finance / Project Management Analyst
              Telephone: +507 302-4534
              Mail to:

              Rogelio Alba
              Support Analyst
              Telephone: +507 302-4539
              Mail to:
               Industrial Engineer and Master in Business Administration with Concentration in Finance. Working for UNDP since 6 and half years ago as part of the
               Management Support Center (MSC) in the role of Support Analyst (Finance, Procurement, and Project Management). One of the first staff members that was
part of the previously known as the Atlas Support Center which was founded as part of PeopleSoft Implementation in United Nations.
                                                                                  P a g e | 24

                                           UNDP Regional Security Advice Office

    César González
    Regional Security Advisor
    Telephone: +507 302-4766
    Mail to:

     Nadiuska Castillo
     Administrative Assistant
     Telephone: +507 302-4863
     Mail to:

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