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					Brand Manual
A guideline for graphic standards.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

Table of Contents

                               Why a Brand Manual


                            Elements in Use
                                Brand Guidelines in Action

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual


Welcome to Midway Independent School District‟s new visual identity system. This brand book will help
all associated with Midway to keep the consistency of color, typography, imagery and white space. While
this is, in essence, a „rule book,‟ it is specifically designed to give you lots of flexibility. Taking the core
attributes of Midway, we have tried to create a fresh and distinctive brand image.

Building a strong brand identity reinforces the presence of a business or organization in a community.
The cornerstone of any brand philosophy is consistency. A unified brand image can suggest success and
the capability of delivering high-quality service. Having a distinct brand image is not just a creative goal.
Consistency in the use of a visual identity system helps build an edge in a busy and competitive

The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:
* Delivers the message clearly
* Confirms your credibility
* Emotionally connects to your target
* Solidifies user loyalty

Use this manual to familiarize yourself with the visual elements of our brand. The guidelines here are
designed specifically to create a flexible system with unlimited application potential. An extensive
overview of examples can be found in this manual, but the evolution and implementation of our new look
will ultimately happen through consistent use of the logo.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

OUR LOGO                    Official Academic Logo

                            This is the primary logo for use within the
                            Midway Independent School District. It is the
                            logo used on all letterhead, envelopes and
                            business cards. It should also be used in all
                            consumer communications including
                            advertising, print, collateral, online, broadcast
                            and direct marketing materials.

                            The logo represented here is the two-color
                            version. The logo should always appear in one
                            of the approved color versions - or black and

Official Colors:            Historically, the Midway name has seen many
Pantone 287 Blue            variations and inconsistencies. Our new logo
Pantone 485 Red
                            should remain consistent to preserve and
                            protect the strength of our mark.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

                            Logo Versions

                            There is flexibility in the usability of the logo.
                            Each school or department within the Midway ISD
                            can have their name inserted into the red bar.
                            There are also black and white versions available.

                            Please be aware that may variations of our logo
                            currently exist in our system and in our vendors‟
                            systems. The development of our new visual
                            identity is a good opportunity to re-supply our
                            vendors with the approved digital library of logos,
                            available on the accompanying CD.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

     Do not re-typeset in any way.        Do not use unapproved colors.

     Do not use the logo as text.         Do not distort the logo.

     Do not place in a holding element.   Do not place in a high contrast background.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

                            Logo Options

                            There are times when a more casual approach is
                            desired for the Midway name. Here are samples of
                            the school name, mascot name or department name
                            being used in conjunction with the Midway M.

                            There is flexibility in having the M in one color or an
                            outlined M. When using the “cut-out” M in blue, the
                            other name used should be in red. If you use a red
                            M, the other name should be in blue.

   M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

   TYPOGRAPHY                  Use of Type
                               Typographic design is a vital element in creating clear and consistent
                               brand communications. There are two suggested fonts for use within
                               our visual identity system.

                               The primary typeface chosen for the official logo and the Midway
                               name, or the Midway M used by itself, is Weidemann Black. It is a
                               unique serif font that denotes strength and style and is easily readable.

standard                       The support typeface inside the red bar or within the „cutout‟ M is
versions                       Helvetica LT Std Bold. Helvetica is a versatile type family and can be
                               used in various sizes and weights. It would also be an excellent choice
                               when typing on Midway letterhead and envelopes or other forms of
                               communication. When used in the logo, the Helvetica font‟s horizontal
                               scale and tracking are often adjusted, depending on the length of the
                               school name in the red rectangle. For example, in the ISD logo, the
                               name in the rectangle has a horizontal scale of 132% and tracking of
                               30 thousands of an em, while in the High School logo, the name has a
                               horizontal scale of 153% and tracking of 300 thousands of an em.

special 3D
versions in

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

Color                       Use of Color - for
                            Commercial Printers

                            Color is a strong and emotional component of
                            any brand identity. The primary color palette
                            is royal blue and bright red. Both work
                            together to establish a strong association and
                            are visually impactful.

                            Our blue is Pantone 287C for coated stock
                            and 287U for uncoated, or matt finish.

                            Our red is Pantone 485C for coated stock
                            and 485U for uncoated, or matt finish.

                            In CMYK, blue should be 100% cyan, 69%
                            magenta, 0% yellow and 11% black. Red
                            should be 0% cyan, 100% magenta, 100%
                            yellow and 0% black.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

GRAPHICS                    Letterhead & Envelope

                            There is one official letterhead and envelope
                            design for all schools within Midway ISD. Each
                            school will use a template that has the name of
                            their school.

                            For identity pieces, Midway will always be in
                            blue and the bar in red.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

                            Letterhead & Envelope

                            Letterhead and envelope may also be
                            reproduced in black and white. Midway is
                            100% black; horizontal bar is 60% black
                            with reversed text.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

                            Business Cards

                            All business cards will have the same look.
                            These must be ordered from the MISD Public
                            Information Office. The design of the cards are
                            adaptable for anyone with a long name or a
                            short name.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

                             HATS & T-SHIRTS
                             Logos on hats, golf shirts, T-shirts and other souvenir
                             items have the flexibility of using any of the approved
                             logos in a variety of approved school color combinations.
                             T-shirts can use the logo at any size.

M IDW AY ISD Brand Manual

                            GOLF SHIRTS

                            When the Midway M is embroidered, it is recommended
                            to not be larger than two inches in height.