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        THE TRUTH
       SHALL MAKE                                                                                                                                                                            MEETINGS
          US FREE                                                                                                                                                                            TOMORROW

VOL. II     MO. 26                                                                                         Ity, .Now York                                                            Tueidiy, April 21. 1953

                                                                                           Jud Boa id                              Cferardffi, Remsen Installed
                                                                                           Petitions Due
                                                                                           This Thursday
                                                                                                                                      AsS.A. Co-Presidents
                                                                                                                                                                                   The new officers of the Student
                                                                                                                                                                               Council and several other Ompus
                                                                                            Pick Up Forms                          WABS Holds                                  groups were officially installed in
                                                                                                                                                                               an Installation Chapel held on
                                                                                            In Office Of                           Progrm Tryeuts                              Wednesday, April 15 at 11:00 AM
                                                                                                                                                                               in the Little Theatre, and unof-
                                                                                            Mrs. Wei man                               Tryouts for "Three Men on a             ficially honored by a turkey dinner
                                                                                                                                   Horse" will be held Tuesday and
                                                                                                    All students who wish to run for                                           held W dncsday evening at the
                                                                                                Judicial Board may pick up peti-   Thursday, April 21 and 23, from             Freeport Elks Club.
                                                                                                 tions in Mrs. Weiman's office. The4:00 to 5:30 P.M.          This will be         Barbara Taylor and Walter John-
                                                                                                dead-line is Thursday, April 23.   the major production of the year            son, retiring Co-Presidents of the
                                                                                                 at 4:00 P.M. Before setting the   f o r W . A . B . S. and everyone inter-    Student Association, administered
                                                                                                si matures required, the applicant ested is urged to tryout. The script        the oaths of office to all the new
                                                                                                                                   a comedy, is adapted from the              officers.
                                                                                                must have Dean Moore's signature
                                                                                                stating thai he is academically    Broadway play of the same name                  The new officers installed were:
                                                                                                eligible.    Academic eligibility  and \vill offer valuable experience        Betty Gerardin and Wally Remsen,
   UQBERT DELSON, INDUSTRIAL ARTIST, speaks on 'Art and consists of a 1 . 0 quality point                                          to those interested in all phases           co-Presidents of S. A; Marvin
                                                                                                                                   of radio production.                        BloomandJoyce Green, co-Chair-
   Industry* at ffc» Art Forum sponsored by the Fine Arts Club average. The petition must con-                                         W.A.B.S. broadcasts classical           men of Judicial Board: Charlotte
                                                                                                tain 50 signatures from die mem-
   last Saturday* Topic of the forum was 'Credits or Creation?'                                 bers of tiie applicant's class. Twomusic every Tuesday through                 Mann an.l Fran McCall, co-Vice-
   Also on the platform are Robert Cronbacht instructor in sculpture men and two women from the                                    Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30 P.M.            presidents of S. A; Jean Pope and
                                                                                                                                   a complete opera is broadcasts.             Fred Mmett as co-Treasurers of
   and cerom/cs, and Aiss Elizabeth McCous/oW, art historian classes of 1954, 1 955,. and 1 95C                                        In keeping with the variety of          S . A ; Norma Cacioppo as R-cord-
                                                                                                will be chosen. The applicants
   and critic, who spoke on 'Art Appreciation'*                                                 will be interviewed by Dean Moore  programs on the station, "The               ing Secretary and Dorothy Dia-
                                                                                                                                   Morning Watch" is presented every           mond as Corresponding Secretary.
                                                                                                and Dean Harley and by the Co-
                                                                                                                                   morning from H:00 to 9:00 A.M.                 Class officers installed were:
  Fine Arts Club Holds                                                                          Chairmen of the Board. Joyce
                                                                                                Green and Marvin^ Bloom. The       By handing in your record requests         Tass Pauli and Adrienne Carbone,
     Forum On 'Credits or Creation'                                                             fi.:al choice will be made by the
                                                                                                student council.
                                                                                                                                   to the radio studio, you will be
                                                                                                                                   a Me to hear your favorite"pop"
                                                                                                                                                                               co-Presidents of '54; Sally Ann
                                                                                                                                                                               Cohen and Lee Kopmann, co-
    The Hue A r t s Cln1'1 of Adelphi               on A r t education ant! Miss                                          on this program.                     Presidents of '55; Monica Press
College-.\MS the sponsor of a forum                    MeCnusland who spoke                                                                                                   -and Bert Odicamio, co-Presidents
on Art Ulucation entitled "Credits on An Appreciation.                                                                                                                         of '56; Joan Ryder and Bob Miller,
or Creation" held on Saturday,             Ti:e pane! discussions were on                                            KEEP OFF THE GRASS!                                       co-Representatives of '54; Fran
April 18, l:)Vt.                        these'c four topics a IK! their                                                                                                  Sparacio and Herb Anderson, '55;
    The forum consisted of a ge-.erai   chairmen wi.-rc lid                  Goniillion,                                                                                       and Judy Kalish and Burt Bittner,
assembly in the Little Theatre at Dorothy Yunker, Cl.ire l?osc nntl                                                                                                              56.
10:00 P. M. . a Box Lunch at 12:0" Ju<Jv l.ippiiMn. Three films were                                                                                                               Others officers installed were
in the Art BuiUJing Area, Panel presented during the last session                                                                                                              Joanne Faranda, new President of
Discussions in the Art Building at of the forum. They were "Three                                                                                                              Pan-Mel, and George H. Downs,
1:"JU P. M,, anc! a smnmarv of what American Ballads" by Alfred                                                                                                                 Editor-in-Chief of the DELPHIAN.
occurrc'l during, tlte dav m the Little Kouxel of the An Department of                                                                                                             Dr. Eddy, as well as the in- at •<?::>''• P. M                •Ulelphi, "The Loon's NckKice",                                                                                                        coming and outgoing co-Presidents,
   The f oruii: was opened by Dor- am! "Toulouse I.nutrcc".                                                                                                                    addressed the audience and the
othea Ja .lerhin, President of tin-                                                                                                                                            outg'iingStudent Council presented
Hue A r t s Cl'j'>. IV ward Goniillion                                                                                                                                         Walt and Bobby gifts in recogni-
was r'ic prounm Chairman antl             MEN'S A.A. ELECTIONS                                                                                                                 tion of their year's service.
the      loruir. ." :ock-r.;tor was Mr.    The MeiT-i Alhletic Associatio..                                                                                                        Jean MacLeer, outgoing co-Rep-
R k h a r d f . Clcino o! the Depart- e l e c h o : S .-ill : e helJ Thursday                                                                                                  resentative of the Class of '54 and
ment of Speech and DMIJI-I of ciiul Friday. April 21 .n d '2 J i.- (lie                                                                                                        chairman of the Installation Din-
Adelp'n.                                R U> v from \\: 0 A.M. to '> i>.M.                                                                                                      ner,      served as the Mistress of
    i lie Sneakers of the V.orniriy. The :ioni nut ions for the various                                                                                                        Ceremonies at the dinner, which
Program \\x-re Mr. Robert Cron- olfices A r e : PiesrJe:.-!, Al.i.: iJoyre                                                                                                     was attended bv approximately 70
'\ich \viio spoke on fine arts, Mr. ai'd Kohnrt. V i c c - P r e s i - l e n t .                                                                                       student leaders and Dr. and Mrs.
Robert l-elson -v!.o spoke on Art in Cieor '.(.' V.'.iiptT.: .in! idch.iru V\'i|-                                                                                               Eddy, Dean and Mrs. Moore, Dean
                                                                                                                                    ^••••::;/;':}.?*^ ••!,                      Harley, Mrs. Wierrnn and Mrs.

Industry. -Mr, P-'ilip Baird and ' Ir. keiiS; Tre.ii.irer. Clli.irles Mo:;touri,
J scp': I'ii'/c '.'i'o addressed lue Stunri (''Mitel ;n:i! Vi:-cc:.l Torior-                                                                                                    Plitt.
                                        recci; ,IIK: S e c r e i a r y . Kred W i s l n i e r .                                      vw i                                          W a l t Johnson pn-senteJ B"tty
                                        K.Mi'< is McCall and Thorn is A k c -
                                                                                                                                       » fl" ,<». ,,;^jA-<».Jg£y       ..       Cerardin and Wally Rcimen with
 HEPTUME DIES                                                                                                                                                                   a little package hat he thought
                                                                                                                                                                               woui'J be very useful to them in
 AT KINGS POINT                                                                             LAST WEEK'S .'(EtfJEST from V. Miller to koep off the grass                         th -ir careers as heads of the Stu-
                                              REVUE SET MAY 1                                                                                                                  dent Association. The packnge
                                                                                            was not merit as a joke, even though the caption for the above
                                                                                                                                                                               contained aspirin and band-aids.
                                               The Musical Revue /hich is 10                picture seemed to indicate It. Mr. Robert Wt Miller, Superin-
                                            e ' i v o . j i : memory of Hie l.iic:
                                                                                            tendent of Buildings and Grounds, has roquestedthat students
                                         AI>, ..'ill : -c prcse: ie
                                         FnJ.-iv. M.iv i .n H : : t O P. M
                                                                                            keep off the grass so that the campus will retain Its natural                      HAWAIIAN PARADISE
                                           I ,;t- I?                  The pro • ram         beauty. Incidentally, the picture was posed by tho DELPHIAN                        ACCLAIMED SUCCESS
                                          • ill < o:isibi of oriuina!            ai:J       photographer.
                                         s k i t s ..riiu:-- '.y the siu-Jents. The                                                                                              A tfood time was had by all at
                                        t a s i has a l r e a d y liecn selecu:u - M l t                                                                                      the Hawaiian Paradise, the closed
                                        their names not yet ->cei)                                                                                                      dance of 1956, held at the Beth-
                                        i.oin.cetl. The (io-(7li,ijri:iei; of
                                        Revue are Barbara Lipsky a i u l
                                        Charles Supin and it .vill !)C d i r -
                                                                                           Religious Emphasis Day                                                             paue Country Club from 9:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                                              to 1:00 AM on Friday night, with
                                                                                                                                                                              music by the Devonalrs. The at-
                                        ecte-.l i>y Mr             Norman Hall
                                        uraduate of Adelphi.                               April 29 By Religious Clubs                                                        tendance of over 400 people broke
                                                                                                                                                                              all attendance records for a closed
                                                                                                                                                                              freshman dance. Hawaiian food
                                         IIILLIL ELECTIONS TODAY                              On Wednesday, April 29, the          Chaplain of Hillcl, and Mr. Sav-           was served at the dance prepared
                                                                                           Council of Religious Clubs will         age, faculty advisor to Ncwmai.            for everyone by the food com-
                official mo*cot             Flections for officers of the                                                                                                     mittee and souvenirs were given
                                                                                           sponsor the first .• Rcllpjous   Club will participate in the panel
of Adelphi *s arch spats rival           HHlel foundation will .>e held on                                                                                                    out by the dance committee.
                                                                                           limphnsls Hay. At II o'clock, Ca-       which proves to be very informa-
                                         Monday ni:t! Tuesday, A p r i l 20 ,m«i                                                                                                 The class officers have stated
'(Ings      Point, shown above                                                             non Har'iy [Jells, former chaplain      tive.
                                         21 ir- the Rt'li'uous Center from                                                                                                    that the objective they had set
                                         I -'o (ill five ii; the afternoon.                lostiuJcnts .it Columbia University
after a safe return from one                                                               and now headmaster of the choir            At :\ o'clock the chaplains of          out to fulfill -in holding a big
of tho Yamknapplngs* !ic foa-               On Wednesday. April 23. at                                                             the Religious organizations on             closed dance, to have all the
                                                                                           school of St. John the Dcvfnc will
                                         4 I'M Hillcl .vill present its To.v:i             speak,                                  campus will be available to answer         members of the class get together
turtd so promlnately In, --ill?-)        Mceti,:' for the month of April.                                                          questions of anyone who has them
                                                                                              The nice Club will sing two                                                     for the last time at the end of a
April 10 ofter a long Illness,           Mr. Richa.d Uodtke of ihc EiMlish                                                         about any particular fnlth. They           wondersul first year, has in their
                                         Department will speak at this                     chorales from the Saint Mathew
The Mariners arc now looking                                                               Passion by Bach and Mr. Rasmus-         will be in A 300, 305,310, 311, 312,       opinion been accomplished. The
                                         meeting.                                                                                  307.
for a replacement. Anyone have                                                             son will piny the organ.                                                           chairmen of the dance, JUdy
                                                                                              After fl luncheon for the Speaker       A tea will he give"n at 4 o'clock       Kalish and Gordon Smith would
un old ram lyln-3 nrounJ the,            SKNIORS                                           nndthe Councilof ReligiousClubs,        in the Religious Center. Mlllelwill        like to thank the members of the
house? If so, contact the                  Make your Appointments for                      there will be a pnnel in the "R"        be the hosts at this affair. Ray           class who helped them in organ-
                                         Medical Hxams.                                    Lounge. The subject of this panel       Kemp, Chairman of the day, pro-            izing the dance and entertaining,
DEL PHI AH office, and we                            PROMPTLY                              at 2 o'clock is "Religion as a or a     mises that It will be a success and        Dave Lane, Shelley Wcingcr,
will arrange to transfer the               Required for Graduation                         Sedative" Winnie Pardo, a repre-        urges nil students to attend this,         Norman Ostrow, Edna Burnhardt,
new Neptune to the Cadet*                  Sec: Mrs. Daly in the Medical                   sentative of the Student Christia^      the first annual religious Emphasis        Judy Pappcrt,      Jean Armstrong,
                                         Office - 'R' Building.                            Movement, Rabhi Saul Kraft,             Day.                                       Judy Halpern and the clasi officer!.
Midshipmen at !/.lngs Point.
   Pog« 2                                                                             THE DELPHIAN                                                                   Tu.iday, April 21, 1953

                                                                                                                    going officer. Taking over Lee
                                                                              DELTA PHI GAMMA                       Cassidy's Job as Secretary will be            "H" LOUNGE DANCH
             STUDENT NEWS AROUND THE WORLD                                    HOLDS ELECTIONS                       Sid Freedman. The treasury has
                                                                                                                    been handed over by Dick Bottjer                      MAY 8
   IRON CURTAIN COUNTRIES It         selves were screened, but also             This week the officer! of Delta     to Joe Schmelzeis the new Trea-
                                     their families. Some 120 students                                              surer, Stuart Gintel and Norman                      8-11 PM
uai now become known that an                                                 Phi Gamma Fraternity will be in-                                                                                  •*
Inveitlgation Into the "worthiness   were placed on a "black list",          stalled as a result of the elections   Ostrow will remain as senior and
                                                                                                                                                                  DONATION 150. 250
for itudy" was carried thiough at
Rostock University (East Germany)
in connection with the mass ex-
                                     because they had relatives or other
                                     affiliations in the West, had been
                                     prisoners of war in western countries
                                                                             held on April 14, 1953, Don Van
                                                                             Gclder, who is a junior, replaces
                                                                             graduating John Tormey as presi-
                                                                                                                    Junior I, F.C. representatives, re-
                                                                                                                    spectfully. Thes** officers wUi
                                                                                                                    hold their offices until April 1954.         Come one, come all I          4
pulsions taking place then. During   or had become consipicuous by           dent. Lee Cassidy becomes Vice-                                               This Is the next to last dance of
these, not only the students them-             "western clothes".            president for which there is no out-      Putronlz* Our Advtrtlttr*           the year In the H-Lounge.

                PROFESSIONAL SKILLS                                                                                                                        AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL

              TOP SECRETARIAL SPOTS                                                                                                                        PHYSICAL THERAPIST

             WORLD-WIDE ASSIGNMENTS                            PHOTOGRAPHER                                  WEEKLY DANCE                                     LEISURE HOURS

                     Take your place in America's biggest job... Defense
       You'll teas important as you'd like (o fee/                 So Many Benefits to You!                                      ters . . . medical care . . . allowances . . .
       when you step into the colorful life of                         You'll be assigned to top jobs in fasci-                  new friends . . . travel!
       Women in the Services. No other job in                      nating fields—and there are more than 450                      The opportunities are tremendous—the
       the country offers you so m u c h — k e y posi-             different kinds of jobs! Administrators,                     rewards are immediate. Be one of the top-
                                                                   communications experts, dietitians, elec-                    notch women who qualify to wear the uni-
       tions in our country's defense program —
                                                                   tronic specialists—so many satisfying jobs.                  form for Uncle Sam. Share equal pay,
       the pride of being among America's first                    You'll get training beyond the scope of
       ladies of the land. And you'll receive the                                                                               equal rank with our men in service. If
                                                                   regular college courses.
                                                                      ^          ^.                                             you're 18 or over, choose the service best
       training that can equip you for profes-                        30 days' vacation a year . . . couturier-                 suited to you—you'll be doing yourself
       sional and executive jobs in civilian life.                 designed clothing . . . modern living quar-                  and your country a favor.

                                                            TAKE YOUR PLACE                             IN AMERICA'S BIGGEST JOB
                                                                                               J   !/

Tuesday, April 21, 1953                                                                            THE DELPHIAN
                                                     MAY DAY SET                           follow at 8:30 P.M., In the "R"        the Queen, Marflyn Rlngen in her
L I. SCIENCE CONGRESS                                                                      Building.                                                                                       awardi will be Riven for the fiwt,
                                                                                                                                 gown of white, will carry a bou-                          second and third bestiorority skiu.
                                                     ON MAY 2 HERE                            The nine sororities and Muske-     quet of American Beauty Roses,
BRINGS H, S. STUDENTS                                                                      teers began, and are still conduc-                                                              Honorable mention! will also re-
                                                 With the job of selecting the                                                   Miss Ringcn's attendants will wear                        ceive recognition at thii time.
                                                                                           ting, secretive work on their skits   blue gowns and carry spring flowers                       Skits will be Judged by a panel of
HERE AP3IL 24-25                              May Queen and her Court over,                to be presented on that big day.
                                              The May Day Committee, headed                                                      The members of the Daisy Chain                            persons who are not connected
                                                                                           The theme of the skits will be        will also wear white and carry the
                                              by Marie DlMarzo, sat down to                "This is New York City" In com-                                                                 with the college and will be Judged
      Between GOO nruU : 00                   the task of organizing the affair to
                                                                                                                                 traditional Daisies.
                                                                                                                                                                                           on their originality, coitumei and
  tlons Have been received from be held on the 2nd of May at                               memoration of the 300th anniver-         The May Day Dance will follow
 students In 30 junior and senior 3 P, M., and the dance which will                        sary of that city.                    the festivities and will begin at
  higlj schools throughout Long Island                                                       May being the month of flowers.     8:30 P.M. During the dance the                                  Potronlx* Our Adv«rtlt«rt
  for the fourth annual Long Island
 Science Congress to he held at
   \delphi on April 24 and 2h.                  &^;-^W ^
     The closing date for all entries                  '   "

 was April 1 at midnight, and an
 exact count of the entries is not
 available at this time, it was an-
 nounced by Mr. James Zohi^n of
 the Roslyn High School, c h a i r m a n
 of the Long Island Congress.
     It is expected that there will be
                                                                               ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUG
                                                                        x-.^yv^&iV •        . .•;-.- , •                -
                                                                                                                                           A ,£• '"•i.C* .-'A\ -O
                                                                                                                                                                    • ^."jifc/ij&tf'xK.v . $£&

 300 separate exhibits in the forth-
 coming congress and between 150
 and liOO demonstration- talks. The
exhibits will be displayed on the
 floor of the Adelphi Recreation                                                                                                                                                m
 B u i l d i n g and demonstration talks
will take place in the Science
     Of the 25 d i f f e r e n t classifica-
 tions in which students m.iv enter
 their demonstrations and exhibits
early applications indicate that
 there will be a strong showing in
 biology and ndio, according to
 Mr. £ obi an. Indications are at
this time that many 7th and 8th
grade students will be entered in
 the various contests w i t h 9th grad-
ers also showing great interest at                                                               y iif *>\ *
this time.
    Cash awards and prizes will be
 made to all first and second place
winners, and a f u l l - t u i t i o n schol-
arship to Adelphi College is award-
ed as a grand prize. An all-expense
trip to the New York State Science
Congress later In the spring will be
awarded to the three top demon-
strations. All awards w i l l be nude
/K the awards assembly on A p r i l
2 f i n the Liule T h e a t e r .

                                                               If you can make the grade/ the
 TO SUMMER SCHOOL                                              U* S. Air Force will award you a
      A d c l p h i h a s added a thrve-week
  intersession to its n o r m a l six-week                     commission/ your wings and pay
 summer school, it was announced
 A p r i l 6 by Mr. K e n n e t h G. Jones,
  Adelphi Ifxtension Director.
                                                               you over *5/OOO a year!
      The session, •.•/'lich lias been pr-
 r.ingec 1 to illow students to g.iin
 three a d d i t i o n a l semester credits,
 will begin June IS and run through
 J u l y 3. Sp.'deius w i l l be p e r m i t t e d              CAN YOU "take it" 6 days a week? For 52 weeks? Can               your opportunities for advancement are unlimited.
  10 take one course which w i l l meet                         you meet the high standards required to be an Avia-
 fro:nO ioll:- r >0 on each weekday,                                                                          •                                        ARE YOU ELIGIBLE?
  '"iftei'i: courses are a v . i i l a M e J u r -              tion Cadet? If you can — then here's a man-size oppor-
 i.:;?,thispre-summer period i n c l r c l -                    tunity! An opportunity to serve your country and                 To qualify as an Aviation Cadet, you must have com-
 ii:g studies in a n , business ;u!irin-                                                                                         pleted at least two years of college. This is a minimum
 istration, econoi.-ics, psychology,                            build a personal career that will fit you for responsible
 speech, m a t h e m a t i c s , music and
                                                                positions both in military and commercial aviation.              requirement —it's best if you stay in school and gradu-
     Over 00 courses w i l l Sc offered                                                                                          ate. In addition, you must be between 19-and 26V4
 d u r i n g ihe r e g u l a r s u m m e r session                 It won't be easy! Training discipline for Aviation            years, unmarried, and in good physical condition.
 w!:ich begins Inly 7 ami clost-s                               Cadets is rigid. You'll work hard, study hard, play
 August 14, In a d d i t i o n to t!:c of-
 ferings in basic academic courses                              hard —especially for the first few weeks. But when it's                  YOU CAN CHOOSf BETWEEN
such as chemistry, economics,                                                                                                           PILOT OR AIRCRAFT OBSERVER
 e d u c a t i o n , Ilnulish ind h i s t o r y ,               over, you'll be a pro--with a career ahead of you that
 there will be -\ n u m b e r of special                        will take you as far as you want to go. You graduate             If you choose to be an Aircraft Observer, your train-
workshops. Tlieso .ire nr^-ni/ed to
 (live intensive t r a i n i n g in some                        as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force, with pay of                ing will be in Navigation, Bombardment, Radar
professional field such as the thea-
 tre, a r t , child development and                             $5,300.00 a year. And this is only the beginning —               Operation or Aircraft Performance Engineering.
 teacher e d u c a t i o n .
     I'ndorgradii itc siuilen's may t-ike
• c r e d i t hours '^f work i;; the six-
\vcek session, v/hile g r a d u a t e s t u -
dents iray carry 9 credit hours.
                                                                  New Aviation Cadet Training Classes Begin Every Few Weeks!
The session w i l l consist of four
periods of 75 m i n u t e s each d.iy,                                                                         HERE'S WHAT TO DO:
Monday through l : riday.
     A spec hi program w i l l a l l o w                        I, Take a transcript of your college credits and a copy          3. Next, you will be given a written and manual apti-
stu-ents ro complete t l i e i r second                            of your birth certificate to your nearest Air Force              tude test.
year's study in Spanish, Pro rich or
German between J u l y 7 and August                                Base or Recruiting Station. Fill out the application
                                                                                                                                 4. If you pass your physical and other tests, you will
14.                                                                they give you.
    A full program of education                                                                                                     he scheduled for an Aviation Cadet Training Class.
courses both on the g r a d u a t e and                         2, If application is accepted, the Air Force w i l l arrange        The Selective Service Act allows you a four-month l e v e l IMS been or-                            for you to take u physical examination.                          deferment while waiting class assignment.
i;rnixed. It includes an Intensive
teacher program to meet tfic short-
age of e l e m e n t a r y teachers and a
workshop in child development.
Details of this summer program                                       tO get                  ftlOre               ; Visit your nearest Air Force Base or Air Force Recruiting Officer.
will be announced w i t h i n two
weeks.                                               OR WRITE TO: AVIATION CADET H E A D Q U A R T E R S , U. S. AIR FORCE, WASHINGTON 25, D. C.

   Attention all Biology Club
members am! Bio majors? Elections
of the Bio Club arc being held in
the Bio office ending Wednesday
April 22. The list of nominees is
In the Bloloay office and all Club
members and Bio majors arc eligi-
ble to vote.
                                                                                       THE DELPHIAN                                                                                            Tuesday, April 21, 1953
     Pogt 4

                      TIE BELNIIM                                                  letters to
                                   Eiublisbtd 1931
              Published once eveiy week during rfu c
                   •ludcnti of 4de1phi £ollefe, Gafden City, r.
                                                                r by ifec
                                                                                   The Editor
                                                                               READER BLASTS
       the *im of chit neviptper i* threefold; to voice Ac opinion ot etch     STUDENT APATHY
       Adelphi inidem ar.d of che atitknc body M • vhole, to provide an Dear Editor:
                                                                            On Wednesday, April 15, a for-
       accurate report of •chool Activities, and to prove chat THE TRUTH mal installation chapel was held,
       SI TALL MAKE US FREE                                                _
                                                                         the purpose of which was to install
                                                                         the newly elected officers of S.A.
         ColumniftJ are not mere be ft of the «mff and their opirUoru do not
                     reflect riiote of die Editorial Board.             and the classes. It was an Impres-
                                                                        sive and dignified ceremony and
                                  MIMIER                                one which, in theory at any rate,
                  CtlUfltr« Praia                                 Prsss should have created some interest.
                                                                        Butwhatwas the result? The usual,
                                                                        and in this case even worse. The
                            GEORGE H. DOWNb                             tremendous total of 85 persons at-
                              Editor-in-Chief                           tended this important function and
                                                                        that includes several members of
                                              GEORGE CUTSOGEORGE the faculty. Imagine, 4% of the                           DEAR, SIR.,
 Managing Editor                              Business Manager          student body troubled themselves
                            EDITORIAL BOARD
                                                                        to see their representatives install-
                                                                        ed. What an abominable situationl
                                                                                                                             YOU OWE A *5.00 PARKING
 Charlotte Mann                                News E-'itor
                                                                        The students wish to have freedom
                                                                        of expression, have self-govern-
                                                                                                                           FINE. IF YOU FAIL TO
 Charles Supin
 Charles Montouri
 Fred Wishner
                                               Feature Editor
                                               Asst Feature Editor
                                              Sports Editor
                                                                        ment and voice their opinions as to
                                                                        how the government should be run,
                                                                        but how can such responsibility he
                                                                                                                           PAY IT, YOU WILL NOT
 Phil Fiiher                                  ,Asst Sports Editor       given when they are not responsi-
                                                                        ble enough to attend the installa-
                                                                                                                           GET YOUH CLASS CARD5.
                           BUSINESS STAFF                               tion of the very people who are to
                                                                        voice their opinions? The incon-                           SINCERELY
Ed Coblenz                                     Accounts Manager         gruous part is that the people who
Al Greenspahn
Ira Abrams
                                               Assst Accounts Manage do the most griping are the very
                                               Advertising Manager      one's who do not vote or partici-
                                                                                                                                   TREASURERS Off/CE.
Jo Chaiu                                      Exchange Editor           pate in their student gov't or class
                                                                        activities. These persons have                     on April 24th. Her poetry selec-                    Pianist for the first part of the re-
NEWS STAFF                        Ronald Regan, Roberta Schiff. Lenor; absolutely no right to criticize or                 tion is "Old Doc Higglns" by Leo-                   cital the Preludes and Fugues in G
                                  Lynch, Mm Jacobson, Dorothy Roth. ridicule any actions the &. A. or                      nore Speyer, The theme of the                       Minor and C Sharp from the Well
                                                                        classgovt's may take. '' his attitude              Inter-collegiate Poetry Festival is                 Tempered Clavier, Vol I by Bach
SPORTS STAFF                      Morty Diamond Norman Ostrow           isn't apathy, it's jutt a "I don't                 "Americana".                                        and followed these with a Sonata,
                                                                        give a damn" attitude,                                Both winners may be heard on                     Opus 109 by Beethoven.
FEATURE STAFF,                    Ann Cuff, Bob Bonoff                                   Robert Holgerson                  campus, April 22nd, at 11: A . M . ,
                                                                                                                           in the Little Theatre, at a Speech                    Following a short intermission
PHOTOGRAPHER                         Carl William

                                                                                                                           majors' meeting,                                    Miss Klooster presented Chopin's
                                                                              Dr. Snyder Speaks
CARTOONISTS                           Dick Boyle, Bill Lober                                                                  Lorol Klooster, Pianist,                         Impromtu, Opus 36 and his Etude,
                                                                              At Education Conference                                                                          Opus 25, No. 12. 'Oils was fol-
                                                                                                                              Heard By Music Group                             lowed by Reflets dans 1'eau and
                                                                                  More than 1500 people con-
                                                                               cerned with children attended the             On Monday evening April 20th                      Feux d ' a r t i f i c e by Debussy.
                         I N T O A t!EW ERA                                    1953 St udy Conference of the As-          the Music Department presented a
                                                                               sociation for Childhood Education          program in the Lounge of the Re-                       Miss Klooster concluded with
   Installation Chapel last Wednesday marked the beginning of a new            International In Denver, Colorado-         creation Building, Carol Klooster,                   Poems of the Sea Ky Bloch.
year for the Student Association. The new Student Council officers were        April 5-10. Forty-six states in this
installed, and a new staff took over operation of this newspaper. We           country were represented and          8
hope to bring you a newspaper that you, as students of Adelphi, can be         other countries.                                                A IRC PLANS TOURS
proud of. There were plenty of good ideas floating around at the first            "Strengths and Resources for
meeting of the new staff last Thursday, and we hope to put most of             Guiding Children" was the general
them into operation during the coming year. But we have one small              theme for the Conference. The
problem facing us during the coming year. Our present staff is limited.        forty-three study and laboratory
In order to put our plans into operation, we need your help. We need           groups were in four sections: Using
more staff members—news, feature, sports, advertising, circulation,            What We Know A b o u t Human De-
photographers,     cartoonists, typists, or whatever your talents may be.      velopment In Working with Child-
   You can also help us bybringingin all the news you have. Club news          ren, Thoughtful Classroom Exper-
or news about individual students, faculty or alumni will always be wel        imentation—A Way of Deepening
come in this office. We hope that with your cooperation we can make            Understanding of How Children
the DELPHIAN climb to the top of College journalism In this area.              Learn, H u m a n Relations in the
   One final word in this, our first editorial in a new administration. We     Education of the Child, and Lab-
feel that an editorial every week, simply for the purpose of filling up       oratory Groups in Art, Music and
space, is rather a waste of time. Perhaps this stems from an innate lazi-     Science, At the last session of the
ness in our character, but we feel strongly that there is no need for an      Conference the work was summar-
editorial unless there is some current issue about which we can take a        ized in a panel discuwlon.

decided stand one way or the other. Since these issues don't seem to             Addresses were made by Agnes
crop up every week, we expect to fill this space with more news about         Snyder, Adelphi College, New
you and your school rather than to tax our "creative talents" each week       York; James Hymes, j r . ( George
to create an editorial about something —or nothing.                           Peabody College for Teachers
                                                                              Nashville, Tenn., Helen Heffer-
                                                                              nan, Dept. of Education California
                                                                              and Elizabeth Gray Vining, author
           BOOKSTORE HOLDS SALE                                               and former tutor of the Crown
                                                                              Prince of Japan, "The World and
                                                                              Our Children".
                                                                                 K e n n e t h E , Oberholtzer, Super-
                                                                              intendent of Schools, Denver, and
                                                                              William Ross, President, College
                                                                             of Education, Greeley, discussed
                                                                              the educational progress and cul-                                7952 Tttur Mi>tnln>r* nl V-f/O
                                                                              tural background of Colorado.                    Once again the A IXC w i l l concJu t its Huropean S t u d y Tour which is
                                                                                 The Functional Display of some           open to all college s t u d e n t - w i t h an interest in i n t . • r n . i u o n a l r e l j t i m s .
                                                                             of the many materials and books               The Tour is a planned tour w i r i i seminars sche '-ilcd for S h e f f i c l !, Lon-
                                                                              tested and approved In ACHI test            don. Paris and Geneva, hut all >ws a m p l e free time for i n d i v i d u I or
                                                                              centers for use with children was           group sight setiriR and independent t r a v e l .
                                                                             very popular. At the close of the
                                                                             Conference these materials, used                 On June 9 a group of 25 stuJems, together w i t h the Tour;er,
                                                                                                                          will sail lor Europe from Que! ?c. A r r i v i n g JU:K? 19 it w i l l sp.-tr: ap-
                                                                             by registrants during the week,              proximately a month In Britain v*hich w i l l be J, vote ' to u n d e r s t a n d i n g
                                                                             were given to child welfare institu-         B r i t a i n -- its policies, history, political problems and social system.
                                                                             tions selected by local groups in            In aJditlon to the scheduled seminar* in S h e f f i e l d and London, side
                                                                             the Denver area.                             trips are planned to Stratfoid-on- -\von. ^ in sor Castle, Oxford an - the
                                                                                 Branch and state forums, special         Houses of P a r l i a m e n t . One week-end w i l l be spent w i t h British and
                                                                             meetings, and business sessions              C o n t i n e n t a l stud -tits and t h - r e will be one week of free t i m e to satisfy
                                                                             were held to meet special needs of           s m a l l >;-oup interests.
                                                                             those with questions on organization             The group w i l l proceed to Paris during the second week of July for a
                                                                             matters. The Plan of Action of              seminar on Europe i n - A m e r i c a n relations, visits to Vcrsall'cs and
                                                                             the Association for 1953-1955 was           Rheims, plus a week-end with French students. In Geneva, tour mem-
                                                                             adopted.                                    bers will a t t e n d a seminar conducted by the Worl-.! Fedcntlon of United
                                                                                 The 1954 Study Conference will          Nations Associations fr nn J u l y 28 to Aggust 5,at the Palace of Nations.
   In a move to better acquaint the student bo-!y with the advantages of     be held the week of April 18-24 in          The United Nations Economic and Social Council will be meeting at
dealing with the College Bookstore, April 15-24 h :s been designated         St. Paul, Minnesota,                        the same t*me and m a n y of the discussions will be led by members of
as Campus Bookstore Week. Featured is a Spring S-ile which will occur
annually in the future.                                                                                                   the Council. The group will also attend meetings of the Council.
                                                                             Jta 3edroslan Represents                        The remainder of August is spent in free t i m e t r a v e l . I t a l y , Ger-
   With the idea of having student partlcipatl >n in presentation of the
sale, Mrs. Mc*Au!tffe and th.* Bookstore staff turned over the promotion     Adelphi at Poetry Festival                   m ny, Scandinavia, B e l g i u m , the Netherlands and Yugoslavia arc th •
of the event to Mr. Hunt's Retail Advertising class. Committees were            At the final try-outj on April I,        favorite uestinations. The group sails for home e a r l y in September,
forme i under the jirectlon of a student coordinator to handle the various   for the Intercollegiate Poetry Fes-         an-! will arrive in Quebec on September 12.
types of advertising media available. These indludcdposters, handbills,      tival, Llta Bedroiian, wai selected             A non-profit tour, the basic cost is a p p r o x i m a t e l y $550 which in-
radio, displays, and newspaper. A great deal of student interest was         to represent Adelphi. Mary Role             cludes trans A t l a n t i c passage, the seminars and livin" expenses during
aroused by the use of a "gimmick" phrase, "What's Behind This", the          McCryital U the alternate repre-            the seminars. Free time expenses arc not include In this amount. For
meaning of which was revealed when the sale began. Asa special               sentative.                                  further information and applicati >ns blanks write:
attraction, the Bookstore isglvinga free record featwingthe Adelphi             Mill Bcdroslan will appear at                                              A IRC Tour Manager, Lois Herman
Glee Clu with each purchase of $3.60 of sale merchandise. The record         the Orange County Community                                           406 West 1 7th Street
is a $2. <<0 value and is being received with great enthusiasm,              College in Mlddletown, New York,                                      New York, 27, New York
ut*doy, April 21, 1953                                                         THE DELPHIAN                                                                                                          PogtS

                                                                       Arts Club Sponsors Showing of
                                                                       28 Works from American Exhibition
                                                                        Tweiuy-eiRht paintings selected
                                                                     from the 60th Annual American
                                                                    Exhibition of Paintings held at the
                                                                     Art Institute of Chicago, consti-
                                                                    tute the exhibition on display in
                                                                    the halls of the Art Building through
                                                                    May 6. It is on a national circuit
                                                                    under auspices of the American
                                                                    Federation of Art.
                                                                        Experts spent more than a year
                                                                    and a half studying contemporary
                                                                    American art throughout the coun-
                                                                    try. Their aim was "not to present
                                                                   another cross section so much as to
                                                                   gather a group of works which re-
                                                                   flect contemporary vitality and
                                                                   suggest dominant trends". Further-
                                                                   more, all choices were unanimous.
                                                                   If there was one dissenting vote,
                                                                   the work was eliminated.
                                                                        There is no doubt that the artists
                                                                   are known throughout the United
                                                                  States.       and in some instances,
                                                                                                             E0WARD GOAI/LUUN, past president ot the fine Arts Club
                                                                       Herbert     Katzman's painting
                                                                   "Views of Prague" received one            and program chairman for the Art Forum held last Saturday,
                                                                  of the top prizes in the Institute's       studies an oil painting by Gardener Cox called 'Maine Study'
                                                                  60th Annual Exhibition - The               which won the Norman WoJ Harris Bronze Medal and Prize
                                                                  Walter M. C rnpana Memor-
                                                                  ial Prize of 81. 000 awarded as a          in the American Exhibition.
                                                                  purchase prize, thus adding the
                                                                  work to the Institute's permanent
                                                                                                             Dance Workshop Gives Show
                                                                       The Floral Mayer Witkowsky
        ROMANO, SPEECH MAJOR, looks over 'Drying Codfish Prize for an oil painting by an                     At East Hampton School
  In Brittany', a study by Leonid featured in tho 60th Annual American artist went to Seong                      The Adelphi College Dance                            Bruce King and Danced by Cynthia
                                                                                                              Workshop presented a program for                        Brockman, Audrey Clapp, Mercia
   American Exhibition on tour from the Chicago Art Institute. 28 Moy for his "Classical Bride".              the East Hampton High School on                         Crandell, and Naomi Kaufman.
                                                                  Gardner Cox's "Maine Study", re
  paintings from the exhibit are being shown here through May 6 ceived the Norman Wait Harris                 April 2 at East Hampton, The                            Those taking part in it will be
                                                                                                              members participating were Cyn-                         Mayam choreographed by Naomi
                                                                  bronze medal and prize. Harry               thia Brockman, Audrey Clapp,                            Kaufman. Those taking part in it
                                                                  Broroy was awarded the Bertha               MerciaCrandell and Naomi Kauf-                          will be Cynthia Brockman, Audrey
      CHILD ARTISTS AT WORK                                       Aherle Florsheim Memorial Prize
                                                                  for his "Ritchie Court".
                                                                                                              man, The program was directed by                        Clapp, Mercia Crandell and Naomi
                                                                                                              Janet Goeb and Bruce King.                              Kaufman. On May 12 at 8:30 a a
                                                                       This traveling exhibition has a           A Dance Club field trip was en-                      spring dance recitalii planned, at
                                                                  wide ranjie. from non-objective             Joyed on April 14. Members at-                          the Little Theatre. Tentatively
                                                                  to conservative. Marvin Cone's              tended the opening of the Ameri-                        listed is a program for Bay Shore
                                                                  "Three Doorways" painted with              can Dance Scries at The Alvin                            High School for May 21 at 11 A.M.
                                                                  detailed naturalism, has a marked           Theatre in New York City. The
                                                                  decorative effect in the contrasts          latter was sponsored by the Rotrw-
                                                                                                                                                                         At the realgar meeting of the
                                                                                                             child I oundation for Arts and Sci-                      DanceCluBon April 20 Miss Grace
                                                                  between light and dark areas.                                                                       Stamstreet of the Adelphi College
                                                                  There is also, in this outwardly           ences,
                                                                                                                                                                      Children's theatre will present a
                                                                  realistic painting, a subtle sinister         A Dance program by Dance ma-                          workshop in combination of dance
                                                                  suggestion.                                jors for students of the Art 7 class                     and poetry.
                                                                       Robert Motherwell, one of con-        and guests will be held on campus
                                                                  temporary American painting's              in The Little Theatre on April 27
                                                                  outstanding intellectuals, calls           at 11:00 A.M.
                                                                  "Room 8, Hotel Flora", a "c.ipri-             Among the plans for May is the
                                                                  ccio", meaning free form. He               May Day program scheduled for                               Dorothy Gray
                                                                  conveys the reality of a hoiel             Sat. the second. The Dance Work-
                                                                  corridor with the key or door knob         shop will present two dances, one                             Liptticki
                                                                   and the numeral in the opaque             a Country dance choreographed by
                                                                                                                                                                                 2 for $1.00
                                                                   "Jass panel. The capricious color
                                                                   is strongly supported by dark vert-            ATTENTION. '56-'57                                         "9« $1.00 Each
                                                                   ical areas.                                                                                           NASSAU BLVD. WKBLANS
                                                                       Karl KiKiths in recent years has         There    Is a class meeting of
                                                                   been applying to more naturalistic        both the classes of I960 and 1957                             Center Cemkrld* Av.
                                                                   forms the lessons he learned from         at 11:00 in S-108. The formation
                                                                   the cubism. George L.K.Morris,            of the Sophomore Council and the
                                                                   an eminent abstractionist, has for        coming May Engagement will be                                          JOIN TNI FUN
                                                                   more than a year been experi-             discussed.                                                                  AT
                                                                   menting with the effects of three-
                                                                  dimensional space and receding
                                                                  pla nes on checker designs of which
                                                                  his "Recessional" is an excellent           Mttt Me At The
                                                                  example. Superimposed on the
                                                                                                                                                                             BOWLING CENTRE. INC
                                                                  mosaic or tiled pattern, are circles
                                                                  and rectangles which add much to               BLOSSOM                                                            Heme *
                                                                  the decorative effect.
                                                                       These are only a minority of
                                                                  the twenty-eight tufted artists
                                                                                                                       LOHH8E                                                            * • • ••

                                                                                                                                                                                      Never A Wtlt
                                                                  whose works are included in the                       FOOD end LIQUOR                                      Dtoont * ptrt of tht bttlthr
                                                                  traveling exhibition from the Art                       AT ITS BEST                                                •port of Vowllni
                                                                  Institute's 60th Annual of American
                                                                  painllir1.. It is being sponsored by                                                                             250 MILL R O A D
                                                                  the Fine Arts Club of Adelphi                     273 NASSAU BLVD. SO.                                     (Bill |» on ft>. MtU
                                                                  College for the enjoyment and                        GARDEN CITY
                                                                  knowledge of the college.

                                                                           Patronize Our Advertiser*         Key to the future-
                                                                                                             Gibbs Training
                                                                                                              Gtbbs secretarial training opens doors for college women to
                                                                                                              career opporlunllici In their chosen field. SpecUl Course
                                                                                                              for College Women. Five-school personal placement service.
                                                                                                              Write College Dean for "Gmos Cms AT WO»K."

                                                                                                                   KATHARINE GIBBS
                                                                       BLOOD                                 BOSTON |L K Mirlborouth JtfMl
                                                                                                             CHICAGO II, SI E. Suplflor 5tf«t
                                                                                                                                                 NEW YO*K 17. 230 Pit* Avtnu*
                                                                                                                                                 PROVIDENCE ft. US Afl|ill StfMt
                                                                                                                               MOHTCLAIR. N I. )) Plymouth SlfHt

                                                                        NOW                                        Sruuklgn                  52nd Conieeur/ve
                                                                                                                                                       by               Iw
                                                                           CALL YOUR                               Hiree-year Day and Four-year Evening LL.B. Course.
   In the top picture, Joe uomono, Speech major, a Student Coun-
                                                                        RED CROSS TODAY!                                Modified accelerated program available.
://or w/f/j f/io Acivlphl Children's Theatre staff, watches a class    *   NATIONAL BLOOD PROGRAM      *                    TERM COMMENCES SEPTEMBER 28th, 1953
io some original art work of one of the regular Saturday classes                                                                    Early Inquiry and Enrollment Ac/vi'sob/e
if t!# Theatre Workshop program*                                                       At A P'JUIC                    rftr** V««ri •? S*tUf«<t«ry Co/Uf • w«rfc r»fulr«W tor ctrfmiftWon.
    tSottomf 3ortnra Patterson, a Student Assistant, observes                           in via iv
he work of several students as they take part in the Theatre                                                       375 PEARL ST., BROOKLYN 1, N. Y.
                                                                                                                   Near Borough Hall                                      Telephone- MAin 5-2200
lark shop program in creative arts*                                          1Mb     ULLPHIAN
      Pogt 6                                                                                                    THE DELPHIAN                                                                             Tues.-fay, April 21, 19 >

   Panthers, LIU Tie 6-6                                                                           SOFT3ALL INTERMURAL
                                                                                                   ROSTERS DUE FRIDAY                           Golfers Open Season
                                                                                                       Claude RuwUan, the director of
                                                                                                    the Adelphl i n t e r - m u r a l program
                                                                                                   has announced the plans for the
                                                                                                                                                With Manhattan College
                                                                                                   cominrcinter-mural soft hall season.            Coach Bill Altenberji's golf team          in has shown that Dave Roethuen
      Park tcss /on out over Adelphi         The boxscore;                                                                                      took to the links for the first time          and Dick Jacobsen can, on a fairly
                                                                                                   The tournament w i l l he run by the
  ,r.Ki LO..R Island University last       Adtlphf («>
                                                           AH R H
                                                                    LIU (•)
                                                                                   AR R H          Men's A A.committee headed by                yesterday and played M a n h a t t a n        warm d a y , brlua their scores down
   veek as the teams battled to a          dnffey.lf              Cordt'   5 2 t               Do!) Eltel. AD rosters must he               College at the Winded Foot Coun-              to 75-80. The rest of the team has
  G-0 tie in Knickerbocker Baseball        Tcrsl.w              2;l"Kollzxl.2b 4 2 3
                                           Tortorlcl.rf                            3       1 1     handed into Mr. Russian's office             try Club at Mamaroneck, Ne.v                  been shooting between 85-90. Two
  Co-iference game that was called         Sn rulers, ib
                                                               1 Kcmmnt|«.rf 5
                                                                                           0 1
                                                                                           0 2     by this Friday. Each roster must             York. The team that was a n -                 previous matches have been rained
  after ten innings.                       Mle!c.3b            2iSclnfnnl.c   3              0     contain ten names and these ten              nounced t o s t a r t was Dave Roethueu,      out and yesterday's match was the
      Three times the games was tied       OUotte.2b             Mnlfn.ab                    0
                                              Bono. If                  1 I     people must be present at the                Dick Jacobsen, Don Salvatore.                 first one for the team.
  with the LIU blackbirds'comiim           Wulpern.p             Dnllun.p                  0 0                                                  Bil Siasco, Jack G l y n n and John
                                                           2 0 I Plnlo.p                   0 0     names. The flames w i l l he played
  from behind all the time. In the         M*JHctto.p      1 0 0                                   between the hours of four and six            Miele. This s t a r t i n g team was          RET AIL SCREENING THURS,
  bottom of the ninth Adelphi put            Totals      42 6 14i Totals  39 6 8                   and the tournament w i l l be con-           picked from a list of ten team                    All retailing majors who have
  on a last ditch effort but it fell       XIU
                                                       for Torsi in 8lh.
                                                            102 COO 021 0-6 8                      ducted on a double-elimination               members which included P"te                   completed their sophomore year
  short. John Becker came up with          Adolphl          200 120 010 0-6 14                     basis. The schedule w i l l be posted        LaSota, Gene Monni. Phil Fischer,             are toreaister with Miss Levermore
  men on first and third w i t h two          E — Mtelc 2. Ollfte. Becker. Klore-                                                               Norman H a n k o f f .
                                            *AW, Malta. 2B—Fcrgoii/zl. 3B-Wul-                     three days after the rosters are                                                           for an interview with the Retail
  away out he filed out to center-          ern. HR—Miele. SO -OnI ton 2. Wulpcrn
                                           g, PU;to 3. Mlllelle 2. DB — Dalton 3,                  ttiven in. The tournament was                   The weather has interfered with            Screening Committee. Interviews
  field.                                   Pinto 4. Wulpern 3. HO—Dalton JO In •                   won last year by the Omicron Pi              about 50% of the teams practice               w i l l be held on Thursday, Ap;il
      George Wulpern, who went nine        Innlnftfi; PWo 4 in b. Wulpcin 8 to 9.                                                               sessions. The little p i a c t i c c uotten
                                           U—Dawoa *nd Lftirns.                                    fraternity.                                                                                23, at 9:00 A . M .
  innings for the Panthers pitched
  quite a strong game. All game
  longhisslow curves and low pitches
  were giving theBlackbirds an a w f u l
  lot of trouble. With a little help
  from his fielders George would
 have come out of the game a
  winner and would have onlygiven
  up three runs. In the sixth inning
  Wulpern clouted a triple (one of
 his two hits) but was left stranded
 at third while Mike Claffey and
 Justin Tersi went down in order.
     In the fifth inning with the
 score tied up, John Miele beltad
 a 325 ft. home run to left-center
 field with Sandy Sanders aboard,
 in a sense making up for his two
 previous errors.
     This was the second of two hits
 for him too.
     Jack Dalton started for LIU and
 pitched for six innings. He was
 pretty freely belted. Mike Pinto
 came on in the sixth for the Black-
 birds. Bert Millette pitched the
 final inning for the Panthers after
 relieving George Wulpern. George
 gave up eight hits, struck out six                                                                                                                                                                                                  4
 and walked three in 9 innings.
                                                              Don't you want to try a cigarette
                                                                   with a record like this?
      FRESHMEN!                                     1. THE QUALITY CONTRAST between Chesterfield and other leading cigarettes is
                                                       a revealing story. Recent chemical analyses give an index of good quality for the
                                                       country's six leading cigarette brands.
 Can you write?                                             The index of good quality table-a ratio of high sugar to low nicotine-
                                                                              shows Chesterfield quality highest
// you cant we need you.
 Work for your paper. \
                                                            . . . 15% higher than its nearest competitor and Chesterfield quality 31% higher than
feature, or Sports staff   openings                         the average of the five other leading brands.
available in plenty.
                                                                                                                                                                           , First to Give You Premium
                                                                                                                                                                             Quality in Regular and
                                                                                                                                                                            K i n g - s i z e . . . much milder
Can you type?                                                                                                                                                               w i t h an e x t r a o r d i n a r i l y good
                                                                                                                                                                            taste — a n d for your pocketbook,
// you can, we need yon. Work
one afternoon a week for your                                                                                                                                               Chesterfield is today's best
paper.                                                                                                                                                                      cigarette buy.

                                                                                                                                                                            •!• A Report Never Before
                                                                                                                                                                             Made About a Cigarette.
Photographers!                                                                                                                                                                         For a full year a medical
                                                                                                                                                                                   specialist has been giving a
  Cartoonists!                                                                KBfK-> •-?'•' i
                                                                                                                                                                                          group of Chesterfield
                                                                              5lNG-SIZ                              Choice of Young America
                                                                               *   :

                                                                                             rt  _ M«*4 •*«•*

                                                                                                                A recent survey made In 274 leading colleges and
                                                                                                                universities shows Chesterfield is the largest seller.
                                                                                                                                                                                      smokers regular examina-
                                                                                                                                                                                   tions every two months. He
    Students!                                                                                                                                                                    reports adverse effects
                                                                                                                                                    TOBACCO co                    to nose, throat and sinuses
Plenty of staff positions open                                                                       TOBACCO CO.
                                                                                                       u                                                                         from smoking Chesterfield.
for all kino's of specialties.
Remember, ad students, a
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new ads/

Drop in at the Delphian office
today,    and find your spot on

Tuesday, April 21, 1953                                                                                    THE DELPHIAN
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pag. 7
                                                 Fulton Takes
                                                 Shot-put At
                                                                                                  Panthers Tie Columbia 5-5
                                                 Seton Hall
                                                     To use a cliche, another feather
                                                                                                         For Second Deadlock In Row
                                                 was put in the cap of Adelphi track                                                                                     Adelphi played id wcond
                                                 coach Dernle Mayer last Saturday.                                                                                    straight tie of the baseball season
                                                 For the second consecutive year,                                                                                     lait laturday when it tied Colum-
                                                 one of his proteges won top honors                                                                                   bia University 5-5 on the Lion's
                                                 in the 16 Ib. shot- put event of the                                                                                 rain-soaked, Morningside Heights
                                                 Seton Hall Relays Paul Fulton,                                                                                       field.
                                                 with a heave of 48 feet 2 inches,                                                                                       Columbia led 5-2 going Into the
                                                 followed Panther alumnas Joe Mar-                                                                                    sixth and last Inning but Vlnney
                                                  tini to the Eastern Collegiate title.                                                                               Tottoricl singled to start the In-
                                                 Paul achieved his winning toss on                                                                                    ning but Vinny Tottorict singled
                                                 his last throw on the finals, which                                                                                  to start the inning off and Sandy
                                                 he entered in third place. He beat                                                                                  Sanders followed with a walk,
                                                  Manhattan's John Pavalchek by a                                                                                     Dick Wilkens then came up with
                                                 half-inch and Olympian Marty                                                                                         a big single scoring Totorfco. A
                                                 Engel of NYU by another half-                                                                                       passed ball and a walk to John
                                                 inch.                                                                                                                Mlele loaded up the bases saw
                                                     The former Hackemack High                                                                                       Columbia bring on its ace pitcher
      Bernle Mayer has another pro*              athlete into his own in this, his                                                                                   Larry Contilloto relieve. The first
    tege to be proud of* In the Seton            senior year of college competition.                                                                                 thing Contillo did was walk Char-
    Hall Relays, which were held
                                                 Aside from his exploits on the Pan-                                                                                 lie Colette to force in Saunders
                                                 ther gridiron and his various track                                                                                 from third. He then retired the
    last Saturday, Adelphl's Paul                titles In small college circles, this                                                                               next two batters but little Mike
    Fulton became the Eastern Col-               is Paul's first major victory. Under                                                                                Claffy worked himself a pass for-
                                                 Mayer's guidance for 4 years, the                   John Miele, Adelphl's hard hitting third baseman, Is tagged out cing in Wilkens to tie up the score.
    legiate shot-put champion by                 husky Fulton has now cashed In on                                                                                   The Panther rally was ended a
                                                                                                  In an attempt to steal home. This valiant effort to win the game
    throwing the Iron ball 48 feet,              perhaps the best shot-put coaching                                                                                  moment later when Mlele tried to
     2 Inches.                                   in the country.                                  for the Parlhers ended the sixth Inning rally.                     steal home and was called out on
                                                     In other events on the program,                                                                                    very close play.
                                                 the Panthers did not show as well                                                                                      Adelphi now has a 1-2-2 record
                 NOTICE                          as in the shot. The two Brown and                Sticlcmen Down Lafayette, 11-1,                                    for the young baseball season.
        All teams wishing to compete             Gold entries in the 100 yard dash,                                                                                  the boxscore..
     in the softball intramurals must
     submit their roster to t Mr. Claude
                                                 Jim Conaway and Marv Bloom,
                                                 scored second and fourth respect-
                                                                                                  Go On Scorin Spree                                                                   Ryan. 3b
                                                                                                                                                                                                            r. h I
                                                                                                                                                                                                            1 liClifff. If
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    »b. r. n
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3 0 0
     Ruggianof the Men's Athletic De-            ively. Art Bragg of Morgan State                                                                                                      U u i t m r . 2b     2 2 Tom. r t           , 2 0 0
                                                                                                     The Adelphi Lacrosse team won            Lafayettds 'Bill Wigginston who          Reich c              0   >|Botwhilk. r f      1   0 0
     partment by Friday, April 24, at            won, while Fred Hazenkamp of                    thelrsecondstralghtgame by beat-             scored the lone tally two minutes        Pnllndmo. It
                                                                                                                                                                                       Devlin. rt
                                                                                                                                                                                                                QiAiclold. r f
                                                                                                                                                                                                                UTortorlcl. cf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         0 0
     the latest. No rosters will be ac-          Montclair got third.                            ing the hopeless Lafayette team              before the close of the first half.      Stttibart. It)       0   j:Stun<!fr». *t>     1   1 1
     cepted after that date.                         The first mile relay composed of                                                                                                  PfiCO IS             0   OlWIIkrni, c         9   1 1
                                                                                                 11-1.    Despite the lack of bench           The Panther's agil goalie did not        Nitnrtly. c!         0   O'Mlclc. 3 b         0   1 0
        The competition, which is open           John Terranova, Al Boyce, Mort                  strength, the old regulars put in            let another ball enter the cage all      Rohnn. p
                                                                                                                                                                                       Conllllo. p
                                                                                                                                                                                                                OiCollrtic. 2b
                                                                                                                                                                                                                0" Becker, u
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         0 0
     to all male students, will be com-          Diamond and Conaway got fourth                  their all as usual and made it fairly        through the second half.                                            |^lil!elte. p      3   0^0
     posed of two leagues, one indep-            in the Eastern Championship be-                 easy for Panther goalie Terry Mc-                As usual the m i n i m u m of sub-      rouu            25 5 7| TDUli
     endent .ind the other fraternity. It        hind three of the top teams in the              Donald who made only seven saves             stitutes were used until Coach           Addphl                             000 023—5
     will be run on a double elimina-            country, Manhattan College, Mor-                in the entire game. The fine de-             Claude Ruggian was confident that        ColumbU                     •      300 020—0
     tion basis.                                 gan State and Seton Hall.                       fensive job by Dom Saverese, who             the game was secure in the hands                  (Cnricd end o! fllh—Rain) •
                                                                                                                                                                                       . Krror—Decker. Runs baited In—Devlin 3,
        Last year's winners, Omicron Pi              Another Panther relay of Jim                has just been crossed of the dis-            of the Adelphi team. Lennie Rapp          Reich. Saltibajr CUfTy 2. Wllklnj, Collrttt,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Two bnst hits—Sftjubtrt. Rflch. Double
     Fraternity will be out to defend            Nelson, Marv Bloom, Bob Jacobs                  abled list, Alex Cotsalas, Herb              became the team's high scorer by          p:ays-*NHArdy to Ryan to GuMtaf. Struck
                                                                                                                                                                                        out—Dy Rohan 4. oCmlllo 1. MIllMte 4. saw
     their t i t l e . All students ar<° urged   and Joe Crews, found tough going                Anderson, Jack Lawrence and sur-             contributing four goals to the total.     on balls—Off RoJian 7. Contlllo 7. Mlllette 3.
     to participate.                             behind a crack St. John's team and                                                                                                     Hits—Off Rohn 3 la 6 innJnji. Umpirw—
                                                                                                 prise starter Stuart Gintel almost               Fran McCall was the first Panther     Dvorak and
                                                 finished out of the money.                      gave Terry McDonald a shut out.              to find the nets with a short shot
                                                                                                 The perfect game was spoiled by              which completely fooled the La-
                                                                                                                                              fayette goalie Tom Hardstock,
                                                                                                                                              who suffered from lack of exper-
                                                                                                                                                                                       Penn Relays
                                                       Ust the Want Ads •
                                                       Thtx Gtt Results.                          Dave Gold                                   ience. One minute later at 4:33
                                                                                                                                              Tom Akeson took a long shot which        Next Slop For
      SOPHOMORES!                                                                                                                             the goalie did not see and the Pan-
                                                                                                                                              thers went on to score five goals        Cinder men
                                                                                                 New Captain                                  in the first period and win their
                                                                                                                                              second game in as many starts.
          FRESHMEN!                                                                                                                                                                       The last time an Adelphi ath-
                                                        Classified                               For Mermen                                       Besides Lennle Rapp and Tom
                                                                                                                                              Akeson, -who scored two goals,
                                                                                                                                              Don Kohart scored two and Dill
                                                                                                                                                                                       letic team visited Philadelphia
                                                                                                                                                                                       was when the mile relay traveled
                                                                                                                                                                                       to the Philly Inquirer Games this
                                                            HELP WANTED                               D.ivid StiM.r 5)Id has been             P i n c h u k , and Norm Gates each      past winter and came home with
                                                                                                  elected captain of the Swimming t a l l i e d once.                                  first place medals. This weekend
    Can you write?                                    Earn $1000 THIS SUMMER                       Team and will take over f r j m this LINE UP;
                                                                                                  year's co-captains, lack Tatum,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Coach Mayer again takes his boys
                                                                                                                                                                                       to the City of Brotherly Love, for
                                                    Investigate this opportunity for              a n d B o n C a z a z z a , next September.     Adelphi                 Lafayette    the annual Penn Relays.
                                                 summer employment with a Mar-                        Dave attended John Adams High                                                       In this year's track classic, a
// you can, we need you.                         shall Field owned organization.                  School in Queens where 'ie vva< . McDonald                    Goalie Hardstock       new event will be tried by an
                                                 •Many college men and women                      varsity swimmer for three years. Cotsalas                     Defense Thomas         Adelphi athlete. Senior Mort
Work  for your paper. .V*«-.s,                   have found this a profitable and                                                             Savarese
                                                                                                  In his senior year, Gold was                                           Montague      Diamond, will put together his
    Feature, or Sports staff openings            pleasant occupation working in or                elect,-d to the post of capr.i'n and        Gintel                     Lupton        hurdling and running abilities in
                                                 near their home towns. Complete                  helped lead his team to a success * D. Kohart                 Midfield Moss
     'ailable in plenty.                         training given. Write for full part-                                                                                                  the 400-meter hurdles. Run over
                                                                                                  ful season. The amia'M': Mr. Gold McCall                      A "      Weisonhorn    ten 3-foot barriers, the event
                                                 iculars today to College Placement               is a sophomore who also played Akeson                                  Zipt
                                                 Office, Box 3585. Chicago, 54, 111.                                                                                                   requires both speed and stamina
                                                                                                  water pol • last year at Adelphi.           Dennis                                   and is often considered the most
                                                                                                     Dave is J member of Delta Phi               Kohart         Attack Wool ford       grueling event in track. Mort will
                                                     ADULPHI G R A D U A T E WOULD                G i m m a fraternity and is a well- Catcs                              Black          ilso run on a mile relay thai-will
                                                 like an Adelphi girl to help care                known figure on campus. f-K- has            Rapp                       Solomon       enter the American Championship
    Can you type?                                for two children, ages 6 and 3,
                                                 d u r f n g s u m r n e r . Own room, lovely,
                                                                                                  high hopes for the coming season
                                                                                                  and will also compete In the 50 Substitutes: Adelphi- Michelli, Pin-
                                                                                                                                                                                       CLiss B, with Al Boyce, John
                                                 new ranch house near Adelphi.                                                                                                          Tcrranova and Jim Conaway.
                                                                                                  and 100 yar I medley and relay to chclli, Pincliuk, Tatom, Reldel;                      Jim Conaway, after placing
                                                 LY 3-P384.                                       help the Mermen to another suc- L a f a y e t t e - l i a w k , Greenholz, Plu-       second in the Seton Hall Relays
 // you can, we need you. Work                                                                    cessful season. The team will be mmet, Preapi, Parker, F.illon,
nne afternoon a week for your                                 WANTED                             .youngand inexperienced next sea- WigRinton.
t> after*                                           RADIO WORKSHOP DESIRES A                      son but Dave lias great expect-
                                                 donation of an upright piano,                    ations for the swimmers he w i l l
                                                 either new or used, for the broad-               lead. Gold will probably "shine"
                                                 casting station, WARS. We will                   in the evert she participates in and
                                                 send our own movers. Please tele-                keep the spirit high among the
                                                 phone VI 9-P411.                                 men.
                                                                     Ir'syeasier to fix brakes
      Cartoonists!                                                           than children
 plenty of staff positions open
  lor all kinds of specialties*
- Remember, ad students, a
                                                       Thai llHlv girl will never ridr o bicycle attain. A cnr
 \i ewspaper needs adve rtis ing                       with defective brnkcs hit her ns she wns crossing the
/to survive. Commission on all                         street near school Keep your cnr in snfe condition
  new ads!                                             nnd drive with e x t r a core in n school zone. Slow up —
                                                       and Rive the youngsters n dinner to grow up.
    Drop in at the Delphian office                     Be Careful—the child you save may be your own!                                           Four year veteran, Lennle Rapp (light shirt) steals the boll
    today,       l find your spot on                                    Sponiorrd in Ih* lntvr«il of child tofery by
                                                                                                                                            awoyfrom Lafayette's JIm.Lupton In last Friday's 1M Panther
                                                                                 THE DELPHIAN                                               victory*
                                                                                                                                                                              Tuesday, April 2], 195
                                                                                imately four weeks to complete,                                school should be intereited in
                                                                                and it is hoped that the results will   APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE working on theie committee!. The
     D-DAY SET BY                          SOCIOLOGY STUDENTS                   aid the people of Westbury with         FOR COMMITTEE WORK
     IOTA ALPHA PI                         PERFORM SURVEY                                                                                      deadline for handing in applica-
                                                                                their plans for the future.                                                    tion! is May 1.
      Iota Alpha Pi sorority will be          Last Wednesday a group of                                                     Wally Remsen and Betty Gcrar-
   the sponsor of the annual "D"           twenty students, under the direc-                                             din, the Co-Presidents of S , A ,      ELECTION RESULTS DUE
  Day, to be held this Friday, April       tion of Dr. M.E. Bloss, went to      CHI SIGMA ELECTIONS                      have announced that applications
                                                                                                                         for committee work are available         All clubs on campua muit have
  24th. To the uninitiated, the "D r "     Westbury to launch a survey that HELD LAST WEDNESDAY
                                                                                                                         in the S. A. office. The Student      the results of their elections in the
  in M D" Day stands for the daffodil      will be conducted under the joint
                                                                                                                        Committee* are All College Ball,       S.A, office by Friday, May 1.
  which will be sold by the girls in       auspices of the Adelphi Sociology
  the sorority.                                                                      The results of the Elections of     All College Night, Bulletin Boards,
                                           Department and the Westbury Chi Slwma f r a t e r n i t y , held on          H Lounge, Mail Box and May Day.
     This year the money collected         League of Women Voters. The Wednesday, April 15, have been                                                          RFTAIL SCRPENIN3 THURS.
  will go to the Associated Cardiac                                                                                     There arc three Student Faculty             All rei.iilin.! majors w}lo h a v e
                                           students, all sociology majors, announced The new president is               Committees also available. These
  League of New York. This organ-          are doing the survey in connec- Ed Robinson, replacing Len Rapp.                                                    completed their sophomore year
  ization has a non-sectarian camp                                                                                      are regular Faculty committees to      are to register w i t h Miss Levcrmoro
                                           tion with two of the sociology The Vice-President is John Di                 which student delegates are appoin-    for an i n t e r v i e w w i t h the R e t a i l
  "SproutLake Camp", in Verbank            courses offered this semester- Geonuo, who is replacing Bill
  N . Y . , to whichchildren with                                                                                       ted. They consist of the Student       Scrcennt". Committee. Interviews
                                           Social Research and The Com- DeWiu. Charles Montouri has                     Activities Committee, the Corr-        w i l l oe held on Thu.iday, A p r i l
  cardiac conditions, from low in          munity. The Social Research been elected as recording secre-
  come families, are invited. There                                                                                     mltteeon Instruction and the Cha-      23. ni 9:00 A . M .
                                           group, under Or, Bloss, started                                              pel Committee. Anybody who is
  are two sessions, one in July and        the survey last February t and some t a r y , replacluu Art Ruhle. Dave      interested in w rking for student
  one in August, each of which             of the students from The Com- Root is the new treasurer, succeed-            government and who wants to get
  gives between seventy-five and           m u n i t y volunteered to help.    ing M a t t Fasolino. Correspondinu
                                                                                                                        a start in oecomirirt active in
  one hundred children a chance to            The survey will take approx- Secretary Is Charles Schrimpf.                                                         OUR ADVERTISERS
  participate in normal activities
  with other children, under the su-
  pervision of trained personnel.
     The money collected this week
  will go towards the upkeep of the
  camp, which has a spacious cam-
  pus, equipped with all the nee-
  essaryequipment. It is a wonder-

  ful experience for these children
  an experience that they may
  never have again.
     ( c o n t i n u e d f r o m page 7)
  100 yard dash will again try that
  event at Penn. He will also t e a m
  up with Marv Bloom, Terranova
 and either Diamond or Bob Jacobs

  in the Amer. Champ. 800 yard
    After his triumph in last week-
 end's Setonii meet, Paul Fulton
 is out to gain more honors in the
 shot-put. In iddltion to that event,
 there will be the discus throw for
 Paul to flex his muscles.
    The athletes will stay at the
 Sylvania Hotel for the F r i d a y -
 Saturday Meet. Alumnus Bob Alex-
 ander and wife Ann are expected
 to chaperone the team.


Can you write?

// you can, we         need you.
 Work for your         paper. X
I'eature, or Sports staff   openings
available in plenty.

Can you type?
// you can, we need you.

one afternoon a week for your

Plenty of staff positions open
for all kinds of specialties.
Remember, ad students, a
                                                               APRIL 24,

                                                                       KNICKERBOCKER YACHT CLUB

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Drop in at the Delphian office                      Bids S3.8O                                                                                                                      9-1
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