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									                   The Power of Social Roles
                                 Putting Theory Into Practice

           April 7, 2011                                             April 8, 2011
      Buchanan Alumni House                                 Woodfords Congregational Church
     University of Maine, Orono                               202 Woodford St., Portland

Time: 9:00 – 4:30
Cost: $35 or a negotiated amount - please see registration form
Lunch, breaks, and conference materials are included in conference cost.
Practicing the principles of Social Role Valorization (SRV) can greatly
influence the lives of people with disabilities.
Social Role Valorization is:
  • An analysis of how society treats people who are “different”
  • An exploration of how differences may make people vulnerable to being treated
      badly in many ways
  • An system for understanding what people really need…and deserve
  • A framework for program design, daily decision-making, personal planning and
      supporting people to become more valued members of the community
“I’ve been involved in learning about and teaching SRV for over twenty years. The first time I went to a
training, it was like a light going off: it helped give me a context and language for understanding what I felt
was wrong about the way we (even providers) were treating people, and a clear focus on how to do
things right. It has given me a support group of other professionals, and has helped me grow
professionally and remain committed to challenging work. And it has helped me design and deliver
services that meet people’s real unmet needs.”
                                                                - Jonathan Leach, Executive Director, Children’s Center

The workshop will consist of:
    a. A review of some of the major negative consequences of societal devaluation,
       including the fact that large numbers of people who become devalued are
       rejected, cast into extremely negative "deviancy" roles, and these roles are
       reinforced and perpetuated in various ways.
    b. An overview of positive social roles and how to assist people to be in those roles.
The workshop format consists of illustrated presentations, large and small group
discussions, and exercises. Participants will have opportunities to relate the material to
individuals whom they know and brainstorm ideas around positive roles with one
About the Presenter: Darcy Elks is a committed and passionate presenter. She brings
her life experiences as an advocate, parent, service provider and teacher to her work.
She shares her tremendous knowledge at every training, and helps everyone make a
personal connection to the material. Darcy has over 20 years of experience as a trainer
and consultant, traveling across this country and around the world.


                      REGISTRATION FORM
              (Please photocopy and use a separate form for each registrant.)

Name: ______________________________ Phone: _________________________
Agency Affiliation (if any): _______________________________________________
Role: ________________________________________________________________
(Direct Support Professional, manager, family member, self-advocate, state employee, etc)
E-mail: ______________________________________________________________
NOTE: EMAIL address MUST be provided for registration confirmation. Otherwise no notice of receipt of
registration information will be given.
Location of Training (please circle):
                               Orono                          Portland
Need interpreter or other accommodations including dietary needs (please be specific):

                                Registration Fees
             General Audience: $35 (includes refreshments, lunch, and materials)
    NOTE: Reduced rates are available for consumers and family members. Contact Diane Eder at
 or phone Diane at (207) 563-3511 Ext. 311 to request.

         Amount enclosed: $__________(make check payable to LEAP, Inc.)

                             Mail completed registration form(s) to:
                                        Diane Eder
                                        Mobius, Inc.
                                      319 Main Street
                                   Damariscotta, ME 04543
                            (Registration Deadline: 03/24/2011)

     Sponsored by the Maine Partnership for Values-Based Practice
            through a grant from the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

Partners include the following: Community Partners, Inc., KFI, University of Maine
Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, DHHS Developmental Services,
Mobius, Inc., LEAP, Inc., Maine Disability Rights Center, The Children’s Center, and the
Maine Developmental Disabilities Council.


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