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					I. Choose the best answer a, b, c or d
1. Ani asks andi to bring her bag. What does she say?
  a. Can you bring your bag, please?                      c. Can I bring your bag, Ani?
  b. Would you bring my bag, please?                      d. Would you bring her bag, please?

2. Jaka           : What do you think if we go to the beach?
  Budi            : ………… I hate it
  a. I don’t agree                b. Sure       c. I agree                d. Of course

3. Aries          : Can you bring your pet here?
  Iqbal           : ………… the cage is very heavy for me
  a. Sorry, I can’t               b. Sure       c. Of course              d. No problem

4. Sony           : Can I use your computer, please!
  Dina            : …………. I’m using it
  a. Of course            b. No problem         c. I’m sorry              d. Sure

5. Tina           : Here’s the money for you
  Ida             : I can’t take this, sorry
  From the dialog above, what does the underline sentence mean …
  a. Tina offers something to Ida                         c. Ida accepts something from Tina
  b. Tina gives a help to Ida                             d. Ida refuses help from Tina

6. John           : Look at this, Harry. I got 10 for my English.
  Harry           : ………….
  a. Congratulations!             b. Thanks               c. Sure         d. Yes, I did

7. Della          : Did you move this table, Tatang?
  Tatang          : …………. ( admit )
  a. Yes, I did           b. No, I didn’t       c. Sure                   d. It wasn’t me

8. Bella          : What do you think of Kuta Bali beach?
  Yordan          : ………………… ( giving opinion )
  a. I have no idea                                       c. I think it is so beautiful
  b. I’m not sure                                         d. All Right.
9. Jonet          : would you come to my party?
  Fikar           :…………………..( accepting an invitation )
  a. Yes, I’d love to                                     c. Perhaps another time
  b. Sorry, I’m busy                                      d. That’s not good idea

10. Andi          : …………………
   Taufik         : I’m afraid I can’t I’m very busy
   Andi invites taufik to go out tonight with him. What does he say?
   a. would you bring this flower?                        c. would you help me, please?
   b. would you like to go out with me tonight?       d. will you go out alone tonight?

11. Vivi      : I must see the doctor today. I don’t feel well
   Vita       :… ……………… ( agreement )
   a.Yes, that’s right. I agree with you              c. Don’t go now
   b.No, that’s not good idea                         d. Another time, please

12. Nora      : Would you like having dinner with me?
   David      : I’m sorry. That’s not good idea. My mother is in hospital so I have to
                  Accompany her.
   We conclude that: ……
   a. Nora refuses David’s invitation                 c. David invites Nora
   b. David refuses Nora’s invitation                 d. Nora accepts David’s invitation

13. Wiwin                : Congratulation for you ….You have won the basketball
                          Competition in our school
   Basketball team       : ………… ( Responding to congratulations )
   a. Thank you very much                             c. I’m sorry, I’m busy
   b. No problem                                      d. whose team it is!

14. Dani      : Would you mind helping me to move this chair?
   Rudi       : ……………… ( refusing )
   a. Yes, Sure          b. Sorry I’m busy            c. Of course             d. Ok

15. Ririn     : I don’t fell well, I must see the doctor.
   Rina       : ………………. ( agreement )
   a. I agree with you                                c. I don’t care
   b. Don’t mention it                                d. Sorry, I don’t know
II. Read the following text. Then answer the questions.

                                        My Holiday

     Last week I went to mount Bromo. I stayed at my friend’s house in Probolinggo,
East Java. The house has a big garden with colorful flowers and a small pool.

     In the morning, my friend and I saw Mount Batok. The scenery was very beautiful.
We rode on horseback. It was scary, but it was fun. Then, we went to get a closer look at
the mountain. We took pictures of the beautiful scenery there. After that, we took a rest
and had lunch under a big tree. Before we got home, we went to the zoo at Wonokromo.
We went home in the afternoon.

     We were very tired. However, I think it was really fun to have a holiday like this. I
hope my next holiday will be more interesting.

1. Where did the writer go last week?
2. Where did he stay?
3. What did the writer do in the morning?

III. Arranges the following words into good sentences.

1. Didn’t – ago – Bali – days – He – to – go – two
2. Always – He – milk – drinks – every morning

                                     GOOD LUCK

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