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This AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between the County of Monterey, a political
subdivision of the State of California, hereinafter referred to as “County” and SCARR MOVING &
STORAGE INC., hereinafter referred to as “CONTRACTOR”.


A.     WHEREAS, County has invited proposals through the Request for Proposal (RFP #10183)
       for moving and relocation services for the County of Monterey, in accordance with the
       specifications set forth in this AGREEMENT; and

B.     WHEREAS, CONTRACTOR has submitted a responsive and responsible proposal to
       perform such services; and

C.     WHEREAS, CONTRACTOR has the expertise and capabilities necessary to provide
       relocation services.

NOW THEREFORE, County and CONTRACTOR, for the consideration hereinafter named, agree
as follows:

                          PERFORMANCE OF THE AGREEMENT

After consideration and evaluation of the Contractor’s proposal, the County hereby engages the
CONTRACTOR to provide the services set forth in RFP #10183 and in this AGREEMENT on the
terms and conditions contained herein and in RFP #10183. The intent of this AGREEMENT is to
summarize the contractual obligations of the parties. The component parts of this AGREEMENT
include the following:

       RFP #10183 dated June 1, 2009
       Contractor’s Proposal dated June 22, 2009 including all attachments and exhibits, to RFP
       Certificate of Insurance
       Additional Insured Endorsements

All of the above-referenced contract documents are intended to be complementary. Work required
by one of the above-referenced contract documents and not by others shall be done as if required by
all. In the event of a conflict between or among component parts of the contract, the contract
documents shall be construed in the following order: AGREEMENT, General Requirements and
General Provisions, Contractor’s Proposal (with all attachments and exhibits), RFP #10183,
Certificate of Insurance, and Additional Insured Endorsements.
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

                                       1.0 STAFFING and EQUIPMENT

      1.1     CONTRACTOR shall provide trained staff and all necessary equipment to conduct an
              efficient, safe and timely move. Prior to starting any project, CONTRACTOR shall
              participate in all meetings regarding project expectations, move procedures and

      1.2     Should any employee of CONTRACTOR be objectionable to County for reasons of
              safety, conduct, or security, CONTRACTOR shall remove that individual from the
              project immediately upon request of the County move coordinator. All charges by
              CONTRACTOR for services by that individual will cease when the removal request is
              made. CONTRACTOR shall bear all costs associated to replace any removed employee.

      1.3     CONTRACTOR shall designate a Project Manager for the full term of each project to
              coordinate planning activities and communications with County move coordinator or a
              designated staff member. CONTRACTOR shall also designate a full time supervisor to
              coordinate the activities of each move event and each location. The Project Manager and
              Supervisor may be the same person provided that the designated individual is always on

      1.4     All of CONTRACTOR’S staff shall dress in a company uniform (if applicable) and
              shall wear a nametag when present at any of County locations during the relocation

      1.5     CONTRACTOR shall provide all of the equipment necessary to maintain
              communications between CONTRACTOR’S own staff at place of origin and
              destination, as well as with a County designated move coordinator during each move.

      1.6     CONTRACTOR shall provide equipment for moving County property such as dollies,
              carts, etc. All equipment must have non-floor marking hard gray rubber or pneumatic
              wheels, and must be free of grease and dirt. All equipment is subject to inspection prior
              to being placed in service. All carts used for transporting equipment, personal
              computers, and other sensitive items, must be padded.

      1.7 CONTRACTOR shall provide sufficient straps for restraining truckloads of sensitive
          equipment strapped to the walls of their vehicles. CONTRACTOR shall be responsible
          for all damage to any buildings and goods as a result of CONTRACTOR’S moving

      1.8 CONTRACTOR shall maintain on site a full time supervisor for each phase of a
          relocation project. The supervisor shall be the main contact between CONTRACTOR
          and County. County may designate a County department point of contact for each
          different relocation project.

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  2
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

                                          2.0 SAFETY & HEALTH

              CONTRACTOR shall comply with all conditions of the Federal Occupational Safety
              and Health Acts of 1970 (OSHA), as may from time to time be amended, and, if it has a
              work place within the State of California, all applicable standards and regulations issued
              under California Law. CONTRACTOR certifies (Cal OSHA CCR T-8) that all items
              furnished and purchased under this AGREEMENT will conform to and complies with
              said standards and regulations.

                                                3.0 RECORDS

              CONTRACTOR shall retain all records relating to this AGREEMENT for a period of
              three (3) years following the date of final payment under this AGREEMENT. Any
              authorized representative of County shall have access to and right to copy, examine,
              audit, excerpt, and transcribe all records within a reasonable time of such request.

                                        4.0 PLANNING ACTIVITIES

     4.1      CONTRACTOR shall attend coordination meetings with County staff, and other
              designated persons, for refining of schedules, procedures, and resources.
              CONTRACTOR, under the guidance of a County representative, must tour each move
              origin and destination to be aware of all relevant sites, building and occupant
              opportunities, and limitations affecting the move prior to commencing any work.

     4.2      CONTRACTOR shall perform a tour of the relocating move origin approximately two
              weeks prior to each move event to assure that County is aware of their responsibilities
              and that all move preparations are proceeding correctly.

     4.3      CONTRACTOR shall be familiar with the conditions at the move origins and
              destinations prior to each move event so that the proper equipment supplies and labor
              are provided for an orderly, timely, and efficient move of County property.

     4.4      CONTRACTOR shall, at its own expense, obtain all necessary permits and comply with
              the requirements of County and other jurisdictions having authority over any move
              activity for the transportation of County property.

      4.5     CONTRACTOR shall work closely with each move coordinator, Facilities and
              Construction Management, and Information Systems Division, or designated County
              staff member responsible for sensitive equipment and property, to plan the method of
              packing and unpacking, transport and installation of those items.

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  3
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

                                           5.0 MOVE ACTIVITIES

      5.1    CONTRACTOR, upon request, shall provide training to County staff on how to pack
             facility equipment, office supplies and other equipment. The training, if required by
             County, shall take place prior to the first phase of any move.

      5.2     CONTRACTOR shall supervise and coordinate CONTRACTOR’S own staff at all
              times during the move(s).

      5.3     CONTRACTOR shall, at its own expense, install building protection at each destination
              (for floors, corners, doors, door jams, and painted surfaces), and at the place of origin as
              appropriate, in a manner acceptable to the move coordinator in advance of each move
              event. Such protections shall be removed at the conclusion of each move event.

      5.4     CONTRACTOR shall provide all care necessary for the move of all office equipment
              and property, including sensitive equipment such as personal computers, and other
              technical equipment to eliminate avoidable loss or breakage due to moving and
              relocation activities. To insure a minimum amount of downtime, County shall
              disconnect and pack all computers, which shall be transported and relocated to each
              work station by CONTRACTOR.

      5.5     CONTRACTOR may choose to retain a subcontractor for certain requested move
              related activities for which CONTRACTOR does not have the expertise or the staff to
              accomplish the required activity. County reserves the right to approve the selection of
              any subcontractor retained by CONTRACTOR.

      5.6     CONTRACTOR’S staff shall arrive on the designated day and time, and shall relocate
              specific offices or work units as scheduled. All offices or work units picked up on a
              given day must be relocated and setup on that same day.

      5.7     CONTRACTOR’S staff will work with a designated County representative for the
              proper placement of all relocated office equipment, furniture, equipment, computer
              equipment, files, and office supplies.

      5.8     CONTRACTOR shall coordinate with all vendor representatives designated by County
              for additional in-service meetings relating to the relocation and installation of furniture
              and equipment in temporary and permanent locations.

      5.9     CONTRACTOR shall complete a detailed post move inspection of all areas to identify
              any deficiencies and make corrections as needed.

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  4
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

                                       6.0 PACKING/UNPACKING

      6.1     Since freestanding furniture, chairs, bookcases, etc., varies by the manufacturer,
              CONTRACTOR shall disassemble as required (i.e., desks with returns), pack, transport,
              and relocate all furniture.

      6.2     CONTRACTOR shall assist in the packing of equipment, library, and file/shelf areas, as
              directed by the move coordinator or designated County staff member.

      6.3     CONTRACTOR shall place designated library and file/shelf areas into library or
              machine carts for transport to the destination and then place them back onto shelving or
              other equipment in proper designated order. Files, books, and other materials are to be
              placed in their new location for the morning following each move or at a reasonable
              alternate date acceptable to the move coordinator or designated County staff member.

      6.4     CONTRACTOR shall provide required packing materials (cartons, newsprint, bubble
              wrap, etc.) when requested by the move coordinator, or designated County staff
              member, and redistribute used materials to later move phases as appropriate.
              6.4.1 Materials not reusable shall be disposed of by CONTRACTOR in a
                    manner acceptable to COUNTY.

      6.5     CONTRACTOR shall clean up and dispose of all related debris off-site at its own cost
              and expense at the conclusion of each move.


              CONTRACTOR shall provide the necessary assistance to identify record and inventory
              all office equipment, furniture, computer equipment, and supplies to be moved. This
              does not include personal employee items. CONTRACTOR will use established County
              property accounting procedures during all move events. County will supply
              CONTRACTOR with the necessary procedures and tags as required.

                                             8.0 TRANSPORT

      8.1     The interiors of all vehicles used for the moves will be thoroughly cleaned by
              CONTRACTOR prior to the beginning of each move event. All property must be
              moved in closed vans or trailers and locked during transit. During loading and
              unloading, all property shall be protected against inclement weather.

      8.2     Each driver shall have all licenses and permits necessary for the transportation of

      8.3     CONTRACTOR shall use elevators in a manner sensitive to the continuing operation of
              County activities. This shall require a move to be as integrated as can be with the daily
              operations of County facilities or may take place during the evenings. There may be

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  5
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

              other materials and equipment in transit using elevators, corridors and loading areas, for
              which CONTRACTOR shall have no obligation while performing its services.

                                        9.0 TERM OF CONTRACT

      9.1     The initial term will commence from the date of the signed AGREEMENT and continue
              through midnight, August 3l, 2011, with the option to extend the AGREEMENT for
              three (3) additional one (1) year periods. County is not required to provide a reason if it
              elects not to renew this AGREEMENT.

      9.2     The County reserves the right to cancel this AGREEMENT, or any extension of this
              AGREEMENT, without cause, with a thirty day (30) written notice, or immediately
              with cause.

      9.3     CONTRACTOR shall commence negotiations for rate changes a minimum of ninety
              days (90) prior to the expiration of the AGREEMENT.
               9.3.1 Both parties shall agree upon rate extension(s) or changes in writing.

                                  10.0 COMPENSATION & PAYMENTS

      10.1 County shall only pay for those services actually performed under this AGREEMENT.

      10.2 Pricing, as set forth in EXHIBIT A – PRICE SHEET, shall remain firm throughout the
           initial term.

      10.3 Negotiations for rate changes must be commenced, by CONTRACTOR, a minimum of
           ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the AGREEMENT. Both parties shall agree
           upon extension(s) and rate changes in writing.

      10.4 CONTRACTOR shall provide costs for each phase of a move as outlined within each
           move request. Tours, planning meetings, and other pre-move activities shall be treated
           as overhead expenses included in the costs proposed for each move phase.

      10.5 County does not guarantee a minimum or maximum dollar value.

      10.6 CONTRACTOR shall submit Invoices in duplicate after the completion of each phase
           of a relocation project. All invoices shall be documented to the satisfaction of County.
           CONTRACTOR shall invoice all departments separately.

                                       11.0 GENERAL PROVISIONS

         Refer to General Provisions in RFP #10183)

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  6
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

                           12.0 ADDITION of QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS

      County retains the ability, at it's sole discretion, to add qualified CONTRACTOR(s) any time
      for selection and execution of a contract, provided they meet the minimum requirements of
      the County of Monterey.

                                                13.0 NOTICES

      Notices required to be given to the respective parties under this AGREEMENT shall be
      deemed given by any of the following means: (1) when personally delivered to County’s
      contract administrator or to CONTRACTOR’S responsible officer; (2) when personally
      delivered to the party’s principle place of business during normal business hours, by leaving
      notice with any person apparently in charge of the office and advising such person of the
      import and contents of the notice; (3) 24 hours after the notice is transmitted by FAX machine
      to the other party, at the party’s FAX number specified pursuant to this AGREEMENT,
      provided that the party giving notice by FAX must promptly confirm receipt of the FAX by
      telephone to the receiving party’s office; or, (4) three (3) days after the notice is deposited in
      the U. S. mail with first class or better postage fully prepaid, addressed to the party as
      indicated below.

      Notices mailed or faxed to the parties shall be addressed as follows:

      TO County:

                  Contracts/Purchasing Officer
                  168 W. Alisal Street, 3rd Floor
                  Salinas, CA 93901-2439
                  PHONE: (831) 755-4990
                  FAX: (831) 755-4969


                  Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                  1359 Dayton Street
                  Salinas, CA 93901
                  Tel. No. (831) 424-2784
                  Fax: 831-424-9463

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  7
                                       AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                   RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services


MONTEREY COUNTY                                           CONTRACTOR

Contracts/Purchasing Officer                              Signature of Chair, President, or

                                                          Printed Name and Title
Approved as to Fiscal Provisions:

Dated:                                                    (Signature of Secretary, Asst. Secretary, CFO,
                                                          Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer)*

Approved as to Liability Provisions:
                                                          Printed Name and Title

Risk Management                                           Dated:


Approved as to Form:

Assistant County Counsel


*INSTRUCTIONS: If CONTRACTOR is a corporation, including limited liability and non-profit
corporations, the full legal name of the corporation shall be set forth above together with the signatures of
two specified officers. If CONTRACTOR is a partnership, the name of the partnership shall be set forth
above together with the signature of a partner who has authority to execute this AGREEMENT on behalf of
the partnership. If CONTRACTOR is contracting in an individual capacity, the individual shall set forth the
name of the business, if any, and shall personally sign the AGREEMENT.


AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                  8
                                        AGREEMENT between COUNTY of Monterey and Scarr Moving & Storage, Inc.
                                                                    RFP #10183–Moving & Relocation Services

                                       EXHIBIT A              PRICE SHEET

  ITEM            DESCRIPTION                       UNIT PRICE

   A-1      Hourly Cost                      $ per man hour                 $   45.00

   A-2      Truck Charge                     $ per hour                     $   35.00

   A-3      Van Charge                       $ per hour van/truck &         $ 105.00
                                             two men

   A-4      Overtime Charge                  $ per hour van/truck &         $ 125.00
            (Hourly)                         two men

                                                                            $ 210.00
   A-5      Minimum Charge                   $ 2 hour minimum

      PACKING MATERIALS                                                    PRICE
2 PIECE file or Banker Boxes                          $          2.25
1.5 cu carton                                         $          2.00
3.0 cu carton                                         $          3.00
4.5 cu carton                                         $          4.00
6.0 cu carton                                         $          4.50
5.0cu (dish pack) carton                              $         10.00
Glass pack / Mirror carton                            No Charge
Crating                                               $          14.00
Machine or Library Cart Rental                        $           4.50
                                                      Per Cart / Per Day

AGREEMENT prepared by C.C.Chin, MAII                      9

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