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              . 2 No. 2
            Winter 2009
                                         The Newsletter of the Location Managers Guild of America

Wilshire Grand hosts LMGA’s First Not-so-Silent Auction to Rousing Applause
By Lori Balton
   The LMGA photography exhibit,                                               able to lock down the area. The hotel                                                   Sills, Kim Crabb, Kris Bunting, Stephen
“Last Looks: the Ambassador Hotel”,                                            also has four restaurants, a fantastic                                                  Weissberger, Bill Sandidge, TeriLee
was celebrated with a reception and                                            view of the city from our rooftop                                                       Huff, Nancy Haecker, Shannon Halliday,
charity silent auction of the prints at                                        helipad, and a retro modern bar that                                                    Stevie Nelson and Carole Segal. Special
the film-friendly Wilshire Grand Hotel                                         is easily dressed to have various looks,”                                               thanks to Marc Loge, director of
in Los Angeles. The evening was a                                              says Marc Loge, director of public                                                      Public Relations and Margaret Fornesi,
great success, raising funds for Animo                                         relations.
Film and Theater Arts High School. The                                            Incredible gift packages were also
well-attended event included guests                                            auctioned. Thanks go to Green Power
from the Los Angeles Conservancy,                                              Solutions, Los Feliz Spa; Monterey
the Set Decorators Society of America,                                         Film Commission, Sacramento Film
Principal Steve Bachrach of Animo Film                                         Commission, and the Hilton Checkers

                                                                                                                                                Photo: Jack Guberman
and Theater Arts, and Ray Ramos of
Ambassador Locations.
   “LMGA members, Kristi
Frankenheimer, Lisa Block-Linson, and
Diane Friedman created a beautiful,                                                                                                                                    Director of Event Services for making
enduring project,” commented Beth                                                                                                                                      this such a memorable event.
                                                        Photo: Jack Guberman

Tate, auction organizer. “It has meaning                                                                                                                                  For filming at the Wilshire Grand
for the community historically, as well                                                                                                                                please contact: Mark Loge at 213/612-
as on a personal level for the high                                                                                                                                    3920.
school students and location managers                                              Diane Friedman, Kristi Frankenheimer and Lisa Block-Linson                             For additional photographs of the
who participated. The images are                                               Hotel for their lovely donations. And, of                                               LAST LOOKS SHOW and the locations
striking.”                                                                     course, a round of applause for LMGA                                                    shots of the Wilshire Grand please see
   The Wilshire Grand supplied a great                                         volunteers: Beth Tate, JJ Levine, Bonnie                                      
spread of food and drink in the Los
Angeles Ballroom. Additionally, the                                            2008 CALIFORNIA ON LOCATION AWARDS WINNERS
Wilshire Grand offered tours of their                                          By Richard McMillan
many filmable areas. “We’re one of the                                            The 14th annual California On Location                                               Location Professional of the Year Features (tie):
few hotels that allow filming in the                                           Awards ceremony (COLA) was held on                                                      Doug Dresser - “Fired Up”
lobby as we have two levels and are                                            Sunday, October 19, 2008 at the Ritz Carlton                                            Gregory Alpert - “Frost/Nixon”
                                                                               hotel, Marina Del Rey with comedic actor                                                Location Professional of the Year Television

In this issue:                                                                 Fred Willard serving as host and master of
                                                                                                                                                                       - Episodic:
                                                                                                                                                                       Paul Wilson - “CSI”
                                                                                  The COLA, an industry-wide recognized                                                Location Professional of the Year –
• Update on the next Guild photo                                               event, is produced each year by the Film                                                Commercials:
  project: Route 66, On the Road                                               Liaisons in California Statewide (FLICS) to                                             David McKinney* - “Hertz”
                                                                               honor location managers and production                                                  Location Professional of the Year -Still
  Again..........................................Pg 2                          companies for their excellent performance                                               Photography:
                                                                               when filming in California. Awards are given                                             Peter McClafferty - “Harpers Bazaar ”
• Q & A with Steve Weiss from
                                                                               for outstanding production work in print                                                Production Company / Location Team of the
  Arizona .....................................Pg 4                            advertising, commercials, television and                                                Year –Features:
                                                                               feature films.                                                                           DreamWorks - “Eagle Eye”
• Attorney Jim Talbot talks about                                                 Public employees are also honored for their                                          Craig Van Gundy - Supervising Location Mgr.
                                                                               hard work in helping to cultivate a film friendly                                        Teddy Alvarez - Key Asst. Location Manager
  some of the legalities of location
                                                                               environment in California.                                                              Casey Boynton - Location Coordinator
  filming.......................................Pg 3                               The Location Managers Guild of America                                               ...Continued on page 2
                                                                               congratulates all of the award recipients:
                                                                                                            Page 1
                      On November      Century City, Beverly Hills, and                 Barney’s Beanery and continue
                      9 2008,          West Hollywood, ending with                      east to Union Station.
                      the LMGA         lunch at historic Barney’s Beanery.                 We anticipate an even greater
                      officially          A dozen people participated                   turnout next time as the project
                      began its        in this hike, including Scott                    continues to gain momentum.
                      new “Route       Piotrowski, a Route 66 historian                 Please be sure to spread the word,
                      66: On the       who has partnered with the                       not just to LMGA members, but to
Road Again” photographic project       LMGA to help present historical                  the general public as well.
with the first, preliminary walk       information and guidance along                      Other sponsors who have
along Route 66 across Los Angeles      the way. His involvement will be                 helped so far in making this
County.                                even more crucial as this project                project successful include JCL
   Covering about 9 1⁄2 miles,         continues since there will be an                 Barricade Co., Go For Locations
this segment began at the Santa        increasing number of historical                  Inc., and
Monica Pier and continued east         sites as we move further east.                      For more information, see www.
through Santa Monica, Westwood,           The next hike will start at         

             Photo: Scott Trimble                      Photo: Scott Trimble                          Photo: J. Elizabeth Ingram

 UPCOMING EVENTS:                      2008 COLA Awards                                 Yoshi Enoki Jr. - Location Manager
                                                                                        Leo Fialho * - Key Assistant Location Manager
                                       ...Continued from page 1
 No Festival Required                                                                   Larry Pearson * - Location Manager
 On Going, Phoenix, AZ                 Bob Craft * - Location Scout                     Production Company / Location Team of the            Scott Dewees * - Location Scout                  Year Television - Reality:
                                       Brian Dittmar - Assistant Location Manager       Banyon Productions, Inc. - “DIY Network”
 Miami International Film Festival     Paul “Caleb” Duffy - Location Manager             Holly Licht - Producer/Location Manager
 March 6-15 • Miami, FL                Tyler Elliot - Location Scout                    Assistant Location Manager of the Year              Kai Ephron - Key Assistant Location Manager      – Features:
 LMGA hosts: Greening Hollywood:       Peter Gluck * - Key Assistant Location Manager   Kathy McCurdy* - “Star Trek”
 Set by Set Event & Board Meeting      Ron Haynes - Key Assistant Location Manager      Assistant Location Manager of the Year
 March 22 • West Hollywood, CA         Cat Kagen - Key Assistant Location Manager       – Television:              Jason Kaplon - Assistant Location Manager        Dan Beal -“Life”
                                       Brigette Pope - Location Scout                   Public Employee of the Year – City:
 LMGA Booth at                         Dan Rosenthal *- Location Scout                  Will Wong, City of Auburn
 The AFCI Location Expo                Leif Tilden * - Assistant Location Manager       Public Employee of the Year – County:
 April 16-18 • Santa Monica, CA        Clay Valenti - Assistant Location Manager        Greg Graham, L.A. Co. Board of Public Works              Nancy Wong - Key Assistant Location Manager      Public Employee of the Year – State:                          Production Co. / Location Team of the Year       Al Adams, Office of the State Fire Marshal
 399 Location Manager Teamster work-   Television - Episodic (Tie):                     Public Employee of the Year – Federal:
 shop: Honing Your Management Skills   CBS Productions - “NCIS”                         Betty Hartenstine, United States Forest Service
 April 18 • Burbank, CA                Emily Kirylo - Key Assistant Location Manager    Mountaintop Ranger District (USFS)            Jim McClafferty - Location Manager                Lifetime Achievement Award:
                                       Joel Sinderman * - Key Asst. Location Manager    Ron Quigley *
 Local 399 Location Manager            Michael Soleau - Key Asst. Location Manager      F.A.M.E. Award:
 Teamster Meeting                      20th Century Fox Television - “24”               (FLICS Award for Merit and Excellence)
 April 21 • Burbank, CA                Tristan Daoussis - Key Asst. Location Manager    Greg Graham, L.A. City Fire Department            Clay Dodder - Key Assistant Location Manager     * denotes LMGA members.
                                                             Page 2
By James Talbott
The first of an occasional series of articles   be better to get the permission of the       filming an architecturally significant
on the legal issues that can face Location      homeowner to use the house in the            building, sculpture or a work of art is
Professionals.                                  show. If you do not, you may be liable       on a building or visible from a public
   Location managers have a difficult           for intentionally intruding upon the         venue.
job. On the one had they have to                solitude or seclusion of the homeowner           About the author: Jim Talbott is
keep a client’s or employer’s business          under §652B of the Restatement of            a Principal in the law firm of Talbott
interests in mind when they find a              the Law, Second, Torts when hoards of        & Talbott. Mr. Talbott specializes in
location and then calculate how much            people show up on the front lawn of          all aspects of intellectual property,
that location will cost to film including       the house.                                   entertainment and technology law.
transportation, hotels, etc. In addition            The famous case of a racecar             He has spoken at the Banff New
a location manager must also keep in            driver (Motschenbacher v. R.J.               Media Center, MIP-TV in Cannes
mind the legal aspects of filming at that       Reynolds Tobacco Co., 498 F.2d               and most recently at the US Sports
location. Such legal aspects include            821 (9th Cir. 1974)), enforces the           Film Festival. As a writer, Mr. Talbott
the execution of specific contracts for         fact that an object can become               is an author, editor, and frequent
the rights to use a location and the            associated by the general public with        lecturer on digital media-related
inevitable payment(s) to the neighbor           a particular person and liability can        legal issues. He has authored and
who wants to mow their lawn during              arise because of that association. In        co-authored several legal books,
filming or who wants payment because            Motschenbacher, the court found that         including the popular New Media:
their house is tangentially in a shot or        an unauthorized, altered photograph          Intellectual Property, Entertainment,
two. This article will deal with what to        of Motschenbacher’s race car by a            and Technology Law published by
do regarding the demand for payment             company in its advertising was a             Clark Boardman. His articles have
regarding the tangential photography            violation Motschenbacker’s right of          also appeared in the American Bar
of a house.                                     publicity. Although Motschenacher            Association’s Entertainment and Sports
   There are two general principals you         involved a right of publicity claim,         Lawyer and The European Intellectual
need to keep in mind: 1) There is no            the case shows that if you make an           Property Review among others.
expectation of privacy for buildings            association with the general public          Topics include: Intellectual Property
or people if they are photographed              with a particular house because of           Law, Entertainment & Technology,
from a public vantage point; and 2)             your filming, liability may arise under      Copyrights, Unfair Competition,
Anybody can sue you for anything.               numerous theories of the law including       Regulation of the Internet, and
Therefore, if you are photographing             intrusion of solitude or seclusion or        Software Taxation. He is invited to speak
a house from a public venue, and you            other applicable law.                        all over the world, and has presented
are not making this house the focal                 You also need to be sure that you are    at the Cannes Film Festival, MIP-TV,
point of your show, in most cases you           really filming from a public location. In    American Bar Association Forum on
legally have no obligation to pay for           a recent case involving Google (Boring       Entertainment and Sports Law, Screen
the fact that the house is in your frame.       v. Google, Inc. (2008)) Google was sued      Actors Guild and the Banff New Media
This is why Google Street View does             for invasion of privacy, negligence and      Festival.
not pay for photographing your house            trespass, among other counts, when               If you have any questions or
from the street. I have emphasized the          its Google Street Views took a picture       comments on this article or you have
word “general” because as we all know           of a house that was on a private (not        a question that can be addressed
there are exceptions to everything and          public) road. The road in question in the    in a future edition of The Compass,
now it’s time to look at some of those          Google case was clearly marked with a        please feel free to email me at
exceptions.                                     sign that stated “Private Road.” This case
   As stated in the above paragraph,            is currently pending with the court, but         Disclaimer: This article is intended to
you can not make the house a focal              it reinforces Rule 2, above.                 give general information only and is not
point of your show, either from a                   A final factor to consider is that       intended to give specific legal advice or
single show or over the course of a             privacy and publicity laws are based         create an attorney-client relationship.
series. If you do so, and the house             upon state, not federal laws, so they        You should seek competent legal advice
becomes associated with your show               will vary from state to state. Therefore,    for any specific questions or situations.
or a character from your show, there is         you can’t rely on what you know is the
the possibility that the general public         law in one state if you then move to
will want to visit that house and disturb       another state. You need to determine
the owners of the house. And let’s be           the law in each state you are shooting
honest in today’s information world,            in and when in doubt always consult
although you may try to keep that               with an attorney.
information private, it always gets out             In the second part of this article we
to the public. In such a case it would          will look at the legal ramifications of
                                                                   Page 3
Q & A with Steve Weiss
Stevie Nelson chats with Phoenix-based                                  see. Location managing on
commercial scout Steve Weiss. In addition to                            the right project is still fun,
scouting, Weiss is the creator and curator of                           just not the same kind of fun.
the film promotion and exhibition company                                I am a scout who can location
“No Festival Required”, which screens films at                           manage, but I don’t seek
Modified Arts, the Phoenix Art Museum and                                location managing. I always
other venues. Photos by Steve Weiss                                     wanted to find a way to use
                                                                        my mind, my intuition and
                                                                        my photography skills in a job
                                                                        that paid well, and location
                                                                        scouting is all that and more
                                                 Photo: Jamie Peachey   than I imagined.

                                                                        You are the creator and
                                                                        curator of “No Festival
                                                                        Required”. Please tell us about
                                                                         I realized the downtown
How did you get into the business and what                              Phoenix art scene had
was your first gig?                                                      everything except
I was 33 years old, and teaching in an artist                           independent film. The
in residence position for photography                                   galleries, restaurants,
through the Phoenix Visual Arts Center. I                               performance spaces were
was asked to help another location scout                                all growing but no real
in Phoenix with his commercial scouting                                 “underground films” could be
business, and worked with him for eight                                 found. I always loved short
years before heading out on my own. Before                              films and thought that would
that, I’d never heard of a location scout.                              be the place to start.
                                                                            “No Festival Required”
What kinds of projects are your bread and
                                                                        began with a sheet strung
                                                                        between two poles, a
I work about 50% commercials, 30% still
                                                                        borrowed projector, and an
shoots and the rest are industrials or the
                                                                        hour’s worth of short films.
very rare feature, where I’ve generally come
                                                                        From there, it grew to feature
in as a day player. In particular, my work has
                                                                        length films and eventually to
frequently taken me throughout the various
                                                                        the curating freelance work
Southwestern states.
                                                                        I now do for the Phoenix Art
What was one of your toughest challenges                                Museum.
as a Location Manager/Scout?                                                I am very fortunate to have
I think certainly one of the toughest was a                             had the pleasure of meeting
few years back, negotiating between two                                 great filmmakers and being
Apache tribes (who are on either side of the                            able to champion their work.
Salt River), the state highway department                               Location Scouts whose films
and the Department of Public Safety to do                               I have screened include
a bungie jump off the Salt River Bridge. It                              Marjorie Kaye and Brad Bemis,
took an amazing amount of negotiation and                               and I’m working now an
handholding, but we pulled it off!                                       getting a good venue to screen Location   independent documentaries and art films
                                                                        Manager and Guild member Ed Lippman’s     for the Phoenix Art Museum’s NFR schedule,
What do you love about the job?
                                                                        film ”Divertissment: Every Day Dancers”.   one show a month from October, November
 I think location scouting combines
the pleasures of good photography,                                                                                and then January through June. I’m also
                                                                        What are you currently working on?
investigative journalism and the silly fun of                                                                     selecting photographs for a November
                                                                        My scouting work slows considerably
a scavenger hunt. I enjoy driving and seeing                                                                      exhibit in downtown Phoenix at an art-
                                                                        during the summer, so instead I work
new things. Location scouting has taken                                                                           space called The Lodge. The show, titled
                                                                        on scheduling screenings for NFR. I’m
me to places I never would have gotten to                                                                         ”Lost Vegas” is a twenty-three year series
                                                                        currently programming some really great
                                                                                            Page 4
of Las Vegas photography, with a limited    Why did you decide to join the Location
                                                                                           The Compass is published quarterly by the
edition book to follow.                     Manager’s Guild?
                                                                                             Location Managers Guild of America.
                                            For me it was a way to both network and be
                                            able to show my clients I belong to an elite      The LMGA reserves all editorial rights.
                                                                                                  All submissions and content,
                                            group, not just that I happened to pick up a             unless otherwise noted,
                                            camera one day and started happy snapping            are the property of the LMGA.
                                            locations. I feel honored to be a member
                                                                                             Comments and suggestions are welcome
                                            in a group as diverse and experienced     
                                            as this. I look forward to contributing to
                                                                                                  Editor in Chief: Stevie Nelson
                                            the collective knowledge pool. I strongly               Editor: Richard McMillan
                                            believe in the Guild’s mission of educating         Director of Sales and Marketing:
                                            the industry and public in what we do and                   Richard McMillan
                                            how critical our work is to any successful        Contributors: Lori Balton, Peter Gluck,
                                            project.                                            Richard McMillan, Stevie Nelson,
                                                                                                          and Beth Tate
                                            Thank you, Steve Weiss!                             Design and Layout: Peter Gluck
                                                                                            LOCATION MANAGERS GUILD OF AMERICA
                                            For the complete article and more pictures              8033 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 1017
                                            please visit:                 Hollywood, CA. 90046 • 310-967-2007
                                            For more info on Steve Weiss please visit:              Dave Berthiaume, President
                                   and                               Lori Balton, 1st Vice President
                                                                 Stevie Nelson, 2nd Vice President
                                                                                                      Carole Segal, Treasurer
                                                                                                        Kim Crabb, Secretary
                         We l co m e N ew M e m b e r s !                                             Members of the Board:
            Please welcome the LMGA’s newest Active & Associate Members:                     Marylin Bitner • Bill Bowling • Robin Citrin
             Matt Cooper (CA)                          Chris Gutierrez (CA)                Kent Matsuoka • Richard McMillan • Peter Orth
              P.J. Connolly (AZ)                         Rico Laurie (CA)                       Tony Salome • Kayla Thames-Berge
                                                                                                Veronique Vowell • Kristan Wagner
            Tara Gallagher (CA)                       Christopher Rojas (CA)

                                                                Page 5
NEWS BRIEF:                          Location Manager Nancy Haecker on Public Radio
American Public Media nationally syndicated program “Marketplace Money” features “House” Location Manager and
LMGA member Nancy Haecker in their series “Day in the Work Life” on November 14, 2008. The documentary series
visits professionals of all types in the workplace. The segment does a nice job of providing a window into what Location
Managers do. To listen to the piece go to

 AAA On- Location Disposal                  Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical   Oakwood Worldwide
 Aero Mock-Ups, Inc                         Gardens                                           One Stop Leasing, Inc.
 Action Site Restroom Rentals               ITC Barricades, Inc                               Oregon Film Office/LA
 American Tents, LLC                        JCL Barricades                                    Pacific Production Sevices
 Bear Creek Studio Restroom Rentals         Kauai Film Commission                             Parking Concepts Inc
 Birmingham-Jefferson Film Office            La Brea Air, Inc.                                 Pasadena Film Office
 Cast Locations                             LA Center Studios***                              Plan-It Locations
 Cinema Maps                                Landmark Locations                                Reel Security Corporation
 Creative Handbook                          Lay’d Out, Inc.                                   Ridgecrest Film Commission
 Crew Protection                            Limoneira Orchards Film                           Riverfront Stages
 Doubletree Hotel                           Line 204, LLC                                     Rose Photo
 Executive Assurance Security               The Location Company                              Rwynn Locations
 Exxtreme Layout                                                       Santa Monica Amusements
 Fairplex                                   Locomats                                          Skyline Locations
 Far West Locations                         Long Beach Locations, Inc                         Studio Air Conditioning
 Ferguson’s Film Property Management Co.    Malibu Locations                                  Sunset Locations
 Filming Direct                             Malibu Mobile Air                                 Teamsters Local 399***
 Finishing Concepts Inc.                    Manor Hotel                                       Tent Kings of L.A., Inc
 Fresno Film & Entertainment Commission     Meyler and Company                                Toni Maier/On Location
 Global Resources                           Millenium Biltmore Hotel                          Tracy Danielson
 Go-For-Locations                           MNMlocations                                      Trailer Trash
 Haller Concepts                            Montana Film Office                                Twin Valet Parking Inc.
 Hilton Checkers                            Monterey County Film Commission                   Universal Locations
 Hollywood Tentworks                        Nate Starkman Building, LLC                       Unreel Locations
 Home Shoot Home                            Northstar Moving Corporation                      Willowfilmlocations, LLC
 Houston Film Commission                    Oakland Film Office                                Yosemite-Madera County Film Commission

                                           8033 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 1017
   Location Managers and Scouts are        Hollywood, CA. 90046
  vital members of the design team for
   film, television, commercials, music
       videos and print advertising.

          Founded in 2003,
   The Location Managers Guild of
   America, is a 501 (c) 6, non-profit
     corporation dedicated to the
    promotion and interests of our
  members and our relations with the
   general public, communities and
          industry partners.

  For membership information, please

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