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					     Synergy Mail Gateway

     Automatically store mail within Synergy

Synergy Mail Gateway is:                         The missing link between Synergy
•	   Mailfiling	in	Synergy                       and your mail system
•	   Incoming	and	outgoing	mail
                                                 Scanning	files	and	send	these	to	your	mail,	to	add	in	Synergy,	is	a	time-
•	   Including	attachments
•	   Extensive	configurations	                   consuming	matter.	With	the	Synergy	Mail	Gateway	you	can	archive	your	

                                                 mail	within	Exact	Synergy.	Store	e-mail	with	attachments	in	Exact	Synergy,	

                                                 this	process	will	be	fully	automated	thanks	to	the	Synergy	Mail	Gateway.	

De Keijzer Nipius & Co
 “Mail	 Gateway	 enables	 us	 to	 proactively	
 manage	our	customers.”

 Dave Horio, Senior Accountant.

Mail results within Exact
Synergy optionally in:
•	   Document	with	attachments
•	   Workflows
•	   Link	to	a	project
•	   New	applicant
Technical operation                                        Functional operation
Synergy	 Mail	 Gateway	 is	 100%	 MIME	                    There	are	several	configuration	options.
compatible,	 multi-threaded	 SMTP	 server	
which	 processes	 all	 e-mail	 to	 Synergy.	 The	          You	can	either	fix	all	e-mail	automatically	within	Exact	Synergy	or	you	can	
software	 is	 a	 Windows	 Service	 installed	 on	          fix	the	e-mail	for	a	limited	number	of	e-mail	addresses.
a	 personal	 computer	 or	 server	 which	 has	 a	
connection	 with	 the	 e-mail	 server	 and	 the	           Which rules would you like to use for filing the e-mail?
Synergy	server.
                                                           Based	on	the	senders	and	recipients	mail	address,	mail	can	automatically	
The	Synergy	Mail	Gateway	acts	as	a	full	e-mail	            be	linked	to	relations,	employees	or	projects.	You	have	the	possibility	to	
server.	 This	 means	 that	 all	 your	 email	 related	     configure	the	behavior	of	the	Mail	Gateway	based	on	you	requirements.	
systems,	 can	 communicate	 with	 the	 Synergy	            For	 instance:	 Workflows	 can	 be	 triggered	 by	 incoming	 mails	 related	 to	
Mail	Gateway.	Also	when	using	non	Microsoft	               complaints	handling.
Exchange	email	services.	                                  	
                                                           As	a	user	you	do	not	have	to	install	anything	on	your	work	station,	where	
Every	 e-mail	 address	 routed	 via	 the	                  ever	you	work	your	e-mail	will	be	saved	automatically	in	Synergy.	You	don’t	
Synergy	Mail	Gateway,	may	result	in	an	action	in	          have	to		take	any	actions	even	when	using	web	based	mail	clients.
Synergy.	This	can	be	producing	a	document,	a	
request	in	the	workflow	or	both.	The	Synergy	              The	 Synergy	 Mail	 Gateway	 is	 configurable.	 Would	 you	 like	 to	 add	 extra	
Mail	 Gateway	 is	 very	 flexible	 so	 on	 request	        functionality,	tailor-made	adjustments	are	possible!
other	configuration	are	possible.	

                                                         Cost savings                               Opportunities
The	 software	 is	 developed	 in	 C#	 using	             E-mail	can	easily	be	linked	to	            Link	Synergy	to	all	your	existing	
Microsoft	 .NET	 3.5.	 Synergy	 Mail	 gateway	 is	       employees,	relations	and	projects          e-mail	systems
available	for	Synergy	ASP	and	Synergy	.NET.
                                                         Archive	e-mail                             Flexible	configurations

                                                         Save	time	by	storing	e-mail	               The	possibility	to	automatically	store	
                                                         attachments	automatically	in	              all	e-mail	

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Description: A computer, it will e-mail (e-mail) from one network to another network, from one network to the Internet or vice versa, if necessary, rearrange the header (header) information format. Gateway was easy to understand concept. In the early Internet, the term gateway router refers. Routers in the network beyond the local network of tags, this move toward the unknown "door" was, and still used to calculate the route and forwards the packet data network to the outside part of the ursprunglich, therefore, it is considered to be the door leading to the Internet . Over time, the router is no longer magical, public IP-based wide area network to promote the emergence and maturation of the growth of the router. Now also by the routing and switching hub to host the exercise, the gateway is no longer a mysterious concept. Now, the router into a multi-functional network equipment, local area network can be divided into several segments, a private wide area network interconnection related to the LAN and WAN interconnection and the formation of the Internet, so the router will lose the original network off concept. However, the continued use of the term gateway down, it is constantly applied to a variety of different functions, define the gateway is no longer an easy task.