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Agenda - Tentative


									                                                                        Agenda - Tentative

                                                                             21.2.11 - Monday

              Pre-Conference Roundtable hosted by Dr. Uzi Landau, Minister of National Infrastructures
  19:00       and Capital Nature – “Stopping Dependence on Oil” (by invitation).
              Moderated by Dr Shlomo Wald, Chief scientist, Ministry of Infrastructures.
              In the presence of:
              Prof. Eugene Kandel , Head Of The National Economic Council
              Dr. Dan Arvizu, Director & Chief Executive NREL
              Avi Hason, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
              Lew Fulton, Senior transport energy specialist, IEA
              VIP cocktail for international guests – hosted by Eilat - Eilot RE Initiative & Mintz-Levin (by invitation only).

                                                                             22.2.11 - Tuesday

              Refreshments and Registration                                            Tour - VIP (by Invitation)
                                                                                       Ceremony - Launching the first ground mounted PV farm in Israel by Arava Power
                                                                                       Visit to the new installations at the Capital Nature test and Validation Site.

              Opening Plenary Session
              Chair: Dorit Banet, Conference Co-Chair & Manager, Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Administration
              Awards for Youth Competition and Greetings - Silvan Shalom, Vice Prime minister and the minister for the Negev and Galilee and regional development
              Greetings by:Meir Yizhak Halevi, Mayor of Eilat
              Prof. Moti Herskowitz, Vice President, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
              Milestones for Success – Arava Power PV Farm & Capital Nature Technological Center, Udi Gat, Chairman, Hevel Eilot Regional Council
              Yiftach Ron Tal – Chairman, Israel Electric Company

              Greetings &Keynote Addresses:
              Chair: Noam Ilan, Conference Co-Chair & VP, Capital Nature
              Greetings by Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador to Israel
              Dr. Uzi Landau, Minister of Infrastructures
              Dr. Dan Arvizu, Director & Chief Executive NREL
                                                                    22.2.11 – Tuesday- Continues

              Plenary - Do we see the light? - General Directors of Government Ministries Announcing Achievements (Oil Substitutes, Emission Reduction , Solar
              Tenders , Technology Center, Solar Zoning)
              Chair: Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation
              “The chances of meeting Israeli Government Renewable Energy goals”, Shaul Zemah, Director General, Ministry of National Infrastructures
              Prof. Eugnene Kendell, Head of the National Economic Council and the Chief Economic
               Advisor to the Prime Minister
              Haim Shani, Director General, Ministry of Finance
12:00-13:30   Sharon Kedmi, Director General, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
              Dr. Yossi Inbar, Director General, Ministry of Environmental Protection
              Orna Hozman Bechor, Director General, Ministry of the Negev and Galilee and regional development
              Shimon Ifrah, Senior Consultant to Minister of Interior
              Amos Lasker, CEO, Israel Electric Company
              Amnon Shapira, Chairman, Israeli Public Utility Authority
              Deepak Gupta, Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India (TBC)

13:30-14:40                                                               Light Lunch at the Exhibition Venue

              Panel -Innovation Plenary – What is the Best Model for Financing           Implementation Plenary – The State of the Solar Nation (Including
              and Accelerating Renewable Energy Technological Innovation?                announcing the Timna Solar Bid)
                                                                                         Chair: Dr. Ilan Suliman
              Chair: Avi Hason, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor     Oded Agmon: Israel Public Utilities Authority
              Dr. Dan Arvizu, Director & Chief Executive NREL                            Moshe Bachar, Vice CEO, Israel Electric Company
              Danny Zouber, Partner at Piper Jaffray, US.                                Udi Udiri, Ministry of Finance
                                                                                         Fanny Susportass, Israeli Land Bureau
14:40-16:00   Shai Schiller, Chairman, Capital Nature                                    Eitan Parnass, CEO of the Renewable Energy Association of Israel
                                                                                         Yehuda Niv, Director, Electricity Authority, Ministry of National Infrastructures
              Itay Zetelny, Partner, Cleantech Advisory Leader , E&Y                     Efraim Shline, Head of Zoning Department, Ministery of Interior
                                                                                         Comments from the Industry:
              Shai Weiss, Partner, Virgin Green Fund                                     Amir Levy, CEO, Shicun Bimui Environment
                                                                                         Eli Abramov, CEO, Baran
              Elad Shaviv, Cisco
                                                                  22.2.11 – Tuesday- Continues

              Energy Efficiency -             Renewable Energy Startups – From         Solar - the Israeli PV Market - Challenges and   Seminar – Canada Israel
              Government Role, Projects       Innovation to Implementation             Opportunities                                    Collaboration
              and Future Trends               Chair: Eran Yarkoni, CEO, Capital        Chair: Eitan Parnass
              Chair: Alex Kushnir, MNI        Nature                                   Alon Tamari, CEO, Solar Power
              Will Wynn, award-winning        Companies in Capital Nature Arava Test   Kobi Dinar, CEO, Sunday
              recent two-term mayor of        Site:                                    Yogev Gavri, CEO, Paz Solar
              Austin, Texas                   CEO, B-Solar                             Shai Porat, CEO, Inbar
16:00-17:15   Dr. Grayson Heffner, Senior     Eyal Richter, CEO, Verilite              John Cohen, CEO, Arava Power
              Analyst, IEA                    Yossi Fisher,CEO, Solaris                Tali Nehoshtan, Solaria
              Fionnuala Costello,             Eli Kliatzkin, CEO, Winflex              Hila Shamir, PUA
              Technology Strategy Board,      -------------------------------------
              U.K                             Yuval Bernson, CEO, Linum
              Israeli Energy Forum (TBC)      Sagie Tsadka, CEO, Pentalum (Wind)
              Israel Moshowitz, IEC           Wind SL (TBC)

17:15-17:45                                                           Coffee Break at the Exhibition Venue

              Green Buliding - Israeli        Innovation – Alternative Fuels and       Challenges in Financing Renewable Energy         Seminar –Energy Efficient
              Innovations and International   Mobile Power – Startups Forum and        Projects (Including first commercial projects)   Commercial Air Conditioning
              Applications                    Future Trends                                                                             Moderated by Edi Beit
              Chair: Tehila Bar Or, CEO, I    Chair: Ms. Zviya Baron, PetroQuantum     Chair: Tomer Reshef, ZenithEnergy                Hazavdi, MNI
              Consortium                      Companies:                               Yannick Glemarec
              Karl Ward, Program              Primus Green Energy, Dr. Yom Tov         Executive Coordinator for Global
              Manager, Newcastle Science      Samia, President                         Environment Facility at UNDP (By Video)
              City                            Applied Clean Tech, Dr. Refael Aharon,   Adam E. Bergman, Director, CleanTech
              Helen Atarot, Director,         CEO                                      Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank
              Standardization Division,       NG Tech, Shai Botzer, Director,          Securities???
              Israeli Standard Institute      Engineering
                                                                                       Zafrir Yoeli, Co-founder & Director, Enlight
                                              TransBiodiesel, Dr. Subhi Bashir, CEO
                                              Univerve, Ohad Zukerman, CEO             Renewable Energy, Eurocom Group
                                                                                       Eitan Glazer, Partner, Energy & CleanTech
                                                                                       Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers Israel

                                                                                       Noemi Schmayer , Senior Partner, Head of
                                                                                       International Corporate & Hi-Tech
                                                                                       Department, M. Firon & Co.
                                                                   22.2.11 – Tuesday- Continues

18:45-19:45                                                       Reception – Capital Nature Launch (By invitation)

                                                                 Gala Evening+Dinner+ Entertainment+Awards
                                                                               Award Presentations:
                                                    Award for Lifelong Contribution to Sustainable Energy to Arnold Goldman
                                                  The Bryan Medwed Award for Contribution to Renewable Energy in Eilat – Eilot
                                                                       and Israel to Arava Power Company

                                                                        23.2.11 - Wednesday

              Plenary - EUREKA Israel Chairmanship – Policy as an accelerator for Innovation
              Chair: Eli Opper, Chairman of the High Level Group, EUREKA
               Greetings by Benjamin Ben Eliezer, Minister of Industry Trade and Labor
              On. Le Paolo Romani, Minister for Economic Development, Italy (TBC)
              Korea (TBC)
              Prof. Rafael Kleiman, Director, Centre for Emerging Device Technologies (CEDT)& Scientific Director, NSERC Photovoltaic Innovation Network
              Prof. Itzik Ben Israel
              Israel Makov, Chairman of Given Imaging

              Plenary – Business Leaders - Bridging the Valley of Death between         Plenary (The Ministry for Environment)- Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
              Innovation and Implementation using EUREKA Instruments                    Chair: Shuly Nezer, Deputy General Manager, Industries & Climate change,
              Chair: Luk Borg, Head of the EUREKA Secretariat                           Ministry for Environment
              Gabriel Marquette, Eurogia Chairman & Director European Affairs ,
              Xavier Chazelle, Acqueau Chairman & Deputy Director, Research and
9:40-11:00    Innovation, Veolia Environment
              Shiva Dustdar, Head of Structured Finance for Life Sciences, Structured
              Finance & Advisory, European Investment Bank
              Maja Bendtsen, Danish utility Østkraft
              Chemi Peres, Pitango
              Moshe Gaon, Chairman B. Gaon Holdings
              Sobhi Basheer, TransBioDiesel, CEO & Founder

11:00-11:40                                                                         Coffee Break
                                                                  23.2.11 - Wednesday Continues

                                                                                         Plenary - Water and Energy Nexus
              Government and Private Sector Collaboration – The Path to Energy
                                                                                         Chair: Booky Oren, Chairman WATEC Israel
                                                                                         Donald L. Plusquellic, Mayor, City of Akron, Ohio, U.S, Past-president, U.S.
              Chair: TBC
                                                                                         Conference of Mayors
              Infrastructure for EV in Israel, Dr. Uzi Landau, Minister of
                                                                                         Prof. Bryan Karney, The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering at the
                                                                                         University of Toronto
              DOE (TBC)
11:40-12:55                                                                              Rafi Ifragan, VP Engineering and Technology, Mekorot, Israel National Water
              Richard J. Berry, Mayor of Albuquerque
              Ziva Patir, VP, BetterPlace
                                                                                         Eytan Levy, Co-founder and CEO Emefcy, Bio-Energy Systems
              The Tale of the Ashalim Solar Project, Avi Brenmiller CEO, Siemens CSP
                                                                                         Ariel Sagee, CEO, A.R.I Flow Control accessories
              Professor Carolyn Roberts, Director of the Environmental Sustainability
                                                                                         Yossi Fisher, CEO, Solaris Synergy (EUREKA project)
              Knowledge Transfer Network, University of Oxford
                                                                                         Gadi Hareli, CEO, Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric ( EUREKA project)

              Plenary - China The Energy Giant of the Future (and the present) +         Plenary - Future Energy Mix (Including Implications of Israel’s Natural Gas
              Israeli Innovation Export                                                  Finds)
               Chair: Oded Distel, Director, National Water & Renewable Energy Plan,     Chair: Dr. Amit Mor, Eco Energy
              Ministry of                                                                Shaul Zemah, Director General, Ministry of National Infrastructures
              Industry, Trade & Labor                                                    Will Wynn, award-winning recent two-term mayor of Austin, Texas
              Keynote Speech - Li Junfeng, National Development and Reform               Todd Strauss, Senior Director, Energy Policy, Planning, and Analysis at PG&E
              Commission, Energy Research Institute, Deputy Director                     Eliezer (moodi) Sandberg, World chairman Of Keren Hayessod – United Israel
              General/Professor. Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association         Appeal
                                                                                         Dr. Gal Luft , executive director of the Washington, DC based Institute for the
              (CREIA) Secretary-General, China
12:55-13:55                                                                              Analysis of Global Security (IAGS).
               Avi Hefetz, CEO, The Israel Export & International Cooperation

              Zvi Chalamish, Chief Executive Officer ASHR'A - The Israel Export
              Insurance Corp.

              A guide for Israeli innovation companies - doing business in China. Oren
              Gadot, CEO, Heliofocus

                                                                                  Lunch + Exhibition
                                                                   23.2.11 - Wednesday Continues

              Trends in the Academia and            From BioFuels to Electric Vehicle:        Implementation - Building PV               Seminar – The role of the
              Breakthrough Research                 Exploring the Path to Sustainable         installations, Practices, Challenges and   Media in Promoting Clean
              Chair: Tareq Abu Hamed,               Transportation                            Trends in PV Technologies towards grid     Agenda Energy
              Manager, Arava Institute RE           Chair: Sagie Dagan, Senior Economist,     parity
              Center                                the National Economic Council, Prime
              Prof. Jacob Karni The Weizmann        Minister Office                           Chair: Alon Tamari, CEO, Solarpower
              Institute of Science                  P K Banerjee, Head (Homologation &        Bernhard Beck, CEO, Belectric
              Prof Arie Zaban, Chemistry            Product Evaluation), Tata Motors          Sunpower corp. (TBC)
              Department, Bar Ilan University       Limited
              Prof Sammy Boussiba, the Jacob        Adam Bergman, Director, CleanTech         PV Module Quality - What materials
              Blaustein Institute for Desert        Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank         hold for the future, Schott
15:25-16:40   Research, Ben Gurion University       Securities
              of The Negev                          Karl Josef Kuhn, Head of Drive Train      SolarEdge
               Prof. Yossi Rosenwaks, School        eCar, Corporate Technology of Siemens
              of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv   AG, Germany                               Schneider-Electric
              University                            Dr. Gabriel Marquette, Director
               Prof. Gershon Grossman,              European Affairs at Schlumberger          Reliability and Efficiency of PV Systems
              Faculty of Mechanical                 Research and President at EUROGIA+        – Israel’s contribution to PVPS of the
              Engineering, Technion - Israel        Dr. Lew Fulton, Senior transport energy   IEA of the OECD, Mike Green, CTO,
              Institute of Technology               specialist, IEA                           Arava Power
              Dr. Ilan Stavi, the Dead Sea and      Dr. John G Smyth, Executive Director,
              Arava Science Center                  Head of GM North America Science          Jyrki Leppänen, Director, Market
                                                    Laboratories                              management, Solar inverters, ABB

              Corporate Energy Management           Alternative Fuels and Mobile Power:       Implementation – Towards Energy            French Israel Seminar on Cities
              Chair: Noam Gressel, President,       Turning the Vision into Reality           Independence - Which Technology will       Energy Efficiency
              Assif-Strategies & Partner at         Chair: Thomas R. Burton, Mintz-Levin      Dominate Utility Scale RE?
              Greylock Partners                     Eran Baniel, CEO, HCL Clean Tech          Chair: TBC
              Asher Greenbaum, Senior VP            Ziv Gottesfeld, CEO, Cellera              Dr. Frank Elefsen, CTO, Energy and
              Development, Israel Chemicals         Jason Matlof, Partner, Battery Ventures   Climate, Danish Technological Institute
              Eng. Omri Morag, VP Marketing,        Yaniv Tepper, Managing Partner and        Building Energy Independency by
              Gadir Engineering(TBC)                Co-Founder, Angeleno Group                various PV applications, Mr James Hu,
              Orna Angel, VP Sustainable            Shane Terblanche, General Manager,        President of APMEA, Suntech (China)
              Development, Shikin & Binui           Electric Vehicles, Navistar               Mr. Mitropoulos, Enolia Energy
              David Almagor, CEO, Panoramic         David Wu, President, YottaQ Inc           Olaf GumniorKey Account Manager, E
              Power                                                                           R wind, Siemens
                                                                   23.2.11 - Wednesday Continues

              Education for Sustainable Energy      Innovation - Smart Grid, “The              Implementation – CSP & CPV -          French Israel Seminar on Cities
              Chair: Dr Drori Ganiel – Head of      challenges of Electric cars               Challenges and Innovation              Energy Efficiency
              education, welfare & academy,         infrastructures; IEC, Better place and    Chair: (TBC)
              Eilat (TBC)                           relevant companies”                       Benjamin Kortz, BrightSource
              Dr. Eli Kalmanzon ,RE consultant      Chair: Avner Algom, CEO, Cloud            Wolfgang Eichhammer, Deputy Head
              - Unique program integrated           Yosi Shneck VP, Information Systems       Competence Centre Energy Policy and
              into science curriculum in Eilat-     and Communications Division at IEC        Energy Systems, Fraunhofer Institute
              Eilot schools.                        (CIO(                                     for Systems and Innovation Research
              Edi Biet Hazbdi, MNI – energy         Dan Weinstock, Charging Grid              ISI
              efficiency programs                   Manager at Better Place                   Siemens CSP
              Tamar Fishel , Arava Institute &      Daniel Jammer, CEO, Nation Power          Jan Dolbaum, Concentrix
              Ben Gurion university -               Louis de Brun, IBM
              conceptions of environmental          Clemens Hoffman, Siemens
              Start Up for Life – Education for
              Entrepreneurship and
              Sustainability as a Tool for Social
              Miri Yemini, Entrepreneurship
              and Innovation Center, SCE
              David Rivkin, Ohalo
              Panel of Experts: Inserting
              innovative concepts into

                                                              The Solar Cocktail and Business Card Swap, Hosted by the
                                                                       Renewable Energy Association of Israel

19:15-20:00                                                                            Receptions
                                                                        24.2.11 - Thursday

              Plenary - Vision: Renewable Energy as a Catalyst for Regional Development and Cooperation
              Chair: David Schwartz
              Avishay Braverman, Minister for minority affairs (TBC)
              Louis Seck, Minster of Renewable Energy, Senegal
              Energy Minister of Nevis
              Avi Feldman, Director, Negev and Galilee Development Center, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor
               “The Humus Manifesto”, Michael Eisenberg, Benchmark
              Eiman Seif, head of prime minister s economic bureau for minorities

              Solar & Wind - Innovation Consortiums & Eraly       Innovation and Vision for Smart Grid and energy   Sustainable Energy Opportunities and
              Stage Startups                                      efficiency                                        challenges for Municipalities in Israel
                                                                  Chair: Joe Van Zorn, I-Consortium
              Chair: Dr. Amikam Levanon, KARAT IEC                Opening remarks: Shlomo Wald                      Chair: Ofir Pines
              Zeev Savion, BIPV Consortium                                                                          Head of Municipalities
              Irit Chen-zamero, Solar Energy Solutions                                                              Forum 15
              Consortium                                                                                            Historic decision on justice for the Bedouin
                                                                                                                    on land issues – The Solar aspect
              Dr. Fernando de la Vega; PV NanoCell                                                                  Dudu Cohen & Moussa Tarabin

              Dr Chiara Candelise, Institute for Energy Systems
              (ISE), University of Edinburgh

              Colin Mallett, Intelligent photovoltaic (PV)

              Green Gold

              Smart Wind

              Hen Shalita “Huzpa”

10:50-11:20                                                                        Coffee Break
                                                                     24.2.11 - Thursday Continues

              Coming of Age? Current technology and policy    BioFuels: infrastructure and need for innovation             The Solar & Wind Developers Workshop
              barriers for the US Solar Energy market                                                                      – Q&A to the Authorities
              Chair: Josh Bar Lev, VP, BrightSource Energy    Chair: Dr. Igor Derzy, Chief scientist office, MNI           Moshe Shitrit, PUA
                                                                                                                           Michal Franco, MNI
              David Yaffe, head of the Renewable Energy                                                                    MOIN
11:20-12:20   practice, Van Ness Feldman                                                                                   Aviation Authority
              JOEL CHALFIN, Research Manager, Energy &                                                                     MMI
              Environmental Research Center University of                                                                  Comments by Israel Gilad
              North Dakota
              David Rosenblatt, Vice Chairman, Arava

              EU Regional Energy Programs for the             Innovation - Minister of National Infrastructures Startegy   Debate - Transmission lines and the
              Mediterranean                                   Fund Startups                                                Environment- the case of passing through
              Chair: EU/MNI                                   Chair: Avarahan Arbib, MNI                                   the Machtesh Ramon nature reserve
              Dr. Albrecht Kaupp, Team Leader, MED-EMIP       Avner Cohen, CEO, Greenlet                                   Chair: Dorit Banet
              - Euro-Mediterranean Energy Market              Jonathan Fromm, Nidan                                        Moshe Bechar (IEC)
              Integration Project                             Boaz Dovev, Falcon                                           Yehuda Niv, Director, Electricity
  12:20-      Kurt Wiesegart, MED ENEC II                     Dr Ehud Sivan, CEO, Tour Engine                              Authority, Ministry of National
  13:20       Florian Sauter-Servaes, Team Leader, Paving     Amit Aflalo, Loginet                                         Infrastructures
              the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan        Arie Trinker, TriDiNetworks                                   Efraim Shlein (ministry of interior)
              Dr Aiman Al-Share, The German Jordanian         Ilan Friedlander, MME-IL New Diesel Company                   Env. Ministry
              University, Amman- Jordan                                                                                     Ratag (TBC)
              Nayef Al-Hoor, General manager of Southern      CLEAN ENERGY PATENTS AND INNOVATION, Jeff                    SPNI (TBC)
              Electricity Company, Hebron-Palestine           Rothenberg                                                   Eilat MUNI (TBC)

                                                       TOUR - The Arava Renewable Energy Valley (including lunch in a Box)

              Kibbutz Ketura - Arava Power 5 MW Solar Farm

  13:30                      Capital Nature Test & Validation Site

              Kibbutz Samar – Aora Solar Tower (For those who did not visit before)

              Kibbutz Neot Smadar – The majestic passive cooling tower (For the adventurers)

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