Television by rafiu1


     Television, system of sending and receiving pictures and
sound by means of electronic signals transmitted through wires
and optical fibers or by Electromagnetic radiation. These
signals are usually broadcast from a central source, a
television station, to reception devices such as television
sets in homes or relay stations such as those used by cable
television   service   providers.   Television    is  the   most
widespread form of communication in the world. Though most
people will never meet the leader of a country, travel to the
moon, or participate in a war, they can observe these
experiences through the images on their television.
     Television has a variety of applications in society,
business, and science. The most common use of television is as
a source of information and entertainment for viewers in their
homes. Security personnel also use televisions to monitor
buildings,   manufacturing    plants,   and    numerous   public
facilities. Public utility employees use television to monitor
the condition of an underground sewer line, using a camera
attached to a robot arm or remote-control vehicle. Doctors can
probe the interior of a human body with a microscopic
television camera without having to conduct major surgery on
the patient. Educators use television to reach students
throughout the world.

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