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E-Mail Gateway Application


A computer, it will e-mail (e-mail) from one network to another network, from one network to the Internet or vice versa, if necessary, rearrange the header (header) information format. Gateway was easy to understand concept. In the early Internet, the term gateway router refers. Routers in the network beyond the local network of tags, this move toward the unknown "door" was, and still used to calculate the route and forwards the packet data network to the outside part of the ursprunglich, therefore, it is considered to be the door leading to the Internet . Over time, the router is no longer magical, public IP-based wide area network to promote the emergence and maturation of the growth of the router. Now also by the routing and switching hub to host the exercise, the gateway is no longer a mysterious concept. Now, the router into a multi-functional network equipment, local area network can be divided into several segments, a private wide area network interconnection related to the LAN and WAN interconnection and the formation of the Internet, so the router will lose the original network off concept. However, the continued use of the term gateway down, it is constantly applied to a variety of different functions, define the gateway is no longer an easy task.

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