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					 What Makes
People LAZY??

  A Photo of a Swangkee Saddle
       A Tale of Hope
         Ray Walter Swangkee ―
   The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge,
   Box 305G24, King’s Mountain, Kentucky
   40442 The Divided States of United Lies!
My E-mail Address is:, as in:
   “The King at TELL ALL, dot, Network of Truth.”

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 “O my Son, there are many Things that can make a
Person Lazy, and even Crazy; but if you Fast and Pray
 Long Enough, all such Problems simply Disappear.”

“O my Daughter, if you are Lazy, it only Means that
 you are not Living in an Ideal Place to Live, which
 Inspires Ambition: beCause of being Healthy, and
    beCause of having an Abundance of Material,
   Spiritual, and Mental Resources to Work with.”
               Proverbs of the Peacock
                       What Makes People LAZY??

          Copyright, Dedication, and

          The Professor Wordcraft from
    The Universal College of Superior Knowledge
       This Special Booklet is COPYRIGHTED 2004 AD, by Ray
Walter Swangkee, who is the Author of more than 200 Inspired
Books and Booklets. (See the List of Literature in the back end of
this Booklet for the Evidence.) All Rights are Reserved for the
Truth‟s Sake. No Portion of this Booklet shall be Reproduced
by any Means for Sale: because it is provided Free of Charge by
The Swangkee Association of Truth Seekers and Treasure
Hunters, Worldwide!1

        This Unique Booklet is now DEDICATED to the hundreds
of millions of People within this World of Woes, who are LAZY,
who have no Desire to Do much of anything, who are perhaps also
Depressed, Sick, or Diseased, who have not been Taught the Truth
about Good Health, and how it just Naturally puts the Spring into
your Steps, and Ambition into your Mind; but only IF you are not
Discouraged for a LACK of MONEY: beCause an Abundance of
Money is Equally as Important as Air and Water when it comes to
having an Abundance of Ambition, which must be Born from
HOPE: beCause, without Hope (for Reason of a Lack of Money), a
Person can hardly get him or herself Out of Bed, let alone Help to
Move more than 13,000,000 Pounds, as the Swangkee Brothers did

 See the Peacock‟s Website for his Free Booklets, called: Justification of
Capitalization!, and: Is it a SIN to Make MERCHANDISE of The Words of
                        What Makes People LAZY??

in Order to Build their 98% Rock Houses, for Examples of what
all People could have, and even Better Houses than they have:
beCause they Built their Houses according to the most Difficult
Method known to Mankind, by HAND, with the Help of simple
Tools.2 Please Notice what is Written in First Kings 10: 27, “And
King Solomon made Silver as Abundant in Jerusalem as the Coble
Stones in the Streets, so that there was no Lack of Money to Work
with; and he Caused his Servants to Plant Red Cedar Trees, which
became as Common as the Sycamore Trees in the Fertile Valleys:
because he Watered them and Cared for them, even in Desert
Places, until his Sons Sold them for Profit when he got Old.” See
the New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV). However, this is not the
Dark Ages, and we now have Tools that can do the Work of
MILLIONS of People ― such as Trains, which can Move a
thousand Boxcars full of Rocks on a Railroad at one Time, for
hundreds of Miles for only a few Dollars-worth of Fuel, if the
Train is coming down from the Mountains, which Fuel is only
needed in Order to Move the Train BACK into the Mountains:
beCause GRAVITY will Move the Train down from the
Mountains, and especially if that Train is LONG Enough.
Moreover, if the Train is so Long that it can Form a Complete
Circle, it would not Require any Fuel whatsoever: beCause the
PRESSURE of that Part of the Train that is coming Down from the
Mountains will easily Motivate the Train for a thousand Miles into
the Great Plains, and also have the Energy to push and pull the
Empty Railroad Cars back up to the Mountains where they came
from: beCause the Boxcars that are FULL of Rocks, which are
coming down from the Mountains, are so much Heavier than the
Empty Cars. Therefore, if we were in the Process of Building
thousands of Beautiful Planned City States, called $wangkee
Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, which just Happen to have more
  NOTE: For the Finer Details concerning HOW the Swangkee Brothers built
their 98% Rock Houses, see the Peacock‟s Website for his Free Book, called:
The BURDENS of The Independent Jackasses (A Tale of Woes) by The
White Jackass with 2 Long Ears, who can Hear!
                        What Makes People LAZY??

than 248 Good Reasons and Great Advantages for Building
them and Living within the Borders of them,3 we could
Theoretically Move ALL of those Rocks from the Mountains to the
Fortresses, for FREE, at least as far as Fuel for Transportation is
concerned; and the Underground Train might even be Able to
Gather extra Energy by Means of Hydraulic Brakes: beCause of
that Gravity Factor. Moreover, it is Possible to keep that Train in
Constant Motion: beCause of the Design of those Boxcars for
Rocks, which could be quickly Dumped Out wherever the Rocks
are Needed, into Steel Shoots that run into other Boxcars that are
waiting to Haul such Rocks to the Fortresses that are being
Constructed here and there along the Railroad Line, within a
hundred or more Miles from it. In other Words, the Long Circular
Train would have Railroad Tracks that are 12 feet apart, which
carry $wangkee Steel Boxcars that have been made from Used
Recycled Army Tanks, which Haul as much as 1,000 tons of
Rocks in just one Box, which is Linked to another Box by Means
of a 40-feet-long Steel Trailer Hitch, or is even Linked by a large
Passenger/Sleeper Car for People, which Rides on a large Flatcar,
which Passenger Car can be Mechanically SNATCHED UP as it
passes by, which Flatcar is Hitched to another Box full of Rocks,
so that a Special Tool can be Used in Order to DUMP the Boxcars
of Rocks as they slowly pass by at about 20 Miles per Hour:
beCause that particular Train is in no Big Hurry, since just one of
those Boxcars full of Rocks is Sufficient to keep a small

  NOTE: One of the Greatest Advantages for Building Swangkee Fortresses, is
the Fact that all of the Political Wrangling and Religious Controversies can
CEASE within such City States: beCause, in as much as it is Possible, each
Swangkee Fortress is made up of Likeminded People, who can Agree to Quietly
Move to other Swangkee Fortresses, Free of Charge, if the Time should come
when they might Disagree to a certain Degree, in Order that they might be
Happy with their Situation. See the Peacock‟s Free Book, called: SURVEY of
Religious Spiritual Political Social Moral Labor and Habitual VALUES, in
Order to Discover what your Values are, so that you can best Decide which
Prosperous Fortress to Join with Likeminded People, who can Agree to Live in
PEACE, and to Attend to their own Businesses, Gardens, and Orchards.
                     What Makes People LAZY??

Swangkee Army of Working Soldiers Busy for one whole Day:
beCause another smaller Boxcar will be bringing Gravel, while
still another smaller Boxcar will be bringing Sand, in Order that
most of those Rocks might be Mixed up with Water and Fresh
$wangkee Cement, which makes Concrete that is SEVEN TIMES
AS STRONG as Normal American Concrete, which is made with
WEAK Cement, which is Designed to be Stored for Months at a
Time within Warehouses by Means of Chemical Preservatives,
which also Produce Harmful Toxic Concrete, which makes it
Unsafe for a Person to Breathe the Air around it, until it is fully
Cured, about 2 Years later, which is not the Case with First Class
Swangkee Concrete, which is Nontoxic! In other Words, it will
Require Seven Great Swangkee Armies of Working Soldiers in
Order to Accomplish such GREAT Ambitions, which will be far
more Profitable than Attempting to go to the Moon, or to send a
Man to Mars, which is an utter WASTE of Time, Money,
Materials, and Energy: beCause there is nothing on the Moon, nor
on Mars, which might Benefit Mankind in any Way, even IF they
were Covered with Pure Gold that is Stacked up a thousand Miles
THICK in neat Gold Bricks: beCause it would be Impractical to
bring such Heavy Gold Bricks back to the War-torn Poverty-
stricken Earth: beCause of the High Cost of Transportation, which
would certainly not be as Advantageous for the Prosperity of
Mankind as that Profitable $wangkee Electric Train, which
would not Cost one hundredth as much as some Lunar Project, nor
World War III, which Train could even run from the Mountains of
Alaska to the Great Plains in Venezuela, where it is IDEAL to
Build Beautiful and Profitable $wangkee Lowtels, Hightels,
Castles, and Fortresses: beCause of the Temperate Climate,
which is Ideal for Growing Sweet Mangos, Litchis, Mangosteens,
Cherimoyas, and other Sweet Fruits from the Trees of Life, which
give Life to all People who Feast on them. Yes, I do Realize that
such Ambitious Projects are only Good for those Wise People of
the FUTURE, who have Learned that there is nothing on the
Barren Moon, nor even on Mars, that is Worth the Time, Money,
                    What Makes People LAZY??

Materials, and Energy to Claim it, let alone Transport it back
Home with Trumpets of Triumph Sounding “HAIL TO THE
CHIEF,” and “The Star Spangled Banner of Capitalist Insanity!”
After all, I guess that you might Know for a Fact that no one has
Collected the Peacock‟s ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD
for Proving his Words of Truth to be Wrong concerning the
MOON HOAX!? (See: Did Men Land on the Moon??, and
Understand that NO ONE Landed on the Moon, or else someone
would have Surely Collected their REWARD!) Nevertheless, by
the United Effort of the New RIGHTEOUS One-World
Government, we can easily provide a Way for every Ambitious
Person in the whole World to get Moderately RICH: beCause there
is no Lack of Mountains of Rocks for us to Work with, nor is there
any Lack of Technology in Order to Harvest, Cut, and Polish those
Rocks, in Order to Build Beautiful Planned City States, which
have $wangkee Palaces! Yes, it is now Possible and most
Practical for us Tax Slaves and Usury Slaves to Exercise our
DUMBmocracy, and VOTE for The CONSTITUTION for the
New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, which simply
Mints and Prints the Necessary New Money, in Order to Use that
Money WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able
to Learn and Work, in Order to Help Build their own Beautiful
$wangkee Stone Domehomes! Yes, it is now Possible for even
the most LAZY Slothful SLUGGARDS to go to WORK for
$wangkee Wages! Indeed, the most Extremely Easy Jobs will still
be Worth at least $10 per Hour, and Extremely Hard Skilled Labor
will be Worth no less than $100 per Hour! Therefore, even if you
can only Baby-sit an Old Person, Play Guard, and Answer a
Telephone, you can Earn at least $10 per Hour; but if you can Set
Polished Tiles on the Marbleous Walls of your own $wangkee
Concrete House, then you can easily Earn $60 per Hour for that
Common Skilled Labor! Moreover, when you get the House
Finished, you can just MOVE INTO IT: beCause we Tax Slaves
and Interest Slaves will simply VOTE for Claiming our own
Mountains of Rocks! (Do you Hear that Halleluiah Chorus
                    What Makes People LAZY??

Singing, “I am Bound for the Promised Land!”?) Yes, we will
simply Exercise our Freedom of Speech in Order to Enlighten the
Minds of our Friends and Neighbors with these Words of Truth,
and then we will Exercise our Democracy, and VOTE for The
GOAT! Yes, the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge is Willing
and Able to be our SCAPEGOAT, whom we can all Blame for
whatever might go Wrong, after we Elect him to be our New
RIGHTEOUS King, who will Do what is Right for ALL of US,
including those Friendly Squirrelly Bankers, whom he will put to
Work with Honest Labor in the Construction Business, who may
Snoopervise the Construction of $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and
Fortresses, if they Qualify, in Order to make SURE that they are
Fireproof, Mouse-proof, Hail-proof, Paint-proof, Rot-proof,
Tornado-proof, Hurricane-proof, Insurance-proof, Self-air-
conditioned, Solar- and Wind-Powered, Loan-proof, Interest-proof,
and TAX-PROOF: beCause every Intelligent Person in the whole
World will Cheerfully Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY The New
else they will have their Heads REMOVED by the Sword of Truth
at The Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing! Yes, the
Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King‟s Mountain, Kentucky,
will Wisely Use his Divine Sword of Provable Truth, in Order to
LOP OFF the Heads of all Liars, Hypocrites, and FOOLS, who do
not Quickly Agree that IF every Person in this World of Woes
should Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY those Magnified
Commandments of Jesus Christ, that there would be no NEED for
Collecting Taxes! In other Words, we Tax Slaves and Interest
Slaves will REFUSE to get Out of Bed and go to Work, until
AFTER all of the Leaders of all Nations have come Together for a
Great Meeting of the Intelligent Minds, which is called: The Great
Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing, at which Time the
Colorful Peacock, who is the King of the Birds, will Ask those
Leaders certain Important Questions, which he has Outlined within
one of his many Free Booklets, called: Are we Tax Slaves?? ―
and, What Positive Things we can Do in Order to be set Free
                     What Makes People LAZY??

from Tax Slavery! Therefore, the Peacock will Ask them this
Important Question, which they will not be Able to Answer: “How
many Taxes would be Necessary, if every Person in the World
should Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY my New MAGNIFIED
Version of The TEN COMMANDMENTS in Plain English??
― PLEASE STAND UP, if you Imagine that any Taxes would
be Needed!” ― at which Time all of those Leaders would simply
Sit in SILENCE: beCause of the Inspired Words of that New
Version, which even a 12-year-old Child can easily Understand.
Therefore, no Intelligent Person will Refuse to Learn, Believe,
Love, Teach, and Obey those Commandments, or else they will not
be Allowed to Join the New RIGHTEOUS One-World
GovernMint, which Means that they will not be Able to become
Leaders within that Good Government: beCause they are not even
Civilized Enough in Order to STOP Stealing, Lying, Deceiving,
Committing Adultery, Murdering, and Worshipping IDOLS.
Therefore, they are Unworthy or Unqualified to Join such a
Righteous Government, nor are they Worthy to Enter into The
Great World Temple of PEACE, in JERUSALEM! In Fact,
they will not even be Qualified to Live within the Borders of a
First, Second, Third, nor Fourth $wangkee Fortress; but only
within Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Swangkee Fortresses, which have
DEGREES of Righteousness and Foolishness. For Example, a First
Class $wangkee Fortress will not Allow Smoking, Drinking
Alcoholic Beverages, Using Drugs of any Kind, nor even Eating
Cooked Foods: beCause they will Follow the Strictest Dietary
Laws, even as if they were Living within the Garden of Eden,
where they will Feast on the Sweet Fruits from the Trees of Life;
but in the Seventh Class Swangkee Fortresses, they may Eat
whatever Dog Food and Hog Slop that they like, and even Smoke
Marijuana, Snort Cocaine, or Do whatever they VOTE for:
beCause they will have TRUE Democracy within each City State,
which will Govern itself and Tax itself, and do whatever it Desires
to itself; but it will not be Allowed to Tax anyone else, even if it
Produces a lot of Criminals, Drug Addicts, Cancer Victims, or
                    What Makes People LAZY??

whatever: beCause each Planned City State will be Fully
Responsible for itself, even though each one may Appeal for Help
among other Swangkee Fortresses of the same Order: beCause
they have similar Beliefs. Therefore, if any Person Sincerely
Desires to ESCAPE from all such Taxes, he or she only Needs to
Join one of those thousands of Profitable $wangkee Fortresses that
do not Allow such Sinning: beCause they Know what Causes
Sicknesses and Diseases, and therefore they will AVOID them in
as much as it is Possible. (See: Are you Addicted to a Weed??,
Why does God Allow SUFFERING??, Did God Intend for
People to Eat Whatever they Want to??, What Makes People
SICK??, What Makes People CRAZY??, and: What Makes
People HAPPY??) Moreover, they also Know what Produces
Criminals, and therefore they will Avoid such Evils. (See: What
PRODUCES Criminals??, How Successful is the War on
Drugs??, How GOOD are PRISONS??, and: HOW to
CONVERT our Enemies!)

                    What Makes People LAZY??

                      ― Chapter 1 ―

     A Transformation in Character
        Now, even if you were Lazy, all such Inspiring Words
would have a Tendency to ROUSE UP at least some Ambition
within the Minds of most People, except for those who are most
Sick and Depressed with the Great FALSE ECONOMY, who
might even be Contemplating SUICIDE. However, Before you
Commit Suicide, TRY FASTING! Yes, there are 40 Good
Reasons WHY People should Fast and Pray, which you will do
well to Study: beCause a few Days of Fasting could easily Save
your Life, and could certainly Restore your Youthfulness, if you
Learned HOW to do it Correctly. (See: RULES for FASTING! ―
Volumes 1 & 2.) Indeed, it does Require PATIENCE and TIME to
be Cured from even Laziness; but you will be Glad that you did it,
if you simply Learn and Obey the RULES: beCause Fasting and
Praying can TRANSFORM your Life, even as it Transformed MY
Life: beCause it Gave to me much Hope, in spite of being Poor,
Lonesome, and Powerless. Indeed, I was like Moses and Elijah,
you might say, who seemed to be all Alone in a World of Woes,
whose Futures were very Bleak, until they did a LOT of Fasting;
and then, behold, God came to their Assistance, and Stretched Out
his Arms of Love and Mercy toward the People of the whole
World, through them, who did Mighty Works and Great Wonders
in his Holy Name, who Restored much Truth to the World, which
had been Lost. Likewise, I have been Blest with that same Great
Truth, which is provided Free of Charge on my Website: beCause
I am the Man who has the Spirit of Elijah, whom God Promised to
Send into the World before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, in
Order to Restore the Truth to the People of the World, in Order
that some People might be Saved for Positions within his Holy
Kingdom, while many others might be Saved from all of their Sins,
                     What Makes People LAZY??

while some might even be Saved from the Great Tribulation, and
might Escape by Means of the Wings of a Great Eagle, you might
say: beCause of being found Worthy; but many others will be
Destroyed for their Stubbornness, Unbelief, and Wickedness, who
will Naturally Refuse to REPENT: beCause they are too LAZY to
even Learn what it MEANS to Repent! (See: What does it Mean
to REPENT??) In Fact, they will just Naturally PRESUME that
they are already SAVED and going to Heaven when they Die; but
behold, they are in for a Great SURPRISE: beCause NO Person is
going to Heaven when he or she Dies! (See: Do People go to
Heaven when they Die???, What Happens when we DIE?? ―
Volumes 1 & 2, and: Is there LIFE AFTER DEATH??)
Moreover, beCause of having a Spiritual Experience with the
Forgiveness of God, whereby a Person Feels Clean and Guiltless
for perhaps the first time in his or her Life: beCause of the Grace,
Love, and Mercy of God, they just PRESUME that they have been
“Born Again,” even though they have NOT Overcome all of their
Sins, nor STOPPED Sinning. (See: What does it Mean to be
Born Again??, What does it Mean to be SAVED??, How are
we Saved by GRACE??, and: Do Christians have to
OVERCOME their Sins and STOP Sinning in Order to be
SAVED??) Indeed, they PRESUME all Kinds of Vain Things ―
such as the Christmas Day Birth of Jesus Christ, the Easter
Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Sacredness of Unholy Holidays,
the Necessity for Rag Worshipping, the Justification of Capitalism,
the Falsification of Money, the Belittling of God‟s Holy Days, the
Sanctification of Unholy Days, the Selling of Trash, the
Worshipping of Idols, and even the Justification of Adultery and
Multiple Marriages: beCause of their IGNORANCE concerning
the Will of God, who HATES all such Abominations. (See: Can
we Do GOOD without Doing what is RIGHT??, Is Television a
Gift from God, or SATAN??, Was Christ Born on
Christmas??, Did Jesus Christ Rise from the Dead on Easter
Sunday??, Should True Christians Keep God’s Sabbath Day
Holy, or Men’s Sunday??, Do you Pledge your Allegiance to
                    What Makes People LAZY??

God, or to a RAG??, How GOOD is CAPITALISM??, A List
of the Evils of Capitalism! ― Volumes 1 & 2, The History of
Money!, Should Christians Keep God’s Holy Days, or Men’s
Holidays??, Should Christians OBEY Whatever Authority
Rules over them??, How GOOD is HALLOWEEN??, Why
Buy any more TRASH??, What is IDOLATRY??, and: What
does ADULTERY Mean??) In Fact, most Professing Christians
are SHOCKED to Learn that most of their Traditions have been in
VAIN, even as Jesus said, 7. "Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah
prophesy about you, saying: 8. `These people draw near to Me
with their mouth{s}, and honor Me with their lips, but their
heart{s} is {are} far from Me. 9. And in vain they worship Me,
teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.' '' New King
James (NKJ) Version with Corrections within {Brackets}. See
Matthew 15 and Mark 7 for the full Details about some of those
Traditions of Men. Indeed, Saint Mark makes it clear: Mark 7: 9,
And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of
God, that ye may keep your own tradition. King James Version
(KJV). And the New American Standard (NAS) confirms it ―
Mark 7: 9, He was also saying to them, "You nicely set aside the
commandment of God in order to keep your tradition,” which is
Concluded in Verse 13: "…making the word of God of no effect
through your tradition which you have handed down. And many
such things you do.'' Yes, there are the Key Words, my Friend or
Enemy ― and many such things you do ― like Ignore all of
God‟s Holy Days, in Order to Observe Pagan Holidays, like
Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, President‟s Day,
and Labor Day, while Pledging your Allegiance to a RAG, which
the German Nazis were also doing: beCause they were RAG
Worshippers, who got their Priorities OUT of Order. (See: How to
get your PRIORITIES in ORDER!) Indeed, more than one
Nation of Imperialists has met its Fate with Self-destruction and
Death: beCause of Idolizing PEOPLE, rather than Honoring the
Laws of God, who HATES People Worship, who said: “CURSED
is the Man who puts his Trust in any Man.” See Jeremiah 17:
                      What Makes People LAZY??

"The sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron; with the point of a
diamond it is engraved on the tablet{s} of their heart{s}, and on
the horns of your altars, 2. while their children remember their
altars and their wooden images by the green trees on the high
hills. 3. O My mountain in the field, I will give as plunder your
wealth, all your treasures, and your high places of sin within all
your borders. 4. And you, even yourself, shall let go of your
heritage which I gave {to} you; and I will cause you to serve your
enemies in the land which you do not know; for you have kindled a
fire in My anger which shall burn forever.'' 5. Thus says the Lord:
"Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his
strength, whose heart departs from the Lord. 6. For he shall be
like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see when good comes; but
shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land
which is not inhabited. 7. "Blessed is the man who trusts in the
Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. 8. For he shall be like a tree
planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river, and
will not fear when heat comes; but her leaf will be green, and will
not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding
fruit. 9. "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
wicked; Who can know it? 10. I, the Lord, search the heart, I test
the mind, even to give every man according to his ways, and
according to the fruit of his doings. 11. "As a partridge that broods
but does not hatch, so is he who gets riches, but not by right; it will
leave him in the midst of his days, and at his end he will be a fool.''
12. A glorious high throne from the beginning is the place of our
sanctuary. 13. O Lord, {you are} the hope of Israel, all who
forsake You shall be ashamed. "Those who depart from Me shall
be written in the {books of the} earth {as fools:}, because they
have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of living waters.'' 14. Heal
me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved,
for You are my praise. NKJ Version with {Corrections within
Brackets} for Better Understanding. (See: Justification of
Magnification!) Please notice that those People who Forsake the
Supreme Ruler are those who do not Love him enough in Order to
                      What Makes People LAZY??

OBEY him! Yes, Jesus Christ said, “If you Love me, Keep my
Commandments.” See John 14: 15, in any Version that you like,
and Understand that the only Way that we can Love God, is to
Obey his Commandments. (See First John 3 for the fine Details
concerning that Great Truth; but only IF you are Willing to
Confess that all Parents Love their Children more, if those
Children Love them Enough in Order to OBEY them, while it is
Extremely Difficult for Parents to Love those Children who
Persistently Refuse to Obey them, who even Spit in their Faces.)
However, some People are too Lazy to even get their Dusty Bibles
out, and look for such Scriptures: beCause it might Require some
Effort. After all, most Bibles are a bit Heavy, in spite of Lacking
many Volumes of History, and even such things as the Colors of
the Skins of Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham, and Adam ― not that
it matters very much; but that it would be Interesting to Know:
beCause there are X-amount of People who Claim to be Related
with such People, who Look more like Edomites, than Israelites,
and if not by the Color of their Skins, then by the Attitudes of their
Minds, and by the Intents of their Hearts, which need to be
Transformed by the Power of God, which Begins with a Change of
Mind, which is followed by a Confession of all Sins, which is
followed by a Promise to at least Try to do what is Right from then
on, which is followed by a Complete Fast, which is followed by a
Sense of Wellbeing and Peace that you might have never
Experienced before, which is followed by a Thorough Study of all
of the Scriptures, which is followed by a Completely Different
Outlook on Life and Death, which is followed by a Longing Desire
to Share such Good News with whomever might have Spiritual
Ears that can Hear, which would not Include Greedy Selfish
People like Credit Lenders who Charge 20% or more Interest on
their Loans, who are Related with Capitalist HOGS! (See: Can
Bankers be Trusted??, The History of Money!, and: Why Buy
any more TRASH??)

                     What Makes People LAZY??

                      ― Chapter 2 ―

          Too Lazy to be Believable
        Now, as you might have Noticed, that last Chapter had only
ONE Long Paragraph in it ― not beCause I am too Lazy to hit the
Enter Key on my Keyboard, as some People might be; but beCause
my Thoughts were not Interrupted by someone who might
Question what I Wrote: beCause of not Discovering any Faults
with it. Indeed, you might have also Noticed within other Peacock
Literature that there are some Paragraphs that are 3 or 4 times as
long as that last one, which are so Flowing, Smooth, and
Enlightening, that you Wish to God that such Paragraphs would go
on and ON: because they Satisfied the Belly of your Mind for the
first Time in a long Time, or perhaps for the First Time during
your whole Lifetime: beCause all such Words are Obviously
Inspired by some Higher Mind; but NOT the last Paragraph, which
is more like Kindergarten Literature in a Swangkee Truthbrary,
even though I will quickly Confess that such Literature would be
almost Impossible for someone to Understand, if he or she had
never read any other Swangkee Literature. Likewise, if a Person
has never read the entire Bible, as I have done from Cover to Cover
more than 20 times, he or she might not Understand any one
certain Quotation that is taken Out of Context, including the
Quotation within the previous Chapter, which most People would
quickly say has nothing to do with Laziness; but behold, the
Laziest People in the whole World just Happen to be IDOL
Worshippers and BAAL Worshippers: beCause such Thoughts
seem to Destroy a Person‟s Physical Ambition, and have a
Tendency to make People Conniving, Tricky, Thieving, and
otherwise Ungodly: beCause such Worship seems to Warp the
Minds of whomever does such Things, which, in Extreme Cases,
Causes them to have Desires for Human Sacrifices, which Blinds
                      What Makes People LAZY??

their Minds so much that they cannot even See the EVIL of their
Deeds, even if they are Sacrificing their own Children: beCause
their Minds are Obviously BLINDED, being 100% Self-deceived.
(See: Are you a BAAL Worshipper??, What is IDOLATRY??,
and: Is Television a Gift from God, or SATAN??) Indeed, you
might Vainly Imagine that you could Reason with such People,
and even Change their Minds about such Subjects; but behold,
once that they have Crossed the Line, so to speak, and have gone
so Far Away from the Path of Life, there is almost nothing that you
can Say nor Do in Order to Rescue them from their Insanity:
beCause they become too Lazy to Do any Personal Research for
the Truth, themselves. In Fact, they are very much like certain
Politicians, who get Tuned in to just one Channel, you might say,
and Refuse to Listen to or even Watch any other Channel: beCause
they are Certain that they are Locked in to the Correct Channel for
them. However, the Danger of making such a Mistake, is the Fact
that such a Person may Block Out some very Important Truth that
might only be Taught on some other Channel, you might say. Yes,
it is an Interesting Lesson that one can Learn by Watching
Television, which has well over 100 Channels to Choose from; but
only a few of them are Worth the Time to bother with them:
beCause most of them have nothing more than Sensational
TRASH to present to Fools who like GOSSIP, or Political
NONSENSE, which is not very Enlightening to the Mind. (See:
What is WRong with C-span??) However, it is also True that that
certain Truth can somehow squeeze itself into certain Programs,
which makes it Possible for certain People to Learn that Truth; but
only IF they are Listening Carefully: beCause it is Highly Unlikely
that any Truth is going to Enter into the Ears that are not Listening,
which are Closed, Sealed with the Wax of Unbelief, and Covered
with Thick Soundproof Pads, you might say. Yes, it seems that
some People are Determined to go to Hell, as they say, and there is
nothing that you can Say nor Do that will Change their Minds:
beCause their Minds are Blinded by their Idols, which makes them
Spiritually LAZY. Indeed, they have little or no Desire to Search
                     What Makes People LAZY??

for the Truth within the Scriptures: because that is a Desire that
only comes to Honest People, who are not Satisfied with the
Doctrines of the Devil, nor with the Lies that are Taught within the
Public Schools for Ignorant Fools, who are Contented to be
Ignorant concerning all Kinds of Important Subjects.

        For Example, there are X-amount of American Houses that
get Damaged or even Ruined each Year by Means of Fires, Floods,
Tornadoes, Hurricanes, or Earthquakes; and yet Americans do not
seem to get the Message from God, which I might get, Free of
Charge: beCause they have Spiritually-blinded Minds, while I am
Open-minded. However, even IF they should Discover a
Reasonable Solution for those Problems, it is not to say that they
would Do anything about it: beCause of Poverty, Laziness,
Ignorance, Unbelief, or whatever. Indeed, they are somewhat like
those People who Learn that President George W Bush, Dick
Chenny, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice,
and other High and Mighty Dignitaries, like the Chief of the CIA,
George Tenet, actually PLANNED and carried out the September
11, 2001, Attack on the World Trade Center in New York City,
according to Former Republican Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser
to Senator Bob Dole, whose Name is Stanley Hilton, who has been
a Lawyer for some 30 Years, who now has more than 400 Clients
or Plaintiffs from New York City, who are SUING George Bush
Incorporated for some 7 BILLION Dollars! (That Information is
provided by Free Voice of America (FVOA): Accurate News and
Interesting Commentary for Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning
to Breathe Free.) Yes, I Know that it SOUNDS SHOCKING:
beCause it IS Shocking! Nevertheless, Political Scientist Stanley
Hilton, who went to Law School in the University of Chicago with
Donald Rumsfeld and other Bush Fruits, like Feith, held a
Telephone Conversation with a Radio Talk Show Host by the
Name of Alex Jones, who Revealed that he, Stanley, has Sufficient
Evidence to bring those Traitors to TRIAL. For Example, one of
the Hijackers was Married to a certain Woman who Knows that
                     What Makes People LAZY??

her Husband was a Secret Double Agent of the FBI, who was also
Working with CIA Undercover Agents. Moreover, the Federal
Government Allegedly had made more than 30 Trial Exercises of
the Attack on 9/11/2001: beCause they needed Practice, for which
Reason they made 5 Practice Runs that very Day, just before the
Attack, which Explains WHY that George Bush was not too Upset
when Andrew Card whispered into his Ear that the World Trade
Center had been Attacked: beCause it had already been Planned,
and was thus Obviously Settled within George‟s Mind. However,
Condoleezza Rice Assured us that no one had ever thought that
any such thing could ever happen! Well, perhaps SHE had never
Thought of it; but no one could Honestly say that Slithery-eyed
Chenny and Snake-eyed Rumsfeld had never Thought of it:
beCause they Allegedly PLANNED IT, and Narrow-eyed George
Bush Allegedly ORDER IT TO BE DONE: beCause it is an Old
Nazi Tactic whereby certain Secretive People can get into Control!
For Example, Adolf Hitler was supposed to have Ordered the
Burning of the Reichstag in Berlin, just before he was Elected to
Govern Germany: beCause he Allegedly Falsely Accused his
Political Opposition of doing the Burning, which United X-amount
of Germans in Favor of Adolf Hitler. Likewise, I have already
Proven within another Book, that the Oklahoma City Bombing was
a Federal Government Cover-up Job; but X-amount of Americans
are too Lazy to Investigate into that Subject, even as they are far
too Lazy and perhaps too Crazy to Research what is found in, which is Free of Charge.
(See: The MYSTERY of the Oklahoma City Bombing by
Timothy James McVeigh!, Did the Victims of the Oklahoma
City Bombing get their JUSTICE??, The Peabrain Peacock
Investigates the Kennedy Assassination!, and: What is the
Punishment for Unjust Judges??) Indeed, does any Person in his
or her Right Mind PRESUME that Political LIARS and Deceivers
are ABOVE MURDER, just beCause they Belong to the Skull and
Bones Secret Society of Yale University, or just beCause they have
Sworn their Allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of
                    What Makes People LAZY??

America, while making Unprovoked Aggressive Preemptive
Attacks on IRAQ, without being Attacked by Iraq, which is most
certainly Unconstitutional? Moreover, does any Person in his or
her Right Mind PRESUME that such Tricksters as George Bush is
ABOVE the LAW, and can Legally SACRIFICE X-amount of
Americans in the Name of Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and
JUSTICE for ALL, without giving an Account to the Supreme
Ruler of Heaven and Earth? Truly, I say to you, my Friend or
Enemy, if Stanley Hilton is WRONG, then he should be PROVEN
to be Wrong, rather than we, the People, PRESUMING that he is
Wrong, and that George is INNOCENT: beCause George has
every Reason and Motive for being Guilty of TREASON,
Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice, and whatever that Stanley has
Allegedly Accused him of: beCause George is Playing the
POWER GAME! Yes, you might Imagine that the Divided States
of United Lies is Innocent of any Crimes since the Beginning of
its Founding; but the Truth is quite Shocking, my Friend or
Enemy. Yes, it was Corrupt from the Beginning: beCause our
Government was Dealing with another Famous Corrupt
Government, called the British Empire, which did all Kinds of
Murderous Deeds in the Name of Democracy, Progress, Social
Security, National Defense, World Peace, and all such Orwellian
Catch Phrases, which Americans LOVE: beCause they are some of
the most Lazy, Ignorant, Slothful, Gluttonous Drunkards on Earth,
who Sacrifice their Innocent Children to such Secret Organizations
as the Federal Burden of Investigation (FBI), the Central
Unintelligent Agency (CIA), and all such CULTS, who Swear
OATHS, which your Holy Bible FORBIDS, according to Matthew
5: 33 ― 37, and James 5: 12, which you may take Lightly, as if
Jesus and James did not Foresee the Corruption of our Time; but I
Personally Warn you to be Aware of SNAKES, who come in
Various Colors and Kinds, in Order to Deceive and Mislead such
IGNORANT and LAZY People. (See: Do you Belong to some
CULT??) In Fact, it might Require all of just ONE Hour of your
Precious Time to Study what Alex Jones and Stanley Hilton have
                     What Makes People LAZY??

to Reveal about that George Bush Incorporated; but I See that most
People do not Believe it: beCause George is a Professing
CHRISTIAN, which is HOW he Manages to COVER UP his Dark
Side, which is Extremely Dark, according to Stanley Hilton:
beCause Stanley is a Political Scientist, who Wrote the PLAN for a
Democracy like ours to get Control of the whole World, which
Plan George is Following! However, Stanley Hilton did not Write
that Plan with the Hope that it would be Used; but only to show
HOW it could be Done! Therefore, if it makes Sense to HIM, we
should at least have the Courtesy to give to him the Time to
Explain himself: beCause he might Supply the Missing KEY for
Understanding the MYSTERY of September 11, 2001, whereby
certain Members of the CIA were Warned on September 10th NOT
to go to Work in Tower Number 7, where their Offices were.
Indeed, they are still Alive, and still able to be Subpoenaed
[pronounced su-PEE-nid] in Court, in Order that we might
Discover the WHOLE Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so Help us
GOD: beCause, if Stanley Hilton is Correct, we Americans are in
BIG Trouble: beCause we have a Lying Murderer for a President,
rather than a Lying Adulterer, like Bill Clinton, who would
Naturally Appear to be a SAINT, when Compared with George
Dubya Walking BUSH, whom no one would even Suspicion of
being Guilty of such a High Crime, except for someone who just
Happens to Know how the Federal Government of the Divided
States of United Lies WORKS! Yes, I Know from Personal
Experience that they cannot be Trusted: beCause of their Injustices
to People whom I have Known, not to mention how the Military
Works, which is rather Innocent when Compared with the Secret
CULTS of the FBI and CIA, which are only 2 of more than 30
such CULTS, which most Americans have not even Heard of. Nevertheless, if you have ever had any
Dealings with the Federal Government, you are probably Aware
that it is Extremely CORRUPT: beCause it is Run or Operated by
Rich Corporations, Bankers, and Moneymongers, for which there
are DOZENS of Enlightening Books on those Subjects; but they
                     What Makes People LAZY??

are NOT Published in Public Schools: beCause it would be BAD
for Business in America, if the Children should Learn too much
TRUTH about the Anti-Christ FALSE Federal Government and its
FAKE Money, which has almost nothing of True Value to
Represent it. However, most Americans are DISTRACTED by
Government DECOYS or DIVERSIONS, whereby their Minds are
Attracted to such Things as the HORRIBLENESS of the
Destruction on 9/11, rather than the Horribleness of those
Washington BureauRats who Allegedly Planned it and carried it
out, who should have their Day in COURT: beCause a 7
BILLION-DOLLAR LAWSUIT is no small Amount of Money!
Moreover, there was a Negro Lady by the Name of Margie
Schoedinger, who Accused George W Bush of RAPE, after being
Drugged and Beaten, who Filed a 50-million-dollar Lawsuit in a
little Town in Fort Bend County, Texas, on December 3rd, 2001,
who was Mysteriously Murdered by an Alleged Suicide at the Ripe
Old Age of 38, whose Husband was also Allegedly Drugged by
George; and the Hometown Newspaper was the only Newspaper
that Reported it, besides some British paper. (See:, for
the Evidence.)

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Wolverine, say: “O
Peacock, I do not particularly have anything against this Crazy
Booklet, which has Jumped Out of the Bounds of Sanity; but I do
have something against what you have written in another Booklet,
called: What Makes People CRAZY?? Yes, I Realize that it is
not Fair to the Readers of this Booklet, who might not have read
that other Booklet; but I have to get this Idea Off of my Mind,
while I am Thinking about it, or else it might be Forgotten. First of
all, you wrote in that other Booklet that the New RIGHTEOUS
One-World GovernMint would not Interfere with the
Sovereignty of our Present Governments (in spite of them being
equally as Corrupt as this Wicked Government, I suppose?). For
Example, the United States Federal Government would still
                    What Makes People LAZY??

Remain in Tact, in spite of having a certain Number of Americans
who would Join one of Seven Great Swangkee Armies of
Working Soldiers, who would go to Work for the New
RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint, which would Mint and
Print the Necessary New Money, in Order to Use that Money
WISELY, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to
Learn and Work, in Order to Build Beautiful Planned City States,
called: $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, which would
Represent that New Money, which would have to be Earned
according to your List of $wangkee Wages! In other Words, the
Swangkee Fortress System would be a Worldwide Government
WITHIN or AMONG all other Governments; but the Fortress
System would be SEPARATE from all of the other Governments:
beCause the Swangkee Fortresses would not Trade Goods nor
Services with anyone who was not a Member of that System. For
Example, a First Class Swangkee Fortress might Trade Goods and
Services with a Second Class Swangkee Fortress, or even with a
Third Class Fortress; but it would NOT Trade Goods and Services
with the City of Los Angeles, for Example: beCause the Swangkee
Fortress System would be INDEPENDENT of all such Existing
Cities, in Order to Prevent any Inflation of that New Money that
would be Minted and Printed by the New RIGHTEOUS One-
World GovernMint! In other Words, the Economies of both
Governments and of all Governments, Worldwide, would not be
Affected by whatever was done by those Swangkee Fortresses:
beCause they would all Act like an Independent Country, or an
Independent Island in the Ocean of Forgetfulness, which does not
Trade any Goods nor Services with anyone who is Outside of their
System, which keeps that System Uncorrupted and STABILIZED:
beCause all Money must be Earned by Honest Labor, and us
Wicked Lawyers are not Allowed into the System, much less are
Bankers, Doctors, Politicians, and Money-grubbing Preachers,
Allowed into the System: beCause everyone is Basically just a
Working Soldier, even though they will Elect certain Righteous
Kings and Holy Queens to Manage their Interdependent
                     What Makes People LAZY??

Governments within each Swangkee Fortress, none of which will
be Taxed in Order to Support others who might Fail: beCause of
their Ignorance, Stupidity, Misjudgments, Mismanagement,
Misunderstandings, or whatever. In other Words, each Swangkee
Fortress would be Responsible for its own Actions, and it would be
as Self-reliant as Possible. However, a First Class Swangkee
Fortress could VOLUNTARILY Assist another First Class
Swangkee Fortress, if it Chose to do so; but, in Order to Prevent
Corruption, it would NOT Assist a Second Class Swangkee
Fortress: beCause its Laws and Rules would be Inferior, which
would be even more True for those Swangkee Fortresses of
LOWER Orders, such as the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and
Seventh Swangkee Fortresses, which would Progressively get
more and more Corrupt: beCause of Allowing LOW CLASS
People into those Fortresses, who are not Willing (or perhaps not
Able) to Live according to the STRICT Laws and Rules of a
FIRST Class Swangkee Fortress: beCause they have their Bad
Traditional Habits, such as Eating Flesh, Drinking Wine, or even
Smoking Cigarettes, which would be Legal within a Seventh Class
Swangkee Fortress, ONLY. However, a Sixth Class Swangkee
Fortress would Allow the Smoking of Marijuana: beCause it is not
nearly so Addictive as Tobacco; but a Fifth Class Swangkee
Fortress would only Allow its Members to EAT such Herbs:
beCause the Burning of any Herb is Poisonous. Moreover, no Fifth
Class Swangkee Fortress would Allow anyone to Eat Swine‟s
Flesh, nor any Unclean Meats, according to the Laws of Moses;
but a Fourth Class Swangkee Fortress would only Allow certain
Clean Fish and Birds to be Eaten, and no other Livestock: beCause
that is their Belief; but a Third Class Swangkee Fortress would not
Allow anyone to Eat any Kind of Flesh, even though such People
could go to any other Fortress for a VISIT, if they Desired to Eat
some Flesh, Smoke some Dope, or do whatever: beCause the Third
Class Swangkee Fortresses are of the Order of Controversies, who
cannot quite make up their Minds concerning what is Right and
Wrong; but a Second Class Swangkee Fortress would, by no
                     What Makes People LAZY??

Means, Allow anyone to Visit any Lower Order of Swangkee
Fortresses for the Purpose of Feasting within their Restaurants and
Royal Swangkee Buffets, with the Exception of the Third Class
Fortresses, which do not Allow Meats, Cheeses, Eggs, Milks,
Candies, White Breads, nor any Refined and Processed Foods to be
Sold nor Eaten: beCause that Class of Fortresses provides the
TRANSITIONAL Diets for whomever might be Attempting to
Progress toward the Second and First Class Swangkee Fortresses,
which are Strict Vegetarians and Fruitarians, Respectively, who
Require some Fasting, just in Order to Allow someone through
their Gates. Indeed, a First Class Swangkee Fortress will Require a
40-Day Fast, just to Enter into one of those Holy Cities, where all
of the Holy Members will be Dressed in White Robes, and only
after their Tongues are Clean: beCause Sinners will not be
Allowed ― at least that is the Way that you Present it within your
many Books, O Peacock; but I Warn you that it will not Work
quite like you Imagine: beCause there will Naturally be many
People who will be going on what you call „Missions of Mercy,‟
who will be Polluting themselves at Lower Class Swangkee
Fortresses, where they will Fall into all Kinds of PITS, like the
Pizza Pit: beCause of being so HUNGRY, after being Deprived of
Flesh for so long. Moreover, they will also Discover certain Vain
Things to BUY while passing through those Cities of Confusion,
like New Yuck City, and Lungdung, England, where they will also
be Tempted to Experiment with Various Drugs and Prostitutes.
Furthermore, it will only be a Matter of Time, and those so-called
„Holy People‟ will be in the Black-market Business: beCause the
Goods that will be Produced at $wangkee Fortresses will be of
Superior Quality, even as all Swangkee Fortresses will be Superior
Places to Visit, which will DRAIN the False Economies of those
Cities of Confusion, whose People will eventually become very
Angry with the „WICKED‟ One-World Government, which will
not be Able to Police itself, much less Police the remainder of the
People in the whole World, who will become more and more
Corrupt: beCause of the Fact that the more Righteous Ones will
                        What Makes People LAZY??

simply DEPART from those Cities of Confusion, leaving them in
their Poverty and Shame. Indeed, it is Obvious that all such Cities
will become Extremely Corrupt: beCause of the Fact that all of the
Righteous People will DEPART from them, in Order to Enjoy the
SECURITY of those $wangkee Fortresses, if for no other Reason.
Therefore, those Cities of Confusion will be at the MERCY of
whomever might Visit them, and Preach the Truth to them, IF they
will even Allow anyone to Preach any Sermons to them. Indeed,
they could become so Corrupt that it would not be Safe for any
Saints to even Visit with them: beCause of Outlaw Gangs,
Murderers, Rapists, Drug Pushers, and Wicked Politicians.
Therefore, it makes no Sense to me when you say that IF we Elect
YOU to be our Righteous King, that you will be the SCAPEGOAT
whom we can Blame for whatever might go Wrong within this
World of Woes, after we put you in Command of it: beCause you
have no Intentions of being in Command of the WHOLE World,
since you only Desire to be the Elected King of the New
RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint! Yes, it even seems to
be a TRICKY Statement, to say the least: beCause you Know full
well that you have no Intentions of Policing the WHOLE World,
and especially those People who are like George Walking Bush,
Incorporated; but you only Desire to RESCUE those Righteous
People who might Desire to Escape from the Insanity and Tax
Slavery of those Wicked People. Indeed, it is Obvious that you are
going to SUCK THEM OUT and AWAY from their Insecure
Habitats within Cities of Confusion, in Order to make yourself into
their KING, so that you might have Power over them, while
getting all of their Wealth for yourself.” †§‡4 Well, O Wolverine, I
could care less about being a King of any Kind; but I would
certainly not Want to be a King who has Command of someone
like you: beCause you would probably Eat me for Supper; but, at
the same Time, if anyone is Interested in Electing me to be their

 See my Website for my Free Booklet, called: Justification of Symbols,
Creatures, and Characters!
                     What Makes People LAZY??

Righteous King, I would not Refuse them of that Privilege:
beCause I do not know of anyone else who could provide more
Justice for them, even if they did not Desire to Live a Righteous
Life. After all, why else would I Propose having SEVEN Kinds of
Swangkee Fortresses, which Range from Extremely GOOD to
Extremely EVIL? In other Words, I Desire to provide a Way for
any Person to Work his or her Way UP or DOWN within the
System, without having any Excuses for Failing to Discover
whatever is Good for him or her. However, before any Person can
become a Member of the New RIGHTEOUS One-World
Government, he or she must Agree to Learn, Believe, Love, and
OBEY The New MAGNIFIED Version of The TEN
COMMANDMENTS in Plain English! Yes, only the Most
Righteous People will have any Rulership within that Kingdom:
beCause we do not Desire that it should become Corrupted, like
most of the present Governments of the World. Nevertheless, you
do bring up an Interesting Subject, which I have not Addressed,
which is concerning the Outside World, which is Outside of the
Swangkee Fortress System, which concerns the Normal Chaotic
World, which is the Responsibility of the Present Governments,
who Invented such Madness to begin with, who can also Clean it
up. Therefore, if I were Elected to be the Righteous King of the
New Righteous One-World Government, I would only Accept
Responsibility for whatever is under my Command; but I would
also Try to Cooperate with other Governments, until at last most of
the People within the World would be slowly but surely Worked
into the Swangkee Fortress System: beCause it would become
more and more Obvious that all such People are Healthier,
Wealthier, and Wiser: beCause their Problems would mostly
Disappear, and those Problems would certainly Disappear for the
most Righteous People, who might be Envied by the most Wicked
People; but since there will be a Way that is Provided for all
People to Improve their Lives, no one will have any Good Excuse
for not Pursuing it. After all, just ONE $wangkee Hotel, Castle,
and Fortress in any Country will be Sufficient to Inspire many
                    What Makes People LAZY??

more of them: beCause of the 248+ Good and Reasons and Great
Advantages for Building them and Living within the Borders
of them! Indeed, the Beauty of such Planned City States will be
Inspiring to even the most Degenerated Idiots, who can be taken on
Guided TOURS, for Free, in Order to Inspire them to Change their
Ways of Living, and thus Influence other People who might be
Undecided concerning what is Best for them. After all, just ONE
Holy Man like Moses can Effect Multitudes of People in a Positive
Way, even as one Unholy man like Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, can
Influence Multitudes to Rebel against the Righteous Ones; but, in
this Case, we will Favor the Righteous Ones with the most
Material Wealth: beCause they will be more Worthy of it, having
Clean Records, having never been a Burden on the Remainder of
Society, and having Better Health. In other Words, all People will
be Encouraged to Do GOOD, rather than be Encouraged to Do
EVIL, as it now is in most Countries: beCause they Reward
Wicked Lawyers, for Example, with more Pay than Pastors of
Churches, and with far more Pay than Teachers in Public Schools.
Therefore, we will Build $wangkee Palaces for the most Righteous
People, and we will Build Swangkee Institutions of Correction
for the Wicked People, who will be Forced to Fast and Pray:
beCause it is the FILTH within them that makes them LAZY and
CRAZY, as well as Selfish and Greedy.

       Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Fox with a Red Tail,
bark: “O Peacock, WHO are YOU to be Judging US, and whether
or not we should be FORCED to Fast and Pray?? Indeed, who
made you to be a Judge of US? Moreover, if the News Media
cannot be Trusted to Report the Truth about whatever might have
Happened on 9/11, then WHO can be Trusted??” Well, O Fox,
there have been Countless House Fires, Floods, Tornadoes,
Hurricanes, and Natural Disasters that Destroy American Houses,
and even Kill People; and yet the News Media does not Report
anything about our 98% Rock Houses, nor even Mention my
Reasonable Solutions for their Problems; and therefore, how can
                     What Makes People LAZY??

you Trust such People to tell the Truth to you about 9/11? (See:
Can News Reporters be Trusted??, and Understand that IF News
Reporters were Sincerely Interested in getting the Truth Published,
they would not put their News Reports on Television at the very
same Time of Day: beCause they would not Want anyone to Miss
their News Reports; but, instead, they Deliberately put their
Reports on at the very same Time, in Order to Try to HIDE the
Fact that they almost always get their News from the same
Sources, and therefore none of it can be Trusted: beCause it does
not Present MY Point of View.) Moreover, you will be your own
Judge when we bring you to Trial at the Great Worldwide
TELEVISED Court Hearing! Yes, you will be a Witness against
your own self: beCause everyone will be Given AMNESTY at that
Time, no matter what their “Crimes” might have been, whereby
everyone will be Considered to be EQUAL, or on Equal Grounds,
so that everyone may CHOOSE their own State of Righteousness
or Wickedness from that Time Forward. Yes, they will all Learn as
much Truth as they are Able to Learn, and they will all be Given
the Opportunity to Choose any Swangkee Army of Working
Soldiers that seems to be Good to them; but only after they have
Studied all of the Laws and Rules, and have Filled Out their
SURVEY of VALUES! Therefore, if you Choose to Do Evil, and
do not even Join any Swangkee Association of Working
Soldiers; but in Fact REBEL against the System, it will be to your
own Shame: beCause you could Join the Swangkee Association of
Red Foxes, for Example, and thus Rule over yourselves according
to your own Beliefs within your own Planned City States.
However, when things become Bad for you: beCause of your own
Unbelief, do not Blame me for it: beCause I have Given to you
every Opportunity to Exercise your DUMBmocracy, and to
Choose what is Best for you. Therefore, after $wangkee Fortresses
have taken Over the whole World, it will be relatively easy for us
to Arrest any Outlaws, and bring them into Swangkee Institutions
of Correction, where they can be Humanely Treated according to
the Degree of their Wickedness, whereby the Worst Punishment
                    What Makes People LAZY??

will be to Assign them to the Swangkee Association of Gluttons
and Drunkards, where they will be Given all of the Delicious
Foods and Drinks that they can Eat and Drink, with the Hope that
they will Teach themselves some Good Lessons when they get into
Severe Pains: beCause of Self-inflicted Punishments: beCause they
will not be Given Morphine in Order to Deaden their Pains; but
they will just have to Suffer for their Dietary Sins, even if it
Requires Years in Order to Accomplish it: beCause it is less
Expensive than putting them into Government Hospitals and
Prisons. Therefore, when some Fox Commits some Crime, such as
Stealing, he or she will be Arrested and Sent to a City of Refuge
for Thieves, with a WARNING, that IF he or she should Leave
such a City without Permission, he or she will be Sent to a
Swangkee Institution of Correction, where he or she will be
Forced to Fast and Pray; but while he or she Remains within that
City of Refuge, he or she may Feast and Drink at any Swangkee
Royal Buffet, which will Specialize in Gourmet Meals for Thieves,
who will have to Prepare their own Meals from the Foods that they
Produce with Hand Tools, and from whatever Foods are Donated
to them by whomever Cares for them. Therefore, if they are not
Able to Grow their own Foods, they will just have to go Hungry:
beCause they could have Joined any one of a thousand $wangkee
Fortresses that have Access to Proper Tools, and thus they could
have Lived Normal Lives; but, instead, they Chose to become
Thieves and Liars.

       Now, I Hear someone, who is like a White Cow with a Red
Face, moo: “O Peacock, it seems to me that you are not going to
Baby-sit anyone, even if they are as Obese as a Walrus, which
Naturally seems to be a little Spooky to me: beCause my entire
Family is far too FAT ― Thanks to those Fast-food Joints and not-
so-Royal Buffets, where they Serve Greasy Foods to Fools like me,
who would be better off Growing our own Foods, even if we had
to Use those Hand Tools: beCause we might get some Exercise.
However, the Thing that has me most Worried is concerning what
                     What Makes People LAZY??

might Happen to us within those Swangkee Institutions of
Correction, where we might be Stripped Naked, Searched, and
Locked up in some Prison by those Inmates who have been
Committed to such Places, who could be the Worst of Criminals.”
†‡ Well, O Cow, there will be far less to Fear within a Swangkee
Institution of Correction, than within one of those Cities of Refuge
for Criminals: beCause the Institutions of Correction will be
Managed by the New Righteous One-World Government, which
will make Sure that there is no Torturing taking place: beCause all
such Places will be Monitored by whomever might be Concerned,
including News Reporters, Ministers of Churches, and Doctors,
who will Examine those so-called “Prisoners” for any Physical
Ailments, who can also Nurse them at their own Expense, if they
Want to; but no one will be Taxed in Order to Nurse them:
beCause they can Commit themselves to a Swangkee Fasting
Sanitarium at any Time that they become Disgusted with
themselves, and thus Correct themselves for as many as 3 Times;
and after that they will be Committed to one of those Institutions of
Correction, if they Fail to Correct themselves: beCause it is
Obvious that they cannot Manage their own Lives: beCause of
being Bad Masters. After all, there are Billions of People within
this World of Woes, who have not become Criminals, in spite of
having certain Weaknesses for Eating and Drinking, and in spite of
being LAZY.

        Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Brown Bear, growl: “O
Peacock, I just cannot Believe that George W Bush and Associates
would PLAN the 9/11 Attack by the Hijackers from Saudi Arabia.
Moreover, you are Right that I am too Lazy to do any Research
into that Subject: beCause I do not Care about Politics, anymore:
beCause I am simply Burned Out on it, you might say.
Furthermore, it is my Belief that you are Bias concerning Politics,
rather than being like a Good Journalist, who Reports all Sides of
every Story. For Example, it is my Opinion that it was John Kerry
and Associates who Planned the Hijacking Attacks on 9/11.” †§‡
                    What Makes People LAZY??

Well, O Bear, John Kerry had no Motive for doing such an Evil
Thing, even though he has had the Typical Dimwitcrat Weakness
of Voting for whatever he Imagines will be most Popular; but the
Power-hungry Republicans, who already Control most of the
Wealthy Businesses in the whole World, like Drug Companies, Oil
Industries, Automobile Manufacturers, and Weapons Producers,
would Naturally like to Permanently Wrap it all up in their Favor:
beCause they are the People who were Born to be Masters, who
have simply taken Advantage of those People who were Born to be
Servants. (See: Were you Born to be a Master, or a Servant??)
Moreover, they have somehow Managed to get Control over most
Rich Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, Preachers, Teachers,
Businesspeople, Scientists, News Reporters, and whomever might
Benefit themselves: beCause “they all Chew the same Rag,” as my
Dad would say. Yes, “they all Suck on the same Teat,” as my
Grandmother would say: beCause “the Love of Money” Possesses
their Minds, and is the Main Objective for all that they Say and
Do. However, you have to be Listening for that Information with
your Spiritual Ears Wide Open, before you can Realize it; but it
most Certainly is the Bottom Line and Objective of most People,
with the Exception of People like ME, and Hopefully People like
YOU, O Bear, who has also been taken Advantage of by the
Greedy Capitalists.

                     What Makes People LAZY??

                       ― Chapter 3 ―

   Who are the Laziest People in the
         Now, if you have Traveled the World over, as many People
have done in Person, including myself, to some Degree, you have
probably Noticed that there are certain Societies that at least
APPEAR to be more Lazy than others: beCause of the Intolerable
Humidity, Heat, Poverty, Ignorance, Pollution, or whatever. In
Fact, it becomes very Obvious that the farther South a Person goes,
the Poorer it seems to get, until one comes to a Cool Climate:
beCause it seems as if the Cold Weather is the single Greatest
Influence in the Way of Inspiring Ambition, while Heat seems to
Discourage any Ambitions, and especially if that Heat is Persistent,
like it is in Panama and much of Brazil and Africa, which is
Cursed with Heat, Droughts, Famines, Plagues, and whatever. In
other Words, most of Africa is the least Desirable Place on this
Earth to Live, and the next least Desirable Places would be in
South America, Western Australia, Arabia, and Deserts in
Mongolia and Western United States. Indeed, without Water, most
People cannot Survive for long in Deserts, and almost all People
would Prefer their own Garden of Eden; but they cannot Find it,
even in the United States of America, which seems to be the most
Blest Land on Earth, at least as far as Water is concerned; and yet
the Wild West is Sorely Lacking an Abundance of Water, like it
would Need in Order to Truly Prosper. However, the Pacific Ocean
is just BEGGING US to Use it Wisely, in Order to Provide that
Water, which could be Distilled by Solar Power, if Americans
were not too Lazy, Ignorant, and POOR. Indeed, the Politicians
would tell you that we do not have Enough Tax Money to Win the
War in Iraq, let alone Build hundreds of square Miles of Water

                     What Makes People LAZY??

Distillers in Deserts, like Saudi Arabia and Western United States;
but no Tax Money is Needed in Order to do such Distilling:
beCause those Swangkee Armies of Working Soldiers will be
Happy to do it for $wangkee Wages! Yes, they will even Cover
those Water Distilleries with Removable Steel Roofs, which are
Insulated on the Bottom Sides of them, in Order to help keep the
Water Hot during the Night, when most Deserts nearly Freeze,
which Roofs will help to speed up the Distilling Process, which
could also be speeded up by Means of Electrical Heaters that come
on at Night. However, a large Barrel-vault Glass Cover, alone, will
do a Fair Job of Distilling Ocean Water, which can be Boiled by
Means of Mirrors that Reflect Sunlight into the Distiller, which has
Black Granite Polished Rocks in the Bottom of it, which Absorb
the Sunlight through the Shallow Water, which Water is Preheated
by Means of Parabolic Mirrors before the Water is run into the
Distillers. However, if such a Project seems to be too Ambitious
for you, you might Want to Consider the Fact that there is likely to
be LESS Water during the Future, at least in such Deserts, and
even if there is Water, it will Cost a LOT more. Therefore, rather
than Waste Money in Uncivilized Places like Iraq, we should be
Building Solar Water Distilleries, and Planting Fruit Trees that
might Attract Rains, or at least Plant Date Palm Trees and
Coconuts. After all, the Shade from such Trees will Help to
Reduce the overall Temperature of such Deserts, and especially if
we get Enough of them Planted, even in the Sahara Desert of

       Now, as you can See, there are Endless Projects that we can
Tackle, if we are not too Lazy; but I Perceive that X-amount of
Foolish People will say that we cannot Afford it, even though I
have Repeated over and OVER what we can do for Obtaining
Unlimited Supplies of Money: because that is a Universal Problem,
which I have shown how to Solve, and no one has Proven my
Words of Truth to be Wrong about that Subject. Otherwise, they
could Collect their ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD!
                    What Makes People LAZY??

                      ― Chapter 4 ―

                   The Conclusion
        Believe it or not, many Lazy People have read this Booklet
thus far, and have not even Discovered what it is that makes
People LAZY! In other Words, they were too Lazy to DO what I
Asked them to Do: beCause they Misjudged the Importance of that
Word, “DO.” Yes, to Do something Implies ACTION, which is
Required in Order to Fully Understand how to Do anything:
beCause most Things, including Love, Require PRACTICE; and
WHO is more Ambitious than someone who is in LOVE? After all,
True Love Produces an Amazing Energy, which can Cause certain
Young People to Dance all Night, after Working all Day, even
though no one can Maintain such a High Level of Energy like that
for very long without Exhaustion. However, it becomes Obvious
that Love is Directly Associated with Intense Energy, while
someone who is not Loved might become Lethargic or Lazy:
beCause he or she seems to have no Real Purpose for Living, if
only to Love his or her Worldly Ambition, Hobby, Pastime, or
whatever. After all, there are so many Things, People, and
Ambitions to be Loved; but the Love of God and his Great Truths
is perhaps the most Forceful of all Loves, which has Inspired many
Great Things in History, beginning with Men like Enoch and
Moses, who Trusted the God of Creation to Do Marvelous Things
for them, without any Doubt: beCause True Knowledge Destroys
all Doubts and Unbelief, and that Knowledge comes from the
Supreme Ruler through People who have Faith in him. Therefore,
you can have Faith in their Words of Truth, which you can Prove
to be True by merely Practicing them. Yes, just STOP Stealing,
Lying, Cheating, taking Advantage of other People, and Thinking
Evil, and Observe what Happens within your Mind, which will be
Transformed, if you Pursue the same Goal that Moses was
                      What Makes People LAZY??

Seeking, which was to Please GOD, not himself. Therefore, he
Submitted himself to God, even as all of the Holy Prophets did,
and was thus Blest for it; but other People were Pursuing their own
Worldly Ambitions, and were thus Cursed for it: beCause they
Chose the Baser Things of Life, such as Sports and Politics, which
have their Temporary Thrills; but they are nothing like the JOYS
of the Holy Ones, who Experience SURGES of the Love of God,
which Fills them with Unspeakable JOY! However, you would not
Normally Notice anyone with such Great Joy: beCause it is a
Private Experience with God, which comes after much Fasting and
Praying. Yes, it was so Marvelous that it made the Face of Moses
SHINE with the Glory of God. See Exodus 34: 29 ― 35.
Therefore, you may Mock all such Factual Accounts within the
Bible; but you have not Proven such Words to be Wrong, since any
Christian has a Spiritual Aliveness within his or her Face that is not
Seen in the Faces of those People who are Spiritual DEAD.
Therefore, with a little Practice, you can Pick Out such People,
even as they are Walking along the Street, and you can Identify
them by their Friendliness: beCause that is one of the Fruits of the
Spirit of God, which most Lazy People Lack. In Fact, True
Christians are not only Friendly, as you might Expect; but they are
Soul Winners, who Seek your Salvation from all of your Sins:
beCause they Love you more than they Love themselves and their
own Lives. However, such Love can often be Misinterpreted as
Selfish Motives for Friendship, which can only be Proven during
Enough Time, when Faithfulness will Justify itself. After all,
People with Selfish Motives have only Short-time Interests in
Friendship, who either get what they Want, or else Move on to
Sucker someone else; but a True Friend is still your Friend,
whether or not you are Rich or Poor: beCause the Important Thing
is Friendship, itself, not Money. Therefore, when someone has
Selfish Motives, which are not Fulfilled, he or she is Apt to
become Lazy and Inventive of more Sinister Tricks: beCause
Idleness is the Tool of the Devil, himself, who takes Advantage of
People who are Prone to be Lazy, who have Defective Characters,
                     What Makes People LAZY??

who are often Inspired to be Lazy by People who are Looking for
EASY Ways to do Things, who Invent Abominations, also:
beCause they Vainly Imagine that all Inventions are Inspirations
from God, as if the Devil could not Inspire any Inventions; but
behold, Satan is the Chief Inventor, who Inspires all Kinds of
Abominations for Lazy People, including the Famous Automobile,
which is Responsible for all Kinds of Sicknesses, Diseases, and
Deaths. (See: How GOOD are CARS??) In Fact, there are few
Things within this World that one could Honestly say are GOOD,
except for those Things that are found in the Natural World; and
even some of those Things are Forbidden to Touch: beCause of
their Uncleanness, such as Mercury and Lead. Therefore, we must
be Careful concerning whatever we Attempt to Justify: beCause it
might be an Abomination in the Eyes of God, which might Cause
Obesity, Drug Addiction, or who knows what?

        Now, if you are still Feeling Lazy, or Uninspired, after
Studying all of that Important Information, I Strongly Suggest that
you read it, or Listen to it, one more Time: beCause you must have
MISSED something, and you must have Especially Missed the
Bottom Line Conclusion, which is this: The Love of God will
Inspire you to Do whatever God Asks of you, which Naturally
begins by Means of Fasting and PRAYING, which will Inspire you
to Do all Kinds of Good Things. And the Proof of that, is Found by
all People who DO it. Yes, it Reminds me of a Story that Mark
Twain told about a Suicidal Man who went into the Desert of
Death Valley, in Nevada, in Order to Kill himself by Means of
Starvation; but after 2 Weeks he came back so full of Ambition
that he could hardly Contain his Desire to LIVE. (See: A Sure

                What Makes People LAZY??

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                      What Makes People LAZY??

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     What Makes People LAZY??

     Your Personal Notes:

What Makes People LAZY??

Your Personal Notes:

  Oh the LAZINESS of Mankind, which still
    Remains in the Darkness of Ignorance:
    beCause of being too Lazy to Study the
  Scriptures, which are Able to Enlighten the
  Mind of whomever is Diligent to Obey the
  Truth that he or she Learns. However, just
 Exactly what is it that Makes People LAZY,
while other People are Inspired with all Kinds
of Worldly Ambitions?? The Answer for that
    Profound Question is found within this
 Inspired Booklet, which even a Lazy Person
      can easily read during one Sitting.

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