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vol. Li            No. 43                                      THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23.1983                                                     25 cents

   Weekly anniversary commentary
                                                                                       78 senators become co-sponsors
                                                                                       of Senate famine resolution
                  Reflections at 50:                                                             by Eugene lwanciw                 expression of Soviet behavior and
                  what of tomorrow?                                                        WASHINGTON            Eighteen sena–
                                                                                                                                    policies which, in fundamental aspects,
                                                                                                                                    have changed little in over half a
                                                                                       tors have become co-sponsors of Senate      century."
      it was the year that "beauty killed the beast," as King Kong plummeted           Concurrent Resolution 70 relating to           The senator went on to state that "a
   from atop the Empire State Building and into the annals of American myth.           the anniversary of the Ukrainian famine     government willing to exterminate an
   The New York Giants were the newly crowned kings of baseball and Kate               of 1932-33, which was introduced in the     average of over 10,000 of its own people
   Hepburn won herfirstOscar for "Morning Glory."Prohibit ion was repealed,            U.S. Senate on September 29 under the       a day does not hesitate to kill another
   and Depression-weary Americans could again lift their spirits or drown their        sponsorship of Sens. Ernest Ho!lings        269 for reasons of state or whim." The
   sorrows without breaking the law. it was a time when the insouciance of the         (D-S.C.)and Pete Domenici (R-N.M.),         269 was in reference to the shooting
    1920s gave way to the grim realities of unemployment, bread lines and soup         reported the Congressional Subcom–          down of the Korean airliner on Septem–
   kitchens. But there was hope, as an aristocratic former governor of New York        mittee of the National Committee to         ber 1.
   was sworn in as the 32nd president of the United States, promising a "New           Commemorate Genocide victims in
   Deal" for all Americans.                                                                                                           Sen. Domenici. chairman of the
                                                                                        Ukraine.                                   Senate Budget Committee, also made
      it was a time of profound paradox, in Europe, the revolutionary ardor that           in his introductory remarks. Sen.       reference to the KAL incident by
   sought to build a democratic world on the post-World War 1 ashes of the old          Hol!ings. a candidate for the Democra–     stating: "Just as the Soviets at first
   order had waned in the face of economic chaos and social upheaval, and was          tic presidential nomination, stated: "it    denied shooting down the Korean
   replaced by its opposite - totalitarianism. While artists and physicists             is time to break the silence and recog–    airliner and then defended their action,
   proclaimed that the laws of nature could only be seen in the context of relative    nize the enormity of what occurred in       the Soviets denied the existence of the
   probabilities instead of absolute certainties, dogmatic leaders - Mussolini,         Ukraine at that time. We must also         tamineand then, when the evidence was
   Stalin and, in 1933. Adolf Hitler        emerged and arrogantly claimed they         understand it as a clear and brutal                  (Continued on page i)
   could make order out of confusion because they had absolute knowledge
   Appealing to fear and intolerance, they planned to erect eternal empires on
   the bones of innocent victims. Over 7 million Ukrainians died of starvation in
   the man-made famine of 1933. Millions more were to die in the gas chambers          Rep. Rinaldo to Kirkpatrick: U.N. should
   of Auschwitz and on the battlefields of Europe.
      For Ukrainian Americans in the United States, it was a time of re-               replace Soviet-picked delegates from Ukraine
   assessment and change. A large first generation of Ukrainian Americans was                                                      the most brutal chapters in human
   growing up, faced with the difficult challenge of maintaining its ethnic               WASHINGTON           Rep Matthew.).
                                                                                       Rinaldo (R-N.J.). recently sent U.S.         history, and on this 50th anniversary oi
   identity while staking its share oi the American dream. The Ukrainian                                                           their deaths, the Moscow puppets in the
   American community had come a long way since the first immigrants had set           Ambassador to the United Nations
                                                                                       Jeane Kirkpatrick a letter which urged       Ukrainian delegation at the U.N. totally
   foot on America's shore. Churches and fraternal associations. — the UNA                                                         ignored it."
   among them - had long been established, and the community now had the               the ambassador to introduce a resolu–
                                                                                       tion seeking to replace the Soviet-            "The horror of 7 million people dying
   vigor and self-confidence to express its concerns and to show off its culture, it                                               of forced starvation and malnutrition
   was becoming more political and more sophisticated. Ukrainians                      picked delegates from Ukraine with
                                                                                       delegates selected by Ukrainian na–         while available food was being taken
   vociferously protested President Roosevelt's decision to diplomatically                                                         away and exported from Ukraine
   recognize the Soviet Union, and marched to call attention to the Great              tionalists, the congressman's office
                                                                                       reported.                                   should not be forgotten." Rep. Rinaldo
   Famine that was ravaging their homeland. At the Chicago World's Fair of                                                         said, "it was nothing short of a holo–
    1933. the Ukrainian Pavilion was a proud embodiment of Ukrainian heritage             in a release dated October 10.           caust."
   and resourcefulness, as it was the only exhibition not financed by government       he stated that the Ukrainian delegation
   funds.                                                                              to the United Nations should be block–         Rep. Rinaldo said the U.N. Charter
                                                                                       ed from participating in the General        provides that delegates may be chal–
      it was into this ethos that The Ukrainian Weekly was born 50 years ago on                                                    lenged if they have no valid claim in
   October 6. it began as an English-language offshoot of Svoboda aimed, as            Assembly because it does not represent
                                                                                       the Ukrainian people.                       representing the people of their country.
   outlined in its inaugural editorial, specifically at Ukrainian American youth, in                                               He said the Soviets installed Commu–
   those early years, its editor was keenly aware of the difficult balancing act          Bob DeLazaro. special assistant to       nist rule in Ukraine and have exiled
   confronting Ukrainian American young people who were caught between the             the congressman,reported date.      Ukrainian nationalists.
   lure of assimilation and the instinctive desire to maintain the culture of their    Mrs. Kirkpatrick has not responded to
                                                                                                                                      He slated that a Soviet-imposed
   parents. He knew that the future of the Ukrainian American community                the request.
                                                                                                                                   blackout on news about Ukraine has
   depended on its young people and the ability of the older generation of                The New Jersey Republican said that      prevented it from coming to the atten–
   community leaders to make way for youth and entrust it with that future.            37 members of the Ukrainian Public                    (Continued on page 16)
   Stephen Shumey ko, who became the first editor of the Weekly at age 25, was         Group to Promote the implementation
   instrumental in the formation of the Ukrainian Youth League of North                of the Helsinki Accords are either in
   America, and maintained his interest in the problem of Ukrainian American           prison. Soviet labor camps, internal
   youth his whole life.                                                               exile, or have been deported by the
                                                                                       Soviets for their support for human
                                      The future          ,                            rights for the Ukrainians. He said the
                                                                                       group has a legitimate right to represent
      Although The Weekly is no longer geared primarily for young adults, having       the Ukrainian people at the United
   grown into a wholly independent paper covering a broad range of community           Nations.
   concerns, both domestic and international, it remains aware of the relevance           Following a September 30 visit to his
   of its founding principles and their underlying truisms. With a staff that          offices in Washington by a Ukrainian
   averages 27 years of age. The Weekly remains committed to looking ahead to          American delegation composed of
   the future of the community.                                                        members and friends of Americans for
      But, as it was 50 years ago, the future is clouded with uncertainty. What is     Human Rights in Ukraine. Rep. Ri–
   clear is that our community - here defined as an aggregate of institutions          naldo also included a mention of the
   such as fraternal organizations, credit unions, civic, cultural and political       tragedy of the Great Famine in Ukraine
   groups - is facing a crisis of leadership, it is showing signs of age and           in his letter to Ambassador Kirkpatrick.
   attrition. Young people have not, in any appreciable way, stepped in to             He wrote:
   assume responsible roles in the community.                                             "Seven million Ukrainians were
                                                                                       starved to death by Stalin's forced
                                 (Continued on page 11)
                                                                                       agricultural collectivization in one of             Rep. Matthew Rinaldo
                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY. OCTOBER 23.1983                                                                   No. 43

   Dissident sketch                                                                      Red Army massacres Afghan civilians
                                                                                            1S1.AMABAD, Pakistan - A former                bad was in reprisal for an insurgent
                   Serhiy N a b o k a                                                     Atghan diplomat asserted on October
                                                                                          19 that Soviet troops massacred 126
                                                                                                                                           attack the day before on a troop convoy
                                                                                                                                           in which several tanks were destroyed.
    BORN: 1955.                                                                          villagers in southeastern Afghanistan                Mr. Karazai said: "1 was told that the
                                                                                         -two weeks ago. reported the Associated           troops returned on foot the next day.
   OCCUPAT10N: Journalist.                                                                Press                                            They rounded up the people, gunning
   LATEST ARREST: January І І,                                                              The former diplomat, quoting sur–              down the men and bayoneting the
                                                                                         vivors of the attack, said women and              women and children.
                                                                                         children were bayoneted.                             "Then they leveled the houses, in one
  CHARGE: Pasting leaflets concern–                                                         Although the account could not be              case. 18 members of one family were
  ing Ukrainian Political Prisoner's                                                     independently conlirmed, the lormer               killed."
  Day and circulating the journal                                                        diplomat. Habibullah Karazai, has                    Other villages in the area were later
  (Continent.                                                                            been accurate in past reports from the            subjected to heavy aerial bombing, he
                                                                                         area, which is near Kandahar. Af–                 said. Many villagers managed to flee
   SENTENCE: Three years in a labor                                                      ghanistan's second largest city.                  before troops encircled the area, he
   camp.                                                                                    Mr. Karazai. who represented the               added.                             у
   PREviOUS TERMS: None.                                                                  Kabul government at the United Na–                  Mr. Karazai said local resistance
                                                                                         tions in 1972. based his report on
                                                                                                                                           groups had begun hit-and-run attacks
   CAMP ADDRESS:                                                                         accounts of survivors reaching the
                                                                                         southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta.            on convoys earlier in the week when
      USSR                                                                                                                                 troops began installing military out–
      Khmelnitskaya oblast             '                                                  where he lives. The current Soviet-
                                                                                         backed government of President Ba–               -posts around Kandahar. On October
      Khmelnitsky raion                                                                                                                    11, three tank columns were sighted
     s. Raikovtsky                                                                       brak Karmal took power in a coup in
                                                                                          1979. That same year, Soviet troops,             encircling the city. Guerrillas attacked
     uchr. MKH-324 78-12-121                                                                                                               and destroyed 11 tanks and armored
                                                                                         estimated to be over 100.000 now,
                                                                                         invaded the country to help the govern–           personnel carriers, he said.
                                                                                         ment fi^ht a popular Moslem rebellion.               The following day another column
Soviet peace activist jailed                                                                According to the report Mr. Karazai            moved in and was attacked. That, he
                                                                                         obtained, the attack on October 13 in             said, appeared to trigger the brutal
    MOSCOW - Oleg Radinsky, a             immediate explanation for the relative         the viii,nw -' - oshkizai and Kolcha–             reprisals against the civilian population.
member of a small unsanctioned Soviet     leniency.
peace group, was sentenced to a year in      Mr. Radzinsky was the first member                                                     (D-Md.). J. James Exon (D-Neb.),
,'rison and five years' internal exile on
October 13 on charges of slandering the
                                          of the so-called Group of Trust to be
                                          tried, although his friends said the
                                                                                         78 senators...                             Joseph R. Biden (D-Del.), Gary Hart
                                                                                                                                    (D-Colo.), Frank R. Lautenberg (D–
Soviet state, reported The New York       charges against him were based on                         (Continued from page 1)         N.J.). Dale Bumpers (D-Ark.), John
Times.                                    writings found at his home rather than         overwhelming, defended their action. Heinz (R-Pa.), Alan J. Dixon (D-lll.),
                                          on his activities in the peace group.          Nothing has changed in Soviet behavior Charles Percy (R-lll.), Dan Quaylc (R–
   Mr. Radzinsky. 25. has already spent                                                  during these past 50 years."
                                             He is said to have first fallen afoul of                                               lnd.), Robert Dole (R-Kan.) and
nearly a year in detention, so he was
                                          the authorities for holding seminars on           The New Mexico senator also quoted Quentin N. Burdick (R-N.D.).
expected to be sent directly to exile banned Soviet writers.
somewhere in the Soviet hinterland.                                                      from recent interviews with Malcolm          The Congressional Subcommittee
                                             The peace group was founded last            Muggeridgeand former Rep. Hamilton has urged Ukrainians to write to their
  The article under which he was year to promote understanding between                   Fish, who 50 years ago sponsored a senators and urge their co-sponsorship
sentenced. Article 190 of the Russian the Soviet Union and the United States.            similar resolution concerning the fa- of S.Con.Res. 70 if they have not
Criminal Code, carries a maximum A founder of the group, Sergei Batov–                   mine.                                      already co-sponsored it. For those
penalty of seven years in prison and five rin, an artist, was allowed to leave for          The resolution urges the president to senators who have co-sponsored the
years' internal exile. There was no the West earlier this year.                          designate May 28, 1984, the 50th an– resolution, a thank-you letter should be
                                                                                         niversary of the date Rep. Fish intro– sent. The subcommittee hopes to get at
                                                                                         duced his resolution on the famine in least 40 co-sponsors of the resolution
Ukrainian Baptists adopt resolution                                                      the House of Representatives, as a day and action by the Senate Foreign
                                                                                         to commemorate the Great Ukrainian Relations Committee. The key to the
                                                                                         Famine. The resolution also calls on the Foreign Relations Committee's con–
scoring Soviets for religious persecution                                                president to focus world attention on sideration of the resolution is the
                                                                                         the famine through public and diplo– number of co-sponsors the resolution
    ELMHURST. ill. - The Ukrainian          Soviet Union to adhere to the U.N. De–       matic channels, and to urge the Soviet has attracted.
 Evangelical Baptist Convention has         claration of Human Rights and the Hel–        Union to lift restrictions on the ship–      The subcommittee stressed that what
 adopted resolutions criticising the        sinki Accords.                               ment of food parcels and other necessi– is especially important for the prospects
 Soviet Union for persecuting Chris–           The resolution urges all Christians to    ties to Soviet citizens by private indivi– of the resolution is co-sponsorship by
 tians; condemning the Soviet Union for     pray for their suffering brethren and to     duals and charitable organizations.        members of the Senate Foreign Rela–
 shooting down the Korean airliner and      inform the world about their plight.            in a "dear colleague" letter dated tions Committee. Members of the
 killing 269 persons; and memorialising        Resolution 2 condemns the Soviet          September 29. Sens. Hollings and committee who have not yet co-spon–
 the Great Famine in Ukraine.               Union for shooting down the Korean           Domenici appealed to their colleagues sored are: Howard H. Baker (R-Tenn.).
    The resolutions were passed during      airliner with 269 passengers aboard.         to join as co-sponsors of S.Con. Res. 70. Jesse Helms (R-N.C). Charles McC.
 the 38th annual convention held Sep–          The delegates expressed Christian         As of October 18, 18 senators respond– Mathias (R-Md.). Nancy Landon
 tember 2-4 at the First Ukrainian          mercy, sympathy and love for human life,     ed to the letter and were added as co- Kassebaum (R-Kan.), Rudy Boschwitz
 Baptist Church of Chicago. Members of      as taught in the Bible, and called the       sponsors of the resolution.                (R-Minn.). Frank H. Murkowski (R–
 churches from across the nation partici–   Soviet attack on an unarmed civilian            Thev "are: Daniel P. Moynihan (D– Alaska). Claiborne Pell (D-R.L). John
 pated in the conference.                   passenger jet a barbaric act.                N.Y.). Richard G. Lugar(R-lnd,), Dave Glenn (D-Ohio), Edward Zorinsky (D–
    Elected as the new president for a         The resolution calls upon all govcrn–     Durenberger (R-Minn.), Larry Pressler Neb.), Paul E. Tsongas (D-Mass.), Alan
 three-year term was the Rev. Jaroslaw      ments in the free world to punish the        (R-S.D.), Mark O. Hatfield (R-Ore.), Cranston (D-Calif.) and Christopher J.
 Paprockyj, pastor of the First Ukrai–      Soviet Union appropriately to dis–           Jake Garn (R-Utah). Paul S. Sarbanes Dodd (D-Conn.).
 nian Baptist Church of Philadelphia..      couragc similar incidents in the future.
    Dr. Myron Kuropas personally deli–         The resolution expresses deep sym–
 vcred greetings on behalf of the Ukrai–    pathy to the families of the victims and
 nian National Association.                 asks God to comfort the bereaved.
    Resolution 1 points out that the new
 Soviet regime under Yuri Andropov is
 reverting to the brutal methods of
 repression used during the Stalin era.
                                               Resolution 3 scores the Soviet Union
                                            for creating the world's greatest holo–
                                            caust - an artificial famine in Ukraine
                                            during 1932-33 - in order to wipe out
                                                                                                               ulcrainian Weelclv
    The resolution states that the number   resistance to collectivization in Ukraine                                       FOUNDED 1933
 of prisoners of faith is increasing        and other places where Ukrainians              Ukrainian weekly newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association inc., a fraternal
 steadily, pastors of the Council of        predominated.                                              non-profit association, at 30 Montgomery St., Jersey City, NJ. 07302.
 Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches                                                                              (The Ukrainian Weekly - USPS 570-870)
are dying in concentration camps, and         The resolution notes that between 7                  Also published by the UNA: Svoboda, a Ukrainian-language daily newspaper.
cruel treatment against wives and           and 10 million innocent Ukrainians
families of imprisoned believers is         perished during the famine and millions        The Weekly and Svoboda:                                              UNA:
intensifying.                               of others - including a significant                     (201)434-0237,434-0807, 434-3036                                   (201) 451-2200
                                            number of Ukrainian Baptists - were
    Therefore, the delegates expressed      exiled to Siberia or imprisoned.
their indignation against persecution                                                      Yearly subscription rate: S8, UNA members - S5.
and cruel treatment of Christians and          The delegates mourned the memo"ry
called upon the Soviet government to        of the victims of the terrible genocide of     Postmaster, send address changes to:
release all imprisoned believers and to     the Ukrainian nation and vowed to              THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                           Editor ROHM Hedzewycz
halt persecution against Churches.          continue informing the world about the         P.O. Box 346                                   AMOcvte дойог George Bondwi Zcrycky
                                                                                           Jersey City. NJ. 07303 -                       Aeefctmt editor Msrta Kotomsyets
    The delegates also appealed to na–      perpetrators of this holocaust, the
tions of the free world to pressure the     Communist government in Moscow.
No. 43                                                   THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23.1983                                                              з

Western Pennsylvania Ukrainians hold famine observances
    PITTSBURGH - The weekend of             growth nf Ukrainian cultural аг.и            niques, the now currently accepted           marched as did units of the Ukrainian
October 7-9 was the occasion for the intellectual life, but then turned against          number of 7 million victims of the           National Women's League of America,
Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania the policy, accusing persons who carried             famine has been authenticated. He also       the Ukrainian Orthodox League and
Ukrainian community's observance of out their initial policy of being bour–              related how eyewitness testimony is          the Poltava Dance Ensemble. The
the 50th anniversary of the Great geois nationalists.                                    being used in writing the book he is         marchers assembled on the patio and
Famine in Ukraine. The events were             Marco Carynnyk, visiting fellow at        working on. Following Dr. Mace's talk,       steps of Soldiers and Sailors Hall where
supported by all segments of the com– the Kennan institute in Washington,                a panel discussion between all four          Mr. Komichak read the text of the open
munity and the many members of the who is writing a book on the Great                    speakers and the audience was held.          letter that was read before the Soviet
Ukrainian Technological Society play–       Famine, was the next to sneak. His           This lively session drew all the prescnta–   Embassy in Washington on October 2.
ed pivotal roles in the organization and topic was "The Dogs the Did Not                 tions together to show how the Soviets       Then he led the assembled throng in
support of the events.                      Bark: The United States and Great            purposefully attempted to destroy the        renditions of "God Bless America." the
    As the observances began, the Pitts- Britain and the Ukrainian Famine of             Ukrainian nation intellectually and          Ukrainian national anthem and chants
burgh Post-Gazette pubjished a feature      1933." in his talk, Mr. Carynnyk quoted      culturally, economically and spiritually     of "Freedom for Ukraine." The people
article by Bohdan Hodiak titled, " extensively from messages from the                    through planned genocide by famine.          then entered the hall for an ecumenical
article by Bohdan Hodiak titled British Embassy in Moscow to the                            Over 200 different individualsattend–     requiem service and memorial pro-
" 'Hidden,' Famine in Ukraine Killed British Foreign Office in London and                ed various parts of the symposium with       gram.
 MillioTis" on the front page of its Friday from petitions of Ukrainian groups to        more than 75 percent attending the              Participating in the panakhyda were
issue. Later in the evening, Dr. James President Roosevelt and the U.S. State            entire symposium program. Thesympo–          Orthodox and Catholic clergy. Re–
 Mace from the Harvard Ukrainian Department. These documents indi–                       sium was videotaped by the university's      sponses were led by the League of
 Research institute was interviewed on cated the both the U.S. and British               audio-visual department, and after           Ukrainian Catholics Kalyna Choir
 WP1T Radio, and the Roy Foxx Radio governments knew full well the extent                editing will be available to interested      under the direction of irene viaduchick
 Program on KDKA Radio devoted one of the famine, but did nothing about it               groups, individual members of the UTS        and the Ukrainian Orthodox Choir
hour to callers responding to the Post- because of economic and official reluc–          contributed financially to the video-        under the direction of Lesya Andrews.
 Gazette article.                           tance to become involved in an "inter–        taping project.                                 Following the service, a memorial
     On Saturday, an all-day symposium nal" matter of another country.                       The symposium was covered by-             program was presented. The two re–
 titled "Genocide in Ukraine" was held at                                                 Channel 4 Tv and a news story with an       gional choirs sang appropiatc selec–
 the University of Pittsburgh at the Frick     Concluding the morning session was         interview with Dr. Mace was shown on        tions, as did Nadia Worobij. Dr. Mace
 Fine Arts Building. University organi– Dr. Bohdan Bociurkiw of Carleton                  the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. telecasts.           gave a short presentation in English and
 zations sponsoring the symposium were University in Ottawa, who spoke on the                On Sunday two feature articles ap–        Mr. Carynnyk spoke in Ukrainian. Mr.
 the Office of Urban and Community "Destruction of the Ukrainian Ortho–                   peared in The Pittsburgh Press. Both were    Komichak read telegrams of praise and
 Services, the Russian and East Euro– dox Church in Soviet Ukraine during                 written by Robert Baird. One, titled         remembrance from Sen. John Heinz
 pean Studies Program, the Pennsyl– the 1930s." He related in detail how the               "Ukrainians Recall 'The Forgotten           (R-Pa.), Allegheny County Commis–
 vania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center, Soviets,used the technique of the big lie           Holocaust,' " appeared on the front         sioners Chairman Thomas J. Foerster,
 and the department of Slavic languages to accuse the Ukrainian Autocephalous             page. At 2:30 p.m., a manifestation         and U.S. Reps. William J. Coyne (D),
 and literatures. Also acting as sponsors Orthodox Church of being in collusion           march from Flagstaff Hill in Schenley        Joseph Gaydos (D) and Doug Wal–
 were the Ukrainian Student Organiza– with the "League for Liberation of                   Park to the Soldiers and Sailors Hall in    gren (D) of Pennsylvania.
 tion of the University of Pittsburgh and Ukraine," an organization claimed to be         Oakland took place. The march was
 the Ukrainian Famine Committee of made up of nationalist counter-revolun–                organized by the Ukrainian' Famine             Raymond Komichak read the resolu–
 Western Pennsylvania.                      tionaries, but which was in fact a             Committee of Western Pennsylvania,         tion of the Western Pennsylvania U–
                                            figment of th^ Soviet big lie propa–          with UTS member MichaelKomichak             krainian Community on the Famine in
     Dr. Bernard J. Kobosky, vice chan– ganda. Confused and panicky church
 cellor for public affairs of the Univer– officials "confessed" to these accusa–          as general chairman. The Rt. Rev.            English, while Yaroslawa Polataijko
 sity of Pittsburgh, welcomed the invited tions at a GPU-staged sobor in 1930.             Andrew Beck and Msgr. Russell Danyl–        Komichak read the same resolution in
 speakers and symposium attendees. He This effectively sealed the fate of the             chuk served as honorary chairmen.            Ukrainian. The resolution was unani–
 then handed over the program to Dr. Ukrainian Orthodox Church as the                        According to press estimates, more       mously passed by those present.
 John Basarab, formerly program direc– Soviets used the "confession"at will and           than 600 persons participated in the           Sunday's march and memorial pro-
 tor of the Ukrainian section of Radio whim to destroy the Church as they                 march. UTS members E. Manasterski           gram were extensively covered by the
  Liberty, who acted as moderator. Dr. pleased.                                           and George Hanczar Jr. had the honor        print and broadcast media. All three
  Basarab introduced the first speaker.                                                   of carrying the proclamation banner         local television channels presented
 Dr. George Shevelov, professor emeri–         Dr. Mace, who is working on a book         which read "1932-33-1983; We Cannot         stories with films of the march and
 tus of Columbia University, who spoke about the famine, presented the talk                Forget 7 Million Ukrainians that Died      interviews with Dr. Mace. Mr. Carynnyk
 on the "Rise and Fall of the Policy of "The Man-Made Famine of 1933" to                  in Stalin's Organized Famine 50 Years       and Kateryna Dowbenko. The Press
  Ukrainianization." He indicated how begin the afternoon session. He out-                Ago. vichnaya Pamiat." Ukrainian            and Post-Gazette ran follow-up articles
 the Soviets at first encouraged the lined how. by using demographic tech-                Catholic and Orthodox clergy also           with photos in Monday's editions.

Percy names Kuropas to rights council                                                     San Francisco community plans
   CH1CAGO - Dr. Myron B. Kuro–             former U.S. secretaries of state Dean
pas, Ukrainian National Association         Rusk, William P. Rogers and Alex–             famine protest at Soviet Consulate
supreme vice president and special          ander M. Haig.                                   SAN FRANC1SCO - A weekend of             yet, unlike Hitler's genocide of the Jews,
assistant for ethnic affairs to President      Such community leaders as Cardinal         protest and remembrance is planned in       the Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33
Gerald R. Ford, was recently appointed      Joseph Bernardin of Chicago and               San Francisco November 5 and 6 as           has gone unnoticed by the media and
to the Advisory Council on Religious        Aloysius Mazewski, head of the Polish         hundreds of Ukrainian Americans in          forgotten by the world.
Rights in Eastern Europe and the            National Alliance of the United States,       Northern California unite to protest the       A major demonstration is planned
USSR.                                       also serve on the council.                    continuing Soviet cover-up of Stalin's      for midday, Saturday, November 5, in
   The appointment to'the 25-member            The council's first public hearing will    man-made famine in Ukraine in 1932-         front of the Soviet Consulate in San
body was made by Sen. Charles R.            be held on Wednesday, November 9,             33. Over 7 million men, women and           Francisco. Ukrainians, Poles, Czechs,
Percy (R-lll.), who also serves as the      from 9 a.m. to noon, at the Kluchinski        children were deliberately starved to       Soviet Jews, Afghans, Cubans, Koreans
chairman of the Senate Foreign Rela–        Building, 232 S. Dearborn in Chicago.         death in little over a year by Soviet       and other groups are expected to mass
tions Committee. The council will           Dr. Kuropas will testify on human             rulers.                                     at the consulate in solidarity against the
advise the senator on religious issues in   rights in Eastern Europe, especially in          This long-forgotten tragedy ranks         Soviets. Demonstrators will march in
Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.        Ukraine, in the ceremonial courtroom          among the world's greatest atrocities.                 (Continued on pap ")
   Former President Ford is the hono–       on that day. Subsequent hearings will
rary chairman of the council, which         be held in Washington before the
includes such prestigious members as        Senate Foreign Relations Committee.           Famine memorial conferences slated
                                                                                              CLEvELAND - The Cleveland and           Dr. James Mace of Harvard University,
                                                                                            Youngstown communities and their          "Famine in Ukraine 1932-33"; and Dr.
AJC wants more liberal refugee policy                                                      memorial committees have prepared          George Kulchycky of Youngstown
                                                                                           two scholarly conferences to be held at    State University, "Precedents and
   NEW YORK - The American Je–              refugees by providing, together with
                                                                                           Cleveland State University on October      Cover-Up of the Ukrainian Famine of
wish Committee has filed a legal brief      other free nations, a safe haven for the
                                                                                           29 and Youngstown State University on      1932-33."
urging that a person seeking to avoid       world's oppressed."
deportation need establish only that                                                       October 30.
                                               in the amicus brief filed with the             The Cleveland State conference will       On the next day the same speakers
there is a "well-founded fear" that he       United States Supreme Court, in a suit        be held at 10 a.m. in the international    will read' their papers at Youngstown
will face political persecution if he is    involving Predrag Stevic1, a native and        Theater, Room 1, on East 22nd and          State University at 10 a.m. in the Arts
forced to return to his country instead     citizen of Yugoslavia, and the lmmigra–        Euclid Avenue. Participating in the        and Sciences Building, Room 132.
of a "clear probability." l                 tion and Naturalization Service, the           program will be Dr. M. Ciskewycz of        Shown at the conference will be slides
   "This more liberal approach," said       American Jewish Committee joined               Ohio State University, who will speak on   and films about the Ukrainian holo–
AJC's legal director, Samuel Rabinove,      with the international institute of            "Art and Actuality: The Harvest Theme      caust. A proclamation from Gov.
"will uphold the basic humanitarian         Boston, an agency providing free or            in Soviet Social Realism"; Dr. B.          Richard Celeste declaring the week of
principle that the United States should     low-cost immigration counseling and            Czepak, "Famine: individual and So–        October 22 to 29 as "Ukrainian Famine
play a key role in securing freedom for       .       (Continued on paft 11)             . ciety trom the Medical Perspective";       Week" will be read.
  4     „   „   „   „   „   „   „   „   „   „   .   ^    T   H    E    UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23.1983-          -    - -      .   "         .   .     -.:.        .
                                                                                                                                                                                      – v:No. 43

      13th Congress aftermath: our struggle for unity and law and order
                                                                                        by John O. His

                    PART І                              fmmediaiely alter the walkout lrom         between the Liberation Front leader-                 Dr. Dobriansky commenced by ex-
                                                     the 13th Congress, the 27 or so organi–       ship, which seized control of the                tolling both sides to mend the existing
      We all remember October 1980. it              zations that walked out ol the conven–         governing organs of the UCCA                     rift. He called ґоґ”а united front in
   was the month of the infamous 13th               tion hall combined into the Committee          at the 13th Congress, and those                 meeting the challenges before all Ukrai–
   Congress. But how have the UNA and                for Law and Order in the UCCA in              Ukrainian national organizations                 nians.
   the entire Ukrainian American com–               order to present one voice in the nego–        which walked out of the convention hall             The committee did not intend to be
   munity fared since then'.'                       tiating process which was certain to take      of the Congress in protest against the          drawn into polemics with Dr. Dobrian–
      The UNA Supreme Executive Com–                place, we thought, in the very near           conduct of the convention presidium;             sky's team. We knew that it would not
 . mittee came out of the 13th Congress             future. І don't believe that there was one     the secrecy under which the 13th Con–            be an easy task to convince them of the
   full of apprehension and uncertainty.            person who wanted a second central             gress was organized and conducted; and           righteousness of our cause. We did
   So did the Ukrainian American commu–              Ukrainian organization which would            the total disregard of. and violation of.       expect Dr. Dobriansky to wield his
   nity. it is absolutely normal for a human        perform services for the Ukrainian             the by-laws and the customs and pro–             influence. But he didn't. We expected
   being to be uncertain at times.                  community parallel to those services           ccdures of the UCCA at the 13th                  him to at least be neutral. But he wasn't.
                                                    performed by the UCCA. We all wanted          Congress.                                            Members of the UCCA delegation no–
     However, as regards UNA actions at
                                                    to reorgan ize the UCCA in such a manner         The committee had desired the meet–           ticed my tape recorder on the confe–
  the congress, no one must suspect
                                                    that in the future no political organiza–      ing to take place as early as possible at        rence table. They were against record–
  uncertainty on the part of the UNA
                                                    tion or group of political organiza–           the Ukrainian institute of America. No           ing the proceedings and made their
  Supreme Executive Committee. These
                                                    tions could seize control and use the          response was received from Dr. Do–               feelings known. Not to further antago–
  seven men and women are elected and
                                                     UCCA for its own narrow purposes.             briansky. lvan Bazarko, the UCCA's               niz.e our adversaries, 1 put the recorder
  are expected to lead the UNA, which is
  the largest in membership, the wealth–               Not one of us believed that the UCCA       administrative director informed us              away.
  iest in assets, the oldest in years of            would try to continue to exist without        that Dr. Dobriansky would meet with                  it is our understanding that at the last
  existence, and the most patient in its            those 27 plus organizations that walked       us on December 12. 1980. The meeting              UCCA executive board meeting when
  attitude and actions ol all Ukrainian             out. We all believed that our walkout          would take place not at the Ukrainian            Dr. Dobriansky had proposed a "presi–
  American organizations.                           would lead the Ukrainian Congress              institute of America (as we had re-             dents' meeting with our committee, the
                                                    Committee to an immediate reassess–           quested), but at the UCCA head-                  leaders of the Liberation Front would not
     The UNA delegates voted unani–                 ment and revision of the entire or–           quarters.                                        permit him to meet with our committee
   mous!y for the UNA to walk out of the            ganizational structure of this central           Our committee did not wish to jeo–            and appointed big guns of the Libera–
   l3ti. Congress. The UNA did. So did 26           Ukrainian organization. Little did we         pardize any future talks between the             tion Front like Messrs. Billinsky,
  other national organizations plus those           know that the organization which              two sides, so it agreed to the proposition        Futala, Lozynskyj and ivashkiv to go
   which were not counted. Only the                 gained control of the UCCA was mo'ti–         related by Mr. Bazarko.                          with the help him.
   Liberation Front organizations were              vated by something other than good old           As expected, the UCCA sent out the                Although this was a meeting called by
  left in the convention hall; some of them         American community horse sense and            first notice of meeting that was to be           the president and he could have pro-
  were real organizations, while others             was guided by ideals which were far           held on December 12. 1980. signed by             posed the settlement terms, being fully-
  existed only on paper. The hall was half          from democratic, and far from the             Evhen ivashkiv, as secretary of the              aware of the cause of our walkout at the
  empty after the great exodus.                     original aims of the UCCA. i.e., to serve     UCCA and Mr. Bazarko as administra–               13th Congress, he turned to our com–
     We came back to the UNA offices on             the Ukrainian cause.                          tive director, it read, in part, as follows:     mittee and asked: "What is it that you
  Monday following the infamous 13th                    if the Ukrainian American commu–             "This meeting will attempt to resolve         want?"
  Congress. We wanted someone, some–                nity remains divided today, it is not         constructively the dissonances and                   This committee was then compelled
  where. somehow, to say something                  because of the organizations that stand       disagreements that occurred between              to present its demands in order to get
  cheerful. No one did. We drank our                askance of the UCCA. if blame has to          various central national organizations,          the talks moving. We submitted that
  coffee and muttered very little, but we           be fixed for the division of our Ukrai–       which are part of the UCCA."                     compromise could only be reached on
  became more talkative as we were                  nian American community, let us fix the                                                        the basis of the following four points.
  finishing our coffee - more talkative             blame for the cause of our walkout from          The notice was addressed to the
                                                                                                                                                       1. Full return to the UCCA By-laws
  and much louder.                                  the hall where the 13th Congress of           Ukrainian National Association, the
                                                                                                                                                   of 1976 and to the objectives for which
     "We must issue a statement and have            Ukrainian Americans was being held.           Ukrainian Fraternal Association, the
                                                                                                                                                   the UCCA was formed.
  it printed in Svoboda and The Ukrai–              The 27 organizations that walked out          Providence Association of Ukrainian
                                                                                                  Catholics, the Ukrainian National Aid                2. Return to the rotational system of
  nian Weekly. Our members and the                  were not guilty of seizing the ruling                                                          the executive vice presidency of the
  entire Ukrainian community must be                organs of the UCCA; nor were they             Association, the Ukrainian National
                                                                                                  Women's League of America, the Or–               UCCA, whereby that office was held a
  reassured that the Supreme Executive              guilty of relegating the fraternal or–                                                         year each by the four fraternals.
  Committee has not abandoned the                   ganizations. which had never been             ganization for the Rebirth of Ukraine
                                                                                                  and the Association of Ukrainians in                 3. Return to the original character of
  interests of the UNA or forsaken our              found guilty of being selfish, to a                                                            the UCCA as a patriotic community
  Ukrainian community." We immediate–               subordinate status within the UCCA            America. The Committee for Law and
                                                                                                  Order in the UCCA was not mentioned,             organization and not a party-political
  ly got down to formulating such a                 framework; nor were these orgarriza–                                                           organization, as it turned out to be at
  statement.                                        tions guilty of seizing over half a million   "ignore it and it will disappear," must
                                                                                                  have been their thought.                         the 13th Congress.
     The UNA has always maintained a                dollars in assets belonging to the Ukrai–                                                          4. Prior approval of items on the
  watchful eye on the happenings in our             nian American community; nor were                Why Providence and the Ukrainian              agenda for meetings of the Executive
  community and where necessary it                  these organizations guilty of deceptive–      National Aid Association were included           Committee and of the National Council
  sounded the drums as the community                ness, chicanery and subterfuge, before        in this notice is uncertain. Those two           of the UCCA. The approval should be
  purified its ranks. One has but to recall         and during the 13th Congress, in seizing      organizations did not walk out of the            made by the Presidium or another
  the events before and after the first and         control of the UCCA; nor were they             13th Congress.                                  body, the membership of which would
  second world wars to find out that the            guilty of attempting to impose their             We had heard that Dr. Dobriansky              be agreed upon.
. UNA acts the part of a public watchdog            political thinking upon others.               insisted on this meeting, while others at            A return to By-laws of 1976, before
  when it comes to protecting the interests            The members of the Committee for           the UCCA opposed scheduling it. They             the illegal increase of the Executive
  and the safety of the Ukrainian Ameri–            Law and Order in the UCCA have for            were to argue that: "No organization             Committee from 15 to 25, would gua–
  can community.                                    over two and a half years made every          resigned from the UCCA, so what is               rantee an equal voice on the UCCA
     Those of us who walked out of the              effort to bring about unity in our            there is discuss? All those that walked          bodies to the democratically inclined
   13th Congress were immediately dubb–             community life. The committee was             out of the і 3th Congress could return to        organizations, since the increase in the
  ed and remain so, to the present time,            ready at all times to talk to the UCCA.       the UCCA and take the places reserved            number of Executive Committee mem–
  according to the press controlled by the          listen to offers for mediation from any       for them." That was to be the gist of all        bers resulted in the Liberation Front
   Banderivtsi. "undemocratic" and "poor            quarter, be it from hierarchy, clergy,        their arguments at the peace table.              acquiring the absolute majority in that
  losers."                                          organizations or individuals — all to no      What we were afraid of was that what             body. Points 2 and 3 are self-
     No mention is made in that press of            avail.                                        the Liberation Front leaders really-             explanatory. Point 4 would guarantee
  the real reasons there is no one else left           So that readers have a full picture of     meant was: "return to the UCCA and             , that the UCCA Executive Committee and
  in the UCCA except the Banderivtsi. No            efforts made to bring about unity in our      we'll tell you what to do."                      the National Council would consider at
  mention is made of the secretiveness              Ukrainian American community, the                The opposing negotiating teams were           their meetings only items agreed upon
  with which the Liberation Front                   following is being written from detailed      composed of Mr. Bazarko, ignatius                beforehand as proper for their consi–
  leadership prepared its attack                    notes kept by the undersigned.                Billinsky. Askold Lozynskyj,.. Lev               deration and action. This would forego
  against the entire non-Banderivsky                                                              Futala. Mr. ivashkiv, Alexander                  the return to the Grigorenko matter
  Ukrainian American world. No                                   The first meeting                Kaiynyk, Jaroslaw Sawka, Bohdan                  which had received so much unwarrant–
  mention is made of the seizure                                                                  Todoriw and, of course. Dr. Dobrian–             ed attention at UCCA meetings and in
  of more than half a million                          The Committee for Law and Order in         sky.                                             our Ukrainian press - all at the instiga–
  dollars in assets, in real estate and ready       the UCCA, upon its establishment,                The team, from the Committee for              tion of the Liberation Front leadership
  cash that was amassed by the entire               immediately dispatched a letter to Dr.        Law and Order was composed of Dr.                which claimed this to be a major issue
  Ukrainian American community.                     Lev Dobriansky, president of the              Bohdan Shebunchak, iwanna Rozan–                 facing the Ukrainian American commu–
  Nothing is ever mentioned about the               UCCA, stating that the members of the         kowsky; Roman Danyluk, lvan Olek–                nity.
  loss by the Ukrainian American com–               Law and Order Committee desired to            syn and myself.
  munjty of trust in its leadership since it                                                                                                         With the delegates from the Law and
                                                    meet with him and anyone else that he            As we walked in, everyone was tense.         Order Committee, Point 2 was nego–
  permitted seizures by one political party         cared to bring with him, in order to          We shook some hands and indulged in
  of community wealth and community                                                                                                               tiable and, if all else went well, the right
                                                    discuss a possible compromise in regard       some insignificant chit-chat to brighten        to the rotational system for the frater–
 attainments.                                       to the problems which had arisen              the atmosphere that prevailed.                             (Continued on pate 12)
No. 43                                                       THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY. OCTOBER 23.1983

Media reports on famine                                      and Communist Politburos" trying to "crush Ukrai–
                                                             nian nationalism."
                                                                "Against this background the famine of 1932-33             THE GREAT FAM1NE
                                                             takes on genocidal implications." he wrote. "Other
Sarasota Herald-Tribune                                      grain-producing regions of the Soviet Union were
                                                             affected, but none so severely as the Ukraine."
   SARASOTA. Ha. The Great Famine in Ukraine
                                                                Mr. O'Donnell said that much of the confiscated
(1932-33) was the subject of two editorials in the
                                                             grain taken from the Ukrainian countryside was
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the most recent in the
                                                             "exported to earn hard currency for the purchase
paper's October 1 issue.
                                                             abroad of industrial equipment."
   Titled "The Forgotten Holocaust."theeditorial said
                                                                He characterised Stalin as a "totally vindictive man
that thousands of Ukrainians were expected in
                                                             with a totally devious mind whose preferred solution
Washington on October 2 to commemorate the 50th
                                                             to any problem of opposition was murder."
anniversary of the famine.
   Noting that Ukrainian history goes back "to the                                                                            This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of
                                                                                                                           history's most horrifying cases of genocide - the
glory ol Kiev, when Moscow was still a mean little
duchy," the paper said that the famine was orchestrat–       Washington Times                                              Soviet-made Great Famine of 1932-33, in which
ed by the Soviet government to " 'teach a lesson'to the                                                                    some 7 million Ukrainians perished.
independent-minded Ukrainians."                                   WASH1NGTON - The Great Famine in Ukraine                    Relying on news from Svoboda and, later.
    it said that the famine "went remarkably unre–            (1932-33). and the role of certain Western journalists        The Ukrainian Weekly (which began publica–
marked in the rest of the world."partly because certain       in covering it up. was the subject of John Lofton's          tion in October 1933), this column hopes to
members of the foreign press at the time were                 Journal in the October 3 issue of The Washington             remind and inform A mericans and Canadians of
unwilling to admit brutality "in the midst of what they       Times.                                                       this terrible crime against humanity.
still sought to regard as a 'noble experiment' in                 Mr. Lofton also mentioned the famine in a                   By bringing other events worldwide into the
communist government."                                        September 2 column on "communist morality" in the            picture as well, the column hopes to give a
    The paper said that because Ukrainians, both by           wake of the downing of the KAL airliner, noting that         perspective on the state of the world in the years
geography and history, have been "neighbors of this           the Soviet system "caused the only man-induced               of Ukraine's Great Famine.
brutal phenomenon among nations far too long," they           famine in history, a famine which forced the deaths of
are not surprised by such Soviet actions as the
shooting down of the Korean airliner. Moscow's
                                                              millions in the Ukraine."
                                                                  in the October 3article, headlined "Shameful cover-           February 1934
intransigence on arms control and the invasion of             up of Russian famine." Mr. Lofton examined the role                           PART xxxvi
Afghanistan.                                                  of New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty in
                                                              distorting reports about the severity of the famine.            A story datelined Moscow in the February 5
    Writing about the October 2 observance in Wash–                                                                        issue of Svoboda reported that Soviet actions
ington. the paper said it hoped "perceptive Ameri–                Citing John William Crowl's recently published
                                                              book, "Angels in Stalin's Paradise: Western Reporters        against the Ukrainian nationalists continued.
cans" would join the Ukrainians "in person or in                                                                           According to the story. Ukrainian nationalists
spirit."                                                      in Soviet Russia. 1917 to 1937, A Case of Louis
                                                               Fischer and Walter Duranty." Mr. Lofton said that           had supplied books on Ukrainian nationalism to
    "The 'Forgotten Holocaust' is not all that forgotten,                                                                  schools. Only after Pavel Postyshev came to
and recent events serve to remind others that the              Mr. Duranty willfully misinformed his readers about
                                                              the famine, while privately acknowledging that                Ukraine was this action halted, Komsomolska
menace of 50 years ago has hardly receded at all." the                                                                      Pravda reported.
editorial said.                                               millions starved in Ukraine in the early 1930s.
                                                                  "This distortion of the news, Crowl says, was a 'vital       That same day. Svoboda printed a letter in
    The famine was also the subject of a July lOeditorial                                                                   English which was written by a staff worker for
titled "Two Anniversaries." which contrasted "joyful"         factor' in convincing the West that there was little or
                                                              no truth to the famine stories," wrote Mr. Lofton.           The Oregonian. Quoting a lecture by a labor
occasions such as this year's 50th anniversary of the                                                                       expert Whiting Williams, who was formerly on
 All Star Game, with somber events such as the 50th               in private, however, Mr. Duranty betrayed a
                                                              thorough knowledge of the famine, according to Mr.            the faculties of Harvard. Dartmouth and Ober–
anniversary of the Great Famine.                                                                                            lin, he wrote:
                                                               Lofton. He once startled fellow journalist Eugene
    "We are reminded by Adrian Karatnycky. writing in                                                                          " 'All of my observations in Russia last
                                                               Lyons by providing an estimate of the famine death toll
 The Wall Street Journal, that this summer is a very                                                                        summer led me to support the pope in his con–
                                                              that was even higher than Mr. Lyons ^had imagined.
different kind of anniversary in the Soviet Union,"the                                                                      tention that there is widespread starvation in the
 paper said citing the famine, which it said was Stalin's         "incredibly, in 1932. Walter Duranty won the
                                                               Pulitzer Prize because his dispatches showed 'pro–           red land.' "
 "weapon of choice of 'denationalize' the Ukrainian                                                                            "American correspondents in Moscow were
peasantry."                                                   fundity,'an 'intimate comprehension of conditions in
                                                               Russia' and they were marked by 'scholarship,                prohibited from entering the starvation districts
    Noting that the famine killed millions of Ukrai–          impartiality, sound judgement and exceptional                 in the Ukraine at the time Mr. Williams was
nians. the paper said that it is almost certain that "this    c l a r i t y , ' " w r o t e Mr. Lofton, who called those    visiting the district and seeing many persons
'golden anniversary' is not being remembered in the          -conclusions "nonsense."                                       starving to death before his own eyes. Between
 Ukraine - nor in any of the Siberian or other exile                                                                        the harvest of І932 and І933 at least 5 million
 spots to which some Ukrainians were dispatched —                                                                           persons died as a result of starvation," the report
 with any semblance of fondly reminiscent cheer."                                                                           noted.
                                                               U.S. News a World Report                                        On February 8, Svoboda printed a news item
                                                                                                                            about helping the hungry in Ukraine. The article
Alberta Report                                                   NEW YORK - Marvin Stone, writing in the
                                                              September 19 issue of U.S. News A World Report,
                                                                                                                            stated that the foreign press had quieted down
                                                                                                                            about famine in Ukraine. The press in western
   EDMONTON - The August 22 issue of Alberta                  alluded to the great famine in an Editor's Page                Ukraine was unable to write much about it
Report carried a story about Conservative Leader              commentary dealing with President Ronald                      because of Polonization. The article stated that
Brian Mulroney's political swing through western              Reagan's response to the shooting down of the Korean          it was up to Ukrainians beyond the boundaries
Canada, focusing on his stop at the Ukrainian                 airliner by the Soviets.                                      of Ukraine, who had the power to speak out
Cultural Heritage village, where he spoke on the                 in recalling the Soviet Union's historical record of       against the Soviet Union, to protest the famine
Great Famine in Ukraine.                                      violence, Mr. Stone wrote: "Millions of Ukrainians            in Ukraine. Written by members of a committee
   Mr. Mulroney described the man-made atrocity,              were liquidated by starvation. The secret police              to help the hungry in Ukraine, sponsored by the
which killed some 7 million people, as "the least             imposed a reign of terror to stifle dissent."                  Ukrainian National Women's League of Ame–
understood event of this century." and added that it                                                                        rica, the article appealed to the Ukrainian
remained "unavenged."                                                                                                       community in the United States and to the
  The article said that Mr. Mulroney "did not dwell
on the grisly details" of the famine in his 15-minute
                                                              Youngstown vindicator                                         American press to take an interest in the
                                                                                                                            situation in Ukraine.
address, and reminded his audience that they should               YOUNGSTOWN. Ohio - Dr. George P. Kulchy–                     On February 9. Svoboda reprinted news from
not only mourn the victims of the famine, but rejoice in       cky of Youngstown State University, who will present         English newspapers, which stated that the
the freedom afforded in Canada.                               a paper at the end of October on peasant reaction to          reason the capital of Ukraine was moved back to
                                                               the Great Famine in Ukraine, was the subject of an           Kiev from Kharkiv was because the Soviets
                                                              article by Michael Kreca in the September 5 issue of          wanted to cultivate better relations with Poland,
                                                               the Youngstown vindicator.                                   and Kiev was geographically better placed for
The Evening Sun                                                  Mr. Kreca said that in preparing his paper. Dr.            this.
                                                               Kulchycky. a specialist in Soviet and East European             That same day Svoboda printed an article
  BALT1MORE - The Great Famine in Ukraine                     affairs, told him that he had talked to famine survivors      which had appeared in izvestia on January 17
(1932-33). which killed some 7 million people, was the        in the Youngstown area, many "whoare afraid to talk."         and gave an outline of the continued Russifica–
subject of a lengthy article by Brophy O'Donnell in the                                                                     tion of Ukraine. The article blamed Mykola
September 29 issue of The Evening Sun in Baltimore.              Dr. Kulchycky said that the famine, which killed           Skrypnyk for breeding a bourgeois nationalist
                                                              some 7 million Ukrainians in 1932-33. was "a planned          environment in Ukraine. Th author commended
   Headlined "Ukrainians recall their agony at the            effort on the part of Joseph Stalin's totalitarian regime     the achievements of Postyshev in Ukraine; in an
hands of the Russians," the article provided a                and part of his policy to force agricultural USSR to          J 1-month period, he managed to purge the
historical overview of the famine, and added that             industralize completely," wrote Mr. Kreca.                    schools of 4,000 teachers, nationalists, Petliu–
Ukrainians were planning to commemorate the 50th                 Dr. Kulchycky also provided Mr. Kreca with                 rists and Makhnovtsi.
anniversary of the tragedy in Washington on October           several eyewitness accounts, including incidences of             On February 10, Svoboda printed an article
2.                                                            cannibalism, infanticide and peasants eating carrion          with the headline: "Why the Soviets are Moving
   Mr. O'Donnell said that the "origin of the Ukrai–          to survive.                                                  the Capital Back to Kiev." News reports in
nian famine lies partly in the multinational structure of        He also noted that the industrial areas of Ukraine         Pravda revealed that workers and "kolhosp–
the Soviet Union," noting that the independent-               were untouched by the famine, which he said                   nyks" in Kharkiv were, applauding the move
minded Ukrainians have traditionally been seen as a           exemplifies Stalin's plan to industrialize at the expense            ,    (Continued on pgjj 15)       ^^^^^^^^
threat by the dominant Russians, with both Tsars              of agriculture.
                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY        SUNDAY. OCTOBER .23.1983                                                        No. 43

                        To our youth                                                                            Opportunity
     Text of the editorial published in the Ukrainian Weekly's premiere issue.               Text of the USA pri"itdent's statement published in the Ukrainian
                                                                                          Weekly's inaugural issue.
     With this number we begin the publication of a regular weekly supplement
  to Svoboda. to be known as the Ukrainian .Weekly, and to be devoted                       For the past 39years, Ukrainian immigrants in Amenta have been building
  exclusively to the benefit of the American Ukrainian youth.                            up the Ukrainian National Association, together with its organ. Svoboda -
     The Ukrainian National Association has undertaken to bear the extra cost            the first newspaper edited in the Ukrainian language in American
  of this publication, in order to give our youth the opportunity of having an              From a humble beginning, the Ukrainian National Association has grown
  exclusive organ of its own; written in its own style and language; wherein it          during these years into a nationwide S3 million dollar fraternal organization,
  can meet, exchange its thoughts and ideas, come to a belter understanding of           with 35.000 members; and Svoboda. from a weekly issue to the largest
  each other, and perhaps point out those paths of endeavor which shall lead to          Ukrainian daily in America.          -^
  a newer and better life. '                                                                Coincident with this growth of the Ukrainian National Association and its
      The Ukrainian Weekly is for the youth. The youth alone shall be its master,        Svoboda. has been the growth of the younger generation of American
  its voicealone shall be heeded here. And all that we desire from our readers, in       Ukrainians.
  order to continue this organ as such, is just a little good will and cooperation,         Today, the paths of these two elements, the association and the American
  it is necessary that the youth read it. it is necessary, further, that the youth       Ukrainian youth, have met. The time has come when this youth must begin to
  become interested in it and give it their support, so that it shall grow and           take over the reins of the association from its builders, it must begin to assume
  flourish to the point wherein it will embrace every phase of the life of our           the burdens as well as the benefits of its parents.
  American Ukrainian youth.                                                                 That is the principal problem before us today - the problem of our youth
     The Ukrainian National Association is prepared to cheerfully make even              taking over and continuing the tasks of the older generation.
  further expenditures in order to enlarge this organ in scope and size, provided           For a long time we have been calling and are still urging the youth to take a
  however, that the youth desires it. And in order to achieve this goal, the youth       greater interest in the association, to become more active in it, to gradually
  must not only read this weekly, it must also contribute articles to it. Our youth      take over the reins not only of the supreme executive assembly but of all local
  must strive to become members of the Ukrainian National Association and as             branches as well.
  such, endeavor to make this organization, which with the passage of time                  Our organization is so constructed that it is run solely by its members, in
  shall pass into its hands, bigger and better.                                          order to take a hand in the running of this organization, one must be a
     This is not the first venture of its kind made by the Ukrainian National            member of it. in any organization whatsoever, membership coupled with
  Association to do something for our youth. During the 40 years of its                  activity can build the organization to greater and better heights. This is what
  existence the association has contributed vast sums of money for the                   young American Ukrainians should realize before they can take over the reins
  upbringing of our youth, both in America and in Ukraine. The association               of our. or for that matter, any other organization.
  published booklets and newspapers for our youth in the Ukrainian language,                And yet, despite our callings and urgings, the youth declares that it is not
  and also in the Ukrainian and English languages; and during the last seven             given a "chance" to do its part. That is wrong, for the "chance" is already there
  years published The Ukrainian Juvenile Magazine, in addition, the                      for the taking, it only requires some personal initiative and hard work.
  association inauguaratcd English contributions to our daily, Svoboda, which               Again, a chance or opportunity is not a guarantee of success. Opportunity
  proved to be of great benefit to our youth.                                            plus unstinted work spells success. Only hard work and unceasing efforts lead
     All of this indicates that the Ukrainian National Association, in an effort to      to recognition, not only among our people, but other peoples as well.
  help our youth, has gone more than halfway to meet it. it is true, of course,          Therefore, before our youth can take over the reins of our institutions, it must
  that perhaps the method of approach by the older generation was not the                first show proof of its ability to do so.
  proper one at times: but at any rate, it was sincere and inspired by idealism, if         Therefore, to give this long sought for "chance" to every young Ukrainian
  any mistakes were made, there is still time to remedy them; if any gains were          in America, the Ukrainian National Association, with the cooperation and
  made, let us retain them. To study this problem, will be one of the tasks of this      help of its Junior Department, is sponsoring the Ukrainian Weekly, edited in
  organ.                                                                                 the English language. This paper shall serve as a medium through which the
     in youth one dreams and hopes; that is what we need. We want the youth              American Ukrainian youth can build up not only the Ukrainian National
  that dreams, and then goes to work and makes the dreams come true. We need             Association, "but also institutions of commercial, industrial and cultural
  the fresh ideas of youth, and that unconquerable fighting spirit of our Kozak          nature.
  ancestors.                                                                                І am sincerely convinced that with the highest cooperation and interest of
     We are living in a mighty country which was built upon dreams and ideals:           the young American-Ukrainians, the Ukrainian Weekly shall grow and
  a country where nothing is impossible: where air castles are succeeded by              flourish. 1, as the president of the Ukrainian National Association, wish the
  concrete achievements: and where the dreams of yesterday are the realities of          paper the best of success.
  today. Such is the spirit that we, the American Ukrainian youth need. Such is                                                                       Nicholas Murashko,
  the spirit which shall raise high our Ukrainian name and our culture here in                                        President of the Ukrainian National Association.

                                                                                               Re: The Weekly's jubilee
                                                                                           Letter to the editor, dated October 19. 1983, from the UNA Supreme
                                                                                         Executive Committee.
                                                                                         Ms. Roma Hadzewycz, Editor
                                                                                         The Ukrainian Weekly
                                                                                         30 Montgomery Street
                                                                                         Jersey City, N.J. 07302

                                                                                         Dear Ms. Hadzewycz:
                                                                                            in October of this year, we are marking the 50th anniversary of the
                                                                                         founding of The Ukrainian Weekly.
                                                                                            The Supreme Executive Committee of the Ukrainian National Association
                                                                                         would be remiss in its duty if it did not express its thanks and appreciation to
                                                                                         you as editor, to George B. Zarycky as associate editor and to Marta
                                                                                         Kolomayets as assistant editor."
                                                                                            it is only proper that we mention with pride the name of Stephen
                                                                                         Shumeyko, the founding father of The Ukrainian Weekly and its first editor,
                                                                                         through whose efforts as weli was organized the Ukrainian Youth League of
                                                                                         North America. He was instrumental in the organization and served as the
                                                                                         first president of the Ukrainian Congress Committee. Zenon Snylyk followed
                                                                                         in his footsteps as an editor until 1979.
                                                                                            The Ukrainian Weekly can be justly proud of its past service to the
                                                                                         Ukrainian American community which you and your staff are proudly
                                                                                         continuing and enhancing. More recently, your reporting the trials and
                                                                                         tribulations of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, the arrests and imprisonment
                                                                                         of Ukrainian fighters for human and national rights, the Great Ukrainian
                                                                                         Famine of 1932-33 and all other subjects of interest and concern to
                                                                                         Ukrainians and Ukrainian Americans, bears witness to the high quality of the
                                                                                         content of The Ukrainian Weekly.
                                                                                            The Supreme Executive Committee is justly proud of your editorial work
                                                                                         and accomplishments and extends its heartfelt wishes to you and to your staff
                                                                                         for further and greater accomplishments in the future accruing to the benefit
                                                                                         of the Ukrainian National Association, the Ukrainian American community
                                                                                         and the Ukrainian cause.
                                                                                            "Mnohaya Lita" to The Ukrainian Weekly and its editorial staff.

Top portion of the front page of the Ukrainian Weekly's inaugural issue dated            The Supreme Executive Committee of the Ukrainian National Association
                              October 6, 1933.
NaJl                                                                            THE UKRA1N M, WEEKLY                        SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1983

The Ukrainian Weekly: a great idea whose time had come
         by Dr. Myron B. Kuropas                                                                                                                                                                Despite a decidedly nationalistic
                                                                                                                                                                                             editorial policy, the Weekly did publish
                                                                                                                                                                                             articles which were contrary to main-
    Fifty years ago, the Ukrainian Ame–
                                                                                                                                                                                             stream c o m m u n i t y sentiment. Espe–
rican community was losing its youth, it
                                                                                                                                                                                             cially popular (and controversial) was a
was a familiar pattern. As children, the
                                                                                                                                                                                             column titled "Potpourri"written b y a n
A m e r i c a n - b o r n generation attended
                                                                                                                                                                                             insightful gadfly who wrote under the
Ridna Shkola where they perfected the
                                                                                                                                                                                             nom-dc-plume "Burma Capelin". Com–
Ukrainian language, learned about
                                                                                                                                                                                             plaining thai second generation organi–
Ukraine and her people, and came to
                                                                                                                                                                                             zations in 1936 were controlled by older
appreciate their cultural heritage. As
                                                                                                                                                                                             immigrants. Mr. Capelin wrote:
young adults, however, they felt es–
tranged from their community. Believ–                                                                                                                                                              " The attempt has been, in almost
ing that no one from the older genera–                                                                                                                                                        every instance, to inculcate Ukrainian
tion cared a b o u t their ideas, t h e i r                                                                                                                                                    culture or Ukrainian ideas             whatever
feelings and the problems they faced in                                                                                                                                                        the tinge may be. religious, nationalis–
attempting to reconcile their two en–                                                                                                                                                        'tic, socialistic or something else              into
vironments. they tended to drift away.                                                                                                                                                         the second generation. While in itself
    Concern lor "saving our Ukrainian                                                                                                                                                          this may be neither good nor bad, it is a
youth" reached crisis proportions during                                                                                                                                                       luxurv. it you please, which the second
the early 1930s when articles on the                                                                                                                                                           generation cannot afford... The immi–
subject began to appear with increasing                                                                                                                                                        grant organizations cannot reconcile
frequency in the Ukrainian press, "ifwe                                                                                                                                                        themselves to the fact that theorganiza–
                                                              S v o b o d a e d i t o r - i n - c h i e f , L u k e My–      Stephen Shumeyko, the first editor of
are honest with ourselves." Providence                                                                                                                                                         tions including the church, which have
                                                              shuha who proposed that the UNA                                       The Ukrainian Weekly.
Association vice-President Theodosij                                                                                                                                                           served the immigrant tolerably well, are
                                                              publish an English-language news-                                                                                                ill-adjusted ('out ol date') to the second
 Kaskiw warned the older generation,                                                                                         the second. We write about Ukraine.
                                                                                       paper.                                                                                                  generation as the horse and buggy is in
"we must realise that we are old and that                                                                                    Mr. S h u m e y k o e x p l a i n e d in 1933.
 the time to die is just around the corner.                      One of the few members of the older                         because the Weekly "must serve as a                               our motorized urban life. The second
 And let's ask ourselves if we really have                    generation to appreciate the dilemma of                        guide to our American Ukrainian youth                             generation simply cannot fit into the
 anyone to whom we can leave that                             the American-born was Luke Myshuha.                            by pointing out in its own inimitable                             scheme of thinking, the way of behavior,
 inheritance which we have developed in                       editor of Svoboda. Explaining his views                        language and style the road to the goal                           and the organization of the first genera–
 this new land. Will anyone be left to                        at the 18th UNA Convention in 1933,                            which is dear to all Ukrainians                        a lree     tion. By virtue of having been born in
 attend our churches, our schools, our                        Mr. Myshuha emphasized the affective                           and independent state of Ukraine."''                              A m e r i c a , its fates a n d f o r t u n e s lie
 national homes and the other institu–                        dimension in a t t e m p t s to reach the                          While much if not most of what                                within American conditions... Ukrai–
 tions which now extist?...Let's save our                     younger generation. We should always                           a p p e a r e d in the Weekly d u r i n g t h e                    nian youth organizations, if they are to
 c h i l d r e n , o u r b l o o d , b e f o r e it's t o o   stress the joy. beauty and excitement of                        1930s concerned itself with such matters                         achieve anything more viable than
 late!" 1                                                     Ukrainian history, culture, music and                          as the Great Famine and other acts of                              speech making or paper publicity, must
                                                              language to our youth, he declared. But                        Soviet repression. 7 denationalization in                          recognize that it is American and not
     The gravity of the youth problem was                                                                                                                                                       Ukrainian conditions to which prima–
                                                              we should also be aware of the fact that                       partitioned Ukraine," the OUN' trials in
 analyzed by the venerable UNA activist                                                                                                                                                         rily the second generation must ad-
                                                              every generation must develop its own                           Poland. 4 the dangers of pacifism and
 Dr. v o l o d y m y r Simenovych shortly                                                                                                                                                      just..."
                                                               Ukrainian identity.                                            Polish-Ukrainian rapproachement in
 before his death. "Among our older
                                                                 The education of our youth is com–                          Galicia. 10 Rumanian repression," Hit–                              Older generation support of Ameri–
 organizations involved with our politi–
                                                              posed of "elements found in the home of                        ler's designs on Ukraine, l J Carpatho–                          can born youth should be uncondi–
 cal work we see very few young people.
                                                              the Ukrainian immigrant, in Ukrainian                           U k r a i n e . " American misinformation                       tional, Mr. Capelin suggested. 22 Work
 Our immigration is diminishing from
                                                              c o m m u n i t y life a n d in U k r a i n i a n              regarding Ukrainian aspirations, 1 4 and                                   (Continued on page 11)
 d a y t o d a y not b e c a u s e w e ' r e not
                                                              schools...A young person who has been                           P o l i s h r e p r e s s i o n , 1 5 d o m e s t i c issues
 receiving any more immigrants from
                                                              exposed to such an education is decided–                       were also considered.                                                 1. Theodosij Kaskiw, "Orhanizuymo
 Europe or because they are dying out                                                                                                                                                         Nashu Molod v Ameryisi." ("Let's Organize
 but because our immigrants are getting                       ly d i f f e r e n t from an i m m i g r a n t , in                Military training for Ukrainian youth
                                                              addition to American life.'he's familiar                                                                                        Our Youth in America") Calendar of the
 older. Tired by old age and hard work,                                                                                      was supported because:
                                                                                                                                                                                              Providence Association for 1931 (Philadel–
 they a r e slowly leaving the field of                       with the life from which parents emerg–                            "...As the Ukrainian young men in                            phia: The Providence Association. 1931) pp.
 n a t i o n a l work and they are leaving                    ed." While biculturalism is an adequate                        Europe are deprived of the opportunity                           40-41.
 behind people who are also old. The                          alternative, argued Mr. Myshuha. it too                        to learn the manipulations of modern                                  2. volodymyr Simenovych. "Chomu
 youth, however, our school youth, our                        has its d r a w b a c k s for the y o u n g e r                war remains for us here in                         vashi Molodi Nedbayut" ("Why Your
 university youth, and our professional                       generation:                                                    t h e United S t a t e s , to p r o d u c e t h e                Youth Don't Care") Ukraina (December 4,
 youth, is not with large measure                         "...the life of their parents is not a                     officers a n d i n s t r u c t o r s which t h e                 1931).
 we ourselves are to blame because we                         model for them simply because their                            Ukrainian nation and its people need so                               3. Joan J. Skuba. "Good Americans:
 still believe that an older person, even                     e n v i r o n m e n t is different, it may be                  badly! And which America can use                                 The Problem of Ukrainian Youth," The
 one without the slightest education, is                      easier for them to break' into American                        too." 1 6                                                        Ukrainian Review (May. 1931).
 wiser and more worthy of leadership                          mainstream life than it was for their                              C h a n g i n g s u r n a m e s was frowned                      4. Luka Myshuha. "Yak Formuvavsya
                                                                                                                                                                                              Svitohlyad Ukrayinskoho lmigranta v
 that a younger person with a higher                          parents but it is still not as easy as it is                   upon because:
                                                                                                                                                                                              Ameryisi," (The Development of the Ukrai–
 education. An older person has more                          for t h e c h i l d r e n of A m e r i c a n - b o r n             "We of Ukrainian descent are espe–                           nian American Outlook") Jubilee Book ol
 dignity and experience but a young                           parents."                                                      cially duty-bound to retain our Ukrai–                           lhc Ukrainian National Association (Jersey
 person has more education and views                              The problem must be solved by the                          nian family names. Our parents are                               City: Svoboda Press. 1936) pp. 144-146.
  life with wider horizons. Let's bring in                    youth itself, concluded Mr. Myshuha,                           a m o n g the latest arrivals and naturally                           5. Cited ibid., p. 146.
 our youth, let's give some of them our                       and to do that, they need a news forum                         they did not have the time nor opportu–                               6. Ukrainian Weekly (December 9.
 work, let's give them an opportunity to                      that is written and edited exclusively by                      nity to make any outstanding contribu–                            1933).
 develop themselves in our midst as                            them. 4                                                       tions to American development. Such                                   7. Ukrainian Weekly (November 2ч,"
  Ukrainian patriots; only then will our                          Mr. Myshuha's proposal wasaccept–                          opportunities, however, are conlront–                             1933).
  task be easier and only then will we                                                                                       ing us now... And yet how will posterity                              8. Ukrainian Weekly (December 1,
                                                               ed by t h e U N A d e l e g a t e s a n d , on
 double our progress..." 2                                                                                                   judge our contributions to the develop–                           1933).
                                                               October 6, 1933, the first issue of The
                                                                                                                              ment of this country if we lose our na–                              9. Ukrainian Weekly (June 20 and
                                                               Ukrainian Weekly appeared with the                                                                                             November 29, 1935).
     An awareness of the lack of youth                                                                                       tional identity by giving our Ukrainian
                                                               following editorial:                                                                                                              10. Ukrainian Weekly (April 4. 1936 and
 involvement in Ukrainian American life                                                                                       names various Anglo-Saxon. Germanic
 was also felt by the younger generation                          "The Ukrainian Weekly is for the                                                                                             March 6. 1937).
                                                               youth. The youth alone shall be its                            and Scandinavian forms'.'"17                                        11. Ukrainian Weekly (March 12 and
 some of whom attributed the roots of
                                                               matter, its voice alone shall be heeded                           No consensus was reached regarding                           Octobers. 1938).
 the problem t o culture conflict. Ameri–
                                                               here.                                                          the proper date for celebrating Ukrui–                             12. Ukrainian Weekly (June 18 and
 can born youth, wrote J o a n J. Skuba in
                                                                  "The Ukrainian National Associa–                            nian Christmas. Some youth a r g u e ^                           August 6. 1938).
 T h e Ukrainian Review, "see different                                                                                                                                                           13. Ukrainian Weekly (October 8 and
                                                               tion has undertaken to bear the extra                          that December 25 was acceptable "as
 h o m e s t a n d a r d s , d i s c i p l i n e a n d nu–                                                                                                                                     December 10, 1938: March !8and 25. 1939).
                                                               cost of this publication in order to give                      long as all the traditions were main–
 merous other conditions in their contact                                                                                                                                                        14. Ukrainian Weekly (December 10.
                                                               our youth the opportunity of having an                         tained." 1 8 Others supported the tradi–
 with American children which seem                                                                                                                                                             1938).
                                                               exclusive organ of their own, written in                       tional Julian calendar date (January 7)
 r a d i c a l l y r e m o v e d from t h e i r o w n                                                                                                                                            15. Ukrainian Weekly(May 7, November
                                                               its own style and language, wherein it                         because a change could, a m o n g other
 surroundings. Realizing this, what                                                                                                                                                           5, 19 and 26. 1938; January 21 and Novem–
                                                               can meet, exchange its thoughts and                            things, make it easier for Ukrainians in                         ber 14. 1939).
 h a p p e n s ? T h e y a r e e m b a r r a s s e d at
                                                               ideas, come to a better understanding of                       G a l i c i a t o c h a n g e a n d t h e r e b y give             16. Dmitri Horbaychuk, "Militarism and
 being 'a foreigner.'They d o not seem to
                                                               each other and perhaps point out those                         Poland "more power in her attempt to                            the Ukrainian Young M a n , " Ukrainian
 'fit in' with the pattern of the New
                                                               paths of endeavor which shall lead to a                        Polonize the U k r a i n i a n s . " "                           Weekly (March 15, 1935).
 World. Hectic in their desire to become
 thoroughly American, they go to the                            newer and' better life." 15                                     Nor were any conclusions reached                                 17. "Changing One's Name." Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                                                                               Weekly (January 11. 1936).
 extreme and imitate the worst that                                Edited by Stephen Shumeyko, the                            regarding intermarriage. Some believed
                                                                                                                                                                                                 18. Ukrainian Weekly (February 2 1 , .
 American has to offer in dress, manners                       Weekly soon became the most widely read                        that from a nationalistic and family                             1936).
 and customs. They cut themselves off                          y o u t h p u b l i c a t i o n in t h e U k r a i n i a n     perspective, Ukrainians marrying non-                               19. Ukrainian Weekly (March 14. 1936).
 from all that is fine in their ancestral                      American 1 community. Just as Svoboda                          Ukrainians was inadvisable. 20 Other                               20. Ukrainian Weekly (July 18, 1936).
 heritage and attach themselves to. the                        had helped Ukrainianize the first ge–                          youth were convincedthat one had to be                             21. Ukrainian Weekly (August 1. 1936).
 low and degrading features of modern                          neration, the Ukrainian Weekly de-                             realistic. No policy, pro or con. they                             22. Ukrainian Weekly (September 12.
  life in America." 3                                          voted itself'to the Ukrainianization' of                       argued, was possible. 21                                       . 1936).        ..     .–     '          .. -
8                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23.1983                                                          No. 43

Stephen Shumeyko: energetic builder of Ukrainian                                                                                       American                   life
    Following the death of the first editor                                                                                            u twin organization for older indivi–
of this newspaper. Stephen Shumeyko.                                                                                                   duals also founded at the World's Fair
 in August 1962, The Ukrainian Weekly.                                                                                                 in Chicago.
 then a section of Svoboda. eulogized                                                                                                     in his recollections, of student days
 him in an editorial:                                                                                                                  he wrote:
    "For the past 30 years. Stephen                                                                                                       "Literature and English, 1 always
 Shumeyko was an important and lead–                                                                                                   liked, which probably gave me a bent
 ing figure in the intricate fabric of                                                                                                 for writing. To Chaucer 1 took like a
 Ukrainian American life and he was                                                                                                    duck, and still can recite from memory
greatly responsible for the cultural mold                                                                                              passages (1 have a good memory). І
of our present Ukrainian American                                                                                                      finished first in English in the graduat–
generation. More than that, he has been                                                                                                ing class."
a towering Ukrainian American fighter                                                                                                     After returning from a highly mo–
whose influence and views spanned far                                                                                                  tivating UYL-NA convention in Chi–
 beyond the boundaries of the Ukrainian                                                                                                cago, its president and founder Mr.
 American youth organisation."                                                                                                         Shumeyko gave up a career in law.
    Yet. it was with youth that Mr.                                                                                                    w hich did not interest him, and assumed
 Shumeyko began his career in the                                                                                                      the editorship of the Ukrainian Weekly
 public eye. and it was the youthful                                                                                                   with the first issue dated October 6.
 idealism that kept him a leader and                                                                                                    1933. Under the guiding hand of Dr.
 organiser over his brief, yet fruitful and                                                                                             Luke Myshuha. Svoboda editor-in-
diligent career.                                                                                                                       chief, the Ukrainian Weekly was born,
    it uas in 1933 that the 25-year-old                                                                                                it was a newspaper of youth, tor youth
 Mr. Shumeyko assumed editorship of                                                                                                    by youth.
 the Ukrainian Weekly, an English-            Stephen Shumeyko with associates at Svoboda. Seated: Svoboda editor-in-chief
                                                                                                                                          The 1962 Weekly editorial written
 language supplement to Svoboda esta–         Luke Myshuha (left) and Mr. Shumeyko; standing (from left): lwan Korowytsky,
                                                                                                                                       after Mr. Shumeyko's death notes this:
 blished through the efforts of the 18th         Semen Demydchuk, Anthony Dragan, N'asyl Chaplenko and Luke i.uciw.
                                                                                                                                          "Our youth owes a great deal to
 Convention of the Ukrainian National         and told to report in a week to the           school, take a train to Journal Square,    Steve. As the first editor of The Ukrai–
 Association held that year.                  Greenville freight Yards in Jersey City      from there take a Greenville bus, about     nian Weekly, he became their mentor
     The oldest of seven children. Stephen    adjoining the Hudson River, not very         a 20-minute ride up to Gates Avenue,        and guided their educational and their
 was born on January 17, 1908, in             far from the Statue of Liberty. My           and then hike through the yard, some        social and cultural training with this all-
 Newark, N.J.. the son of Michael and         salary was to be S32 per week, which in      three-quarters of a mile, or hitch a        important objective in mind: that they
   ekla Shumeyko, immigrants from             those days - this was in 1929 - was          ride — a hazardous thing - on one of        become good and patriotic Americans
western Ukraine.                              very good for a fellow my age — 21           the moving freight trains making their      and that they should also become able
    Soon after Stephen's birth, the family-   years old.                                   way down to the bridges. After work І       and effective fighters for a cause —
moved back to the Ternopil region of             "But now came the rub. 1 didn't know      would get home by 2 a.m.. have some-        which is so dear and close to the hearts
 Ukraine to show off the grandson,            a darn thing about typing, although І        thing to eat. then bed, etc. І always had   of their immigrant parents: the freedom
recalls his sister. Anne Sedlock, from        faked to the interviewer, who was boss       with me several law books, which І          and national independence of Ukraine."
family stories, it was in Ukraine that        of the huge Waverly yards, that 1 did        studied while traveling back and forth         The neophyte took hisjob as editor of
two more siblings, Mary and Anthony,          know how to type. 1 promptly hired a         to work."                                   the Weekly seriously. He persevered,
were born before the family ventured          typewriter, practiced on it daily, and          Mr. Shumeyko graduated from law          skillfully blending news of current
back to the United States, in the states,     became not badly proficient at it.           school, but he never practiced law. He      problems in the Ukrainian American
four more children were born: Anne,              "in a couple of months 1 got a better–    got married and became involved in the      community with national and interna–
Daniel, Sophia and Theodore.                  payingjob. that of a checker ofthecars.       Ukrainian community, first writing for     tionai issues, reacting strongly to U.S.
    The family, recalls Mrs. Sedlock, was     My job was to trudge up and down the         the Ukrainian Catholic daily America,       recognition of the Soviet Union and
close-knit and very aware of its Ukrai–       long rows of cars, with a lantern slung      in 1931.                                    urging all Ukrainian Americans to
nian roots. The head of the family,           over my left forearm, a listing held in my                                               make others aware of the Great Famine
                                                                                              in August 1933, Mr. Shumeyko             raging through Ukraine and the Poloni–
 Michael, was a leading activist at St.       left hand, and a pencil in right hand. My    traveled to the Chicago World's Fair,
John's Ukrainian Catholic Church and          task was to list the car number, the                                                     zation of the western Ukrainian lands in
                                                                                           where the Ukrainians had organized          the 1930s; encouraging support for the
the children were all engaged in church       railroad it belonged to, and also the seal   their own pavilion and where the
activities, especially the church choir.      numbers. І worked from 4 to 12 p.m.,                                                      United States war effort in the 1940s;
                                                                                           Ukrainian Youth League of North             helping the new immigrants in the
    "We were quite a singing family.          and sometimes 1 had to work twoshifts,       America was founded, it was a time
 During every gathering there was sing–       from 1 p.m. to 4 a.m. The work was not                                                    1950s.
                                                                                           when the first generation of Ukrainian
ing in the house," recalls Tony Shumeyko.     hard in itself, but very hard because of     Americans was growing up. it was a             A lover of literature, he introduced
    According to his brother Ted, current–    the very intense cold.                       time when youth recognized the need for      English translations of Ukrainian works
ly a partner in the public relations firm        "My law school hours were from 9          an organization through which it            by Shevchenko, Franko, Stefanyk,
of T.J. Ross in New York, Stephen had         a.m. to 1 p.m. My timing schedule was        could share its problems, enthusiasm         Kotsiubynsky and others — many of
a beautiful tenor voice. He and his           as follows: 1 would get up from bed at       and friendship.                             which he prepared himself.
 brothers were featured on the Sonart         about a quarter to 8. The walk to                                                           He wrote many essays and articles on
                                                                                              in this prevailing atmosphere of
 recording of the Koshetz Choir, which        school, at a fast pace was about a half                                                   Ukrainian culture, literature and politi–
                                                                                           hope, as hundreds of youths were
toured the United States. Stephen could       hour in length, i'd get home about 1:30                                                  cal history, contributing to numerous
                                                                                           mobilized into action, Mr. Shumeyko
 boast of Prof. Kaskiw, Alexander             p.m., change my clothes, have a quick                                                    magazines and journals.
                                                                                           was elected their president. Later he was
 Koshetz and Michael Hayvoronsky as           lunch, and then hike to the Hudson                                                          in the first issue of the Ukrainian
                                                                                           also elected president of the Ukrainian
personal friends. He also belonged to         Tubes station, not far from the law                                                       Quarterly in 1940, Mr. Shumeyko, then
                                                                                           Professional Society of North America.
 the "Simka," a choir composed of seven                                                                                                 president of the Ukrainian Congress
 area church choirs.                                                                                                                   Committee of America, wrote about
    As a young adult, he organized a                                                                                                    Ukrainian Americans. He noted the
social club for students in the Newark                                                                                                 role of The Ukrainian Weekly of which
area, which eventually led to the forma–                                                                                               he was still editor: "The younger Ame–
 tion of the Youth Chorus of New Jersey                                                                                                rican-born generation has The Ukrai–
and then merged with the New York                                                                                                      nian Weekly, published in English by
Chorus, directed by Stephen Maru–                                                                                                      the UNA. it strives to serve the younger
sevich.                                                                                                                                generation from the viewpoint of their
    Stephen graduated from Central                                                                                                     American environment and Ukrainian
 High School and when the time came to                                                                                                 background: imparting to them a keen
decide on a career, his father.suggested                                                                                               appreciation of the best elements of
 law, for he felt the Newark community                                                                                                 both and helping them to adjust them–
 needed an able lawyer.                                                                                                                selves properly to both."
    Stephen pursued law at the New                                                                                                        On the 10th anniversary of the found–
 Jersey Law School, today's Rutgers. He                                                                                                ing of the newspaper, he ventured to
supported himself by working, in notes                                                                                                 summarize the work The Weekly had
 on this experience, h,e wrote the follow–                                                                                             done.
 ing.                                                                                                                                     "The Ukrainian Weekly has endea–
    "One of the most interesting and                                                                                                   vored to fulfill its function as such to the
 arduous experiences 1 had when work–                                                                                                  best of its ability. Primarily it has
 ing my way through law school - was                                                                                                   devoted itself to the problems and issues
 the job 1 had with the Pennsylvania                                                                                                   confronting our young people in rela–
 Railroad. І had been workin,g at some                                                                                                 tion to their Ukrainian background and
other jobs then, but not too well-paying,                                                                                              their American environment, in this
 in a want ad column, 1 saw that the PR       Presidium of the Pan American Ukrainian Conference held March 2-4, 1951, in              connection it has, first of all, striven to
needed typists in its freight department.     Winnipeg. First row, from left: Dmytro Halycliyn, the Rev. Dr. Basil Kushnir,            make them good and loyal Americans.
 І want to the Waverly Freight Yards.         Stephen Shumeyko, Walter Dushnyck. Standing: A.J. Yaremowich, T. Datzkiw,                 Likewise it has endeavored to make
just outside of Newark, was interviewed.                 v. Shandor, J.H. Syrnick, W. Kossar and B. Katamay.                           them worthy descendants of the free-
No. 43                                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                    SUNDAY. OCTOBER 23.1983                                                                                               9

                                                                                                                                                                                       meyko went to Paris, the scene of the
                                                                                                                                                                                       Peace Conference, where he delivered a
                                                                                                                                                                                       detailed and moving memorandum on
                                                                                                                                                                                       t h e plight of e n s l a v e d U k r a i n e a n d
                                                                                                                                                                                       conducted interv iews and Conversations
                                                                                                                                                                                       with foreign diplomats and newspaper
                                                                                                                                                                                       correspondents, many of which he knew
                                                                                                                                                                                           The following year, he was instru–
                                                                                                                                                                                       mental in the creation of the Pan-
                                                                                                                                                                                       American Ukrainian Conference, in
                                                                                                                                                                                       which Ukrainian central organizations
                                                                                                                                                                                       from the United States. Canada. Argen–
                                                                                                                                                                                       tina, Brazil, Uruguay. Paraguay and
                                                                                                                                                                                       Y e n e z u e l a . j o i n e d t o g e t h e r for t h e
                                                                                                                                                                                       p u r p o s e of e n l i s t i n g the s u p p o r t of
                                                                                                                                                                                       citizens and governments of both North
                                                                                                                                                                                       a n d S o u t h A m e r i c a for the c a p t i v e
                                                                                                                                                                                       Ukrainian people.
                                                                                                                                                                                           in 1959. due to health reasons, Mr.
                                                                                                                                                                                       S h u m e y k o r e t i r e d as e d i t o r of The
                                                                                                                                                                                       Ukrainian Weekly, a post he held for
                                                                                                                                                                                       ovei 25 vears. however, he continued to
                                                                                                                                                                                       free-lance lor the publication, and
                                                                                                                                                                                       translated articles lor Ukraine; Л Con–
                                                                                                                                                                                       cisc Encyclopedia.
                                                                                                                                                                                           He died on August 12. 1962. after a
                                                                                                                                                                                       stroke followed be a severe case of
                                                                                                                                                                                       pneumonia He was 54 vears old.
                                                                                                                                                                                           The Weekly editorial following his
                                                                                                                                                                                       death concluded ОП tins note:
                                                                                                                                                                                           "Above all, what his contemporaries
                                                                                                                                                                                       treasured in Steve was his good nature,
                                                                                                                                                                                       his disposition to help everyone, to give
                                                                                                                                                                                       advice or a helping hand to those who
                                                                                                                                                                                       needed it. and his gentlemanly ways and
The Ukrainian Youth Chorus of New York and New Jersey 1 center) and New Jersey founder Stephen Shumeyko (second                                                                        manners."
with New York founder Stephen Marusevich (front row,                           row, center).                                                                                                in a personal remembrance, written
d o m - l o v i n g U k r a i n i a n r a c e . At t h e           A true and untiring idealist. Mr.                     jects. discussions on them       which in                     by Dimitri Horbay, the writer adds that
same time it has constantly inculcated                         Shumeyko continued to take an active                      some cases were bitterly partisan, a                           Mr. Shumeyko was reserved and later
them with the idea that as native-born                         role in all aspects of Ukrainian.Ameri–                   concert given by a male chorus superbly                       developed a teasing sense ol humor. He
Americans of Ukrainian descent they                            can life, often being asked to speak at                   led by the late Prof. Alexander Koshetz                        praises Mr. Shumeyko for his loyalty
are d u t y - b o u n d to help their blood                    various events, on various topics. He                     of international fame, and the usual                           toward friends, saying: "Once he made
kinsmen in foreign-occupied and op-                            was relentless in serving the community.                   banquet. Many U.S. senators and                               friends with you. there was nothing you
pressed Ukraine to win the national                                D u r i n g this t i m e , t h e U k r a i n i a n    congressmen addressed this conclave,                           could do. no hurt you might inflict upon
f r e e d o m for w h i c h they h a v e been                  American community was advancing                           while others sent in their greetings and                      him to terminate his friendship with
fighting and sacrificing for many cen–                         politically, and new organizations were                   expressions of hope that Ukraine will                          you. To him friendship was a lifelong
turies.                                                        forming, in his notes. Mr. Shumeyko                       soon regain its national independence.                         thing."
     " T h e s e t h e n h a v e been t h e m n i n            wrote about this time:                                     Among the principal speakers was 1.                              Stephen Shumeyko had died before
objectives of the Ukrainian Weekly. To                             "1 first came into contact with the                    My address was in English. And thus                           his time, a dedicated, idealistic man,
attain them The Weekly has (1) pro–                            U k r a i n i a n C o n g r e s s C o m m i t t e e of    the UCCA came into being with duly                             who was committed to the problems of
pagated among its readers the inspiring                        America when it was still embryonic in                    elected officers, and much hope was                            Ukrainian American youth throughout
principles of Americanism; (2) given                           formation, it spawned from the confe–                      placed on it."                                                his e n t i r e lifetime. His friend, M r .
them at least a rudimentary knowledge                          rences held in early 1940, between the                        Mr. Shumeyko was elected the presi–                        Horbay, remembers a conversation with
of their Ukrainian cultural heritage and                       representatives of the 'Big Four,' that is                dent of this newly formed UCCA, which                          another close friend of Mr. Shumeyko's:
a l s o of t h e c e n t u r i e s - o l d U k r a i n i a n   t h e four f r a t e r n a l s , the U k r a i n i a n    got off to a shaky start, but was later                        "it is a pity he was not a wealthy man -
s t r u g g l e for n a t i o n a l f r e e d o m ; (3)        National Association, the Ukrainian                       revitalized when he served as president                        a m a n d e d i c a t e d t o the U k r a i n i a n
supported, and at times inspired their                         Workingmen's Association, the Provi–                      again in 1943 and 1946.                                        movement as he was, does not have time
organizational efforts; (4) impressed                          dence Association of Ukrainian Catho–                         in 1945, at the founding of the United                     to accumulate wealth — or he would
upon them the necessity of their becoming                      lics in America              and the Ukrainian            Nations in San Francisco, he led a                             have made some provision to leave a
active members of the UNA - the chief                          National Association.                                     Ukrainian Americarr delegation which                           material legacy for his beloved Ukrai–
bulwark of Ukrainian American life; (5)                                                                                  presented a lengthy memorandum to                              nian American youth along with the
                                                                  "Most of the meetings were held at
acted as a forum for their views on the                                                                                  v a r i o u s d e l e g a t i o n s , d e m a n d i n g the    spiritual one. Perhaps, a scholarship
                                                               the UNA, and, as an observer, 1 attend–
various important problems and issues                                                                                    right of the Ukrainian people to free–                         fund," the friend commented.
                                                               ed quite a number of them. The sessions
facing them; (6) kept them abreast of the                      were long. Sometimes there was har–                       dom. Meeting with the Soviet Union's                               Mr. Horbay thought to himself: "1
latest developments in Ukrainian Ame–                          mony prevailing at them, more often                       Foreign Minister vyacheslav Molotov,                           am quite sure Stephen is happy with
rican organized life; (7) kept them                            than not there were acrimonious de-                       Mr. Shumeyko declared that Molotov                             things just the way they are, for, all his
informed on the current events in the                          bates. ...                                  ;             "professed to represent the Ukrainian                          life, he placed spiritual values above
land from which their parents emigrat–                                                                                   people," but added that "anyone ac–                            material wealth."
                                                                  "Finally, it was decided to convene in
ed; and (8) generally provided for them                                                                                  quainted with the totalitarian nature of
                                                               W a s h i n g t o n t h e F i r s t C o n g r e s s of
a type of inspiration, information and                                                                                   the Soviet state realized that under such
                                                               Americans of Ukrainian Descent. That                                                                                        All photographs       accompanying
reading which they cannot get eise–                                                                                      conditions there can be no true Ukrai–
                                                               congress was held in May of 1940. it was                                                                                 Shumeyko profile were provided cour–
where.                                                                                                                   n i a n r e p r e s e n t a t i o n at the c u r r e n t
                                                               attended by hundreds of delegates and                                                                                    tesy of The Ukrainian Museum's Shu–
                                                               guests from all over the country, it                      security parley."
    "How far The Ukrainian Weekly has                                                                                                                                                   meyko Archives and Ted     Shumeyko.
advanced towards its objectives, is not                        featured addresses on pertinent sub-                          in the summer of 1946, Mr. Shu–
for us to say. However, we would like to
point out a fact long-recognized by
impartial observers, that no other
younger generation of Americans of old                                       Ukrainian                          Weekly editors
w o r l d b a c k g r o u n d is as g r o u p - c o n –
scious as is the Ukrainian American
younger generation, and that no other                                                      past and present
such generation has shown as much
interest in its old world cultural heritage                          1933-59 Stephen Shumeyko
and the valuable role k can play in the                              1959-62 Editorship held for various periods of time by Walter Dushnyck,
d e v e l o p m e n t of A m e r i c a n life a n d                           Helen Perozak and Rostyslav Chomiak
culture, as has the younger generation                               1962-79 Zenon Snylyk
of Americans of Ukrainian descent. We                                         lhor Dlaboha, assistant editor, 1974-79
like to think that The Ukrainian Weekly                                       Roma Sochan, assistant editor. 1977-79
deserves some credit for this, in any                                1979-80 lhor Dlaboha and Roma Sochan Hadzewycz
event, if thus far The Ukrainian) Weekly                             1980 - і Roma Hadzewycz
has succeeded in serving our younger                                          George Zarycky and lka Koznarska Casanova, assistant editors,
generation as well as the Svoboda has                                         1980-81                                                                                                  Zenon Snylyk, who is now editor-in-
served the older generation, then cer–                                        George B. Zarycky, associate editor, 1982-                                                               chief of S v o b o d a , served as The
tainly it may be said that The Weekly                                         Marta Kolomayets. assistant editor, 1982-                                                                     Weekly editor in 1962-79.
has d o n e more than well ei,uugh."
10                                                    THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23.1983                                                                                              No. 43

                                                                                   The Ukrainian Weekly today:
                                                                                   changed, yet unchanged
                                                                                      When its hrst issue rolled off the                            assimilation has already claimed many
                                                                                   presses on October 6. 1933. the (lower                           Ukrainians and will continue to do so.
                                                                                   case "t") Ukrainian Weekly was a four-                           The reality is that fewer and fewer
                                                                                   page tabloid-format English-language                             Ukrainians speak or read Ukrainian,
                                                                                   newspaper dedicated to the needs and                             and p r e l i m i n a r y a n a l y s e s by demo–
                                                                                   interests ot young Americans of Ukrai–                           graphers of the І9Я0 U.S. Census have
                                                                                   nian descent, it was a one-editor opera–                         revealed t h a t less t h a n o n e in five
                                                                                   tion.                                                            Ukrainians speaks the language.

                                                                                      Today. 50 у ears later. The (upper case
                                                                                   "T") Ukrainian Weekly is a 16-page                                   The only way to keep these Ukrainians
                                                                                   tabloid-format English-language news-                            Ukrainian is to make them feel welcome
                                                                                   paper dedicated to the needs and in–                             and wanted within the Ukrainiancomrou–
                                                                                   tere.sts of Ukrainian Americans and                              nity. and to speak to them               and urge
                                                                                   Ukrainian Canadians of all ages, it is                           them to respond         in the language they
                                                                                   prepared bv a three-person editorial                             know best. The value of a contribution
                                                                                   staff.                                                           d o e s n o t . after a l l . d e p e n d on the
                                                                                                                                                    language in which it is communicated.
                                                                                        Originally, the Weekly's flag (the
                                                                                   nameplate atop the front page) indi–                                  in 1933. the UNA realized that an
                                                                                   cated that it was a "supplement" to the                          English-language publication would be
                                                                                   Ukrainian-language Svoboda daily.                                e s s e n t i a l in d i s s e m i n a t i n g the t r u t h
                                                                                   Later this description changed to "sec–                          about Ukraine and Ukrainians among
                                                                                   t i o n " a n d . later still, to "edition."                     English-speaking America. This was
                                                                                                                                                    especially critical at a lime when famine
                                                                                      Today, these descriptive words are
                                                                                                                                                    was r a g i n g in S o v i e t - d o m i n a t e d U–
                                                                                   gone, since The Weekly - while indebt–
                                                                                                                                                    krainc. while the world knew next to
                                                                                   ed to its p a r e n t p u b l i c a t i o n has
                                                                                                                                                    n o t h i n g a b o u t it or us m i l l i o n s of
                                                                                   grown and. like every child, has let go of
                                                                                   the apron strings and set out on its own.
                                                                                                                                                       in 1983, The Weekly continues to
                                                                                      During its 50 years of operation. The                         spread the truth about Ukrainian-
                                                                                   Weekly has undergone several changes                             related matters to the English-speaking
                                                                                   in its outward appearance, as partially                          world through its news stories, edi–
                                                                                   illustrated by the montage of flags on                           torials. commentaries and other special
                                                                                   the left. O t h e r design changes have                          features, such as, for e x a m p l e , this
                                                                                   produced a more modern layout and led                            year's special issue dedicated to the 50th
                                                                                   to the use of more photographs.                                  anniversary of the Great Famine.

                                                                                       A generation of Ukrainian Ameri–                                 The Weekly's first editor. Stephen
                                                                                   cans grew up and matured while reading                           Shumeyko, saw the newspaper's role as
                                                                                   The Weekly during its first half century.                        influencing its readers - American
                                                                                   T h i s g e n e r a t i o n did n o t , h o w e v e r ,          youth of Ukrainian descent — to be–
                                                                                   outgrow The Weekly, since The Weekly                             come good and loyal Americans and
                                                                                   grew and matured along with them,                                worthy descendants of the freedom-
                                                                                   shifting its focus from y o u t h to all                         loving Ukrainian nation. He sought to
                                                                                   segments of the community. At the                                use The Weekly to "inculcate them with
                                                                                   same time. The Weekly attracted readers                          the idea that as Americans of Ukrai–
                                                                                   among this generation's children and                             nian descent they are duty-bound to
                                                                                   g r a n d c h i l d r e n — but only b e c a u s e               help their kinsmen in foreign-occupied
                                                                                   certain things remained the same.                                a n d o p p r e s s e d U k r a i n e t o win t h e
                                                                                                                                                    national freedom for which they have
                                                                                      When the 18th Convention of the                               been fighting and sacrificing for many
                                                                                   Ukrainian National Association de–                               centuries."
                                                                                   cided in 1933 that it was about time for
                                                                                   the younger American-born generation                                Mr. Shumeyko enumerated the goals
                                                                                   to have a newspaper of its own, it was in                        of The Weekly as follows: to propagate
                                                                                   order to reach this generation, which                            principles of Americanism: to impart
                                                                                   included many non-Ukrainian-speak–                               knowledge of Ukrainian culture; to act
                                                                                   ing members and persons who were not                             as a f o r u m for views; to s t r e s s t h e
                                                                                   sufficiently fluent in Ukrainian to read                         importance of membership in Ukrain–
                                                                                   and contribute to a Ukrainian-language                           nian organizations: to keep abreast of the
                                                                                   newspaper.                                                       latest developments in Ukrainian life
                                                                                                                                                    abroad and in Ukraine; and to generally
                                                                                      Through this decision, the UNA was                            provide the type of information, in–
                                                                                   wisely acknowledging that knowledge                              spiration and reading which readers
                                                                                   of the Ukrainian language could not be                           cannot get elsewhere.
                                                                                   the sole h a l l m a r k of U k r a i n i a n i s m .
                                                                                   What mattered, the UNA must have                                     The current editors of The Weekly
                                                                                   reasoned, was that a person consider                             cannot improve upon this list of goals
                                                                                   himself Ukrainian and because of this                            set by Mr. Shumeyko. it is their belief
                                                                                   kinship feel a responsibility to contri–                         that they can only strive to continue
                                                                                   bute to the development of Ukrainian                             fulfilling them. For. they know that
                                                                                   community life.                                                  c o n t i n u i n g to serve the Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                                    community in the name of the Ukrai–
                                                                                     T o d a y . The Weekly c o n t i n u e s to                    nian National Association and in the
                                                                                   reach out to all Ukrainians, being fully                         tradition established by The Weekly's
                                                                                   cognizant of the fact that, like it or not.                      first editor is the best they can do.

                                                                                                                                                     amw. oerosw 9. xm
                                                                                   The present flag of The Ukrainian Weekly is consistent with its new status as an
The montage of (lags above illustrates the changing face of The Ukrainian Weekly   e d i t o r i a l l y a n d a d m i n i s t r a t i v e l y i n d e p e n d e n t n e w s p a p e r p u b l i s h e d by t h e
                     during the 50 years of its publication.                                 - Ukrainian National Association, a fraternal benefit association.
шм                                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                     SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23.1983

San Francisco...                                           dignitaries have been invited to attend

             (Continued from page 3)
                                                           (his program.
                                                              !Tiroughout communities in nor–                            Reflections at 50...
                                                           thern California proclamations are                                                          (Continued from page 1)
protest for past Soviet insensitivity for
                                                           being issued by mayors and other civic                            The reasons tor this are manifold and complex. The children of Ukrainian
h u m a n life; to remember the victims of
                                                           dignitaries. The California Legislature                        immigrants, particularly those that are first-generation, arc faced with two
the Great Famine; and to voice dissent
                                                           has recognized and memorialized the                            distinct societies. On the one hand, they are products of the American
against the current Soviet regime and
                                                           victims ol the Ukrainian lam'ine ot                            educational system, and often work and socialize in the non-U krainian world.
the regime's apparent continuing bla–
                                                            1932-33 by approving Assembly Joint                           On the other hand, they enjoy the benefits of community institutions through
tant disregard for human life as evi–
                                                           Resolution No. 47 sponsored by As–                             childhood and adolescence. Some drop out because they see the community
denced in the Korean airliner incident.                                                                                   infrastructure as a superfluous by-product of their parents' reluctance or
                                                           semblyman Mike Roos of Los Angeles,
    On Sunday. November 6. a com–                          in Sacramento. Ukrainian leaders have                          inability to abandon their past and acclimate themselves to American life.
memorative program is planned at the                       asked Gov. George Duekmejian to                                Others drift away when the demands of American society take up most of
San Francisco Hyatt Regency Hotel.                         support this solemn commemoration by                           their time and energy. One imagines they feel that the community institutions
 Dr. Robert Conquest of the Hoover                         issuing a p r o c l a m a t i o n proclaiming                  arc somehow self-perpetuating and eternal, as are the people who freely
 institute at Stanford University is the                   November as Ukrainian Famine Com–                              devote hours to keeping them going.
keynote speaker. Dr. Conquest is con–                      memoration month.                                                 Underpinning all this is the sense that somehow the two societies, the
sidered to be оле of the world's leading                                                                                  Ukrainian and American, are mutually exclusive. This notion is bolstered by
                                                              A famine photo exhibit, prepared by
authorities on Soviet terrorism and is                                                                                    the fact t h a t , unlike other ethnic g r o u p s , U k r a i n i a n s c o n t i n u e to be
                                                           the Los Angeles Ukrainian community,
the a u t h o r e f many books on the subject,                                                                            misunderstood or largely unknown, partly because of their reluctance to
                                                           will be unveiled at the November 2press
including: "The Great T e r r o r " and                                                                                   become involved, in some cases even marginally, with non-Ukrainian society.
                                                           conference at the San Francisco Press
"Russia After Krushchev." Dr. Con-                                                                                         This is an old story. Fifty years ago. Stephen Shumeyko and his associates
                                                           Club. A weeklong display of this exhibit
quest is currently completing work on a                                                                                  were confronted with a similar situation, and his response is as pertinent now
                                                           at the State Capitol is planned.
comprehensive book about the Ukrai–                                                                                      as it was t h e n . He felt that Ukrainian A m e r i c a n s could be just t h a t ,
                                                              Many survivors of the Ukrainian
nian famine of 1932-33. The book is                                                                                      Ukrainians and Americans, and that serving the Ukrainian community need
                                                           famine of 1932-33 living in northern
jointly sponsored by the Harvard U–                                                                                      not impede integration into American society, in fact, he was convinced that
                                                           California have come forward to tell
k r a i n i a n Research institute and the                                                                               Ukrainian Americans could only be effective community leaders if they were
                                                           their stories of this forgotten tragedy.
 Ukrainian National Association.                                                                                         successful Americans and managed to work their way to influential positions
                                                           These eyewitness accounts are being
   in addition to the keynote speech,                      collected by the Famine Commemora–                            in the non-Ukrainian world, in effect, he could see the uselessness of
several eyewitness accounts will be read,                  tion Committee for storage in local                           becoming a big fish in a little ghetto pond, and encouraged young people to
describing conditions experienced by                       archives.                                                     aspire to bigger things as the best means of helping their U k r a i n i a n
the survivors. A brief cultural program                       The public is invited to attend both                       community and the Ukrainian nation.
will wrap up the commemorative pro-                        events. Ticket prices for the comme–                             We agree. Nobody expects our young people to become professional
gram. A solemn commemorative meal                          morative program on November 6, are                           Ukrainians like some of their parents. We don't expect young people to give
will a l s o be s e r v e d . T h e g o v e r n o r ,      S20, S15 and S5; call (415) 653-6149 for                      up their careers or sacrifice all their leisure time. But as established Ukrainian
congressmen, local politicians and civic                   ticket information.                                           businesses and institutions must make changes to accommodate the needs of
                                                                                                                         today's young Ukrainians, our young adults must help shoulder some of the
                                                           liberal standards ot proot ol refugee                         burden and not assume that someone else will do all the work.
AJC...                                                     status.                                                           if the Ukrainian community is to survive into the 21st century, it needs the
              (Continued from page 3)                          The American Jewish C o m m i t t e e                      input of today's young adults and their expertise. Someone has to take over
representation to low income persons.                      and the others on the amicus brief                             the credit unions, the fraternal organizations, the cultural, civic and other
 Reps. Walter E. Fauntroy, Major R.                        argued that the Refugee Act of 1980                            groups, it is an inevitable part of ethnic community life that some young
Owens and Ed Towns, and the Lawyers                        changed the substantive standard for                           people will be irretrievably lost to the community, it is also true that our
Committee for international Human                          establishing refugee status from proof                         community's past and present political bickerings have alienated some young
 Rights, which assists in providing legal                  of a "clear probability" of persecution                        p,eople, as has the reluctance of a generation of community leaders to step
representation for applicants for politi–                  to proof of a "well-founded fear" of                           aside. But if young people feel that the community is worth salvaging, they
cal asylum in the United States.                           persecution, the latter of which is easier                     will step in and make changes, if they don't, it will continue to flounder and
  ' The case came to the Supreme Court                     to prove.                                                      then slowly disintegrate. What is needed is a commitment to the future. Given
in the form of appeal by the government                        f-ounded in 1906. the A m e r i c a n                      the political situation in Ukraine, it is doubtful that a new wave of immigrants
from a decision by the U.S. Court of                       J e w i s h C o m m i t t e e is this c o u n t r y ' s        will arrive to give the community a shot in the arm.
A p p e a l s o r d e r i n g the r e o p e n i n g of     pioneer human relations organization,
                                                           it combats bigotry, protects the civil                           For 50 years The Ukrainian Weekly has reflected the changing face of the
deportation proceedings by the Board
                                                           and religious rights of Jews at home and                       Ukrainian community it has been the voice of myriad Ukrainian causes. The
of immigration Appeals. The Appeals
                                                           abroad, and seeks improved human                               question is simple: will our future entail reporting on the rebirth of the
Court remanded the case for a new
                                                           relations for all people everywhere.                           community or its slow and irreversible demise?
hearing in accordance with the more

                                                           devoted to efforts by Russian Ameri–                       cible religious and political differences                  Not ail of our problems of the past
The Ukrainian Weekly...                                    cans t o " c a p t u r e " Ukrainian youth. "We            a m o n g ' m a n y of our leaders...                   have been solved, of course. Many of
                                                           cannot stand idly by and permit this                           "We our youth to not pay                o u r y o u t h a r e still s e g r e g a t e d i n t o
             (Continued from page 7)                       Musophilism to entice our American                         any attention to these petty squabbles,                 partisan camps, we still suffer from the
 in Ukrainian youth organizations, he                      Ukrainian youth away from their na–                        selfish ambitions, religious and political              "disease of discord" and many Ameri–
continued, was based on "gross unrea–                      tionality" 2 '' — assimiliation. 27 the defa–              i n t o l e r a n c e s of m a n y of o u r o l d e r   can-born are still ambivalent regarding
lity, the reference being to making the                    mation campaign, 2 8 and the American                      generation. Shun them as you would be                   certain aspects of their bicultural com–
second generation hostages, if you will,                   heritage:                                                  plague...                                               munal existence.
to either the 'cause a b r o a d ' or to a                    "it is interesting for us to observe how                    "Let us accept from the older genera–                   But the process continues and as we
special brand of Ukrainianism as con–                      much pleasure our American Ukrai–                          tion only those elements which are good                 reflect upon how far The Ukrainian
ceived by parties of the older genera–                     nians derive from taking part in the                       and honorable: tolerance, understand–                   Weekly has come during the past 50
tion." The first generation Mr. Capelin                    Fourth of July parades and manifesta–                      ing and mutual self-respect; and ignore                 years, we have much reason to rejoice.
observed, hasn't helped youth "to get                      tions... For our parents are very much                     all of those which have been impreg–                        Today The Ukrainian Weekly is still
jobs in American life" or "educated                        aware of the fact that back in the old                     nable obstructions to our older genera–                 e d i t e d by o u r y o u t h , it enjoys un–
them on the values of contacts with                        country they would not be allowed to                       tion's attempts to organize itself..."32                paralled status not only within our
A m e r i c a n s , " or e x t e n d e d a h e l p i n g   parade freely, carrying flags and dressed                      "The Ukrainians have a disease," Mr.                community but in American circles as
hand "to scores of those who being 'at                     in U k r a i n i a n c o s t u m e s . . . But w h a t     Shumeyko declared in 1934. "that may                    well, it is a beacon of hope which richly
sea' land in American social agencies,                     about us, the younger generation, born                     safely be called great, not only because                deserves the support of all of us. Kecpup
juvenile courts, etc." 2 3                                 and raised here? D o we appreciate our                     it is so widely prevalent but more so                   the good work, Ukrainian Weekly, and
   The hope of older Ukrainians that                       American freedom and democracy?                            because its results are so vast, it is                   Mnohaya Lita!
youth will resist the "mania of Ameri–                     Does the Declaration of independence                       costing Ukrainians their country and
canization" and help in some way in                        mean as much to us as to our parents?" 2 '                 their freedom, it is breeding discontent,                  23. Ukrainian Weekly (October 3. 1936).
                                                                                                                      fear and inertia... І am referring to that                 24. Ukrainian Weekly (September 19.
"fashioning the future Ukrainian state,"                        For the Weekly, A m e r i c a n - b o r n
                                                                                                                      cancerous growth, 'discord'..." 3 3                     1936).
rests on two fallacies: "One that by                       reluctance to become involved in Ukrai–
                                                                                                                                                                                25. See Ukrainian Weekly (September
living in America and hoping to be                         nian affairs was due to immaturity, a                          Admitting to certain shortcomings on                19. 26. October 24 and November 7.
Ukrainians they can be such and se–                        lack of "clear, self-orientation," vague–                  the part of the younger generation in                   1936).
cond!y, that, they can be of significant                   ness regarding their role in the commu–                    1936, Mr. Shumeyko pointed to a "far                      26. Ukrainian Weekly (February 15
help abroad... The mos't healthy situa–                    n i t y , a lack of e x p e r i e n c e , 3 0 a n d a      more serious canker that threatens all                  and December 5, 1936).
tion for the individual," concluded Mr.                    debilitating emphasis on social activi–                    organized American-Ukrainian youth                        27. Ukrainian Weekly (July 13, 1937).
Capelin, "is a respect for Ukrainian                       ties. 31                                                   life"...the " a t t e m p t s being made to               28. Ukrainian Weekly (July І, 1939).
ways and only a gradual absorption of                          The single most important issue of                     segregate our youth into religious and                    29. "Cherishing Our American ideals,"
American culture, in this sense it can be                  which the Weekly devoted consistent                        partisan camps..." 3 4                                  Ukrainian Weekly (July 12. 1936).
truly said that one cannot be e i t h e r a                                                                                                                                     30. "Reviewing Ourselves." Ukrainian
                                                           attention, however, was the problem of
good Ukrainian or a good American                                                                                                                                             Weekly (July 29. 1935).
                                                           Ukrainian American unity. As early as                                        A great idea
                                                                                                                                                                                31. "For More Harmony and Progress."
without being both." 2 4 Mr. Capelin's                     1933 Mr. Shumeyko wrote:                                                                                           Ukrainian Weekly (January 4. 1936).
views, of course, generated a series of                        "...Our youth has long been witness                       And so it went. Dr. Myshuha's dream                    32. "Discard intolerance." Ukrainian
responses, mostly pro, which the Week–                     to the fact that the principal cause of the                to create a forum which would allow                     Weekly (October 20. 1933).
ly published through the remainder of                      w e a k e n i n g and destructive divisions                American-born youth an opportunity                         33. "The Ukrainian Disease," Ukrainian
the y e a r . "                                            a m o n g the older generation of Ameri–                   to develop their identity was realized, it              Weekly (February 23, 1934).
   Articles and editorials were also                       can Ukrainians have been the irrecon–                      was a great idea whose time had come.                      34. "For More Harmony and Progress."
1 2 ^ ^ ^ ^ „ ^ ^ „ ^ ^ ^                                    'THE UKRAINIAN WEFKIY            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23. 1983                                                      N^i3

                                                ings ol the entire congress because the          Dr. Dobnankky acquiesced. І was           delegates from member-organizations
13th Congress...                                result represented the will of the "ma–       requested to read my list of violations ol   of the Ukrainian Liberation Front, it is
          (Continued from page 4)              jority." "The Liberation Front worked          the UCCA By-laws perpetrated by the          a known fact that the Ukrainian Libera–
  nals could be surrendered in part, or         hard for a-majority .and mr–1 h^ve            representatives of the Liberation Front      tion Front is not an incorporated
  perhaps in total. The Ukrainian Na–           recognition for this work." he con–           at the 13th Congress. І read in Ukrai–       American organization and that its
  tional Association and Ukrainian Fra–         tinued. "We must face fundamental             nian.                                        central headquarters are located outside
  lernal Association had voluntarily            reality      majority rules." He didn't                                                    the United States. The takeover of the
 agreed to that.                                know how much we disagreed with him.                                                       UCCA by organizations Utot are merely
     Mr. Billinsky immediately entered             Mr. Futala extended another invita–                                                     replicas in the United Statetj of a
 the frey. announcing that only two of the     tion to Dr. Shebunchak          anything to       Lawlessness of the 13th Congress          "foreign" headquarters would 'be in
 above points could be discussed. The          divide and conquer          that Mr. Billin–                                                complete violation of the UCCA^tK–
 return to the rotational system for           sky (Banderivtsi) and Dr. Shebunchak              During the 13th Congress of Ukrai–        laws and would lawfully render it a
 choosing vice presidents and the crea–        (Melnykivtsi) split the lour years' rota–      nian Americans that was held in Phila–       "foreign agency" with a legal require–
 tion of a body to approve the agenda for      tion. He didn't get far.                       delphia October 10-12, 1980. as well as      ment to register as such with the De–
 meetings of the Executive Committee               І was asked to enumerate, item by          during the preparations for it (and in       partment of Justice. To clarify. we add.
 and the National Council, could be            item, how the UCCA By-laws had been            many instances even prior to that time),     that although such an "agency" of itself
 discussed. Points 1 and 3 could not be        violated before and"at the convention. І       actions were taken and situations            does not signify any wrongdoing and
 discussed since, in his opinion, the          agreed to prepare such a report within         occurred which by their very nature          can even be beneficial to the United
 UCCA By-laws had not been violated at         two weeks and present it at the next           and content were blatant violations and      States, in the case of the UCCA it does
 the 13th Congress and the original            meeting.                                       in direct opposition not only to the         not follow the existing by-laws.
 purposes of the UCCA are and were                Some very important developments            established law and order of the by-
 strictly adhered to throughout.              came up at this first meeting. First, as        laws, resolutions and regulations of     3. Grigorenko resolution. The resolu–
     Dr. Shebunchak. on the other hand,       was claimed by Messrs. Billinsky and            congresses and UCCA authorities, but  tion regarding "the political conception
 hit back hard. He claimed the 13th            Lozynskyj, "Flis is against the Libera–        also to the fundamental principles andof Gen. Petro Grigorenko." proposed
 Congress to have been illegal. The other     tion Front." Nonsense. For 25 years Flis        goals upon which and for which the    by lgnatius Billinsky and passed by the
 side was obstinate about this point and      worked, as an attorney, with Bande–             UCCA was created 40 years ago.        UCCA National Council on December
 he knew it. But he threw in a bone for        rivtsi as he did with all other members of        For example:                        15. 1979, is by its form and content, as
 compromise. He stated that the require–      the community. A leopard doesn't                                                      well as by the procedure followed in its
 ment of the By-Laws of 1976 calling for      change his spots overnight.                    1. Title. The First Congress was held proposal and adoption, in complete
 15 members on the UCCA Executive                                                        in Washington in 1940 under the formal violation and opposition to the UCCA
                                                  The Liberation Front representatives   title "Congress of American Ukrai– By-laws and their law and order, and in
 Committee could be open to compro–           claimed that the rotational system in
 mise if all other items.were agreed upon.                                               nians." The Second Congress was called obvious testimony to the validity of the
                                              choosing the vice president was the       and took place in Philadelphia in 1944. above-mentioned points.
     І here were suggestions by the UCCA      most acute problem that we faced. The
 negotiating team that Dr. Shebunchak                                                    formally titled "Congress of Americans
                                              walkout from the 13th Congress took       of Ukrainian Descent." All subsequent          4. Preparations for the Congress.
accept for the Organisation for the           place because the rotational system was
 Rebirth ol Ukraine (ODvU) a two-year                                                   congresses were held using the title Facts confirm that the committee
                                              taken away from the fraternals. they      "Congress of American Ukrainians." preparing for the congress, chaired by
 term as executive vice president, while      said, in fact, the walkout took place
the other two years would be served by                                                   Resolutions, greetings, etc.. which'- lgnatius Billinsky. proceeded with its
                                              with the entire non-Banderivsky assem–    were passed by these congresses, began as preparations in a planned and steadfast
 Mr. Billinsky of the Liberation Front.       blage taking part. Why? if the rota–
Dr. Shebunchak. knowing that this wasa                                                  follows: "We, Americans of Ukrainian manner which included one aim: the
                                              tional system was the greatest irritant atdescent..." in this context, we mention takeover of the UCCA by the Libera–
ruse to drive a wedge between the frater–     the 13th Congress, as claimed now by the
nals and their ally. ODvu. refused,                                                     also the "Renewed confirmation of the tion Front, allowing for clear violations
                                              Liberation Front, why did 27 organiza–    political principles of the UCCA." that of the by-laws and the established law
saying that ODvu has all the represen–        tions and not just the two fraternals.
tation it needs: therefore it has no desire                                             was proposed by UCCA president Dr. and order. Let us only mention: falsifi–
                                              walk out of the 13th Congress?            Lev Dobriansky and passed in New cation of the representative rnembers of
to seek compromise on this point. "Our
organisation is opposed to political              Both sides having drawn up uncom–     York on March 20, 1965. by the UCCA the nominating committee: lawlessness
leaders occupying such posts," he said.       promising lines, at the suggestion of Mr. Executive Committee, the first principle of the meetings and proposals of the
    Mr. Billinsky maintained that the         lvashkiv. it was proposed and accepted    of which states: "The UCCA is in all publications committee: full disregard
fraternals no longer performed a useful       that the next meeting would be held on    respects an American organization with for the established practices of the
service for'the UCCA. He concluded            January 16. 1981, at the UCCA office.     a first and foremost task to look after committee on resolutions and the
that the Liberation Front now does                Prior to the second meeting 1 had     the well-being and safety of the United preparations for the draft of the resolu–
most of the work in the field and. as a       been invited through the good offices of  States of America." All this wasdictated tions. (The Gommittee on Resolutions
consequence, if the Liberation Front          Mr. Bazarko to meet with Mr. lvashkiv.    with a verity, that we, as American did not hold any meetings and did not
walked out of the UCCA. the UCCA              one of the participants at the original   citizens, born or naturalized, can with prepare a draft of the resolutions.)
would soon fold up. A questionable            conference. І accepted. Our Law           incomparably more success help our
                                              and Order Committee was informed                                                         5. Delegates, their registration and
conclusion, our committee thought.                                                      Ukrainian nation in its struggle for qualifications. The first communique
Are not Svoboda and Narodna volia             that such a meeting was taking place so   freedom and national liberty, by de– from the UCCA Executive Committee
part of the fraternals? Mr. Billinsky         that the opposition could not claim that  manding this of our American govern– concerning the "13th Congress of
would probably now wish they weren't.         "Flis is already talking to us about      ment and gaining the good will and Ukrainians in U.S.A." listed the dead-
    Dr. Shebunchak. who is president of       return of the UNA into the fold."         support of our entire American nation. line for the election and registration of
O D v u . stressed one important point -          Nothing materialized from these           However, at the 12th Congress-that delegates as September 15. 1980. it is
although he himself was a representa–         talks, since 1 insisted on compliance     was held in New York in October 1976. said that the UCCA Executive Com–
tive of a political party, the Melnykivtsi    with our original four demands. He        the UCCA secretary, lgnatius Billinsky. mittee extended the deadline to the end
- that the Ukrainian community does           proclaimed right then and there that the  proposed that congresses be held using of September. However, we are not
not want domination from any Ukrai–           Liberation Front would never agree to     the title "Congress of Ukrainians in aware of any public notification of such
nian political party. The entire argu–        our demands.                              U.S.A." But the congress, after dis– an extension, instead, we do know of
ment was stated in that one concise                                                     cussion. passed the formal title, as it was several "delegates" whom no one elect–
sentence. The UCCA representatives                       The second meeting             subsequently included in the UCCA By- ed. who did not have any statutory
acted as if this had never been uttered                                                 laws: (Article ІУ): "Conventions of all qualifications, who registered them–
and quickly changed the subject.                  The second meeting in Dr. Dobrian– UCCA members are held using the title selves during the time of the congress
                                               sky's effort to mediate the differences 'Congress of Ukrainian Americans." "         and who received all the rights and
   Mr. lvashkiv. seeing that things were       between the "in group." the UCCA. and       'Now, in the first communique issued privileges of delegates and actively
getting out of order, argued that he           the "group looking in." the Committee    by the Executive Committee of the participated in the congress and cast
foresaw the rotational system as our           for Law and Order in the UCCA, took UCCA (dated April 23. 1980) it is given: votes, it is certainly apparent that it
main problem. Again, an attempt to             place on January 16, 1981.               "The 13th Congress of Ukrainians in takes just one such "delegate" to nullify
separate the fraternals from their allies.        Olha Kuzmowyc7 was a welcome America will be held..." Error? Hardly. the entire congress and any decisions it
He admitted that Ukrainian fraternals          addition to our negotiating team. The The official Congress Report Book might have made.
had been faithful to the UCCA and had          opposing team stood as was.              carries the following title (on the cover
performed a volume of work for it in the          Dr. Dobriansky opened the meeting and on the title'page): 13th Congress of           6. Congress. The preparations for the
past. They should be given a place on          by saying that as a result of the last Ukrainians in U.S.A. This must mean congress, as well as the entire con–
the rotational system. He proposed that        meeting, only one point remained to be that some other congress was held, one gressional proceedings were in complete
these negotiating meetings to reach            settled. І disagreed with Dr. Dobrian– not foreseen or called for by the UCCA violation of established law and order,
compromise on differences be con–              sky. There was disagreement on more By-laws.                                         beginning with the adoption of the rules
tinued every two weeks until a final           than one point. Mr. Billinsky im–                                                    of procedure. The report of the no–
compromise was reached. But. since, as         mediately warned all not to indulge in       2. Remote control. 1 he deliberate minating committee, with its disregard
he claimed, he was not a representative        polemics because it would lead to forcing of the un-statutory title upon of the by-laws regarding the number of
of the Liberation Front, we did not            futility.                                the congress is additionally underscored    Executive Committee members and the
know how much reliance to place on                1 stated that 1 was asked at the last by an article written by lgnatius Billin– way in which the agreed-to rotational
this proposition.                              meeting to show proof of the total sky, titled: "On the Brink of Commu– system of carrying out the duties and
   Surprising to the Law and Order             disregard and violation of the UCCA nity irresponsibility." published in the responsibilites of UCCA executive vice
Committee, in view of the fact that this        By-laws at the 13th Congress. І was' ODFFU (Organization for the Defense president were eliminated, were .the
meeting was called by the UCCA presi–         .ready to read such propf at this time.   of Four Freedoms for Ukraine) visnyk straw that broke the camel's back and,
derit to bring the parties together to            Mr. Oleksyn, president of Ukrainian and disseminated on separate leaflets by forced the representatives of virtually
discuss their differences, was Dr. Do–          Fraternal Association, backed me and Liberation Front members, in this all those institutions and organizations
briansky's assertion that "the bottom-          reminded Dr. Dobriansky that he had article Mr. Bilinsky uses only the un- that are not "controlled from a distance-
line argument was the fact of majority         agreed to have such report read at this statutory title and clearly writes about by the Liberation Front to walk out of
vote." evidently approving the proceed–         meeting.             -.                 the participation in that congress of                 (Continued on page 13)
No. 4 3                                                                           THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                        SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23,1983                                                                                             із

13th Congress...                                               Order Committee at the outset of our
                                                               negotiations. Discussion brought out the
                                                                                                                              political and religious inclinations.
                                                                                                                              "The UCCA being a central organi?a–
                                                                                                                                                                                                c o n c l u d e d . " 1 he e x e c u t i v e of t h e
                                                                                                                                                                                                UCCA will continue its work." he said,
              (Continued from page 12)
                                                               fact that Dr. Dobrianskv had never re–                         tion." she continued, "should not lake a                          "and the door to community peace is
the congress or protest its conduct and                        ceived the invitation from this committee                      stand on anN controversial political                              always open."
the resolutions that it passed.                                and had nevet heard ol its existence.                          matters."                                                             What did he mean: that negotiations
                                                                   Mr. Oleksyn confirmed our stand.                               Mr. Billinsky then stated that the                            were ended and that he would not call
                                                               We were a committee representing 27                            "opposition" still insisted on the four                           another such meeting'' Or did he mean
    in addition to the above. 1 ad libbed                      organizations which had exited trom                            points presented. Evidently speaking                              that only this session was over? We
quite a bit. But when 1 talk 1 can't write                     the 13th Congress.                                             lor the. UCCA. he dismissed three ol the                          walked out a little disappointed that the
at the same time. So 1 didn't make any                             Dr. Dobriansky insisted that the lact                      points as impossible to accept. The                               Liberation Front leadership had been
notes as to what 1 said.                                       remained that the opposition did not do                        fourth point could be discussed, he said,                         so unyielding.
    As 1 concluded my report, Mr. Billin–                      enough spade work in preparation lor                           but he didn't say which.                                              1 never did find out if Dr. Dobrian–
sky reacted as if someone had poured                           the 13th Congress and did not send                                 1. speaking lor the Law and Order                             sky meant to call another session in
boiling water on him. Said he: "1 did not                      enough delegates to the convention.                            C o m m i t t e e , then s t a t e d t h a t if t h e             these talks. І sustained a stroke on
expect that matters would be allowed to                        Respect must be shown for the "demo–                           present UCCA would not accept any of                              February 3. 1981. Waller Sochan, oui
degenerate to such a low level, it is                          eratic majority." he said.          '                          o u r t e r m s for r e c o n c i l i a t i o n , t h e r e       secretary, rode the ambulance with me
i n s u l t i n g t o r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s of t h e       He accused the committee of insince–                       remained nothing else to be said or done                          to t h e J e r s e y City M e d i c a l C e n t e r ,
U C C A . and if the opposition will so                        rity and of having no desire to corn-                          at this meeting.                                                  where 1 was hospitalized lor tour weeks.
continue, then 1 refuse to engage in                           p r o m i s e . He failed t o a d d that ;he                       Mr. billinsky remarked that this was                          F r o m t h e r e 1 went to t h e Kessler
further discussion." He was especially                         representatives of the liberation Lronl                        the first time in his memory that the                             institute for R e h a b i l i t a t i o n in West
affronted and angered by my'disserta–                          had refused to even listen to the "in–                         fraternal had shown so much concern                               Orange. N.J., where 1 spent another six
tion on whether the present UCCA is an                         sincerity" of the "opposition."                                for others. This hurt, but neither 1 nor                          weeks.
organization of American Ukrainians                                Mr. Billinsky joined in and stated                         Mr. Oleksyn retorted as we would haxc                                 At least one thing can be said about
or of Ukrainians living in America. He                         that he had discussed all the arguments                        liked.                                                            spending such a long time in a hospital:
stated that all of the points made by me                       voiced by the "opposition." Mr. Lozyn–                            Some on both sides rose to leave as                            you sure have a lot of time to think, to
were " u n i m p o r t a n t " and "unsubstan–                 skyj advised the "opposition" to get rid                       Mr. Todoriw continued,                        favoring            think and reassess the importance ol
tial." He had thought we would be                              of its hatred of the Banderiwsi.                               further discussions. "As long as we sit                           things that you deem important in your
d i s c u s s i n g t h e f u t u r e a n d not such                The return of the rotational system to                    and discuss our difficulties, we are sure                         life. This 1 did.
"inessential" matters as those enume–                          the fraternals received a little attention                     to come up with solutions." he said.                                  S'ext week: The unsuccessful               efforts
rated by me. he said.                                          from Mr. Todoriw and Dr. Dobrian–                                  The hour was late. Dr. Dobriansk)                             of the World Congress of Free Ukrai–
    if M r . Billinsky t h o u g h t he was                    sky. Dr. Dobriansky repeated the offer                         declared the negotiations as having                               nians at peace-making.
succeeding in terrorizing me, he was                           made by the Liberation front at the
mistaken. "1 must be doing something                            13th Congress, i.e. a rotational system
right if he is reacting this way." І said to                   based on two years for Mr. Billinsky
                                                               and two years for the fraternals. This
                                                                                                                                           The UNA:
    Mr. Lozynskyj came to his rescue,
seeing that Mr. Billinsky needed help.
                                                               had been rejected by the Ukrainian
                                                               National Association and t h e Ukrai–
                                                                                                                                           more than an insurance company
He declared that doing away with the                           nian Fraternal Association a number ol
rotational system seemed to be the crux                        t i m e s before on t h e t h e o r y t h a t a
of the problem at this time. He asked                          political party does not belong in the
why 1 did not adhere to the agreement                          rotational system and because the
r e a c h e d at o u r first m e e t i n g as t o              fraternals believed in earnest that the                                                   SVOBODA PRINT SHOP
suspension of polemics in our news-                            political party would at the next con–
papers while negotiations were taking                          gress s w a l l o w t h e e n t i r e f o u r - y e a ;
place. І answered that news about our                          r o t a t i o n a l s y s t e m at the f r a t e r n a l s '                           Professional typesetting and printing services.
first meeting was only printed after the                       expense.                                                                                                We print:
appearance in America, the Ukrainian                              Mrs. Rozankowsky, president of the
d a i l y p u b l i s h e d by t h e P r o v i d e n c e
                                                                                                                                                    BOOKS и BROCHURES ш LEAFLETS
                                                               U N W L A , then spoke for her organiza–
Association of Ukrainian Catholics, of                         tion, which has members of various
an article by Mr. Billinsky in which he                                                                                                                            For information and rates contact
c l a i m e d t h a t t h e first m e e t i n g h a d                            Дентист                                                                                        SVOBODA
almost produced agreement. T h e Svo–                                         ОЛЬГА О Л Е Н К О
b o d a a r t i c l e was p r i n t e d t o i n f o r m
                                                                                                                                                        30 Montgomery Street ш Jersey City. N.J. 07302
                                                                      Профілактико хворів всен 1 зубів. Л1ку-
readers of the truth about the meeting                                вання 1 протоіуаання. Косметичні стома-                                              Telephone: (201) 434-0237; (201) 434-0807;
and about the work of the Law and                                                       ТОПОГІЖ.

Order Committee.                                                      Приймаємо тільки за попереднім домое-
                                                                       ленням Говоримо також по-лольськи.
     M r . B i l l i n s k y a n n o u n c e d t h a t he                   Адреса
 would not hold discussions with any                                     у МангеттенІ:     Адреса у КвІнсІ:
 " c o m m i t t e e " b u t only with f o r m e r                                                                                Buffalo, N.Y.                                                                          Buffalo, N.Y.
 members of the UCCA. Dr. Dobriansky                                ЗО Central Park So.
                                                                          2nd Floor              105-37 64th Avenue
 and Mr. Mazur agreed with him. І then                             New York, N.Y. 10019         fontt HUs. N.Y. 11375                                     UNA         D1STR1CT СОММІТТЕЕ
 reminded D r . Dobriansky that he was                                (212) 421-7879               (212) 459 0111
                                                                                                                                                                                ANNOUNCES THAT
 first invited to meet with the Law and

                                   THE UKRAINIAN S.TUDENTS CLUB                                                                                      ORGANIZING MEETING
                              at RUTGERS UNivERSlTY in NEW BRUNSW1CK
                                               PRESENTS 1st ANNUAL                                                                                                                WILL BE HELD

                                  FALL                         DANCE                                                                                   Sunday, October 30, 1983, at 2:30 p.m.
                                     S A T U R D A Y , N O V E M B E R 12,1983                                                                      at the Ukrainian American Civic Center, inc.
                                                   8:30 PM                                                                                                          205 Military Road, BUFFALO. N.Y.
                                   At The Mariott Hotel in Bound Brook, N. J.                                                               All members of the District Committee, Convention Delegates and Branch Officers
                                   Across From The Ukrainian Cultural Center                                                                       and Delegates of the following Branches are requested to attend:
                                           Music By "У A T R A"
    Adults: S8.00                                                                             Students: S5.00                                            40, 87, 127, 149, 299, 304, 360 and 363
                                   For information And To Reserve Tables Call:                                                                                                     PROGRAM:
                                   1RENE NAHORNY ( 2 0 1 ) 4 6 9 - 1 1 8 2
                                                                                                                                               1.   Opening Remarks.
                                                                                                                                               2.   Review of the organizational work of the District during the past months.
                                                                                                                                               3.   Discussion of Fall Organizational Campaign.
                                                                                                                                               4.   General UNA topics.
     STILL AVAILABLE                                                                                                                           5.   Adoption of membership campaign plan for balance of 1983.

                                 SAGA OF UKRAINE                                                                                               6.   Questions and answers, adjournment.
                                                                                                                                                                           Meeting will be attended by
                                              AN 0UTL1NE H1ST0RY
                                                                                                                                                           S t e f a n H a w r y S Z , UNA Supreme Organizer
                '                          vol. 1 -     The Ago of Royalty
                                           vol. 2 -    The Age of Heroism
                                                                                                                                                                     AFTER THE MEETfNG UNA F1LM
                                                       (in English)

                                         By Myron B. Kuropas                                                                                                         "HELM OF DEST1NY"
                                                                                                                                       '                                      WILL BE SHOWN.
    Only S2.00 each at the:                                                                                                                          All UNA members and guests are invifed to the showing of the film.
                                                               Svoboda Book Store                                                                                              ADMISSION FREE
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                                                               Jersey City, N. J. 0 7 3 0 2                                       Peter Harawus. Treasurer                                                        Joseph Hawry!uk. Secretary
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14                                                                  THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                SUNDAY OCTOBER 23.1983                                                               No. 43

                                      UKRAINIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
                                                                          Monthly reports for August

                              RECORDING DEPARTMENT                                                                                   Disbursements for August 1983

                                                                                                        Paid To Or For Members:
                                                  Juv            Adults                                      Cash Surrenders                                                             544,791.82
TOTAL AS OF JULY 1983                           20,108          54.566       6,667           81.341          Endowments Matured                                                           44,409.00
                                                                                                             Death Benefits                                                               65.027.00
GA1NS 1N AUGUST 1983            ,                                                                            interest On Death Benefits                                                       63.99
        New members                                                 68           15             131          Payor Death Benefits                                                            637.90
        Reinstated                                                  68            1              95          Reinsurance Premiums Paid                                                       278.17
        Transferred in                                               9            1              20          Dues From Members Returned                                                       76.28
                                                                                                             indigent Benefits Disbursed                                                     900.00
        Change class in                                              1           -                3
        Transferred from Juv. Dept.                                  2           -                2          Scholarships                                                                 41,950.00

TOTALS GA1NS:                                                      148                          251     Total                                                                           5198,134.16

LOSSES 1N AUGUST 1983                                                                                   Operating Expenses:
    Suspended                                                       41           24             "85"          Real Estate                                                               5150,695.88
    Transferred out                                                 6            1                її          "Svoboda" Operation                                                         89,803.09
    Change class out                                                  1                            5    Official Publication - "Svoboda"                                                  55,000.00
    Transferred to adults                                                                           1   Organizing Expenses:
    Died                                                            81               1            86          Advertising                                                                  51,172.97
    Cash surrender                                                  61           -                98          Medical inspections
                                                                                                              Reward To Special Organizers
    Endowment matured                                               35           -                78
                                                                                                 112          Reward To Branch Secretaries                                                    106.44
    Fully paid-up
    Reduced paid-up
                                                                    84           -                            Reward To Branch Organizers                                                   2,508.58
    Extended insurance                                                                                        Traveling Expenses - Special Organizers                                       1,407.95
    Cert terminated
                                                                                                        Total                                                                              57,813.89
TOTAL LOSSES:                                     141              309           27             477
                                                                                                        Payroll, insurance And Taxes:
INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP                                                                                          Salaries Of Executive Officers                                              511,625.01
                                                                                                             Salaries Of Office Employees                                                 31,278.69
GA1NS 1N AUGUST 1983                                                                                         Employee Hospitalization Plan Premiums                                        7,743.18
    Paid up                                         28              84                           117         Taxes - Federal, State and City On Employee Wages                            16,529.58
                                                     4              26           -                30         Tax - Canadian Witholding and Pension Plan
                                                                                                             On Employee Wages                                                                455.43
TOTAL GA1NS-                                         32            110           -               142
                                                                                                         Total                                                                            567,631.89
    Died                                             2               32                           34    General Expenses:
                                                    12               20                           32        Actuarial And Statistical Expenses                                             51,382.00
        Reinstated                                   4                8          -                12        Books And Periodicals                                                             195.00
        Lapsed                                       4                5                            9        Furniture And Equipment                                                         4,079.62
                                                                                                            General Office Maintenance                                                      2,363.02
TOTAL LOSSES:                                       22               65          -                87        insurance Department Fees
                                                                                                            Operating Expense Of Canadian Office
TOTATL UNA MEMBERSH1P                                                                                       Postage                                                                         1,450.51
    AS OF AUGUST 1983                           20,063          54,450        6,657           81,170        Printing And Stationary                                                         9,518.22
                                                                                                            Rental Of Equipment And Services                                                2,571.62
                                                                                                            Telephone, Telegraph                                                            7,610.76
                                                                            WALTER SOCHAN                   Traveling Expenses–General                                                       1,341.90
                                                                            Supreme Secretary
                                                                                                         Total                                                                           531.078.23
                               FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT
                                      income for August 1983                                                  Convention Expenses                           -                             511,040.00
                                                                                                              Expenses Of Annual Session                :                                      77.60
                                                                                                              Loss On Bonds                                                                 5,488.30
                                                                                                              Donation's                                                                    2,050.00
Dues From Members ,–  .                                                                  5223,112.95          Youth Sports Activities                                                       1,500.00
income From "Svoboda" Operation                                                            87,511.31          Taxes Held in Escrow                                                            860.33
investment income:                                                                                            Marketing ft Research Development                                               425.00
     Bonds                                                                               J292.401.73
     Real Estate                                                             :            137,024.02     Total                                                                            521,441.23
     Mortgage Loans                                                                        25,191.10
     Ct,Aficate Loans                                                                       2,567.48     investments:
        Stocks                                                                              1,962.64          Bonds                                                                       549,675.00
        Banks                                                                               4,443.91          Mortgages                                                                   120,000.00
                                                                                                                 Stock                                                                      1,942.64
Total                                                                                    (463,590.88             Certificate Loans                                                          9,142.48
                                                                                                                 E.D.P. Equipment                                                             184.20
    Taxes-Federal. State S City On Employee Wages                                         512,013.56     Total                                                                          S180.944.32
     Taxes - Canadian Witholding і Pension Plan                                               375.33
     Taxes Held in Escrow                                                                     757.00     Disbursements For August 1983                                                   5802,542.69
     Employee Hospitalization Plan Premiums                                                 2,470.04
     Official Publication "Svoboda"                        :.                              16,945.70
     Postage Refd                                                                              40.00
     Printing S Stationary                                                                    260.00                                              BALANCE
     Scholarship ,.–.                 '.                                                       50.00      ASSETS                                                                        LIABILITIES
Total                                                                                     532.911.63     Cash                          ...5694,421.68
                                                                                                         Bonds                         .34,478,212.94           Life insurance       . 547,949,349.44
Miscellaneous:                                                                                           Stocks                             552,554.83
     Donations To Fraternal Fund                                                              530.00     Mortgage Loans                  .2,947,421.24          Fraternal                 154,639.73
     Sale Of "Ukrainian Encyclopedia"                                                        1,629.78    Certificate Loans                  815,595.35
                                                                                                         Real Estate                        644,399.52          Orphans                   292,165.10
Total                                                                                      51,659.78     Printing Plant S E.D.P.
                                                                                                         Equipment '                     ..224,093.06   Old Age Home                     „271,421.21
investments:                                              ^'                                             Loan To U.N.U.R.C               8,400,000.00 '
     Bonds Matured Or Sold                                 '.                             579,469.92     Copyrights                          1,200.00   Emergency                          90,323.14
     Mortgages Repaid                                                                      22,679.96
     Certificate Loans Repaid                                                               3,698.28     Total                         548,757.898.62           Total                .548.757.898.62

Total                                                                                    5105,848.16
                                                                                                                                                                                 ULANA D1ACHUK
income For August 1983                                                                   5914.634.71                                                                             Supreme Treasurer
Noil                                                                                  THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                SUNDAY OCTOBER 2 3 . 1983

Bishop Dudick names mission pastor Ukrainian committee in Philadelphia
   D A Y T O N A B E A C H . Fla.
Michael J. Dudick of the Byzantine

C a t h o l i c D i o c e s e of P a s s a i c , N . J . ,
                                                                   Since the appointment ol the Res.
                                                                S o p o l i g a , w h o is an honorary, life
                                                                member of the Knights of Columbus,
                                                                                                                           bolsters Egan's campaign for mayor
                                                                                                                                                                                      1.2(K) people.
appointed the Res. Michael J.Sopoliga                           the mission has the use of the Knights oi                      PHILADELPHIA                  Theukrainian
as the first administrator of the Day–                          Columbus Hall located in Hollv Hill.                                                                                     He was also the guest of honor at a
                                                                                                                           American Community Committee of
tona Beach Mission.                                             D i v i n e liturgy is at 10:30 a . m . on                                                                            fund-raising party hosted by Mr. and
                                                                                                                           Philadelphia lor the Election ol J o h n
                                                                Sunday mornings.                                                                                                      Mrs. Walter Bijaliw The event, held
   The appointment came in response to                                                                                     Egan. Republican mayoral candidate.
                                                                   The Res. Sopoliga resides at 706-3                                                                                 September S. allowed'Mr. Egan. who
the rapid growth of B y a n t i n c Catholics                                                                              has begun a very active pre-election                       attended with Frances Weston, candi–
                                                                B u t l e r Blvd.. D a y t o n a Beach. Fla.,              campaign. John Odezynsky recently
in the area most because of migration                                                                                                                                                 date for the office ol controller, to meet
                                                                32018. About his appointment, he said:                     reported.
from northern cities because ofemploy–                          "1 am most grateful to my bishop tor his                                                                              Ukrainian community members Both
ment opportunities or to retirement.                                                                                          Mr Odezynsky, a member of the                           candidates participated in a question–
                                                                vote ol confidence in me to build up this
                                                                                                                           Republican Parts and Ukrainian Na–                         and-answer period and explained their
   For the past three years the mission                         mission. 1 am also most grateful to
                                                                                                                           tional Association supreme adviser.                        positions concerning vital and pressing
has been served by the Rev. James                               Richard Osterndorf. grand knight of
                                                                                                                           stated that Philadelphia's Republican                      problems in Philadelphia.
Fiori, pastor of Transfiguration of Our                         the Knights of Columbus for his frater–
                                                                                                                           m a y o r a l c a n d i d a t e has visited with
Lord Byzantine Catholic Church in                               nal support and assistance to our small                                                                                  The campaign committee, headed bv
                                                                                                                           Ukrainians on a number of occasions.
Orlando, it has been using the facilities                       mission. І know we will succeed."                                                                                     M r . O d e z y n s k y . p l a n n e d t o hold a
of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church in                             The Daytona'Beach mission marks is                        Mi. Egan a t t e n d e d t h e U N A D a y               b a n q u e t in h o n o r of M r . E g a n on
Daytona Beach, where the Res. Sean                              the sixth parish for Byzantine Catholics                   picnic, held in Horsham. Pa., in August,                   Sunday. October 9; with all proceeds
Heslin is pastor.                                               in Florida.                                                w h e r e he a d d r e s s e d an a u d i e n c e of       earmarked for the campaign.

                                                                                         Dnieper, well at the center ol the 'black earth'
      February 1934                                                                      agricultural region, on which the old prosperity
                                                                                                                                                                     an appeal on behalf of starving Ukrainians, it
                                                                                                                                                                      read, in part: "The Relief Committee for the
                           (Continufd from page 5)                                       of the Ukraine has always rested. Kharkiv. upon                             Starving Ukrainians is making a special appeal
                                                                                         the other hand, lies close to the Ukraine's                                 to the Young American Ukrainians to join them
      back to Kiev, stating that it would cure the                                       northeastern border, it has only two good                                   in their humanitarian work. We know that all
      people of Kiev of any nationalistic-counterre–                                     qualifications as a capital: it is without historical                       young Ukrainians arc enthusiastic and willing to
      volutionary tendencies they might have had.                                        traditions and it is remote from Russia's western                            help in any worthy cause, but often do not know
         During this time, it was announced in Kiev                                      frontier. Now that the Soviet government is on                              just what procedure t o take." The appeal was
      that Ukraine would be divided into gubernias.                                      best terms with Poland, one of these reasons                                issued by the U k r a i n i a n N a t i o n a l W o m e n ' s
         On February 12, Svoboda printed a news item                                     loses its old force. What of the other? Kiev is                              l e a g u e of America, proposing a plan to sell
      about Cardinal T h e o d o r e lnnitzer's interna–                                 much more than the most ancient of all Russian                               raffle tickets to make money, which would be
      tional conference to help the hungry in Ukraine.                                   cities, i t s great 1 l t h c e n t u r y c a t h e d r a l , St.           sent to aid brothers and sisters in Ukraine.
      According t o the news in Svoboda, the actions                                     Sophia, and its cloisters have kept alive the                                  The following week the Ukrainian Weekly
      were aimed at focusing world attention on the                                      influence on popular imaginations throughout                                editorial stressed the importance of youth taking
      situation in Ukraine.                                                              Russia, its wonder-working ikons drew their                                 part in the drive. Titled "A Good Example," the
                                                                                         millions of pilgrims before the revolution. Their                           editorial pointed out that the chairperson of the
         Svoboda published news about the Commii–                                        power is gone, but the old city cannot lose its                             UNWl.A drive was Dr. Nellie Pclechovitch,
      nist Party's meeting at which the worst enemies                                    power, it is the spiritual center of Ukrainian                              someone of the young generation who was born
      of the Ukrainians, the ones who most spoke out                                     nationalism, and Moscow is acutely conscious of                             a n d raised in A m e r i c a a n d w a s c u r r e n t l y
      against Ukrainian nationalists, were elected to                                    the danger of Ukrainian nationalism.                                        practicing medicine in New York. The editorial
      the party's executive.
                                                                                            "The recent party and administrative purges                              urged young people to give the drive their most
         On February 14, Svoboda printed a story                                         have shown the strength of this half-conscious                              active support.
      datelined Moscow, whose headline read: "Posty–                                     movement against Moscow. The peasants of the
      shev Struggles against Ukrainian Nationalists."                                    Ukraine have suffered more than any other from
      According to the story, Postyshev believed that                                    the ruthless process of collectivization: their
      Skrypnyk had developed a plan for Ukrainian                                        inarticulate resistance could be crushed, but the                           A r o u n d the w o r l d :
      nationalism, including separating the nationali–                                   m o r e d a n g e r o u s p r o p a g a n d a of t h e petty                   Austrian chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss took a
      ties question from that of the class struggle.                                     bourgeois in the peoples' commissariats is the                              strong position against the Nazis. A Christian
       On February 19, Svoboda published a reprint                                       harder to stamp out. Hence, the most drastic                                Socialist, he enacted measures against the Social
     from t h e M a n c h e s t e r G u a r d i a n a b o u t t h e                      measure to purify Ukrainian administration                                  Democrats who offered to cooperate on mode-
     moving of the capital of Ukraine from Kharkiv                                       during 1932 and 1933. Poland is faced with the                              rate terms against the Nazis. Dollfuss rejected their
     back t o Kiev. Excerpts follow.                                                     same problem in Galicia and has been 'solving                               offer and the Socialists resisted by force. They
          " T h i s is m u c h m o r e t h a n a m e a s u r e of                        it' by comparable measures. The restoration of                              were c r u s h e d in a b a t t l e w h i c h b r o k e o u t
      a d m i n i s t r a t i v e c o n v e n i e n c e . T h e r e a r e , of           the capital to Kiev will make it easier for the                             February 12 and lasted for several days with
      c o u r s e , good geographical reasons why the                                    rulers of the Ukraine to cooperate with the                                 heavy casualties. Many socialists were thrown
      'mother of all Russian cities'should return to its                                 Poles."                                                                     into concentration camps and the movement
      old status as the capital, it lies on the great river                                 On February 9, the Ukrainian Weekly printed                              was driven underground.

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                                         a c o l l e c t i o n of s h o r t stories                                                                                        At times, you're all of the above.
                                 by MYKOLA PONED1LOK                                                                                                                       You're too vital to too many people to
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                                  FOR M1DDLE S1ZE RESORT. CATSK1LL AREA.
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                   Knowledge of Ukrainian ft English. 5 years managerial experience.
                                                                                                                               Date ol Birth
                                  Full charge hotel, dining room, maintenance.
                                        Send resume: S v O B O D A , Я 5 0 0              S'                                                      Please send more information about the UNA D
                      , ...j .       .P.O. Box 17a m Jersey City. N J . 0 7 3 0 3                                                                 Please arrange ameeiingfor me.with a UNA representative D
16                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23,1983                                                           No. 43

     Sunday, October 23                                                                                                               as also are classes in English and

 EAST HANOvER, N.J.: Branch 86
                                                PREVIEW OF EVENTS                                                                     Ukrainian. The Northeast Regional
                                                                                                                                      Library is located on Cottman
 of the Ukrainian National Women's              guest of honor. A buffet dinner will      November 1 program at 2 p.m. at             Avenue and Oakland.
 League of America will present a               be served following the ceremony.         Washington lrving High School on
 fashion show by a la Carte Boutique            Suggested donations are S15 per           17th Street.                                 W1NN1PEG: The Ukrainian Cul– І
 at 4 p.m. at the Ramada inn on                 person, S25 per couple.                                                                tural and Educational Centre is g
 Route 10. The afternoon will also                                                         Monday, October 31                          sponsoring an exhibition titled :;
 feature door prizes, canapes, cakes            PERTH AMBOY, N.J.: A jubilee                                                           "Mama. Bread!" commemorating
 and coffee. Admission is S10;S5 for            concert in observance of the 75th         EDMONTON: The Canadian lnsti–                the 50th anniversary of the famine in i–,
 seniors and students.                          anniversary of the founding of As–        tute of Ukrainian Studies at the             Ukraine. 1932-33.
                                                sumption Ukrainian Catholic Church        University of Alberta will present a            it is held in the Pool of the Black ,
     Weekend of October 28-30                   will be held tonight at 7 p.m. in the     lecture by Marco Carynnyk, titled            Star in the Manitoba Legislative ^
                                                school auditorium. The Boyan Parish       "The Years of the Hungry Horse:              Building from Wednesday. October ig
 CHFCAGO: Branch 6 of the Ukrai–                choir will sponsor the program as         The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33."           5. to Monday. October 31. The t
 nian National Women's League will              well as perform. The Homin Stepiv         Mr. Carynnyk, a visiting fellow at the      exhibition consists of nine panels of і
 host an exhibit of paintings by the            Bandura Ensemble and St. John the         Kennan institute in Washington, will        photographs, newspaper clippings
 Rev. Archpriest Serhij Pastuchiv in            Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church         present his talk at 7:30 p.m. at St.        and documents pertaining to the
 the Plast Building. 2124 W. Chicago            Choir will also perform. Admission        viadimir's College. For more infor–         famine.
 Ave. The opening reception will take-          will be by voluntary contribution.        mation, please call (403) 432-2972.            The Manitoba Legislative Build– a
 place on Friday. October 28, at 8                                                                                                    ing is open every day from 8:30 a.m.
 p.m.                                          EAST HANOvER, N.J.: Branch 75                                                          to 8 p.m.
                                               of the Ukrainian National Women's          ONGOING                                        The exhibit will be available for t
 Saturday, October 29                          League, in Maplewood, will hold a                                                      booking after November 1, 1983. For f
                                               10th anniversary dinner-dance at the        PHILADELPHIA: The Northeast                information concerning booking Ї-
     YONKERS, N.Y.: t h e second an–           Ramada inn on Route 10. The dinner          Regional Library is hosting a month-       procedure call Christina Korbutiak
     nual Halloween bash sponsored by          will begin at 7 p.m., followed by           long exhibit of Ukrainian folk art,        at (204) 942-0218 or write to: Ukrai– j
     the SUM-A Yonkers branch will be          dancing to music provided by the           during October. On display at the           nian Cultural and Educational Cen–
     held tonight at 8 p.m. at the Ukrai–      Tempo Orchestra. Tickets are S25            library's humanities department are        tre, 184 Alexander Ave. E., Winni– ';
     nian Youth Center. 301 Palisades          per person. For reservations, please       many forms of art. including py–            peg, Man. R3B 0L6.
      Ave.. in Yonkers. There promises to      call Anna Myhal at (201) 964-6742.          sanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs), dolls
     be plenty of food, drinks and sur–                                                                                                  PREviEW OF EvENTS, a listing
                                                                                          in colorful costumes, embroidered
     prises in store. The lskra Band will       Sunday, October 30                                                                    of Ukrainian community events open
                                                                                          pillows, Hutsul ceramics, Trypillian
     perform. Tickets are S5 with costume                                                                                             to the public, is a service provided
                                                                                          ceramics with designs from 2,500
     and S7 without. Prizes will beaward–       BAYONNE, N.J.: The annual Chi–                                                        free of charge by The Weekly to the
                                                                                           B.C.. woodcarvings and leather-
     ed lor best costume. No one is too old     nese Auction sponsored by Ss. Peter                                                   Ukrainian community. To have an 1
                                                                                          craft. Also on display is a collection
     to attend.                                 and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church                                                    event listed in this column, please
                                                                                          of kylyms, woven rugs.
                                                of Jersey City will be held at the Hi-                                                send information (type of event, '
                                                                                              This exhibit was provided by the        date, time, place, admission, spon–
     NEW YORK: The Pvt. Nicholas                Hat Club. 180 W. 54th St., beginning      Community Outreach Department
                                                at noon.                                                                              sor, etc.), along with the phone
     Minue Post No. 7 of the Ukrainian                                                    of the Ukrainian Educational and            number of a person who may be
     American veterans will host the               Tickets are available for S10 a        Cultural Center which is located at         reached during daytime hours for
     UAv national executive board nieet–        person, which includes admission. 10      700 Cedar Road in Abington Town-            additional information, to: PRE–
     ing scheduled for 3 p.m. at the            free ticket stubs and a roast beef        ship. This department of the center         viEW OF EvENTS, The Ukrainian
     Ukrainian institute of America, 2 E.       dinner. They may be purchased at the      offers exhibits of Ukrainian art to         Weekly, 30 Montgomery St., Jersey
     79th St.                                   church rectory, 30 Bentley Ave.,          libraries, banks, museums or other          City, N.J. 07302.
        At 6 p.m., the Pvt. Nicholas Minue      (432-3122) and from committee             community institutions. Thisdepart–
     Post No. 7. together with the Pvt.         members Olga Balutanski. Olga             ment also has compiled a list of               PLEASE NOTE: Preview items
     Nicholas Minue Post No. l260ofthe          Fitzgerald. Helen Masakowska.             available speakers for schools, and         must be received one week before
     American Legion, will hold a me–           Barbara Conyack, Nancy Steblecki          community groups on various Ukrai–          desired date of publication. No
     morial service in honor of the de-         and Maria Shevchuk. Proceeds from         nian area related topics, history,          information will be taken over the
     ceased member of both posts, l.t.          this event will go toward the church      religion, art, human rights, etc.           phone. Preview items will be publish–
     Col. Walter Steck. Representatives         building fund.                                The exhibit is meant to acquaint        ed only once (please note desired date
     of American and American Ukrai–                                                      the public with the many programs of        of publication). All items are publish–
     nian veterans, fraternal and civic-        NEW YORK: The United Ukrainian            the Ukrainian center. Courses of            ed at the discretion of the editorial
     organizations arc invited to partici–      American Organizations of Metro–          Ukrainian folk dance, workshops in          staff and in accordance with available
     pate. Ulana Steck will be the              politan New York will sponsor a           pysanky and other crafts are offered.       space.

      Now                                     University of Toronto exhibit to chronicle D.P. Hie
      additional copies of
                                                 TORONTO           "The D.P. Expe–       experience.                                  Ukrainian D.P. publications and U–
      The Ukrainian Weekly's                  rience: Ukrainian Refugees after World        The display cases will illustrate such    krainian Canadiana put together by the
      special issue on the                    War 11." will be held November 1 to        topics as information on the problem of      late John Luczkiw and recently ac–
                                              December 22. in the University of To–      displaced persons: background on             quired by the U of T Library.
      GREAT                                   ronto John P. Robarts Research
                                              Library. 130 St. George St.
                                                                                         Ukrainian refugees; organized relief
                                                                                         from Canada and the United States;
                                                                                                                                         The exhibit is sponsored by the John
                                                                                                                                      P. Robarts Research Library, U of T's
      FAMINE                                     Highlights of the exhibit include:
                                                 " a Bible printed in a D.P. camp with
                                                                                         aspects of daily life in the camps;
                                                                                         literature and intellectual life and the
                                                                                                                                      Community Relations Office and the
                                                                                                                                      Ukrainian Librarians Association of
                                              metal covers made from tin cans;           arts.                                        Canada.
                                                 " a hand-carved album with photo-          Much of this important material is           For more information call (416)978-
                                                                                         drawn from an extensive collection of
         Ukrainian Weekly                     graphs from the 'internment camp in
                                              Rimini, ltaly–:

                                                 " books by authors from the D.P.
                                              period:                                    UYL-NA reunion agenda released
                                                 " copies of official documents re–
                                              cently declassified;                           KERHONKSON. N.Y.– Theagenda              reunion assembly; 5-6 p.m., champagne
                                                 e rare photographs from the D.P.         for the 50th anniversary reunion of the     cocktail party; 6:30 - 9 p.m., banquet;
                                                                                          Ukrainian Youth League of North             9:30 p.m., dance.
                                                                                          America, which is scheduled to take
                                                                                                                                         Sunday, November 20: 8:30-10:30
                                              Rep. Rinaido.                               place here at Soyuzivka on November
                                                                                           18-20. has been finalized, according to
                                                                                                                                      a.m., brunch.
                                                        (Continued from page 1)           reunion committee members.                     A brief program titled "Recollec–
                                              tion of the United Nations delegates. He       in addition. Ted Maksymowich.            tions" will be given at the banquet, it is
                                              is co-sponsoring a bill in Congress to      accommodations coordinator, has re-         being compiled by John Kuchmy, Bob
                                              establish a special commission to studv     ported that all of Soyuzivka is booked      Hussar, Ted Shumeyko, and Mike and
                                              the causes and effects of the great         for the weekend and that reunion guests     Jennie Bochar.
                                              famine in the Ukraine in 1933 to in–        will be lodged in nearby hotels and            in order to coordinate the reunion
                                              crease public knowledge of Soviet           motels.                                     plans the following people will serve as the
                                              repression.                                    The agenda for the weekend follows.      following people will serve as the
       Order by writing
                                                 in a separate letter dated October 6.       Friday. November 18: 6-8 p.m.,           committee's officers: Gene Woloshyn,
       or calling                             Rep. Rinaido wrote to President Ro–         buffet dinner; 8:30 p.m.. cocktail party.   chairman; Gen Zerebniak and Mrs.
       The Weekly                             nald Reagan on behalf of the persecuted        Saturday. November 19: 9-Ю a.m..         Bochar, vice chairpersons; Mr. Maksy–
       at (201) 434 0237.                     Ukrainian political prisoners and mem–      breakfast: 10 a.m.-noon, reunion as–        mowich, treasurer: Estelje Woloshyn,
                                              bers of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.      'sembly; 12:30 p.m... lunch; 2-4 p.m..       secretary.

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