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					Educational Leadership Faculty                                 For further information, contact:
Samantha Bartholomew, Assistant Professor,
Educational Leadership, specializes in school culture,    Educational Leadership Homepage                              Indiana
school-community-university partnerships, and       
Gary Crow, Professor, Educational Leadership,                          Default.aspx
specializes in the principalship, school reform,
leadership development, and organizational theory.
Doctoral Program Coordinator for 2009 cohort.
                                                                                                                      INDIANA UNIVERSIT Y
Suzanne Eckes, Assistant Professor, Educational                         Doctoral Program
Leadership, specializes in educational law and policy.                                                                   Quality Education
                                                                                                                      Lifetime Opportunities
Barbara Erwin, Associate Professor, Educational                          Dr. Gary Crow
Leadership, specializes in the superintendency,                          (812) 856-8192
personnel management, and the principalship.
Masters Program Coordinator for 2009 cohort.                 
Charles L. Little, Associate Professor, Educational
                                                                    Educational Leadership                            WEEKEND & SUMMER
Leadership, and Executive Director, Indiana Urban
Schools Association, specializes in the                                                                                   PROGRAM
                                                                       Program Support
superintendency, school/community relations, and                                                                            FOR
education finance.                                                     Cindy Wedemeyer
Gerardo López, Associate Professor, Educational
                                                                        (812) 856-8371
Leadership, specializes in migrant education, parent                  FAX (812)-856-8394
involvement in schools, multicultural issues, and
                                                                                        THE EXECUTIVE ED.D.
school/community relations.
                                                                                                                        I N E D U C AT I O N A L
Martha M. McCarthy, Chancellor’s Professor,                                                                                LEADERSHIP
Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership
and Policy Studies, specializes in education law and
                                                         If you have not done so, please take the Graduate
                                                         Record Examination (GRE). A sample of your writing                Cohort IX
Khaula Murtadha, Associate Vice Chancellor for
Lifelong Learning and Executive Director,                should accompany your application. Select a paper from            Fa l l 2 0 0 9
Community Learning Network, specializes in urban         a previous graduate course that best reflects your writing
education, curriculum and instruction, and culture
and gender issues.
                                                         ability or prepare a five page double-spaced, typewritten
                                                         position paper on one of the following topics: school        In cooperation with
Betty S. Poindexter, Associate Professor,                choice, standards-based reform, or teacher leadership.                  The
Educational Leadership, specializes in the
superintendency, school/community relations, and                                                                       CENTRAL INDIANA
supervision of instruction.
                                                                                                                          E D U C AT I O N
Robert K. Toutkoushian, Associate Professor,
Educational Leadership, specializes in education
                                                         Published by the Department of Educational Leadership         SERVICE CENTER
                                                                           and Policy Studies
finance and economics of education.
                                                                         The courses below are REQUIRED. Dates will be
                                                                         determined by the professors. The timing may change, due
         The Executive Ed.D Program                                      to professor availability; however, ALL courses will be
                                                                                                                                                    Program Features
The faculty in the Educational Leadership program at Indiana             offered within three years.                                Admission
University, with the support of the Danforth Foundation,                 Tentative schedule                                         Applications for the doctoral program will be reviewed as they
developed the Executive Leadership Ed.D. program to prepare              Fall 2009 (6 credits)                                      are received. Candidates will be selected for the Ed.D. program
individuals for senior-level leadership positions in K-12                                                                           on the basis of their Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores,
                                                                         A754: Epistemology of Knowledge and Thought in             academic performance, work history, references, writing sample,
education. We believe that educational leadership is a                        Educational Leadership Research                       and a personal goals statement. Students are normally expected
professional, intellectual, and moral craft. Effective school            H504: History of American Education                        to have a minimum combined score of 1100 on the verbal and
leaders need to have the skills and theoretical framework to                                                                        quantitative sections of the GRE and a score of 4.0 or higher on
critically analyze issues of importance to educators in the 21st         Spring 2010 (6 credits)                                    the analytic writing section of the GRE. Further, applicants with
century. The purposes of the program are to enable the                                                                              lower GRE scores but strong grades, references, work histories,
                                                                         A720: Foundations of Research in Educational
participants to:                                                                                                                    writing samples, and/or personal statements will be considered
                                                                              Leadership                                            for admission. Students may be admitted after the normal
   Comprehend, analyze, and reflect upon the historical,               H631: Social and Political Philosophy and
     cultural, organizational, and political contexts of schooling                                                                  admission cycle provided that space is available in the cohort.
     and educational leadership.
                                                                              Education                                             Applicants may check with the Doctoral Program Coordinator
                                                                                                                                    concerning the status of their application.
   Participate in current debates in education that may affect         Summer 2010 (6 credits)
     the delivery of educational services.                                                                                          Qualifying Examination
                                                                         Y520: Strategies for Educational Inquiry, or
   Act deliberatively, legally, ethically, and skillfully within the                                                              A take-home written examination and oral examination, based
     evolving realities of contemporary educational institutions.          Y535: Evaluation Models and Techniques, or
                                                                                                                                    upon the perspectives of the program major, are used to assess
   Acquire the managerial and technical skills needed to be
                                                                           Y635: Methodology of Educational Evaluation              performance prior to doctoral candidacy. The student’s minor
     successful in senior leadership positions.                          A615: Advanced School Law                                  qualifying examination is designed by the respective department.
   Develop an inquiry orientation to practice and ground                                                                          The qualifying examinations are taken after most course work
                                                                         Fall 2010 (6 credits)
     investigations in current research methods.                                                                                    has been completed.
   Analyze the purposes of education in relation to issues of          A672: Moral Dimensions of Leadership
                                                                         Y502: Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education         Licensure
     equity, justice, and diversity.
                                                                                                                                    Courses for superintendent license are offered in conjunction
                                                                         Spring 2011 (6 credits)                                    with the Ed.D. degree but are not part of the degree
                 Program Curriculum                                                                                                 requirements. The faculty will advise students on additional
                                                                         A631: Microeconomic Applications to Education              courses they must take to meet certification requirements.
Students will study four intellectual traditions that have special       J630: Curriculum Theory and Practice
relevance to educational leadership: history of education,                                                                          Costs
cultural/gender studies, organizational and political theory, and        Summer 2011 (6 credits)                                    Currently, in-state graduate students pay approximately $300 per
ethics. Students will acquire and develop practical skills through                                                                  credit hour in the School of Education at Indiana University.
                                                                         A560: Political Perspectives of Education
the identification and analysis of educational problems in                                                                          Tuition and fees change regularly, so please consult the bursar’s
educational agencies ranging from school districts to state              Y611: Qualitative Inquiry in Education
                                                                                                                                    website for updated information, at
departments and research and development institutions. A                 Fall 2011 (6 credits)                             There are also many options for
minor in curriculum is incorporated into the program plan, and                                                                      financial aid. You may learn about these at the following web-
other minors are also available. Sixty semester hours beyond             A671: Planning and Change in Educational                   site:
the master’s degree are required for the Ed.D. degree. All                     Organizations
participants must meet any other department requirements                 J760: Culture and Gender Issues in Education
(i.e., prerequisites for coursework).
                                                                         Spring 2012 (6 credits)                                        O ur Gra du at e E d                    u cat i on
                  Program Structure                                      A600: Problems in Educational Leadership
                                                                                                                                           C at a log a nd o                    n li ne
                                                                                                                                        a pp li ca ti on ar e                   loc at e d
The rigorous curriculum in the Ed.D. program demands a
                                                                         A653: Organizational Context of Education                             on the web                       at:
significant period of sustained study with full access to the            Other Courses (12 credits)
intellectual resources of Indiana University. We have structured                                                             
the Ed.D. program so that it can be accessible to many students          A795: Dissertation Proposal Preparation (3 credits)
across a wide geographic area. The cohort starting in 2009 will          A799: Doctoral Thesis in Educational Leadership (6
be held in cooperation with the Central Indiana Education                       hours required
Service Center (CIESC) in Indianapolis. Classes will meet                Elective Credits (must take one 3 credit course in
on alternate weekends during the Fall & Spring semesters
and during two-week intensive sessions in the summer.                             curriculum for the curriculum minor)

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