Incentives on Design-Build Projects - two different approaches

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					                     TH 610
               Design-Build Project
                   S.P. 2771-38


      Looking West @ TH 169   Looking East @ Elm Creek Blvd.

Dan W. Penn, P.E.
Mn/DOT Project Manager                         February 25, 2009

    Tom OKeefe, Mn/DOT Metro District
        ADE – Program Delivery

Project Background
Economic Stimulus Program
        Design-Build Best-Value
Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

   Stipends

Request for Proposals (RFP)
   Technical Proposal
      Alternate Technical Concepts

   Price/DBE Proposal
          Conflict of Interest

Approach Posted on Website

Clarification #1 (GEC)

Clarification #2 (Other Contracts)


Provide Information
         Design-Build Changes
Shorter Proposals (risks)

Scoring Approach
   Responsiveness
   50 Points

Information made public at Award

Written Communication

Quality Approach

Dan Penn, Mn/DOT Metro District
       Project Manager

What is discussed today is informational only, meant
to assist interested teams in the pursuit of this project.

The ultimate contract requirements will be included in
the Request for Proposals (RFP).

There may be changes between now and the time the
RFP is issued.
                        Project Partners

City of Maple Grove

City of Brooklyn park

Hennepin County

Federal Highway Administration

Design-Build Proposers

HNTB – Design-Build Contract Development
   Project Information
          Project Description
    General Layout
     Roadway
     Bridges
     Drainage
     Right of Way

                             Looking East from Zachary Lane

                     Looking West from Jefferson Highway
      Project Description
Visual Quality

                       GRE High Voltage Power Lines @ Elm Creek Blvd.

                 GRE High Voltage Power Lines @ Hemlock Ln.
                 Run Along North Side Of Proposed TH610 Corridor
          Project Goals
 1. Minimizes future maintenance.
 2. Safe working environment for workers and public.

Stakeholder Satisfaction
 1. Coordinate and mitigate community and stakeholder
    issues; construction noise, haul roads, public relations,

Environmental Compliance
     All work completed by November 2011.
        General Discussion Points

Co-Housing – yes.
   Mn/DOT purposing to utilize vacant space at the
    Golden Valley construction office.
   Key personnel only

   Goal will be determined at RFP
   Outreach Meeting
      Tentative – Subject to Change
  ACTIVITY                   Due Date
Issue RFQ                    February 13
Deadline for RFQ Questions   March 12
SOQ Due Date                 March 19
Determine Short List         March 27
Issue RFP                    May 1
Technical Proposals Due      July 13
Price Proposals Due          July 30
Final Scoring of Proposals   July 30
Price Proposals Opened       July 31
First Notice to Proceed      August 28
Request for Qualifications

    Deadline for RFQ questions – March 12

    SOQ due date – March 19
    Central Office (11:00 am)
    Deliver to Jay Hietpas

    Mn/DOT Single Point of Contact
Questions ?