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					The Aware Show Teleseminar Series
Inspirations From My Mentors
Lisa Garr with Brent Phillips

Lisa:       Welcome to Aware. We are dedicated to communicating information that inspires
            your positive growth and change. Are you interested in a peaceful planet? Are
            you interested in optimal health? Are you living with purpose? Are you enjoying
            your life? We realize each person can make a difference, and our mission is to
            empower your awareness. The choices that you make in every moment shape
            your life, and we encourage you to realize that you have your own answers, and
            to always listen to your own truth. We invite you to stay aware.

            Hello! Welcome to The Aware Show teleseminar series. Are ya ready for a
            healing? Would you like a healing? There’s a good question for you. Would you
            like a healing? Not many people say, “No. No. I’d rather stay the same.”


            I think today is a great day, if not any, to have a wonderful healing, and a
            conversation around healing, and information around. So whatever your lead is,
            if it’s kinesthetic, if it’s auditory, if it’s visual, we — I — I am just inviting you to
            experience the healing energy that’s gonna come through today, to come
            through this call, because it is what so many people are looking for right now, is
            just a little healing, a little information around healing and, then, some ways on
            how to do that healing on ourselves and, then, ultimately, to do it on other
            people, because that’s when you know you’ve really learned it.

            All right. So I want to invite you all to your website that you’re gonna go to today,
            which is your Audience Dashboard. You’ll find all the information you need about
            the call on there. The website is, P-h-i-l-l-i-p-s, so
            there’s two L’s — L’s, and that is Brent Phillips’ last name. And from that website
            you’ll be able to ask questions and comments, give comments during the call. I
            will ask your questions throughout the call.

            We’re also gonna be doing live calls after the hour is up. We’re gonna be doing
            live calls, so you’ll be able to ask Brent Phillips a question directly, and — and
            live and in person, so we’ll do those later. There’s a — there’s gonna be a free
            thank you gift that’ll come up later on that website. So that’s your Dashboard,
  , P-h-i-l-l-i-p-s.

            And so, did you know that about 90 percent of the conscious mind is controlled
            by unconscious thoughts? Now I’ve heard this could go upwards of 95, 99
            percent. It’s — it’s up above 90. That’s for sure. So the bottom line is our
            unconscious thoughts rule 90 to 99 percent of our behavior. And if we want to
            change our behavior we, of course, have to change the — what? — unconscious
            thoughts. Right? And in order to make it lasting change, then you have to get
            into the unconscious mind. So how do you do that? How do you into the
         programming that you picked up years and years and years ago. Well, do you
         remember that floaty feeling, or that floaty feeling you have right before you fall
         asleep, where you seem to kinda go in and out of consciousness, and you really
         can’t remember falling asleep, because you just fall into a deep, deep sleep at
         that point? That’s called a Theta state. And these are commonly the highest
         levels of meditation can be achieved in this state. It has been measured, and
         Buddhist monks have been measured in this particular state, and it shows the
         highest amount of focus at the same time in this particular state when it is —
         when it is measured with a EEG. So this is where we access our — our deep
         subliminal programming, our unconscious programming, our highest self, all
         these great areas can be accessed in this state of Theta. And Theta Healing is
         an actual energy technique that we’re talking about today that heals with the
         power of Theta brain waves.

         And joining me is Brent Phillips, who is a professional Theta Healing practitioner
         along with — has a wealth of information and information and his story around
         how Theta Healing literally cured his body, and he’s helped so many other
         people do the same thing by teaching them how to use Theta Healing in their
         lives. And that’s what we’re doin’ on the call today. Sound good? All right.

         Welcome to the show, Brent. Thanks for joining me.

Brent:   Well, thanks for having me, Lisa. It’s always a pleasure.

Lisa:    So I have — you know, I’ve been — I want to — to just recap for people that
         might not have heard you before, because we have a ton of new listeners. The
         incredible story that you told me about how you came across Theta Healing, and
         a little bit about your background and where you were in your life, because
         coincidentally enough, I’m just gonna read one of these questions I just came
         across of someone who has not been able to use their right arm. This is funny.
         That — I mean, I’m — I’m saying it’s not funny that they can’t use their right arm,
         but because of negative family programming, she’s been told by other healers.
         So what is — tell us your story.

Brent:   Wow! Interesting.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   Well, what happened to me was, I — I think of myself as a very unlikely healer,
         because it was never really my intention or my goal to do anything like this. If
         you know me, you’ll know that I grew up as the prototypical computer nerd.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   And so I — I loved computers and video games and Sci-Fi and Lord of the Rings
         and all that kind of stuff, and so when it was time for me to go to college and
         figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, the choice I thought was
         pretty easy, because working with computers and doing software was the one
         thing I was good at that I enjoyed doing that I could also make money —

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   — off. And so I went onto college at MIT and discovered the Internet, and just
         fell crazy in love with the whole idea of an online world.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   And so I became a total Internet troll.

Lisa:    Yes. That’s easy to do.

Brent:   Yeah. And that you were so different back in those days, because this was back
         before anyone had ever heard of the Internet. And so I became an expert in
         computer networking. I got my Bachelor’s Degree. I got my Master’s Degree,
         and I was actually enrolled and had the qualified for the Ph.D. program, and
         working towards my doctorate when the Internet boom hit in the mid-90s. And so
         I was really perfectly positioned, I thought, to take advantage of it, because in my
         research group, which was called the Telemedia, Networks and Systems Group
         at the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT, I was part of the first group that
         ever sent live audio and video over the web—

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   — in 1994, and so we were doing a lot of really cool cutting edge stuff with the
         web, and — and the Internet. And so I thought, well, heck, I don’t want to spend
         seven more years in school making $925 a month.

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   Just so I can Ph.D. after my name, and massively decrease my earning potential
         for the rest of my life. So, my — okay. That sucks, so I bailed out of graduate
         school, and I came to California as part of the Internet gold rush, and I recruited
         my lifelong best friend into another partner to start, first, a web design company
         and, then, later a video game studio. And so —

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   — for the first, you know, year, year and a half, I was really living the dream, as
         they say.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.
Brent:   You know? We were building the companies. We were getting clients. The very
         first website I ever developed, like, literally, in my whole life, was for the launch of
         the Sony Play Station in August of 1995.

Lisa:    Oh, my goodness! Wow!

Brent:   Yeah. So we were doing like really cool —

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   — high profile stuff.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And so after about a year and a half of this, I had 15 people working for me. You
         know? We had two companies that were growing. You know? We had people
         who were interested in investing money and, you know, everything was just
         going — just going amazing.

Lisa:    How old were you?

Brent:   At that time I was — what? I was 24 when we started.

Lisa:    Wow! Wow!

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    That’s a lot.

Brent:   Yeah. And it’s funny because, literally, it was like three guys in their early
         twenties. We walked into Shia Day, which handled all the advertising for Sony.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And we were, like, “Hey. We want to do your website.” And they were, like,


Brent:   We walked out with a check and a contract.

Lisa:    Amazing. Well, that’s how —
Brent:   Yeah. Amazing.

Lisa:    — things work, basically. You just kind of explained Facebook a little bit there.

Brent:   Yeah. And so that — that’s how we got our start. And, you know, what
         happened was that, after about a year and a half of this, I was an
         obsessive/compulsive workaholic, who thought if he just, you know, really put a
         lot into these companies, I could sell them for a couple or maybe tens of millions
         of dollars down the line and, then, within not too long I’d retire to some tropical
         island and spend the rest of my days hot tubbing with super models.

Lisa:    Ah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Brent:   Well, that — that was the plan. Right?

Lisa:    Right. Yeah.

Brent:   And so what happened was that the strain of being the primary programmer, as
         well as the only software architect, and the only software manager, and an
         executive for two different companies was overwhelming.

Lisa:    Wow! Wow!

Brent:   And as smart and as talented as — and as focused and driven as I was, it still
         required 80- to a hundred-hour weeks just to keep up with it all. And, again, I
         thought this would be a, you know, a — a — an acceptable sacrifice, but what
         happened was my body broke down.

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   Because —

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   — I couldn’t take it.

Lisa:    The stress.

Brent:   And so, you know, it started with neck pain, and arm pain, and my wrist would
         shake. And very quickly it progressed where I had really severe pain and
         limitations, and so, long story short, I went to doctors. They told me I had
         repetitive stress injuries, you know, the carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet —
         thoracic outlet syndrome. They told me I had bursitis, and fasciitis, and a bunch
         of different crazy idi — and syndromes.
Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   All of which are kind of made up. And — and are just Latin descriptions of the
         symptoms you have.

Lisa:    Psychosomatic. Yeah.

Brent:   So for me this was a — kind of frustrating, because I thought the doctors could
         get me better. But they couldn’t. You know? They put me in splints, and gave
         me drugs to take, put me through a couple courses of physical therapy, but
         nothing changed. And so things got really desperate, because I kept going to
         physical therapy, and it kept not working and, in fact, I was just getting worse and
         worse. I could only drive for about ten minutes at a time. I had to have help
         cutting my food. I had to move back in with my parents. It was, really — it was
         a nightmare.

Lisa:    Oh, my goodness!

Brent:   And so —

Lisa:    And you were — what were you? All of 28 at that time?

Brent:   I was, like, 26 at that point.

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   And so what happened was my partners actually put up with me for a — a little
         while, for about another year, year and a half. But the whole time I was just
         getting worse, and I could work less, and less, and less.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And I was understandably less and less and less valuable to the company
         because of that. And so in 1988, everything kind of exploded all at once, as life
         tends to do. Right? And one thing that happened was my doctors told me that I
         was what they called permanent and stationary —

Lisa:    Oh.

Brent:   — which means that there’s no hope of ever recovering.

Lisa:    Oh, my goodness!
Brent:   And that, from that point forward, the only thing they want to bother with is trying
         to manage your pain. And so they’re basically giving up on you and saying, “You
         can never work again. You’ll never be off disability. You’ll never have a normal
         life. You’ll never be out of pain.”

Lisa:    And you’ll be on drugs for the rest of your life.

Brent:   You’ll just be on drugs for the rest of your life.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm. Okay.

Brent:   And, by the way, those drugs stop working after a while.

Lisa:    Oh, wow!

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    That’s why these —

Brent:   So —

Lisa:    That’s why they get so strong and intense?

Brent:   Exactly. And so that — that’s — that’s what I was facing. And so that was on —
         on as far as my health. On a professional level, one of my partners was my
         lifelong best friend, and what had happened was he decided that he was gonna
         be secretly dating the woman I was in love with.

Lisa:    Oh.

Brent:   And, then, decided, because of that, and because I had had all these problems,
         that even though I had founded these companies, and it was — they were all my
         idea, and I had, literally, just sacrificed my body and my health to make them
         successful, that they — so they decided they didn’t want me around anymore.
         So I — I lost my job. They turned around and sold the website company for
         several million dollars.

Lisa:    Oh, goodness!

Brent:   Yeah. There was a lot of bad feelings. There were multiple lawsuits.

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   And, you know, basically —
Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   — at the end of the day, it was a lot of stress and hassle, and the lawyers ended
         up with most of the money.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   As — as usually happens in those litigious situations.

Lisa:    Right. Right.

Brent:   And, oh, yeah, he had also inherited something like tens of millions of dollars
         from a wealthy relative.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   So he —

Lisa:    So you weren’t feeling —

Brent:   — didn’t need the money.

Lisa:    — super good about life —

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    — at that point —

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    — at 2010.

Brent:   Yeah. And oh, yeah. I had lost my lifelong best friend.

Lisa:    Oh, yeah.

Brent:   So that was another casualty that had got mixed in there. So that was my first
         dark night of the soul. And so my first reaction was to get really depressed.
         Actually, that’s not true. My first reaction was to go on a positive thinking kick.

Lisa:    Oh.
Brent:   And so I went out and we called it positive thinking before the Law of Attraction
         was popular, and so I listened to motivational tapes, and put the power words on
         my wall, and made a vision board, and kind of did all the — all that kind of stuff. I
         did that for a month or two, but nothing seemed to change, so I decided it was a
         bunch of hippy crap and it was worthless and didn’t work, and threw it all away
         and burned it.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   Then I got really depressed and started drinking and using drugs, just trying to
         tune out life as best I could.

Lisa:    Trying to anesthetize yourself. Yes.

Brent:   Exactly. Just tried to anesthetize myself. Fortunately, I didn’t stay there for too
         long, because it was actually my massage therapist who turned me onto
         alternative medicine. And I got very — involved very quickly with acupuncturists,
         and homeopaths, and osteopaths, chiropractors, and I was able to turn — start
         taking all these different nutritional supplements, and I did all these crazy healing
         devices, and Chi machines, and vibration machines, you know, and really
         became headlong a full-time patient of both conventional and alternative
         medicine, trying to get better.

Lisa:    You really — did you really want to get better?

Brent:   Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I mean, in my conscious mind I did. Unconsciously, I
         know I didn’t.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   Because, of course, if I did, I would have created the solution, and it would have
         been easy.

Lisa:    You would have done it. Right. I see.

Brent:   Right. I would have done it. I thought I did, even though, underneath, I knew
         that — I know now that I didn’t. And so —

Lisa:    And this explains the — okay. So keep going. I —
Brent:   Yeah. So I — I — I dove headlong into all this stuff. And at first I was, like, “Oh,
         my God! This is exactly what I need.” You know? I thought, “This will be my
         savior. This — this will heal me. This will give me my life back.” And so I dove
         headlong into this stuff. And so I was really fortunate to have an insurance
         company that helped me cover a lot of this stuff, and so I basically ran down the
         rest of my savings, and borrowed money, and got whatever I could from the
         insurance company and spent the next — what? — five, six, seven years as a
         full-time patient trying to get better.

Lisa:    Oh, my goodness!

Brent:   So, you know, I — I tried everything under the sun. I mean, every modality
         technique I could find. You know? I did raw food diets, and all these different
         cleanses, and I have a whole closet full of crazy different healing machines, and
         vibration devices —

Lisa:    Right. Right.

Brent:   — and stuff like that. You know? Most of which I don’t use anymore.

Lisa:    Yeah. I know.

Brent:   But, you know, I was trying everything to try to get better, but nothing worked for
         me. And so what happened was, after years of this, it was — we came to 2003,
         and so I’d been completely disabled for, you know, several years at that point.
         Couldn’t work at all. And I agreed to have a — a — an experimental surgery that
         my doctor thought might help. And so, of course, it had just the opposite result
         and, after the surgery, I couldn’t move my right arm at all. It was completely
         frozen at the elbow.

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   And so I — I tried a bunch of manipulations and things, all the usual stuff to try to
         get it to move, and it wouldn’t. And so after about four months of that, the doctor
         said, “Well, after a certain time, if it’s frozen, it’s just not gonna go, so we have to
         do more surgery.” And so they did, and the second operation actually helped. I
         could move my arm a little bit, but only if I applied force to it. You know, if I
         reached down and pulled up on it, I could bend my arm. You know? If I reached
         over and, like, smashed it against the wall, I could extend it.

Lisa:    My —

Brent:   And so that was an improvement, but it still wasn’t healthy. Right? And so —

Lisa:    Yeah.
Brent:   — it was then that I heard about this crazy thing called Theta Healing. And so it’s
         so wild how the Universe brought it to me. It was actually my Aunt Lauren,
         whose lifelong best friend for, like, 25, 30 years, was Teri O’Connell. And Teri
         had been a very successful financial professional. That’s how she knew my

Lisa:    Huh.

Brent:   They had worked together.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   She — they — they were like — they both, like, started at the same company at
         the same time and became best friends, you know, when they were right out of
         school. And what had happened was, Teri had a major health crisis that almost
         killed her. And she found this thing called Theta Healing, that this woman in
         Idaho had developed, and she — she tried it and it actually worked for her. And
         so she was so impressed with what she found that she gave up her high flying
         career in finance. And this is someone who was doing really well. You know?
         Wharton School MBA, big career, very successful. Walked away from that to go
         be a full-time healer.

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   And, of course, I thought she was kinda nuts. Right? You know? Why would
         you give up such a sure thing?

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   Yeah. To be a — a freelance faith healer. It seemed kinda crazy.

Lisa:    Which you thought was a hippy —

Brent:   So I went in —

Lisa:    — anyway.

Brent:   Exactly.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   It seemed really hippy, anyway. And so I was, like, “Okay.” But I wanted to try
         everything, and I wanted to get my aunt off my back. So I’m, like, “All right. I’ll
         try it. Whatever.” Did — didn’t expect anything ‘cause, again, I had — I had had
         all the best treatments with all the best doctors and practitioners for years.
         Years. And —

Lisa:    And this was just one more.

Brent:   Right. And, you know, when I say, “I tried something,” I don’t mean, like, I read a
         book on it or did one session. You know? When I say, “I tried something,” I
         mean I did it, like, twice a week for a year.

Lisa:    You dug into it. Okay.

Brent:   Yeah. I really dug in. I mean, this was literally my whole life, for almost a
         decade, because all I did was chase treatment.

Lisa:    That’s a long time.

Brent:   It’s a very long time.

Lisa:    Yeah. It’s a long time.

Brent:   It’s a really long time. And so what — what happened was I went in for the
         session, and she showed me muscle testing, which we may get into a little later,
         and how to — how to talk to and communicate with the unconscious mind, which
         I thought was kinda neat.

Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   And, then, she asked me a lot of questions about my parents, and God, and what
         had happened with my marriage, and what had happened with my best friend
         and, you know, all this stuff about the company. And the — you know, the —
         and the whole time kinda working, using all that to work in the subconscious, and
         I was — I thought it was very interesting, but I — I still wasn’t really sure it was
         doing anything. Right? And so at the end of the session, she goes and says,
         “Okay. We’re gonna heal your arm now.” And I was, like, “All right. Cool.” And
         she kinda went into this trance, and her eyes rolled back into her head, and I was
         — I remember sitting there. I’m on the couch, and kinda watching her, like, you
         know, do ta do. You know. Whatever.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   And, then, all of a sudden, I actually felt something physically popped and moved
         inside my elbow. It was the craziest thing. You know? She hadn’t touched me.
         She was just sitting in a chair across on the other side of the room.

Lisa:    It was —
Brent:   And I was, like, “Whoa!”

Lisa:    You felt it in your mind? Or you felt it in —

Brent:   No. I felt it in my elbow.

Lisa:    It was — oh. Wow!

Brent:   Unmistakably.

Lisa:    Huh.

Brent:   Something moved. And she opened her eyes and said, “Try your arm, Brent.”
         And I did, and I was, like, “Oh, my God! I can move my arm again.” It — it was
         as if the surgery that wrecked it had never happened. And so I was, obviously,
         very impressed by that. And I remembered I looked at Teri, and I said, “Oh, my
         God, Teri, you know, I don’t know what you just did, but I gotta learn that.” So I
         did, and that’s why I’m here today.

Lisa:    Oh, my goodness! I mean, that must have — and you weren’t getting specific,
         any specific state of mind, or anything like that before?

Brent:   Not really. I mean, just my usual cynical, pessimistic, depressed state of mind —


Brent:   — that you get into when you spend your, you know, most of your adult life being
         disabled and in pain.

Lisa:    Yeah. And your savings. You know? I mean, this is another person that just —
         that just emailed in. The website, again, is, P-h-i-l-l-
         i-p-s. This guy, John — or, Don, from San Joaquinto, California, computer
         person, instructor/nerd. His right arm is numb and burning in pain from the inside
         due to the nerve damage from a spinal cord compression. And I — I mean, this
         is interesting. You’re attracting like attracts the like.

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    I mean, that — that’s the second email, the same exact person. Now, this is
         before you even started talking. So there is a — there is — it — I mean, you’re
         attracting like people because these people are here, as you were, ready for
         information. So how did you — I mean, bridge this gap for us here, Brent. How
         did you get from one — from this instantaneous healing to learning about what it
         is, and what is it? What is Theta Healing?
Brent:   Sure. All — all — all — I haven’t answered that. One thing I like to be very clear
         about, though, is that, in my first session all of my problems were not solved
         magically in an hour.

Lisa:    Okay. Good to know.

Brent:   You know? It was not, “Oh, my gosh! Everything is different now.” My frozen
         elbow instantly and completely healed, never a problem again.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   All the pain and limited range of motion, depression, problems with money,
         relationship issues, bad marriage, none of that stuff healed instantly.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   However —

Lisa:    And, again —

Brent:   — with a lot more work, and a lot more time, all that stuff did eventually shift.

Lisa:    Using the same method?

Brent:   Using the same technique, as well as other things I attracted into my life because
         of it. And —

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   — you’ll — you guys will understand that better when we talk a little more about
         how the unconscious works with The Law of Attraction to create your life. And so
         how did I get to do this? Well, first, I guess, we’ll answer the question of “Well,
         what is Theta Healing?”

Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   Or what are you actually doing? And so I’m sure most of you guys listening are
         familiar with The Law of Attraction, and you guys know that what you focus on
         you tend to attract and create more of in your life .

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And that’s a — a very true thing and it’s very powerful. It’s very real. It really
         works. However, I’m sure a lot of you guys, if not all of you guys in some way or
         another, have experienced you go, and you watch the latest Law of Attraction
         video program, listen to the audios, you know, attend the online classes, go to
         the weekend seminar, dance around on the stage, smack each other on the
         forehead, yelling a bunch of crazy stuff. Right?

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   Make your vision board, say your affirmations a hundred and eight times a day,
         or whatever it is you’re doing. All that stuff. And you go —

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   “Okay. It feels good, and I can kind of feel the truth in it somewhere. There’s
         something in this that’s resonating and calling me to it.” Right? But you don’t
         see the results. Then you go, “Well, what’s going on?

Lisa:    Well, in that moment, you do and, then —

Brent:   Right.

Lisa:    — three, four weeks later you’re wondering — you forget all about it.

Brent:   Exactly. Right?

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   And so, however, if you look at those same books and programs and, you know,
         seminars and all that, they always have this great sales material. Right? They
         always have these people, you know, with big, happy, smiling faces, and they’re,
         like, “Hey! Regular people, just like you, look what happened to them.” And
         they’ll have people who say, “Oh, you know, I took this, you know, weekend
         positive thinking seminar and, you know, in the next 20 minutes after I left, I
         made eight million dollars, healed from cancer and diabetes, and met my soul
         mate.” And you’re, like, “Wow! I want some of that.” Right?

Lisa:    Right. Right. Right. Right. Exactly.

Brent:   And you go and do it, and you don’t get that result.

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   Well, what’s going on? Well, some people would just get pissed off with it and
         say it’s a bunch of crap, or it’s, you know, it’s a bunch of fraudsters, that are just
         out to take your money. That was my reaction when I was first introduced to this
         stuff, ‘cause it didn’t work for me. It didn’t work the way I wanted it to. And so
         that’s one way to look at it. But what’s really going on is that most of the stories
         are real. Most of them really are true. Those miracles happen all the time. But
         they’re very rare. And they’re rare because only a few people are lucky enough
         to have their subconscious clear enough to be able to get that stuff to work.

Lisa:    I see. Okay.

Brent:   And so what does that mean? Well, and as you said before, over 90 percent of
         your power is in your unconscious mind. Right?

Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   Some people call it the subconscious. It’s that invisible, nebulous, off limits part
         of us, that we know —

Lisa:    That’s been written about for years.

Brent:   — it’s there.

Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   Right. We know it’s there, but it’s kinda like electricity. We can see the effects of
         it, but we can’t really see it or touch it or feel it directly.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   Right? So it’s kinda mysterious. And so what happens is that if you make a
         choice with your conscious mind and you say, “Hey, Law of Attraction. Bring me
         a million dollars.” Well, if you’re lucky, and you’re really dedicated, you might get
         ten percent of your power into that. Well, guess what happens if 90 percent of
         you is sitting there going, “No way! We’re not gonna let this happen, because we
         have to be poor to be close to God.” Or “We think that rich people are greedy.”

Lisa:    We have belief —

Brent:   Or ‘We think it’s too much responsibility to have that kind of success,” or
         whatever it is. And so it doesn’t work. And so you sit there and you go, “Well,
         this is a bunch of crap.” Well, it’s not. It’s actually not a bunch of crap. That was
         my mistake, to condemn it is that it’s not. This stuff really does work, but the vast
         majority of what’s out there doesn’t give you enough information. It’s incomplete.
         You have — you’re missing most of the puzzle. And so if you imagine, to take an
         analogy of an airplane, we — we know how to make airplanes. Right?

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.
Brent:   It’s a pretty well understood technology. But even to make a relatively simple
         airplane that will carry one person, there’s still about a thousand different details
         you have to get right.

Lisa:    Yes. Yeah. That’s —

Brent:   And if —

Lisa:    — that’s right.

Brent:   — some number of them, if you have just a handful that are not right, maybe
         even just one detail that isn’t right, that plane won’t fly.

Lisa:    The whole thing could — yeah. Not fly.

Brent:   And so you can understand how if you were there and you had spent your whole
         life making this plane, and you thought it was perfect, but you were missing one
         critical thing, guess what? It’s still not gonna fly.

Lisa:    This explains a lot about —

Brent:   Yeah. The Law of Attraction is just like that. And so it is a law. There are very
         real principles, there’s mathematical principles in physics behind The Law of
         Attraction, just like there is behind building an airplane. Right?

Lisa:    So it really does work, but it just doesn’t work for everyone.

Brent:   It just doesn’t work because people aren’t shown enough about it.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   You aren’t given enough information. What — what’s out there is incomplete.
         And it’s only the people who are really lucky that get it to work for them.
         However, it can work for everybody. Right?

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   So to take an example, you know, all of us are like that airplane, that has, like,
         you know, maybe just a handful of things wrong with it that prevents it from flying.
         You know? You get a whole fleet of them, and you get some good air —
         mechanics out there, and they can fix all those planes.

Lisa:    So the people and — that are writing in saying, “I’ve tried this modality, this, this,
         this” —
Brent:   Exactly.

Lisa:    — “worked with someone for 26 years and I still haven’t unlocked the — the
         healing. What is it?” Yes.

Brent:   Yeah. For a lot of people, this is the missing piece. It was for me. And when
         you get — when you get all the pieces right, the technology works. You know?
         Your airplane takes off. It’s really that simple. And the proof’s in the pudding.
         The proof’s in the — the results that people get from using it. Because I’m an
         engineer, really. I’m not so much a — a — the traditional healer. I’m — I don’t
         really particularly care whether or not people like me. I’m not — I’m not out there
         to create a good vibe. I’m out there to spread truth —

Lisa:    Well —

Brent:   — and to provide functional tools that really work to people. Right?

Lisa:    Yes. I’ve always known you as that. Yeah. Very —

Brent:   Yeah. And so, you know, that road you’re driving on out there, you know, it really
         doesn’t matter whether the engineer that built that is a nice positive guy that
         you’d like to hug.

Lisa:    As long as it works.

Brent:   Right. What matters —

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   — is that he knows what he’s doing when he builds it, whether or not it’s
         functional for you. Right?

Lisa:    Okay. Okay.

Brent:   That’s what I love. I love figuring out why stuff isn’t working and fixing it, so it
         does work. That’s why, you know, I was always the kid that loved to take things
         apart and figure them out. That’s why I love software. You know, it’s like a huge
         puzzle for me. And the unconscious mind is just like that, too. So it’s a big
         puzzle. If you know how to work with it, if you know how to clear the blocks, and
         put in the right downloads, and get that unconscious mind reprogrammed to
         support you, rather than fighting you and sabotaging you, it’s incredible what
         happens. That’s when miracles flow. That’s when you see people healing
         instantly from cancer, diabetes, you know, asthma, allergies, you know, healing
         instantly from injuries, cancelling surgeries. You know? Meeting their soul
         mates. Having profound life shifts. You know? Making 20, 30, $40,000
         overnight. You know, I’ve seen these things happen hundreds, and hundreds,
         and hundreds of times.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And —

Lisa:    You’re —

Brent:   then you find what works. Yeah.

Lisa:    And so you’ve seen this from as a result of Theta Healing. So —

Brent:   Absolutely.

Lisa:    So what exactly is it?

Brent:   Well, it’s a — it’s called Theta Healing, because it’s a technique of using your
         conscious Theta brain wave as a way to access and work with the unconscious
         mind. And so what happens is, normally, when we’re awake we’re in what’s
         called a Beta brain wave. That’s when you’re thinking. You’re talking. You’re
         awake. You know? You’re kinda living your normal, waking day-to-day life.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   When we get into a — a relaxed meditative state, that’s what’s called an alpha
         brain wave. And so for most of us, when we’re relaxed, you know, laying on the
         beach, doing your meditation, zoning out in front of the TV. You kinda slip into
         Alpha. Well, the brain wave underneath that is called Theta. And that’s not one
         we normally go into when we’re awake. Because the Theta state is the brain
         wave of dreaming sleep, what’s known as REM, a rapid eye movement sleep.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   And so when you’re asleep at night and dreaming, your brain’s in Theta. And so
         when your brain is in Theta, it’s like this magical key that unlocks the
         subconscious. And so when you’re dreaming, your subconscious comes out and
         takes over and runs the show. And so when your brain is in Theta, you can
         actually directly work with the unconscious, and it’s amazing. And so it’s in the
         Theta technique, when you — when you’re trained in it, you learn how to bring
         yourself and the person you’re working with into a conscious Theta state.

Lisa:    Conscious Theta —

Brent:   So you can be awake but you are in the brain wave of dreaming sleep.
Lisa:    And this —

Brent:   And that’s the trick that lets it work. That’s — okay. That’s one of the tricks that
         lets it work.

Lisa:    And so that state allows you to directly access the subconscious mind.

Brent:   Yes. It — it’s a — it’s a prerequisite for that.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   If you’re not in Theta, you can’t touch the subconscious. There’s more to it than
         that, but absolutely.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   And so with proper training, you learn how to receive intuitive direction. You
         learn how to connect to higher energies, and you learn how to kinda control and
         run this process by which you can actually go in and work in another person’s
         subconscious mind, and clear their blocks. And so —

Lisa:    Oh.

Brent:   — you can take that same person who’s done all the Law of Attraction stuff,
         who’s frustrated, whose body isn’t healing, who’s not making money, who’s
         alone, who’s in a bad relationship, who can’t do intuitive work. You know?
         Who’s depressed, who — whatever your thing is. You can take that person and
         go into their subconscious and see why they’re that way. And go fix it.

Lisa:    Now —

Brent:   Because as long as they have powerful beliefs that say you have to be a certain
         way, it’s not gonna shift.

Lisa:    So this could even be if maybe they’re not aware of what it is that they need to

Brent:   Yeah. Most of the time, the things you need to heal are not things you’re aware

Lisa:    Right. Of course, unconscious.

Brent:   Yeah. Yeah. It’s unconscious.
Lisa:    If you — you’re listening right now and you go to the website, which is, P-h-i-l-l-i-p-s, then you can ask — start entering in
         questions, and so forth, there about the Theta Healing, and also if you scroll
         down further, there’s a Special Offer button there that explains many, many
         different forms of how you can listen to and learn the Theta Healing.

         So let’s get into that for a second. What is it that — or, how are you teaching
         people this? I — I mean, obviously, not everybody in the planet can come to
         you, and get this done, because you’re only one person. So you’re teaching
         other people how to do this stuff themselves. Right?

Brent:   Yeah. Absolutely. And there’s a lot of different ways that I try to take this and
         give it out to the world. Because, for me, this was, you know, probably the single
         most important transformative tool I’ve ever found. And so, obviously, one way
         to do that is private sessions. You know? Look me up on my website. You
         know, get in touch, well, we’ll work — we’ll work one on one. That’s how it’s
         done traditionally.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   Obviously, there’s only so many people I can work with one on one. Right?
         There’s only one of me.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   There’s only so many hours and so much energy I have for that. And so that’s
         why I’ve kind of put it out there as my goal that, by the end of next year, 2012, I
         want to teach a thousand people Theta Healing and, then, support them as they
         go forward and bring this out to the world, with the ultimate goal of having each of
         them go out and teach a thousand people.

Lisa:    Aha!

Brent:   And so that’s kinda how I see, you know, I want to teach people this, because as
         they say, if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Right?

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   It you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life.

Lisa:    Well, that’s what I kinda love about the whole Special Offer you put together. Is it
         not only does it teach people how to do it, but there’s also items in there that you
         offer on doing it for people so that —

Brent:   Right.
Lisa:    — you can do a trauma clearing. There’s a CD that is a whole trauma — just by
         listening to these MP3s, which there are, I don’ know, like, 34 of them. It’s just
         amazing the healing that happens as a result. One put me out the other night. I
         — I’m — I was listening to some of the — the MP3s and, then, I woke up. I’m,
         like, “What just happened? Where am I? What time is it?” I — I was sitting up
         and I have no idea what happened. It — it put me into such an instant —
         knocked me out. I still can’t tell you what happened. But it was really great,
         because I woke up completely alert, completely clear, completely, like, crystal
         clear. Crystal clear. And, then, I had a hard time going to sleep, because I’m,
         like, “Wow! I’m so alert. I’m so awake. It’s one in the morning. What am I
         doing?” And so it was — I mean, this stuff really, really works, because of the
         levels that Brent accesses, because he’s been doing, of course, Theta Healing
         for so many years now, but the profound transformations that happen as a result
         of listening to these MP3s is divine. And, then, you get to take the CDs into your
         own trauma clearing. You can even do allergy clearing with this energy.

         Now there’s the specific binaural beats, and I want you to explain how this is all
         — what the binaural beats are, and just so people, by the way, can go to that
         website. It’s, P-h-i-l-l-i-p-s. Click on the Special
         Offer button there to see what I’m talking about.

         But how is this all recorded? And tell us a little bit.

Brent:   Good question. And so let me give you a real quick explanation of kind of how I
         learned to do this. The first thing that I learned to do was traditional Theta
         Healing, which is done one on one, where — where I work with somebody. And
         so I learned how to do that, and I learned how to do it remotely. After that, I
         learned how to work on a whole group of people in a room. After that I learned
         how to work on a whole group remotely. I —

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   I kind of like to think of myself as the Japanese of Theta Healing, because I didn’t
         invent it. I didn’t create it. But I learned it and mastered it. Now I’m making it

Lisa:    Ah!

Brent:   And that’s kind of one of my gifts. And — and how —

Lisa:    I would listen.

Brent:   I would fit into the big picture. And so that still wasn’t good enough for me.

Brent:   That was — that was great, but I wanted to do better. I wanted to literally learn
         how to bottle this, so you could bottle it, and replicate it, and mass produce this,
         and get this out to people. And so Theta Healing is the technique developed by
         Vianna Stibal that I learned.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   I have taken that kind of one step beyond with what’s called The Formula For
         Miracles technology. And The Formula For Miracles is what I — the technique I
         developed that actually allows us to prerecord and hold an — a charge of healing
         energy that will actually put you into a Theta state and clear your blocks as you
         listen to it later.

Lisa:    What’s that called?

Brent:   And that’s called The Formula For Miracles.

Lisa:    Oh. Okay.

Brent:   That — that’s —

Lisa:    That’s what — that’s what that is.

Brent:   — my technology, and so that’s a patent-pending technology that I think is gonna
         be amazing because, using The Formula For Miracles technology, I can record a
         program once and, then, it can change hundred, thousands, you know, maybe
         someday, millions of lives.

Lisa:    So you prerecord the healing frequency.

Brent:   Yep.

Lisa:    And you —

Brent:   Exactly.

Lisa:    — marry it with the binaural beats.

Brent:   Right. And the binaural beats is an audio technology that’s pretty well
         established that will — plays a special subaudible sounds that you can’t hear —

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   — that, literally, trick your brain into going into a deep Theta state.
Lisa:    Which is what I did the other day.

Brent:   Yeah. Which — which is — which is why that works and why it put you in such a
         deep trance.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And so using this technology, you can learn muscle testing and, then, use the
         binaural beats and the audio encoded healing energy, and listen to it, and you’ll
         find it actually clears your blocks as you listen to it, which I think is totally cool.
         So I’m really proud of that. I’m really excited about that, ‘cause it has so much

Lisa:    Wow! Well, now, I have been interviewing Brent over the, you know, probably
         the last — I don’t — seven years, or something, and I’ve watched you, Brent, go
         through phases in your life as you’re clearing out stuff. I’ve watched you lose a
         human being. I mean, like a half a human being. Probably 50 — 50 pounds?

Brent:   It was close to a hundred. [Chuckling]

Lisa:    Oh, my God! Yeah, that’s right.

Brent:   Unfortunately, some of that came back with the baby but, you know, that’s what
         gyms are for.

Lisa:    But you didn’t have the baby. But the — yeah. No. I mean, that’s a lot of
         weight. A hundred pounds to lose. I remember that. Yeah. You were really
         thin, and you’ve put a little of back — that back on, but he did that through Theta
         Healing and Spiritual Weight Loss.

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    Allergy Clearing, Trauma Clearing, and even I’ve watched you be incredibly
         prosperous, too, and I’m — notice on here you’ve got — you put everything
         you’ve done over your phases in life into this Special Offer package, which is
         amazing. The — the 1,000 where — what is it? The 1001 Blocks To Prosperity,
         Clearing Those Blocks for us. I mean, he just goes through blocks. Clears that
         block. Clears that block. Clears that block. Clears it. And it’s just — you —
         your conscious mind just gets completely bludgeoned and, then, you get into the
         unconscious just clearing state. And there’s this agreement that you go into
         when you listen to these — these MP3s, and your mind just goes, “Okay. I’m
         done with that. All right. Clear with that. Okay. Clear that. And can clear that.
         It’s rapid fire and it’s very effective. I love how you’ve gone through these various
         stages of evolution and, then, you through it all in this package for everybody.

Brent:   Yeah. Just about everything I’ve ever created.
Lisa:    Yeah. Now, all right. Tell me about the relationship one. It feels — I know that’s
         been the biggest — been the latest phase of your life, and you —

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    — have always wanted to get that right.

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    And now you have a baby.

Brent:   Took me a long time. [Chuckling]

Lisa:    Yeah. But in — in good time, in good time. So how did you link relationships to
         all of this and, eventually, the — the money.

Brent:   Well, here’s the thing. I found that for — for many of us, our relationship issues
         are core to just about everything that’s going on in our lives.

Lisa:    True.

Brent:   You know? Your relationship with your mother, or your spouse, or your boss can
         literally make you sick and kill you.

Lisa:    Friends, children, everything.

Brent:   Yeah. Your relationship, right, with your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers.
         You know? You name it.

Lisa:    Brothers.

Brent:   All of those things have an enormous impact on our life. And so we also
         recognize that for anybody that’s serious about doing work on money, and
         prosperity, and success, that the same energy in the center — the same energy
         center in the body governs intimacy and romance in sex, as well as money,
         which is the second chakra.

Lisa:    Really? Oh.

Brent:   Yeah. Same energy center.

Lisa:    Huh.
Brent:   And so, for example, why is it that we have this idea in our society that — that
         women like men who have a lot of money? Well, it’s because it’s the same
         energy center that attracts money also attracts romance and sex.

Lisa:    Hmm.

Brent:   That they’re the same.

Lisa:    Interesting.

Brent:   Yeah. That’s why money is so erotic.

Lisa:    Right. Like it’s sexy. Yeah. Right.

Brent:   It’s very sexy. Absolutely. They’re the same energy. And so what I found was
         that, additionally, not only do people have a lot of weird relationship stuff that was
         wrecking their lives, most people were totally unaware of it. And even if you
         knew what to do about it, you didn’t have a tool. Right? On top of that, there’s
         so much disinformation out there, so many things that are untrue or partially true,
         especially in the whole New Age spiritual community.

Lisa:    About —

Brent:   There’s so much just untrue stuff about soul mates, and twin flames, and life
         missions, and all this stuff.

Lisa:    What do you mean?

Brent:   What happens is, when you have your head filled with fairy tales, there’s no room
         for truth.

Lisa:    Huh.

Brent:   And so, for example, one of the common mythologies that I think is kind of
         destructive is this idea that your soul mate is the one perfect person that will
         make you happy forever after. Like —

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   — no. It doesn’t work that way.

Lisa:    Do we have —

Brent:   And if you believe that, it actually makes achieving that impossible.
Lisa:    So can we have more than one soul mate?

Brent:   Absolutely. We have many soul mates.

Lisa:    You — what do you mean? Like, with —

Brent:   A — a soul mate — what does soul mate mean? Well, most people have a
         completely wrong-headed idea of what a soul mate is. A soul mate is not one
         perfect person that will love you forever. A soul mate is not that, you know, ideal
         mate that will complete you and let you live happily ever after. A soul mate is
         simply somebody with whom you have a high degree of soul compatibility.
         Usually that means that you guys have known each other in — if you believe in
         other lifetimes, and other times and places. And so very typically your immediate
         family are almost always your soul mates.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   Because you wouldn’t want to be born to somebody that you don’t know at all.

Lisa:    Right. Your children are —

Brent:   Right? You know, you want someone you know. You want one of your friends.

Lisa:    Right. Right. Right.

Brent:   Just about — this shocked me when I learned this, but just about every important
         good and bad thing that’s happened to you in your life has been done to you by
         one of your soul mates. I was in a car accident about seven years ago. Hit from
         the side, had some pretty serious injuries, so it was a big deal for me.

Lisa:    Uh-huh.

Brent:   And I was so angry at the guy that had hit me. You see, basically he was just
         someone, an — an — an older gentleman who just was not paying attention at all
         to what was doing and drove right into me. You know? Probably shouldn’t have
         been driving. I was really angry about that. I was working with Terri on this very
         issue, and she said, “Brent, do you realize he’s one of your soul mates?”

Lisa:    Oh, my goodness!

Brent:   “Well, why is that?” “Well, again, you wouldn’t want some stranger to come
         wreck your life. You can’t trust them to get it right.”

Lisa:    [Chuckling] God!
Brent:   “You want someone that really loves you and knows you is gonna come in and
         do that kind of harm to you. They’re the only one you can trust to — to come
         through and do what you need.”

Lisa:    That’s an interesting concept. Very interesting.

Brent:   And so that’s much — much more correct about soul mates. The other — I
         mean, there’s so many misconceptions. We’re just touching on a few of them
         here. Now the program is loaded with them. There’s dozens in the program.

Lisa:    Well, there’s — a lot of people are asking here, “Can Theta Healing work for
         scoliosis? Can it work for procrastination? Self-sabotage? Can you — can it
         work for” — I mean, there’s so many different, you know, concepts in here, that
         people are saying, “Wow!” I mean, hair loss. Someone is looking for hair loss,
         and so forth. It makes me think — okay. So first of all, just answer me real
         quick. Can Theta Healing — just give me a yes or no answer — can Theta
         Healing work on all the things that I just mentioned?

Brent:   Yes.

Lisa:    All right. So my second question is are all of those things related?

Brent:   Yes.

Lisa:    So is that —

Brent:   Theta Healing —

Lisa:    — the level —

Brent:   Theta Healing works on anything that is created by your mind.

Lisa:    Ah! That’s the common denominator. Ah!

Brent:   Which is everything.

Lisa:    I get it. Right.

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    So that’s why the Theta Healing works, because it works on the subconscious
         mind, which is where all things are created.

Brent:   Exactly.
Lisa:    Based on our decisions. Fascinating.

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    Yeah. Our life is the sum of our decisions that we’ve made. Wow! So this is
         where the real work —

Brent:   So the — the relationship program, I thought was so important because when
         you start understanding the energies you’re working with and using them
         functionally and truthfully, you’ll get good results.

Lisa:    So I want to bet back to the — yeah. The relationship part, ‘cause that’s the —

Brent:   Yeah. The — another great soul mate untruth is many people confuse soul
         compatibility with earthly compatibility.

Lisa:    What?

Brent:   Those are two completely different things.

Lisa:    Soul compatibility with earthly compatibility?

Brent:   Right. Whether or not you’re earthly compatible is a matter of well, do you have
         similar views on raising children, on spending money? Do you like watching the
         same TV shows? Right? Do you have the same habits as far as keeping the

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   Those things are really important. Right?

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   Anyone who’s been married knows that, ultimately, that’s far more important than
         attraction to maintain a —

Lisa:    [Laughter] How was — that’s what I was just thinking.

Brent:   Yeah. Anyone who’s been married knows that, or lived with someone, or had a
         serious long term relationship.

Lisa:    Right. Yeah.
Brent:   But they’re — those are different things. And so just because you meet one of
         your soul mates doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have any kind of earthly

Lisa:    No. I — I —

Brent:   What your soul mate will always do for you is they’ll always push you and
         challenge you and cause you to grow and expand on a soul level. However
         that’s usually — that’s oftentimes not a fun process.

Lisa:    It’s interesting. A — a long time ago my mentor healer told me that you’re going
         to meet many soul mates in your life, but that doesn’t mean you need to sleep
         with them. And —

Brent:   There you go!

Lisa:    — that was a great piece of advice, because —

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    I have — you know, I’ve been married for ten years, but I have a lot of male
         relationships that I work with, with men that I really, really, deeply respect and
         love. I mean, I really do love these — I — I think they’re brilliant, brilliant men. I
         will never sleep with them, because I don’t need to. I know that I have these
         relationships. And my husband’s not threatened by them at all, because I’ve
         never had that energy with these other men. But I just — you know, I work
         closely with them, but there's never been a sexual tension there, because I don’t
         need that from them. I got that distinction a long time ago, and that can — I
         mean, it definitely can break up marriages, but what is — one of the things, one
         of the MP3s that you have on there is Soul Retrieval. I’m interested in that.
         What is Soul Retrieval?

Brent:   Yeah. Soul Retrieval is simply we recognized that whenever you have a very
         powerful interaction with another person, emotionally —

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   — it can be a deep experience of love, and — and, also, happen from abuse or

Lisa:    Oh, God!

Brent:   Whenever there’s a very deep and profound emotional connection —

Lisa:    Mmm.
Brent:   — what we do is literally bits of our — our energy, or our identity, break off from
         us, and get attached to that other person.

Lisa:    To heal them, or to —

Brent:   Not —

Lisa:    — go back —

Brent:   — necessarily. It’s — it’s just — just how energy works.

Lisa:    Oh, okay.

Brent:   In the same way that, you know, if I ran into you and I was holding a bar of
         chocolate, and you had a cup of peanut butter —

Lisa:    [Laughter]

Brent:   — that your — you could get your peanut butter all over my chocolate.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   It’s just how it works.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   And so what — what happens is that, in terms of the — the energy we put out,
         when someone holds onto your soul fragments, it really does diminish you in a
         sense. Anybody that’s had that experience of not being able to get someone out
         of your head, that’s usually because you’re holding onto some of their soul
         fragments. That literally some little part — part of that person you are carrying
         around with you.

Lisa:    So —

Brent:   And sometimes you do it to honor another person, or to love them, or show
         intimacy. But, ultimately, it’s not functional. It — it really does lessen as it
         weakens us.

Lisa:    So this MP3 helps you call back —

Brent:   Yes.

Lisa:    — those missing parts. Beautiful.
Brent:   Yep. Exactly. And that’s — that’s something that I teach in the — the — the
         training classes. It’s also something that you guys are welcome to go out and
         spend a couple thousand dollars on a whole weekend process to do that.

Lisa:    Well, I gotta —

Brent:   There’s actually —

Lisa:    — tell you —

Brent:   — many of them out there.     [Chuckling]

Lisa:    This —

Brent:   But you can call back all the soul fragments pretty quickly and easily. And many
         people experience physical healings when they do that, too.

Lisa:    This — this whole Special Offer you’ve put together is amazing. I gotta tell you,
         there’s — if you go to the website, which is, P-h-i-l-l-
         i-p-s, then you click on the Special Offer. But I’m gonna read you the stuff that
         you can’t see on there, because the bonus — the — one of the bonuses that you
         — and the bonuses that you put in here are quite amazing. But what some of the
         — and I listened to these the other night. It just says on the Special Offer, it
         says, “Bonus Item Number One.” But the MP3s underneath that, you get to clear
         trauma. You get to clear Psychic Hooks and Cords that other people have into
         you, that either got speared into you through jealousy or resentment or, you
         know, envy, things like that. The Soul Retrieval process is on there. You get to
         clear resentments that you would have or towards other people and, also,
         grudges, to heal grudges. ‘Cause those, again, a negative funding of energy.
         You get to clear hatred. You get to just release all that information and, then, the
         second bonus on there is then calling in your soul mate. And even if you are
         married, or not, I mean, this is just a — a wonderful meditation to be able to
         connect again with the person that you originally connected with, because think I
         — I heard this in — in one of the MP3s, that the original reason that you get
         together and — and found your partner goes away like in the middle of — of the
         relationship, and recalling in the soul mate is reconnecting back to the original
         reason that you fell in love in the first place. Is that right?

Brent:   Absolutely.

Lisa:    Ah!

Brent:   And many of us — and, again, anybody that’s been married knows this.

Lisa:    One step back.
Brent:   Yeah. Especially if you have children. It’s really easy to forget why you fell in
         love and wanted to be together in the first place.

Lisa:    Definitely. Takes it over. Yep. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   And so the — when you do the Soul Fragment Retrieval and clear all the
         resentments, and traumas, and grudges, and — what it does is, it allows your
         relationship to be a clear channel for Spirit. Instead —

Lisa:    And —

Brent:   Instead of spending all your time and energy, you know, for example,
         resentments, and grudges, and competition and all this, all that energy can be
         turned into something productive and loving and intimate.

Lisa:    And that is —

Brent:   It’s all energy.

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   You know? It’s up to us to channel it and direct it.

Lisa:    Well, now when you do these — you say, “I have the Creator’s definition of.”
         What does that mean?

Brent:   That’s a good question. I can give you a couple answers. [Chuckling] The —
         the more concrete answer is that, to take an example of my Creator’s definition of
         money. It would be kinda like if you pulled out God’s dictionary and looked up
         money, that would be the truth of it, what’s written in there. ‘Cause so many of
         us have so many skewed beliefs about it. When you change your definition of a
         word, it’s a really powerful shortcut to eliminate dozens or hundreds of blocks all
         at once.

Lisa:    Oh! So it’s kind of a general blanket statement.

Brent:   Yeah. Exactly. Now, to give you a little more esoteric definition, which is more
         precise —

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   I would say that the Creator’s definition of something is the lack or absence of all
         human egoic meaning or definition applied to it.
Lisa:    Huh.

Brent:   So it’s not a thing. It’s a lack of a thing.

Lisa:    Oh.

Brent:   That may seem a little weird. Like I said, that’s more esoteric.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   If that doesn’t make sense, just ignore it. At some point it probably will.

Lisa:    Let’s do — can we do — I know you’ve done it with me before on — on the call.
         Can you do a few clearings for people on the call?

Brent:   Yeah. We — we can. Though we will want to spend a couple minutes on
         muscle testing first.

Lisa:    Yes. And I had mentioned this at the beginning of the call. That this is an
         opportunity for people to get an immense healing, so I want to follow through with
         that, because it talks about the healing, but let’s experience some of this, if we

Brent:   So what we’re gonna do here is, first, I’m gonna take just a couple minutes to talk
         about muscle testing. This is really important, and I’m sure a lot of you guys
         listening have either done muscle testing or perhaps seen it or heard about it.
         And so muscle testing, quite simply, is a way of asking questions of your body.
         It’s how you bypass your conscious mind and go right into what you might call
         your subconscious, which is also called the cellular memory, or the — the body’s
         intelligence. Those all mean the same thing. And so with muscle testing you can
         actually ask your unconscious mind what it thinks about something, and it will tell
         you. And so there’s a lot of different ways to muscle test. I have a whole bunch
         of free resources on my website if you guys want to check that out, which is, T-h-e-t-a Healing Additionally, and as part of the
         free gift, you’ll be getting the e-Book, The Secret Behind The Secret, which has
         the muscle testing tutorial. You’ll also be getting free admission to my Live
         Wealth Club event next Monday evening. I also provide a tutorial there.

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   Those are other resources and the — the video included in package is a very in-
         depth presentation and tutorial on many different kinds of testing, as well as
         trouble shooting. So we’re not gonna go deep into it now, ‘cause you guys can
         learn all the details from the material. For right now, all you need to know is
         muscle testing is how you ask these — your subconscious mind questions. You
         guys might have seen it done before, like pushing on the arm or pulling on
         fingers. That works. That’s called strength testing. And if you guys already
         know how to do that, you’re welcome to use it right here. For you guys who are
         new to it, or haven’t — don’t know how to test yourself, I want to take about two
         minutes here to give you just a super-fast overview of the standing test. The
         standing test is the test that’s fastest and easiest to learn for most people. Most
         people can get results right away, with that, without needing any practice. So I’m
         gonna give you guys a super-fast set of instructions here and, then, we’re gonna
         go, ‘cause I want to get right into the healing process as soon as we can.

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   Those of you guys who have trouble with it, either just skip it or just follow along
         the best you can. Again, you can kinda look at the other muscle testing material
         later, and — and figure out the details if it doesn’t work for you right away. And
         so all you guys are gonna do is stand up and face to the north.

Lisa:    North. Okay. And I’m —

Brent:   Just take your best guess as to which way north is. Look down at your toes.
         Make sure that your toes are about hip-width apart, and pointed straight forward.
         Now there — there’s a lot of adjustments we could do one on one, but that’s how
         it’s gonna work best for most people.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   And all you’re gonna do is really simple, is to make statements out loud, and
         when they resonate true with your unconscious mind, your whole body will
         actually subtly tilt or pitch forward. And vice versa, when you make a statement
         that resonates false, your body will tilt or pitch backwards. Pretty simple.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   There’s a lot more details we can get into, but that’s the gist of it, and that should
         work for most people. And so what we’re gonna do here is I’ll give you just a
         second to try a calibration test to just see how it works. So anybody that wants to
         try it, go ahead and stand up. Face north. Make sure your legs are straight, so
         there’s no bend in your knee. You want to kinda feel like your legs are straight,
         stilt and you’re kinda floating on top of them. When you feel that, go ahead and
         say, “Yes,” out loud. The “Yes” will trigger true in your subconscious and you’ll
         actually feel yourself tilt or push forward. And so after you do that, go ahead and
         go back to the middle and get — get balanced again. And say, “No” out loud.
         When you do that, the “No” will cause your subconscious to go weak, and that
         will cause you to tilt or push backwards. And so that’s all most people need to
         get testing. And so if it works for you, great. If it doesn’t, again, you probably just
         need to hit a few more details, maybe do a little trouble shooting. That’s all in the
         material. We won’t — we won’t spend time on that here.
Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   So for right now, let’s go right into the healing.

Lisa:    Okay. That’s fine.

Brent:   And so what I like to do for these calls is, we’ll do — we’ll do three different
         healing processes here. We’ll do one about love, one about money, and one
         about health. And, again, these are — this is just a little sample. Like, in — in
         my live events, like The Wealth Club, you know, we’ll clear through dozens or
         maybe a hundred or so in just an hour or so.

Lisa:    Oh, yes. The — the Special Offer clears through a —

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    — probably a —

Brent:   The —

Lisa:    — a thousand.

Brent:   — the Special Offer package there’s many hundreds that —

Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   — will be cleared through. So this is just like a tiny fraction of one percent of
         what’s in that — what’s in there.

Lisa:    Great.

Brent:   So let’s do a loved one first.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   This one is really important. For you guys who want to muscle test, go ahead
         and say out loud, “I know what it feels like to be completely loved.”

Lisa:    I’m gonna myself on mute, ‘cause I want you to — I don’t want to interfere with
         people’s healing. Okay. Go ahead.

Brent:   And so what’s gonna happen is, if you have that belief system, which is a good
         one, you should tilt or push forward. If you don’t, you’ll tilt or push backwards.
         And so if you got a no or if you’re not sure, go ahead and give me permission.
         You can just say, “Yes” out loud. And that gives me permission to do what we
         call that download to install into your subconscious the energy program you
         need, so you can feel completely loved.

Lisa:    Okay. So I know what I’m — what was the — the statement, again?

Brent:   It was, “I know what it feels like to be completely loved.” Okay?


Brent:   So I’ve just done the download.

Lisa:    I know what it feels —

Brent:   It happens very fast.

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   And so now I want you guys to retest. Check again, “I know what it feels like to
         be completely loved.”

Lisa:    Mmm. Instant.

Brent:   And for most or all of you guys it will actually shift. Your body will start moving in
         a different direction than it did before. So that’s —

Lisa:    It’s instantly, instantly for me. I’ve done this with you several times. So —

Brent:   Yeah. Yeah. For those of you guys who are brand new to it —

Lisa:    Brand new. Yeah.

Brent:   — it may take 30 seconds or maybe even a minute to — to shift. What you’ll find
         is that that’ll go away pretty fast. You practice this just a little bit, you know, you’ll
         get faster, much — much, much, much more quickly being used effect.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   So let’s move on and do another one. Now let’s do one about money. Let’s do
         one of my personal favorites. All you — all you guys who are muscle testing, go
         ahead and get — get yourself balanced. And say, “I have to be poor to be close
         to God.” And so if that is a yes or a forward, what that means is that you hold —
         that you hold that belief. That’s a block. And so if you guys would like to clear
         that block, go ahead and give me your permission, and I’ll clear that for you.
Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   Okay.


Lisa:    All right.

Brent:   All right. So now we’ll try that one more time. Let’s check, “I have to be poor to
         be close to God.”


Lisa:    Great.

Brent:   And so if — if you — if you did that again, you probably found it cleared.

Lisa:    Right. And the tilting backwards is what happened.

Brent:   Yeah. Now, of course, most of the stuff will clear like this. Sometimes it won’t. If
         it doesn’t, don’t panic. Doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. What it usually
         means is that there’s another more powerful belief system underneath it that’s
         holding it in place. And you would have to dig under that and find that first.

Lisa:    And that’s, you know —

Brent:   Of —

Lisa:    Yeah. There’s — there’s hundreds and hundreds of questions that come.

Brent:   Right. And that’s what we do in private sessions. Is — is kinda go underneath it
         to — to figure out exactly what you would need to get a certain thing that’s really
         blocked to change.

Lisa:    Well, it’s also on the — in the MP3s in the Special Offer. I — you guys go really
         deep in there. You get to issues that you don’t know you don’t know.

Brent:   Exactly.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   There’s a lot of stuff you don’t know you have that you actually have —
Lisa:    Right. Yeah.

Brent:   — that’s screwing up your life much more so than you could ever imagine.

Lisa:    Oh, yeah. And through the series of questioning, I — I always go, “Zing! Oh,
         God! That was me.”

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    And —

Brent:   Like, “Oh, my God! I can’t believe I have that!”

Lisa:    Right. But you bring it up in the conscious mind and, then, the unconscious
         clears it.

Brent:   Yeah. And we have a — one of our little sayings in the Theta world is, “If you
         argue it, you own it.”

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   What that means is any time one of my clients tells me, “Oh, no!” Tries to
         convince me that they don’t have a certain belief, that’s a guarantee that they do.


Lisa:    Yeah. Yeah.

Brent:   So let’s do — let’s do one more, and let’s do this one about health.

Lisa:    Okay.

Brent:   So let’s test a — “I know what it feels like to be completely healthy.”


Brent:   And so if you’re muscle testing, go ahead and say that out loud. “I know what it
         feels like to be completely healthy.”


Brent:   And if that’s a no or a backwards, it means you’re missing the energy codes for
Lisa:    Yes.

Brent:   So if you give me your permission, I’ll go and install that right now.

Lisa:    Yes.


Brent:   Okay. And we can check that again. “I know what it feels like to be completely


Lisa:    Now this is very effective when you listen to the MP3s, ‘cause you’ve got the
         Theta state. I mean, binaural beats —

Brent:   Yes.

Lisa:    — going, and you — it goes right into the — into the unconscious mind.
         Hundreds and hundreds of those. That’s just an example, and people did get a
         healing from this. It’s just — this is just an example of how it works. And I’ve
         always known, Brent, you’re just — you know, from the first time, the very first
         time I had Brent Phillips on my radio show, which was, like, the very, very
         beginning when you started doing media a while ago, so many phone lines
         started lighting up, just tons and tons of lines, and about how, and why, and how
         does it work, and what is it. Da, da, da. You are definitely way beyond onto
         something. I mean, you are — that goal that you had about teaching a thousand
         people how to do it and, then, those people will teach a thousand people, et
         cetera, et cetera, et cetera, is well on its way. Well on its way. Just clearing
         limiting beliefs and, then, you muscle test those beliefs and, then, you clear it
         using the Theta Healing embedded recording, the techniques that are embedded
         into the recording. This — it’s just so effective, but people have to experience it
         to know what I’m talking about. But that was an example of how this works. And
         there’s so many things that we’ve — he even does in the — the Bonus Number 3
         is that he does a whole — Brent does a whole process on there that you can
         send healing to other people, even the government, even the — the world. I
         mean, there’s a whole peace activation thing on there that — that you can do,
         that he does, as well, that you can participate in, and Soul Retrieval, all incredible
         stuff on — on Romance, Love, Sex, Marriage, History, Truth, Poverty
         Consciousness. God! All sorts of stuff that just how to get into and how to
         release these types of things, how to release them.

         So, once again, if you go to that website, which is,
         P-h-i-l-l-i-p-s. Someone is asking from Copenhagen, if we could do a Theta
         Healing technique around procrastination. Hmm.
Brent:   We could, but probably that would be better served to in more focus work.

Lisa:    Yeah. Because there’s a lot of stuff underlying —

Brent:   Right.

Lisa:    — for us because —

Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    — that’s a result —

Brent:   Exactly. And that’s what you would need to get to, to — to make — to make that

Lisa:    Makes sense. No. I got it.

Brent:   Yeah. But, typically, if I were to work with someone on procrastination, usually
         what you want to look at is you want to look at what will be changing in their life if
         they’re all of a sudden over it. That’s usually where you’ll find the core for it.

Lisa:    Huh.

Brent:   And so, like, if you said, “Okay.”

Lisa:    Wow!

Brent:   You know? If tomorrow you didn’t procrastinate at all, you know, how would your
         life change? That’s where you’ll find what you need to look at.

Lisa:    Mmm. Interesting.

Brent:   ‘Cause that’s what your subconscious is protecting you from.

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   By sticking —

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   — you in this pattern of procrastination. Very effective. [Chuckling]

Lisa:    Yeah.
Brent:   Yeah.

Lisa:    Some really great questions coming in here. And we’re gonna get to your live
         calls in just a minute here, as well. So if you press Star 2, that’ll raise your hand,
         and I’ll call you by the city and the state that your phone is registered in. So
         press Star 2 to raise your hand. In the meantime, I want to get to some of the
         online questions here.

         Here’s a good one. “If you call back your Soul Fragments, does that diminish the
         person who formerly held your soul fragments?” I get your question, Jimmy,
         because I’m thinking of my daughter. So —

Brent:   As a general rule, no. It will actually help them. It will heal them.

Lisa:    Yeah. Because the —

Brent:   The — the only exception would be a mother with an infant. That’s actually the
         reason —

Lisa:    Right.

Brent:   — in nature why we have the soul fragment exchange. That’s actually important,
         and I would leave that alone.

Lisa:    Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. I get it.

Brent:   Once the child is one or two years old and starts to develop an ego and a
         personality, no. Then — then, you know, from that point forward, all parties will
         be better served by having just their own soul fragments.

Lisa:    Right. No. I get that. That’s great. Annetta, from Miami, “Can it work on
         digestion issues?”

Brent:   Certainly. Very commonly, digestion issues are about something you can’t
         stomach in your life.

Lisa:    Okay. Mmm-hmm.

Brent:   Yeah. It — it’s wild, but there’s always powerful metaphor in every problem that
         we have.

Lisa:    Absolutely. Jane, from York, “Clinically, what is happening or changing inside
         the brain as a result of Theta Healing?”
Brent:   Good question.

Lisa:    Oh, yeah.

Brent:   Well, first of all, there’s the — the change that happens when we go to a Theta
         brain wave. And there — there’s actually quite a bit of scientific research, good
         hard science that’s been done on the Theta wave. And the Theta brain wave has
         been correlated with relaxation, with creativity, with lower levels of stress, with
         higher levels of the quote “good hormones” like DHEA, and lower levels of the
         quote “bad hormones,” like the Cortisols. There’s also been quite a bit of
         significant, again, hard scientific research that associates the Theta brain wave of
         all of the really cool psychic and paranormal and intuitive activities.

Lisa:    Oh.

Brent:   Instant healing, talking to the dead, future readings, remote viewing. You know?
         Walking through walls, all that cool stuff.

Lisa:    The more you practice with it —

Brent:   Right.

Lisa:    — the better you — okay.

Brent:   All that stuff, you would — you get to through the Theta wave, the only way to get
         to it. And — and so what’s going on in the brain to go to Theta has actually been
         pretty well studied. Now it’s a different question to say, “Well, what’s happening
         in — in the brain when we do the Theta Healing technique?” The answer is, it’s
         not always in the brain, because we go to wherever the trapped emotion is. A
         different way to think about negative beliefs or blocks in the subconscious is they
         are the same thing as a trapped emotion. Identical. And so what’s happening in
         the brain may actually be nothing, because the trapped emotion maybe — may
         be somewhere else.

Lisa:    Mmm.

Brent:   But wherever it is, it may be held physically in the body, which is very common.
         Other times, it’s held in the aura around the physical body. And in those cases,
         it’s usually easier to heal before it’s manifested physically, because you don’t
         have the disease yet, but it’s in your energy. And if you don’t do something
         about it, you will get it at some point.

Lisa:    Wow! I — there’s a — a lot of people that are asking how do they become Theta
         Healers, and I just noticed. I mean, I really just put it together now. One of the
         offers, I mean, in the Special Offer there, there’s, you know, 13 different items,
         but one of them is the discount to the three-day live coaching session coupon.
         Now I know that from years of working with Brent, he doesn’t offer discounts to
         this type of thing. And this whole entire package, all of these things, if you went
         onto Brent’s website, would literally cost you almost a thousand dollars. And that
         one in there, wow! That’s pretty awesome.

Brent:   Yeah. Even better, I actually have not released In Love For A Lifetime yet.

Lisa:    You haven’t?

Brent:   Nope.

Lisa:    This is the first time?

Brent:   You guys are the very first public group to ever get to buy it.

Lisa:    Oh, my God! Now that’s —

Brent:   And it’s actually —

Lisa:    And I love —

Brent:   — gonna be released tonight.

Lisa:    I love that title. It’s Love —

Brent:   After the teleseminar, ‘cause —

Lisa:    Oh.

Brent:   —you know, Lisa, you know, you’ve been great for me over the years —

Lisa:    Aw.

Brent:   — in helping me build my career —

Lisa:    Yeah.

Brent:   — so that’s a little extra. I withheld the release so your audience could get very
         first crack at it.

Lisa:    Oh, my God! I love that. Thank you so much. You know? I asked —

Brent:   Yeah. So if you go to my website, you may actually not find it. [Chuckling]
Lisa:    Aha!

Brent:   That’s cause it’s not available yet.

Lisa:    It’s gluta for my Aware —

Brent:   Well, like you’re saying, yeah.

Lisa:    — Show.

Brent:   I would actually not mind at all if — I would love it, if you guys want to go to my
         website and buy all this stuff individually.

Lisa:    [Chuckling]

Brent:   Because I’ll make like $1,200. So feel free.

Lisa:    You know, that’s the beautiful thing, yes. We have been working with Brent for a
         long time, and I — I’ll be — I mean, when I saw this — this whole entire offer, is
         just — honestly, he — it does not happen. And he does not offer this stuff at this
         low of a level. And he — it’s for a reason, too. Because I know your philosophy.
         That you need to pay for things in order to recognize the value in them. And I
         totally get that. But I love the title, first of all. It’s a — it’s a great embedded
         command. In Love For A Lifetime. That’s beautifully stated. Beautifully stated. I
         love that. And — and to have all this stuff in one spot is great. I went ahead and
         — and accessed the Special Offer last night on the back end of our — of the way
         we do it here, and there is so much, and it’s so easy. I mean, everything is right
         there. Everything — you just click on it. It’s a one click thing. You don’t have to
         wait for stuff. The stuff loads, downloads, minutes, hours. It’s just — it’s just
         right this very — is a test in — of our servers. So it’s cool stuff.

         All right. So the website, again, to go to is, P-h-i-l-l-

         I just want to thank you, by the way. Thank you so much for all of this incredible
         great stuff that you’ve put on the Special Offer. I appreciate it.

Brent:   Oh. No problem. The — the biggest complaint I’ve gotten is that there’s too
         much stuff, because remember when we were talking about the clearing the
         resentments, and the grudges, and the soul fragments, and they psychic hooks

Lisa:    Oh, yeah. You could —

Brent:   And the trauma, and Creator definition?
Lisa:    Oh, yeah.

Brent:   Just so you guys know, that’s all just one bonus program on one product.

Lisa:    That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Yeah. You should —

Brent:   Just so you know, there — there’s lots of stuff in there.

Lisa:    But I’m trying — you get through this entire Special Offer package, we’ll say heal
         like a little couple of months, it will — I mean, you’ll be in a completely different
         place. However fast you want to go through it is however fast you want to clear
         the cell. How committed are you to it? It’s — it’s — it’s, again, our life is shaped
         by the decisions that we make on a daily basis. So okay.

         Going to the phones here. I’m gonna call on you based on the city and state
         your phone is registered in.

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