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					                     The purpose of this presentation is to help inform American
                     citizens that there is a viable alternative to Real ID and measures
                     like Arizona’s SB 1070. We want you to know that there is a
                     straightforward and Constitutional means to validate identity
                     without destroying the presumption of innocence which is the
                     cornerstone in our system of justice.

Feb 5, 2011
My name is Kaye Beach. I am a member of the Board of Directors of
the Constitutional Alliance and have been working with Mark Lerner
for the past few years trying to stop Real ID.
This presentation is mostly based upon a recent article by Mark
Lerner of the Stop Real ID Coalition entitled I Don’t Care Who You
Are: The Government Does” I have simply broken this document
down into chunks by putting it into this format for the purpose of
making it easier to read and understand.
It also draws upon work by the Stop Real ID Coalition, Constitutional
Alliance and the contributions of their membership as well as many
other individuals who have worked tirelessly to inform others about
this issue.

Thank you,
Kaye Beach, The Constitutional Alliance
                                          ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT
 Mark Lerner was a confidant of
senior people in the biometrics
industry. After uncovering many
improper acts by top people in the
industry, Mark provided what has
been called a "massive" amount of
evidence to the government. He decided to go public with what
he knew after waiting for nearly two years for Congress and the
public to be given this important information. Since that time,
Mark has testified before many state legislative committees and
is in Washington D.C. on a regular basis supporting the rights of
Mark now leads the Stop Real ID Coalition and is a spokesperson
for the Constitutional Alliance, a coalition of individuals and
groups committed to preserving state and national sovereignty,
the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property as pronounced
in the Declaration of Independence and protected under the Bill
of Rights.
                 Here’s the Problem

  FACT: The federal government is collecting, maintaining
  and sharing American's information globally

  FACT: The Real ID Act (along with a host of other ID
  proposals including Arizona’s SB 1070) facilitates the
  collecting, maintaining and sharing of our vital
  information globally.

  The problem with this can be summed up in a single

Americans are being enrolled into a Single Global
Biometric Identifications System that Links A Person’s
Body to their Ability to Buy Sell and Travel.
“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled
  society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by
  traditional values. [...] The capacity to assert social and political control
  over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert
  almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and to maintain up-to-
  date, complete files, containing even most personal information about
  the health or personal behavior of the citizen in addition to more
  customary data. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by
  the authorities.”

  -Zbigniew Brzezinski
                This Brings Us to a Question

  Is it possible for the states to manage verification of
 identity and citizenship, when necessary, without
 relying on the federal government?

The answer is in almost all cases is a resounding "Yes“

Furthermore, they should.

Under the US Constitution, driver’s licenses and the issuance
of birth certificates are matters for the states to manage.

                      Unreal Solutions
The Real ID Act of 2005 and Arizona’s SB 1070 are used as examples but
the same issues that plague these two policies are the same ones that
plague all of the identification policies that use biometrics and requires
this information to be exchanged with the federal government.
    Why are we talking about
    Real ID?

    Isn’t REAL ID Dead?

   When the push for uniform standards
                                                                     “. . .many state motor vehicle
   began under REAL ID in 2005, each of                              departments are quietly doing
   the states had its own driver’s licenses                          the work to meet the law's initial
   specifications and standards.
                                                                     18 benchmarks.”
   The REAL ID Act of 2005 was intended
   to force the states to comply with
   national standards (some of which
                                                                         What's in a name? that which
   are international standards)                                          we call a rose By any other
   In order to be in compliance with the                                 name would smell as sweet
   Real ID states had to meet 18 specific
                                                                    The 18 benchmarks = Real ID
  HR 1268 the Real ID Act of 2005                                          Benchmarks
The 18 Benchmarks, when
met, give your state the same
International ID as Real ID.

 Here’s the trick-they just
 aren’t calling it “Real ID”

Now its called
Advanced Secure Issuance                

“The ASI card, also known as “the       Many of the 18 benchmarks are
card with the star,” is marked with a   reasonable measures that deal with
gold star indicating that it’s
                                        document integrity not personal
materially compliant with the Real
ID Act’s regulations and can be         information sharing. We fully support
used as identification for federal      such measures. Others, like
purposes” March 22, 2010 Nevada         benchmark #1, are cause for concern.

 At least 11 states have met all
      18 of the benchmarks
               Decisions are being made, laws are being implemented and legislation
               is being considered right now that will go a long way in deciding what
               type of society we each will be living in and what type of society we will
               be leaving for our children and grandchildren
The Problem

              We must each ensure we pass the rights, liberty and
              freedom on to the children of today that we inherited at
              such great sacrifice of previous generations.
          This is why we have gone to great lengths to develop a solution, an alternative. This
          sensible and effective solution is laid out for you in the last third of the presentation.
                                 Who REALLY Wants REAL ID?

              Over 600 organizations oppose Real ID

                 these groups cover a broad political spectrum
The Problem

              far left                     And Everything in Between                                       far right

                     25 states either by law or resolution
                                oppose the Real ID Act 2005.

                    Religious organizations representing
                 every major religion spoke out against the
                             Real ID Act 2005.
                          S.B.1070 and the Real ID Act
              have more in common than you might think
The Problem

                                                   Both of these laws have the state
                                                   or state’s sharing volumes of
                                                   personal information, including
                                                   biometric data, in an ongoing fashion
                                                   to the federal government

                                                        Both policies contribute to entangling
                                                        of all of us in a Single Global Biometric
                                                        Identification System that if unchecked
                                                        will allow governments and
                                                        corporations to control virtually every
                                                        aspect of our lives.
                                                              The Real ID Act , passed without
                                                              debate as a rider on a military
                                                              spending bill in 2005.
                                                              Driver’s licenses are issued by the states
                                                              not the federal government but the Real ID
                                                              Act imposed federally mandated standards
The Problem

                                                              for state driver's licenses.
              Under REAL ID all new licenses
              would be machine readable and
              contain biometric data including but “Robert Mocny, [US-VISIT
              not limited to facial biometrics.    DHS]sketched the outline of a
                                                              Global Security Envelope of
                                                              internationally shared
                                                              biometric data that would
                                                              permanently link individuals
                                                              with their personal data held
                                                              by governments and
              This and the other information, under
              Real ID, is to be shared both nationally
              and internationally. Real ID Biometric Facts    Government Computer News, “DHS pushes global data
       sharing,” on Feb. 4, 2007,
The Problem

              Measurement of the body

               Technology is used to measure behavioral or
               physical aspects of a person and then
               transform this personal data to digital
               code for the purpose of identification

                        With biometric identification

                  Your Body IS Your ID
                                                            A Single Global Biometric
                                                              Identification System
                                                            requires nations and states
                                                                  to do 3 things
The Problem

                                                      2.Adopt international
                                                      document and biometric
                                                      The standard for the digital image on
              1.Enroll citizens (DL/ID
                                                      our ID cards is the adopted international
              cards, passports, national ID,
                                                      standard of the ICAO
              school ID, etc.)

                                  3.Link databases for global
                                  information sharing, global ID-tracking and
          International Standards exist for one purpose:
          to enable the global exchange of information
          The US standard for the digital facial image on our ID
          cards is the adopted international standard of
           the ICAO ( International Civil Aviation
          Organization), which is an affiliate of
           the United Nations.
              “What information do governments share? With whom is my data shared
              and why? All of these questions need to be addressed by an agency with
The Problem

              global powers.” --Chair of the International Biometrics Agency

                                                                    Once in this system U.S. citizens will have
                                                                    no representation.
                                                                    The system is global and agencies such as
                                                                    the ICAO (an agency of the United
                                                                    Nations) and the International
                                                                    Biometrics Agency will dictate “the rules”
International Biometric
Identification schemes run afoul of
The US Constitution/Bill of Rights in
more ways that we have time to list.
The next several slides hit on some of
the more obvious infringements .
                                         "This proposal is one more step away from the
This is not a question of whether or     Founding Fathers' vision of a limited federal
not you trust your government.           government. Our greatest homeland security is liberty,
A better question is do you trust all    and the Founding Fathers believed our greatest threat
governments and do you trust them        to liberty was a central government grown too
                                         powerful. Accordingly, they set up checks on federal
all both now and into the future to      power by vesting authority at the individual and state
never abuse this ability to separate     levels.
you or your loved ones from their
                                         REAL ID disrupts this delicate balance of power in two
ability to secure for ourselves the      ways. First, it turns the Founders' logic on its head by
basic necessities of life.?              forcing states to act as agents for the federal
                                         government in creating a national ID card for federal
That is the power a global biometric     purposes. Needing a REAL ID to board a plane or
                                         enter a federal building would also change the balance
identification system will enable for    of power in something as seemingly insignificant as a
all governments, over all of us living   visit to a member of Congress."
now and those who will come in the                -- Gov. Mark Sanford, "Real ID Side Effects,"
                                         Washington Times, April 14, 2008.
                                                                The Real ID Act provides the
                                                                enrollment process for facial
                                                                recognition compatible databases
                                                                 that allow citizens to be identified
                                                                by photos or in real time through
The Problem


                Religious Freedom

                                                   Right to Peaceful

              There is no question that for many
              Christians being enrolled into a single global
                                                                Government using facial recognition
              system of identification and financial
              control over which they have no                   technology to identify people when in
              representation does violate their First           public is an intimidating act that does
                                                                abridge our right to peacefully
              Amendment rights.
                               The use of biometrics literally places our religious freedom, privacy, rights
                               of representation and our ability to buy and sell, into the hands of
                               international organizations. For many Christians, biometric ID is enrollment into
                               a “mark of the beast-like” system.

                                •BIOMETRIC ID IS INTERNATIONAL ID, APPLYING TO ALL
The Problem

                                OF FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS
                                •BIOMETRICS IS A “NUMBER OF MAN”

               Revelation 13:16-18 is very straightforward.

              Once databases and ID documents are compromised (and they will be) the justification will
              exist to move the identification process from the identification document to directly "on" the

              The technology to achieve this already exists. And has been in use for some time. It is not the
              RFID chip. The same information can be stored however, in the ink of this tattoo. (More about
              this technology later)

              For the first time in history, the entire world is being enrolled into a single
              system of identification and financial control, based on one’s body.

              For the first time both the political will and technology exist to fulfill prophecy.
                                                    The Real ID Act 2005 mandates
                                                    the creation of new databases
                                                    and the linking of the new
                                                    databases with existing
The Problem

                                ‘As we learn to link biometrics to biographic,
                                geospatial, social networks and other forms
                                of data, we can develop patterns of activities
                                for both individuals and organizations. . .’
              WHO               “Biometric Enabled Intelligence” 2009 Biometrics

                                      Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the
                                      majority ... It thus exemplifies the purpose behind
                                      the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in
              HOW                     particular: to protect unpopular individuals from
                                      retaliation--and their ideas from suppression--at
                    WHEN              the hand of an intolerant society."
                                      McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Comm’n, 514 U.S. 334
                 MERGING DATABASES
   “. . just looking ahead from what I do for a living, DNA, fingerprints,
   photos, vehicle registrations, and all other types of data could be
   linked together in relational databases, so that if I have a DNA
   profile, I can immediately know your driving record, your military
   record, a financial profile.

“And then there is the argument about, should the DNA database
include all people in a population.”
                                       Greggory LaBerge, Director Crime
                                       Laboratory Bureau, Denver Police Dept.

                                                                Real ID usurps the ability of
The Problem

                                                                the states to innovate their
              Technically , Real ID may not violation the              own solutions
              Tenth Amendment but in reality the
              practical effect of the regulations and
              penalties for failing to implement them are       Post-9/11, many states began to
              undeniably coercive upon state                    beef up security features on their
                                                                own, without guidance from the
                                                                      federal government.
          “Federally imposed standards for drivers' license
          and birth certificates make a mockery of
          federalism and the 10th amendment.                  “Congress actually modeled many
          While states technically are not forced to accept   provisions in the Real ID Act after
          the federal standards, any refusal to comply        existing standards in states
          would mean their residents could not get a job,     including California, New York,
          receive Social Security, or travel by plane.        Virginia, and Florida.” --Rep.
           –Rep. Ron Paul                                     Sensenbrenner link
                                               Arizona S.B.1070 is state initiated legislation
                                               signed into state law in 2010 in reaction to the
                                               federal government’s inability to deal with the
The Problem

                                               illegal immigration issue

          Arizona’s S.B.1070 allows for an
          unlimited amount of personal
          information of citizens including
          a person’s biometrics to be shared
          with the federal government.

          Arizona’s S.B.1070 assists the federal government in creating a national
          database/repository of citizen’s most personal and sensitive information under
          the control of the DHS                            More information on SB 1070
          Arizona’s S.B.1070 and similar legislation
          allows for an unlimited amount of
          information to be sent to the
          Department of Homeland Security
The Problem

                                                       This means:

                                                       Any type of license-
                                                       driver's, business, gun,
                                                       marriage, professional)

                                                       Any Benefits (food
                                                       stamps, unemployment
                                                       insurance, Medicaid)
                The Department of
                                                       Information IS power
                Homeland Security
                      Created in 2002                  Our personal information is also
                                                       being centralized and consolidated
The Problem

               The creation of this department                Power IS
                represents the most diverse
                merger of federal functions in
                     our nations history.
                                                       We live in a Republic, not a
              Twenty-two agencies that were formerly
              in the Agriculture, Commerce, Defense,   Centralization of power never favors
              Energy, Health and Human Services,       individual rights and when the
              Justice, Transportation, and Treasury    representatives of our state
              departments or in independent agencies   governments lose the ability to
              were combined and reorganized in the     make decisions over their
              new department.                          jurisdiction we have less
                                                       accountability and less influence
                                                       over the lawmaking that will most
                                                       directly impact our lives
The Problem

                                     Mission Creep Guaranteed!

                           No statutory limitations on “official purpose”
                           The Secretary of Homeland Security has unfettered authority and
                           discretion to name the “official purposes” that will require a Real ID
                           compliant driver’s license. (As stated in Final Rules of the Real ID Act 2005)
          DHS Secretary Napolitano    Under Real ID there are no rules other than the rules
                                      DHS decides they should abide by
          Referencing what he described as DHSs’

                                   “essentially unlimited authority”
                           “Mocny conceded that
                           each of the 10 privacy
                           laws currently in effect in                DHS declared by publishing
                           the United States has an                   in the Federal Register,
                           exemption clause for                       their intention to no longer
                           national-security                          comply with the Privacy
              R. Mocny,DHS
                                                                      Act of 1974. September, 2010
                             E-Verify is often touted as being

                              It is pretty accurate when it is the
                             information of U.S. citizens being

                             “run” through system.

      When we really need it the most, E-Verify Fails

If the person in question happens to be here illegally, E-Verify gets
it wrong more than it gets it is right.

The program cannot even identify fraud.
The Department of Homeland
Security has spent $1 billion
to create a virtual fence
that covers just 53 miles of
our border.
It took them five years to realize
that plan was flawed to begin
         Jan. 2010, DHS decided to discontinue the effort

                                     In 2010 DHS’s set 30% as its
                                     target goal for stopping illegal
                                     goods or people from entering
                                     our country

                                     That’s right, a   70% failure rate.
L-1 is the largest biometric
company in the US                     Louis Freeh, FBI           Admiral Loy

 It dominates the state
 driver’s license business. L-
 1 also produces all
 passport cards
                                              BG Beck
                                      George Tenet, CIA

                                                                Robert S Gelbard

 The biometrics giant also provides           These are just some of the
 ID documents for the Department              senior government officials that
 of Defense and has contracts                 have passed through the
 with nearly every intelligence               revolving door at L-1 Identity
 agency within our government                 Solutions
Last year L1 announced that its
biometric and document divisions
are being sold to French
corporation, Safran
This could place U.S. citizens personal,
 sensitive information including our social
security numbers and biometrics could be in
 the hands of those we have no jurisdiction over. The sale of L1 would seem to
constitute a potential threat to our citizens and the security of our country.
Yet neither Congress the or DHS has stepped in to stop it Why Not?
                                                   In announcing major new regulations in
                                                   January that set national standards for
                                                   driver's licenses under the 2005 Real ID
                                                   Act, Homeland Security Secretary
                                                   Michael Chertoff declared,
                                                    "This is a great teaching moment on
                                                   the challenges of really reconfiguring a
                                                   society.“ Chertoff's announcement was
      Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is     music to the ears of private companies
               representing Safran                 and lobbyists

             Are you feeling more secure?
An ideal system of identity verification would avoid
exchanging volumes of citizens’ personal information,
including biometrics with the federal government while still
providing an effective means to confirm that we are who we
say we are when there is the need for identification.

                  An ideal identity verification system would address the
                  following issues

                  •Voter fraud
                  • Illegal Immigration to ensure that those
                  who are legally qualified are the only persons who obtain
                  state benefits
                  •Identity theft
                  •Terrorists using a state driver’s license or
                  identification card to facilitate their actions. **
The solution to preventing too much power and           The Solution
control by one segment of US government couldn’t
be simpler. We should insist that the state
governments and federal government keep to their
constitutionally mandated scope of power.
This is what we are proposing

 The states should remain the guardians of
 their citizens’ domicile information and only
 share this data when the federal
 government has a legal need or right to

We have done the homework for you.
This plan is workable, cost effective and efficient.
It provides for verifying of identity when its needed
and does so without rendering the majority of law
abiding people helpless to the machinations of any      State to State Identity
one segment of government.                               Verification System
Start with the
R          Breeder Document
E        an identification document
       issued to support a person’s
E                  identity.

      The breeder document has to
O    be considered reliable because
C     it is used to verify and obtain
          other identity documents
N   How do we verify a person’s identity?
S   The driver’s license and passport are considered to be pretty good
    proof that you are who you say you are but based on what?
    Based on your birth certificate which is considered to be
    the most reliable “breeder document”

                                                                         WHO AM I?
B    Biometrics do not prove identity


D      Authenticated                                                   Authentic
O    Biometrics are attributed to the identity provided by the
U    breeder documents. Garbage in, Garbage out.
M   In the case of the 11 Russian spies, the collecting of their biometrics samples/data did
E   nothing but perpetuate the fake identities based upon fraudulent birth certificates.

                          +                                         = FRAUD

The FBI’s investigation into the group of Russian operatives discovered that several
of the suspects had assumed fraudulent identities and had obtained genuine passports
(and other identity documents) in their assumed names. Link
                                                  Subsequent identification
E                                                 documents, such as
                                                  driver’s licenses and
E                                                 passports, are validated
R                                                 on the basis of the birth
            A person’s identity is
D       established on the basis of               certificate.
O        his or her birth certificate.

    The federal government realizes the birth certificate is the primary instrument
    that "proves" citizenship; this is precisely why the Real ID Act 2005
    mandates all birth certificates will be authenticated.
  Federal and State
agencies rely on birth             For proof of Age
  certificates as the              and Citizenship
 means to validate

                                 to issue other documents
                                 ( such as driver’s licenses, Social Security cards,
                                 and passports)

to determining eligibility for
public programs or benefits.           Identification for employment
   Electronic Verification of Vital Events
    EVVE is an existing state initiative provides the
   means for states to authenticate birth certificates.

            EVVE is not a national repository or database

It is a telecommunication hub and simply facilitates one entity in making an
inquiry with the entity that controls the information being queried.**
EVVE- Electronic Verification of Vital Events
 “An electronic response from the participating vital records
 jurisdiction either verifies or denies the match with official
 state or jurisdiction records.”


                         Death records are also matched by EVVE
                         an alert could be raised if a birth certificate belongs
                         to an individual who is deceased (using the birth
                         certificate of the deceased is a common method of
                         committing identity fraud)
    Since the birth certificate is used to validate identity, it
B   makes sense to focus on ensuring the authenticity of
    the birth certificate

        If the birth certificate is bogus, the identity proclaimed on
T       the driver’s license or any other documents that are created
S       based upon the birth certificate will be bogus too

            We must begin authenticating the birth certificate
                        Where have all the silos gone?
Before the government re-organization after       Breaking down silos certainly
911 which consolidated 22 agencies under          makes things easier for the
DHS, the American people had some                 government but it also allows for
protection against the centralization of data     free access to and consolidation of
due to what the government refers to as           information about every facet of
“stovepipes” or silos. The mantra after 911       our personal lives.
became “Breaking down silos”
                                                   Silos protect our privacy by
                                                  requiring that the entity wishing
                                                  to gain access have a legal
                                                  need and right to that

                                                  Our solution will keep the silos
This is only three out of many sets of personal   around our sensitive information
information about you but just imagine for a
moment how revealing it is to when just these
three sets of data about you are consolidated.
 Now imagine more. Your various purchases,        This is a fundamental difference
your internet habits, your phone records….Are     between what we are proposing
you beginning to get a sense of how data silos    and where our government is
protect us against unwanted intrusion into our    going.
                                 We propose SSIVS

            State to State Identity Verification System
                  SSIVS does not require any type of national or
                  more precisely international identification card that
                  would place our religious freedom, privacy, states'
                  rights or sovereignty, at risk.

                 This system does not just answer the need for a
                 document to show or prove citizenship status, it also
                 eliminates the need for federal guidelines for state
                 driver's licenses.

By placing focus on the authentication of the breeder document (birth
certificate), SSIVS provides a strong foundation for ID verification while not
requiring U.S. citizens to be enrolled into single global system of
identification and financial control.
SSIVS would (1)require states to sequentially number all birth certificates
and (2) verify Social Security Number
This can be done directly by states querying the Social Security Administration (not DHS) and
would not require an open ended exchange of information. ONLY the specific data necessary
would be exchanged which narrows and limits it’s use unlike the manner of exchange that
REAL ID and other ID policies would allow
 1                                   Numbering the birth certificates allows
     2                               the EVVE “system” to recognize and
                                     alert the requesting state DMV of an
         3                           attempted duplicate use of one birth
               4                     certificate. **

                                     This prevents the common
                                      practice of using another person's birth
                                     certificate to establish a fraudulent identity
             **Each state or territory would start their numbering sequence with their
             two letter abbreviation to avoid duplication in numbering sequence
                             State to State Identity
                                  Step by step example
  The SSIVS system would show John Doe used his rightful birth
  certificate to obtain his driver's license or state identification card.

 If another person attempted to use John Doe's birth certificate "the
 system" would recognize that the specific birth certificate in question
 had already been used based on the number assigned to John Doe's
 birth certificate.

If John Doe attempted to use his birth certificate to obtain multiple driver's
licenses in different states "the system" would alert DMV officials that John
Doe had already used his birth certificate and thus John Doe would not receive a
driver's license or state identification card from another state or jurisdiction until
John Doe had turned in his other state’s driver's license or state identification
   What if a US citizen
   wasn’t born in the

 Not all citizens are born in the United States
so their birth certificate may not be in the system. In those instances
since immigration and naturalization are matters under the authority
of the federal government, states would need to make inquiry to the
federal government to determine citizenship status and to ensure
that the documents presented are authentic.
                                  In a country of over 300 million
                                  people there will be cases where
                                  states do not have the birth
                                  certificates, certificates of birth
                                  or other acceptable documents
                                  as the state may deem
                                  appropriate to authenticate before
                                  issuing a state driver's license or
                                  state identification card to an

The states would deem what procedures they would follow in these
very rare cases that the person applying for a state driver's license or
state identification card is not able to have their birth certificate,
certificate of birth or other acceptable documents authenticated.

Hospital records and insurance documents are secondary documents
that we envision a state may use along with other documents.
                         Why State to State Verification is Best
Databases are routinely compromised. We all have heard about credit card companies,
retailers, social networking sites and even state and federal databases being
compromised. The answer should never be to create repositories, centralized
databases or even direct electronic access/linking of databases.

The federal government has had databases compromised by employees, moles and
others. We are all familiar with WikiLeaks and the compromising of hundreds of
thousands of documents.

The best way to protect information is not to have our personal information including
our biometrics in centralized databases. The next best alternative is to spread
information out; diversify and not put all our eggs in one basket. If you had a million
dollars you would not invest it all in one company or stock. You limit your risk through
diversification. The federal government is creating a national repository and worse yet
sharing our information with foreign entities.

It is your information and you have a right to know who is collecting it, what are
they doing with it and whom it is being shared with. The solution we offer
protects your information as much as possible and most importantly your own
respective states can and must be the ones we trust. We have much greater
access to our state lawmakers.

Join the Constitutional Alliance and others all over the country. Share the PowerPoint,
the legislation and our web-site and know you are
honoring your foremost responsibility as citizens.
“We will not allow this enemy to win the war by changing our way of life or
restricting our freedoms.” -- George W. Bush, Sept. 12, 2001

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      Information and Resources
Mark Lerner’s presentation before the Michigan House of Representatives sums
up the problems with Real ID which is applicable to any international biometric identification
scheme, find Here or on our website in the library section.

Your Body Is Your ID Fact sheet

“I Don’t Care Who You Are: The Government Does” by Mark Lerner for more specific
information about the proposed solution. Find article Here or visit at our website at

Your Body is Your ID (the book)

Model Legislation
These downloads are provided by the Stop Real ID Coalition.
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