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 The sky’s
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 Business Dialog
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           In the College
           2 • New business                                   4 • Headliners                        The managing editor and staff of
                                                                                                    Business Dialog wish to thank alumnus
                                                                                                    Matt Lidinsky ’08, whose balloon and
                                                                                                    lighter-than-air expertise made our
                                                              9 • Spotlight                         dazzling cover shot possible.
                                                                                                    Thanks, too, to the intrepid TU
                                                                                                    volunteers: John Battaglia, a student in
                                                              12 • Alumni and friends               the UB/Towson MBA program; and
                                                                                                    Anh Luong and Lauren Krabitz , both
                                                                                                    business administration students
                                                              14 • CBE advisory boards              studying marketing. The trio posed in
                                                                                                    the balloon’s gondola as it hovered in
                                                                                                    front of Stephens Hall earlier

                                                              16 • Donor report                     this spring.

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message from the dean

                                          As the Greek philosopher Plato once said, “You can discover more about a
                                          person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
                                          His words ring true, especially as members of the CBE Advisory Board continue
                                          to demonstrate their support for student scholarships by hosting the second
                                          annual Tapas for Towson fundraiser. (You can find details on the back cover of
                                          this issue.) I couldn’t be more grateful to the board for its hard work and
                                          dedication. What better way to raise money for a good cause than by having
                                          fun in the process?
                                          The past few months have also brought many challenges. I am fortunate to be
                                          surrounded by a strong cadre of energetic and enthusiastic supporters who are
                                          dedicated to advancing the college’s goals and bettering the lives of our students.
                                          Their efforts have produced the good news we share with you in the spring issue
                                          of Business Dialog.
                                          As you peruse it, you will note that our applied business model has been adapted
                                          in other parts of the world. I am pleased to be able to tell you that since the
                                          start of the production of this issue, I learned that CBE’s undergraduate
   “Quality is the most                   business administration program with Quality Leadership University in Panama
   important component of                 (and affiliate, University of Louisville College of Arts and Sciences) is now TU’s
                                          largest international program, with 174 students.
   our programs..”
                                          Quality is the most important component of our programs. As indicated on
                —Shohreh Kaynama          the next page, a Polish magazine ranked our executive MBA program second
                                          in that country. Last fall the associate dean and I attended the program’s first
                                          commencement ceremony, and I must say that it was among the best I’ve ever
                                          attended. The graduates and their families were so thrilled and appreciative.
                                            CBE has worked diligently throughout the 2008-2009 academic year to update
    curricula and keep our offerings fresh to meet ever-changing work force needs. We are excited by the prospect of
    graduating the first class of students in the entrepreneurship track this May. What’s more, our new Department of e-
    Business and Technology Management received an award of $116,474 for Oracle e-Business Suite software.
    The college, its faculty, staff and students remain optimistic about the future. With your help, we will continue to
    positively affect lives—locally, nationally and internationally.

                                                       Shohreh A. Kaynama ’76
                                                       Dean, College of Business and Economics

                                                                                                 Towson University • Spring 20090   1
    new business

    Magazine ranks TU
    Executive MBA program
    no. 2 in Poland
                                                The first 19 graduates celebrate with Shohreh Kaynama, CBE dean (right) and Louise
                                                Laurence, CBE associate dean at the EMBA program’s first commencement last October.

                          After only three years, TU’s Executive MBA          The TU Executive MBA Program offers a
                          Program has already been praised as one of          strong emphasis on teamwork, international
                          Poland’s best.                                      case studies, professional business applications
                          The program, offered in partnership with the        and simulation games. Upon completion of
                          UB/Towson MBA and the University of Lodz            their studies, students receive an MBA diploma
                          Polish-American Management Center, has been         from Towson University and the University of
                          ranked second in Poland by Wprost magazine.         Baltimore, a program certificate from the Uni-
                          Wprost is valued for being one of the most          versity of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of
                          objective and valuable sources of information       Business (a program affiliate) and a postgradu-
                          about business programs. According to surveys       ate studies diploma from the University
    Marcin Urbaniak,                                                          of Lodz.
    associate dean,       conducted in Poland, professionals take the
                          Wprost rankings into consideration when             Established in fall 2006, the Executive MBA
    University of Lodz
                          selecting MBA programs.                             Program is taught entirely in English. The
                          The first 19 graduates of the cohort program        faculty comprises American academics as well
                          were honored during a commencement ceremo-          as business executives from international and
                          ny in Poland last October. Among the families,      regional companies and institutions in Poland.
                          friends and administrators in attendance were       Twenty-six students are enrolled in the
                          Jolanta Chelminska, governor of the Lodz            program.
                          region, and Jaroslaw Wojcieszek, vice president
                          of the City of Lodz.

    Shohreh A. Kaynama,
    CBE dean

2    Business Dialog
                                                                                                                         new business

CBE to graduate first class of entrepreneurship students
In May the university will award degrees         Kevin Kennedy, assistant professor of          accepting a position in the same industry
to the first eight graduates of CBE’s            management, says TowsonGlobal (TU’s            in which they’d like to start a business.”
entrepreneurship track. Launched in              international incubator for early-stage        In addition to gaining experience in the
2007, the track allows students to pursue        companies) and the Division of Economic        program, students have formed a strong
a business administration major while            and Community Outreach’s Small                 connection with one another.
completing 15 units of required courses          Business Development Center enable
in entrepreneurship and 9 units of upper-        students to interface with one another’s       “We are an exceptionally close group,”
level electives offered through the              clients on a regular basis. Kennedy, who       says entrepreneurship student Amy
Department of Management.                        helped start the program, adds that all        Hawks. “We have had all our classes
                                                 eight students plan to start their own         together, and have grown to be a really
“This hands-on program has given me a                                                           tight-knit family over the years. I know
lot of real-world experience,” says Mike         businesses or continue the legacy of
                                                 family businesses.                             everyone will be successful in his or her
Clift, who expects to graduate with a                                                           own way. I look forward to finding out
3.5 GPA. “In addition to the internship          “A lot of the students initially thought       where the other seven students will be in
for BUSX 460, there were three other             that they had to be older to start their       10 years.”
internship-based classes, all of which           own business,” he says. “They see now
definitely provided practical applications       that they can start with very little capital   Seventy-four freshmen, sophomores and
for what I’ve learned.”                          and gain contextual knowledge by               juniors are enrolled in the program.

TU launches political economy project seminar series
Last fall the TU Political Economy               Howard Baetjer, lecturer in the Depart-        Lecturing to packed rooms were Don
Project played host to a series of               ment of Economics, had a key role in the       Boudreaux, a professor at George Mason
biweekly seminars and discussions that           success of the comprehensive educational       University; Paul McCartney, assistant
addressed such hot topics as the financial       program, which had been created to sup-        professor of political science; Charles
crisis, the presidential candidates’ policies,   port and enrich the education of students      Schmitz, assistant professor of geography
globalization, and the Federal Reserve’s         interested in political economy, econom-       and environmental planning; and
role in the housing bubble.                      ics, political philosophy, public policy,      Jim Dorn, professor of economics.
                                                 social philosophy and related fields.

                                                                                                            Towson University • Spring 2009   3

    CBE keeps curricula fresh to meet market needs
    In a fast-paced, technology-driven,           • Revamping three courses (MGMT 600,          E-Business Undergraduate Program
    networked-environment and globally              ECON 640, and INSS 640) to increase
    competitive world, it’s essential to keep       focus on managing human resources,          As CBE remains as the only USM institu-
    graduate and undergraduate programs             leadership, public policy, and technol-     tion to offer an undergraduate degree in
    current and to provide a high-quality cur-      ogy to effect business strategy             e-business, revisions to the curriculum
    riculum to meet work-force needs. Curric-                                                   include a slight change to the admis-
                                                  • Attention to the global business            sion process, switching out courses with
    ulum updating is an in-depth process that       environment in two courses
    includes input from multiple stakeholders,                                                  content that no longer applies and adding
                                                    (MKTG 640 and MNGT 700)                     new courses in supply chain management
    including university- and college-wide
    curriculum committees, students, alumni       • Additional course titles and                and business process management.
    and members of the CBE Advisory Board.          prerequisites have been modified            Revisions also include a much more
    It also requires extensive background           to reflect content                          hands-on technology oriented education
    research, including a market assessment                                                     using popular software such as the
    of what other peer or aspirant institutions                                                 Oracle e-Business Suite
    offer and focus group sessions.               New Specialization in                         New Project Management and
    CBE has worked diligently during the
                                                  Sustainability Management                     Business Analysis Track
    2008-2009 academic year to make the           Starting next fall, this four-course track
                                                                                                Also starting next fall, this new 24-unit
    necessary updates to its curricula. Here      (one required course and the choice of
                                                                                                program is designed to offer project man-
    are a few examples.                           three electives) within the MBA Program
                                                                                                agement and business analysis education
                                                  will enable students to make the business
                                                                                                with cutting-edge technology to those
                                                  case for sustainability and responsibility,
                                                                                                interested in pursuing careers in proj-
    UB/Towson MBA Program                         understand topics related to the successful
                                                                                                ect management, business analysis, and
                                                  implementation of corporate sustainabil-
    The program’s curriculum was reviewed                                                       business consulting. Students in the track
                                                  ity and responsibility agendas, be able to
    and program learning objectives were                                                        will meet the requirements needed for the
                                                  relate internal and external environmental
    identified. An industry profile of the                                                      business administration major while com-
                                                  events and trends to Triple Bottom Line
    region reflected a high proportion of                                                       pleting 15 units of required courses and 9
                                                  analysis, prepare useful change strate-
    nonprofit and government employers,                                                         units of elective courses within the track.
                                                  gies and change agent roles for corporate
    as well as a growing high-tech sector.
                                                  responsibility, as well as manage the         After completing the track, graduates
    Modifications to the program include          corporate sustainability process              will be proficient in software, including
    the following structural and content          effectively and efficiently.                  MS Project, the Oracle e-Business Suite,
    changes:                                                                                    and will be prepared to go on to PMI,
    • An increase in the number of credit                                                       IIBA and ASQ certifications. In keeping
      hours of integrated core                                                                  with the unique applied business learning
      courses by 3 units                                                                        model adopted by CBE, the track also
                                                                                                         provides an opportunity for a
    • A new core course                                                                                             year-long “super-
      in project                                                                                                             internship”
      management                                                                                                            experience.

4    Business Dialog

The sky’s The limiT
                                                          Despite a weakening economy
                                                          (and all the challenges that
                                                          come with it), passion paired

Pushing boundaries • Thinking green • Uniting worldwide   with perseverance can lead an
                                                          individual to some of the world’s
                                                          greatest people and places.
                                                          From one horizon to another,
                                                          new communities have been
                                                          formed with a strongly
                                                          embraced, universal goal in
                                                          mind. We asked a group of
                                                          CBE students, alumni, faculty
                                                          and friends who have gone
                                                          as far as Africa and China to
                                                          share their experiences.
                                                          Here are their stories.

                                                                  Towson University • Spring 2009   5
                          Pushing boundaries
                          Managing Integrated Marketing Communications (MKTG 345) Students, Fall 2008
                               Instructor: Judy Harris, associate professor of marketing

                                                                  How many students were involved in this        planning; and promoting Shape &
                                                                  semester-long project to assist with           Color, the band that played at the
                                                                  marketing the women’s basketball               pre-game party. What was the outcome?
                                                                  team? Sixty-three students: two                The class worked on the last home
                                                                  sections of the MKTG 345 course.               game of the season, which had a good
                                                                  How did the project come about?                turn-out despite rain and cold weather.
                                                                  Coach Joe Mathews wanted to see more           Students increased audience participa-
                                                                  students at a women’s basketball game.         tion by 59 percent: 625 spectators were
                                                                  He approached us about whether TU              at the game. What was the most mean-
                                                                  business students could help. What was         ingful aspect of working on this project
                                                                  involved? The classes broke off into           for students? Working on a real-world
                                                                  smaller groups that were designated to         project. One of the student participants,
                                                                  oversee traditional advertising, such as       Lauren Krabitz, said the experience was
                                                                  fliers and securing a spot on WTMD-            better than developing a marketing plan
                                                                  FM; nontraditional advertising methods         for an imaginary project or place she’d
                                                                  like Facebook and setting up event             never been. It embodied all aspects of
                                                                  stations around campus; residence hall         thinking outside of the box. Will MKTG
                                                                  and faculty engagement; sorority and           345 work on this project again? It’s
                                                                  fraternity participation; pre-game party       always a possibility.

                      Business Cornerstone (BUSX 301)
                      Students, Fall 2008 • Instructor: Vera Case, lecturer
                      Exactly what is the Adventure Pursuits          team members to fit through a tire         one another. Those who effectively
                      Course Challenge? Students work on              or across an area on a moving log.         developed relationships throughout
                      team-building skills, communication,            In another challenge, nine students        each day-long session were more
                      creative problem solving, leadership            squeezed onto a platform that normal-      successful in executing projects at
                      development, decision-making, and               ly fit four and had to work together       the end of the semester. Have any of
                      more in TU’s Glen Woods, one of the             to reach a rope 10 feet away. How did      the classes in the Business Excellence
                      region’s largest arboretums. How many           this support the BUSX 301 curriculum?      Program previously built in a course
                      students participated in the sessions           BUSX 301 is the foundation course          challenge similar to this one? This was
                      on Sept. 12 and 13? Three sections of           for developing the college’s               the first time. Will this component be
                      classes or about 50 students in rainy,          knowledge, skills, and attitudes           built into the program in the future?
                      windy weather. What were some of the            (KSAs); problem-solving, self-             Yes. Classes completed a similar day
                      activities? Students formed teams and           assessment, teamwork, computer             of challenge activities indoors this
                      worked together to get individual               technology, and communication skills       semester. Students are more than just
                                                                                          for future courses     minds. A lot of things have an impact
                                                                                           and careers.          on a student’s ability to come to class
                                                                                               Students were     ready to learn. When we can create
                                                                                                able to get to   an environment where they can come
                                                                                            know and trust       ready, then we’ve done our job.

6   Business Dialog
                                   Thinking green
                                       Wall Street Investors’ Investment Club
                                       Nov. 14–16 Trip to New York City
                                          How many active members are in the club?                New York Times to meet with Brian Stelter ’07,
                                          Approximately 20. How many were able to take            a reporter and former editor-in-chief of The
                                          the trip to New York? Nine. What did you do             Towerlight. What did you learn? We were able
                                          there? We visited CBE graduate Matt Hobby,              to gain further insight into the state of financial
                                                   who now works at JP Morgan Asset               markets, operation of financial institutions, and
                                                    Management on Wall Street, and                an inside perspective on the wide range of jobs
                                                    executives of Seeking Alpha. We               and career opportunities available. We also got
                                                    also took a tour of the New York              first-hand tips on how to land a job. Given the
                                                   Mercantile Exchange and went to The            financial situation, we realized that the topics we
                                                                                                    heard about included the need to emphasize
                                                                                                        how we are all connected to finance and
                                                                                                       financial markets. Finance is as small as
                                                                                                        being able to balance your checkbook and
                                                                                                             as large as investing in stock. Where
                                                                                                              does the organization plan to travel n
                                                                                                              next? We go to The RISE Global
                                                                                                            Student Investment Forum every
                                                                                                           spring in Ohio. This year’s conference
                                                                                                          was March 26–28.

Morgan Reich ’09, Team Captain and Co-Founder, TU Women’s Golf Team
Business Administration, Management Concentration
 How did the women’s golf team form?            to return to Maryland. I knew it would take          involved. Sometimes, we are gone for three
 I got a call from Coach Yaniger, who said he   off if we recruited the team together, which is     or four days at a time traveling the East
 would love to have me come to Towson           exactly what happened. How many members             Coast from New York to Florida. Luckily,
 and become part of the                         are on the team? Seven. How long have you           I’ve had a lot of professors and group-project
 university’s first women’s                     been playing golf? I started playing when I         classmates who’ve understood the demands
 golf team. I was in my                         was five. Grandpa got me hooked. He lives           of my team schedule. What is your GPA?
 first year at Winthrop                         in a golf community in North Carolina, and          Around 3.0. Are you a part of any other TU
 University in                                  I used to spend summers there. I grew up to         organizations? Kappa Delta sorority. What
 South Carolina                                 become the only woman on my high school’s           has been your most memorable experience
 and was excited                                golf team with the lowest scoring average           at Towson? The win at Marshall University
                                                in Anne Arundel County. How has your                in West Virginia, along with having dinner
                                                business education helped you in your career        with President Caret on the evening of our
                                                as a golfer at TU? Like what we learn in the        first home game last fall. How many sports
                                                classroom, there is a lot of multitasking           teams at colleges around the country can say
                                                                                                    they’ve had dinner with the president?

                                                                                                               Towson University • Spring 2009   7
    Uniting worldwide
    St. Joseph Medical Center Village Wellness Program
    Amanda Gutin ’08, Foundation-Marketing Associate
    St. Joseph Medical Center and Winner of The Associate, 2008 competition
    When you found out that you were           maintain the nets used to stop the
    going to Tanzania (after winning CBE’s     spread of malaria from person to
    The Associate competition) last spring,    person via mosquitoes. This is exactly
    what was your initial reaction? I was a    what happened in Tanzania: A few of
    little shell-shocked and wanted to cry     the village leaders and volunteers from
    out of joy. It was a semester’s worth of   the audience performed the demonstra-
    emotion and wanting the prize, which       tion, and the villagers loved it. Was the
    was a position at the hospital. The        trip what you expected? I wasn’t sure
    prize also included the chance to go       what to expect. The warm weather,
    to Tanzania to see The Associate case      landscape and the villagers’ open-
    project carried out. When did you          armed welcome were breath-taking.
    go to Tanzania? The team left on           They lived in poorly ventilated mud
    Oct. 25 and returned on Nov. 4. We         huts, wore ragged clothes and
    were gone for 10 days, but had about       had to walk miles for water.
    eight days on the ground. What were        Despite poverty, they were
    some of the ideas that were implement-     full of joy. It was a refreshing
    ed in Tanzania? One similarity between     and a once-in-a-lifetime
    The Associate team and the St. Joseph      opportunity to interact with
    Medical Center plans was the educa-        Tanzanians, experience their
    tional portion. In The Associate final     culture and see firsthand how
    case presentation, we suggested and        our efforts have helped others.
    demonstrated how to use, care and

                                               Creating Financial Harmony:
                                               Lessons for China
                                               Jim Dorn, Professor of Economics
                                                Where did you present your recent paper,      International Finance Forum and Robert
                                               “Creating Financial Harmony: Lessons for       Mundell, Nobel laureate economist, organized
                                                China”? I presented it during the Fifth       the forum. Who was there? Top policymakers
                                                                     Annual International     in China attended the meeting, which focused
                                                                       Finance Forum (IFF),   on the global financial crisis and its implica-
                                                                        held in November at   tions for the world and China. With whom are
                                                                        the Diaoyutai State   you standing? Professor Wu Jinglian, a key
                                                                           Guest House in     economic reformer in China’s 30-year
                                                                          Beijing. The        liberalization drive. What has happened since
                                                                                              the forum? The Beijing Review published a
                                                                                              summary of the talk and the conference paper
                                                                                              appeared in the IFF’s new journal. While in
                                                                                              Beijing, I also presented the luncheon address
                                                                                              at a joint conference of the Cato Institute and
                                                                                              Renmin University in celebration of the 30th
                                                                                              anniversary of China’s economic reforms.

8    Business Dialog

Beyond the Classroom
The CBE Center for Applied Business and Economic Research (CABER) and CBE graduate programs provide experiential learning
opportunities for students outside of the classroom. These outreach activities enable students and members of the business and civic
community to form new relationships and make valuable connections. The following events took place last fall.

Directions for Navigating the Business       From TU to Tanzania:                          graduate school admissions. Approxi-
World: The GPS You Need to be                The Village Wellness Project, Oct. 14–16      mately 50 students attended the events.
Successful, Sept. 24                         The Student Leadership Council hosted         Social Media 101, Oct. 28
Julie Lenzer Kirk, author of The Parent-     breakfast and a night of bingo to raise
                                                                                           Page Sands of R2Integrated, Greg
Preneur Edge: What Parenting Teaches         funds for the St. Joseph Medical Center
                                                                                           Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory, Jared
About Building a Successful Business         Village Wellness Program Mosquito Net
                                                                                           Flicker of Smart Logic Solutions, Sean
and award-winning IT entrepreneur,           Project, a mission in Africa that benefits
                                                                                           Oakley of Congruent Media, Hollis
provided her views on what it takes to       70,000 villagers. Participants raised
                                                                                           Thomases of Web Advantage and David
flourish as an entrepreneur. Kirk’s “GPS     $591 for the cause.
                                                                                           Troy of Round House Technologies
package” included tips and consid-           Volunteering at the Maryland Food Bank,       spoke to approximately 115 students
erations for setting career goals and                                                      about using social media after college,
starting a new business: earning respect,
                                             Oct. 16–Nov.17
                                             Fourteen students and three student           how social networking works, and ways
maintaining perspective, having the                                                        to build a positive reputation through
power of creative persuasion, following      organizations assisted staff for two to
                                             three-hour increments at the Maryland         social media. The Center for Applied
through, combating entitlement, setting                                                    Business and Economic Research hosted
boundaries, having passion, allowing for     Food Bank’s warehouse. Volunteers
                                             sorted donated food and products for          the panel discussion.
mistakes, seeing the truth, making pres-
ence known, defining a model of success,     distribution to network providers that
                                             feed thousands of hungry Marylanders.
                                                                                           Thanksgiving Food Drive, Nov. 3–14
and providing a role model. Approxi-
                                                                                           CBE Graduate Programs, in partnership
mately 55 students attended the seminar.     Susan G. Komen Race for the                   with the TU Interfraternity Council,
Women in Leadership:                         Cure, Oct. 19                                 collected 1,840 pounds of canned goods
Baltimore City Business Owners, Oct. 6       For the third consecutive year, a team of     during the first two weeks of November
                                             CBE students, faculty, staff and friends      to help the Maryland Food Bank provide
This year CABER asked select female
                                             participated in Maryland’s race to sup-       meals for families in need. This was
Baltimore City business owners to
                                             port breast cancer research and treat-        more than double the amount collected
provide their expert advice on topics
                                             ment. The team, “TU Biz Wiz” gathered         last year. Donations were deposited in
ranging from interviewing to marketing.
                                             at the race site in Hunt Valley and raised    boxes placed in each CBE department
Approximately 60 students gathered to
                                             $1,310 to support the Susan G. Komen          office as well as outside Stephens Hall,
hear tips from Martha Lucius of Boheme
                                             Foundation.                                   Room 301 and on the first floor of
Café, Kendall Ludwig of,
                                                                                           the Administration Building. The
 Kris Appel of Encore Path Inc., Monyka
Berrocosa of My City4Her: The                Career Advancement Week, Oct. 21–25           Department of Economics collected
                                             The week’s activities included an open        the most canned goods for the
Women’s Wine and Dine, Aimee Bracken
                                             house for CBE graduate programs and a         second consecutive year.
of Form, and Claudia Towles of a Muse
of Fell’s Point.                             special seminar on the GMAT and

                                                                                                      Towson University • Spring 2009   9
                            Faculty Research

                John Michel ’99         What is the role of intelligence in the NFL?
                                        By John W. michel

                                       Adapted from “Not much more than g? An examination of the impact of intelligence
                                       on NFL performance,” by John W. Michel, Brian D. Lyons (California State University,
                                       Fresno) and Brian J. Hoffman (University of Georgia). The article will be published in a
                                       future issue of Human Performance; sections were presented at the 20th and 21st annual
                                       meetings of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

                                        It was a sad day in Charm         selected in the 2002 NFL          during game situations. They
                                        City when the Pittsburgh          Draft, 257 in the 2003 NFL        should be prepared to read
                                        Steelers won the AFC cham-        Draft and 249 in the 2004         defensive alignments and
                                        pionship game with a 23–14        NFL Draft). Although it is        react to coverage within spilt
                                        victory this January. With        likely that success in the NFL    seconds of the play. These
                                        the Ravens just one game          is strongly related to physi-     tasks seem to entail a higher
     John W. Michel, assistant          shy of making it to Super         cal ability, GMA may also be      level of learning compre-
     professor of management,           Bowl XLIII, many Baltimor-        an important determinant of       hension, problem-solving
     joined Towson University in        eans might wonder what the        performance. For instance,        and decision-making than
                                        Ravens could have done to         NFL performance requires          other offensive and defensive
     fall 2007. His research focuses
                                        improve their chances of          players to learn complex          positions. As a result, to the
     on customer service behavior,
                                        winning the game. Some            schemes and playbooks, un-        degree that some positions
     leadership and influence
                                        believe that individual team      derstand the tendencies of the    engender less complexity
     processes, performance             member intelligence plays         different teams they play each    than others, the relationship
     management, training, and          an important role in perfor-      week, and quickly process         between GMA and perfor-
     employee turnover, with an         mance within the NFL.             information and adjust their      mance may vary by position.
     emphasis on understanding the                                        play multiple times during the
                                        In fact, the NFL uses a                                             Based on these assertions, we
     role of support in the develop-    measure of intelligence, the      course of a single game. As       hypothesize that position type
     ment of social exchange            Wonderlic Personnel Test          such, we hypothesized that        will moderate the relationship
     relationships within organiza-     (WPT), to evaluate the            GMA would be positively           between GMA and NFL
     tions. His work has been pub-      general mental ability (GMA)      related to NFL performance.       performance, the relationship
     lished in Human Performance        of potential NFL draftees.        A meta-analysis by Schmidt        will be stronger for quarter-
     and the International Journal      HR Measurements, an online        and Hunter (1998) demon-          backs than other positions.
     of Training and Development.       publication produced by           strated that although GMA is
     He has also published two          Wonderlic, Inc. in 2004,          related to performance across     method
     book chapters in the areas of      stated that the WPT is an         levels of job complexity, the
     proactive influence tactics and    essential assessment because      relationship is stronger in
                                                                                                            All traditional offensive and
                                        “smarter people make better       more complex jobs that have
     international human resource                                                                           defensive positional play-
                                        teammates and deliver more        greater cognitive demands. In
     management.                                                                                            ers were represented. Due
                                        wins to the team.” However,       relation to this study, certain
                                                                                                            to low sample sizes, kickers
     He received his doctorate in       there is no empirical evidence    positions may require more
                                                                                                            and punters were excluded.
     organizational studies from        to suggest that intelligence      problem-solving and decision-
                                                                                                            Draftees consisted of
     the University at Albany, State    actually predicts performance     making ability (e.g., quarter-
                                                                                                            528 African Americans
     University of New York. He also    in the NFL as it does in tradi-   backs) than other positions
                                                                                                            (69.3 percent), 215
     holds an M.S. in industrial and    tional work environments.         that primarily rely on physical
                                                                                                            Caucasians (28.2 percent)
                                        To determine the efficiency       attributes and instinct
     organizational psychology from                                                                         and 19 Other (2.5 percent).
                                        and equity of GM in profes-       (e.g., running backs).
     the University of Baltimore                                                                            Measures
     and a B.S. in psychology from      sional football, we included a    For example, quarterbacks
                                                                                                            The WPT is a 12-minute
     Towson University.                 total of 762 NFL players          must digest an offensive play-
                                                                                                            timed test consisting of 50
                                        representing three draft          book and recall assignments
                                                                                                            multiple choice and short
                                        classes in our study (256         and routes of other positions

    10   Business Dialog
                                                                                               Faculty Research

                                                                                                 In addition, three research
                                                                                                 questions were developed to
                                                                                                 further determine General Mental
                                                                                                 Ability’s efficiency and equity in the
answer questions that measure verbal,          negative scores, we transformed the               NFL: Does GMA differentially
numerical, general knowledge, analytical       z-scores into T-scores for the final
and spatial relations. WPT data for all        performance estimates.                            predict NFL performance by race?
draftees was collected from secondary          Results                                           Does GMA affect selection in the
sources ( and                We tested our hypotheses using bivariate
                                                                                                 NFL Draft? and Does GMA influence
                                               and partial correlations and moderated
NFL Performance                                regression analyses. For our first
                                                                                                 the number of games started
Statistical data from the first three years    hypothesis, results indicated that the            in the NFL?
of performance in the NFL was collected        WPT was unrelated to any of the NFL
from and Stats, Inc. This              performance criteria.
closely approximates a player’s average        Results for our second hypothesis
tenure in the NFL, which is about three        showed that no significant correlations
and a half seasons (NFL Players                were detected between the WPT and
Association, 2007). Also, by examining         NFL performance for any position.
multiple years of performance, the             Interestingly, results suggested that the
GMA-performance relationship is                                                             • Possessed a near zero
                                               GMA-NFL performance relationship               relationship with performance across
depicted longitudinally.                       was not significant for quarterbacks.          positions and had an occasional
Procedure                                      In addition, race did not moderate this        significant negative relationship with
To discover and compare the relation-          relationship.                                  performance by position;
ship between the WPT and performance           In general, the results from our three
across positions, all performance criteria                                                  • Did not differently predict
                                               research questions determined that             performance by race;
within each position were standardized.        1) African-Americans performed better
We negatively coded raw scores for             than Caucasians during these years,          • Was unrelated to selection in the NFL
adverse performance criteria such              2) GMA does not have an impact on              Draft or the number of games started
as fumbles and interceptions for               where a player is selected in the NFL          during a NFL season.
offensive positions.                           Draft, and 3) GMA does not relate to         Accordingly, more research is needed to
Raw scores for each draft class were           the number of games a player                 determine if GMA is related to proximal
transformed into z-scores within each          starts in the NFL.                           criteria of interest such as trainabil-
position per year and were later summed        Conclusion                                   ity ratings, playbook knowledge, play
and divided by the number of perfor-           In all, while empirical research supports    recall, and assignment recognition.
mance criteria that the position encom-        the validity of GMA as a predictor of        Furthermore, we are not suggesting that
passes to create an overall averaged           job performance in traditional employ-       intelligence is unimportant in the NFL;
estimation of their performance per year       ment settings, our results from this study   however, we do suggest that NFL teams
(taking into consideration missed time         suggest that GMA is less important in        assess fluid intelligence (e.g., reasoning,
for reasons including player injuries,         physically demanding contexts such as        identifying various schemes, short/long-
health, and suspension). An undesir-           the NFL. Specifically, our results demon-    term memory) rather than crystallized
able aspect of z-scores is that half of the    strated that GMA:                            forms of intelligence such as GMA.
scores in the distribution will be negative.
Since we did not want to interpret

                                                                                                       Towson University • Spring 2009   11
 alumni and friends

 Ed Callahan shares creativity, credit
                                                                       Callahan, as creative director and co-founder, not only
                                                                       oversees the company’s artistic process day-to-day, but also
                                                                       steers the agency’s overall creative vision. He has worked
                                                                          with Crayola, Harley Davidson, Lexus, Nabisco, Six
                                                                          Flags, Under Armour, Ripken Baseball, and other
                                                                       well known brands.
                                                                       Underlying his impressive client list is Callahan’s genuine
                                                                       concern for the Baltimore community. He serves as one
                                                                       of five “Donald Trumps” for the 2009 The Associate
                                                                       competition, CBE’s adaptation of NBC’s The Apprentice.
                                                                       In addition, every year Callahan and the Planit team work
                                                                       on branding with some local organizations—all free of
                                                                       charge. Beneficiaries of this generosity have included TU’s
                                                                       own WTMD-FM, whose “Pop Addict” print ad campaign
                                                                       launched a couple of years ago.
                                                                       “Planit is probably the most visionary company in
                                                                       Baltimore,” says Steve Yasko, WTMD general manager.
                                                                       “Ed and Matt should be running Google. They understand
                                                                       the human mind like no other company outside of
                                                                       Silicon Valley. Planit doesn’t force artificial boundaries
                                                                       or preconceived notions on what a work place should be,”
                                                                       he adds.
                                                                       “Ed is part of the new Baltimore and is on the leading edge
                                                                       of what Baltimore should be.”
                                                                       Callahan, who studied visual communications at TU, says
                                                                       that when he thinks of his alma mater, he thinks of a place
                                                                       where students acquire the tools needed to continue life
                                                                       in business.
                                                                       “We’ve had a lot of success with Towson students and
                                                                       graduates,” he says. “Towson builds kids that get it. The
                                                                       students are aligned with business objectives and what
                                                                       they want to do after school. They not only think about
                                                                       the appropriate classes, but also ask themselves, ‘What
                                                                       do I need to be doing while I’m in school to help me
                                                                       get there?’”
                                                                       A former commuter student, Callahan credits his
 Got a business problem? Ed Callahan ’92 and                           fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa, with getting him
 the team at Planit Agency can probably solve it.                      involved in the campus community. The tight-knit
                                                                       group remains connected today, golfing together
 Callahan and longtime friend Matt Doud started Planit,
                                                                       regularly and tailgating at homecoming.
 Baltimore’s third largest interactive advertising and marketing
 communications company, in 1994 with a vision to build a              Callahan says he exuded creativity long before he
 creative, interesting and fun culture.                                founded Planit.
 And that’s exactly what they did.                                     “Matt and I always joke that we’re in the right
 Planit’s long list of prestigious awards includes landing a spot on   industry: In high school we cared more about what
 Baltimore magazine’s 2009 “Best Places to Work,” and it’s easy        we had displayed inside our locker doors and what
 to see why. The agency boasts a panoramic view of the city from       the bumper sticker on the car meant,” he says.
 its Inner Harbor offices, a full-service bar in the reception area    “What I like about advertising is also what makes it one
 and pool table on the creative side of the suite.                     of the hardest industries. What makes it so stressful is
                                                                       also what makes it so great.”
12   Business Dialog
                                                                                                                alumni and friends

CBE alumnus Denny Mather ’72 plays key role in TU’s success
American industrialist Henry                  president of Morgan Financial Group. He          as a board member, he and his wife,
                                              is a member and regular adviser to former        Cynthia, established a scholarship fund to
Ford once said, “Coming                       Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s Executive Finance          honor former Gov. Ehrlich‘s dedication to
together is a beginning, keep-                Committee and was an appointed member            higher education. The fund, now valued
ing together is progress, and                 of the Board of the Maryland Stadium             at $150,000, will help make college a
working together is success.”                 Authority. He serves on the Towson               possibility for students who otherwise
Denny Mather ’72 has proved the wisdom        University Board of Visitors, where he           would not have the opportunity.
of Ford’s observations many times over the    provides leadership and guidance to              “Denny is not just a person who talks
course of his careeer.But Mather, unlike      President Robert L. Caret. He is the chair-      about doing something—he’s a man of
Ford, didn’t create automobiles. He           man emeritus of the Towson University            his word, ” says Gary Rubin, vice
created companies.                            Foundation, member of the TU Founda-             president for University Advancement
                                              tion’s Investment Committee and a board          and executive vice president of the TU
Mather has been growing and selling
                                              member for TowsonGlobal, TU’s                    Foundation. “He is kind, compassionate
companies for years. In 2000 he sold The
                                              international incubator for early-stage          and committed to his family. He brings all
Mather Companies, one of the largest
                                              companies. He is also chairman of the            of that to everything he does. He is truly
and fastest-growing general agencies and
                                              board of directors for Baltimore Reads, an       one of my favorite people here.”
third-party administrators of employee
                                              adult literacy organization, and a former
benefits programs, to BenefitMall. In 2006                                                     Mather enjoys coming to campus for
                                              member of the Advisory Board to MSDE
Mather sold his human resources consult-                                                       recreation as well as service, attending
                                              for Adult Education and Literary Services.
ing company, Mather @ Mazza, LLC, to                                                           an average of 14 athletic games per year
Agility HR.                                   “As a board member, it’s always a                at Towson. He can be found courtside
                                              challenge to find the way you can really         during any number of basketball games
“Denny had 120 employees reporting to
                                              make a difference,” Mather says. “I take a       and regularly attends football and lacrosse
him when he owned and ran his busi-
                                              look at what needs to get done and look in       home games. He says jokingly that he sees
ness,” says Francis Guillott, a BenefitMall
                                              the weeds a little bit and realize that by the   more games now than he did as a business
regional vice president who has known
                                              end of the term we can make a significant        student.
Mather for more than 20 years. “He
                                              difference. Anytime I leave a board meet-
would never introduce a person to you as                                                       “Working with Towson has been great,”
                                              ing or finish up a year on a board, I think
‘this is someone who works for me’. He                                                         Mather says. “With President Caret, we
                                              about each situation and if it played out
would say ‘this is so-and-so, and we work                                                      have an example of the right man in the
                                              the way the board intended.”
together.’” Mather has also served as vice                                                     right place at the right time. He is one of
                                              Mather has made a large                          the strongest people in the country to have
                                              impact at his alma mater.                        leading the campus. I can’t give enough to
                                              In addition to his service                       Towson. It’s been fun to be part of such a
                      Gary Rubin (left) and                                                    wonderful institution.”
                      Denny Mather ’72

                                                                                                           Towson University • Spring 2009   13
cbe advisory boards

The members of the CBE Advisory Board and Accounting Advisory Board serve as advisory groups to the dean, department chairs
and staff of the College of Business and Economics. The public looks to the board members to assure the integrity of the College of
Business and Economics is maintained in its external and internal fiscal, legal and policy matters through membership, guidance,
advocacy and development.

CBE Advisory Board                                                 CBE Accounting Advisory Board

deborah Tillett ’76              Tom iler                          ella Bartels ’95                   Deborah norris ’96
Board Chairperson                Gergana iotina ’98                Assistant Controller               CPA
President, BreakAway             Attorney at Law                   I4 Commerce                        Hertzbach & Company, P.A.
  Games                          Rosen Hoover P.A.                 mike Bender                        nancy s. Palmer
Executive Vice President,                                          Managing Director,                 General Manager
                                 deborah g. Jonas
BreakAway, Ltd.                                                    Tax Services                       Caves Valley Golf Club
                                 Learning and
Owner, Deb Tillett                                                 RSM McGladrey
                                   Organizational                                                     ernie Paszkiewicz
  Consulting, LLC
                                   Development Consultant          Tamara Basso Bensky ’93            Partner
stephanie Beran ’80              Constellation Energy              Meyers and Stauffer, LC            Gross, Mendelsohn &
Managing Director of Risk                                                                               Associates
                                 shafiq Khan                       Ronald m. Causey ’86
                                 Senior Vice President of          Director                           J. Kyle richards ’98
Legg Mason, Inc.
                                   eCommerce                       SC&H Group, LLC                    Chernoff & Richards, P.A.
art Casserly ’75                 Marriott International, Inc.      Todd feuerman ’87                  William seymour
Vice President
                                 Katie McClammer ’04               Director                           SB & Company, LLC
1st Mariner Bancorp
                                 Associate Product Manager,        Ellin & Tucker, Chartered          robert w. sharps ’93
Heather Chism ’00                  Gourmet                         Jay a. goldman                     Vice President
Director of Human                McCormick &                       Director                           T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
  Resources                        Company, Inc.                   RSM McGladrey, Inc.                John f. short
Senior Associate
                                 F. James McGrath ’79              Alla r. Kashlinskaya ’96           Washington Federal Practice
Johnson, Mirmiran &
                                 Vice President of Human           Senior Manager                     PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
                                    Relations – U.S.               Mergers and Acquisitions Tax
Karen deeley ’75                                                                                      William J. Tignanelli ’77
                                    Consumer Products              KPMG, LLP
Vice President                                                                                        Senior Vice President
MacKenzie Commercial                                               daniel J. Kenney                   Federal Reserve Bank
                                 McCormick &
  Real Estate Services                                             Principal                          sathya Vardhana
                                    Company, Inc.
                                                                   Reznick Group, PC                  Audit Manager
mike donahue ’74                 Pepper Karen Mintz ’89
Principal                                                          John Kraft                         Legg Mason & Co., LLC
                                 National Director of Sales
Washington Federal Practice                                        Clifton Gunderson, LLP
                                 HNP Pharmaceuticals
  PricewaterhouseCoopers,          Partner, Future Meds            Matt Leber ’01
  LLP                              Bay Area                        Manager
drew elburn                                                        Audit and Enterprise
                                 george Reynolds
Vice President, Business                                            RiskServices
                                 Director, Industry &
  Development                                                      Deloitte & Touche, LLP
                                   University Initiatives
The ACI Group                    Electronics Systems
steven K. fedder                 Northrop Grumman Corp.
Partner                          glenn Ross ’81
Leitess Leitess Friedberg        Managing Director
  & Fedder P.C.                  Archstone Portfolio
ellen R. fish                      Solutions
President                        louis e. sapperstein
AmericasBank                     Vice President & s
                                 Rosen, Sapperstein &
                                   Friedlander, Chartered

14   Business Dialog
                                                                                                                                    class notes

                                       Share Your News
                                       (Please print) Check one: q Dr. q Mr. q Ms. q Mrs.
                                       Name _______________________________________________________________ Class Year_____________
                                        Major/Concentration____________________Name at Graduation __________________________________

                                        Address _________________________________________________________ (Circle one: home or business)

                                        City ________________________State___________ZIP______________Country________________________

            HeRe’s mY neWs              Phone _____________________________________E-mail___________________________________________
         (attach a separate sheet
                                        If business address, company name ________________Position/Title_________________________________
           of paper, if necessary)
         You have my permission to
                                        Previous Address (if you are sending this to update your address)___________________________________
include my news in the Class Notes
 section in the next Business Dialog
                     q Yes or q No     ____________________________________________________________________________________________

       We WanT To KnoW                 What are your hobbies or interests?
                                       q Speaking about my professional experience, company              q Supporting CBE scholarship(s)
    i woULD LiKe To HeLP               q Conducting informational interviews or arranging or             q Providing job listings within my
        CBe sTudenTs BY                  industry job shadowing                                            organization
                                       q Arranging a tour of my company or organization                  q Discussing my CBE experience with
   (Please check all that apply)       q Serving as a mentor/professional coach                            prospective students
                                       q Coordinating internships
                                       or    Visit CBE alumni online at and share your news.

                                         ChaLLEnging TimEs dEmand

                                        Extraordinary                                        Leaders,
                                        Unprecedented                                        support
                                                Towson’s College of Business and Economics is fortunate! It is led by a dean who has vision,
                                                energy and passion. She is supported by an amazing cadre of faculty who bring both academic
                                                and real-world experience to the classroom.
                                                But they have one tough job! To keep CBE on track and provide students with the financial
                                                assistance they urgently need, gifts from alumni and friends are more important than ever.
                                                Please make a tax-deductible gift today. Your support has never mattered more.
                                                To contribute, log onto, call 1-866-301-3375 (toll free)
                                                or use the enclosed envelope.
                                                Thank you!

                                            Shohreh Kaynama
                                            Dean, College of Business and Economics
 donor report

 The College of Business and Economics Donor Report
 W     e are deeply grateful to our donors for investing in Towson University’s College of Business and Economics, its students
       and its mission. Your generous support contributes immeasurably to the intellectual and cultural life of the university,
 helping to attract the people and support the programs that make Towson a distinctive institution of higher learning.
 On these pages, we recognize and honor the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, friends, corporations, foundations and
 other organizations that have supported the College of Business and Economics from July 1, 2008 to April 6, 2009.

 $50,000 and above                          $1,000 to $2,499                           Marguerite L. Phillips ’77
 Vincent W. Talbert ’90                     AmericasBank                               Sherry L. Randles ’98
                                            Edward H. Ben ’93                          Peter V. Savage
 $25,000 to $49,999                         Stephanie M. Beran ’81                     Barbara L. Shifflett ’79
 Kenneth V. Moreland ’78                    CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield             Deborah A. Tillett ’76
 Renee A. Moreland ’79                      Rita Costello
 Northrop Grumman                           Brian M. Davis ’97                         $250 to $499
    Electronic Systems                      Drew Elburn                                Tamara B. Bensky ’93
 T. Rowe Price Program for                  M. Albert Figinski                         Brian Ramsay Bienert ’01
    Charitable Giving                       Ellen R. Fish                              Martin Freedman
                                            Thomas G. Iler                             Ora Freedman
 $10,000 to $24,999                         Gergana Emilova Iotina ’98                 Nancy L. Gerling
 SC & H Group, Inc.                         Cecilia Januszkiewicz                      Michael J. Kearney ’84
                                            Deborah Jonas                              Jennifer L. Labute ’98
 $5,000 to $9,999                                                                      Joel A. Labute ’00
                                            Eric C. Lent ’91
 Ronald M. Causey ’86                                                                  Robert J. Miller
                                            Karen Richardson Lent
 Lockheed Martin Corporation                                                           Jacqueline S. Mohr ’07
                                            F. James McGrath ’79
 Midstate Federal Savings                                                              Ricky Scott Rubin ’93
                                            Pepper K. Mintz ’89
    & Loan                                                                             Barbara Ann Saxton ’87
                                            Rosen Hoover P.A.
 Pamela G. Sharps ’92                                                                  Ahmad S. Shadman
                                            Stuart N. Rudo ’92
 Robert W. Sharps ’93                                                                  Yelena Vurgaftman ’03
                                            Timothy E. Sullivan
                                            Talcott Gran Charitable Trust              $100 to $249
 $2,500 to $4,999                           The ACI Group                              Shui Kwan Chan ’00
 Charles G. Koch Charitable                 A. Andrew Tignanelli                       Catherine V. Cheek ’00
    Foundation                              Mitchell Patrick Tracy ’76                 Maria A. Coakley ’80 ’93
 Linda C. Donahue                           Robin A. Tracy ’77                         Ruth M. Cohen ’00
 Michael X. Donahue ’74                     James K. Wilhelm, Jr. ’87                  Joseph M. Dudzinsky ’88
 Shohreh A. Kaynama ’76                                                                Donna M. Fields ’81
                                            $500 to $999
 Rosen, Sapperstein &                                                                  Edward B. Fields III ’82
                                            Manoj Thomas Basuray
    Friedlander, Ctd                                                                   Donna T. Fox
                                            Deloitte Services LP
 Howard J. Rosen                                                                       Donna M. Gawryck
                                            Karen S. Deeley ’75
 Hamid Tabatabai                                                                       Robert E. Gawryck ’81
                                            Anita C. French ’85
 Michael J. Young ’81                                                                  Suzanne C. Goad ’83
                                            Gregory A. French ’82
                                            John L. Kenneally ’79                      F. Holly Hearne
                                            Martin B. Mintz ’60                        Brian Jay King ’84
                                            Northern Pharmacy & Medical                Jeffrey M. Klima ’01
                                               Equipment                               Marion Stephani Lewis

16   Business Dialog
                                                                               donor report

Orville C. Lewis ’66            David J. Gibbons ’82
Linda Markowitz                 Dayna Marie Gibson ’86
                                                              The Towson University Foundation,
Zvi Markowitz                   Joseph M. Gichner
R. Sean Mello ’02               Sonya M. Gichner              Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation
Helen Murray                    Antonio Giuffrida             established with the approval of
J. William Murray ’08           Giuseppa Giuffrida            the Board of Regents, and has the
Lisa A. Orsini ’98              Gary Glass                    mission of providing the means for
Mary J. Parkinson ’72           Kay Glass                     private contributions to be used for
Christine M. Pervola ’05        Melanie M. Grupp ’78
                                                              the benefit of the institution.
Richard A. Roland ’77           Jodi L. Harris ’07
Ross IA, LLC                    Barbara R. Heavrin            A copy of the foundation’s
Glenn E. Ross ’81               David Heavrin                 current audited financial statement
Diane E. Schnitzer              Susanne Hoffmann ’07          is available upon request at the
Marvin W. Schnitzer             Timothy M. Jones ’85
                                                              Towson University Foundation, Inc.,
Scott A. Sheppard ’84           Julie A. Keith ’94
Deborah C. Talbert              Richard D. Koons ’81          Towson University, 8000 York Road,
Precha Thavikulwat              Brianne E. Lacey              Towson, Maryland 21252-0001.
Maria F. Tripodi ’92            Albert J. Langis ’76          Documents and information
Sheila Walsh                    Erinn D. Madden               submitted to the State of Maryland
Ryan M. Warner ’96              Marc Ellison & Associates     under the Maryland Charitable
Frederick C. Williams Jr. ’84   Mary Alice Miller ’97
                                                              Solicitations Act are available from
                                Eric S. Mouyal ’07
$99 and below                                                 the Office of the Secretary of State,
                                Deborah Lynne Norris ’96
Anonymous                       Suzanne Omelia ’87            State House, Annapolis, Maryland,
Selena Alexander ’89            Thomas A. Pasqualini ’79      21401 for the cost of copying
Peter Wade Bacon ’86            Kimberly Rose Patterson ’08   and postage.
Jeffrey John Bondyra ’91        Marion H. Reed
Lisa M. Brady ’89                                             Donors listed here made gifts to
                                Mary Catherine Replogle ’81
Matt S. Bralove ’05             Alicia A. Schwartz            the Towson University Foundation
Deborah A. Brown-Gibbons ’76    Alan Griffith Shaw ’93        between July 1, 2008 and
Stephen P. Clark ’77            Ruth E. Stokes ’78            April 6, 2009.
Henry I. Cook ’73               Jerome A. Strausberg ’78
Elmore Cross                                                  Great care was taken to ensure
                                Jeanne M. Swain ’91
Lana L. Cross                   Christopher J. Tracy ’01      the accuracy of this listing, and we
Joseph R. DePalo ’77            Jenny Truong ’07              would appreciate your sharing with
Herbert Eichler                 Cynthia A. Vacovsky ’84       us any errors or omissions.
Linda M. Eichler                Mary K. Walter                Please direct inquiries to Shannon
Diane M. Ellin ’02              Robert C. Walter Sr.          Arehart, manager of stewardship
Jeffrey R. Ellin ’00 ’04        Barry K. Walton
Marc E. Ellison ’81                                           programs & donor relations,
                                Dennis J. Weller ’79
Gerard J. Erdman ’80                                          at 1-866-301-3375 or
                                Stacy Lynn Wittich ’07
Cynthia S. Farley               Chaim Yudkowsky ’87 
John Norman Farley              Raquel Yudkowsky ’95          Thank you.
Dennis Patrick Fitzgerald ’91
Donna Lynn Flanary ’96
Mahlon A. Fogle Jr. ’78

                                                               Towson University • Spring 2009     17
          College of Business and Economics                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                        Towson University                                                                                             PAID
                           8000 York Road                                                                                       Towson University
                    Towson, MD 21252-001

                                                                                                  Sunday, May 3
                                                                                    Little Havana Restaurante y Cantina Cubana
                                                                                            1325 Key Highway • Baltimore, Maryland 21230

                                                                                    Free, off-street parking available next to the restaurant

                                 To reserve tickets or pay by credit card, contact the Office of the Dean at 410-704-4883 or
                        Early bird tickets before April 18: $50/person. After April 18: $60/person and
                                 must be paid by credit card only. All proceeds benefit the CBE Advisory Board Scholarship Endowment.

                                 Courtney LaSalle Senior Marketing student, Towson University                       Last year the event netted
                                                                                                                     about $9,400 for the CBE
“The CBE Advisory Board Scholarship helped me pay for tuition. Without the support of the scholarship,
                                                                                                                    Advisory Board Scholarship.
I would have had to borrow more money through student loans, which would consequently deepen the
debt I have acquired while paying my way through college.”

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