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					Senior Newsletter – December 2008

Important Dates to Remember:
    January 6th : Former SPHS Students will give students and parents insight into what works
       for being accepted to, paying for, and surviving college. This meeting will be held in the
       SPHS cafeteria at 6:30pm
    January 15th: Financial Aid Information Night – Information on scholarships, grants and
       other financial aid; including the FAFSA and CSS Profile. This meeting will be held in the
       SPHS cafeteria at 6:30pm
    February 21st: FAFSA Day – free assistance with completing the FAFSA form at various
       locations around the state including Gaston College and UNC Charlotte. Register for this at

        Many of the scholarships listed are not due until a later date. However, I strongly advise you
         to apply for these now instead of waiting until the last minute. Not only will you do a better
         job on them, there are other scholarships that will be coming out in the new year and I don’t
         want you to get overwhelmed! Also, many of these scholarships require financial aid
         information – complete everything you can now, and then fill in the financial aid info when
         you have it.
        FAFSA – I know many of you are anxious to complete the FAFSA form – however, it is not
         even available for current seniors until January 2nd. Your parents also have to have their W2
         forms in order to complete it. It is due March 15 th, so you do have plenty of time to do this!

    1.  AXA Achievement Community Scholarship: Winners of the AXA Scholarship have ambition
        and drive, determination to set and reach goals, respect for self, family, and community, and the
        ability to succeed in college. This is a $2,000 scholarship that can be downloaded from Deadline is February 15th.
    2. SAMMY: $7,500 scholarship for student athletes who demonstrate excellence in academics,
        athletics, community service, leadership, and include milk as part of their healthy lifestyles. Apply
        at: by March 6th.
    3. Scholarship for Future Science Teachers: The Abernethy Scholarship is for students who want
        to become a science teacher and attend East Carolina University. This scholarship is worth $2,500
        per year - applications are available in guidance and due January 25 th.
    4. Fayetteville State Information Session: Representatives from Fayetteville State University will
        be at Victory Christian Center , Campus 3 (6916 Old Pineville Road in Charlotte) on Tuesday,
        December 16th from 6:00-7:30pm. If you attend this session and apply for admission while you are
        there, your application fee will be waived! More info:
    5. NC A and T University Information Session: Representatives from NC A and T University will
        be at the Hilton Charlotte University Place on January 22 nd at 7:00pm to answer all of your
        questions about attending college there. More Info:
    6. Attending UNC or NCSU next year?: Granville Towers and University Towers offer alternative
        on-campus housing – If you are interested in more information, please contact them at: (UNC) or (NCSU)
    7. DECA Scholarships: If you are a member of DECA there are many scholarships you may qualify
        for – please see Mrs. Collins or Mrs. Van Pelt for more information.
    8. Ronald McDonald Scholarships: The Ronald McDonald Foundation offers multiple scholarships
        for high school seniors. Applications are available in guidance or online at –
        deadline to apply is February 16th
    9. Gaston Music Education Foundation Music Scholarship: Three scholarships worth up to
        $2,400 will be given to Gaston County high school students who plan on majoring in music. One
        scholarship, the Ouida Shotts, is especially for choral music students. The application is available
        in guidance or from Mrs. Glover or Mr. Hamilton. It is due to Mrs. Collins by Wednesday,
        January 14th. Auditions will be held on Saturday, February 14 th.
    10. KFC Colonel’s Scholars Scholarship: Up to $20,000 for high school seniors who: have a 2.75
        minimum GPA, go to an in-state school, and complete an online application sometime between
        December 1st and February 10th. Scholarship applications are available at
Senior Newsletter – December 2008

   11. Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship: SPHS can nominate three students for this scholarship (we
       had three winners last year!) worth up to $6,000. Criteria includes: 3.5 un-weighted GPA, SAT
       combined score of at least 1860 or an ACT score of 28 or higher. Please tell Mrs. Collins if you
       are interested by December 1st.
   12. Co-op Scholarship for Johnson and Wales: There are 200 scholarships for up to $6,000
       available for students who want attend a college with a co-op program (such as Johnson and Wales
       or Drexel University). Applications are available at:
   13. Alpha Eta Teacher’s Sorority Scholarship: One $500 scholarship will be given to a Gaston
       County student who wants to become a teacher. Applications are available in guidance and due to
       Mrs. Collins by April 1st.
   14. Red Cross Scholarships: there is a drawing for a $2000 scholarship for students who helped
       organize or run a Blood Dive this year – this would include HOSA and Student Council members!
       All you have to do is complete a form on the following website: Deadline to enter is February 1st.
   15. Red Cross Scholarship #2: Up to $1,000 in scholarship money - an essay and two letters of
       recommendation are required…Scholarship application is available at:
   16. Elks Most Valuable Student Application: This scholarship is worth up to $60,000 - it is a long
       scholarship but could definetly be worth it! Applications are available in guidance or at The deadline is January 9th – please let me know if you have
   17. Did you know….? Johnson and Wales University has a business school in Charlotte! Degrees
       are available in Marketing, Management, Accounting, and Fashion and Retail Marketing. For
       more info is available at:
   18. Millennium Teacher Scholarship: Like the Teaching Fellows…up to 60 NC high school seniors
       can earn this scholarship worth $26,000. These scholarships are for students who want to teach
       and who would like to attend Winston Salem State University, Elizabeth City State University, or
       Fayetteville State University. More info is available at Please let Mrs.
       Collins know if you are interested…
   19. Prospective Teacher Scholarship/Loan – only a “loan” if you decide to no longer be a
       teacher…$2,500 for the first two years and $4,000 for the last two years of college for students
       who want to be teachers! 2.5 unweighted GPA and an application is required. More info is
       available at: www.cfnc.PTSL
   20. Nurse Scholars Program: The nurse Scholar’s Program is a scholarship opportunity for future
       nurses who agree to serve as a nurse in North Carolina for 4 years after they graduate. The amount
       of scholarship money varies depending on whether a student is pursuing a two year degree, four
       year degree, or hospital based program. More info. is available at www.cfnc.nsp
   21. Scholarship for tall people: If you are a female over 5'10" or a male over 6'2",
       there is a scholarship opportunity for you at - under the
       heading "scholarships"
   22. Burger King Scholarship is worth $1,000 to students who work and go to school
       (you don't have to work at Burger King). Applicants must be high school
       seniors who:
            * have a 2.5 GPA or higher
            *Work an average of 15 hours a week or 40 weeks per year
            *Involved in community service and/or extracurricular activities
        Applications are available at - the ACCESS key is
       BKS and are due by February 2nd
   23. UNCG Merit Scholarships are now available online at - deadline is January 5th.
   24. The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo offer 10 scholarships worth $2,500 to students
       in the Charlotte area. Applications are based on an essay on drunk driving
       (specific topic is on application), typed application, and high school transcript.
       I have copies in my office OR you can download applications at:
Senior Newsletter – December 2008 Deadline is March 2nd - a good scholarship to go
       ahead and do now!!!
   25. Please check out (the downloads
       page), or come by guidance, for the following scholarships just for students
       from Gaston County:
       * Max J. Fowler Scholarship: for students who attend NCSU and enroll in
       wither the College of Physical & Mathematical Sciences or the College of
       Engineering - Deadline is April 3rd

       *Tom Browne Scholarship: for students who are pursuing a career in the
       construction industry (ex. architecture, design, construction management) -
       Deadline is March 31st

       *Clyde and Dezaree Brackett Scholarship: for all Gaston County students,
       based somewhat on financial need

       *Sylvia Holmes Scholarship: for females (preference is given to students
       who have participated in Girl Scouts) - deadline is January 31st

       *Jarman Family Scholarship: for students who's parent serves as a
       minister in either North or South Carolina - deadline is March 2nd

       I know that all of these scholarships have deadlines that are far away - it is a
       great idea to go ahead and get them out of the way - I will take them at any
   26. The John E. Willoughby Scholarship is sponsored by the Lion's Club and the Gaston County
       Community Foundation and is for students who are blind and/or hearing impaired or who have a
       parent who is blind and/or hearing impaired. Students must attend a college/university in North
       The application will be on-line at shortly or you can pick one
       in guidance. The deadline is March 31st.
   27. Campbell University Visit: Representatives from Campbell University will be at the Wingate Inn
       in Concord from 6:30-8:30pm on Monday, December 8th. At this meeting, you will have the
       chance to meet faculty, staff, and students while you learn more about Campbell has to offer.
       RSVP online at: or call 1-800-334-4111, ext. 1299

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