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					                      Tri-County Office on Aging
                                     A Consortium of Clinton, Eaton & Ingham counties, and the
                                            cities of Lansing & East Lansing since 1974.

                        FRIENDS FOR INDEPENDENCE (FFI)
                                   COORDINATING COUNCIL
                                         November 16, 2010 - 12:00 PM

       Members Present               Members Absent                      Staff
       Dean Poggiali                 Fritz Kellermann                    Nancy Kapp
       Bob Parsons                   Ellen Sullivan                      Marion Owen
       Deb Nicolay                   Rebecca Bahar-Cook                  Amy Colletti
       Doug Chalgian                 Bruce Dunn                          Michele Steed (consultant)
       Kay Palinski                                                      Gordon Robinson, MI Financial Group
       Danielle Weller

I.     Welcome & Introductions: Dean Poggiali welcomed everyone to the meeting.
II.    Approval of 9/21/2010 minutes: Doug Chalgian made motion to accept the minutes seconded by Danielle
III.   Director’s Report: Marion Owen reported that the FY 2011 State of Michigan budget will include an 8%
       cut for aging programs. TCOA had been anticipating this and has budgeted accordingly. The Office of
       Services to the Aging and the Area Agencies on Aging Association are working on transition papers for the
       new governor and legislators to provide information on the aging network and how aging programs save
       state and federal dollars. The documents will also focus on the impact of budget cuts over the years and
       information on waiting lists for services. The $20 million increase in funds for the Medicaid Waiver
       program has been targeted by the legislature to be used for persons transitioning out of nursing homes back
       to the community. Those who are currently at home and at imminent risk of going into a nursing home can
       only be helped for six months then must be counted in the regular waiver budget. Because of this TCOA
       now has a waiting list of over 500 people in the tri-county area. Discussions have been held by legal
       advocates regarding a possible law suit based on the landmark Olmstead decision, a historical legal case
       where the courts ruled that not offering persons who are nursing home eligible the right to choose living in
       the community, in integrated settings, violates the Americans with Disability Act. A lawsuit was filed in
       2000 in Michigan using this argument and was successfully used to reopen the Medicaid Waiver program.

IV.    Fundraising Reports
       A.    Print Materials/Social Media Update- M. Steed distributed informational materials that may be
             useful for social media and networking policies. An internal group of TCOA staff have been meeting
             on a regular basis to work on the new agency brochures and a print designer has been selected. The
             social media component, DonorPages, from our fundraising software has been purchased and the
             process is underway to update the network server. The next step is to design the page and make it
             available for use.
       B.    501c(3) Status – M. Steed and Ellen Sullivan were able to connect via Skype and information with
             potential pros and cons for applying for a 501c(3) status was distributed. D. Weller commented from
             personal experience how non profits indicate they are 501c(3) on their applications and explain their
             true status when asked. Some agencies partner with another 501c(3) holder or work through the
             community foundation for grants. The subcommittee recommends that more research needs to be
             gathered regarding possible fiscal sponsors, project partners and to generate a list of grant/funding
             opportunities that we are not eligible for because we are not 501c(3).
Tri-County Office on Aging                                                                   November 16, 2010
Friends For Independence Coordinating Council Minutes                                                Page Two

        C.     Activity Report – N. Kapp presented reports and reviewed the following
               1.      Fall Mailing – 7,454 letters were mailed on Nov. 9th and 129 responses have been received
                       for $9,635. The 2009 fall mailing had 781 responses for $64,444. Responses for the fall
                       mailing will be tracked until May 1st.
               2.      Dinner & Auction – The event was held on November 4 with 366 persons in attendance.
                       All expenses are accounted for except for the cost of a newspaper thank you ad. This was
                       the most profitable event held to date with $46,267 in net proceeds!

V.      FY 2011 Nutrition Annual Allocation – An electronic vote was held with all members of the committee
        voting in favor of allocating the amount of $94,364 ($9,364 for the remainder for the cost of a van and
        $85,000 in general funds) for the nutrition program. As is protocol in electronic votes a motion with this
        same language was made by Deb Nicolay supported by D. Poggiali.

VI.     Gordon Robinson, Michigan Financial Group Investment Overview: Gordon Robinson gave an
        overview on the current investment market and the status of the funds from the Capital Campaign invested
        by his company. TCOA has a strict policy and all investments must be AAA rated. In 2017 occupancy rates
        will decrease but agency Finance Director, Amy Colletti reported that we have seen a large increase in
        utilities and building maintenance costs (patches for the parking lot, etc.) since we moved here in 1997. M.
        Owen commented that funds from this account were used to equip all the public spaces in the agency. She
        discussed the need for a residential style dishwasher in the break room and asked to use funds from this
        account to purchase one. Bob Parsons made a motion to allocate up to $500 from the Capital Campaign
        fund towards the purchase and installation of a dishwasher, seconded by K. Palinski.

VII.    New Business
        A. Goal Setting – Discussion was held as to what type of criteria should be used by the committee to set
           goals. Setting a number goal may not be in accordance with the purpose of the Friends for Independence
           as set forth in our bylaws. B. Parsons, M. Steed and N. Kapp have agreed to meet and prepare a list of
           potential goals for the group in the areas of community awareness, outreach and membership for the
           next meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by K. Palinski seconded by B. Parsons at 1:09 PM

       Action Items                                                       Assigned
1      Committee member needed to serve as VP                             FFI members
2      Third Party Fundraising policy posted to website                   N. Kapp – Completed
3      501c(3) Status report for next meeting                             M. Steed, E. Sullivan, D. Nicolay
4      Goal Setting Strategy                                              B. Parsons, M. Steed, N. Kapp

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