Trends in Sports and Entertainment Marketing by malj


									                                   Trends in Sports and Entertainment Marketing

It is important to investigate trends over time to better understand opportunities that exist within a marketplace.
It is important to know where an industry has been and where it is heading.

In groups of 2 to 3 people, you will pick one of the four categories below and use the Internet to research your
questions. Your group will create a formal presentation to the class to explain your findings and include a
discussion with your peers.

Local Sports & Entertainment

   1. In our community, what sports opportunities do students have to become involved in?

   2. In our community, what are the current entertainment options for consumers to enjoy?

   3. Explain one sports opportunity and one entertainment opportunity that our community does not already
      have that would be profitable. Be sure to explain the target market, why people would enjoy your
      suggestions and what exactly would the opportunity consist of. You may research opportunities in other
      counties or states around the country.

   4. Explain guerilla marketing and how a local company may be using this in the sports or entertainment
      industry. If they are not already using it, explain how they could use it.

State Sports & Entertainment

   5. What are the 4 top professional sports opportunities in Georgia?

   6. Who are the top corporate sponsors of the four major sports teams?

   7. Explain how the merging of sports and entertainment has changed the experience of a professional
      game. **Hint – think about how the fans are involved in the game

   8. Explain one new sponsor proposal you think would benefit a company.

National Sports & Entertainment

   9. How has social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) changed the way celebrities and professional athletes
      promote themselves to fans.

   10. Explain the effects of the web on the marketing of sports and entertainment celebrities. This should
       include sites that are outside of social media.

   11. Explain the various media outlets that are used in the sports and entertainment industry to get the
       products to the consumer. For each outlet, explain how it has changed over time.

   12. How has corporate sponsorship changed over time? What are potential sponsors looking for?

   Georgia CTAE Resource Network                        Advanced Sports & Entertainment Mkt. • Grades 9-12 • Unit 1.2
International Sports & Entertainment

   13. Explain ambush marketing. Provide real examples.

   14. Pick one sport and explain the globalization of that sport in recent years. Provide real examples.

   15. Explain the recent marketing trends in the Olympic Games.

   16. Explain niche market and how the International sports industries get their products to the small niche

                                          Presentation Guidelines

Your team may choose to do a video broadcast (News show, Talk show, etc), PowerPoint, Tri-fold board, or an
option of your choice with teacher approval in order to present your information to the class. The most
important thing to remember is that you answer the questions in your research so that you are able to teach
the class about your topic.

Use the questions below and the rubric to guide your planning of your presentation:

   1. What area will our group present?

   2. How will our group present the information?

   3. For each member of the group, what is their role?

   4. What props/supplies will we need to complete our presentation?

   5. What vocabulary is needed in our presentation?

   6. After your research and presentation are complete, list 3 questions to discuss with the class.

   Georgia CTAE Resource Network                      Advanced Sports & Entertainment Mkt. • Grades 9-12 • Unit 1.2

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