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									                     BEE POLLEN BENEFITS
                          Top 10 Benefits of Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen is considered to be a perfect food, due to the fact that it is made up
of 96 different kinds of nutrients. Additionally, it consists of 40 different kinds
of proteins, which are very important for the proper functioning of the body. In
addition to the proteins, bee pollen also has 22 different kinds of
polyunsaturated fatty acids, carotene, enzymes and amino acids. There are
also small amounts of copper, potassium, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium.
All the nutrients that make up bee pollen are very important to enhancing the
overall health of the body; as such, there are several bee pollen benefits.

There are quite a few bee pollen benefits that you can make use of. Only five
percent of the active ingredients in bee pollen are released in the body; as
such you would have to consume large amounts of bee pollen in order to get
bee pollen benefits. There are various companies that are working to increase
the percentage to as high as ninety-five percent. Freeze dried bee pollens are
those that will offer you the maximum bee pollen benefits. By keeping bee
pollens from becoming oxidized, you are preventing degradation. Try your best
to avoid processed and heat processed bee pollens, as the processing has
destroyed the vital nutrients and enzymes.

Bee Pollen Benefits:

    Bee pollen helps to enhance the function of the immune system; it will
     also help to make your body resistant to various types of allergies.

    If you are coping with a lot of stress, then bee pollen is an absolutely
     good remedy. This is one of the bee pollen benefits that are very popular
     today, as most of today’s population have to cope with a lot of stress.

    Athletes use bee pollen to help enhance their endurance and energy.
     Regular use of bee pollens will offer long term benefits.

    If you are looking for a natural energizer for your body, then you should
     consider using bee pollens.

    One of the bee pollen health benefits that many persons will find useful
     today is the fact that it helps to reduce weight.

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    By dissolving and flushing fat cells, bee pollens help to enhance the
     body’s metabolic rate. This is done as a result of lecithin in bee pollen.

    It is very effective in reducing high cholesterol levels.

    Bee pollen benefits that relate to women include relieving discomfort
     associated with PMS, and improve the function of the reproductive

    Bee pollen benefits for men include increasing sperm count and
     preventing problems with the prostate.

    It is also very effective in alleviating skin allergies such as itching, hives,
     rashes, among others.

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Brought to you by bee-pollen-diabetes.

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