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Items - Excel by cuiliqing


Item                         Cost Lbs Avl         Notes
Fire Jelly                      0.2  2 E          Heating element for cooking
Garden Bunk                      18 45 C          Shipboard mini-garden
Gun Vac Case                    2.6  4 C          Allows a firearm to function in a vacuum
Gun Cleaning Kit                2.4  4 E          Gun and knife cleaning care and gear
Multiband                       4.8  0 C          Multi-function watch
Patch Tape                      1.2  3 E          10-yard roll of airtight cloth patching
Purifiction Crystals            0.4  0 E          Prepares 20 gallons of water to drink
Trash Incinerator               7.4 20 E          Disposes of organic trash

Item                         Cost Lbs Avl         Notes
Crop Supplements               300   0 C          Fertilizer and growth-stimulating chemicals for most crop plants
Drink, Fine Wine                6.4  0 C          One Case
Drink, Good Whiskey             5.6  0 C          One decanter
Foodstuffs, Canned                5  0 E          Average cost for one person/week
Foodstuffs, Fresh                 8  0 E          Average cost for one person/week
Foodstuffs, Luxury                2  0 C          Average cost for one 'unit'
Foodstuffs, Nutrient Bars      570   0 C          Case of 100 bars
Foodstuffs, Protein Packs       2.5  0 E          Average cost for one person/week
Spices, Common                    2  0 C          1/2 lb package
Spices, Rare                      5  0 C          Five ounce package

Item                           Cost Lbs     Avl   Notes
Cortex Terminal, Black Box      747.2 20    I     Illegal, nonstandard Cortex access terminal
Cortex Terminal, Personal Access 100  15    C     Allows acess to profiles on Cortex for data storage
Cortex Terminal, Public Access     52 15    E     Allows acess to profiles on Cortex for data storage
Data-library, Standard           22.8   0   E     Annual renewal = 5.7¢
Data-library, Professional         92   0   C     Annual renewal = 23¢; may require Alliance certification
DataBook                           30   2   E     Low-storage display unit; reads data discs; can interface with Terminals
Data Disc                         0.2   0   E     Stores electronic data or recordings
Dedicated Sourcebox               154 30    C     Allows access to Cortex; also acts as local Cortex hub and database
Item                           Cost Lbs     Avl   Notes
Encyclopedia                      60   2   C   Official Encyclopedic Data-library
Holo-Image Development Suite      64   5   C   A software bundle with additional computer hardware
SubKelvin                         80   0   I   A security-detroying software link
XerO Security                    7.2   0   C   Computer security software; 5¢ annual fee

Item                         Cost Lbs Avl      Notes
Barrier Field                  1062 450 C      Up to 50 feet of force-barrier fencing (50 dmg in a turn shorts it out)
Commpack, Long Range           37.8   10 C     Allows communication up to 300 miles; Battery = 0.2¢ (2 months)
Commpack, Short Range          22.4    7 E     Same as above, but 20 mile range and the communication is encoded
Distress Beacon                  31   14 C     Automated distress signal, range of 750 miles, self-powered 10 hours
Emergency Signal Ring           300    0 C     A Newtech, miniaturized distress beacon, worn as a ring
Fedband Scanner                19.8    3 I     Reads most official frequencies
Gunscanner                    132.8 220 C      Security device, scans for weapons
Micro Transmitter                 8    0 C     Wearable comm. unit; Hard to spot; Range is a few hundred yards
Motion Sensor Array              22   12 C     Redeployable security system
Ship-linked Handset             3.2    1 E     Handset linked to ship's comm. system; 10 mile range
Surveyor's Box                  230   65 C     Scanning and detection equipment for laying out mineshafts
Transmission Station           2200 3000 C     License is 1,000¢ a year; Can process Telofonix and other Cortex signals
"Jabberwocky" Signal Blocker   13.3   10 I     Powerful communication jamming unit

Item                           Cost Lbs Avl    Notes
Blastomere Organs              18000     5 I   Newtech replacement organs; can extend lifespan
Cryo Chamber                    1300 275 I     Suspended animation unit
Dermal Mender                     800   15 C   Newtech wound-sealing equipment
Doctor's Bag                     27.4    7 R   Simple case with tools and supplies
Doctor's Bag (MedAcad)            210    8 C   A full set of portable Core MedAcad tools and supplies
First-Aid Kit                     0.6    3 E   A basic first-aid kit
Immunization Packet                 3    0 C   Powerful but short-lived inoculation agasint more common diseases
MedComp                           312   23 C   Vital-status diagnostic computer
Medial Supplies, Emergency        110   20 C   Most commonly needed emergency supplies for one month
Medial Supplies, Standard          46   15 C   Standard medical supplies to keep an infirmary stocked for one month
Operating Theatre, Modular        346 1250 C   Base camp or shipboard infirmary; installation costs 25¢

Item                             Cost Lbs Avl     Notes
Debugger                             20  1 C      Single scrambling hub; 15' radius
Disguise Kit                       65.6  5 C      Refill for 5¢ per 10 uses
Eavesdrops                         47.2  3 I      Includes 4 bugs with 30' range to transmission hub (transmits 1/2 mile)
Fake IdentCard                    4000   0 I      Illegal and hard to obtain
Laserlight Mist                     1.8  1 C      One can, good for about 25 cubic feet; dissipates in 2 turns
Lock Picks                           14  0 I      Required for mechanical locks
Lock Picks, Electronic             35.4  1 I      Required for electronic locks
Mag Charge                           27  1 I      Shorts out electronic devices (10' range)
Optical Bomb                         16  1 I      See note1 below…
Poison, Kortine [Debilatating]       11  0 I      Price per dose; see note2 below…
Poison, Cyanol [Lethal]            12.6  0 I      Price per dose; see note3 below…

note1: Temporarily blinds opponent or security camera. Range of 10' against cameras and 15' against people. Blinds
everyone in range for 1 turn. Then they have to make a Survival roll against a Difficulty of 15. If they fail, they are
blinded for 2d6 more turns. If they succeed, they are blinded for 2 more turns. Complete eye protection will give +2
note2: If poison (Kortine) enters bloodstream, does 1d8 S damage a turn for 6 turns. Extra S damage counts as Shock
points, but won't put victim in coma (will leave victim with at least 1 Life Point). If poison is only ingested (not in
bloodstream), the damage is only 1d4 S a turn for 6 turns.
note3: Whether ingested or injected, does 2d12 W damage. Victim must make a Hard Endurance roll or die of a heart

Item                             Cost Lbs Avl     Notes
CAD Board                          27.2   5 C     Design and schematic display tablet
Cutting Torch                         4   8 E     Will cut through most metal
Gravcart                            485 150 C     Can carry up to one ton (2 yards by 1 yard)
Scrapware                             5  50 E     Junked parts, for repair materials
"Sticky" Scrapper's Gel               2   2 C     Used to cut sheet metal, bulkheads, etc; price per 10 yards of gel
Tool Kit, Basic                    14.4  15 E     A full set of basic hand-tools
Tool Set, Electronic                138  45 C     Used for computer and electronic device or circuit work
Tool Set, Mechanic's                284 130 E     A moderately well-furnished workshop

Item                             Cost   Lbs   Avl Notes
AgriCultivator                 2240 1300 C       Automated farming robot
Automated Secretary            1600 1000 C       Receptionist; can take and transfer Telefonix calls, greet visitors, etc.
LoveBot                        1960 120 *        Personal companion robot (owners are blacklisted in Companion Registry)
Excavator                      2350 950 R        Designed for mining and digging
Household Assistant            1344   55 C       Cleans floors thoroughly
Scout Drone                     640   12 I       Military reconnaissance robot

Item                            Cost Lbs   Avl   Notes
Allied Postal Service              1.2     E     Price is for any post up to 10 lbs; or 5¢ per 25 lbs (up to 500lbs)
Companion - Evening               350      C     A Companion may be requested but they choose their own clients
Companion - Full Day              450      C     A Companion may be requested but they choose their own clients
Interplanetary Freight - Cargo Run 70      E     Basic rates per day, not counting expenses
Interplanetary Freight - Passenger 20      E     Basic rates per day, not counting expenses
Medical Care - Antibiotic Course 10.4      E     Treatment course for infection, take pill a day for two weeks. Rare on Rim.
Medical Care - Full Physical         8     E     Basic exam; good idea to get checked out regularly
Medical Care - Surgery, Major     600      C     Prices vary; any procedure normally requiring multiple medics/hospitalization
Medical Care - Surgery, Minor     150      E     Prices vary; any procedure not requiring hospitalization/advanced equipment
Ship Repair                       640      E     Price per hour of labor, parts may cost extra
h Terminals
ortex signals
ts 1/2 mile)
nion Registry)

. Rare on Rim.

anced equipment
Item                 Pwr Penalty      Cost Lbs Avl   Notes
Ballistic Mesh       1W*                46   4 C     Torso/legs/arms; converts 8W to 8S (bullet attacks)
Chameleon Suit       1W                 40 17 I      Whole body; +2 step to Covert rolls to remain hidden while unmoving
Helmet, Infantry     4W 1 Ale           16   2 E     Head
Helmet, Squad        4W 2 Ale           35   3 C     Head; Has communicator
Mask, NBC            2W 3 Ale            8   3 C     Head; breathe safe near nuclear, biological, or chemical hazards
NBC Body Suit        2W 2 Agi / 2 Ale 32 14 C        Whole body; protects against nuclear, biological, or chemical hazards
Plate Vest           4W* 1 Agi          30 10 E      Torso; Converts all damage to S (or shock)
Riot Gear            3W* 1 Agi / 1 Ale 92 24 C       Whole body; converts 8W to 8S (bullet attacks)
HeartLine Health Suit                   28   3 C     Undershirt; allows doctor to remotely monitor health
Tactical Suit        5W 2 Agi          110 18 I      Whole body; Converts all damage to S (or shock); Has communicator
Vacuum Suit          2W 2 Agi / 2 Ale 67 35 E        Whole body; allows survival in space
Item              Dmg Cost Lbs   Avl   Notes
Baton, Security   d2 S  1.2  2   E
Baton, Stun       d2 S*  12  2   C     *does Shock damage after knocked out; Batteries = 0.2 ¢ per 10 shocks
Brass Kunckles    *     0.8  1   E     *converts unarmed damage into Basic (instead of Stun)
Club, Wood        d4 B    0  3   E     Free because you can fashion any heavy piece of wood into a club
Club, Metal       d6 B  0.2  3   E
Hatchet           d6 W   16  4   E     Use it to cut down trees/chop firewood
Knife, Combat     d4 W  1.6  1   E
Knife, Utility    d2 W  0.8  0   E     Examples: Pocket Knife, Paring Knife, etc.
Machete           d4 W  3.2  3   E     Use it to chop through brush
Sword, Combat     d6 W   24  6   E
Sword, Gentleman'sd4 W   26  1   C
Item             Dmg    Range ROF Mag Cost Lbs Avl   Notes
Bow              d4 W      70   1 20*    6   6 E     *Quiver holds 20 arrows; 1¢ = 50 arrows
Crossbow         d4 W     150 0.5 20*    8 13 E      *Case holds 20 bolts; 1¢ = 50 bolts
Crossbow, Poweredd4 W     175   2    6  24 15 C
Derringer        d4 W      30   1    2  14   1 E     Easily concealable
Grenade Launcher *         40   1    8 106 12 I      *Fires any grenade; range pentalties doubled
Pistol           d6 W     100   3    8  18   2 E
Pistol, Laser    d10 W*   100   3   10 330 1.5 I     *Damage considered burn wounds; Battery (1 clip) = 2¢
Rifle            d8 W     225   3   30  30   9 E
Rifle, Assault   d8 W     150   3 40*   40 11 I      *Can fire single shot, burst, or autofire
Rifle, Sniper    d8 W   1000*   3   20 160 15 C      *Range assumes scope, otherwise is 225
Rifle, Sonic     d8 S      15   2   50 140   6 I*    Armor half effective (round down); Battery (1 clip) = 1¢
Shotgun          d10 W     10   2   10  50 10 E
Submachine Gun d6 W        60   3 35*   36   4 I     *Can fire single shot, burst, or autofire
Item                   Dmg    Range Cost Lbs Avl        Notes
                       3d12 W
ChemPlast (CP-HE) Charge          5    6   1 I
Grenade, Concussion    4d6 B     10 1.4    1 I
Grenade, Flashbang     2d6 B*     5 0.8    1 I          See note1 below…
Grenade, Fragmentation 5d6 W     15 1.8    1 I
Grenade, Smoke         d4 S      20 0.6    1 C          See note2 below...
Grenade, Gas           3d6 S      5 1.2    1 I          Knocks out those who breathe it; dissipates in a few rounds
Mining Charge          5d10 B     2   20   5 E          Come with remote detonator or timed fuse
Seeker Missile         2d8 W 5*       95   4 I          Automated/flying grenade. Seeks heat/motion unless friendly
Squadkiller            4d12 W    15   48   8 I          Landmine; blows up when 12 warm bodies are within 15 feet

note1: Flashbang grenades stun everyone within 20 feet for 1 turn. Then they have to make a Survival roll against
a Difficulty of 15. If they fail, they are stunned for 2d6 more turns. If they succeed, they are stunned for 2 more
turns. Complete ear/eye protection will give +2 Vitality Step to roll.
note2: Smoke grenades leave a cloud which obscures vision. Counts as Thick Smoke which gives +8 Difficulty to hit
any target through more than 10 feet of smoke. Smoke dissipates after 2 minutes. NBC gear can prevent damage.

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