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2011 Golf Outing


									Golfer Registration Form                                    Thank You Edwards-Brandt
                                                                and Associates inc.
Foursome cost: $440.00
Includes golf, cart, drink tickets, skins game, 4 box    Edwards-Brandt and Associates insures
lunches, and dinner for four.                             more than 300 bowling centers in the
Individual golfer cost: $110.00                         Midwest. They have more than 35 years
Includes golf, cart, drink tickets, skins game, a box   experience and are built on the principles
lunch, and dinner for one.                               of providing superior customer service
Dinner only (no golf) cost: $20.00
                                                         and quality insurance solutions for our     The Bowling Proprietors
Grilled hamburger patty, Bratwurst and Grilled            customers. As an independent agent,        Association of Minnesota
Chicken Breast, Baked Beans, Pasta Salad & Chips             they work with select insurance
                                                            companies that have proven their           & The Tavern League
  ————————————————                                             performance over the years.                 of Minnesota
     Company / Organization:
                                                         Edwards-Brandt is dedicated to getting                proudly present their
      Captain’s Name:
                                                           you the best insurance products and
                                                         services available today to protect you,     2011 Golf Outing
                                                             your family, and your business.          10:30 a.m. - Monday, June 6, 2011
       Phone Number:                                       For your insurance quote, please             Payout for this event is 1 in 5
                                                           call 1-800-373-7000 or visit them
  ————————————————                                          online at:
      Name of Golfer #2:                                                                                       Hillcrest Golf Club
                                                                                                     2200 East Larpenteur Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55109
                                                                                                                     (651) 774-6088
      Name of Golfer # 3:
                                                                                                          This event’s Premier Sponsor is…
      Name of Golfer #4:

Total Paid $____________________

Please make checks payable to “BPAM.”
Payments should be mailed no later than                                                                The majority of the proceeds from this
May 27, 2011 to:                                            The 2011 Golf Outing Committee is:           event will benefit Minnesota High
                                                                 Brian Allen, Bob Grafing,              School Bowling and Minnesota youth
BPAM                                                          Josh Hodney, Kathy Kirchner,            bowling. Some proceeds will benefit the
235 Roselawn Avenue East, Suite 17                           Scott Koecheler, Charlie Meyer,
                                                              Kenn Rockler, Charles Senkler,
                                                                                                       political action committee (PAC) funds
Maplewood, MN 55117                                             Mike Tuttle, and Tim Tuttle           for the BPAM & Tavern League of MN.
    SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                                 Donations                                                       Hole Sponsorship Form
                                                       The BPAM and the Tavern League of                               Please indicate your sponsorship option
                                                       Minnesota are now accepting donations for door
9:45 a.m.         Check-In                             prizes, hole contests, and goodie bags (smaller                            Company Name:
                                                       items in a quantity of 125). Please turn your
10:30 a.m. Shotgun Start                               donations into the BPAM state office no later                ________________________________________
                                                       than May 31, 2011. Any donations big or small            _
3:45 p.m.         Cocktail Reception                   are appreciated.                                         Platinum hole sponsorship ____
                  Dinner & Awards                                                                               $500.00
                                                       Sponsorship Opportunities                                Includes golf and dinner for four.
For the fourth year, this golf outing is a joint       Looking for a way to promote your business?              _
event of the Bowling Proprietors Association of        Choose from three levels of sponsorships. We             Gold hole sponsorship ____
Minnesota & the Tavern League of Minnesota.            encourage you to have a representative from              $300.00
                                                       your company at the golf hole to maximize                Includes golf and dinner for two.
Upon arrival, teams will have the option to pay        exposure.
additional money to participate in the “Money
Ball Challenge” and/or to buy five mulligans for       This year, the BPAM is awarding more than $28,000 in     Silver hole sponsorship ____
their team’s use. $20.00 each.                              scholarships and awards to youth bowlers in         $200.00
                                                        Minnesota. Your participation in this event will help
                                                           make this level of funding possible in 2011-12.      Includes golf and dinner for one.
This year’s event will offer a contest on all 18
holes. Thank you for your participation and
                                                         MAP TO HILLCREST GOLF CLUB                             Bronze hole sponsorship ____
$440.00 per team or $110.00 per individual. Golf
18 holes with a cart using a four-person scramble                                                               Please make checks payable to “BPAM”
                                                                                                                Payments should be mailed no later than
format. Included are a box lunch, drink tickets,
                                                                                                                May 27, 2011 to:
entry into the skins game, and Hillcrest’s                                                                      BPAM
Summer Cookout dinner.                                                                                          235 Roselawn Avenue East, Suite 17
                                                                                                                Maplewood, MN 55117
Prizes                                                                                                          (651) 487-2141 (BPAM)
Prizes will be paid out to 1 in 5 teams. Prizes will                                                            (651) 487-2149 (Tavern League of MN)
be paid out as a combination of cash and
Hillcrest Pro Shop credit. 1st place team is                                                                          Donations are now being accepted
guaranteed $400. Second place team is                                                                           The BPAM and the Tavern League of Minnesota are
guaranteed $200. $100 will be awarded to other                                                                  now accepting donations for door prizes, hole
teams (1:5) based on a random drawing that will                                                                 contests, and goodie bags (smaller items in a quantity
take place during the reception.                                                                                of 125). Please turn your donations into the BPAM
                                                                                                                state office no later than May 31, 2011. Any
Contests                                                                                                        donations big or small are appreciated.
Participate in contests on all 18 holes while
golfing, including a hole-in-one shot worth                                                                            Thank you for your support of Minnesota
                                                                                                                        youth bowling, Minnesota’s hospitality
                                                                                                                       Industries, and our political action fund.

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