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Travel Card Program
       June 2011

UTSA has been authorized by the Texas
State Comptroller’s Office to participate
in the Citibank® Travel Card Program and
issue state authorized travel cards to
eligible travelers.
          Overview (continued)

• Travel “credit” card types approved by
  Campus Management & Operations (CMO)
  in March 2011:
  – Corporate Liability Individual Billed Account
  – Travel Advance Card
          Overview (continued)
– The Corporate Liability Individual Billed
  Account (CLIBA) and Travel Advance Card (TAC)
  are UTSA’s preferred payment methods for
  travel related expenses.
– Those authorized to travel on official UTSA
  business more than three times in one
  calendar year are strongly encouraged to apply
  for a Central Liability Individual Billed Account
            Overview (continued)
• CLIBA and TAC cards are issued to eligible
  travelers to minimize out of pocket expenses.
• The travel card program provides a convenient
  means of charging travel-related expenses
  incurred while conducting official University
• Cards are administered by Disbursements and
  Travel Services
           Overview (continued)
• Use of the CLIBA and TAC for charges other
  than official State business, including
  personal use, is a direct violation of the
  State’s contract with Citibank, the State of
  Texas Charge Card Program, and Texas
  Administrative Code §125.8.
Discontinued Travel Card Types

• Central Bill Account (CBA)

• Individual Billed Account (IBA)

Note: Direct Bill will no longer be available
 effective 08/31/11
• Travel cards (TAC and CLIBA cards) may be issued
  to faculty, staff and student employees to pay
  for allowable expenses while traveling on official
  UTSA business.
• Only the TAC card is available for other student
  types as listed in the Travel Card FMOG.
• Prospective employees and prospective students
  are not eligible for travel cards.
          Allowable Expenses
• Transportation
  –   Mass Transit
  –   Car Rental and Fuel
  –   Airfare
  –   Parking and Tolls
   Allowable Expenses (cont.)
• Lodging
• Registration
• Other Expenses as indicated in the Travel
  Reimbursement FMOG
TAC Only
• Meals & Incidentals
                CLIBA Cards
• CLIBA credit cards issued with MasterCard logo
• Payment is guaranteed by UTSA
• Issued in the name of an individual, not
• Credit limit will be based on estimated monthly
  requirements as approved by Financial Affairs
            CLIBA Card (continued)
• Cardholder must be authorized by the department
• Cardholder must complete the “new” cardholder
  – Cardholder agrees that each month’s charges will be paid in
    full unless formally disputed through vendor established
  – Default account authorized on cardholder agreement will be
    charged for amount due, if payment is not received by
    “internal” DTS deadline to assure timely payment
          CLIBA Card (continued)
• Benefits
  – Individual receives separate monthly statement
    listing charges, credits, and payments.
  – Account easy to reconcile
  – UTSA guarantees payment and assumes liability
  – Cardholder can contact Citibank directly for
      • Declined cards
      • Disputed amounts
     Travel Advance Card (TAC)
• Features
  – Card is activated with credit limit established via
    an approved travel advance request form (TAR)
  – Issued in traveler’s name with a fixed activity
    length and appropriate MCC codes.
     • Note: TAR must be received in DTS 10 business days
       before travel departure date.
  – Statement is received, reconciled and paid
  – Card can be refreshed for additional future
    authorized travel for an individual
                TAC (continued)
• Benefits
  – Traveler will not have to bear out of pocket
  – Can be used to make eligible purchases and/or
    payments on a per trip basis for domestic and
    international travel destinations
  – May be requested up to 60 days prior to the travel
    departure date to allow traveler time to secure
    travel arrangements. (i.e. airfare, lodging)
                TAC (continued)
• Benefits
   – Alternative to CLIBA Card for employee who does
     not frequently travel and or does not want to use
     his/her own credit card
   – Increased efficiency and control
   – Maximum Number of Cards Issued to a Department:
     Based on the number of employees who have
     approval to receive a travel advance.
            International Travel
• CLIBA and TAC cards
  – Eligible for international travel
  – Must notify DTS
     • CLIBA requires the cardholder to complete Travel Card
       Maintenance Form, if not requested when CLIBA card
       was requested
     • Provide international travel destinations
     • Dates of travel
     • TAC will be authorized when Travel Advance Request
       form is submitted
      CLIBA Application Process
• Traveler must submit a completed and
  approved Corporate Liability Individual
  Billed Account (CLIBA) Cardholder
  Application and Agreement Form to DTS
        TAC Application Process
• Traveler must submit a completed and
  approved Travel Advance Request form —
  where the TAC has been selected as the travel
  advance payment method — at least 10
  business days prior to the travel departure
• The TAC is the default travel advance payment
  method – see the Travel Advances FMOG for
  more information.
          Settlement Process
• Cardholders and department heads (or
  delegates) must review the credit card
  statement upon receipt to ensure:
   – Transactions are appropriate
   – Allowable travel expenditures
   – Charges are for official UTSA business
     purposes and are in compliance with UTSA
  Settlement Process (continued)
• Review credit card statements for
  unauthorized or incorrect transactions
• Complete and submit Travel
  Reimbursement/Settlement Form (TRS) for
  each traveler
• Complete VP2 and submit with approved
  TRS form to DTS by required due date, with
  supporting documentation
      Cardholder Responsibilities
• The cardholder is responsible for safeguarding
  the travel card and account number at all times.
• Not allow anyone else to use the travel card to
  complete in-person initiated charges and sign
• Ensure all purchases directly benefit and are
  compliant with UTSA, state and federal rules and
     Cardholder Responsibilities
• Review the monthly travel card statement to assure
  all charges are authorized and report any
  unauthorized charges and/or billing errors to Citibank
  before the payment due date
• Assure all authorized charges resulting from use of
  the travel card are paid in full by the 20th of each
  month, not the payment due date on the TAC or
  CLIBA card statement
       Cardholder Responsibilities
• Obtain itemized receipts or other forms of
  supporting documentation for each purchase as
  required by the Travel Reimbursement/Settlement
• If applicable, attend a training course to receive a
  new or reissued CLIBA card
• Notify Citibank if a travel card is lost, stolen, or
    Travel Card Maintenance Form
• Allows cardholders to submit request for changes
  and/or modifications
  – Requesting transaction overrides or credit limit
  – Canceling a travel card
  – Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card
  – Changes to access to travel card activity by
    Administrative offices and Academic Colleges
  – Request/cancel international access
                   Next Steps
• Application Due
  – June 29, 2011
  – DTS will contact cardholders, if there are additional
  – Sessions to distribute Citibank Travel Cards will be
    announced July 1st
           Next Steps (continued)
• JP Morgan Travel Cards
  – Scheduled to expire August 31, 2011
  – Notify DTS immediately, if JPM cardholders are in
    travel status and will not return until after August
    31, 2011
• Review Travel Card FMOG
  – Published June 13, 2011
  – Will be effective in 60 days
  – Feedback maybe sent to

•   Travel Cards FMOG
•   Travel Card Application
•   Travel Advances FMOG
•   Travel Advance Request
•   Travel Reimbursement/Settlement
•   Disputed Shipments or Invoices

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