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Solomon Turns From God

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                                             Preschool Story

It's a sad picture: the wisest man who ever lived, abandoning wisdom on such a
grand scale.
Solomon likely married many of his wives for political reasons-to ensure peace
with the surrounding nations. But as those wives became part of Solomon's
household, they brought their false gods with them. And eventually Solomon was
pulled into worshipping those gods.
While Solomon had great wisdom, he failed to obey God. His wisdom meant
nothing in the end.

                                KEY SCRIPTURES
Deuteronomy 6:5
1 Kings 11:1-13
Psalms 23:1; 28:1; 42:2
Isaiah 1:24
John 6:45
1 Timothy 6:15
James 1:17
Revelation 1:8; 15:3

"And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all
your strength"
(Deuteronomy 6:5).
                                  • NO PREP •

                         BIBLE EXPERIENCE
Bible Point:     WORSHIP GOD ONLY.
Objective: Children will learn how Solomon turned away from God.


               heart stickers

Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Preparation: none
Open your Bible to 1 Kings 11:1-13, and show kids the passage. SAY: This
story is about how King Solomon turned away from God. Choose one child
to be Solomon. Distribute heart stickers to the children.
SAY: In his job as king, Solomon met lots of women. Every now and then
he would fall in love and get married. One of the women he met might have
been named [invite children to call out a girl's name].
Have children stick heart stickers on "Solomon." Then have kids continue to call
out girls' names and put stickers on Solomon until he's covered with heart
SAY: Solomon got married to seven hundred women. Wow! That's a lot of
wives! But this didn't work out so well. Having more than one wife was the
custom back in Bible times, but Solomon's wives led him away from God.
Solomon's wives got him into trouble-big trouble-with God. That's because
not all of Solomon's wives believed in the one true God. Many of them
worshipped pretend gods. Solomon loved his wives so much that he
started worshipping the pretend gods, too, just to make his wives happy.
But that made God sad and angry.
ASK: • Why do you think that made God angry?
Read aloud 1 Kings 11:1-13. SAY: God told Solomon to worship only him.
When Solomon started following the false gods, God told Solomon he
would tear the kingdom away from Solomon's family because Solomon had
decided not to     WORSHIP ONLY GOD.
ASK: • Why do you think Solomon turned away from God?
• What should Solomon have done instead?
Read aloud Deuteronomy 6:5. Ask:
• What does God want from us?
• How can we love God with our heart, soul, and strength?
SAY: Having so many wives who wanted Solomon to worship their gods
caused Solomon to turn away from the true God. Sometimes in our own
lives, things distract us from God. But God wants us to   WORSHIP GOD

This lesson can be used to help children discover...


               Glorifying God


               Peer Pressure


                           TAG-ALONG TAG
Objective: Children will understand the entangling Solomon may have

Time: 10 to 15 minutes
Preparation: Find the largest play area you can-the bigger, the better!
Designate one child as "It." Have kids spread out around the play area. Tell kids
that It will run around and try to tag them. When someone is tagged, that person
must join hands with It and run around with him or her, tagging other kids. Each
time someone is tagged, that person must join hands with the It group. Play until
everyone has been tagged. Then ask:
• What was it like to run around by yourself?
• What was it like to run around holding hands with other people?
• How is this similar to what happened when Solomon got married?
• What happens when we let things get in the way of      WORSHIPPING

                             • PREP IN ADVANCE •

                            • FOR FAMILY MINISTRY •

                             ONE TRUE GOD
Objective: Children will learn that there's only one true God.



              large sheets of newsprint

              index cards

              CD player and music CDs (optional)

Time: 15 to 20 minutes
Preparation: On separate cards, write the following Scripture references. You'll
need one card for each group of three to five students: Psalm 23:1; Psalm 28:1;
Psalm 42:2; Isaiah 1:24; John 6:45; 1 Timothy 6:15; James 1:17; Revelation 1:8;
Revelation 15:3.
SAY: King Solomon of Israel was famous for his wisdom. But as he grew
older and richer, Solomon did some things that weren't wise at all.
Solomon turned away from God and began worshipping fake gods.
ASK: • What did Solomon do wrong?
SAY: The Bible teaches us that there is only one God and that we should
worship only him. Let's make special banners to remind us how wonderful
our one true God is.
Form groups of three to five to make banners. Give each group markers, a Bible,
a sheet of newsprint, and an index card with the Scripture references written on
it. On the newsprint, instruct kids to write "The Only 1," making the 1 a large
outline that fills most of the paper. Have volunteers in each group look up the
Scripture passages that describe God. Kids might write words such as
"Shepherd," "Rock," and "King." As kids work, you might want to play songs such
as "Great Is the Lord" and "We Will Glorify." Then have kids display the banners
around the room as reminders that our God is the one true God.

                           • FOR SMALL GROUPS •

                  COMMITMENT TO WORSHIP
Objective: Children will consider what distracts them from worshipping


              safety scissors



              markers or crayons

Time: about 20 minutes
Preparation: Set out the newsprint and art supplies.
Point out the supplies. Encourage kids to find and draw pictures and words to
create a collage showing things that may distract or pull them away from
worshipping God. When the collage is complete, have kids gather around it and
form pairs. Ask pairs to discuss:
• Why do you think other things often compete with God for our attention?
• What could you do this week to demonstrate your devotion to God?
Challenge students to give up one item in the collage this week-something that is
distracting them from worshipping God. Have each person turn to his or her
partner and make a verbal commitment to do so. Then encourage students to
draw an X through the items they've identified on the collage. End in a time of
silent prayer as kids discuss their commitments with God.

                             • PREP IN ADVANCE •

                         PATHWAY PRAYER
Objective: Children will ignore distractions as they pray.

              masking tape

              index cards


Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Preparation: Create a straight masking-tape path on the floor.
SAY: If we want to      WORSHIP GOD ONLY, we have to ignore the things
that might distract us from worshipping him. What are some of the things
that might distract us?
Have kids call out ideas, and write several on cards. Then lay the cards on the
floor on both sides of the path you created. Stand at one end of the path, and
have kids form a line behind.
SAY: Let's show God that we want to ignore distractions and       WORSHIP
GOD ONLY. As we pray, let's walk down this path without looking at the
Pray: Dear God, we know only you deserve our worship, and we want to
worship only you. Help us to ignore the things that distract us. Amen.

                                  • NO PREP •

                      MAGNET TURNAROUND
Objective: Children will see a symbol of Solomon turning away from God.

              at least 2 large magnets (2 small ones for each child if you have

Time: about 5 minutes
Preparation: none
Set out two large magnets on a table, where everyone can see them. If you have
more magnets, allow kids to use them the same way you do.
SAY: When Solomon became king of Israel, he and God were close. Put the
two magnets together so they attract and stick together.
God offered Solomon anything he wanted, and he chose wisdom. He relied
on that wisdom from God, and he was a great king.
Pull the magnets apart and say: But then Solomon disobeyed God by
marrying women who didn't worship God. He married seven hundred
women who worshipped false gods!
Solomon's wives convinced him to worship their false gods. Solomon
began to turn away from God and worship them instead.
Turn the magnets around so they repel each other and say: Solomon had
turned away from God, and he no longer was a great king. In fact, God told
Solomon he would take the kingdom away from his family.

                             • PREP IN ADVANCE •

                  HONOR TO WHOM IT IS DUE
Objective: Children create a special document honoring God in worship.




              6-inch lengths of ribbon

              self-adhesive stickers in the shapes of stars



Time: about 20 minutes
Preparation: Set out supplies, and cut ribbon in 6-inch lengths.
SAY: Let's practice honoring God through worship.
ASK: • What does it mean to honor someone?
• What are ways we honor other people?
• Why is it important to honor other people?
• Why is it important to give honor to God?
SAY: One way we honor others is by giving them special papers or
certificates that tell why they are so important. We can do the same thing
for God. Let's create "honor rolls" that say exactly why we worship God.
Have kids form groups of four to six. Invite each group to take a sheet of paper
and materials to decorate it. Have groups discuss what specific things they would
like to worship God for and then create a certificate honoring God for those
things. Encourage groups to make their certificates fun and official-looking.
After five to 10 minutes, have groups take turns displaying and explaining their
honor rolls to the rest of the group. Then have each group roll up the paper, tie a
ribbon around the honor roll, and then "present" it to God in a group prayer.

                                • ALLERGY ALERT •

                 SOLOMON TURNS FROM GOD
Bible Point:     WORSHIP GOD ONLY.


               classroom toys

               coloring books


               girl dolls

               age-appropriate worship music

               CD player

Time: 15 to 20 minutes
Preparation: Place an age-appropriate worship CD in your CD player.

                            HE'S NUMBER ONE!
Have kids form a circle and sit down on the floor. Open your Bible to 1 Kings 11,
and show children the words. SAY: God made Solomon the wisest person
around, and King Solomon loved God. Solomon noticed all the wonderful
things God had made, such as trees, plants, animals, and people. Solomon
filled his palace with all of these wonderful things. God gave many
Solomon many things, and Solomon enjoyed the life God had given him.
ASK: • What are some things you enjoy?
Encourage each child to go and grab one thing in the room that he or she enjoys,
such as a toy, coloring book, or snack. Once all the kids have returned with their
objects, begin the story again.
SAY: Solomon had lots of wonderful things, and Solomon also had lots of
beautiful wives, and he loved them all. Set out several girl dolls.
King Solomon had everything he could ever want. But Solomon did
something wrong. He chose to love his things and his wives more than
God. Solomon's wives wanted him to build temples and worship their
pretend gods instead of the one true God. Solomon listened to them and
built temples and worshipped these pretend gods, even though God had
told King Solomon not to worship other gods. Solomon disobeyed God.
ASK: • How do you think God felt when King Solomon chose to worship
other gods?
• How do you think God would feel if you chose to love those items you
have in front of you more than you love God?
SAY: God was sad and angry that Solomon had disobeyed him and chose
to worship other gods and love his wives more than he loved God. The
Bible tells us to     WORSHIP GOD ONLY. But Solomon chose to worship
other gods and to put others first before God. Solomon let other things
become more important to him than God.
ASK: • What are some ways you make God more important than all these
items in front of you?
SAY: We don't have to be like Solomon. We can put God first and love him
more than anything else. God loves us and has given us everything we
Play a favorite worship song, and encourage kids to come up with fun, new ways
to worship God together. Then ask:
• How did Solomon disobey God?
• Why is it important to WORSHIP GOD ONLY?
• How can you worship God this week?

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