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                                                                                          fINAl yeAr To Be oNe of CeleBrATIoN
                    The Board of Governors, upon recommendation from the Council of Presidents, voted to begin the process of
                          dissolution to be completed March 31, 2010, following the Winter Rendezvous at Yuba City, California.

                                                             PlAN for dISSolUTIoN of fleeTwood TrAVelCAde ClUB
  foUr CorNerS fUN                      Adopted by the Board of Governors at the Winter Rendezvous, Urbanna, Virginia of May 1, 2009.

        MCGee PArK                      PREAMBLE: It is with great regret that the Board accepts the recommendation of the Council
                                        of Presidents and adopts this Plan for Dissolution of Fleetwood Travelcade Club.
      farmington, New Mexico            FINDINGS: The Board finds that declining membership makes it impossible for the Club to
                                        sustain its corporate purposes: To provide its members a program of recreation through
       September 30 - october 5,        the sponsorship of rallies, trips and tours. The members of the Club after having been given
   2009 – Marble Ann Borchardt –        notice of declining membership and finances, and meetings of Club Regional Units held in
                                        accordance with Governing Procedures of the Club, have voted pursuant to Bylaws Article
            rendezvous director         XII-Dissolution, to recommend the Board effect dissolution of the Club.
                                        PlAN for dISSolUTIoN:
Farmington is located in the                1. Dissolution of the Club is to be completed by March 31, 2010, or as soon thereafter as
Northwest corner of New Mexico                 dissolution can be made effective.
and is surrounded by magnificent            2. The Rendezvous’ scheduled for Farmington, NM and Yuba City, CA shall proceed as
scenery and ancient history. We                scheduled.
have several tours scheduled to visit
                                            3. No Club international dues shall be collected for 2010.
the ruins of the Ancestral Puebloans.
These were thriving cities thousands        4. The Club’s newsletter, The Fleetwood Flyer will continue to be published through
of years before Coronado arrived in            approximately February 2010.
1540 looking for the fabled cities          5. Carol Davis will remain International Executive Secretary through dissolution. Her
of gold.                                       annual pay for work performed in 2010 will be prorated and she will be paid for the
                                               months worked.
This Rendezvous will have few
                                            6. The Club will cease to accept new members after May 4, 2009.
meetings and will be filled with
fun, food and lots of fellowship.           7. Notice of this Plan for Dissolution will be given to Club members by means of The
We have planned a pot luck and                 Fleetwood Flyer. (The Fleetwood Flyer including Unit News will be mailed to every
recipe exchange, card bingo. Joker             member for the time remaining.)
tournament, an afternoon of fun             8. The Club Treasurer shall file final tax returns as required by law.
games and lots of social time.              9. The International President and Executive Secretary shall provide for filing of Articles
Ginny McPherren is in charge of the            of Dissolution as required by Nebraska law.
entertainment for the last night. She       10. Personal property required for the conduct of a rendezvous, such as two-way radios,
wants everyone to start working on              flags, flag poles and coffee pots will be offered for sale at the Club’s final rendezvous
their special talents and I hope that           in Yuba City, CA. All other items of personal property will be offered for sale at
everyone Ginny contacts for this                the rendezvous’ in Farmington, NM and Yuba City, CA. Any items not sold will be
special fun event will give her a               disposed of at the discretion of the International President. All funds received will be
YES answer.                                     transferred to the Club general fund.

We will be giving away six $100             11. At the close of the Yuba City Rendezvous all Club expenses will be paid. All money
                                                remaining after the payment of Club expenses shall be donated in equal amounts to
fuel cards from Flying J as an added            the charities recommended by the Council of Presidents: The Gideon’s International,
incentive for your attendance. Each             Wounded Warrior Project and Shriner Hospital.
member will receive one chance
by just attending but you’ll have
to earn those extra chances by
participating in scheduled events.         Fl e e t w o o d Tra v e l ca d e C l u b N e w s l e t t e r • Vo l u m e 4 3 • I ss u e 3 , J u n e, 2 0 0 9
                 Continued on Page 2       The official newsletter of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club
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       foUr CorNerS fUN
             MCGee PArK
           farmington, New Mexico
       September 30 - october 5, 2009                                   TrAVelCAde dIreCTorS rePorT
                                                               harry & lee Peel – Travelcade directors
Continued from Page 1
Husband and wife can each earn chances                  The rendezvous in Urbanna has gone into history and, just as at the rendezvous, I
for participation so, of course, the more               don’t have much to report. It seems as though the last travelcade for our club has
you earn the better your odds of winning                been run. That, of course, was the Natchez Trace Travelcade and from all reports
are. The drawing for these special                      it was a very successful and well run travelcade.
prizes will be held the last night of the
Rendezvous.                                             It’s too bad there will be no more stateside travelcades because there are a lot of
                                                        friendships within this club that were formed on travelcades!
Remember that our Rendezvous’ are now
open to our Buddies. We encourage all of                Once the Mediterranean Cruise is finished in June, there appear to be no more
our Buddies to attend and join us in our                overseas travelcades being run while the club is still in existence. The Germany
celebration of our wonderful club. Let us               Trip and the Passion Play will be run after the club has closed its doors next
celebrate our memories of all the good                  March. Woe is us!
times and of our friends from all over the
                                                        There is the germ of an idea for a Rolling Rally following part of the old route
United States and Canada.
                                                        66, probably beginning somewhere around St Louis, MO., and will lead into the
We are working hard to give everyone a                  Farmington Rendezvous. If you aren’t familiar with this type of rally, it lets you
party to remember.                                      get on or off the trip anywhere along the route so you can spend a few days or do
LET THE CELEBRATION BEGIN!!!!                           the whole thing. Watch for details in The Fleetwood Flyer and on the website.

                See page 11 for Pre-Registration Form

Fl e e t w o o d Tra v e l ca d e C l u b                                             TrAVelCAde S
                                                                                            PASSION PLAY
CoNdeNSed BoArd MINUTeS                                                               OBERGAMMERGAU, GERMANY
                                                                                         (Open now for FTC members,
UrBANNA, VIrGINIA                                                                             family and friends)
                                                                                        May 12-22, 2010 (New Dates)
May 1, 2009
                                                                                        (See new itinerary on page 6)
Pres. Plunkett called the Board meeting to order at 3:35 p.m. May 1, 2009 at                Bill & Shirley McNaney
Urbanna, Virginia. Invocation given by Chaplain Wood and Pledge led by 2nd
VP, Stallings. Six governors and three proxies represented 9 regions. Board           Registrations are made by mail
Minutes from Columbia were approved as posted. Agenda was approved. Pres.             using the Travelcade Registration
Plunkett introduced the International officers, governors and international past
                                                                                      form found in the back of the
                                                                                      Directory or on the website and
Pres. Plunkett was very pleased to have everyone attend and pleased with the
                                                                                      a check made payable to the
vote. Burdell Borchardt, 1st Vice had no report. Mike Stallings, 2nd Vice had no
report. Billy Wood reported Council of Presidents met, and reported the passing       FLEETWOOD TRAVELCADE CLUB
of the dissolution of the club. Also, the dispersing of the monies left equally to:   for the per person registration
Gideon’s International, Wounded Warriors Association and the Shriners Hospital.       fee indicated in the newsletter.
The Board of Governors supported this decision.                                       Registrations should be sent to
Carol Davis reported membership at 440. Steve Bancroft, treasurer, was not            the Travelcade Director, Harry
present, but Pres. Plunkett read a statement from him recommending dissolution        Peel, 100 Lakeforest Drive,
of the club. Security, Gene Blase, had no report. Registration, Ron Gossard &         Greer, SC 29651.
Louise, reported a total of 87 units. Travelcade Directors, Harry Peel & Lee had
no report. Chaplain, Billy Wood, reported the Sunday church offering being
given to the “Gideon’s International” Merchandise, Rudy & Louise Teagarden
reported many items available to be sold discounted. Manuals, Sherry Paskey, was
absent. Historian, Lee Peel, reported albums of pictures to be taken and others
to view only. Rendezvous Directors, Pete & Alice Pizzano reported a successful
Rendezvous. Commercial Coordinator, Sam Whitaker, was not present.
Committee Reports: By-Laws Committee, Mike Sexton, had no report. Finance
Committee, Mike Stallings, had no report. Audit Committee, no report. Election
Committee, Carol Davis, no report. Club Webmaster, Carol Davis reporting for
Mike Jones the new membership directory will be available on the Web at the end
of this Rendezvous. Contact Carol Davis for the password.
New Business: Jerry Drum installed the incoming Chairman Council of Presidents,
Vice Chairman, Council of Presidents, Governors, and International Officers for
The budget for 2009 was presented and approved. The expenses incurred by
Gale Hubert in preparation for being International Secretary were approved.
Carol Davis will continue until dissolution. The Executive Secretary’s contract was
approved. Pres. Plunkett’s expenses were approved. Mike Stallings’ expenses for
the Flag ceremony and delivery of the Flags to Farmington were approved.
Closing comments by the International president, Harvey Plunkett, were made and
a resolution of appreciation was presented to Pete & Alice Pizzano for an excellent
rendezvous. President Plunkett congratulated the First Timers for attending and
helping with prize distribution as he declared them “graduated”  .
Resolution was presented by Mike Stallings 2nd Vice President.
Meeting was adjourned by Harvey Plunkett, International President, at 12:15 p.m.

                                      froM yoUr SeCre TAry
                                                                      Carol davis         fINAl JoUrNeyS
                                                              Our Sympathies are extended to the
                                                                                           family and friends of the following:
                       As I write this       rendezvous’ in Farmington, NM and
                                                                                          Aubrey Adams #11662 MS, 25 year
                  article, we are still on   Yuba City, CA.
                                                                                          former member, March 21, 2009.
t h e road from the Winter/Spring            The 2009 Membership Directory is now on      He served as Unit President in 1989,
Rendezvous in Urbanna, VA where              the website. The User Name and Password      1990 and 2006 and as Regional
we, once again enjoyed fun, food and         were given out at the rendezvous. You        Governor in 1992-93 and 2000-01.
fellowship with our long time and new        should receive this information from
friends. We are seeing places that we                                                     Ruth Chance #14426 FL, 8 year
                                             your Unit Secretary either by telephone
have not seen before in West Virginia and                                                 former member, March 23, 2009.
                                             or mailing. If you have not received it
Kentucky. It was bittersweet as we began     by the time you read this issue of The       Steve Galloway #22617 CA, a 5 year
to realize that we may not see some of       Fleetwood Flyer you can call your Unit       member, September 15, 2008.
those friends again.                         Secretary or myself and we will give it to   Harley Grimm #13451 TX, a 22 year
As you read this issue of The Fleetwood      you over the telephone. Also if you give     member, April 2, 2009.
Flyer you will see that the decisions made   it out to other members, please do so
                                                                                          Weston Lemmerman #24145 IA, a
at this rendezvous marks an end to the       by telephone or mail and let me know
                                                                                          5 year member, February 2, 2009.
Fleetwood Travelcade Club. Everyone          who you have given it to so we can make
that we talked to has hopes of finding a     every effort to see that everyone who        Kathryn Mcneil #12393 MI, a 25 y
way of “getting together” in the future.     wants the information gets it.               ear member, February 22, 2009.
We are looking forward to a great time       Until we meet again, have a wonderful        Evelyn Osborn #1523 TX, 41 year
and seeing many of you at the final two      time seeing this great country of ours.      former member, April 20, 2009.
                                                                                          Mike Reynolds #14050 MI, 16 year
                                                                                          former member, March 27, 2009.
                                                                                          Gerrit Vogelaar #3493 MI, 40 year
                                                                                          former member, March 22, 2009.

                          welCoMe To The followING                                        Mary Williamson #17483 TX, a
                                                                                          3 year former member April, 2009.

                                      New MeMBerS (#2467 7-#24680)

 WELCOME!                            Total Membership (5/10/09) 4 40
                           BERGHOFER, Ronald & Betty
                           #24678 OR

                           NELSON, Donald & Yvette
                           #24679 AZ                                                       GoldeN & GoldeN
                           PETERSON, Myrna
                                                                                          PlUS ANNIVerSArIeS
                           #24677 OR                                                      Congratulations to the following who
                                                                                          are celebrating 50 or more years of
                           SEEHORST, Gustave & Donna
                           #24680 PA                                                      Bert & Norma Shafer #15298 IL,
                                                                                          57 years June 29, 2009

                           Thanks to the following for referring the above
                           new members:
                           Jack & Theresa Turpin #14348 CA

                                                                                         Pre SIdeNTS Me SSAGe
                                                                Burdell Borchardt – International Pre sident
                                                                                                          lazyb@worldnet .att .net
Yes, it’s true, our club is in dissolution and I will be the last       Let us make these last months a celebration of our wonderful
International President to serve. Our membership has fallen             Club. Let us remember and celebrate our memories of all the
to the point where we cannot continue and with Fleetwood                     good times we have had and the great friends we have
in bankruptcy it is the only logical direction to take. Will we               made over the years. We will honor our Club by having
fade quietly away? I certainly hope not. I promise to do                                  ,
                                                                              Rendezvous’ Rallies and even our luncheons filled with
everything possible to help the units continue on without                     fun and a party atmosphere.
the International Club. As I have said before, it is not the                Mable Ann and I are privileged to serve as your President
rigs we own that has kept us together, it is the people.                       and we promise to maintain the dignity of the Club
I encourage all Units to continue on and to                                      and to do all we can to help the units in any
grow by taking in new members and maybe                                           way possible.
from the ashes of this club we can rise again,
minus some of the baggage we now have.
My motto for the coming year is “Let the
celebration begin!”

                     oBerAMMerGAU & TUSCAN TreA SUre S ToUr
                                                      May 12-22, 2010
                                                with Bill & Shirley McNaney
DAY 1, WED, MAY 12                                       USA/ROME             DAY 6 , MON, MAY 17                             FLORENCE/PRATO
Departure from the USA on our transatlantic jet.        (meals aloft)         Today we enjoy the best of Florence, featuring a visit to the
                                                                              Academy of Fine Arts, home to a fine collection of Michelangelo
DAY 2, THU, MAY 13                                  ARRIVE ROME
                                                                              sculptures, including the original David. There also is a Pieta and
We arrive in Rome this morning and are met by our coach and                   an incomplete St. Matthew. We also visit the Santa Croce Church,
driver. We travel into the heart of Rome and see the Colosseum,               which contains the tombs of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo
begun about AD 72, and the best-known structure remaining                     and others. We return to Prato for overnight. (B)
from ancient Rome. It was capable of holding more than 50,000 to
view gladiatorial contests, hunts, mock naval battles and perhaps             DAY 7, TUE, MAY 18                           PISA/LUCCA/VENICE
Christian sacrifices. Many of the materials from this magnificent             We travel to the ancient maritime Republic of Pisa, where
edifice were later used in the construction of various churches               we find the Piazza Dei Miracoli, the Duomo Cathedral and its
and palaces. The numerous sites nearby include the Church of                  historic Baptistry, and the famous Leaning Tower. We continue
St. Peter in Chains containing Michelangelo’s statue Moses, the               this afternoon to Lucca, where its Renaissance-era city walls
Roman Gladiator School, the IV Century Arch of Constantine,                   remain intact, even though the city has expanded beyond their
and the Church of San Clemente. We check in to our hotel, where               original boundaries. Home to an annual summertime music
dinner is included this evening. (meals aloft, D)                             festival, Lucca also offers striking sights such as the ancient
                                                                              Roman amphitheater, the Church of San Michele in Foro, and
DAY 3, FRI, MAY 14                                            ROME
                                                                              the picturesque palace and gardens of Palazzo Pfanner. Our
This morning we have a guided tour of the Vatican, including the              destination this evening is the enchanting canal-laden city of
Basilica of St. Peter, the largest church in the world and said to be         Venice (Mestre) for dinner and overnight. (B,D)
buried over the tomb of the crucified saint; the Museums, one of
the most renowned and famous cultural institutions of the Holy                DAY 8, WED, MAY 19          VENICE/INNSBRUCK/OBERAMMERGAU
See, known all over the world for its masterpieces that have been             After breakfast at the hotel, we have a morning guided tour
commissioned, collected and preserved in time by the Roman                    of this great city. Take in the energy of St. Mark’s Square and
Pontiffs; and the epic Sistine Chapel, over which Michelangelo                admire Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Cathedral, the Bridge of Sighs,
labored for four years, and which has been restored to its original           and the Clock Tower. We travel north among the jagged peaks of
glory. We continue touring this afternoon in Rome, visiting the               the Dolomites and across the border into Austria. We stop in the
Catacombs, early Christian burial sites outside of Rome’s ancient             university town of Innsbruck and see the “Golden Roof,” the Court
city walls, which later became a pilgrimage destination. (B)                  Church, the Triumphal Arch built by Maria Theresa and St. Anne’s
                                                                              Column. Continuing through pristine Bavarian countryside and
DAY 4, SAT, MAY 15                                         ROME
                                                                              quaint villages, we arrive this evening in Oberammergau. (B,D)
Today we visit the Forum, which served as the center of political
life and commerce in ancient Rome; and the prison of Sts. Peter               DAY 9, THU, MAY 20                               OBERAMMERGAU
and Paul (the Mamertine). Enjoy the balance of the day at leisure             This morning is at leisure in Oberammergau. Explore this quaint
to explore Rome’s shopping and tourist center around Via Veneto,              village, renowned since the 12th century as a woodcarving center.
Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and                  Following lunch, take your seat for the memorable opening act of
other well-known sites. (B)                                                   the Passion Play, being performed for the 41st time in 2010. Enjoy
                                                                              dinner at a local restaurant during a break between acts, and
                                                                              then return to the theater for the Play’s thrilling conclusion this
Today we travel to Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis. We see the city’s       evening. Overnight in the Oberammergau area. (B,L,D)
basilicas including the San Francesco Basilica, consisting of two
churches surmounting a crypt. In the upper basilica are Giotto’s              DAY 10, FRI, MAY 21 OBERAMMERGAU/LIECHTENSTEIN/ZURICH
magnificent frescoes, showing 28 scenes from the life of St.                  We depart Oberammergau this morning and drive through the
Francis in imaginative detail. The lower church contains frescoes             imposing Alps to the tiny principality of Liechtenstein, where we
by Simone Martini, Cimabue and Pietro Lorenzetti. The tomb of                 pause to view Vaduz Castle. We continue through the picturesque
St. Francis is in the crypt. We also visit the Basilica of Santa Maria        Swiss countryside to Zurich, the country’s largest city and one of
degli Angeli Church and its Porziuncola Chapel, where Francis                 the world’s most important financial capitals. We proceed to our
came to understand his vocation clearly and thus began the                    hotel near the airport for dinner and overnight. (B,D)
Franciscan movement. We pass through medieval Perugia, the
historic capital of Umbria, where we view the Etruscan gate. We               DAY 11, SAT, MAY 22                                       ZURICH/USA
also visit San Gimignano, one of the best-preserved medieval
towns in Italy. This walled city once had 72 towers, 14 of which are          Morning transfer to the airport for our return flight to the USA.
still standing, affording spectacular views of the Tuscan vineyards           (B,meals aloft)
and olive grove plantations below. We continue to the nearby                  All itineraries are subject to change, pending final confirmation of
Tuscan city of Prato, Italy’s third-largest city (behind Rome and             Oberammergau tickets, rates, and services.
Florence) and home to many cultural monuments and museums,
for dinner and overnight. (B,D)
                                                                                                                       See pages 12-13 for Tour Conditions

             May 12-22, 2010
             enrollment form

                                                                                                        CoMPUTer ClUB
                                                                                                      Special Interest Groups
Are you ready for Microsoft® Vista, Well then how about Microsoft® 7
                                                                                                              By Jack erne st
Now that many have shifted to Vista®, Microsoft is releasing          For those members wanting to convert your old reel-to-reel
the beta versions of 7. While not much has been published             tapes, records and other recorded music to CD’S there are
regarding this new operating system it is claimed that 7 will         several products that can be used. Xitel import device is one
solve some of the problems people have experienced using              that can be used. If you desire to convert those old VHS tapes
Vista®. More information will be available in future issues of        to DVD’S, Dazzle makes a product that will accomplish this.
the Computer Special Interest column.                                 However, one requirement is to make sure your computer has
There are a host of attachments you can add to your computer,         a DVD “burner.” Lastly, for those of us that have a supply of Beta
however, one word of caution; make sure that your computer’s          tapes, Good Luck. I have found nothing that will play those
processor is as fast as the manufacture recommends for the            tapes. If your Beta recorder is still functioning, then the above
product you are adding. Additionally, make sure that your             product will convert the Beta tapes to CD’S
computer has sufficient memory. Finally, do not be surprised As always, back up your data! When the inevitable event occurs
if some conflict exists between attachments such as printers’ all data not backed up is gone.
scanners or other attachments. Most new products when
installed on machines running XP or Vista have all the necessary
drivers available to run your new “toy”.

                                                                                                               rAdIo ClUB
                                                                                                     Special Intere st Group
                                                                                                                Jack erne st
The following article from ARRL Arizona         license class and your county on the         process, but there are more who haven’t,
Section Emergency Coordinator contains          registration page. Hit the save button       and that means it will be difficult to use
some useful information.                        in the middle of the page and continue       you should an emergency occur. Thanks
                                                to the equipment page, and tell us your      for supporting ARES with your time,
                                                capabilities, hitting save when                    energy and equipment!
eMerGeNCy CoMMUNICATIoNS                        done. Then fill out the
                                                Training page and then
                                                                                                        Recently parts of southern
                                                                                                          Arizona experienced a
There are a lot of folks who have signed        hit save again. This is the                                major phone service
up on the ARES database, however,               minimum information                                         outage, this effected
failed to complete the process. The             you should fill out. If                                     major banks, stores and
process is as follows: First fill out a brief   you work an exercise, or                                    businesses that rely
online application with your call sign,         emergency operation                                         on phone service for
email address, and phone number and             or a public service                                        credit transactions. Once
password for the account. An email              event, you can log your                                   again the Amateur Radio
is then sent to the email address you           hours on the system                                      Operators were they only
provided with a link which activates            which will make it easier                             communication available.
your account. This prevents ‘bots from          for your District Emergency
creating bogus accounts. After clicking         Coordinator’s reporting. You will also         New Ham upgrades; Diane Ernest is
the link (or cutting and pasting the link       have access to the ARES                      now a general, Congratulations Diane!
in your browser), you need to log on                                                         Until next issue 73’s, Jack K6IZZ
                                                State Communications Plan: The Arizona
and fill out the Registration, Equipment,
                                                ARES Database has more than 520
and Training pages. Please indicate your
                                                operators who have complete the above

                                                             TrAVelCAde NewS of yeArS AGo
                                                                                 Compiled by lee Peel, historian

May 1969 – 40 years ago                     The Travelcade Directors, Jerry & Dosie      will be no July issue of ATN. New members
                                            Drum, reported the travelcade which          with # 3991-14019 (29) were listed. There
Big Plans for Summer Rendezvous in          came into the Mobile Rendezvous,             are six more travelcades to run in 1989
New London, OH, June 25-29, so bring        led by Jim & Carol Davis, was a great        and two listed for 1990.
the grandchildren, who will have ball       success. (Of the four travelcades listed
games for small fries and perhaps 11-13     for the balance of the year, the one which   June 1999 – 10 years ago
year olds.                                  stand out in the writers mind was Wild,      Membership is the Number One concern
Pictures of Avioners gathered at            Wonderful WV lead by yours truly and         by Look to the Future Committee.
Wheatley, Ontario for a Smelt-Dip Get-      spouse (Harry & Lee Peel).                   Membership; the acquisition of new
Together were shown with children and                                                    members and retention of existing
adults walking in water to gather fish      June 1959 – 50 years ago                     members is the #1 challenge of the Avion
and it was c-c-old!                         What did the Travelcade News look            Travelcade Club. The Committee was
There were 5 Travelcades, Tours and a       like? It contained 4 pages 8 ½ x11. As       appointed at the Perry, GA rendezvous
Cruise listed to for 1969.                  there were no organized units in 1959,       to try to find answers to the perennial
                                            it contained detailed stories of trips and   problem.
May 1979 – 30 years ago                     travelcades, some good pictures and          The President, Jack Ernest, in his column
                                            articles of forthcoming activities. (This    asked “What can YOU do to recruit new
Headlines of the Travelcade News claimed
                                            information was written by the historian     members.”
10,000 and More. WA unit had #9999, MI
                                            in 1979)
had #10001 but KS was the state with                                                     New members #16852-16864 were
member #10000.going to Beverly & Ruth
Hodges from Wichita.
                                            June 1969 – 40 years ago                     listed. (Wonder how many of them are
                                                                                         still members?)
                                            Great Lakes Tour, Rocky Mountain Tour
Tours and Travelcades listed 9 with 3
                                            and Black Hills Tour were promoted with
completely filled.
                                            information for each during the summer
New members listed 45 with CA and WA        months of 1969.
units each increasing by 5. There were 33
                                            Candid Camera visited the Unit Spring
units reporting on their members and

                                            Rallies and pictures were shown of OK
                                            with all past presidents, Mid-States Unit
                                            men at the Bull Session in TN at Crump
May 1989 – 20 years ago
The Summer Rendezvous is to be held in
York, PA, June 18-25. Specific directions
                                            with 298 trailers and 79 people present,
                                            NC with mothers watching over the next
                                            generation of Avioners on the beach, WI
were given so you didn’t have to use the    presenting plaques to past president and
downtown streets.                           IL showing members at church service in
                                            the civic center.
The Directory for 1989 will be delayed
till late June or early July due to                                                        SEPTEMBER 30-OCTOBER 5
hospitalization and four surgeries          June 1979 – 30 years ago                       FALL
of the Executive Secretary’s husband.       The Summer Rendezvous is to be held in         San Juan County Fairgrounds,
New members listed #13966-13990 and         Hamburg, NY, July 8-15 with 400 trailers
travelcades listed eight with one filled.                                                  McGee Park, Farmington, NM,
                                            expected. The Town of Hamburg and
                                            others proclaimed this “Avion Travelcade       Mable Ann Borchardt
Governor of Mid-Atlantic Region was
Ollin Morris, #371 and he and Thelma        Week” .                                        (208) 890-0381
are the Winter Rendezvous directors.        The Tour of the British Isles had to be
Chairman of the Council of Presidents       canceled as only 17 were signed up and
was Carl Spanyer, #11703.                   40 was the number needed.                      2010
                                            There were three 50 year anniversaries
                                                                                           MARCH 1-7 WINTER
May 1999 – 10 years ago                     listed.                                        Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds, Yuba City,
The summer rendezvous is to be held in                                                     CA, Mike & Kathy Sexton
Pueblo, CO, June 9-15 with Dick & Laura     June-July 1989 – 20 years ago                  (530) 671-0164
Thu as directors.
                                            “Deep in the Heart of TX Travelcade”  ,
We have 1837 members which include          Oct 23-Nov 13 with Harry & Flo Brennen,
#16795-16851 which were listed as new       as leaders, was publicized. Due to the
members. The FL unit increased by nine.     Summer Rendezvous in York, PA, there

                                                                                             ChAPl AINS CorNer
                                                                            Billy wood – International Chaplain

I wish to thank our International          Mary Plunkett. Our offering of $430.00          who were parked near us. They, as we,
President, Burdell Borchardt, for selectingwill go a long way in providing Scriptures      were visiting the many historical places
me to serve as International Chaplain      through the efforts of “The Gideon’s            in and around the area. The weather was
during his tenure as president. It is an                  .
                                           International” Your gift might just be the      good to us so we visited the museums,
honor for me to serve the membership as    funds needed to give a copy of the most         building, and grounds that house our
your Chaplain. Please let me know if I can precious book ever written to someone           nation’s treasures of past generations.
be of assistance to you, the members.      who has never held a copy of God’s Holy
                                                                                           What a great country we are privileged
I also want to thank everyone who Word in his or her hands or read from its                to live in and freely travel its roads from
attended the Worship Service at pages. To God be the glory!                                coast to coast. God has certainly blessed
Bethpage RV Resort, Urbanna, VA. A After the Urbanna rendezvous Martha                     us as a nation and people.
special thank you to Jerry Drum, Martha & I traveled to Andrews Air Force Base,
Wood, Pat Tuttle, Carol Davis, and Charlie Maryland which is located just outside of       I look forward to seeing you in
& Virginia McPherren who participated in Washington, D.C. We parked at the base            Farmington, NM at the Fall Rendezvous.
the service and the ushers, Pat Bradford, Family Campgrounds and were pleasantly           May God bless you and keep you in the
Burdell & Mable Borchardt and Harvey & surprised to meet Mike & Kathy Sexton               palm of his hand.

                         NATChez TrACe ANd BeyoNd TrAVelCAde hISTory
                                                                                                           April 9 -19, 2009
                                                                                                Bev Simon, Travelcade historian

The Natchez Trace and Beyond                  pioneer cemetery. Our next major stop        and once again beautiful dogwood,
Travelcade led by Bill & Shirley              was Tupelo, MS, birthplace of Elvis          redbud trees and wild flowers along
McNaney got underway with a total of          Presley. After touring the Elvis Presley     the Trace. We finished our first night in
20 rigs/40 people. The first stop was         Park and Museum we had free time to
Natchez where we toured antebellum                                                         Nashville with a visit to the Grand Ole
                                              shop or visit other sites around the area.
homes and historic churches. We also          The evening included a rousing game of       Opry. The next day we had a city bus tour
visited Frogmore Plantation, a working        marshmallow golf.                            of the highlights of Nashville; a beautiful
cotton plantation and Gin, there we                                                        complex of city parks and memorials,
                                              Our trip from Tupelo to Tuscumbia was
learned about the history of the slave                                                     Nashville’s Parthenon, the revived
                                              filled with beautiful sights of blooming
population who actually did the work
which made plantation life possible. The      dogwood. That afternoon we toured the        downtown area and the historic Ryman
day ended with a dinner and private           Helen Keller Center and then traveled        Auditorium, former home of the Grand
tour of Magnolia Hall, another beautiful      out into the countryside to see “The         Ole Opry. After lunch we drove by the
antebellum home. Easter Sunday we                   .
                                              Wall” “The Wall” consists of over 725
                                                                                           homes of Nashville’s rich and famous.
had a sunrise service next to the river,      million pounds of rock built into a
we even had a couple of extra campers         memorial in memory of the builder’s          Sunday, our last day was wet, rainy
join us.                                      great grandmother, a native American         and colder. Most spent a leisurely day
                                              Indian who walked the Trail of Tears         getting caught up on chores, shopping
Monday was our first travel day on the
                                              and then returned five years later. We
Trace. Highlights of the trip included                                                     and our favorite eating. Our farewell
                                              finished the night viewing a display of
side trips to view the Emerald Mound, a                                                    dinner started early with a meeting,
                                              water fountains and lights beautifully
ceremonial Indian mound built around                                                       followed by dinner and entertainment
                                              synchronized to music.
1400, and Mount Locust, a restored
historic inn. A side trip to Grindstone       Our last leg of the trip was from            at the Night Life Theatre. As always the
Ford included a short hike along the          Tuscumbia to Nashville. Highlights           end of a travelcade comes too soon and
old trace and the discovery of an old         included Meriwether Lewis’ burial site,      it is always hard to say goodbye.

  foUr CorNerS fUN MCGee PArK - fArMINGToN, New MeXICo
                              (Please type or print when filling out this form)

NAME _________________________________________________CLUB # _________________ UNIT __________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________

CITY___________________________________________________ STATE __________________ ZIP ____________

PHONE # (_________) ____________________________________ HANDICAP PARKING YES_______ NO______

GOLF YES______NO_______ FIRST TIMER ___________________________ BUDDY______________________

PARKING: Sept. 27, 28, 29. 30 Oct. 1, 2, 3, 4 (circle dates)
(We cannot park earlier than the 27th or stay later then the 4th)

PARKING FEE                                                 $18.00 A DAY X _____ days       __________

REGISTRATION FEE                                            $25.00 X ___________ people     __________

ToUr # 1
½ DAY TOUR OF AZTEC AND SALMON RUINS                        $15.00 X ___________ people     __________

ToUr #2
½ DAY TOUR-TRADING POST ADVENTURE                           $15.00 X ___________ people     __________

ToUr #3
FULL DAY TOUR OF CHACO CANYON-INCLUDES LUNCH                $25.00 X ___________ people     __________

GRAND TOTAL                                                                               $ __________

Enclose check payable to Fleetwood Travelcade Club and mail to:



                                                                                           Cl A SSIfIed
                  “The Invisible Bra™” Paint Protection Film                               1999 AMERICAN TRADITION 40’   ,
             The CLEAR Alternative to the Vinyl Bra and Plastic Shield                     One slide, Cummins diesel, 72K miles, excellent
                                                                                           condition, no smoking/pets, fully equipped
                                                                                           $89,000. Contact Jerry Drum #14798 TX (919)
                                                                                           535-8534 in Cary, NC.
SOUTHWIND, BOUNDER, TERRA, FIESTA AND ALL DIESEL COACHES. Order your                       2001 DISCOVERY 37’   ,
coach with Diamond Shield BEFORE it leaves the factory, eliminate stone chips dur-         Diesel Pusher and 2008 Ford Edge SEL (Complete
ing transport from the manufacturer to the dealer!                                         Package). Discovery has two slides, 38K, fully
                Diamond Shield Paint Protection Film is designed to preserve the           loaded, no smoking/pets, one owner, garaged.
                beauty of ALL exterior automotive type finishes.                           Roadmaster tow bar. Ford Edge has 5,300 miles.
                        Eliminates paint chips and damage caused by stone chips,           CB’s in both vehicles. $105,000 for the package.
                       bug acids, road salt, abrasions and weathering                      Contact Wanda Berry #9830 OK (918) 760-6469
                        8 mil clear gloss urethane film                                    or (918) 298-0450. May consider delivery.
                        Contains UV inhibitors
                        Resistant to yellowing                                             AdVerTISING rATeS:
APPEARANCE:Diamond shield WILL help your investment retain its value and                   (7 lines at 34 characters per
WILL save time and money in reconditioning costs, while allowing the color brilliance      line including spaces, )
to shine through for years to come! NO snaps, NO wind noise, NO paint chaffing, NO         MEMBER $7.00
special care, easy to clean and maintain (Pre-owned motor homes with existing paint        NON-MEMBER/VENDOR $12.00
chips are brush touched to form a permanent repair and then Diamond Shield is ap-          Ads appearing here may also be found at
SERVICE DEPT: Older units can have Diamond Shield installed at the Fleetwood
               Service Center in Decatur, IN, by Diamond Shield Certified Factory          Please send payment with ad to:
               Installers. Call for details!                                               Fleetwood Travelcade Club
                                                                                           Carol Davis
             ♦Fiberglass painted areas below the windshield                                43597 Jared Lane
             ♦Under the grab handle ♦Around the door lock                                  Hemet, CA 92544.

                         ♦Beneath the entrance door                                        Articles/Ads for this paper are due by noon on the
                                                                                           10th of the month prior to the month of issue.
                         ♦Painted mirrors ♦ Cab Top
                                                                                           For information on advertising print ads or
                           ♦Storage Compartments                                           classifieds in The Fleetwood Flyer please call
                         ♦Headlights ♦Fog lights, etc.                                     (951) 927-5902

EXCELLENT FITTING DESIGNS: Diamond Shield continually
improves designs for the best fit in the market, with few if any relief cuts. Dia-
mond Shields exclusive standard system wraps most edges on the hood, generator
doors, their compartments and their openings and coverage extends to cap mold-
                                                                                         oBerAMMerGAU & TUSCAN
ings on most models. Diamond Shield’s factory installations wrap film under cap
moldings and under mirrors, leaving NO visible film edges whenever possible.
                                                                                         TreA SUre S ToUr
PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: Diamond Shield is applied by Factory Cer-                     May 12-22, 2010
tified Installers who are located across the U.S., call for one closest to you!
GUARANTEED SERVICE: Diamond Shield ID Badges have our toll free num-                     TOUR CONDITIONS
ber for customer service and are on every job we do!                                     PRICE OF 11-DAY TOUR: $4,679 from Atlanta.
WARRANTY: Diamond Shield comes with a limited warranty against paint                     AIR TRANSPORTATION: IATA Economy class, applicable on Austrian, Air France,
                                                                                         Delta, Continental, or other IATA carrier. Tour price based on current (2009) airfares
chips, peeling, cracking, shrinking and a repair warranty should damage occur in         and subject to increase once 2010 airfares become available. Supplement will
the protected area.                                                                      apply for departure from cities other than those listed above.
                                                                                         DEVIATION ITINERARY: Any adjustment in standardized air or land itinerary will
              Ph.888-806-5862. 585-454-1950 Fx.585-546-3968                              carry a $125 fee (for each change) in addition to any additional expense required.
                                                                                         This fee is applicable for research projected and/or accepted. To ensure efficient E-mail:                        handling of these requests, Dehoney Travel, Inc. will require that a tour deposit
                                                                                         be received before a deviation request can be processed.
                                                                                                               ACTIVITIe S – 2009
                                                            JUNe 2009                                       SePTeMBer 2009
oBerAMMerGAU                                                14-20 MICHIGAN UNIT RALLY, Kent County          16-19 MISSOURI FALL BUDDY RALLY,
TOUR CONDITIONS - CONT.                                     Fairgrounds, 225 S. Hudson, Lowell, MI          Arrowhead Park & Campgrounds, 755
                                                            49331 (616) 897-6050. Contact Dennis            SW 54 Hwy, Osceola, MO 64776. (417)
HOTELS: First-class/four-star and superior tourist-         & Carolyn Wright at (989) 728-0002 or           876-3016 or (888) 881-5720. Located
class/three-star hotels or guesthouses. Price based                            on HWY 54, 11 miles East of Eldorado
on double occupancy. Supplement will apply for a                                                            Springs, MO. Contact Bob & Betty Lewis,
single room. Single accommodations are limited and          16-18 WEST CENTRAL REGION ROUNDUP,
available on a first-come basis. Price for single room      Evening Star Resort, Topeka, IL (by Havana). or (636) 447-
is based upon availability at the time of booking.          This will include the IL Unit meeting.          4302 or Cell (636) 734-7298.
MEALS: Breakfast daily; lunches and dinners as              More details will be on the website soon.       16-20 OREGON FALL RALLY, Elks RV Park,
listed in day by day itinerary (B = breakfast; L = lunch;   Contact person Bernie & Judy Weithorn at
D = dinner).                                                                                                Florence, OR. Contact Norma Edwards
NOT INCLUDED: U.S. securities, customs and
                                                                                                            (541) 767-0422 or
departure tax, fuel surcharge and foreign
departure tax (approximately $301 and subject
                                                            AUGUST 2009                                     16-22 TEXAS FALL BUDDY RALLY, Amarillo
to any increase that may be imposed prior to                9-15 MICHIGAN BUDDY RALLY, White                RV Ranch, Amarillo, TX. Stopover on the
departure); single room supplement (price TBA);             Cloud Park, 620 E. Wilcox, (West of Town),
most lunches; gratuities ($165); any checked
                                                                                                            way to Farmington, NM. Contact person
baggage charge imposed by air carrier; excess               White Cloud, MI 49349. Phone (City Clerk)       Sara Rouner at (936) 855-2031 or email
baggage and forwarding of baggage; passports;               (231) 689-1194. Contact Dennis & Carolyn
personal items such as laundry or tips for personal         Wright at (989) 728-0002 or denniswhale@
favors; travel protection plan; any costs resulting                                         20-26 MICHIGAN RALLY, Bayshore Church
from absence or deviation from the itinerary; and
any items not shown herein as being included.               11-14 ILLINOIS BUDDY RALLY, Camp                Camp, 450 N. Miller Street, Sebewaing, MI
                                                            Lakewood, 1217 Rickelman Ave., Effingham,       48759. (989) 883-2501. Contact Dennis
PAYMENTS: Payment can be made by cash, check                IL. Campground Phone is (217) 342-6233.         & Carolyn Wright at (989) 728-0002 or
or credit card (Discover, MasterCard or Visa). A            Contact Hank & Addie Weast (309) 639- 
deposit of $500 per person is required at the               2291 or
time of booking to confirm tour membership. A
second deposit of $1,000 will be due September 1,
2009. Those enrolling on or after September 1 must
                                                                                                            oCToBer 2009
submit a $1,500 deposit. Balance of tour price is           SePTeMBer 2009                                  9-13 SOUTHWEST REGION BUDDY
due upon receipt of final invoice (approximately 5
                                                            9-12 WASHINGTON FALL BUDDY RALLY, Ft.           ROUNDUP, Moon River RV Resort, Mohave
months prior to departure).
                                                            Steele Resort & RV Park, Fort Steele, B.C.      Valley, AZ. Come on a little further west
your deposit,                                               Fort Steele Resort is located directly across   from the Farmington, NM Rendezvous
                                                            from Fort Steele Heritage Town on Hwy           and enjoy some activities on the
Dehoney Travel will make non-refundable deposits
on your behalf in order to secure your Passion Play         93/95 (18k/9mi) North of Cranbrook, B.C.        Colorado River near Bullhead City and
ticket package. Should you cancel, there will be            Lots to see and do around Cranbrook/Ft.         Laughlin, NV. Contact Jim & Carol Davis at
a fee of $500 for Dehoney Travel, Inc. to cover                                                             (951) 927-6389 or
                                                            Steele. Kootenay Fish Hatchery, Ft. Steel
administrative costs and non-refundable deposits.
Cancellation penalties will apply as follows: from          Heritage Village and Canadian Museum of
                                                            Rail Travel. Contact Al Caskey (780) 388-
                                                                                                            SIlVer ClASSICS
time of booking until August 31, 2009 - $500
cancellation penalty; from September 1, 2009 until          2175 or
151 days prior to departure - $1,500 cancellation
penalty; from 150-91 days prior to departure - 75%          9-13 INDIANA FALL BUDDY RALLY, Honey            SPeCIAl INTereST GroUP
of total tour price is non-refundable; 90 days-day          Bear Hollow Campground, Near Peru,
of departure/no show - 100% non-refundable. All
cancellation notifications must be made in writing          Indiana. Circus theme and lots of good food     The Silver Classics group met for a sack
to Dehoney Travel, Inc. Please allow 4 weeks for            and visitation. Contact Vic & Maryln Kerlin     lunch and visitation time at the Winter
cancellation refund processing.                             at or 1002 E. Dudley           Rendezvous in Urbanna, VA.
BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: Because of space                         Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227.                   Vic Kerlin #15173
limitations on buses and new airline regulations,
we have included porterage for only one check-on            9-13 PENNSYLVANIA FALL BUDDY RALLY,
bag (combination width, length and height not to            Pine Hill Campground, Kutztown, PA.
exceed 62 inches and weight limit of 50 pounds)             Contact Bob & Mae Lindsay (609) 397-
in tour cost. You may also take one carry-on which
will fit under your airline seat or in the overhead         2757 or
                                                            15-18 ILLINOIS FALL RALLY, Christian County
After ticketing of international and domestic air, a
                                                            Fairgrounds, Taylorville, IL. Contact Wayne
cancellation penalty of 100% of air fare is in effect.
On or after the date of departure there can be no           & Ellen Spencer (217) 287-1447 or awspen@
refund for any service not used.                   or

CAleNdAr of eVeNTS
fIrST MoNdAy                               SeCoNd wedNeSdAy                          ThIrd wedNeSdAy
WASHINGTON                                 ARIZONA                                   TEXAS
North-end Puget Sound Fleetwood            Yuma area luncheon, Fortuna De Oro        Rio Grande Valley Group Luncheon,
Lunch Bunch, Golden Corral, 1065 State     Restaurant, 13650 North Frontage Rd.,     Country Pancake House, on the west
St., Marysville, 11:30 AM (Except June,    Yuma AZ. 11:30 AM (Oct-Mar). Contact      access road for 281 just ½ block S. of
Sept. & Dec.)                              Roland Vorrath Cell (503) 435-9203        Nolana, Pharr. 11:30 AM, (Nov-Mar.)

fIrST wedNeSdAy                            MISSOURI                                  foUrTh wedNeSdAy
                                        Monthly luncheon, Country Buffet
OREGON                                  1282 Old Orchard Center Manchester,          MICHIGAN
Oregon Unit luncheon, Schroeders Guest MO at 1PM                                     Red Knapp’s, Clarkston, MI. Contact
House, Salem, OR. 11:30 am. Call Norma                                               Pauline West (248) 701-3006 to see if
Edwards (541) 767-0422 for directions.  TEXAS                                        it is going to be held.
                                        Rio Grande Valley Group Luncheon,
TEXAS                                   Country Pancake House, on the west           TEXAS
Rio Grande Valley Group Luncheon,       access road for 281 just ½ block S. of       Rio Grande Valley Group Luncheon,
Country Pancake House, on the west      Nolana, Pharr. 11:30 AM (Nov-Mar)            Country Pancake House, on the west
access road for 281, just ½ block south                                              access road for 281 just ½ block S. of
of Nolana, Pharr. 11:30 AM, (Nov.-Mar.) SeCoNd ThUrSdAy                              Nolana, Pharr. 11:30 AM, (Nov-Mar)

fIrST SATUrdAy                             MICHIGAN                                  foUrTh frIdAy
                                           Rainbow Grill on 32nd Street,
MICHIGAN                                   Hudsonville, MI 6:30 PM. (except Jan,
Kalamazoo Area Luncheon, Big T                                                       Heart of Texas, Oxford Street Restaurant
                                           Feb, Mar), Contact Leon & Adrianna
Restaurant, I-94 W. to Exit 60, go S. to                                             and Pub, Bryan, TX 11:30. Contact Dave
                                           Scholten #12526 MI.
Lawton, 4 mi. on the right, downtown                                                 Rouner (936) 855-2031 or
Lawton, 2PM. (Starting 1st Saturday        SeCoNd SATUrdAy                 
in May)
                                           CALIFORNIA                                fIfTh wedNeSdAy
SeCoNd MoNdAy                              Inland Empire Luncheon, Coco’s in
                                           Moreno Valley, 24949 Sunnymead,
OKLAHOMA                                   corner of Sunnymead & Perris Ave.
                                                                                     Rio Grande Valley Group Luncheon,
Eastern Group Luncheon, Luby’s, 71st &                                               Country Pancake House, on the west
                                           1:00 pm. Contact Dorothy Ansevics
Riverside Dr., Tulsa, OK, 1:00 PM                                                    access road for 281 just ½ block S. of
                                           (951) 683-5062 or Our
                                                                                     Nolana, Pharr. 11:30 AM, (Nov-Mar)
TEXAS                                      June, 2009 luncheon will be replaced
Hill Country Luncheon, Inn of the Hills,   with another weekend campout.. (See
Kerrville, 11:30 AM.                       information under special events.).
TEXAS                                      TEXAS
                                                                                     SPeCIAl eVeNTS
Houston Group Luncheon, Golden             Dallas/Ft Worth Group, Spring Creek       CALIFORNIA (Inland Empire)
Corral, 11555 West Airport Blvd.,          Bar-B-Q, 1509 Airport Freeway, Bedford,   Second Saturday luncheon for June will
Stafford, (281)2407316 11 AM               TX (N side of Airport Fwy (Hwy 183) at    be replaced with a campout at Guajome
                                           Forest Ridge exit.) 11:30 AM              San Diego County Park. Some are
SeCoNd TUeSdAy                                                                       coming on Thursday June 11 or Friday
ALABAMA                                    Ryan’s Family Steakhouse on 86th          June 12 and leave on Sunday June 14.
Decatur Area Dinner, Mama Blues 6:00       Street, Des Moines, Iowa 12:30            Make your own reservations online or by
pm. Contact Sam & Ginny Whitaker (256)                                               telephone at or (877) 565-
233-5966 or         ThIrd TUeSdAy                             3600. Contact person Dorothy Ansevics
                                                                                     at (951) 683-5062 or
FLORIDA                                    WASHINGTON
Central Florida Luncheon, Golden Corral,   South-end Luncheon, Old Country
4705 N. US Hwy 98, Lakeland, FL 11:30      Buffet, 1816 S. 320th St., Federal Way,
AM (Dec thru Mar)                          WA. (Across from Sea Tac Mall)
Contact Pat Bradford #16065                11:30 AM, (Except June, Sept & Dec.)
(863) 859-3339

                                                                                                                         UNIT NewS
AlABAMA UNIT                                                                  characters, not necessarily in order of importance: Nick the Stick”
                                                                              is a Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake. Nick has been AWOL for
Spring in Alabama has been stormy and wet and as of today
                                                                              the last few years. Crotalus atrox. “Roberta” is a Bobcat, Roberta
things don’t seem to be changing any time soon. I thought this
                                                                              frequents our yard bringing with her offspring. Felis rufus. “Sally”
kind of weather was supposed to be over by now.
                                                                              is a Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus, “Hummer” is a Broad
Sam & I were so disappointed that we were unable to make the                  Tailed Hummingbird Selasphorus platycerus. “Whitney” is an Elf
Virginia Rendezvous but Grady White and Freddie Smith did an                  Owl Micrathene whitneyi. Whitney has moved on, and Whitney’s
excellent job representing Sam as Unit President and Governor.                abode has new occupants. There are countless additional cameo
Grady & Nita came by this week and gave Sam a great report. We                actors in this on-going saga.
were both saddened by the news of the dissolution of the Club.
But I guess we all knew it was inevitable.                                    Now that you have more information than needed, let me bring
                                                                              you up to date. While most winged visitors are now busy with nest
It does not mean we have to give up all the special friends we                building or doing nest sitting duty the Gambel’s quail are daily
have made over the years. We, in the Alabama Unit, plan to keep               visitors showing off their offspring teaching them where to locate
our club together. We have some fabulous memories of our                      a meal and how to fly.
travels and the friends we have made. We’ve traveled many places
we never would have made without the Clubs Travelcades and                    Upcoming events:
Rendezvous’.                                                                  Farmington New Mexico rendezvous September 30 to October 5
If you are looking for the Gilmores don’t look in Birmingham.                 AZ Rolling Rally, Farmington NM to Mohave AZ October 5 to
They are on the road again. When I last spoke to them they were               October 9
headed for Gulf Shores, AL and then on to Texarkana with the                  Southwest Regional Roundup October 9 to October 13, Moon
Manors and the Gardners.                                                      River RV Resort Mohave Valley AZ
Nita & Grady White are spending a couple of weeks with family.                Yuba City Rendezvous March 1 to 7, 2010
Tommy & Marie Glenn have been in Pennsylvania this last month.                Dates in June to remember:
They are having lots of fun playing Grandma and Grandpa.                      June 9 Donald Ducks Birthday (1934,) June 14 Father’s day,
Sam & I are looking forward to being able to hit the road again the           June 17 Watergate Arrests Anniversary (1972,) June 19 Garfield’s
first of June. (That is if the doctor agrees to let me go.) We plan to        Birthday (1978) and June 29 Olympic National Park Anniversary
be in California for our grandson’s graduation June 12. I still have          (1938).
two more weeks of physical therapy. Hopefully we have the staph               Jack
infection on the run. Sam & I are both about to get cabin fever.
Needless to say we are more than ready to get to our travels. We
have certainly missed seeing everyone.                                        CAlIforNIA UNIT
Remember: We need old friends to help us grow old and new                     The California Unit members have been busy traveling here and
friends to help us stay young.                                                there. A great Spring Rally brought 19 units together to enjoy
Take care and safe travels,                                                   fun, food and fellowship in a beautiful place at the Bakersfield RV
                                                                              Resort. Leon & Myrna Mendenhall planned a great rally with tours
                                                                              of the local newspaper and a trip to a farm with fresh produce
                                                                              among other things. The weather was perfect as CA is famous for.
ArIzoNA UNIT                                                                  There was much discussion at our business meeting regarding the
The Rendezvous in Virginia is now history. The Board of directors             future of our club. The consensus of the group was that we wanted
acted upon the recommendation from the Council of Presidents                  to stay together and do things as a unit. Everyone will bring their
to start the dissolution of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club. The last           ideas to the Southwest Roundup in Bullhead City, AZ so we can
rendezvous is the Yuba City CA in March 2010. You can see from the            organize in some way.
dates listed below that we have several events planned prior to the           Mike & Kathy Sexton were unable to be there as they went on the
Yuba City Rendezvous, so hitch up and let’s all meet and enjoy the            Natchez Trace Travelcade led by Bill & Shirley McNaney prior to
outings we have come to love.                                                 the Winter Rendezvous in Urbanna, VA. The Sextons, Plunketts
What does the future hold for the Southwest Region? First the                 and Jim & Carol Davis met up at the rendezvous and represented
dissolution does not spell the end for our Region, The California,            CA there.
New Mexico and Arizona units will still to be able to plan and hold           It was a good rendezvous with 87 units attending and the decision
campouts. More on this subject will be coming to you either via               was made to begin the dissolution process of the International
e-mail and or regular mail.                                                   Fleetwood Travelcade Club. This is to be completed by March
Diane and I thank the members that responded to the recent                    31, 2010 after the Winter Rendezvous in Yuba City, CA. After
survey. Additionally we extend our thanks to all the AZ members               the disappointment and resignation of the inevitable, everyone
and associates for all your help and assistance these past years.             began to look forward to the next two rendezvous’ in Farmington,
June Critter Report:                                                          NM and Yuba City, CA. The motto is “celebration” and there will
From time to time we mention the cast of critters, so at the request          be lots of fun, food and fellowship with very few meetings at
from some readers of this ongoing novel, here are the main                    both of those rendezvous’. The CA Unit, and all of those who have
signed up to help, promoted their rendezvous on stage with tie            Joyce Williams and David & Cheryl Peavler were first timers at the
dye outfits and sang “California Dreaming”. Some people like Jim          Urbanna Rendezvous and we had to help protect them as they
Clubb from OK really got into the CA hippy mode.                          skate boarded around the park. At least there were no broken
After the rendezvous, Jim & Carol Davis traveled to Front Royal,          bones. Welcome aboard.
VA to visit their son and play some golf. Mike & Kathy Sexton             The KY Unit will have their Spring Rally at Holt’s in Bardstown
toured Washington, DC (and, of course, played golf) and the               before you read this article. Decisions will be made there for the
Plunketts did some visiting with family in KY. The Davises went           future of the Kentucky Unit and how our many friendships will be
to the KY Rally in Bardstown, KY then to AR for a family reunion          preserved.
before returning to CA.                                                   Burdell Borchardt, International President, has budgeted for The
Myrna Mendenhall, By Carol Davis                                          Fleetwood Flyer to be mailed to all members for the remaining
                                                                          time. Publications will be mailed in June, August, October,
                                                                          December 2009 and February 2010. The website will remain up
IllINoIS UNIT                                                             as well. Watch for Carol Davis’ articles regarding membership
Terry & Faith Sorensen attended the April Rendezvous in Virginia.         awards. She will have information about these awards in her
We appreciate them representing Wayne, Bernie and Ellen and               articles. We are looking forward to many shared experiences in
getting all the current news.                                             the coming months. We are so blessed to have so many friends
At the time I am writing this, those planning on attending the May        across the USA.
Buddy Rally at Knoxville, IL are; Ralph Burcar, Shirley Clark, and        Thelma Gibson
the couples: Carmans, Collins, Davis, Foreman, Fowler, Jaynes,
McKinnon, Peters, Russell, Wagner, Weithorn, Weast, and Wells.
Also two of McKinnon’s buddies, Patrick’s and Dewhirst. Spencers
                                                                          MIChIGAN UNIT
plan to go as walk-ins. We want to thank Hank & Addie and all who         Well, the Wrights & Parkers have just returned from the Spring
helped at the rally. Hope to see everyone at the June Round-up.           Rendezvous by the Sea in Urbanna, VA. What a nice time we had
Ellen Spencer                                                             with 87 units from all over the U.S. & Canada. Too bad so many of
                                                                          you missed it.
                                                                          Our next stop is Bay Shore Camp in Sebewaing, MI May 17-23 then
INdIANA UNIT                                                              June 14-20th in Lowell MI. We hope Larry Klinkers is well enough
Our Spring Rally was held Monday, May 18th thru Thursday 21st             to attend.
at Heartland Resort in Greenfield, IN. John & Rita McCarren were          A sad note, we have lost three fellow RVers this spring; Kate
the wagonmasters. The Fall Rally will be held September 17th              McNeil #12393, Gerrit Vogelaar #3493, & former member Mike
thru 20th. The wagonmasters are Vic & Maryln Kerlin. More info            Reynolds. Sincere sympathy to their Families.
at a later date.
                                                                          See you at Bay Shore Camp.

KeNTUCKy UNIT                                                             NeBrASKA UNIT
Kentucky was represented at the Urbanna Rendezvous by the                 The Nebraska Unit of the Fleetwood Travelcade Club met for lunch
following units: Gibsons, Hisels, Russ Peavlers, David Peavlers,          at OJ’s April 24th. Those attending were Dick & Bev Johnson, Larry
and Williams. Hisels had arranged for us to arrive early for a day        & Loreene Lane, Bev Ratekin and friend, Loren, and buddies and
tour of the World War II monument at Washington, DC. Nineteen             good friends, Mel & Myrt Hinrichs and Don & Sara Ratekin. Good
persons enjoyed the trip and we not only toured the World War II          food and good conversation were enjoyed by all. Gene & Bev
Monument but were privileged to also visit the Korean, Vietnam,           Russell were on their way home from Florida.
Lincoln and Roosevelt Monuments. What an awesome emotion                  Larry & Loreene Lane attended the Urbanna, Virginia Rendezvous.
to realize the price our nation has paid to protect our freedoms.         This is a very beautiful and historic section of the country.
Thank You Sid & Gladys.                                                   Congratulations to Missouri for winning the Road Runner Trophy.
One highlight was a personal note to a Kentucky grandfather               A 30 year pin was awarded to Bev Ratekin for Bob & Bev’s 30 year
who received greetings from his grandson now serving in Iraq.             membership in the club.
The grandson had attended a Rendezvous in 1992 at Puyallup, CA
                                                                          Loreene Lane
with his grandparents and when he heard they were attending the
Urbanna Rendezvous he sent humor contrasting his vacation with
ours. Thanks, Grandpa, for sharing some laughs with the groups.           NorTh CArolINA UNIT
The seafood buffet at Washington was excellent and the many               Hello, actually from Beth Camp Resort in Urbanna, VA. We’re here
meals provided by the Bethpage Resort were deliciously prepared,          for the Fleetwood Travelcade Club Winter Rendezvous. Those here
served in record time and always with a smile. Bob Gibson was             from the North Carolina Unit are Hermann & Marlis Stumps, Alden
installed as the North Central Governor to serve through the              & Linda Segrest, Charlie & Ginny McPherren, Willie & Undine
dissolution of the club.                                                  Lamm and Bill & Pam East.
                                                                                                                        UNIT NewS
NorTh CArolINA UNIT (CoNT.)                                                 oKlAhoMA UNIT
Not much is going on in our corner of the world. Everyone seems             YEAH!! Spring is in the air and we are more than ready for it. We’ve
to be okay, since I haven’t heard from anyone. Our NC Unit has              had many continuous days of rain and that has made everything
gotten small. We have less than 10 members now. Well, let’s get             very green.
positive, hoping for some new active members. After all, we have            Another yeah, for the Oklahoma Unit of the Fleetwood Travelcade
such a great club, caring a lot for each other.                             Club who traveled to Carthage, Missouri for their Spring Round-
Some of us have done some traveling:                                        up. Wanda Berry, Jim & Peggy Clubb, John Conley, Ebb & Ginny
Bill & Pam East “ran away from home” for the winter. There was              Cox, John & Mary Lu Ehrle and Bill & Nellie Pennington enjoyed
just too much ice and snow in Vinton, VA where their home is.               the hospitality and warm welcome of the Missouri Unit. I know
                                                                            that Missouri is known as the Show Me State and they did show
Willie & Undine Lamm, Alden & Linda Segrest, Hermann & Marlis
                                                                            us a great time. The Fleetwood Travelcade Club International
Stumps and “Smitty” & Louise Smith went to Florida to Lazy Days
                                                                            First Vice-President Burdell & Mabel Ann Borchardt attended
as guests of the Fleetwood Motorhome Association “Friends First”
                                                                            the round-up and it was good to get to know them better. After
Rally. It was wonderful. We all had a real good time and enjoyed
                                                                            the round-up Jim & Peggy Clubb traveled on to the rendezvous
the warm weather.
                                                                            in Urbanna, VA where Oklahoma Unit members, Jerry & Shelby
After the rally, Willie & Undine Lamm, Bill & Pam East and Hermann          Brown had already arrived.
& Marlis Stumps met again for two days in Zephyrhills, FL and Bill
                                                                            The Oklahoma Fall Buddy Rally has been set for September 9-12,
& Pam stayed there for about a month. Hermann & Marlis Stumps
                                                                            2009 at the Pioneer Campground in Guthrie, OK. We look forward
stayed a few more days to visit friends in St. Petersburg, FL. Charlie
                                                                            to having a good time with all our traveling friends.
& Ginny McPherren spent some time in Texas.
                                                                            We wish you a happy and travel-filled summer.
Herman & Marlis Stumps left home on April 7th to meet friends
from the Fleetwood Travelcade Club in Vidalia, LA, right on the             Ginny
Mississippi River to go on the Natchez Trace Travelcade. We
started out in Natchez, MS with 20 units. Natchez Trace is just             oreGoN UNIT
beautiful especially now in the spring with all the wildflowers and
                                                                            Wow! How the time goes by.
trees either budding or in full bloom. We ended up in Nashville,
TN for the “Grand Finale”. We really enjoyed a show at the “Grand           At this writing we are still in Yuma. Most of our Fleetwood
Ole Opry”. There was so much to see and enjoy, like a city bus              Travelcade Club friends have already headed north. I can
tour through Nashville with the Hall of Fame and so much more.              understand why! It was 106 degrees a couple days ago. So, we are
After the travelcade, eight units stayed together to travel to the          headed for Oregon in a few days.
rendezvous at Beth Page Camp Resort.                                        By the time you read this our Oregon Rally will be history (May
Well, that’s all I have to report for now.                                  27-31). At this writing we are planning and looking forward to our
Happy Trails, Marlis                                                        retreat on the beautiful middle fork of the Willamette River. We
                                                                            have 15 RV’s registered and five rooms reserved at the local Inn, so
p.s. The “Sons of the Pioneers” a singing quartet started by Roy
                                                                            we expect to have a good time with new and old friends.
Rogers sang “Happy Trails” at the show we saw and enjoyed at the
“Grand Ole Opry”.                                                           Some News from Special Folks:
                                                                            Russ & Joyce Brower have just returned from a cruise along the West
                                                                            Coast. They had a great time but report that the Ocean was rough
ohIo UNIT                                                                   and there was lots of rain and wind.
Spring is here! How good it is to feel the warm fresh air. Our first        Roland & Marilyn Vorrath took care of “Lucy” (Browers’ Dog) while
event of the year for the club was our annual Spring Luncheon               they were away. I think they are just about ready to steal her. Roland
at Canton April 21st. We had a smaller attendance this time with            & Marilyn left for Oregon after their pet sitting was finished.
only five couples. The Grables, Forneys, Wheelers and Staibs told
                                                                            Gerald & Linda Lavy are back in Oregon and Linda is already back
of their winter in a warmer climate. Dean & Yvonne visited Florida
                                                                            working some. Ed & Carol Fox are back in Oregon and I bet they are
for a short time.
                                                                            already hitting the golf balls.
Six couples traveled to Urbanna, Virginia to the Spring Rendezvous.
                                                                            Tony & Phyllis Anusich, Dick & Carol Eckhart and Phil & Leah Kimball
The Brehms, Grables, Gossards, Staibs, and Dean &Yvonne attended.
                                                                            have returned home after a great road trip together. They traveled
It was so good to see everyone, especially Cal Brehm after his
                                                                            to the East Coast and took in all the sights along the way. Phil &
winter of health problems. We are saddened to see the end of the
                                                                            Leah also went on the Natchez Trace Travelcade.
FleetwoodTravelcade Club, but know it had to be done.The Ohio unit
plans to stay strong. Many friendships have been made and good              Herb & Margi Christensen are still enjoying the Yuma area and plan
times shared.                                                               to head back to Oregon around the 20th. They are going to attend
                                                                            the Oregon Rally on their way home.
We are now on to Fletcher, Ohio for the Ohio Spring Rally, May
11-16. Eleven units and a couple of walk-ins are expected.                  Till next time, Fleetwood Hugs,
Until our next time, stay healthy and Safe Travels.                         Norma Edwards
Hugs, Dean
roCKy MoUNTAIN UNIT                                                         TeXAS UNIT
Greetings to everyone from the Chesapeake Bay area. We had a                We had a good turnout for our Spring “Buddy” Rally in Mineola,
great rendezvous at Urbanna, VA. The Bethpage Resort was very               and we also met some folks from the “King of the Road” bunch
comfortable with full hookups on the grass, for everyone. They              who were interested in joining our Texas group. Additionally,
catered many of our meals and it was so nice to rarely need to get          Texas was well represented at the Spring Rendezvous in Urbanna,
into our cars/trucks to head off to other places. Wish you all could        Virginia. Thanks to Pete & Alice Pizzano for locating such a
have joined us. The Rocky Mountain Unit news follows:                       neat facility.
Bob & Clara Lee are doing some traveling; first to “The Rally” that         As you may or may not know, it was decided at the Spring
was held almost in their yard, and soon will be heading to CA for           Rendezvous that the International Fleetwood Travelcade
a special cousin’s 80th birthday and family get together. Wayne             Club will be disbanding after the Spring Rendezvous in Yuba
& DeeAnn Demill are driving their rig to Utah and Idaho for six             City, CA in March of 2010. The vote to “close up shop” was
weeks in April and May to visit with family there. Harry & Betty            almost overwhelming.
Peterson are staying on the East coast to allow them to prepare for         We are interested in keeping the Texas Unit afloat, but under a
their next FTC Travelcade (their 7th that they have led). They leave        different name and without any affiliation with Fleetwood. One
for Rome and a cruise of the Greek Islands on May 26th.                     name that has piqued some interest is the “Lone Star SOB’s.” (SOB
May you all be enjoying the warmth and beauty of Spring with                stands for ‘Some Other Brands’) Let us know your thoughts.
plans for lots of camping trips in the summer ahead. God bless              We look forward to seeing y’all in Amarillo.
each of you and safe travels to all.
                                                                            Dave & Sara
Betty Peterson

                                                                            wAShINGToN UNIT
SoUTh CArolINA UNIT                                                         There was good attendance at the last three luncheons. The
The front page of The Fleetwood Flyer tells us that our club’s days         snow birds are making their annual return home. The Arizona
are numbered. I don’t know how most of you feel but it makes                visitors report good weather and good times were shared while
Harry & me very sad to see this happen but due to membership                in the south. It is always good to see Sally & Dennis Noble who
decline there was nothing left to do but to cease operations while          travel across the mountains from eastern Washington to have
we’re still ahead. Harry was in touch with each of you to solicit           lunch with the west side folks. It was nice to see Marnie Opstad
your opinions and how you wished to vote.                                   at the Tuesday luncheon in Federal Way since she has finished her
As you are now aware, we didn’t have our Spring Rally as planned            weekly chemotherapy treatments.
due to the fact that there weren’t any members able to attend               Other Unit members report exciting travel experiences. Fran Reed
except us. We had planned to have our business meeting in                   is glad to be home after her two month cruise to South America
Urbanna, VA but no members were there either. We did have Jim               and Antarctica. She had a great time and would recommend this
& Billie Barton present but they are now buddies, not members,              trip to all. Trish Abernathy has returned from her Mexican cruise.
and Billie’s cousin, Coleen & her husband Jimmy whom we had                 She reports she had a wonderful time however she did have to be
met at Lazy Days in ‘08. We did meet with the NC members and it             hospitalized for one night in San Diego after the cruise due to an
was suggested that our Fall Rally could be combined with them               illness contracted while on the ship. Al Caskey writes from Bath,
and the GA members-at-large in early September so that those                in the United Kingdom, that he and Del are enjoying their time
who planned to attend the rendezvous in Farmington, NM would                abroad. They are attending a family reunion of Del’s family. Ken &
have ample time to make the trip across country. We hope to be              Carolyn Abramson traveled to the Urbanna Rendezvous in Virginia
there if we can find some kind soul who will mow our lawn while             and represented the Washington Unit and the Northwest Region.
we’re gone.                                                                 They report from the rendezvous that a plan for dissolution of
Our plan is to have our annual Holiday Luncheon the first Saturday          the International Club has been established. The Washington
in December as usual but we may change the location. More                   Unit members are hopeful that we can continue to get together
Information will be sent out closer to the time.                            in one form or another. Everyone is urged to bring their views
The news from our members is nil so we’ll tell you that Harry & I           and concerns to the Spring Rally where we can get together and
are spending 8 days in Quinby, VA prior to continuing our trip to           discuss alternate plans.
NJ for a granddaughters graduation from Kean U and the birth of             We look forward to seeing many of you at the Spring Rally
our first great-granddaughter on May 15th. Little “Shea” doesn’t            at Fidalgo Bay RV Resort in Anacortes June 3-6. There have
know what she’s getting into with this family!                              been a number of interesting trips and activities planned for
We will then go to WV to visit Harry’s last living uncle whom he            your enjoyment.
hopes will be able to fill in some blanks on the family tree.               Travel Safely.
With no more news, I’ll sign off with Best Wishes to all with               Al & Del Caskey, By Tom Opstad
Birthdays & Anniversaries during the next months of June & July.
(I left all my info at home – BAD!)
Until we see you again, SAFE TRAVELS!!
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