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					Admission Guide & Application
           Graduate Admission Guide & Application
Auburn University at Montgomery welcomes applications from all qualified prospective students. AUM considers all
 applicants on an individual basis. If we may provide information or assistance during the application process, please
                 call 334-244-3623 or toll free 800-227-2649. TDD users may call 334-244-3801.

All Graduate Applicants

  Complete and return the attached application for admission. A           Office of Academic Affairs/Graduate Studies, Auburn University at
$25 nonrefundable processing fee must accompany each application.         Montgomery, P. O. Box 244023, Montgomery, AL 36124-4023. All
                                                                          information should be sent as soon as possible prior to the term in
   For degree programs, one official transcript from every college        which you wish to begin graduate study.
attended must be mailed directly from the Registrar of each school
to the Office of Graduate Studies. For unclassified status, an official    Applicants for graduate study can apply for the following degrees
copy from the institution of highest degree.                              and must take the entrance exam indicated.

   Transcripts of work completed at AUM will be obtained by this
office. Applications and required documents should be sent to the

Degrees                                                   Entrance Requirements/Exams

School of Business
Master of Business Administration (MBA) (EMBA)            GMAT

School of Education
Traditional Master of Education (MEd)                     General section of GRE or MAT and in most cases a Class B teaching certificate

Education Specialist (EdS)                                Master’s degree, Class A teaching certificate, and general section of GRE or MAT

Alternative Master of Education (MEd)                     Bachelor’s degree, general section of GRE or MAT

School of Liberal Arts
Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)                              General section of GRE or MAT

School of Sciences
Master of Cybersystems and Information Security           General section of GRE or MAT

Master of International Relations (MIR)                   General section of GRE or MAT

Master of Political Science (MPS)                         General section of GRE or MAT

Master of Public Administration (MPA)                     General section of GRE or MAT

Master of Science in Psychology (MSPG)                    General section of GRE or MAT, two letters of recommendation
                                                          and a one-page personal statement

Master of Science in Justice and Public Safety            General section of GRE or MAT
              Graduate Application for Admission
                                                  Auburn University at Montgomery
                                                      Office of Graduate Studies
                                                          P.O. Box 244023
                                                    Montgomery, AL 36124-4023
                                                  1-800-227-2649 or 334-244-3623

Social Security Number
(Required for financial aid and student employment. )

Full legal name
                                (last)                           (first)                          (middle)
Other names in which transcripts may be listed
Preferred name or nickname                                                      E-mail
Current mailing address                                                         City                                 State              Zip
Permanent address                                                               City                                 State              Zip
Home phone (           )                  Business phone (                 )               Date of birth
Sex: o Male          o Female            Cell phone (        )                           Place of employment

Ethnic Group (Voluntary: This information is for state and federal reporting purposes only and will not be used in a discriminatory manner.)
o American Indian/Alaskan Native                    o Asian, Pacific Islander o African American/Non-Hispanic

o Hispanic          o White/Non-Hispanic o Other (specify)

Are you a resident of the state of Alabama?               o Yes                o No
Have you resided in Alabama for the past 12 months?                            o Yes     o No
Are you or your spouse or parents serving on active duty in the U. S. military?                          o Yes*   o No
* Please submit a copy of the military orders or home of record in order to qualify for resident tuition.

Citizenship Status (To be completed by non-U.S. citizens only)
Country of citizenship
Place of birth
Permanent resident o Yes (If yes, enclose photocopy of Resident Alien card.) o No

Term of Enrollment                                                                       Graduate Admission Test(s) Taken
o Fall 20             o Spring 20              o Summer 20                               o GRE               o MAT           o GMAT

                                                                                         Date taken _____/_____/_____

                                                                                         Scores sent to AUM?         o Yes         o No

School of Education Applicants
Do you qualify for an Alabama teacher’s certificate? o Yes o No If yes, specify area
Number of years of classroom experience
Programs of Study

o Unclassified                                            o Social Science                                 o Physical Education

o School of Business                                 Special Education                                 Counselor Education
                                                        o Collaborative Teacher (K–6)                     o Community Counseling (non-certification)
Masters of Business Administration                      o Collaborative Teacher (6–12)                    o School Counseling
   o MBA                                                o Early Childhood
   o EMBA (Executive)                                           Special Education (B–8)                Special Education
                                                                                                          o Collaborative Teacher (K–6)
o School of Education                                Alternative Master of Education                      o Collaborative Teacher (6–12)
 Traditional Master of Education                         o Art Education (P–12)
   o Art Education (P–12)                                o Childhood Education (P–6)                   o School of Liberal Arts
   o Early Childhood Education (P–3)                     o Physical Education (P–12)                      o Master of Liberal Arts
   o Elementary Education (K-6)
   o Reading Specialist (P–12)                       Secondary Education                               o School of Sciences
   o Instructional Leadership                           o Biology                                         o Master of Cybersystems and
   o Instructional Technology (non-certification)       o English / Language Arts                                Information Security
                                                        o General Science                                 o Master of International Relations
Counselor Education                                     o History                                         o Master of Political Science
   o Community Counseling (non-certification)           o Mathematics                                     o Master of Public Administration
   o School Counseling                                  o Social Science                                  o Master of Science in Psychology

Physical Education                                   Special Education                                 Master of Science in Justice & Public Safety
   o P–12 Certification                                 o Collaborative Teacher (K–6)                     o Judicial Administration
   o Exercise Science (non-certification)               o Collaborative Teacher (6–12)                    o Justice & Public Safety
   o Sport Management                                   o Early Childhood                                 o Executive Master’s
                                                                Special Education (B-8)                           (Huntsville / Redstone)
Secondary Education                                                                                       o Homeland Security
   o Biology                                         Education Specialist
   o English / Language Arts                            o Early Childhood Education
   o General Science                                    o Elementary Education
   o History                                            o Instructional Leadership
   o Mathematics

Collegiate Academic History

List ALL colleges and universities attended (including AUM)
Name                                  Location                                      Attendance dates              Degree and date conferred

Emergency Contact Information

In case of emergency notify: Name
Relationship                                Telephone (        )
I certify that I comply with the provisions of the United States Selective Service Act (50 U.S.C. APP 453) by having registered with the Selective
Service Board or that I am not yet 18 years of age and I will register when required or that I am not required by law to register.
I understand that false information will make me ineligible for admission and enrollment. I further understand that it will be my obligation as a
student at Auburn University at Montgomery to know and abide by the university policies and procedures as stated in the AUM catalog.
A $25 nonrefundable processing fee must accompany each application. Please pay by check, cash or money order. By submitting this applica-
tion for admission to Auburn University at Montgomery you are agreeing that photographs taken on campus in which you appear
may be used for University promotion and advertising.

Application number                                                              Classification

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