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					Dubuque Community School District


                                    Course Syllabus

Course Name and Number: 75 Hour Nurse Aide Course
                        NICC Hempstead High School

Semester: 1st

Classroom and Class Time: D122
                          2nd Period 08:33-9:21 AM

Instructors: Classroom- Rhonda Simpson, MSN ARNP
                           PH- 563-552-3084

                Lab and Clinicals- Cathy Davis RN MS
                                   Other instructors TBA

Course Description: This 75 hour course meets the training of the Omnibus Budget
Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA) for aides working in nursing facilities (NF) and
skilled nursing facilities (SNF). It emphasizes the achievement of a basic level of
knowledge and demonstrates skills to provide safe, effective resident/client care.
Student’s will receive (1) high school credit and (3) NICC credits upon successful
completion of the course. Grading scale for NICC differs from DCSD and may make a
difference on obtaining credit in both. Must have 78% to receive NICC credit, but could
have less and still receive high school credit.

Required Materials: 75 hour Nurse Aide Course Module
               Nurse Aide Course Skills Checklist

Textbook: Sorrentino, S.A. (2004). Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants (6th or 7th
Edition). St Louis, MO.

Course Objectives: The emphasis in this course is on students achieving a basic level of
knowledge and demonstrating skills to provide safe, effective resident care. The course
objectives are determined by the Iowa Department of Inspection and Appeals. The
students will be expected to do the Competencies for 75 Hour Nurse Aide Course as
outlined in the module.

Course Requirements:
   Students are required to attend 30 hours of classroom theory and achieve a 78%
      grade for NICC credit. The course has been developed in six units of study and
      their will be an exam on each unit.
              Students are required to attend and pass 15 hours of skills labs beyond the regular
               school day.
              Students are required to attend 30 hours of clinicals beyond the regular school
              Specific requirements of each area are in written in detail in the student
               modules/skills checklists
              REMINDER: “In compliance with the Iowa Smokefree Air Act, effective July1,
               2008, health care and public facilities (such as NICC and nursing homes in
               addition to schools) are tobacco-free. Tobacco products may not be used
               anywhere on these properties. This includes personal vehicles pared on their
               properties. We expect your respect and cooperation with the requirements of this

                  THEORY GRADE- assignments, quizzes, and unit tests will be
                    averaged for the percentage grade. Grade will be assigned according to
                    the grade scale (below). Quiz dates will be announced in advance and if
                    that class day is missed, the quiz can not be made up and a zero will be
                    assigned for that quiz. Any assignments not turned in will be assigned a
                    zero. Some extra credit assignments may be given. Students must be
                    present on date of each unit test. If know in advance of an absence, prior
                    arrangements for test make-up need to be made within 24 hours. In case
                    of illness or other emergencies, arrangements need to be made within 24
                    hours for test make-ups.
                  SKILLS LABS - Pass/Fail grade. It is required to pass the skills labs to
                    participate in CLINICALS. Must pass both to receive credit for the
                  GRADE SCALE: (Dubuque Community School District)

               93-100% A             90-92% A-              87-89% B+              83-86% B
               80-82% B-             77-79% C+              73-76% C               70-72% C-
               67-69% D+             63-66% D               60-62% D-              0-59% F

                   GRADE SCALE: (NICC)
               94-100% A     93%     A-                     91-92% B+              87-90% B
               86%     B-    83-85 % C+                     79-82% C               70%    D-
               87-90% B      78%     C-                     0-69% F

       Class Schedule:

DATE              DAY
08/24/10          Tuesday         Introduction, review NICC guidelines, application forms,
08/27/10          Friday          Lecture Unit I
08/30/10          Monday          Continue lecture Unit I
08/31/10   Tuesday     Cont Lecture Unit I/video The Mailbox
09/01/10   Wednesday   Unit I
09/03/10   Friday      Test Unit I
09/08/10   Wednesday   Lecture Unit II / Review test Early release
09/10/10   Friday      Cont Lecture Unit II
09/13/10   Monday      Cont Lecture Unit II/Minnie Remembers
09/14/10   Tuesday     Lecture Unit II/Review
09/15/10   Wednesday   Test Unit II (early release)
09/16/10   Thursday    Review test Unit II/Lecture Unit III
09/17/10   Friday      Lecture Unit III
09/20/10   Monday      Cont Unit III lecture
09/21/10   Tuesday     Cont Unit III Review. View Handwashing, Demo
09/22/10   Wednesday   Cont Unit III

09/23/10   Thursday    Cont lecture Unit III
09/24/10   Friday      Unit III Cont/ Bath Video
09/27/10   Monday      Review Unit III
09/28/10   Tuesday     Unit III Test
09/29/10   Wednesday   Review test Unit III/Lecture Unit IV
10/01/10   Friday      Cont Unit IV Lecture
10/04/10   Monday      Unit IV Lecture/Review

10/06/10   Wednesday   Unit IV Test/ Start Unit V lecture

10/07/10   Thursday    Review Test Unit IV/lecture Unit V/Demo VS

10/11/10   Monday      Cont Unit V Lecture/Review Unit V

10/12/10   Tuesday     Test Unit V

10/13/10   Wednesday   Review Unit V test/ Review past Units

10/15/10   Friday      Unit VI Lecture

10/18/10   Monday      Unit VI Lecture
10/19/10   Tuesday     Unit VI Lecture Cont
10/20/10   Wednesday   Unit VI lecture (early release)
10/21/10           Thursday    Unit VI lecture

10/22/10           Friday      Unit VI lecture
10/25/10           Monday      Review Unit VI
10/26/10           Tuesday     Unit VI test
10/27/10           Wednesday   Review Unit VI test

11/01/10           Monday      Make-up/review for state
11/04/10           Thursday    Make-up/review
11/05/10           Friday      Make-up/review
11/06/10 thru                  These days will remain on the schedule based on asembly
01/17/11                       days, snow-days, early arrivals, and early out days to
                               allow for the required 30 hours needed for theory.

        The following dates are the days that we will not meet for class. There may
        be other days throughout the semester, but will inform students ahead of
        time. Students will not have CNA class these days:


           These days all students must report to a supervised area.
           Clinical Labs: All Labs will be held at the NICC Town Clock (downtown) Center
           From 4:30 PM To 7:30 PM---LABS ARE MANDATORY TO BE ABLE TO

DATE               DAY                 SKILLS

11/15/10           Monday              Gloving/ungloving, handwashing, TEDS, Gait belt, Positioning,
                                       Lifting &moving a resident in bed, body mechanics, DEMO/practice
11/16/10           Tuesday             Bedmaking, bedpan/commode, Ht. & Wt., ROM, nail care, emptying
                                       a Foley catheter, obtaining a urine specimen, applying Depends, and
                                       peri/catheter care.
11/17/10           Wednesday           Oral care-conscious and unconscious, denture care, feeding and
                                       choking. BE SURE TO BRING A TOOTHBRUSH,
                                       TOOTHPASTE, 2 PATER CUPS AND MOUTHWASH, A JUICE,
                                       WATER, OR SODA, 2 SMALL CONTAINERS OF FOOD (FRUIT
                                       CUP, YOGURT, OR PUDDING), AND A PLASTIC SPOON.
11/22/10           Monday              Bedbaths, and Vital signs. BE SURE TO BRING A WATCH WITH
                                       A SECOND HAND, 2 TOWELS, 2 WASHCLOTHS, LOTION,
                                       SOAP & DEODERANT. PLEASE WEAR SHORTS AND A
                                       TAQNK TOP UNDER YOUR CLOTHES AS YOU WILL BE
                                       “BATHING” EACH OTHER.

11/23/10           Tuesday             State Testing Scenarios- review of all skills. PLEASE REVIEW
                                       THE SKILLS FOR THE LAB DAY PRIOR TO COMING TO
                                       LAB. LABS ARE MANDATORY TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND

           Clinicals: From 3:15 PM To 8:30 PM
           Monday        11/29/10
           Tuesday       11/30/10
           Wednesday 12/01/10
           Monday        12/06/10
           Tuesday       12/07/10
           Wednesday 12/08/10
           Monday        12/13/10
           Tuesday       12/14/10
           Wednesday 12/15/10

           Groups and locations will be determined at a later date (usually during Skills labs).

           State Testing Date: . Forms will be available at a later date.