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In Vogue Brochure


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									Welcome to
I n Vo g u e

Laguna Beach’s most distinctive
and one-of-a kind refuge for lei-
sure and business alike, In Vogue
offers a retreat from the ordinary .
Prepare to sit back, relax and
indulge yourself in the stunning
experience we offer here at In
Each room is a singular statement
unto itself offering the finest
amenities for business or pleasure.
Only the best materials have been
used for your sensory delight.
From the Mahogany wood that
greets you with warmth to the
beautiful granite countertops in the
kitchen and vanity. The bed mat-
tress, linens, lush down pillows
and comforters are beyond compare
and are here for your enjoyment.
                                                                    Laguna Beaches
                                       688 South Coast Hwy          Special Place to be...
                                       Laguna Beach, CA
                                       Phone/Fax: (949) 715-4840    Office: (949) 715-4840

                                                    Themed Rooms                              Location and
                                                                                              E n t e r ta i n m e n t
                                                    At In Vogue we provide a specialized
•   Full kitchen                                    comfort with all uniquely themed          •   Beautiful Laguna Beach Access
                            • 2 burner cook         rooms from the Yacht room to the              across street
                            top, Granite counter-
                            tops, Ice making        Urban to the Cubism theme, all care-
                            refrigerator, Wine                                                •   Gated and Garage parking
                            refrigera-              fully thought out and designed with the
                            tor ,Silverware/                                                      Josephine’s spa service in house
                            dishware, Wine          top of the line custom furnishings De-    •
                            glasses, Coffee maker
                                                    signed by Mark Singer.                    •   Moson Sushi next door
•   King/Queen Tempur-pedic Mattress
•   42” Flat screen with cable and internet                                                   •   80 restaurants and shops within
•   WiFi                                                                                          walking distance
•   Gas Fireplace
                                                                                              •   Ralphs three doors down
•   Separate Vanity area
•   Telephone with voicemail                                                                  •   Art of fitness Gym near by
•   Oversized shower/tub
                                                    The Cubism Suite
•   Full walk-in California closet
•   Air conditioning /heater

•   Barbeque

                                                    The Yacht Suite

•   Lounge area

•   Large Spa

                                                                                              Come enjoy Laguna Beach with the
                                                                                              best accommodations around
                                                    The Urban Suite

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