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                          human potential
                     With these hands
2006 Annual Report
 Coming TogeTher so oThers may suCCeed

 Dear Friends,

 Let us see to it that we try at least to do unto others as we should         vide outreach support to the homeless who are mentally
 be done by!...Never forget in all your dealing with your fellow-             ill and not currently accessing services.
 men, that it is the personal touch that counts, and each of us can
 pass on that touch of sympathy and compassion.                            • With the closing of Crownsville Mental Health Hos-
                                           — Maud Ballington Booth           pital in Maryland, we are now serving those with the

                                                                             most challenging mental health diagnoses under the
                                 n 1896, Volunteers of Amer-                 Community Enhancement Initiative.
                                 ica was founded by social re-
                                 formers Ballington and Maud            Certainly, these are amazing accom-
                            Booth, who envisioned a move-               plishments for any organization. But,
                            ment dedicated to “reaching and             even the most visible results don’t hold
                            uplifting” the American people.             great significance for clients who strug-
                            Now in our second century of ser-           gle to stay clean, find a warm meal, pay
                            vice, Volunteers of America is one          for medication or sleep soundly on the
                            of the nation’s largest and most            streets.
 comprehensive human services organizations, touching the
 lives of nearly 1.8 million people each year in communities            Enter any one of our programs and
 across the United States.                                              ask, “What is the true strength of Volunteers of America?”
                                                                        Repeatedly, you’ll hear the same answer — people.
 Here at Volunteers of America Chesapeake, we uphold the
 Booth mission by designing and offering services for the
 area’s neediest individuals. Our holistic and integrated service       People helping People
 approach allows us to move individuals, families — and even            It’s the personal touch Maud Booth advocated that contrib-
 communities — from instability to security, from neglect               utes more greatly to the success of this organization than any
 and abandonment to acknowledgement and affirmation, and                measurable statistic. To help the homeless, the hungry, the
 from isolation to independence. Our results clearly demon-             elderly, the disabled, and at-risk children and youth live more
 strate that we can accomplish more when we see and work                productive and self-sufficient lives, Volunteers of America
 with the potential in everyone.                                        Chesapeake has consistently lent a hand.

 our accomplishments include                                            We are blessed to have employees, volunteers, donors and
                                                                        former clients to help others less fortunate create whole lives.
   • Again this year, we persisted in achieving our goals               We invite you to share the stories of Gretchen Crosland, Mt.
      through the exceptional efforts of staff, volunteers, and         Olive Baptist Church, Alvin McCants, and Reverend Randy
      donors. Despite continued government funding cuts                 Orwig — who have each touched our organization in re-
      and other economic setbacks, we provided the highest              markable ways, much like you have done.
      quality human services for more than 8,000 people in
      23 distinct programs.                                             As always, we are grateful for your caring and support.

    • We formed new partnerships and became an approved
      Core Services Agency in Washington, D.C. and an
      approved mental health provider in Montgomery                     Robert E. Ransom                     Bill McKemey
      County, Maryland. In both communities, we will pro-               Chairman of the Board                President
                                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer

                                                               hands Taking Care of Those who Take Care of oThers

gretchen Crosland, Vice President                                   That’s why she has made it her personal mission to take care
                      Hired in 1981 as house supervisor             of the people who take care of others. “Our dedicated em-
                      for Baltimore’s correction facility,          ployees exhibit their pride and commitment everyday,” she
                      Gretchen Crosland is one of only              explains. “We ask them to embrace change and ensure the
                      two VOA employees who have                    welfare of our clients…I find it equally rewarding to mentor
                      worked in the region for over 25              and train staff to develop skills they can use for a lifetime.”
                      years. Now Vice President of the
                      Northern Region, Gretchen has                 Not surprisingly, Crosland believes a contented staff is a com-
                      touched thousands of lives in her             mitted one. Through her passion, dedication and leadership,
                      tenure with Volunteers of America             she has cultivated a sense of family among VOA Chesapeake
                      Chesapeake.                                   staff members and a devotion to the mission and objectives of
                                                                    the organization.
“There’s really nothing I wouldn’t do to support the mission
and objectives of this organization,” she says.                     “We’ve already come such a long way together,” she says.
                                                                    Under Crosland’s direction, it’s no doubt the organiza-
As a black female working in Baltimore’s corrections field,         tion will continue to grow and make things happen in the
Crosland experienced much condescension and ridicule in             community.
the early years of her career. Over time, she earned the reputa-
tion of being tough and won the respect of her peers.

Through the years, Crosland fought hard to convince the
Mayor, City Council members and others that community
corrections was a viable alternative to incarceration. And, she
succeeded. Among her many accomplishments, she helped
develop the concept for the Supervised Residential Correc-
tions program that VOA Chesapeake operates today. Then,
as now, this federal pre-release program is the only one of its
kind in Maryland.

Serving as house supervisor, case manager, program director,
director of correctional services and now Regional Vice Presi-
dent, Gretchen Crosland has had the opportunity to grow
with VOA Chesapeake through its formative years. Drawing
from this experience, she helps employees develop appropri-
ate solutions to everyday challenges. And, she motivates team
members like few other managers can.

“Our employees truly understand the importance of what we
do,” says Crosland. “Sometimes we know for sure we’ve made
a difference and changed a person’s life. But, it would be na-
ive to say we inspire every client to do the same. There’s such
a high rate of recidivism, especially in corrections in our com-
munities. It’s the small achievements that mean so much.”

 who we are

 Volunteers of America       Programs and services
 Chesapeake, founded         Program                          desCriPTion of Program                         PoPulaTion serVed
 in 1896 in Baltimore,
 is the locally chartered    Baltimore

                             The Joy of Learning Center       Preschool and Daycare                          children
 affiliate of Volunteers
 of America. The orga-       Harford Senior Center            Senior Community Center                        seniors
 nization accomplishes       Baltimore Mental                 Mental Health Residential Program              adults
 its spiritually based       Health Services
 mission by serving          Pratt House                      Transitional Housing Program                   families
 over 8,000 people
                             Paca House                       Affordable Housing —                           adults
 annually through 23                                          Rooms and Efficiencies
 programs that spread
 geographically from         Irvington Woods                  Affordable Housing — Apartments                families and adults
 Baltimore, Maryland         Comprehensive Sanction Center    Corrections Program                            adults
 to Virginia Beach,          Supervised Residential Center    Corrections Program                            men
 Virginia. Professional
 staff (of 500 employ-       lanham
 ees) and dedicated          Prince George’s Mental           Mental Health Residential Program              adults
                             Health Services
 volunteers       provide
 high quality human          Shelter Plus Care                Rental Assistance and Psychiatric Care         families and adults
 services to the home-
                             new Carrollton
 less, mentally ill,         Prince George’s Supportive       Transitional Housing Program                   families and adults
 developmentally dis-        Housing Program                                                                 with special needs
 abled, ex-offenders,
 victims of substance        seat Pleasant
 abuse, elderly, and         Eastern Avenue Apartments        Affordable Housing — Apartments                families and adults
 the very young. Vol-
                             Prince william and arlington
 unteers of America          Northern Virginia Community      Developmental Disability                       adults
 Chesapeake’s goal is        Living Center                    Residential Program
 to help those served
 become       self-reliant   arlington
 and make positive life      Residential Program Center-      Homeless Emergency Shelter                     adults

 changes.                    Homeless Services
       Touching Hearts.      Residential Program Center-      Residential Detox and Early Recovery           adults
                             Substance Abuse Services         Program for those with Substance Abuse
    Transforming Lives.
                             falls Church
                             Bailey’s Crossroads              Homeless Emergency Shelter                     adults
                             Community Shelter

                             Loudoun Transitional             Transitional Housing Program                   families and women
                             Housing Program
                             Loudoun Emergency                Homeless Emergency Shelter                     families and women
                             Homeless Shelter

                             Hilda M. Barg Homeless           Homeless Emergency Shelter                     families and adults
                             Prevention Center
                             VOA Men’s Transitional Program   Transitional Housing Program                   men

                             Virginia Beach
                             Baker House                      Developmental Disability Residential Program   adults
                             The Lighthouse Center            Day Drop In Center for Homeless                adults
                             Winter Shelter                   Winter Night Shelter from October-April        adults

                                                                       hands giVing BaCk so oThers Can exPerienCe life

mt. olive Baptist Church, Community supporter                           for youth. “This casual conversation led to a sustained and
                                                Writer         and      comprehensive relationship between RPC and Mt. Olive,”
                                                theologian              says Ulm, “and a shared mission to help the homeless.”
                                                Dietrich Bon-
                                                hoeffer         be-     For many years, the youth of Mt. Olive Baptist Church have
                                                lieved: “The            come out in full force to support the shelter. They host car
                                                Church is her           washes at RPC where earnings are matched by the Church.
                                                true self only          They provide much needed computer training for residents
                                                when she exists         and volunteer for various other activities, such as cleaning
                                                for humanity.”          and serving meals. One college-aged parishioner served as in-
                                                Mt. Olive Bap-          take coordinator at the shelter during the summer months.
                                                tist Church, in
                                                Arlington Vir-          As a longtime member of the church and of RPC’s advisory
                                                ginia, certainly        council, Cathy Riddick-Brown says parishioners of all ages
                                                embodies this           have adopted the shelter. “Any one at any time could be in
                                                p h i l o s o p h y.    a homeless situation,” she explains, particularly in Arlington
                                                A robust con-           where county taxes continue to rise. That’s why church mem-
                                                gregation with          bers, now led by Reverend James E. Victor, Jr. are so involved
                                                nearly 1,000            in outreach for RPC.
                                                members, Mt.
Olive is located in the heart of a well-established neighbor-           Over the past few years, parishioners have spent countless
hood, less than five minutes from VOA Chesapeake’s Resi-                hours cleaning, serving meals, celebrating holidays, gathering
dential Program Center —“Years ago, our church was built                needed items and raising funds for VOA Chesapeake’s Resi-
where the Pentagon is now,” says Cathy Riddick-Brown, cur-              dential Program Center. Additionally, the church is a bronze
rent trustee at Mt Olive and other ministries in the church.            sponsor, supporting RPC in the annual Help the Homeless
After the government secured their land, the church was                 walk in Washington, D.C. And, in an innovative arrange-
forced to move and look for ways to partner with its new                ment, Mt. Olive promises to provide temporary housing for
community. “At that time, we decided we really wanted to                RPC’s clients in the event of an evacuation due to national
do more, to reach out to the less fortunate in our area, and to         disaster. “This major support is indicative of the level of com-
make a difference,” explains Brown.                                     mitment of the church leadership and members of the con-
                                                                        gregation,” says Sam Ulm.
The church has certainly done that. Sam Ulm, Fundraising
Coordinator of Residential Program Center affirms, “Mt Ol-              Together, Mt. Olive Baptist Church and the Residential
ive stands tall as a major contributor to the operation and             Program Center are making a difference in Arlington. In es-
mission of RPC. Without its support, homeless clients would             sence, the church is dedicating its efforts to preserving and
not receive the level of services and genuine warmth and car-           improving RPC’s programs and ensuring the well-being of
ing that comes from church participation.”                              its residents. “Our partnership with the Residential Program
                                                                        Center has allowed us to give something meaningful back to
The partnership of these two organizations developed rather             the community,” explains Brown. “But, we are richer for our
casually when an active duty Marine, who was stationed near             involvement as well.”
the shelter, dropped in to ask about volunteer opportunities

 wiTh our Thanks

 The following list recognizes those board members, friends, associates and staff who made a gift of $50 or
 more to Volunteers of america Chesapeake during the period from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006.
 indiViduals             Miriam Parke Balding   Edward Bielecki          Phyllis Clingan             Mr. & Mrs. R.
 Kwabena K. Adams        Steven T. Barber       John G. Birner           Teresa Cluss
                                                                                                     Thomas C. Davis
 Joseph Adroved          Kathleen Barnett       Robert L. Blaeser        Shelia Cochran
                                                                                                     Gail Davis
 Catherine K. Ahlstrom   Winford Barrow         Theresa K. Blair         Eileen Coffee
                                                                                                     Gorman Davis
 Thomas Alan             Aletha Barsir          Mary Ann Blatt           Leon M. Cohn
                                                                                                     Alonzo Davis
 Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan     Mrs. G. A. Bauer       Mr. & Mrs. Paul W.       James Colbeck
 Allen                                          Boone                                                Rosalie A. Davis
                         Beatrice Baum                                   Ruth Colbert
 Helen C. Allen                                 Chris & Julie Borneman                               Michael and Linda Mae
                         George Baumbach                                 Terry Coldiron
 Karen Allison                                  Robert H. Boublitz
                         Marian Bayles                                   Ben Cole, Jr.
                                                                                                     Maj. General Arthur
 Mary P. Anderson                               Christi & Thomas
                         Charles B. Bayles                               Daniel Cole                 Dean, U.S.A.R.
 Elizabeth               Jill Beach                                      Ellen R. Coleman            Sharon M. Dege
 Anderson-Bowen                                 Dennis Boyle
                         Cleo M. Bearry                                  Garrett Coleman             Col. and Mrs. Tony
 Bruce Ardis                                    Norma Breene
                                                                         Frank C. Collins            Demasi
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Christian
                                                                         Brian J. Condon             N. Jean Deswarte
                                                                         Catherine A. Connelly       Timothy Diaz
                                                Elizbeth A. Brown
                                                                         Nicholas G. Constantine     M. Dittenhofer
                                                Gloria Brown
                                                                         Henry M. Cook               Dr. Austin Dodson, Jr.
                                                Audrey Brownley
                                                                         Ann and William Cooke       Ms. Palmer Dorn
                                                Lynne Bruening
                                                                         Ballard Cooker, Jr.         Michael Dougherty
                                                John A Brumfield
                                                                         Edna M. Cooper              Margaret Draper-Coder
                                                Ralph Brunn
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F.        Yolanda Dubois
                                                Mary R. Brush
                                                                         Corrigan                    Jason & Darci Duelge
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Russell E.
                                                Bryant, Jr.              Margaret Costello           James E. Duffy
                                                Elizabeth Bryant         Daniel J. Cotter            Denise L Dugas
                                                John Byington            Robert Courtemanche         Jean H. Durfee
                                                Patricia Byrne           Ollen Craig                 Mrs. Bernard E. Eberwein
                                                John T. Calkins          Bryson and Mary Cramer      Terry Edmondson
                                                Sunnie Cardwell          Mary Lorraine Cramer        Mrs. Annadel W. Edwards
                                                Seth Carus               Gillian Crane               Phydele Ehrlich
                                                Sally M. Caseman         John Crank                  Leonid Eidelman
 Melissa Arnold          Carolyn Beauchamp
                                                Robert S. Cauums         Norma W. Crawford           Mark Eisner, Jr.
 C. J. Aronson           John S. Beers
                                                Ramon E. Chalkley        Dennis Crawford             Debra Ekman
 Scott Arterburn         Mr. & Mrs. Robert
                                                Wallace Chandler         Mr. and Mrs.Melvin A        Paul Ellis
 Larry & Alice Arthur    Beerstecher
                                                                         Crenshaw, Jr.
                                                Vera Chao                                            Linda Esker
 Amalie Ascher           Roderick D. Belcher
                                                                         H. Theodore Criswell, Jr.
                                                J. L. Charles, M.D.                                  Kefyalew Eticha
 Ardyce J. Asire         Eddie L Bell
                                                                         Gretchen Crosland
                                                Fernando Charro                                      Helen M. Evans
 Dorothy S. Atkinson     Catherine M. Beller
                                                                         Mr. W. Cummings, Jr.
                                                Hazel K. Cheilek                                     Elizabeth Evans
 Kohlman Atlee           Lenore Bellinger
                                                                         Whitty Cuninggim
                                                Clara Childress                                      Alnetia Ewing
 Doris E. Austin         Robert F. Benson
                                                                         Jenifer Curhan
                                                Marilyn Chishom                                      Craig Falk
 Nancy Axelrod           Sgt. Dewey Berry,
                                                                         Debra Danieley
                         U.S.A.R.               Dr. A. Citron                                        Kenneth Farkas
 Eva Baer                                                                Neill Darmstadter
                         Elaine Bevilacqua      Graydon Clifton                                      John Ferrantino

                                                                                                                wiTh our Thanks

Ronald Fett                 Christine Grumbling         Joseph F. Hradsky           Fred R. Kern                Eva Mae Leight
Ronald H. Field             Mr. & Mrs. David R. Gust    Sally Huber                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. King   Renee and Mark Levitz
William S. Finlayson, Jr.   Donald A. Guyer             Sandra Huff                 Emmet King                  David M. Lewis, Jr.
Floria Fiorillo             Nell-Jane and Peter         Debbie L. Hughes            Mary L. Kirby               William E. Lewis
Martin Fisher                                           Dolores Huguley             Marlene Kirsch              Robert Lilly
                            Dr. & Mrs. Leigh D.
John & Joanne Florio                                    Mary and Anthony Hurley     Sheldon Kiselik             Sheri Link
John and Joanne Florio                                  Reiko Inouye                Odon George Knight          Dr. Maurice Lipper
                            Werner Hahn
John Fogarty                                            Caroline G. Jackson
                            Estate of J.M.D Hall, Jr.
Audrey Fogler                                           Dr. Margaret Lucas
                            Janet H. Hall
Kenneth I. Forman
                            Dee M. Hammarstrom
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Harry James
Robert B. Fox
                            Mary Harcharik
                                                        Barbara M. Janson
Ellen S. Frantz
                            Peter Harkness
                                                        Ruth Jefferson
Christina Freidel
                            John H. Harms
                                                        Linda Johns
Richard Freund
                            Barbara Harris
                                                        David G. Johnson
Jerry A. Fries
                            Herman G. Hartman
                                                        Edward Johnston
Robert Fritzsche
                            Betty Hatcher
                                                        Maurice F. Johnston
Vernon Gaffney
                            Mr. & Mrs. John Healy
                                                        Anne S Jondrow
Dr. Stephen Gageby,
                            Robert & Rose Helm
Trust                                                   Vera R. Jones
                            Keith Henderson
Betty H. Garbers                                        Elizabeth F. Jones
                            Doris T. Hendricks
Maj. General Robert C.                                  Viola Jones
Gaskill                     Gordon Hensley
                                                        Bernard Jones
Grant P. Gehringer          George Hepburn
                                                        Cathy Jones
Harold W. Geisel            Sigrid Hepp-Dax
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Prashant A.
Nathan Gerber               Claireand Hunter Herring    Joshi
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L.       Downs E. Hewitt             Gail Juppenlatz             Charlotte A. Koomjohn       Donald and Janet
Giampietro                                                                                                      Lipscomb
                            Leo A. Hibson, Jr.          Laurel Kalil                Robin J. Kortus
Ruth Gigliotti                                                                                                  Mr. Gregory K Loewer
                            Hugh Hildreth               Zacharia Kamara             Betti Kramer
Marjorie Gilmore                                                                                                Gregory K. Loewer
                            Mr. and Mrs. William        Joseph R. Kammer            Frank Krol
Marilyn H. Ginsburg         C Hill                                                                              William R. Loichot
                                                        Dr. Francis B. Kapper       Geoffrey Kroll
Marcia Glauberman           Megan Hills                                                                         Judith Lotz
                                                        Stanley Karson              Ms. S. B. Kronick
Samuel Glick                Greg Hinchliffe                                                                     Georgia Lovette
                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kastelic   William A. Kuning
Marvin J. Goldman           Sheryl Hoffman                                                                      Roye L. Lowry
                                                        Ann M. Katz                 Ms. Edith La Fleur
Caroline Goldsmith          Jeanette Hohstein                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Alan Luckett
                                                        Gerald Katz                 Nancye L. Lamb
Dwight Good                 Ernest C. Holliday                                                                  Raymond W. Luczak
                                                        Andrew Kaufman              Gloridine Lambert
Emilia G. Gotthold          Mr. & Mrs. Raymond                                                                  Charles H. Lyman
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Percy Keck     Chris Lanczycki
Wallace E. Graham                                                                                               Dr. John Lynch
                                                        Charles S. Keeter           Sylvia A. Latta
                            Tanya Hoodbhoy
Michelle Martineau Green                                                                                        James A. Macinnis
                                                        Rosemary Jann               Jerome C. Lawrence
                            Hooper Coyne Estate
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery                                                                                              Florence M.
                                                        James Keitt                 Robert Lawson
Greentree                   Veronica and Ronald                                                                 MacIntyre-Pulling
                            Howard                      Mr. & Mrs. John W.          Cynthia A. Leach
Christine                                                                                                       P. A. Madsen
                                                        Kelsey, Jr.
Gretschel-Genne             Charles R. Howard                                       Kathy Lee
                                                                                                                Hiep Mai
                                                        Katherine Kendall
Mary D. Grover              Joan Howard                                             Rhonda M Lees
                                                                                                                Bob Major
                                                        Capt. P. F. Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M.         Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hoyt                                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob
Grumbling                                               Margaret R. Kennicott       Leibenluft

 wiTh our Thanks

 Mr. & Mrs. James        Edwin Meese              Ms. C. Neel               David K. Poole, Jr.       William C. Rudulph
                         Daneen Mermelstein       Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J.   Gladys G. Pope            Mrs. John Rustic
 Jeffrey Malone                                   Neuhauser
                         Camille Metzger                                    George Pope,III           Jacquelyn Sadler
 Vincent Manganiello                              Chyrl A. Neus
                         Philip L. Metzler                                  Anne Preston              Linda Sadler
 Alice Mansfield                                  Sarah Newcomb
                         Mr. & Mrs. Arve                                    Betty F. Price            Daniel and Gayle
 Roslyn Marcus           Michelsen                Judy M. Newell                                      Sanders
                                                                            Mary C. Price
 Ira Margolin            Irvin Michelson          Helen Nichols                                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles A.
                                                                            Richard J. Princinsky
 Norma Markley           Elizabeth Miklos         Dennis Nickson
                                                                            Harold F. Pyle, Jr.
                                                                                                      Edward R Saxon
 Fannie E. Martin        Maria Miles              Michael C. Niebling
                                                                            Adelaide Rackemann
                                                                                                      Nancy L. Sayre
 Karen Mathews           Tina Milio               Spencer Nissen
                                                                            Samuel Rafalowich
                                                                                                      Clifford L. Sayre, Jr.
 Mr. & Mrs. John R.      Paul A. Miller           Margaret T. Nixon
                                                                            Thelma G. Raffensperger
 Mathias                                                                                              Charles Schlagel
                         Margaret A. Miller       Caroline Norrington
                                                                            Robert and Dorothy
 Frederick H. Mauk                                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Edwards
                         Charles H. Miller        John Nuttall              Ransom
 Richard Mc Coy
                         Mary E. Mills            Capt. M. O`Hopp           Barbara Rapp
                                                                                                      Elizabeth V. Schmoke
 Joanne C. Mcclellan
                         Mary T. Milne            Gerald J. O’Brien         Jacqueline Ratner
                                                                                                      Henry Schoenfeld
 Jane McGlade
                         Caroline Mitchell        Virginia O’Keefe          Harold J. Rayne
                                                                                                      William Schoettle
 MaryEllen E. McGlone
                         Michel Mitri             John Oliver               Helen M. Rea
                                                                                                      Agnita M. Schreiber
 Mr. & Mrs. William E.
                         Kenneth Mittelholtz      Dorothy S. Oliver         Bruce A. Reese
 McHenry                                                                                              William Schultz
                         Mr. & Mrs. Robin Moody   Barbara Ondo              George E. Reese
 Mr.& Mrs. William J.                                                                                 Audrey M. Schumann
 McKemey                 Sara Moran               Dorothy M. O’Neil         Michael Regan
                                                                                                      Jane R. Schwenck
 Patricia McKemy         Alfred Moseke            Stephen Kiefer Orr        Ms. Marguerite J. Reich
                                                                                                      Ann Scitz
 James McManus           Marjorie S. Muenchow     Mr. & Mrs. Charles D.     Megan Reilly
                                                                                                      Lyn and James Sebesta
 Charles E. McNeil       Richard Murray                                     Melvin Rein
                                                                                                      Eric E. See
                                                  Emmanuel Osuji
                                                                            Viola G. Rein
                                                                                                      Dr. & Mrs. J. Seegar, Jr.
                                                  Estate of John C.
                                                                            Nancy C. Reveley
                                                  Pangborn                                            Mr. Carl Seeger
                                                                            Gregg A Reynolds
                                                  P. Ernest Parker                                    F. Eugene Seitz
                                                                            James Rich
                                                  Matthew Paschall                                    James Sents, Jr.
                                                                            Loretta J. Richardson
                                                  Catherine Pasquino                                  George G Seward
                                                                            Larry M. Richman
                                                  Robert P. Patrician                                 Annie Seys
                                                                            Ramona Riggs
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael                                  Mary Shea
                                                  Paulson                   Margaret Rinaldo
                                                                                                      Donna L. Sheaffer
                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Randy D.       Allen W. Roberts
                                                                                                      Edward E. Sheehy
                                                  Payne                     Louis Robinson
                                                                                                      Patrick Sheridan
                                                  Jim M. Pennock            Robert Rogers, Jr.
                                                                                                      Ann Shifflett
                                                  Mary Peters               Frances Rollins
                                                                                                      Dorothy Shipley
                                                  John Petrucci             William Romenius
                                                                                                      General R. Shoemaker
                                                  Robert & Julia Pierson    Natalie Rook
                                                                                                      Niftee T. Shopp
                                                  Lois Pilgren              Mitzi Rose
                                                                                                      Andrew Shrake
                                                  Clara C. Pizana           Robert Rosenberg
                                                                                                      Kathy Shultz
                                                  Clara C. Pizana           Mr. & Mrs. Daniel
                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael
 Charles McNeill         Ethel V. Myers           Mr. & Mrs. John G.        Rosenfeild
                         Frans Nauta              Pocock                    Graham T. Rowley
 K. F. McQuilkin
                                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Ira Silverman
                         Craig Nedrow             John Poindexter           Mr. & Mrs. Robert M.
 Mary G. Meador
                                                                                                      Arthur Simon
                                                  Jacques Polak             Rozen

                                                                                                        wiTh our Thanks

Walter Sinelnick          Douglas Terle            Nancy J Weisgerber        Ronald Wolf                Antioch Christian Church
Susan E. Skreptack        Viguen Ter-Minassian     Rudolph J. Weiss          Robert W. Wolfe            Arlington Interfaith
Joyce Slaight             Jean D. Terry            Frances G. Wells          Ruth Wolfe
                                                                                                        Arlington Presbyterian
Bonnie Sloan              Leonard W. Thomas, Sr.   Dolores M. Welsh          James Wood
Virginia Sloyan           Helen Thomas             Fred Wertheimer           Robert W. Woodhouse,
                                                                                                        Arlington Presbyterian
Kathy Smith               Mrs. Russell Thomas      Willis Wesson                                        Church
                                                                             Norman A. Woods
Carol Esther Smith        Jenny Thompson           Harold R. Weybright                                  Bailey’s Crossroads Lions
                                                                             Ms. Vernice Woodson        Club
Chris Smith               Muriel B. Thompson       Thaddeus O. White, Jr.
                                                                             Charlotte Woody            Bailey’s Crossroads
Harold X. Smith           Sally S. Thorpe          Virginia L. White
                                                                             Rosemary Wozniak           Rotary Club
Hollis Smith              Paul Tillinghast         Jan Whiteley
                                                                             Thomas Yentsch             BB&T
James E. Smith, II        Mrs. G. Toney            Mrs. C. R. Wick
                                                                             Ellen Zelano               Charitable Gift Fund
Marcia A. Smith           Paul G. Tongue           Walter W. Wiedrick, Jr.
                                                                             Mary J. Zenchoff           Church of the Covenant
Melvin A Smith            Elaine D. Topodas        George Wiemann
                                                                                                        Combined Charity
Roy Smith                 Howard J. Totten         Ralph Williams                                       Campaign
Tylee Smith               Henry Tran               Peter Williams                                       The Community Founda-
                                                                             A.C.C.A. Inc.
William & Marga Smolin    Christine Trapnell       Mario Williams                                       tion For The Capital
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Dr. Robert Solomon        Barbara Turnbull         George B. Wilmot          Amen, Inc.                 Annapolis Frontiers
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Joan Sours                Mildred L. Tyssowski     Reginald Wilson
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Terri Southwick           Sam Ulm                  Stanley D. Wine           iary, Botts-Payne-Murphy
                                                                             Unit 03-64                 First Assembly of God
Dolly Sparkman            Norma Vaglio-Laurin      Floyd Wing, Jr.
                                                                             America’s Charities        First Christian Church
William Stack             Stuart Van Scoyoc        John Wingard
                                                                             Annandale United           First Mount Zion Baptist
Lamont Stafford           Eric Vanderpoel          Miriam Wingate
                                                                             Methodist                  Church
James Stanton             James Vanlaak            Rose Wiseman
                                                                                                        Frontier’s International
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J.      Giulio Varsi
                          Eric C. Vasey, DDS.
Mildred Starr
                          Velmen Velez
Aase M. Steele
                          S. Sidney Verner
Ann Stevens
                          Antoinette Vojvoda
Robert Stevens
                          Alice Von Der Linden
John E. Stocker
                          Eloise Wagner
Shimon Stone
                          Donald K. Wakefield
Arnold F. Strother
                          Mr. & Mrs. Norman
Robert Stryjewski         Walker
Joan Sutter               Kathleen D. Walsh
Hjalman Sveinsson         Katherine Walsh
Armen Tashdinian          Kent Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. Amel Taul      Stanley Watkins
Tanisha O Taylor          Barry Weaver
Robert Taylor             Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Weis
Kathleen Tayne            John Weisel

 wiTh our Thanks

 Glencarlyn Baptist           United Way South Hamp-      Vie De France Yamazaki,    Christian Relief Services,   First Christian Church,
 Church                       ton Roads                   Inc                        Lorton                       Falls Church,
 Glencarlyn Road Baptist      Vulcan Materials            Washington Forrest         Church of the Latter Day     Five Guys, Alexandria
 Church                       Company                     Foundation                 Saints, Falls Church, VA
                                                                                                                  Flower Den, Annandale,
 Goodwin House, Inc.          Walker Mill Baptist                                    Circuit City, Falls Church   VA
 Grace Christian Church,
                              Church                      in-kind                    The Clothing Recycling       Food for Others, Fairfax
 Inc.                         Warner Baptist Church       donaTions                  Company
                                                                                                                  Food Lion, Woodbridge
 GWRRA Chapter VA-1           Xi Alpha Omega Chapt        Abi’s Restaurant,          Congressional Schools of
                                                          Arlington                                               Giant (store
 Wings Of Bull Run            Beta Sigma Phi                                         Northern Virginia
 Home Aid                     Baltimore Community         Acupuncture & Herbs,       Congressional Schools of
                                                          Fairfax                                                 Glen Carlyn Baptist
                              Foundation                                             Virginia,
 Immanuel United Meth-                                                                                            Church, Falls Church
 odist Women                                              African New Covenant       Cooperative Council of
                                                          Choral Group                                            Goodwin House Bailey’s,
 Jack & Jill Of America Inc
                              CorPoraTions                                           Ministries, Woodbridge
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                              and                         Ann Sandra, Inc.,          DC Kitchen
 Leesburg Baptist Church                                  Annandale                                               Fairfax County Mason
                              foundaTions                                            Discount Gas, Falls          District Supervisor Penny
 Leesburg Presbyterian                                    Annandale Christian
                              Annandale Rotary Foun-
 Church                                                   Community for Action
                              dation Inc
 Little Falls Presbyterian                                Annandale United Meth-
                              Bank of America
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 Maryland Charity
 Campaign                     Bill Page Honda, Falls      Applebee’s,Woodbridge
                              Church, VA.
 Mount Olive Baptist                                      Arlington Free Clinic
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                                                          Arlingtonians Minister-
 Mount Olivet United          Cecile D. Carpenter         ing to Emergency Needs
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 Peace Lutheran Church        Independent Project         Bailey’s Crossroads
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 tional Unitarian Church      Kizzinna Services           Crossroads
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 Springfield United                                                                  Church                       Gross
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 hands modeling suCCess on life’s Journey

 alvin mcCants, Client                                              Mona Magruder, Program Director for VOA Chesapeake’s
 For most youngsters, child-                                        Baltimore Mental Health Program, was one of the first peo-
 hood is a blissful existence                                       ple to meet Alvin. “Initially he had a hard time adjusting to
 filled with mud pies, make-                                 be-    the community,” remembers Mona. “He was very withdrawn
 lieve and scraped knees. For                                       and needed help with medication compliance, activities of
 Alvin McCants, it was a dark                                       daily living and socialization.”
 and unsettling experience.
                                                                    For nearly three years, Alvin lived in VOA’s supervised group
 Haunted by a profound dis-                                         homes and received 24-hour care and guidance. As in any
 ruption in cognitive and emotional abilities, Alvin could not      home, he helped prepare meals, do laundry and perform
 function like others in society. Characterized simply as an        housekeeping tasks. And, like his four housemates, he at-
 “overactive boy,” he lived with his parents until after high       tended community rehabilitation programs to address spe-
 school; then drifted through a series of caretaker’s homes.        cific treatment needs.
 Years later, still hindered in his development, Alvin was ad-
 mitted to the Walter P. Carter Rehabilitation facility in Balti-   Over time, Alvin learned some essential disease management
 more City, where doctors diagnosed him with schizophrenia          and life skills, which fueled his independence and earned
 and discharged him with medication to help decrease symp-          him a key to the front door of an unsupervised group home.
 toms of the disease.                                               Thriving in this environment, he began his part-time job in
                                                                    1996 as janitor in a busy office building. And, he pursued
 Still, Alvin was unable to manage a daily routine. He spent        his GED and attended church regularly. Most impressively,
 the next few years in the inpatient mental health program at       Alvin moved into his own apartment at Irvington Woods in
 Spring Grove Hospital. In 1992, he was released conditionally      2000. “I love it,” he admits. From there, he commutes 20
 under the supervision of Volunteers of America Chesapeake.         minutes by bus to his favorite restaurant in the city before
                                                                    each workday. VOA caseworker Leonard Curtis visits Alvin
                                                                                    several times a week to monitor medications
                                                                                    and assist with any challenging homeowner
                                                                                    tasks. A strict daily routine is comforting and
                                                                                    necessary for Alvin’s success.

                                                                                   Mona says, “Alvin has been a role model to
                                                                                   the other residents. Not only has he moved
                                                                                   successfully into independent housing, but he
                                                                                   also counsels other residents to stay with the

                                                                                   Each Saturday without fail, Alvin walks to a
                                                                                   nearby VOA Chesapeake facility to participate
                                                                                   in activities, such as bowling, shopping and
                                                                                   other outings. His caseworker says he needs
                                                                                   the exercise. Alvin says he needs VOA. “With-
                                                                                   out VOA, I don’t know where I’d be today.”

human potential
                                   VolunTeers of ameriCa ChesaPeake and suBsidiaries ConsolidaTed finanCials

statement of financial Position                                              sources of revenue fiscal year 2006 (in Thousands)
June 30, 2005 and 2006
assets                                           2006              2005                                                                                              7,044
Cash and cash equivalents                    $4,184,973       $4,016,572
Accounts receivable (net of allowance)        2,172,656         2,019,796                                                                   6,192
Other receivables                                193,479           51,398
Due from affiliates                               73,815            11,080
Prepaid expense                                 334,344           162,870
Property and Equipment                       14,630,848        13,301,124                                            4,187
Designated and restricted assets              2,239,043        2,239,758
Long-term investment                          3,208,791        2,233,203
Intangible assets (net)                          149,662          123,174
Deposits                                          62,947           28,640
Beneficial interest in perpetual trust            45,053           44,014                                                                                                                             1,579
Contributions receivable from
charitable remainder trust                       690,351          662,834                                                                                                                                                             440
Total                                      $27,985,962       $24,894,463     0




                                                                                                                                                                                                  Service Fees


liabilities and net assets
Accounts Payable                               $509,815         $236,434
Current Portion Notes and
Mortage Payable                                 878,074           262,508
Accrued Expenses                              2,043,375         3,185,404
Contract/ Grant advances                                 -           7,221   Populations and services by Program expenditure
Client escrow funds                               34,571           17,834    fiscal year 2006 (in Thousands)
Notes and Mortgages Payable,
non-current                                   5,766,864         5,951,568
Tenant security deposits                          31,434           42,718    3000                       3,223                                                                                   3257

Refundable advances                            1,216,186        3,413,616
Net Assets                                   17,505,643        11,777,160    2500                                    2,707
Total                                      $27,985,962       $24,894,463                                                                                    2,450                                                                                     2,449
These financial statements should be read only in conjunction with the                                                                                                                                                                 2,016
summary of significant accounting policies and notes to financial state-     1500
ments. Copies of the complete Financial Statement, together with the
report of our independent auditors, Butler, Lochte & Co., P.A., are avail-             777
able upon request.                                                                                                                                                                                                  145


                                                                             0                                                                                                                                                                                     1
                                                                                    Adults Chemically
                                                                                                        Adults CMI

                                                                                                                      Adults Dev Dis

                                                                                                                                       Affordable Housing
                                                                                                                                                                          Children’s Services

                                                                                                                                                                                                Homeless Services

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Senior Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Marketing &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Fund Raising

 hands raising awareness and hoPe

 reverend randy orwig, Volunteer                                   “My first allegiance, my loyalty, is with Volunteers of America
 Randy Orwig never dreamed his life would lead him to es-          Chesapeake,” affirms Orwig. “I believe the organization is
 tablish a new church in a popular resort area. Yet, he’s built    superior to any other I’ve encountered. I count on their pro-
 a growing 150-member congregation and a reputation for            fessionalism and comprehensive services — like case manage-
 serving the toughest population in the city of Virginia Beach     ment — to help make a difference in this community.”
 — the homeless.
                                                                   Together, VOA Chesapeake and Reverend Randy Orwig have
 A career pas-                                                     made a difference. Since 1994, Orwig has rallied local sup-
 tor, he enjoys                                                    port for VOA’s integrated service model and strong presence
 the sun and                                                       in the area. He helped raise more than $800,000 and secure a
 fun in Vir-                                                       facility contract to support a more permanent shelter. Then,
 ginia Beach as                                                    when the City learned this facility was to be built on the
 much as other                                                     fringes of a popular golf course, it assumed responsibility of
 residents. But,                                                   the project and built the Lighthouse Center on oceanfront
 he says, “I am                                                    city property. Working closely with Lighthouse Center’s pro-
 drawn to the                                                      gram director Deborah Maloney, Orwig has been instrumen-
 people     here                                                   tal in renewing the organization’s annual contract with the
 who are most                                                      City, in raising funds and awareness for homeless services and
 left out.” In                                                     in providing a vision for future work.
 nooks where
 few dare to                                                       Specifically, he has led the Lighthouse Center’s Advisory
 look, where                                                       Council and Winter Shelter Task Force for more than eight
 homelessness                                                      years. Most recently, he accepted a position as the Virginia
 and other social issues run rampant, Orwig is there.              Beach representative of VOA Chesapeake’s Board of Direc-
                                                                   tors. In addition, he serves as co-chair of the Interfaith Alli-
 With his church still in its infancy, Orwig volunteered Tide-     ance at the Beach and President of the Southern Conference
 water United Church of Christ to host one night for a pro-        of the United Church of Christ. He is also a founding mem-
 gram called Winter Shelter. In partnership with other local       ber of Empower Hampton Roads (an advocacy organization
 churches and Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Winter             for affordable housing) and Virginia Beach Housing Partners
 Shelter maintained an intake and case management operation        Group. Inevitably, Orwig finds ways to tie all these affilia-
 (often in some of the most condemned buildings in the city)       tions together for the good of VOA Chesapeake.
 and transported homeless individuals to a church or syna-
 gogue for a meal and a good night’s rest. On this chilly night,         “Every one of my involvements has come about by my
 nearly all of the 34 Tidewater United Church of Christ’s          affiliation with VOA Chesapeake,” Orwig admits. And, ev-
 parishioners arrived to assist 55 homeless visitors. “I’m still   ery involvement serves his calling. “Sometimes it seems as if
 deeply moved by the memory of that evening,” recalls Orwig.       we are moving a rock uphill with few shoulders to carry it.
 From that moment, he understood his personal mission and          We need to build more relationships, raise awareness and get
 the vehicle for which his congregation could direct its energy    folks the services they need to succeed,” says Orwig.
 back to the community.

                                                                                         you Can make a differenCe

Your private contribution helps Volunteers of America Ches-    Vehicle donations of your used car, truck, boat, or motor-
apeake provide quality services to people in your community.   cycle provide critical support to programs and the people we
Charitable gifts can take many forms depending on personal     serve.
choice and offer potential tax benefits. Here are a few ways
you can make a positive difference in the lives of others.     Volunteers of America Chesapeake is a charitable, non-profit
                                                               organization. Gifts and contributions are tax-deductible to
Gifts of Cash are welcome throughout the year.                 the extent allowed by law.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock may present you with the oppor-     For more information on making a contribution, please
tunity to take charitable tax deductions and could alleviate   contact:
the burden of capital gains taxes.
                                                                       Volunteers of America Chesapeake
Planned or deferred gifts offer the opportunity to make a              Development Director
lasting gift. You can choose from several options including            7901 Annapolis Road
naming Volunteers of America Chesapeake in your will or                Lanham, Maryland 20706
creating a special trust.                                              300-646-2828 (general inquiries)
                                                                       800-948-1414 (vehicle donations)
In-Kind donations of items and professional services help to
offset operating costs.

mission statement
Volunteers of America Chesapeake is a faith-based,
not-for-profit corporation that addresses the needs
of our communities resulting in positive life changes
for those we serve. We strive to be the premier pro-
vider of an array of human services that encourage
self-reliance, dignity and hope.

As part of a national organization, we accomplish
our local mission by successfully implementing our
quality programs and supporting functions through
a dedicated and committed team of management,
staff and volunteers. We coordinate our efforts with
other agencies and local organizations to maximize
the impact of our services.


   7901 Annapolis Road • Lanham, MD 20706
         301-459-2020 • 800-646-2828

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