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               O   C                      FROM THE            AKLAND              ONVENTION                & V ISITORS B UREAU

  V I S I T O R
       I N D U S T R Y

                                                                                                     SPORTS SCORE
                                                                                                    GOOD PUBLICITY
                                                                                                      FOR OAKLAND
                                                                                                   Sports are a 24/7 obsession in Oakland,
                                                                                                   but for a few weeks in autumn, local
                                                                                                   teams garner press in publications around
                                                                                                   the country. This season, the A’s captured
                                                                                                   attention for building a winning season
                                                                                                   with a business strategy that uses the
                                                                                                   study of baseball statistics to save money.
                                                                                                   In its September 23 issue, The New
                                                                                                   Yorker called A’s general manager Billy

Holiday Happenings
  Oakland’s climate is too temperate for a white Christmas, but
                                                                                                   Beane the “Warren Buffett of baseball”
                                                                                                   and baseball’s best general manager. The
                                                                                                   A’s didn’t make it to the World Series, but
                                                                                                   then the veteran Yankees didn’t either.
                                                                                                     Passionate Raiders and Warriors fans
  each year there is a veritable flurry of festivities to celebrate the                            found a lot to cheer about in out-of-town
  season. Here’s just a sampling of the offerings around town.                                     press reports early in the season. “Five of
  For more information, check out the calendar section of                                          their touchdown drives took 2:12 or less.                                                                              Those weren’t drives. They were Olympic
                                                                                                   sprint relays,” reported Jerry Sullivan in the
  Lights Brighten up your holidays with     see the balloons being blown up.                       Buffalo News after the Raiders beat the
  a visit to one of the many displays of    Oakland’s Estuary will be crowded with                 Bills 49–31. In the Portland Oregonian,
  Christmas lights. The annual Christmas    traffic of a different sort that same                  the locals grudgingly admitted that they
  Tree Lighting Ceremony at Jack London     evening when the 100 entries in the                    were outgunned by the Warriors in pre-
  Square kicks off the season on Friday,    26th Annual Lighted Yacht Parade                       season basketball play. “They outworked
  November 29, as the Mayor and helpers     make their way through the channel.                    us at both ends of the floor,” says
  flip the switch for the 70-foot holiday   Meanwhile, events for landlubbers                      Trailblazer Antonio Daniels.
  tree. Also beginning on November 29,      include musical entertainment, kids’
  you don’t need to be a big-game hunter    activities, and food booths at Jack
  to spot the animal shapes at the
  Oakland Zoo’s ZooLights display, which
                                            London Square. Jack London Square
                                            and the Fruitvale district will each host           i n s i d e
  runs each evening through January 4.      Las Posadas, the traditional Mexican
                                                                                                                     N E W FAC E S
                                            parade including music and treats for                                   N E W P L AC E S
  Parades The Third Annual Oakland          children that marks the procession of                                        New directors,
  Tribune Holiday Parade has quickly        Mary and Joseph as they look for a                       a new café, airport improvements.

  become an Oakland favorite. At noon       room for the night.
                                                                                                                       I N TOW N & CA L E N DA R
  on December 7, marching bands, floats,
                                                                                                                       OF EVE NTS

  giant balloons, dozens of clowns, and—    Music It wouldn’t be Christmas without
                                                                                                                       Administrators, lawyers, and
  of course—Santa Claus himself will be     music, be it classical or contemporary.                                    optometrists. Plus music, meteors,
  featured in the event that packs down-    The historic Dunsmuir House, which                                         and museums.
  town streets. And come to the Oakland     always has some of the best Christmas
  Holiday Magic party the night before to                      continued on page 2                                 S P E C I A L : T H E O CV B B OA R D
                                                                                                   Meet the directors and learn about their strategy for the
                                                                                                                             future of tourism in Oakland.
                        W E LC O M E
 According to Travel
 Industry of America
                                                David Folzenlogen is the new Director of Sales and Marketing at the
 statistics, travel-generated                   Oakland Marriott City Center. Several of Oakland’s most popular attractions
 employment represented 7.8 million jobs
 in the United States in 2001, and the
                                                have new leadership. Marti Burchell is the new Executive Director at
 travel and hospitality trade remains one       Dunsmuir Historic Estate. C.J. Hirschfield is now the Executive Director
 of the world’s fastest-growing industries.     at Children’s Fairyland. Retired San Francisco Police Chief Fred Lau has
 But even during today’s difficult econom-      been named to the post of Federal Security Director for the Transportation
 ic times, it can be challenging for hotels,
 restaurants, and other members of the
                                                Security Administration at Oakland International Airport and Stockton
 trade to find personnel who are well-          Metropolitan Airport. Michael Jackson is now the Station Manager for
 trained in the theoretical and practical       America West Airlines.
 aspects of the industry.
   To help Oakland and the East Bay meet
 this need for an educated workforce, Cal
                                                      There’s a new coffee
                                                      bar in town. Juice Up                new
 State University Hayward has launched a
 Hospitality and Convention Manage-                   opened at the Courtyard
 ment Certificate as part of its continuing           by Marriott in downtown
 education program. Students take classes
                                                      Oakland. It’s now open
 in leadership, marketing, and administra-
 tion in the hospitality industry. With no            Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
 formal admission requirements, the
 course is expected to attract people of        SunTrips now
 various ages and backgrounds.
   A hospitality board of advisors, chaired
 by Sam Nassif, President of Creative
                                                offers service to
                                                Cancun, Puerto        new
 Hospitality Corp. and OCVB board
 chair, and including representatives from
 hotels, restaurants, wineries, convention
 bureaus, tour companies, and professional
                                                Vallarta, and Los
                                                Cabos, Mexico,
                                                on a 757 aircraft
                                                flown by North American Airlines, a privately held charter company. JetBlue
 associations, met with university staff to
 provide direction for this new program.        added a ninth daily flight to Long Beach from Oakland. Oakland
   I’m looking forward to seeing the grad-      International Airport recently opened a third curb for buses and shuttles,
 uates of the Hospitality and Convention
                                                offering a more convenient location for hotel/motel, rental car, off-airport park-
 Management course. In a competitive
 marketplace, they will be an important         ing, and door-to-door transportation services, and for AC Transit, and other
 asset to Oakland’s travel industry.            regional transit.
                            Manette Belliveau
                  Executive Director, OCVB
                                                Holiday Happenings—continued from page 1
                                                decorations in town, will host a wide assortment of choral programs, including
                OAKLAND CONVENTION              performances by various children’s choirs. There are few better ways to celebrate
                    & VISITORS BUREAU           the holiday season than to take a young child to see their first Nutcracker
               475 Fourteenth St., Suite 120
                                                at the splendid Paramount Theatre.
                        Oakland, CA 94612
       (510) 839-9000, (510) 839-5924 (fax)
                                                If you’re looking for something more
      (e-mail)     unusual, check out The Christmas
                    Revels at the Scottish Rite Theatre.
                                OCVB STAFF      This year, the annual celebration of the
       Executive Director Manette Belliveau     winter solstice features music from the
                Director of Sales Marie Allen   Galacian region of Spain at the tail end

    Director of Tour and Travel Theo Jackson    of the Renaissance.
                    Marketing Elisa Williams
               Office Manager Beba Jimenez
Convention Services Coordinator Laura Vance
                                                                                                      New Packaging for
                                                                                                      Shop Oakland
I N TOWN                                                                                              Can’t stomach the thought of crowded
                                                                                                      parking lots? You
                                                                                                      don’t have to. This
                                                                                                      year’s Shop Oakland
                                                                                                      campaign hopes to
   Work, as well as holiday celebrations, will   Medical Service meeting at the
                                                                                                      entice you to one of
   be going on in November and December          Marriott November 21 through 25 is
                                                                                                      the 40 shopping
   as more than a dozen meetings convene         expected to draw 375 people. The largest
   in Oakland. Kicking off the month will be                                                          districts in town with
                                                 gathering in December is the State Bar
   150 members of the National Forum             of California, which will bring 1,500 to             free parking between
   for Black Public Administrators,              the Marriott. Later in the month, December           Thanksgiving and
   who will gather at the Waterfront Plaza       10 through 12, 300 members of the                    Christmas and stylish
   Hotel for a regional meeting November 1       National Board of Examiners in                       free shopping bags sporting a new Shop
   and 2. They are considering Oakland as        optometry will be meeting at the Henry J.            Oakland logo. The program is designed
   the site for their national gathering in      Kaiser Convention Center. Some 350                   to showcase lesser known pockets of
   2007. On December 7, the Network              people will attend a Department of                   neighborhood retail areas including the
   Associates Coliseum will host two high        Housing and Community                                East Lake, Temescal, and Dimond, as well
   school football championship games for        Development conference at the                        as such popular districts as Rockridge,
   the North Coast Section of the                Marriott on December 10. SBC Pacific
                                                                                                      Piedmont, and Chinatown.
   CIF. The region stretches from Fremont        Bell will host 500 people at the Marriott
   to the Oregon border. The Emergency           in December.

                                                                       The Holiday Season
ocvb events

                             The OCVB Throws                           Also Brings Chanukah,
                           a Beach House Party                         Kwanzaa Celebrations
               Lakes can have beach houses too. The                    Christmas is just one of the many holidays
               Historic Temescal Beach House, built in the             celebrated in Oakland this December.
               National Park Service Rustic style in 1938,             Jewish synagogues throughout town will
               has delightful views of Lake Temescal and               be opening their doors for the eight days
               the wooded hillsides that surround the 44-              of Chanukah, also known as the Festival
               acre park. The newly renovated building is              of Lights, which begins November 29.
               now available to rent for social functions and          Ceremonies include the lighting of the
               business meetings and is the site of an open            menorah candles, accompanied by blessings,
               house mixer hosted by the Oakland Conven-               the traditional games of dreidel, and the eating of
               tion & Visitors Bureau and the East Bay                 festive foods, such as latkes (potato pancakes). There will be a
               Regional Park District on November 6 from               giant menorah lighting ceremony at Jack London Square.
               4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. To RSVP, call the                Kwanzaa is a uniquely African American celebration with a focus
               OCVB at (510) 839-9000. Food and drinks                 on the traditional African values of family, community responsi-
               will be provided by Rosenblum Winery,                   bility, commerce, and self-improvement. Kwanzaa, which means
               Brothers Brewing, and the Beach House’s                 “first fruits of the harvest” in the African language Kiswahili, is
               preferred caterers.                                     based on the Nguzo Saba (seven guiding principles), one for
                                                                       each day of the observance. There will be a number of Kwanzaa
                                                                                                          activities around town, includ-
                                                                                                          ing one at the Marriott Hotel in
                                                                                                          downtown Oakland.

  OA K L A N D C O N V E N T I O N & V I S I TO R S B U R E AU

      november                                  NOVEMBER 18, 9 P.M.–dawn
                                                                        for more information, log on to

                                                                                      december                                        DECEMBER 13–22
                                                Leonid Meteor Viewing                                                                 The Christmas Revels
      NOVEMBER 2– JANUARY 26                    Chabot Space and Science Center,      DECEMBER 2, 6 p.m.                              Scottish Rite Theatre, (510) 452-9334
      Arte Latino: Treasures from               (510) 336-7373,   Oakland Raiders vs.
                                                                                                                                      DECEMBER 13–24
      the Smithsonian American                                                        New York Jets
                                                NOVEMBER 29, 3–7 p.m.                                                                 Nutcracker
      Art Museum                                                                      Network Associates Coliseum,
      Oakland Museum of California,             11th Annual Tree Lighting             (510) 762-2277,                 Oakland Ballet, Paramount Theatre,
      (510) 238-2200,          Ceremony                                                                              2025 Broadway, (510) 286-8914,
                                                Jack London Square, (510) 814-6000,   DECEMBER 6, 5–8 p.m.                  
      NOVEMBER 6–NOVEMBER 10                        City of Oakland Holiday Magic
                                                                                                                                      DECEMBER 21, 5–7 P.M.
      Disney on Ice                                                                   Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Broadway at
                                                NOVEMBER 29, 8 p.m.                                                                   Las Posadas
      Oakland Arena, (510) 569-2121,                                                  14th Street, (510) 444-CITY                          Some Like It Hot                                                                      International Boulevard, Fruitvale district
                                                                                      DECEMBER 7, noon
      NOVEMBER 12, 7:30 p.m.
      The Rolling Stones
                                                Paramount Movie Classics,
                                                2025 Broadway, (510) 465-6400,
                                                                                      Oakland Tribune Holiday
                                                                                                                                      SEPTEMBER 28–MARCH 2
      Oakland Arena, (510) 569-2121,                                                  Downtown Oakland/Broadway,
                                                NOVEMBER 29–DECEMBER 15                                                                (510) 874-4808                                  California’s Closet: From
                                                The Holidays at Dunsmuir                                                              Flappers to Rappers
      NOVEMBER 13, 7–9 P.M.                     Dunsmuir Historic Estate,             DECEMBER 7, 3–9 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Oakland Museum of California,
      Arts Education Forum                      (510) 615-5555,      26th Annual Lighted                             (510) 238-2200,
      California College of Arts and Crafts,
                                                NOVEMBER 29–DECEMBER 31               Yacht Parade
      5212 Broadway, (510) 594-5002,                                                  Jack London Square, (510) 814-6000,                          Zoo Lights                  
                                                Oakland Zoo, (510) 632-9525,

Barry Muniz                       Barry Muniz                                                              Courtesy Oakland Raiders

                                Oakland Convention                                                                                                    Presorted
                                & Visitors Bureau
                                                                                                                                                      US Postage Paid
                                475 Fourteenth St., Suite 120                                                                                         Oakland, CA
                                Oakland, CA 94612                                                                                                     Permit No. 02304
                                                                                                    OAKLAND CONVENTION
                                                                                                    & VISITORS BUREAU
                                                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                    2002/2003 ROSTER
                                                                                                    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

The OCVB Board’s Strategic Vision
                        BY SAM NASSIF

                            The mandate of the Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau                 V. Toni Adams, Vice Chair
                                                                                                    Assistant to the Superintendent,
                            (OCVB) sounds simple: Bring more conventions and visitors to
                                                                                                    Alameda County Office of Education
                            town. But during challenging economic times—particularly for the
                            travel industry—what action to take is less certain. The board of
                            directors of the Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau brings
                            together many of the leading business people in the city’s travel and
                            tourism industry who volunteer their time to help the OCVB develop
Sam Nassif, Chairman of and implement a master plan. The volunteer board is made up of
the OCVB Board
President,                  representatives from businesses such as Oakland hotels, the Chabot
Creative Hospitality Corp. Space & Science Center, Oakland Museum of California, media
                            companies, sports associations, and groups such as chambers of com-     Joseph J. Haraburda
         merce, city agencies, and the Port of Oakland. They work on committees ranging             President & Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                                    Oakland Metropolitan Chamber
         from marketing to hospitality to funding.                                                  of Commerce
             In August of this year, 18 members of the OCVB board and OCVB senior staff
         attended a one-day retreat facilitated by Marilyn Snider, whose Oakland-based com-
         pany Snider & Associates specializes in strategic planning and team building. At the
         retreat, we focused on the most important three-year goals for the OCVB, and set
         six-month objectives to help reach them. Candid brainstorming sessions helped to
         identify our strengths and weaknesses and what external factors may positively or neg-
         atively affect the city and the hospitality and travel industry in the next few years.
             Oakland’s tourism industry generates more than $1 billion in travel spending
         each year and employs more than 8,700 people. We recognize that this has been a            Mark Clement
                                                                                                    General Manager, Oakland
         challenging financial year for many businesses, especially the travel industry. With       Airport Hilton
         the support of the City of Oakland, the OCVB has worked aggressively to maintain
         Oakland’s market share in an ever-competitive market.
             As a result of this retreat, the board updated the OCVB’s mission statement,
         developed a vision statement, and created an action plan that will help strengthen
         Oakland’s position as a vital and strong tourism destination.
             I’d like to thank the OCVB directors for the hard work and commitment
         this past year and the City of Oakland for their continued support of the tourism
         industry in Oakland.
                                                                                                    Dave Dunn, Chairman,
                                                                                                    Marketing Committee
                                                                                                    President, e-agency
Mission Statement The mission of the Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau is to market
the City of Oakland as a preferred destination for meetings, conventions, trade shows, and
leisure travel, resulting in increased travel expenditures and further strengthening of the
local economy.

Vision Statement The Oakland Convention & Visitors Bureau will establish Oakland as a
premier travel destination regionally and worldwide.

                                                                                                    Steve Grossman
OCVB 475 Fourteenth Street, Suite 120 | Oakland, CA 94612 |                      Director of Aviation, Port of Oakland

Rosemary L. Cameron                        Carl Chan                                Raymond Chester                                William Claggett (ex officio)
Assistant General Manager,                 President, Oakland Chinatown             General Manager,Chabot                         Executive Director, City of Oakland
Public Affairs, East Bay Regional          Chamber Foundation                       Municipal Golf Course                          Community & Economic
Park District                                                                                                                      Development Agency

Michael Colbruno                           Barney Fonzi                             Ben Hazard (ex-officio)                        Mona Hernandez
Vice President for Government              Vice President/Publisher,                Director, Craft & Cultural Arts,               District Marketing Manager,
Affairs, Clear Channel Outdoor/            Diablo Magazine                          Office of the Mayor                            Northern California,
Northern California                                                                                                                Southwest Airlines

Mark Kaufman                               Deborah Nordstrom                        Sima Patel                                     Dr. Mike Reynolds
General Manager,                           Marketing and Promotion Manager,         Owner, Operating Manager,                      Foundation President,
Network Associates Coliseum                Contra Costa Newspapers                  Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites             Chabot Space & Science Center
& The Arena in Oakland

                                           NOT PICTURED                                          Dr. Richard L. McCline, Ph.D.
                                                                                                 President, Oakland—Five East Bay
                                           David Alioto                                          Counties, Black Chamber of Commerce
                                           Vice President, Sales & Marketing,
                                           The Oakland Athletics Baseball Company                Patrick Lane
                                                                                                 General Manager, Oakland Marriott
                                           Jacques Barzaghi (ex officio)                         City Center
                                           Senior Advisor, Mayor’s Office
                                                                                                 Mark Medeiros (ex officio)
                                           Lily Hu                                               Chief Financial Officer,
Todd Shallan                               Government Relations,                                 Oakland Museum of California
General Manager,                           Lily Hu & Associates
Claremont Resort & Spa


                                    Manette Belliveau        Marie Allen             Theo Jackson                 Beba Jimenez                Laura Vance
                                    Executive Director       Director of Sales       Tour & Travel Director       Office Manager              Convention Services

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