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					                                                                                                              September 2006

              A monthly publication of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce.
                 P. O. Box 9 Prince Frederick, MD 20678-0009 (located at 120 Dares Beach Road)
                                           (410) 535-2577 or (301) 855-1930

Coming to the September BOB . . .                                                   CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                             ANNUAL MEETING & AWARDS DINNER
                                                                                 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2006
Speed…the need for speed permeates and dominates our lives. For                 HOLIDAY INN SELECT, SOLOMONS
some, it’s an excitement about the speed of their car, for others it’s a              6:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.
concern about the speed of their internet connectivity. We don’t like
to stand in line at a fast food place, and when we do place our order
we fret about the lack of speed behind the counter. We fume at the                           FEATURING…
length of the stop light, wishing it would turn faster. We all seem to
be trying to achieve something faster and more efficiently. For the
busy person hoping to meet several potential mates at the same
event, there’s the phenomenon of Speed Dating. And now, finally, for
the business person looking to make numerous business contacts at
the same event, there’s Speed Networking!

The Chamber will introduce Speed Networking! at BOB (Business
Over Breakfast) on Thursday, September 7, at 8am at the Holiday
Inn Express in Prince Frederick.
                                                                                      AWARD CATEGORIES:
Like Speed Dating, Speed Networking! is a formalized meeting
process with a purpose to assist people in meeting a large number of                Small Business of the Year
new contacts. While the purpose of Speed Dating is to meet new po-                   New Business of the Year
tential dates and perhaps a mate, the purpose of Speed Networking!
provides an opportunity for business people to spend time at an event              Chamber Member of the Year
dedicated solely to ensuring that they make numerous business con-                Home-based Business of the Year
tacts and hopefully new customers. In order to maximize the number
of interactions, the business men and women will rotate at a pre-
determined time.

Speed Networking! is a fun, fast, and efficient method of networking
                                                                                    $47.50 Member/$90.00 Couple
with a purpose.                                                                  $65.00 Non-Member/$125.00 Couple
Attendees at BOB will have an opportunity to introduce themselves
                                                                                Payment must accompany reservation.
and their business to other business people and learn more about
other potential customers at the same time. A buffet breakfast will be                       Plan To Attend!
served and, then after a short program about tips for networking, the          Refer to the enclosed flyer for reservations.
Speed Networking! activity will begin. Business men and women
should bring a large quantity of business cards to exchange with
other networking participants during the exercise.

Reservations are required for BOB. Make your reservation now for                  PLATINUM SPONSOR - SMECO
this exciting program and activity. See the BOB flyer insert for reser-
vation details.
 Page 2                                                               The Navigator, September 2006

                                                  CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

             Raising Good Cheer (and Money) for Calvert Healthcare Solutions

You may be aware that Calvert Healthcare Solutions, a community based organization delivering primary
care to low–income residents of Calvert County, has been working to shore up gaps in the health care safety
net since beginning operation in 2001. Founded by Ray Nobel, M.D. with a generous starting grant from the
Kiwanis Club and sustained for the past two years under the leadership of Robert Schlager, M.D. the organi-
zation has done much to help many in our community receive basic health care services.
What you may not be aware of, however, is that our Chamber has a seat on the CHCS Board. Representing
the Chamber since the program’s inception has been Jon Frank, local employee benefits consultant and long
time Chamber member.
In an effort to heighten awareness about the work of the charity and raise money for the organization’s ex-
pense fund (used primarily to purchase generic medications), Jon and his company, Jon S. Frank & Associ-
ates, are bringing a little gemütlichkeit to Prince Frederick on the evening of Thursday, September 28th by
sponsoring Oktoberfest for Calvert Healthcare Solutions. The event will feature The Edelweiss Band, a re-
nowned German band in the Washington DC area, traditional food and all the merriment that accompanies the
Munich festivals, held annually in late September since 1810.
With four frosty beers to choose from on tap and music designed to make you stay and sway, the atmosphere
will deliver a great evening of fun. So break out your lederhosen, practice your yodel and call Carol Lucas at
(410) 414-8438 for a reservation at what will be a sell-out event.
Oktoberfest for Calvert Healthcare Solutions will be held at 205 West Dares Beach Road from 6:00 p.m. until
9:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 28th.
Tickets are available to sponsors starting at $250 for 2, $500 for 4 or $1000 for a reserved table of 8. Indi-
vidual tickets are $125 each.

Lloyd B. Harrison
Lloyd B. Harrison
Chairman of the Board
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The Navigator, September 2006
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                                                                              CANDIDATES’ FORUM (A FREE NON-PARTISAN PUBLIC
                                                                              COUNTY-WIDE FORUM FOR ALL PRIMARY ELECTION
                                                                              CANDIDATES) . . . . is scheduled for Thursday, September 7, 5 -
                                                                              10 p.m. at Huntingtown High School, Rt 2/4, Huntingtown. This

                                                                              event is hosted by the League of Women Voters of Calvert County
                                                                              Maryland and sponsored by the following: American Association
                                                                              of University Women; Comcast Cable; Concerned Black Women;
                                                                              Calvert County Council of PTAs; Commission For Women; Hous-
                                                                              ing For All Calvert (HFAC); Calvert County Chamber of Com-
COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN MARYLAND’S NEW PRESIDENT,                                 merce; Concerned Black Men; and NAACP.
MUNITY, EMPLOYEES . . . . President Bradley Gottfried, Ph.D, is               on Friday, September 8th at 10:00 a.m. County First Bank is lo-
meeting students, employees and community members as he becomes               cated at 222 Town Square Drive in Lusby (located in the shopping
acquainted with the region since his arrival July 31. Associated with         center behind Lusby Post Office). Join them in their celebration!
community colleges for more than 30 years, Gottfried is the college’s
fourth president. He has extensive experience in strategic planning,
                                                                     For more information call (410)
enrollment management, fiscal and facilities management, and cultivat-        394-3934.
ing community and legislative relations, as well as developing successful     THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF CALVERT COUNTY . . . . is
initiatives in curriculum, technology, faculty, transfer programs and busi-   holding an Open House, September 8 - September 10, from 10:00
ness development. During his first two weeks, Gottfried initiated em-         a.m. - 2:00 p.m. at Fishing Creek Kennels to recruit new volun-
ployee forums at each of CSM’s campuses. Other activities have in-            teers. Contact The Humane Society of Calvert County at (410)
cluded introductions with local elected officials and attendance at several   2 5 7 - 4 9 0 8    f o r     m o r e    i n f o r ma t i o n .
community events. “One of my short-term goals is to meet hundreds of
people,” Gottfried said, as a way of learning more about the people and
the communities that the college serves. “Even though I’m the newest          CALVERT LIBRARY IS HOLDING ITS CUSTOMER AP-
employee, I’m committed to building on our legacy and working with            PRECIATION DAY . . . . September 11, at all Calvert Libraries,
you and the community to make us even better,” Gottfried said during          all day. Come for cookies, a drink, and a chance to win a door
an employee forum. Gottfried is planning to hold community forums to          prize.. Call (410) 535-0291 or (301) 855-1862.
meet citizens and hear their perceptions of CSM’s programs and ser-           w w w w . c a l v e r t . l i b . m d . u s
vices. For information call (301) 934-7766 or (301) 870-3008 x7766 or
visit                                                           LIBERTY TAX SERVICE WILL PROVIDE FREE TAX
                                                                              SEMINARS . . . . exclusively for Calvert County Chamber Mem-
                                                                              bers. Seminar topics include: Home Ownership, Tax Tips, Market-
                                                                              ing for Success, Self-Employment/Small Business, Tax Breaks for
                                                                              Retirement Planning and Employee Business Deductions. For more
                                                                              information contact Amber Wentz at (410) 535-1720 or email lib-

                                                                              CORPORATE CENTER AT CSM OFFERS COMPREHEN-
                                                                              SIVE TRAINING, EDUCATION AND CONSULTING . . . . for
                                                                              organizations seeking to increase employee productivity and organ-
                                                                              izational efficiency. A training partner to the business, government
                                                                              and non-profit communities for many years, CSM has developed
                                                                              high quality instruction and course materials that address the skills
                                                                              gaps of employees and meet the specific challenges of Southern
                                                                              Maryland’s industries, explained Shirley Williams, executive direc-
                                                                              tor of the Corporate Center. “We provide exactly what is needed
                                                                              for all corporate levels.” she said. Through its significant contacts
               CSM’s New President, Bradley Gottfried, Ph.D.                  with industry recognized experts and its network of world-class
                                                                              consultants, the Corporate Center is able to design a tailored pro-
                                                                              gram that meets a business’ specific need, Williams said. Among
CHESAPEAKE HILLS GOLF CLUB ROLLING ALONG . . . . after                        the Corporate Center’s recent training initiatives is a partnership
the July 27th fire destroyed the club’s new pavilion and cart barn and the    with the Calvert County, Charles County and St. Mary’s County
facility’s new fleet of golf carts. However, plans are underway to recon-     chambers of commerce, which was recognized during the presenta-
struct the outdoor building. Construction of the new pavilion has begun.      tion of the 2006 Maryland Chamber of Commerce Partner in Busi-
Chesapeake Hills recently underwent a series of major facility enhance-       ness Award to CSM. For more information call (301) 934-7766 or
ments that have made a significant impact on course conditions for local      (301) 870-3008 x766 or visit
golfers. In coming months, additional projects for the course will in-
clude an expansion of tees and greens, updated irrigation and drainage,         Have business information you feel might be useful to share with other
clubhouse enhancements and facility landscaping. All enhancement
                                                                                                        Chamber Members?
projects will total $1.5 million. For more information about the course,
to reserve a tee time, schedule a golf outing or meeting, visit                            Email me at or call (410) 326-4653.
                                                                                 Due to space limitations, the Chamber reserves the right to edit press
                                                                                                            releases received.
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The Navigator, September 2006

If your company is interested in hosting a BAH and can
accommodate 80 - 100 people, contact the Chamber
office at (410) 535-2577 or (301) 855-1930 or e-mail us
at to get on our waiting
list                                                      Above, Chamber members and guests enjoying great company and
                                                          food at the August BAH hosted by Smith Barney.
   Page 6                                                                              The Navigator, September 2006

        WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                                             GLOVER’S SEPTIC SERVICES, INC.
                                                                                          Marsha Glover
                                                                                          P.O. Box 522
                                                                                     Huntingtown, MD 20639
     Please join us in welcoming our new Chamber                                         (443) 486-4533
     members by patronizing their businesses. Their                         
     Chamber membership reflects their integrity as                       
     responsible business owners and demonstrates
                                                                                      Septic pumping service.
     commitment to the community.
                                                                              GARRETT MUSIC ACADEMY
                                                                                           Nick Garrett
                                                                                      2021 Chaneyville Rd.
                                                                                       Owings, MD 20736
            CHESAPEAKE VEIN CLINIC                                                       (410) 286-5505
                   John A. Pietropaoli, Jr. MD
                 301 Steeple Chase Dr., Ste. 404
                  Prince Frederick, MD 20678
                        (Fox Run Center)                                Music Academy offering private lessons, orchestra, jazz
                         (410) 535-2811                                band, choir, rentals & instrument sales, recording studio.

State of the art, complete vein care. Professionals - Board Certi-
fied in General and Vascular Surgery. Mayo Clinic - Fellowship                          M PUBLISHING
                              Trained.                                                     Victoria Poling
                                                                                            P.O. Box 448
                                                                                    Prince Frederick, MD 20678
                                                                                           (301) 855-9650
         CENTURY 21 NEW MILLENNIUM                                                         (301) 627-4220
             THERESA RUZICKA                                                 
                      12632 Western Circle                                   
                       Lusby, MD 20657
                         (410) 326-1579                              Publisher of community magazines since 1975. Currently
                         (410) 231-9755                              produce six regional publications. Newest is “Calvert Life
                      FAX (410) 326-4018                             Monthly,” with more than 6,300 mailed free to homes and
                                                                                      businesses in the county.
                        Realtor services.

                                                                                      PEOPLE SYNERGY
                CURVES OF DUNKIRK                                                        Anne Cole Johnston
                        Lisa D. Gentry                                                     2688 Aspen Rd.
                      3140 West Ward Rd.                                                    P.O. Box 604
                           Ste. 207                                                   Port Republic, MD 20676
                      Dunkirk, MD 20754                                                    (410) 586-2025
                        (410) 286-9101                                      
                        (410) 474-5605                                     
                      FAX (410) 286-9102
                                                                      Training and development company with focus on business
       Fitness and weight management facility for women.             writing, interpersonal communication, management skills and
                                                                                            customer service.
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 The Navigator, September 2006

                                                                  CHAMBER MEMBERS
                 OF THE
                                                            MEMBERSHIP ANNIVERSARIES
                                                                         Five Years - 2001
                                                            College of Notre Dame of Maryland - Dr. Carolyn Ebel
Candidates for the Board of Directors for the Calvert
County Chamber of Commerce are elected annually by                        One Year - 2005
the general membership at an Annual Membership
Meeting. (See front-page article). At the meeting on
                                                                B-Sure Home Inspection, Inc. - Jim Kasterko
October 25, 2006, the membership will elect individu-                 Coach On Call - Eleanor R. Nelson
als for a term of office beginning in January of 2007.          Fair Weather Equestrian Center - Gina Hall
                                                                      Mortgage Shares - Debra Thomas
Each year the Board of Directors appoints a Nominat-         Stayin’ Home and Lovin’ It! - Aimee & Joe Reynolds
ing Committee to develop a slate of candidates. The         Tutoring Club of Prince Frederick - Dennis Schroeder
2006 Nominating Committee is pleased to present the
following list of candidates for your consideration:         Washington Mutual Home Loans - Mark Maldonado

Member                                 Term Expires

Ralph Eppard, Ralph’s Dodge            December, 2009

Jim Ward, Poor Richard Web Press       December, 2009

Darren Maertens, Maertens Jewelry      December, 2009

Doug Azar, Calvert Memorial Hospital   December, 2009

The Chamber By-Laws permit members to be nomi-
nated by the general membership for a one (1) year
term. Members can express their interest in holding
such a position by obtaining a required number of sig-
natures and submitting the signed application to the
Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee
received the following applications for a General Mem-
bership board position:

Member                                 Term Expires

      Carrie Polk, Nationwide Insurance December, 2007

      Pam Shubert, Asbury~Solomons         December, 2007

                                                                     NAVIGATOR PRINTED BY

 Mark your calendars for the 2006
  Annual Meeting October 25th!
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                                                                                                                                         Page 9
  The Navigator, September 2006

                               A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL AT
                                                      THE CHAMBER’S
From the beginning to the end, the 11th Annual “Night on the Patuxent” Cruise was a great success!

Isaac’s Restaurant, Holiday Inn Select, Solomons and J & D Hospitality so graciously donated the use of their facility as well as provided
a social hour prior to departure for the cruise on the Patuxent, captained by Tyler Smith. On board, everyone enjoyed the beautiful
weather, pleasant company, delicious food and the wonderful talent of Guitarist, Stephen Crane.

The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the 2006 Cruise Committee for their hard work and dedication, once again. Members of
the committee include: Tommy Godbold, The Accessory Zone, Chair; Melissa Bless, Isaac’s Restaurant; and John and Katie Crane, As-
bury~Solomons Island. Half of the sponsor proceeds go to the Chamber’s College of Southern Maryland Endowment Fund.

The cruise would not have been the success that it was without the sponsorships and donations of the following businesses:

         CORPORATE SPONSORS                                   FOOD DONATIONS                                 DOOR PRIZE DONATIONS
      Mercantile Southern Maryland Bank                     Adam’s The Place For Ribs                              Bella Spa & Salon
            The Show Place Arena                             BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.                           Clipper’s Canine Café
          Dominion Cove Point LNG                           Boomerang’s Original Ribs                              Curves of Dunkirk
                                                             Catamaran’s Restaurant                           DiGiovanni’s Dock of the Bay
              $500 SPONSORS                                      Cluck-U Chicken                                      EmbroidMe
           Asbury~Solomons Island                               DuPaul’s Catering                            Maertens Fine Jewelry & Gifts
         College of Southern Maryland                         Expressions Catering                                   Mark Z Signs
          Constellation Energy Group                         Herrington Harbour Inn                               Outback Steakhouse
             The Show Place Arena                               Isaac’s Restaurant                                  Sandpiper Shop
                                                               Kim’s Key Lime Pies                        State Farm Insurance - Mike Paxon
               $100 SPONSORS                              Mamma Lucia Italian Restaurant                                Tiki Bar
                  Mike Benton                               Maryland Country Caterers                               Victoria’s Florist
        Citizens To Elect Bill Chambers                   Naughty Gull Restaurant & Pub
      Carrie Polk - Nationwide Insurance                        Papa John’s Pizza
       Re-Elect Mike Evans For Sheriff                         Port Of Call Liquors
                  Cal Steuart

                                                                       Left-over food donations were delivered to Project Echo!
                   Mike Benton
                  Blue Heron Inn
              Calvert Design Group
     Chesapeake Highlands Memorial Gardens
          College of Southern Maryland
          Fantasy World Entertainment
          Holiday Inn Select, Solomons
                Isaac’s Restaurant
          Maertens Fine Jewelry & Gifts
                  Sisk Auto Body
                 Smart Ride, Inc.
               The Accessory Zone
                                                                                    Above, Cruise Committee from left to right, Tommy
                                                                                   Godbold, Melissa Bless, John Crane and Katie Crane.

                Above and right, Chamber members and guests enjoying
                                     the Cruise.
Page 10                                                               The Navigator, September 2006

                                                                   12TH ANNUAL
              The Navigator is published by
                                                            UNITED WAY “DAY OF CARING”
                  The Calvert County
                 Chamber of Commerce
                          P. O. Box 9
   Prince Frederick, MD 20678-0009
                                                                  SEPTEMBER 13, 2006

                2006 Board of Directors
                             Chair                            8:00 A.M.    Kick-Off Event
                       Lloyd Harrison, III                                 Calvert Country Market
                                                                           Prince Frederick
               Mercantile Southern Maryland Bank

                           Vice Chair                         9:00 A.M.    Projects Begin
          Darren Maertens, Maertens Fine Jewelry & Gifts

                    Patricia O. Blackford, CPA
                                                             “Day of Caring” brings together employ-
               Deb McClure, Jon S. Frank & Assoc.            ees from local businesses to volunteer at
                                                             United Way of Calvert County agencies.
                                                             By allowing employees the opportunity to
           Ralph Eppard, Ralph’s Dodge-Jeep, Chrysler
                Jack Gorman, College of So. Md.              spend a workday engaging in meaningful
              Tommy Godbold, The Accessory Zone              volunteer projects, you see, first hand,
                Elizabeth Hubbard, EmbroidMe
                     Debbie Naugle, adPRO                    how United Way dollars are working to
           Chris Reynolds, Reynolds & Manning, P.A.          meet the needs of our community.
          Larry Weckbaugh, Constellation Energy Group
              James Ward, Poor Richard Web Press
           Harriet Yaffe, The Arc of Southern Maryland
           Sam Young, Calvert Commercial Real Estate         To find out how you can participate, con-
              Doug Azar, Calvert Memorial Hospital
                                                             tact the United Way of Calvert County at
                         Chamber Staff:
                                                             (410) 286-0100 or visit their website @
               President/CEO Carolyn McHugh        
                Office Manager Cathy Wehrle
             Receptionist/Secretary Eunice Benson

                                                            CHAMBER OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED
                                                                  ON SEPTEMBER 13TH
                                                             TO SUPPORT OF “DAY OF CARING”

                                                                 Your Calvert County Chamber
                                                                 office will be closed on September
                                                                 13th so that Chamber staff can
                                                                 support the United Way and its
                                                                 member agencies in their annual
                                                                 “Day of Caring” event. Staff
                                                                 members will report on their pro-
                                                                 ject experiences in the next issue
                                                                 of The Navigator.
    The Navigator, September 2006                                                                                           Page 11


      Phishing and Identity Theft                                                          BUSINESS
                     By Idea Solutions

                                                                                      AFTER HOURS
           1-888-535-4332 for further information.

 Phishing is a slang term for people who try to trick av-
 erage people into giving out their personal and finan-                         September - Community Bank of Tri-
                    cial information.
          Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent                   October - Mercantile SO. MD Bank
websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal
financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames                   November - Adams The Place For Ribs
and passwords, social security numbers, etc. By hijacking the
trusted brands of well-known banks, online retailers and credit                      December - College of SO MD
card companies, phishers are able to convince up to 5% of re-
cipients to respond to them.
                                                                                    RESERVATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED.
           Phishing attacks are growing quite sophisticated and                          MAKE YOUR’S TODAY!
difficult to detect, even for Phishing attacks are growing quite
sophisticated and difficult to detect, even for the most techni-
cally savvy people. Many people are getting onto the Internet
and using email or Web browsers for the first time. As a result,
some people are going to continue to be fooled into giving up
their personal financial information in response to a phishing
email or on a phishing website. If you have been tricked this
way, you should assume that you will become a victim of credit
card fraud, bank fraud, or identity theft.

           If you get an email or pop-up message that asks for
personal or financial information, do not reply or click on the
link in the message. Legitimate companies don’t ask for this
information via email. If you are concerned about your account,           THE MEMBER-TO-MEMBER
contact the organization in the email using a telephone num-
ber you know to be genuine, or open a new Internet browser                  DISCOUNT PROGRAM
session and type in the company’s correct Web address. Do not
cut and paste the link in the message. Don’t email personal or                             36 Participants
financial information. Email is not a secure method of trans-
mitting personal information.                                        EmbroidMe                                  Homefront Furnishings
                                                                     Carrie Polk-Nationwide Insurance           Cash Flow Plus
          If you initiate a transaction and want to provide your     Law Offices of Julie A. Schejbal           Shelden Studios
personal or financial information through an organization’s          Discount Services of Maryland, Inc.        Mark Z Signs
Web site, look for indicators that the site is secure, like a lock   Dowell Financial Services, LLC             Gateau Physical Therapy
icon on the browser’s status bar or a URL for a website that         Waterview Production                       J & J’s Physical Therapy
                                                                     Dickson’s Fields of Flowers                Liberty Tax Service
begins “https:” (the “s” stands for “secure”). Unfortunately, no
                                                                     Alicia’s Touch                             B-Sure Home Inspection
indicator is foolproof; some phishers have forged security icons.
                                                                     Mary Lou Too Charters                      Expressions Catering
          Review credit card and bank account statements as          Sleep Inn & Suites                         C.P. Sheridan Title Co.
                                                                     Mortgage Shares                            The Calverton School
soon as you receive them to determine whether there are any
                                                                     Valpak                                     Choice Home Center
unauthorized charges. If your statement is late by more than a
                                                                     American Red Cross, SO MD Chptr.           Sisk Auto Body, Inc.
couple of days, call your credit card company or bank to con-
                                                                     Bronze Door Day Spa                        Jon S. Frank & Assoc.
firm your billing address and account balances.                      LDG Automotive Specialists, Inc.           Matrix Security
                                                                     Keep Well Fitness Center @ CMH             Kokapellis Café & Espr. Bar
          Two of the biggest phishing scams that are going on
                                                                     Colonial Printing and Promotions           Julia & Co. Salon & Spa
right now are people pretending to be Ebay and Citibank. You
                                                                     Chesapeake Highlands Memorial Gardens      The Arc of Southern Maryland, Inc.
get an email saying that your account info needs to be updated,
and it gives you a link to a page that looks identical to the real                              (Visit our website, or
thing, but behind the scenes is someone collecting your per-                  call us to explore the various discounts available to you
                                                                                              as a Chamber Member.)
sonal information to use for their own benefit.
                                                                                    Shop Calvert First!
                                                 Corporate Sponsors
                             Show Place Arena; Dominion Cove Pt.; Mercantile SO MD Bank

                                                                                           Presort STD
                                                 Calvert County Chamber of
                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                             Commerce, Promoting Your Success!”
                                                                                          Permit No. 336
Calvert County Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 9
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

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