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SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                               2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Address by the Chairman of the Board of Directors

         Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC Gazprom,
            Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC SOGAZ

                                                  A.B. Miller

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                   SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

   Address by the Chairman of the Board of Directors

                             Dear Shareholders,

   The reporting year was a serious challenge for all participants of the Rus-
sian insurance market. At the same time, despite negative market trends, we
observed a situation in which professional insurers strengthened their positions.

    Today as never before the financial reliability, experience and reputation of an
insurance company as well as the ability of an insurer to perform its obligations
in full play an important role on the domestic insurance market. Companies that
proved their competitiveness have obtained an additional advantage, allowing
them to develop their relations with customers and to improve profitability.

    SOGAZ Insurance Group finished 2009 as one of the top 3 leaders of the
Russian insurance market and increased its profit by 47%. This proves the ef-
ficiency of the anti-crisis policy adopted by the company, which is aimed at de-
velopment of key competencies, their further diversification, optimization of busi-
ness processes and adequate risk assessment. SOGAZ continued to develop
strategic lines of business connected with the strengthening of a regional pres-
ence and penetration of the international market; it received serious returns on
investments and increased assets and insurance reserves.

   Successfully overcoming this year of crisis, SOGAZ demonstrated one of the
key features of a modern company – the ability to respond effectively to market

   I congratulate the company on the result it has achieved. I’m sure that the
team of SOGAZ Group will be able to ensure financial stability and growth of the
company’s profitability in the future.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                            2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Address by the Chairman of the Management Board

                     Chairman of the Management Board
                            of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                           V.E. Yanov

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                            SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

 Address by the Chairman of the Management Board

                 Dear shareholders, clients, partners and
                 employees of SOGAZ Insurance Group,

    The past year was one of the most difficult years in the entire history of the
Russian insurance business. Under the conditions imposed by the crisis, all the
strengths and weaknesses of the strategies selected by insurers during the pre-
vious period became evident. At the same time, the management of insurance
companies had to make operative but carefully-weighed decisions based on a
careful analysis of market conditions.

    Today we can say for sure that SOGAZ has passed this test successfully. Un-
like many other insurers, which jumped into a dumping fever from the beginning
of the crisis, we relied on further diversification of our insurance portfolio, mainte-
nance of financial stability and the assurance of reliable re-insurance protection
of insured risks. We adjusted our investment policy, cut a number of expense
items from the budget, and developed an anti-crisis program in the sphere of
underwriting and claims settlement. At the same time, SOGAZ continued active
regional development by opening new branches and forming first territorial direc-
torates at the level of federal districts.

     We know that crises do not only bring problems but also open new opportuni-
ties as well. I believe that for the last year, SOGAZ has used its opportunities in
full. We became stronger and more efficient. In 2009, the Group’s insurance fees
and premiums grew to RUR 84 billion and SOGAZ earned a record-breaking
profit for the market - RUR 4.45 billion, which is almost 50% more than in the
previous year.

   I want to thank our shareholders, clients and business partners for their con-
stant support and fruitful cooperation. I’m also sincerely grateful to the employ-
ees of the Group: your dedicated work and determination to achieve set targets
has made me think yet again that SOGAZ is a team of professionals of the high-
est level for which nothing is impossible.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                              2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Management Board of OJSC SOGAZ

                                    Deputy Chairman
                                  of the OJSC SOGAZ
                                  Management Board
                                  Andrey I. Botischev

                                    Deputy Chairman
                                  of the OJSC SOGAZ
                                  Management Board
    Chairman of the OJSC SOGAZ   Evgeny I. Logovinskiy
         Management Board
          Vadim E. Yanov

                                    Deputy Chairman
                                  of the OJSC SOGAZ
                                  Management Board
                                  Alexey I. Leonenko


                         Management Board of OJSC SOGAZ

     Deputy Chairman                     Deputy Chairman
   of the OJSC SOGAZ                   of the OJSC SOGAZ
   Management Board                    Management Board
    Vladimir M. Nosov                 Sergey V. Okhotnikov

     Deputy Chairman                     Deputy Chairman
   of the OJSC SOGAZ                   of the OJSC SOGAZ
   Management Board                    Management Board
      Mikhail E. Putin                 Anatoly F. Sokolov

Chief Accountant, Member                 Member of the
  of the OJSC SOGAZ                      OJSC SOGAZ
   Management Board                    Management Board
   Anna M. Gabeleva                    Tatiana N. Portone

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

SOGAZ Insurance Group Members

                GROUP MEMBERS         OJSC SOGAZ


                                      LLC Gazprommedservice
                                      CJSC MK Leader

                       OJSC SOGAZ     Shareholders
                                      OJSC Gazprom
                                      LLC Gazprom Export
                                      GPB (OJSC)
                                      LLC Lirus
                                      LLC Accept
                                      LLC IC ABROS

                                      Founder – sole member
                                      OJSC SOGAZ

                                      OJSC SOGAZ

                             AGRO     Sole member
                                      OJSC SOGAZ

                                      OJSC SOGAZ


         LLC Gazprommedservice        Founder – sole member
                                      OJSC SOGAZ

                     CJSC MK Leader   Shareholders
                                      OJSC SOGAZ
                                      NSPF Gazfond
                                      GPB (OJSC)

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                            SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                        Highlights of the Year 2009

IC SOGAZ-LIFE confirmed its reliability rating of A++.

SOGAZ Insurance Group insured the technological (reactor) equipment of
OJSC Energoatom Concern for RUR 30.6 billion.

We won the tender for the right to insure the property of the State Kremlin Palace
for RUR 3.9 billion.

SOGAZ won the tenders for insurance of OGK-1 and OGK-6.

IC SOGAZ-LIFE insured 40 thousand employees of the Main Departement of
Internal Affairs of Moscow city.


The property of OJSC TVEL was insured by SOGAZ for RUR 21.8 billion.

SOGAZ Group insured the project for construction of Moss CS 50 Mk II type
semisubmersible floating drilling rig for the Stockman Project for RUR 36.7

A cooperation agreement was concluded between SOGAZ Insurance Group and
the Administration of the Volgograd Region.

SOGAZ insured the property and liability of five enterprises of SIBUR Group for
RUR 121 billion.

SOGAZ-MED Insurance Company became the insurer of 186 thousand unem-
ployed citizens of the Ryazan Region.

IC SOGAZ-LIFE insured 50 thousand employees of the Departement of Internal
Affairs of the Zabaikalie Territory, Sakhalin Region, Republic of Karelia and Novy

SOGAZ obtained the right to insure OGK-2.

A cooperation agreement was concluded between SOGAZ Insurance Group and
the Administration of Bryansk Region.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Highlights of the Year 2009

SOGAZ insured construction of an oil refining plant for Tuapse Refinery for
RUR 7.6 billion.

OJSC SOGAS received a certificate of conformity to the requirement of GOST
ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000) confirming the high level of the quality manage-
ment system adopted by the company.

RUR 80 million was paid to Rosenergoatom Concern as the result of the event
insured against which took place at power unit No.5 of Novovoronezh NPP.

SOGAZ received the right to perform package insurance of OJSC TGK-1, the
leading producer and supplier of electric and heat power in the Northwest region
of Russia.


SOGAZ Group insured the main trophy of the Continental Hockey League –
Gagarin’s Cup.

Construction risks of the bridge over the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok were
insured for RUR 18 billion.

The contract of insurance of 38.6 thousand employees of OJSC Energoatom
Concern for RUR 6.5 billion was concluded.

IC Neftepolis was renamed as IC SOGAZ-AGRO.


Fitch Ratings confirmed the financial stability ratings of OJSC SOGAZ at the
international and national scale (BB and AA-(AA minus) (rus), respectively) with
a Stable outlook.

SOGAZ purchased 100% of voting shares of one of largest insurance compa-
nies of Northwest Russia – OJSC IC Sheksna.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                        SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                       Highlights of the Year 2009

The Insurance Group acted as the partner of the “Child’s Voice” charity project.

SOGAZ provided package insurance to FGUP Svyaz-Bezopasnost for RUR 2.5

Construction of the main facilities for the APEC-2012 summit in Vladivostok was
insured for RUR 62 billion.

A cooperation agreement was concluded between SOGAZ Insurance Group and
the Government of Vologda Region.

A cooperation agreement was signed between SOGAZ Insurance Group and the
Government of Yaroslavl Region.

SOGAZ insured construction of engineering facilities within the framework of
preparation for the APEC-2012 summit for RUR 3.4 billion.

SOGAZ Insurance Group insured drilling of sea wells at gas fields on the shelf of
the Russian Federation for RUR 5.6 billion.

Provied the nsurance of the property of one of the largest suppliers of motor
fuel – OJSC Moscow Refinery.


The contract of energy risks reinsurance of the production companies for the
amount of USD 750 million was extended.

SOGAZ provided voluntary medical insurance of the employees of OJSC GMC
Norilsk Nickel – the largest producer of nickel and palladium in the world.

The property of one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers in the Urals
and Western Siberia – OJSC Mineral Fertilizers – was insured for RUR 25 billion.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Highlights of the Year 2009

SOGAZ became the winner of the open tender for the right to insure the
property of Sheremetievo International Airport for RUR 14.5 billion. SOGAZ’s
share is 50%.

SOGAZ arranged for vacations for children from the orphan asylums of Vologda
Region at one of the resorts in Montenegro.

A cooperation agreement was concluded between SOGAZ and the Government
of Irkutsk Region.

IC SOGAZ-MED provided compulsory medical insurance for 22 thousand
employees in the sphere of education in Volgograd.


SOGAZ acted as a General Partner and insurer of the Continental Hockey
League (CHL) in the 2009-2010 season.

SOGAZ paid OJSC Russian Railways RUR 243 million, fully settling the loss of
the company which arose as the result of the accident at the railway bridge over
the Irtysh River.

Construction of the first metallurgical complex in Russia specializing in the pro-
duction of broad sheet for pipes – Stan 5000 – was insured for Euro 1 billion.

RA Expert RA confirmed the reliability rating of SOGAZ Insurance Group at the
level of A++ ”Extremely high level of reliability”.

IC SOGAZ-MED won the tender for compulsory medical insurance of 450 thou-
sand unemployed citizens of Orenburg Region.


Standard&Poor’s increased the SOGAZ ratings forecast from Stable to Positive.

More than RUR 10 million was paid to the relatives of those who died in the flight
accident of MI-8MT near Volgograd.

SOGAZ provided voluntary medical insurance for more than 5.5 thousand em-
ployees of OJSC Angarsk Electrolytic Chemical Works.

A number of contracts of voluntary medical insurance of 8.3 thousand employ-
ees of GC Svyaznoy retail companies were concluded.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                         SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                       Highlights of the Year 2009

SOGAZ obtained accreditation as a reinsurance company of the Insurance Su-
pervision Service of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (SUDESEG).

SOGAZ entered into the Register of Foreign Insurers, Foreign Reinsurers
and Foreign Insurance Brokers of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of

A cooperation agreement was signed between SOGAZ Insurance Group and the
Government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

SOGAZ insured 5.1 thousand employees of the enterprises of corporation OJSC
United Machine-Building Plants - one of the leaders of the Russian heavy engi-
neering industry.

Fitch Ratings changed SOGAZ’s rating forecast from “Stable” to “Positive”.

IC SOGAZ-MED provided compulsory medical insurance for 565 thousand un-
employed citizens of Moscow Region.

A cooperation agreement was concluded between SOGAZ Insurance Group and
the Government of Tomsk Region.

SOGAZ and Vietnamese PetroVietnam Insurance Joint-Stock Corporation (PVI)
entered into a contract for insurance and reinsurance of power industry projects.
The Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool concluded a contract for incoming optional
reinsurance of risks with the Chinese Nuclear Insurance Pool.

IC SOGAZ-AGRO insured one of the largest Russian livestock breeding factories
for RUR 400 million.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

                                   Market Indicators
    In 2009, the volume of the Russian insurance market grew by 2.4% but the
aggregate volume of insurance premiums (not considering compulsory medi-
cal insurance) decreased by 7.5% (from RUR 555 billion to RUR 513.2 billion),
showing negative growth for the first time in recent years. The consequences of
the financial crisis led to a significant reduction in the number of participants of
the insurance market and to an increase in the share of the leading companies.
In 2009, the share of premiums of the 10 largest insurance groups approached
60% and in some types – life insurance, property insurance, auto insurance,
voluntary medical insurance, etc., this level was exceeded.

     Based on the results of 2009, SOGAZ Insurance Group received RUR 42.8
billion of insurance premium (not considering compulsory medical insurance)
and occupied third place on the market. Against the background of a general
reduction in proceeds, the Group managed to demonstrate a real growth in pre-
miums by 4.4%, while at the same time maintaining the high quality of its insu-
rance portfolio.

   In 2009, the Group maintained leadership on the market of voluntary insur-
ance (except for reinsurance).

                                              Voluntary insurance (except for reinsurance), 2009

                                       Premium,        Market share,           Place on
                                     billion rubles         %                 the market
           IC SOGAZ                      41.6                 9.9                   1
      IG INGOSSTRAKH                     39.5                 9.4                   2
  IG ROSSGOSSTRAKH*                      39.5                 9.4                   3
 ALLIANCE-ROSNO Group                    23.4                 5.6                   4
            IG RESO                      23.0                 5.5                   5
*Hereinafter: without IG Kapital

   Despite the reduction of the personal insurance market which lost about 6% in
2009, SOGAZ demonstrated growth in premiums of more than 10%, far outstrip-
ping its nearest competitors. The main increase in premiums can be explained
by proceeds from voluntary medical insurance.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                                   SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

                               Voluntary personal insurance (except for life insurance), 2009

                                 Premium,          Market share,            Place on
                               billion rubles           %                  the market
         IC SOGAZ                   15.3                  15.0                    1
ALLIANCE-ROSNO Group                 7.8                  7.7                     2
         IG ZHASO                    7.0                  6.9                     3
    IG INGOSSTRAKH                   6.0                  5.9                     4
  IG ROSSGOSSTRAKH                   4.7                  4.6                     5

   Under the conditions of a global drop in demand on the life insurance market,
the Insurance Group represented by SOGAZ-LIFE preserved its third place in
the ranking of insurers. Moreover, the share of the main corporate customer for
the year reduced from 77.5% to 48.6%. In 2009, 17 open tenders for compulsory
state health and life insurance were won, and as a result 88 thousand military
men and equivalent persons were insured.

                                                                        Life insurance, 2009

                                 Premium,          Market share,            Place on
                               billion rubles           %                  the market
         AIG Group                   2.7                  16.9                    1
  IG ROSSGOSSTRAKH                   1.7                  11.0                    2
         IC SOGAZ                    1.1                  7.1                     3
   RUSSKY STANDART                   1.0                  6.3                     4
 IG ALFASTRAKHOVANIE                 0.9                  5.8                     5

    The most significant losses on the Russian market can be observed in prop-
erty types of insurance (except for liability insurance), demonstrating a decrease
of 12.7% (from RUR 317.4 billion to RUR 277.0 billion). However, SOGAZ Insur-
ance Group managed not only to keep the same indicators as the previous year,
but also to increase them by 3.7%. Moreover, the Group became the leader in
financial risks insurance, covering more than 20% of the market.

                                     Property insurance (except for liability insurance), 2009

                                 Premium,          Market share,            Place on
                               billion rubles           %                  the market
  IG ROSSGOSSTRAKH                  32.0                  11.6                    1
    IG INGOSSTRAKH                  30.3                  10.9                    2
         IC SOGAZ                   23.0                  8.3                     3
         IG RESO                    18.1                  6.5                     4
ALLIANCE-ROSNO Group                13.6                  4.9                     5

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                                  2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

    On the market of voluntary liability insurance, which demonstrated 15.7%
growth in 2009, SOGAZ exceeded its own indicators of the previous year by
22.5% and preserved the 2nd place in the ranking. Based on the results of the
year, the Group became the leader in liability insurance of enterprises – sources
of increased risk (market share – 18%).

                                                              Liability insurance, 2009

                                 Premium,       Market share,        Place on
                               billion rubles        %              the market
    IG INGOSSTRAKH                  3.0              11.5                  1
         IC SOGAZ                   2.2               8.5                  2
      GRAND-POLIS                   1.5               5.9                  3
          IG VSK                    1.3               4.9                  4
ALLIANCE-ROSNO Group                1.2               4.8                  5

   The fact that SOGAZ Insurance Group was included in top 5 companies in
terms of cargo insurance (2nd place), air transport insurance (2nd place), water
transport insurance (4th place), railway transport insurance (4th place), com-
pulsory medical insurance (3rd place), and accident and sickness insurance
(4th place) is considered to be a positive indicator for the business.

    In the sphere of auto insurance, SOGAZ traditionally follows a policy of maxi-
mum prudence, keeping the share of this type of insurance in its insurance port-
folio at a low level, which contributes to the high reliability of its business.

    In 2009, SOGAZ started active work in insurance of agricultural risks. The
specialized company LLC IC SOGAZ-AGRO obtained a license for agricultur-
al insurance and was accredited with Rosselkhozbank, which raised interest
in both major customers and small and medium agricultural businesses. The
scope of the insurance premiums collected from agricultural companies in 2009
exceeded RUR 67 million, and RUR 10 million has already been paid for events
insured against.

   During the last year, SOGAZ actively participated in insurance of federal tar-
get investment programs and national projects. Liability of the Group for insur-
ance of risks of federal target investment programs made RUR 144 billion, which
is much more than in the previous year and is above the planned indicators.

    The company’s successful work allowed, according to its own estimates,
more than 10% of this market to be covered. Participation in insurance of facili-
ties of the APEC Summit, which will take place in 2012 in Vladivostok, may be
considered an achievement of the company.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                          SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

                        Regional Development
    In 2009, the Insurance Group continued to strengthen its business in the re-
gions. To increase the volume and improve the quality of insurance coverage,
cooperation agreements were signed with the administrations of seven regions,
including Irkutsk, Vologda and Yaroslavl.

    At present, the regional network of SOGAZ Insurance Group includes more
than 600 divisions. In 2009, on the bases of divisions of OJSC SOGAZ, 5 new
branches were established, and 5 more branches were created as the result of
entry into SOGAZ of Sheksna Group, of which OJSC Severstal is a key custom-
er. Consolidation of the companies allowed SOGAZ Insurance Group not only
to strengthen its market positions in the Northwest federal district significantly,
but also to materially activate insurance of enterprises of the one of the largest
industries of the Russian economy – the metallurgical industry. The branch net-
work of the Group was also strengthened by creation of a representative office of
SOGAZ-AGRO in 16 Russian regions.

    In order to improve business efficiency, the first territorial directorate was es-
tablished at the end of 2008, the objective of which is to ensure operative man-
agement of the branches of the Volga District. Based on the results of evalua-
tion of its performance, directorates for the Northwest Federal District, Southern
Federal District, Siberian and Far-Eastern Federal Districts were created in 2009.
In the future, operative management of the Group’s activity in all the federal dis-
tricts of Russia will be carried out by territorial directorates with a wide range of

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

                     Service and Loss Settlement
   Its own insurance reserves and reliable reinsurance coverage allow the
Group to accurately and promptly perform its obligations on claims settlement. In
2009, SOGAZ provided insurance indemnity for a number of serious accidents,
   • • Payment of RUR 226.9 million for the loss OJSC Russian Railways suf-
       fered as the result of accidents at the railway bridge over the Irtysh River
       in September 2008. The first part of the insurance indemnity was paid by
       SOGAZ in December 2008 and the total amount of the payment com-
       prised RUR 243 million;
   • Payment of RUR 80 million for the loss caused to Rosenergoatom Con-
       cern as the result of the event insured against that happened at power unit
       No.5 of Novovoronezh NPP;
   • Insurance payments to the relatives of the passengers who died during the
       accident with the MI-8MT helicopter near Volgograd in July 2009.

   The system of SOGAZ Customer Service Centers operating in various re-
gions of the country allows optimization of the process of claims settlement with
corporate and private insureds and ensures a high level of service.

   SOGAZ monitors the quality of customer services in such a difficult sphere as
individual motor hull insurance. A survey of more than four thousand private cus-
tomers of the Insurance Group in various regions showed: more than 70% insure
their vehicles with SOGAZ year after year, and 55% recommend the company to
their relatives without any doubts.


   In 2009, the IT unit of SOGAZ successfully implemented a number of serious
projects aimed at the optimization of business processes in the company and
improvement of its competitiveness. Full-scale introduction of an electronic work-
flow system and budgeting system was completed; the functionality of insurance
and book-keeping accounting system was extended. During the previous year,
a unified integrated information transfer system was created, which allows the
head office and branches of the company to be unified into a single information
environment, and the task of applied integration between the systems imple-
mented in OJSC SOGAZ was successfully solved.

    The achievements were highly appreciated by the professional community.
In 2009, SOGAZ was awarded the IT LEADER annual national award, which is
granted to corporate organizations and their IT managers for their contribution
to the development of information technologies improving the efficiency of the
organization’s activity and the standards of life of Russian society.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                          SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

                    International Development
    In 2009, SOGAZ continued active international development. The Group
actively participated in the projects of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,
opened a representative office in Kazakhstan, and took important steps to enter
the reinsurance market of Venezuela, Azerbaijan and some other countries. Due
to the efforts of SOGAZ, which heads the Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool, pro-
hibition on reinsurance of nuclear risks of Russian NPP in the international pool
system were released for the first time.

    Conclusion of the contract with Vietnamese PetroVietnam Insurance Joint
Stock Corporation (PVI) at the end of 2009 was an important step. The compa-
nies will cooperate within projects with participation of OJSC Gazprom in the So-
cialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group on the territory
of the Russian Federation and other energy projects with participation of Russian
and Vietnamese companies in various regions of the world.

    Subject to the Development Strategy for 2008-2012, one of the key strategic
targets of SOGAZ Insurance Group is entry onto the international markets as an
independent player. In 2009, a decision was made to open an insurance com-
pany in the Republic of Serbia (jointly with SE Sebiagas). From the very begin-
ning, the activity of the Company will be aimed at achievement of stable positions
on the Serbian insurance market and formation of the image of a successful
market player, which will allow the share of local customers to be continuously
increased. It is planned that at the first stage, the main customers of SOGAZ in
Serbia will be Serbian enterprises with Russian capital such as Oil Industry of
Serbia, Yugorosgas, and Banatsky Dvor as well as companies implementing
the Southern Stream Project, which is strategically important for Europe. The
Serbian insurer will be able to use the experience of SOGAZ Group in its work in
full while insuring the risks of enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. Much
attention will be also paid to the use of medical and sanatory infrastructure in
Balkan region in programs of medical insurance.

    The Company is considered not only as a representative office in the Repub-
lic of Serbia, but also as a platform for further expansion into the countries of
Eastern and Western Europe.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009

   SOGAZ Insurance Group annually confirms its status as one of the most
stable Russian insurers.

    In 2009, Fitch Ratings international rating agency confirmed an internation-
al rating of financial stability of BB and a national one of AA-(rus) for OJSC
SOGAZ. Its rating outlook was changed to Positive, which reflects the opinion of
Fitch Ratings of the significant improvement of capitalization of SOGAZ follow-
ing the improvement of its operational indicators. Fitch Ratings believes that the
significant capitalization of SOGAS along with the strong market position of the
company and its weighted underwriting policy in key segments of corporate in-
surance increases its ability to cope with the influence of the difficult operational
environment in Russia.

    Standard & Poor’s (S&P) international rating agency also confirmed the credit
ratings BB/ruAA for OJSC SOGAZ. The outlook was changed to Positive and
reflects “expectations that the Company will continue to demonstrate good re-
sults of operational activity while improving the quality and diversification of its
investment portfolio and at the very least will support its capitalization which is
sufficient at present… at the current level”. According to S&P, the diversification
of the insurance portfolio of OJSC SOGAS will improve.

    In the beginning of 2009, Expert RA rating agency also confirmed ratings
of AA+ (“Extremely high level of reliability) again for the companies of SOGAZ
Insurance Group, including for LLC IC SOGAZ-LIFE, which became the first spe-
cialized company of Russian origin with such rating.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                           SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

Results of SOGAZ Insurance Group Operation in 2009



Social Activities of SOGAZ Group

    One of the most important state objectives under the difficult economic con-
ditions is maintenance of the living standard of the population, protection of the
most vulnerable and unsafe categories of citizens, and the role of large domestic
business in this process is very important.

    Being one of the leaders on the Russian insurance market, SOGAZ fully un-
derstands its responsibility against the society and pays much attention to de-
velopment of the social sphere. As a result of the implementation of a program
for business development under the crisis conditions, SOGAZ Insurance Group
managed to achieve positive financial results and continued to perform its social
obligations in full.

    The social policy of the Group unites several directions in which SOGAZ has
operated fruitfully for many years. To achieve maximum efficiency, the company
focused on three key projects, which include programs for the younger genera-
tion, development of the public health system and support for sports.

                         Care about Children

    We are sure than caring about children is the foundation for a successful
future of the country, so all our decisions should take into account the interests
and potential of the younger generation and contribute to creation of the best
possible conditions for its physical, intellectual and creative development.

    SOGAZ pays much attention to support of educational institutions, implemen-
tation of informative and cultural programs, and provision of medical and social
support to children in need and pupils in orphanages.

   In 2009, the Insurance Group transferred funds for technical equipment and
repair of schools in Salavat, overhaul of an orphanage in Lesozavodsk, Primorie
Territory, repair of a school in Chesnokovka, Ufa District, and construction of a
jungle gym for children in Kaliningrad.

    Providing comprehensive support for the development of children’s talents,
SOGAZ has acted as a partner of the “Voice of a Child” creative contest for many
years, at which essays, pictures and photos of children thinking about the history
of their families, true values, and the ability of people to understand each other
and overcome difficulties are presented.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                         SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                              Social Activities of SOGAZ Group

   In 2009, SOGAZ participated in organization of the regional festival “Warmth
of Children’s Hearts” which united the pupils of orphanages and boarding schools
in Orenburg Region. For the third consecutive year, the festival has become a
real feast for the children, who compete in amateur arts, a historical academic
competition and sports.

    For many years, the Group has cooperated with the Regional Charity Pub-
lic Fund “Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children” and financed publication of
special books for children with various vision disorders. Due to this work, children
become familiar with reading and develop their speaking skills, imagination and

    During the past year, the Insurance Group paid special attention to sports
programs for children and youth and acted as a partner of the targeted program
for development of sailing sports “Sails” in Astrakhan aimed to attract children
and teenagers to sports, contribute to the promotion of a healthy way of life and
creation of conditions for further vocational training of athletes.

    Developing the tradition of cooperation with the regions within the framework
of organization of health-improving rest for children from socially vulnerable cat-
egories, in autumn of 2009 SOGAZ sent a group of pupils from orphanages in
Vologda Region to one of the best sea resorts in Montenegro.

                    Public Health Development

    Being one of the leaders in medical insurance in Russia, SOGAZ Insurance
Group pays much attention to implementation of programs within the framework
of the Priority National Project “Health”, considering them to be the most impor-
tant components of the social sphere. Understanding that the basis of the quality
health care is wide availability of medical services for all categories of the popu-
lation, a state-of-the-art technical base, introduction of innovative technologies,
and the high qualification of medical workers, SOGAZ actively participates on the
market of compulsory medical insurance and provides support to development
of the public health system.

    For many years, SOGAZ has implemented projects connected with the provi-
sion of medical institutions with diagnostic equipment, repair work, the provision
of help to people who need complex and expensive treatment, and organization
of educational programs for practitioners.

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                            2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Social Activities of SOGAZ Group

    For the fourth consecutive year, SOGAZ has participated in implementation
of the target program “Development and strengthening of the material and tech-
nical base of the primary level of health care and improvement of organization
of medical aid for populations of Limany District of Astrakhan Region for 2006-
2010”. In 2009, funds for the overhaul of a medical and obstetric centre in Kara-
vannoe Settlement were transferred under this program.

   A set of resuscitation equipment including controlled and assisted mechani-
cal ventilation and a monitor ensuring control over vital physiological parameters
was purchased for Novgorod municipal infectious hospital.

    In 2009, SOGAZ paid for treatment courses for children in need in Yaroslavl
and Vologda regions, and in the Republic of Bashkortostan, it transferred funds
for provision of doctor’s help to children who suffer from congenital heart disease
and provided assistance to a rehabilitation center in Nefteyugansk.

    In the past year, the Insurance Group arranged for 26 scientific and practi-
cal conferences and educational workshops in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tyumen,
Omsk, Murmansk, Blagoveschensk, Bratsk, and other towns. SOGAZ has sub-
stantial experience in this sphere and carries out events that cover the most
topical issues, attract the leading experts and representatives of the respective
ministries and agencies. The main objective set by the Company is to create an
active professional environment of medical men who receive access to the latest
information, exchange experience and develop skills for the benefit of patients in
various regions of our country.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                          SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                               Social Activities of SOGAZ Group

                            Support of Sports
   SOGAZ Insurance Group pays much attention to the support and develop-
ment of Russian sports. For many years, SOGAZ has successfully cooperated
with sport clubs representing football, hockey, basketball and table tennis and
provides assistance to sports for children and teenagers.

    For the second season, SOGAZ Insurance Group has acted as a General
Partner and insurer of the Continental Hockey League. Cooperation with CHL
is aimed at development of a domestic hockey school, and improvement of the
popularity, audience appeal and success of hockey in our country, which is tra-
ditionally famous for strong players and teams.

    In 2009/2010 season, SOGAZ provides life and health insurance coverage
for 1,209 team players and 88 referees of the referee establishment overseeing
the games of the championship. In addition to accident insurance, SOGAZ also
insures the liability of sponsors of the Continental Hockey League and clubs
(league members), when holding hockey matches as organizers of mass events.

  In 2009, SOGAZ Insurance Group insured the main trophy of the Continental
Hockey League – Gagarin’s Cup.

   Since 2007 SOGAZ has been an official partner and insurer of the Zenit foot-
ball club, providing insurance coverage to the players, training staff, and club per-
sonnel, as well as medical support of all Zenit’s domestic and foreign matches.

   For many years SOGAZ has provided support and insurance coverage for
the players of the St. Petersburg basketball club Spartak and Orenburg table
tennis club Fakel Gazproma.

    In addition, in 2009 SOGAZ provided insurance coverage for Volgar-
Gazprom-2 football club playing in the first division of the championship of Rus-
sia, players of the children’s and youth’s hockey teams from SDYUSHOR SKA
and SDYUSHOR SKA Petergof and members of the woman’s field hockey team
of the Republic of Tatarstan Dinamo-Idel (Kazan).

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet of OJSC SOGAZ

                                                         2008,           2009,
                       I. Assets                      thousand         thousand
                                                        rubles          Rubles
Intangible assets                                        169              566
Investment, including:                                25,236,059       33,912,242
  Land plots                                              -                 -
  Facilities                                           170,682          167,583
  Financial investments in subsidiary,
                                                      7,524,616        17,016,506
  affiliate and other organizations, including:
    shares of subsidiaries and affiliates             1,140,255        6,990,692
    debt securities of subsidiaries and affiliates
                                                       42,790            60,000
    and loans issued thereto
    investments in authorized (share) capitals
                                                      1,093,312        1,465,302
    of subsidiaries and affiliates
    shares of other organizations                     2,736,549        1,754,801
    debt securities of other organizations and
                                                      2,511,710        6,745,711
    loans issued thereto
    investments in authorized (share) capitals
                                                          -                 -
    of other organizations
  Other investments, including:                       17,540,761       16,728,153
    Government and municipal securities                941,765         1,376,574
    Deposits                                          15,199,600       14,062,126
    Other investments                                 1,399,396        1,289,453
Reinsurers’ premium deposits                            2,324            52,792
Reinsurers’ share in insurance reserves, including:   4,453,182        4,154,175
    in life insurance reserves                            -                 -
    in unearned premium reserve                       1,261,403        2,181,985
    in loss reserves                                  3,191,779        1,972,190

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                             SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                                   Financial Statements

                                               Balance Sheet of OJSC SOGAZ

Accounts receivable under insurance and
                                                     7,820,628         9,386,258
coinsurance operations, including:
    Insured parties                                  7,747,612         9,372,225
    Insurance agents                                  10,068             3,992
    Other debtors                                     62,948            10,041
Accounts receivable under reinsurance
                                                     1,292,158          638,390
Other accounts receivable due beyond 12
                                                      15,787             2,391
months following the reporting date
    Other accounts receivable due within 12
                                                     1,449,010         4,171,287
    months following the reporting date
Fixed assets                                          991,146           974,261
Construction in progress                                150             844,171
Deferred tax assets                                   176,243           264,776
Inventory, including:                                 145,327           142,684
    materials and other equivalent valuables          15,511            10,515
    prepaid expenses                                  129,816           132,169
    other inventory and costs                            -                 -
Value-added tax on acquired valuables                    -                 -
Cash                                                 7,746,451         4,200,550
Other assets                                          145,308           267,208
Total Section I                                      49,473,942       59,011,751
BALANCE                                              49,473,942       59,011,751

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet of OJSC SOGAZ

                                                        2008,           2009,
             II. Equity and reserves                 thousand        thousand
                                                       rubles          rubles
Authorized capital                                   3,085,884       3,085,884
Own shares redeemed from shareholders                    -                -
Additional capital                                    300,724         300,724
Reserve capital, including:                           177,200         177,200
  reserves formed as per law                          177,200         177,200
  reserves formed as per founding documents              -                -
Retained earnings (uncovered loss)                   6,512,513       10,113,551
Total Section II                                     10,076,321      13,677,359

                                                        2008,           2009,
             III. Insurance reserves                 thousand        thousand
                                                       rubles          rubles
Life insurance reserves                                  -                -
Unearned premium reserve                             16,861,172      18,634,307
Loss reserves                                        10,048,086      9,437,651
Other insurance reserves                             8,823,013       12,142,206
Reserves for compulsory health insurance                 -                -
Total Section III                                    35,732,271      40,214,164

                                                        2008,           2009,
                     IV. Liabilities                 thousand        thousand
                                                       rubles          rubles
Debt under premium deposits to reinsurers                -                -
Long-term loans and credits                              -                -
Deferred tax liabilities                              190,411         155,144
Short-term loans and credits                          700,000        1,000,000
Accounts payable under insurance,
                                                      529,577         500,813
coinsurance operations, including:
  insured parties                                        -                -
  insurance agents                                    284,469         147,297
  other creditors                                     245,108         353,516

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                           SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                                 Financial Statements

                                          Balance Sheet of OJSC SOGAZ

Accounts payable under reinsurance
                                                   850,561          1,619,226
Other accounts payable, including:                 1,233,528        1,640,738
  debt to the company’s personnel                    540               158
  debt to state non-budget funds                    3,995             2,674
  taxes and dues payable                           146,645           39,563
  other creditors                                  1,082,348        1,598,343
Income due to participants(founders)                   -                -
Deferred revenues                                      -                -
Provisions for costs to be incurred                 8,027             9,053
Provisions for preventive activities               153,246           195,254
Other liabilities                                      -                -
Total Section IV                                   3,665,350        5,120,228
BALANCE                                           49,473,942       59,011,751

                                                      2008,            2009,
      CERTIFICATE of valuables recorded
                                                   thousand         thousand
        on off-balance sheet accounts
                                                     rubles           rubles
Leased fixed assets, including:                    1,806,421        1,548,976
  under lease                                      321,645           321,645
Goods and material valuables in custody                -                -
Indebtedness of insolvent debtors charged to
                                                    71,205           85,834
Security of obligations and payments, received     3,660,225         499,561
Security of obligations and payments, issued       132,508           216,582
Impairment of residential property                     -                -
Impairment of redevelopment and equivalent
                                                       -                -
Intangible assets received for use                     -                -
Facility for restoration                           290,907           290,907

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Financial Statements

Income Statement of OJSC SOGAZ

                                                        2009,          2008,
                 I. Life insurance                   thousand       thousand
                                                       rubles         rubles
Insurance premiums (contributions) –
                                                        -                -
net reinsurance
  Insurance premiums (contributions) – total            -                -
  Transferred to reinsurers                             -                -
Income from investments, of which:                      -                -
  interest receivable                                   -                -
  income from participating in other organizations      -                -
  change in the cost of financial investments due
                                                        -                -
  to evaluation adjustment
Payments under insurance contracts – net
                                                        -                -
  Payments under insurance contracts – total            -                -
  Share of reinsurers                                   -                -
Change in life insurance reserves –
                                                        -                -
net reinsurance
  Change in life insurance reserves – total             -                -
  Change in reinsurers’ share in reserves               -                -
Expenses on conducting insurance
                                                        -                -
operations— net Reinsurance
  Expenses on signing insurance contracts               -                -
  Other expenses on conducting insurance
                                                        -                -
  Remuneration and share of profits under
                                                        -                -
  reinsurance contracts
Investments expenses, of which:                         -                -
  change in the cost of financial investments due
  to evaluation adjustment
  adjustment                                            -                -
Result from life insurance operations                   -                -

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                          SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                                   Financial Statements

                                            Income Statement of OJSC SOGAZ

                                                        2009,             2008,
                 I. Life insurance                   thousand          thousand
                                                       rubles            rubles
Insurance premiums – net reinsurance                 34,309,433       35,599,554
  Insurance premiums (contributions) – total         40,797,371       40,038,723
  Transferred to reinsurers                          -6,487,938       -4,439,169
Change in unearned premium reserve –
                                                      -852,553        -3,975,882
net reinsurance
  Change in unearned premium reserve – total         -1,773,135       -4,128,770
  Change in reinsurers’ share in reserve              920,582           152,888
Incurred losses – net reinsurance                   -19,951,665       -17,837,058
Payments under insurance contracts –
                                                    -19,342,511       -16,577,209
net reinsurance
  Payments under insurance contracts – total        -19,961,208       -17,707,162
  Reinsurers’ share                                   618,697          1,129,953
Change in loss reserves – net reinsurance             -609,154        -1,259,849
  Change in loss reserves – total                     610,435         -2,979,098
  Change in reinsurers’ share in reserves            -1,219,589        1,719,249
Change in other insurance reserves                   -3,319,193       -3,070,178
Contributions out of insurance premiums,
                                                      -69,637           -36,587
of which:
  contributions to guarantees reserve                 -18,419           -16,209
  contributions to the reserve of current
                                                       -9,210           -9,937
  compensatory payments
Expenses on conducting insurance
                                                     -1,777,951       -2,629,350
operations – net reinsurance
  Expenses on signing insurance contracts            -1,850,750       -2,601,346
  Other expenses on conducting insurance
                                                      -231,424         -141,670
  Remunerations and share of profits under
                                                      304,223           113,666
  reinsurance contracts
Result from operations related to insurance
                                                     8,338,434         8,050,499
other than life insurance

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                             2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Financial Statements

Income Statement of OJSC SOGAZ

                                                        2009,            2008,
        III. Other income and expenses
                                                     thousand         thousand
        not included in Sections I and II
                                                       rubles           rubles
Investment income, of which:                         19,031,762       18,676,690
  interest receivable                                2,868,002        1,667,262
  income from participating in other organizations     12,041          466,003
  change in the cost of financial investments due
                                                      737,879          631,001
  to evaluation adjustment
Investment expenses, of which:                       -16,984,798      -18,435,455
  change in the cost of financial investments due
                                                      -658,025        -1,549,949
  to evaluation adjustment
Management expenses                                  -4,272,306       -4,146,436
Other income excluding income related to
                                                     5,915,389         980,766
investments, of which:
  interest receivable                                     -                -
Other expenses excluding expenses related to
                                                     -6,624,469       -1,203,446
investments, of which:
  interest payable                                    -136,857         -78,261

Income (loss) before tax                             5,404,012        3,922,618
Deferred tax assets                                    89,275          206,199
Deferred tax liabilities                              -20,241          221,622
Current tax on income                                -1,318,948       -1,416,381
write-off of DTA, DTL                                  54,766          124,405
Net income (loss) in the reporting period            4,208,864        3,058,463
Permanent tax liabilities (assets)                    146,270           55,044
Basic earnings (loss) per share                           -                -
Diluted earnings (loss) per share                         -                -

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                            SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                                  Financial Statements

                                       Income Statement of OJSC SOGAZ

                                            2009,                  2008,
      Breakdown of certain             thousand rubles        thousand rubles
        gains and losses
                                      gains       losses     gains      losses
Fines, penalties and forfeits
recognized by court (arbitration        55        20,307      103        8,722
court) to be recovered
Gains (losses) of previous years      50,044     176,107     20,699      36,923
Reimbursement for losses caused
by default or improper fulfillment       -           -          -          -
of obligations
Foreign currency exchange
                                     2,639,848   2,452,295   565,313    331,969
gains and losses
Disbursement to valuation reserves      X         82,963       X           -
Accounts receivable and payable
with expired limitation period         146        16,886      1,587      40,957

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                           2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Auditor’s Opinion

Closed Joint-Stock Company
PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit
(CJSC PwC Audit)
White Square Business Center,
10, Butyrsky Val Street,
Moscow, 125047, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 967 6000
Fax: +7 (495) 967 6001

   on the financial (accounting) statements of Open Joint Stock Company
   Insurance Company of Gas Industry

  To the shareholders of Open Joint Stock Company Insurance Company of
Gas Industry:

    1. We have audited the accompanying financial (accounting) statements
of Open Joint Stock Company Insurance Company of Gas Industry (hereinafter
referred to as the Company) for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2009
inclusive. The financial (accounting) statements of the Company consist of the
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Capital, Statement
of Cash Flow, Addenda to the Balance Sheet, Explanatory Notes (hereinafter
collectively referred to as “the financial statements”). The Financial statements
have been prepared by the Company management team, based on the Russian
Federation legislation regarding financial statement preparation. Statements
prepared based on the specified laws differ to a great extent from statements
worked out in accordance with International Accounting Standards.

   2. The responsibility for preparation and presentation of the financial state-
ments is vested with the executive body of the Company. Our responsibility is to
express our opinion on the adequacy of such financial statements in all material
aspects, based on the audit carried out.

    3. We have carried out our audit in accordance with the Federal Law On
Audit Activities, Federal Audit Rules (Standards), and International Audit Stand-
ards, as well as our internal standards. The audit was planned and performed
to obtain reasonable assurance that the finance statements of the Company are
free of any material misstatements.

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                        SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                                       Auditor’s Opinion

    The audit was carried out on a sample basis and included an examination
based on the testing of evidence confirming the index numbers in account books
and disclosure therein of information on the finances and business operations,
assessment of the observance of accounting principles and rules applied during
preparation of the accounting statements, consideration of the key estimated
figures achieved by the Company management, as well as assessment of ac-
counting presentation. We believe that the performed audit provides a reason-
able basis for our opinion on the adequacy of the financial report.

    4. In our opinion, the company’s financial report attached to this Auditor’s
Opinion adequately reflects the financial position of the Company in all material
aspects as of December 31, 2009, and the results of the company’s business
and financial operations for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2009,
inclusive in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federa-
tion regarding financial report preparation.

   5. Without any change in the opinion of the adequacy of the financial report
attached to this Auditor’s Opinion, we draw your attention to the information con-
cerning financial investments, disclosed in Note 10 in the Explanatory Note.

May 24, 2010

Director of the Joint-Stock Company                               V. R. G. Latimir

Auditor                                                            O. A. Ivanova
Qualification Audit Certificate for auditing of insurance
companies No. К 024006, issued for an indefinite term

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Contact Information

                         OJSC SOGAZ office
                     (location of the legal entity)

               Bld.1, 16, Bolotnaya Street, Moscow, 115035
                           tel: +7 (495) 788-41-90
                          fax: +7 (495) 788-41-90

                      SOGAZ Insurance Group
                           Head Office
                       (OJSC SOGAZ office)

              Business Center, Gazoprovod, Leninsky Dist.,
                    Moscow Region, Russia, 142770
                         tel: +7 (495) 428–57–27
                        fax: +7 (498) 617–78–96

                     LLC IC SOGAZ-LIFE office

                 3, build. 2, Krymsky Val, Moscow, 119049
                            tel: +7 (495) 627–73–00
                           fax: +7 (495) 627–73–02

                     OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED office

           Aerobus Retail and Office Center, Floor 4, 95, bld. 1
                  Varshavskoye Av., Moscow, 117556
                         tel: +7 (495) 225-23-11
                        fax: +7 (495) 225-23-11

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                    SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

                                           Contact Information

                 LLC IC SOGAZ-AGRO office

                   18 Shchipok Str., Moscow, 115093
                         tel: +7 (495) 777-44-16
                        fax: +7 (495) 730-01-11

              OJSC Gazprommedservice office

              1 Bolshaya Yakimanka Str., Moscow, 119180
                        tel: +7 (495) 699-25-09

                        CJSC MC Leader office

             95, bild. 1, Varshavskoye Av., Moscow, 117556
                            tel: +7 (495) 661-45-35
                           fax: +7 (495) 661-45-34

        OJSC IC SOGAZ-SHEKSNA central office

          47 Lenin Str., Cherepovets, Vologda Region, 162602
                          tel: +7 (8202) 53-45-03
                   fax: +7 (8202) 53-45-04, 53-45-05

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                 2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Amursk branch                         Vologda branch
36/2 Parizhskoy Kommuny               34, Mira Street, Vologda, 160001
Str., Komsomolsk-na-Amure,            tel. : (8172) 79-51-30, 79-50-55
Khabarovsk Territory, 681010          fax: (8172) 79-50-44
tel: (4217) 59–28–50, 59-28-51
fax: 4217) 59–28–59                   Voronezh branch
                                      Offices 302-306, 45
Astrakhan branch                      25 Oktyabrya Str., Voronezh, 394036
27/79 E, Pobedy Str./                 tel: (4732) 96-96-34
Krasnaya Naberezhnaya Str.,           fax: (4732) 96-96-35
Astrakhan, 414040
tel: (8512) 63–35–08,                 Novovoronezhsk Office
fax: (8512) 63–35–10                  8A, Mira Street, Novovoronezhsk,
                                      Voronezh Region, 396072
Elista Office                         tel./fax: (47364) 2-08-37
8, Ilishkina Street, Elista,
Republic of Kalmykia, 358000          Far East branch
                                      1A Nizhneportovaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk branch                    Vladivostok, Primorsky Territory,
65, Troitsky pr.,                     690003
Arkhangelsk, 163000                   tel: (4232) 30–26–62
tel./fax: (8182) 63-58-33
                                      Nakhodka office
Belgorod branch                       Office 107, 16A Nakhodkinsky pr.,
38 5th Zavodskoy per.,                Nakhodka, Primorsky Territory,
Belgorod, 308023                      692900
tel: (4722) 34–20–69                  tel: (4236) 69–12–98, 68-64-94
fax: (4722) 34-08-60
                                      Artyom office
Stary Oskol Office                    Office 301, 28 Kirova Str., Artyom,
33/35, Lenina Street, Stary Oskol,    Primorsky Territory, 692760
Belgorod Region, 309514               tel: (4233) 79–84–46

Bryansk branch                        Ussuriysk office
39 Krakhmaleva Str.,                  74 Nekrasova Str.,
Bryansk, 241037                       Ussuriysk, Primorsky Territory,
tel: (4832) 75-29-99, 62-62-55        692500
fax: 4832) 75-29-99                   tel: (4234) 33–88–48

Buryatia branch                       Blagoveshchensk office
12G Sverdlova Str., Ulan-Ude,         Office 1, 2a, 73 Amurskaya Str.,
Buryat Republic, 670000               Blagoveshchensk,
tel./fax: (3012) 22-01-07, 22-01-08   Amursk Region, 675000
                                      tel: (4162) 35-11-12, 53-12-74

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                    SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                   Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Yekaterinburg branch                  Sovetsk office
35 Rozy Luksemburg Str.,              2 Lunacharskogo Str., Sovetsk,
Yekaterinburg, 620075                 Kaliningrad Region, 238750
tel: (343) 356–56–57, 379–27-21       tel./fax: (40161) 3–77–04
fax: (343) 379–27-30
                                      Chernyakhovsk office
Rezh office                           11A, Telmana Str., Chernyakhovsk
35 Lenina Str., Rezh, Sverdlovsk      Kaliningrad Region, 238150
Region, 623750                        tel./fax: (40141) 3-38-38
tel./fax: (34364) 3–23–88
                                      Izhevsk branch
Nizhny Tagil office                   Office 205-208,
Office 213, 67 Lenina Av.,            304 Udmurtskaya Str., Izhevsk,
Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region,      Udmurt Republic, 426034
622034                                tel: (3412) 31–44–31
tel./fax: (3435) 41–92–78             fax: (3412) 31–44–32

Kurgan office                         Irkutsk branch
113 Sovetskaya Str., Kurgan, 640018   41 Sverdlova Str., Irkutsk, 664011
tel./fax: (3522) 46–39–12             tel: (3952) 28–80–35/36/37/38
                                      fax: (3952) 28–80–39
Sysert office
59 1 Maya Str., Aramil,               Angarsk office
Sverdlovsk Region, 624001             6 Leningradsky Av., Angarsk,
Sales office:                         Irkutsk Region, 665830
Offices 3-4, 41 Timiryazeva           tel: (3951) 56-96-02, 67-04-62
Str., Sysert, 624001
tel/fax: (34374) 3-06-05              Ust-Ilimsk office
                                      13 Internatsionalistov Str., Ust-
Zarechny office                       Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region, 666685
10/14 Lenina Str., Zarechny,          tel: (39535) 5-15-20
Sverdlovsk Region, 624251
tel./fax: (34377) 3–35–83             Bratsk office
                                      Office 17, 38 Podbelskogo Str.,
Novouralsk office                     Bratsk, Irkutsk Region, 665717
33A Pervomayskaya Str.,               tel: (3953) 45-32-13
Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region,
624130                                Kazan branch
tel/fax: (34370) 9-89-46              Office 211, 2V Spartakovskaya
                                      Str., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan,
West branch                           420107
30 Teatralnaya Str., Kalinigrad,      tel/fax: (843) 291–75–94
tel: (4012) 616-370,
fax: (4012) 616-374

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                       2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Kemerovo branch                      Abakan office
3 Svobody Str., Kemerovo,            Office 208, 39 Vyatkina Str.,
650070                               Abakan, Republic of Khakassia,
tel/fax: (3842) 45-55-33, 45-46-85   655017
                                     tel/fax: (3902) 22-21-95
Novokuznetsk office
Office 304, 26, Bardina Av.,         Lipetsk branch
Novokuznetsk,                        1 Oktyabrskaya Str.,
Kemerovo Region, 654041              Lipetsk, 398059
tel: (3843) 79-74-30                 tel/fax: (4742) 22-14-00
fax: (3843) 79-68-21
                                     Murmansk branch
Krasnodar branch                     15, Karl Marx Str.,
139 Krasnaya Str., Krasnodar,        Murmansk, 183025
350020                               tel/fax: (8152) 69-19-00
tel: (861) 279–44–80
fax: (861) 279–44–81                 Nadym branch
                                     8/1 Zvereva Str., Nadym,
Novorossiysk office                  Yamalo-Nenets
50 Anapskoye Shosse,                 Autonomous District, 629730
Novorossiysk, Krasnodar              tel/fax: (3499) 53-83-60
Territory, 353900
tel/fax: (8617) 67–15-11             Nizhnevartovsk branch
                                     3 Chapaeva Str., Nizhnevartovsk
Sochi office                         Str., Tyumen Region, Khanty-Mansi
Office 103, 104 18 Kurortny          Autonomous District, 628602
Av., Sochi, Krasnodar Territory,     tel/fax: (3466) 44-11-73
tel.: (8622) 60-81-99                Novy Urengoy branch
fax: (8622) 60-81-93                 5 Yubileynaya Str., Novy Urengoy,
                                     Tyumen Region, Yamalo-Nenets
Krasnoyarsk branch                   Autonomous District, 629300
20D Zheleznodorozhnikov Str.,        tel: (3494) 92-51-80
Krasnoyarsk, 660099                  fax: (3494) 92-51-74
tel.: (391) 265-93-00
fax: (391) 202-66-99                 Noyabrsk branch
                                     56 Mira Av., Noyabrsk, Tyumen
Zheleznogorsk office                 Region, Yamalo-Nenets
Office 105, 6 Mayakovskogo           Autonomous District, 629807
Str., Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk     tel: (3496) 36-86-80, 36-94-98
Territory, 662972                    fax: (3496) 36-86-80
tel/fax: (39197) 5-80-25
                                     Muravlenko office
                                     9 Gubkina Str., Muravlenko,
                                     Tyumen Region, Yamalo-Nenets
                                     Autonomous District, 629602
                                     tel/fax: (34938) 6-13-00
2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                   SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                      Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Novosibirsk branch                       Nizhny Novgorod branch
169 Nemirovicha-Danchenko Str.,          59 Piskunova Str., Nizhny
Novosibirsk, 630087                      Novgorod, 603005
tel/fax: (383) 328-06-06, 212-50-07      tel: (831) 411-80-80, 411-80-60
                                         fax: (831) 411-80-73/60
Berdsk office
21 Pervomayskaya Str., Berdsk            Cheboksary office
Novosibirsk Region, 633010               19A I. Yakovleva Av.,
tel/fax: (38341) 2-11-18                 Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic,
Nizhne-Volzhsky branch                   tel/fax: (8352) 51–18–13
6A Dymchenko Str., Volgograd,
400005                                   Mari El Republic office
tel: (8442) 24-70-46, 24-70-50           125A Komsomolskaya Str.,
fax: (8442) 24-70-46                     Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic,
Volzhsky office                          tel: (8362) 41-42-48
Office 14a, 13 Sovetskaya Str.,          fax: (8362) 41-51-04
Volzhsky, Volgograd Region,
404111                                   Dzerzhinsk office
tel/fax: (8443) 39-20-48                 14/13 Dzerzhinskogo Av.,
                                         Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod
Каmyshin office                          Region, 606010
54 Serova Str., Kamyshin,                tel/fax: (8313) 26-53-93
Volgograd Region, 403870
tel: (84457) 4-42-42                     Sarov office
fax: (84457) 4-92-34                     3 Repina Str., Sarov, Nizhny
                                         Novgorod Region, 607188
Nefteyugansk branch                      tel/fax: (83130) 3-32-22
34 2nd Micro-District,
Nefteyugansk, Tyumen Region,             Orenburg branch
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous                  286/1 Proletarskaya Str.,
District - Yugra, 628309                 Orenburg, 460035
tel: (3463) 23-42-35, 23-25-24           tel: (3532) 34-01-00,
fax: (3463) 23-42-35                     fax: 34-01-01

Gubkinsky office                         Оrsk office
31 4th Micro-district, Gubkinsky,        15B Lenina Av., Orsk, Orenburg
Tyumen Region, Yamalo-Nenets             Region, 462403
Autonomous District, 628830              tel/fax: (3537) 25-23-25
tel: (34936) 5–55-99
fax: (34936) 5–55-99, 5-40-86            Buzuluk office
                                         40 Chapaeva Str., Buzuluk,
                                         Orenburg Region, 461040
                                         tel: (35342) 2-14-38
                                         fax: (35342) 5-52-78

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                        2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Perm branch                        Syzran office
3 Snayperov Str.,                  Office 322, 2 Kotovskogo Str.,
Perm, 614022                       Syzran, Samara Region, 446011
tel: (342) 220-50-05, 220-50-06    tel/fax: (8464) 98-19-55
fax: (342) 220-50-05
                                   Tolyatti office
Solikamsk office                   8 Marshala Zhukova ,
Office 320, 121A 20 Let Pobedy     Tolyatti, Samara Region, 445051
Str., Solikamsk, Perm Territory,   tel: (8482) 66-33-07, 66-33-53
tel: (253) 7-63-04                 St. Petersburg branch
fax: (253) 1-11-00                 1, Cheboksarsky lane,
                                   St. Petersburg, 191186
Podmoskovny branch                 tel: (812) 438-14-38
30, No.607 pr., Moscow, 123458     fax: (812) 438-14-39
tel/fax: (495) 228-05-62
                                   Pskov office
East Office                        Office 1, 50 Oktyabrsky Av.,
76, Lenina Str., Orekhovo-Zuevo,   Pskov, 180004
Moscow Region, 142600              tel: (8112) 72-72-66
                                   fax: (8112) 72-72-86
Rostov branch
3 Shaumyana Str., Rostov-on-Don,   Novgorod office
344082                             Office 416, 6/11
tel: (863) 218-25-55               B. Sankt-Peterburgskaya Str.,
fax: (863) 218-25-50               Veliky Novgorod, 173001
                                   tel: (8162) 76-63-52
Volgodonsk office                  fax: (8162) 76-63-51
Office 6, 42B Entuziastov Str.,
Volgodonsk, Rostov Region,         Polyarnoye office
347360                             22 Pushkina Str.,
tel/fax: (86392) 3-75-63           Polyarnye Zori,
                                   Murmansk Region, 184230
Taganrog office                    tel: (81532) 7-51-05
23 Glushko Str., Taganrog,         fax: (81532) 6-52-81
Rostov Region, 347900
tel/fax: (8634) 39-22-87           Sosnovy Bor office
                                   63A Geroev Av.,
Samara branch                      Sosnovy Bor,
201 Chapaevskaya Str.,             Leningrad Region, 188544
Samara, 443010                     tel/fax: (81369) 3-58-27
tel: (846) 270-88-07
fax: (846) 270-48-13

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                 SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                  Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Leningrad Region office              Surgut branch
10B, Sedmoy Armii Str.,              3 Universitetskaya Str., Surgut,
Gatchina,                            Tyumen Region, Khanty-Mansiysk
Leningrad Region, 188300             Autonomous District-Yugra,
tel: (81371) 9-09-75                 628403
fax: (81371) 9-09-75                 tel: (3462) 23-54-75
                                     fax: (3462) 23-54-75
Petrozavodsk office
6 Shotmana Str.,                     Syktyvkar branch
Petrozavodsk,                        92 Pervomayskaya Str.,
Republic of Karelia, 185000          Syktyvkar,
tel: (8142) 78-31-83                 Komi Republic, 167000
fax: (8142) 78-31-83                 tel: (8212) 24-12-86
                                     fax: (8212) 20-28-97
Kostomuksha office
Office 77, 17, Kalevala Str.,        Vorkuta office
Kostomuksha,                         6B Mira Sq., Vorkuta,
Republic of Karelia, 186930          Komi Republic, 169900
                                     tel/fax: (82151) 3-52-65
Saratov branch
17/39 Bolshaya Kazachya Str.,        Inta office
Saratov, 410600                      24А Mira Str.,
tel: (8452) 57-40-01, 57-24-03       Inta, Komi Republic,169840
fax: (8452) 57-40-03                 tel: (82145) 6-71-31
                                     fax: (82145) 6-86-14
Penza office
Office 214, 50 Maksima               Kirov office
Gorkogo Str., Penza, 440600          Office 411, 51 Sovetskaya Str.,
tel/fax: (8412) 52-40-27             Kirov, 610020
                                     tel: (8332) 32-19-71
Balakovo office                      fax: (8332) 32-11-37
73 Trnavskaya Str., Balakovo,
Saratov Region, 413863               Tomsk branch
tel/fax: (8453) 32-19-50             4 Zagornaya Str.,
                                     Tomsk, 634050
Stavropol branch                     tel: (3822) 28-49-00
73А K. Marksa Av.,                   fax: (3822) 28-49-01
Stavropol, 355006
tel: (8652) 29-62-75, 29-64-36       Altayskoye office
fax: (8652) 29-70-31                 52А Shevchenko Str.,
                                     Barnaul, 656015
Pyatigorsk office                    tel: (3852) 36-80-10
7 Bunimovicha Str., Pyatigorsk,      fax: (3852) 35-49-35
Stavropol Territory, 357500
tel: (899 33) 3-16-11

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                       2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Omsk office                           Ufa branch
Offices 17-21, 8/1 Gagarina Str.,     97 Chernyshevskogo Str.,
Omsk, 644043                          Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan,
tel: (3812) 20-06-42                  450077
fax: (3812) 21-29-43                  tel: (347) 229-90-05
                                      fax: (347) 229-90-11
Seversk office
151 Kommunistichesky Av.,             Sterlitamak office
Seversk, Tomsk Region, 636070         19 Khudayberdina Str.,
tel: (3823) 56-33-99, 56-34-99        Sterlitamak, Republic
fax: (3823) 56-33-99                  of Bashkortostan, 453124
                                      tel: (3473) 21-85-75
Chita office                          fax: (3473) 25-68-52
15А Ostrovskogo Str.,
Chita, 672000, Zabaikalie Territory   Salavat office
tel: (3022) 39-18-68                  22 Kolkhoznaya Str., Salavat,
fax: (3022) 39-18-78                  Republic of Bashkortostan,
Strezhevoy office                     tel/fax: (34763) 9-58-26
p. 5, 179A, Neftyanikov Street,
Strezhevoy, Tomsk Region,             Neftekamsk office
636780                                35 Lenina Str., Neftekamsk,
Tel/fax: (38259) 3-94-05              Republic of Bashkortostan,
Yakutsk office                        tel/fax: (34783) 3-52-99
17 Ordzhonikidze Str., Yakutsk,
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 677027   Saransk office
tel/fax: (4112) 42-53-90, 42-51-61    13 Kommunisticheskaya Str.,
                                      Saransk, Republic of Mordovia,
Tula branch                           430005
6 Fridrikha Engelsa Str.,
Tula, 300041                          Ukhta branch
tel/fax: (4872)700-243, 700-037       32 Dzerdzhinskogo Str., Ukhta,
                                      Komi Republic, 169300
Tyumen branch                         Supplementary office:
14/7 Respubliki Str.,                 40 Lenina Av.
Tyumen, 625003                        tel: (82147) 7-29-40
tel: (3452) 38-88-38                  fax: (82147) 6-78-78
fax: (3452) 38-28-18
                                      Usinsk office
Ulyanovsk branch                      Office 62, 13 Parkovaya Str.,
5А Kuznetsova Str.,                   Usinsk,
Ulyanovsk, 432063                     Komi Republic, 169710
tel: (8422) 41-60-73                  tel: (82144) 2-14-73
fax: (8422) 41-60-81                  fax: (82144) 2-68-88

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                    SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                    Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Khabarovsk branch                      Smolensk office
46 Turgeneva Str.,                     Offices 21, 22, 26/9
Khabarovsk, 680000                     B. Smolenskaya Str.,
tel: (4212) 45-12-34, 41-01-74         Smolensk, 214000
fax: (4212) 41-01-75                   tel: (4812) 38-33-87

Kamchatka office                       Tver office
Bld.4, 9, 50 year of October Av.,      1А Sportivny Per.,
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky,              Tver, 170002
Kamchatka Territory, 683024            tel: (4822) 34-32-88

Tsentralny branch                      Udomlya office
32-34 bld.1 Dmitriya Ulyanova          Office 27, 7А Energetikov Str.,
Str., Moscow, 117218                   Udomlya, Tver Region, 171841,
tel: (495) 234-44-24                   tel: (4825) 55-00-30
fax: (495) 234-44-65
                                       Kursk office
Desnogorsk office                      51 Lenina Str.,
22-76 3rd Micro-District,              Kursk, 305000
Desnogorsk,                            tel: (4712) 70-17-27
Smolensk Region, 216400
tel: (48753) 3-30-36                   Tambov office
fax: (48753) 7-19-26                   Office 128, 5B Pionerskaya
                                       Str., Tambov, 392002
Kaluga office                          tel: (4752) 63-14-11
7 Teterinsky Lane,
Kaluga, 248016                         Vladimir office
tel: (4842) 79-67-94                   Office 205, 3 Krasnoznamenskaya Str.,
                                       Vladimir, 600017
Kurchatov office                       tel: (4922) 43-16-59
Office 316, 508, 9 Molodyozhnaya       fax: (4922) 35-34-20
Kurchatov, Kursk Region, 307251        Chaikovsky branch
tel: (47131) 2-54-42                   4 Karla Marksa Str.,
fax: (47131) 5-45-42                   Chaikovsky,
                                       Perm Territory, 617760
Oryol office                           tel/fax: (34241) 3-73-09
10 Brestskaya Str.,
Oryol, 302028,                         Glazov office
tel: (4862) 76-38-59                   Office 201, 6 Pryazhennikova Str.,
Ryazan office                          Udmurt Republic, 427620
Office 306, 23 Sobornaya Str.,         tel: (34141) 3-30-70
Ryazan, 390000
tel: (4912) 28-03-17

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                         2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC SOGAZ
Kungur office                       Nyagan office
36 Svobody Str., Kungur,            Premises 305, 5, Lenina Str.,
Perm Territory, 617470              Nyagan, Tyumen Region,
tel/fax: (34271) 2-51-50            Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
                                    District-Yugra, 628181
Votkinsk office                     tel/fax: (34672) 5-77-80
19А Lenina Str., Votkinsk,
Republic of Udmurtia,               Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk branch
427430                              80 Pushkina Str.,
tel/fax: (34145) 48-548             Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin
                                    Region, 693000
Chelyabinsk branch                  tel: (4242) 50-00-30, 49-90-73/74
187 Truda Str.,
Chelyabinsk, 454080                 Korsakov office
tel: (351) 264-09-08, 264-34-45     24 Sovetskaya Str., Korsakov,
fax: (351) 264-09-08                Sakhalin Region, 694020
                                    tel: (42435) 437-39
Magnitogorsk office
58 Stroiteley Str., Magnitogorsk,   Yaroslavl branch
Chelyabinsk Region, 455000          Offices 4-5, 27/2 Sobinova Str.,
tel: (3519) 23-10-24                Yaroslavl, 150000
                                    tel/fax: (4852) 31-42-41
Cherepovets branch
47, Lenina Str.,                    Kostroma office
Cherepovets, Vologda Region,        24/2, Sovetskaya Str., Kostroma,
162602                              Kostroma Region, 156000
tel: (8202) 53-45-03                tel/fax: (4942) 37-04-00
fax: (8202) 53-45-04/05
                                    Rybinsk office
Veliky Ustyug office                19 Lomonosova Str/18
7, Lunacharskogo Str.,              Gertsena Str., Rybinsk,
Veliky Ustyug,                      Yaroslavl Region, 152934
Vologda Region, 162390              tel: (4855) 25-43-13
tel: (81738) 2-26-66, 2-76-77
fax: (81738) 2-26-66                Ivanovo branch
                                    Office 10-11, 36, Sadovaya Str.,
Yugorsk branch                      Ivanovo
8А Kirova Str.,                     Ivanovo Region, 153012
Yugorsk, Tyumen Region,             tel: (4932) 59-05-15, 59-05-13
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
District-Yugra, 628260              Representative office of OJSC
tel: (34675) 7-19-66                SOGAZ in the Republic of Kazakhstan
fax: (34675) 7-62-76                Office 10/4, 188 Dostyk Av., Almaty,
                                    Republic of Kazakhstan, 500051
                                    tel: (7272) 58-46-50, 58-46-51

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                 Regional Divisions of LLC IC SOGAZ-LIFE
Krasnodar                                 St. Petersburg
Floor 3, 139/2 Krasnaya Str.,             Office 414, letter A, 1/6 Cheboksarsky
Krasnodar, 350020                         lane,
tel: (861) 279-44-82                      St. Petersburg ,191186
                                          tel: (812) 438-14-38
Office 320, 18 K. Marksa Str.,            Tomsk
Kirov, 610020                             Office 7, 4 Zagornaya Str.,
tel: (332) 36-02-52                       Tomsk, 634050
                                          tel: (3822) 28-49-00
Nizhny Novgorod
Office 311, 59 Piskunova                  Ukhta
Nizhny Novgorod, 603600                   40/11 Lenina Av., Ukhta, Komi
tel: (831) 419-54-81                      Republic, 169300
                                          tel: (821) 472-81-78
Novy Urengoy
Floor 2, block 4, DC Yamal, 5             Khabarovsk
Yubileynaya Str., Novy Urengoy,           Office 7, 123 Kalinina Str.,
Tyumen Region, 629300                     Khabarovsk, 680028
tel: (3494) 92-50-88                      tel: (4212) 417-99-82

Orenburg                                  Yugorsk
Office 6, 17 Turkestanskaya Str.,         Office 206, 53A
Orenburg, 460024                          Zheleznodorozhnaya Str.,
tel: (3532) 31-44-93                      Yugorsk,Tyumen Region, Khanty-
                                          Mansiysk Autonomous District,
                                          tel: (3467) 52-35-14

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Arkhangelsk branch                      Severodvinsk office
26 Novgorodsky Av.,                     Office 205, 28, Tortseva Str.,
Arkhangelsk, 163002                     Severodvinsk,
tel: (8182) 68-34-06                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164501
fax: (8182) 68-34-07
                                        Kargopol office
Vinogradovskoye office                  19, 53, Sovetskaya Str.,
Office 71 P. Vinogradova Str., Be-      Kargopol, Kargopolsky district,
reznik,                                 Arkhangelsk Region, 164110
Vinogradovsky District,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164570              Nyandoma office
tel: (81831) 2-12-29                    55, Lenina Str., Nyandoma,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164200
Kotlas office
3 Kedrova Str., Kotlas,                 Konosha office
Arkhangelsk Region, 165300              24, Oktyabsky Av.,
tel: (8183) 72-71-02                    Konosha,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164010
Krasnoborsk office
Office 4, 23 Gagarina Str.,             Plesetsk office
Krasnoborsk,                            19A, Partizanskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165430              Plesetsk,
tel: (81840) 2-16-47                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164260

Leshukonskoye office                    Shenkursk office
Office 7, 18 Sportivny Per.,            7A, Karl Libknekhta Str.,
Leshukonskoye,                          Shenkursk,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164670              Arkhangelsk Region, 165150
tel: (81833) 3-11-07
                                        Ustiyansk office
Mezen office                            Office 74, 17, Zavodskaya Str.,
88 Sovetsky Av., Mezen,                 Oktyabrsky, Ustiyansk district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164750              Arkhangelsk Region, 165210
tel: (81848) 9-24-92
                                        Kholmogory office
Novodvinsk office                       13, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str.,
Office 37, 30 Voroshilova Str., Novo-   Kholmogory,
dvinsk,                                 Arkhangelsk Region, 164530
Arkhangelsk Region, 164900
tel: (81852) 4-37-91

Pinezhsky office
66 Lenina Str., Karpogory,
Pinezhsky District, Arkhangelsk
Region, 164600
tel: (81856) 3-12-69

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                       SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                            Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Onega office                          Arkhangelsk additional office 9
Bld.1, 190, Oktyabsky Av.,            Bld. 1, 3, Krasina Str.,
Onega,                                Arkhangelsk, 163044
Arkhangelsk Region, 164840
                                      Arkhangelsk additional office 10
Arkhangelsk additional office 1       Office 302, 65, Troitsky Av.,
99, Troitsky Av.,                     Arkhangelsk, 163000
Arkhangelsk Region, 163000            Arkhangelsk additional office 11
                                      Bld. 1, 2, Sibiryakova Av.,
Arkhangelsk additional office 2       Arkhangelsk, 163000
6, Priorova Str.,
Arkhangelsk, 163000                   Arkhangelsk additional office 12
                                      13, Samoylo Str.,
Arkhangelsk additional office 3       Arkhangelsk, 163000
67, Pobedy Str.,
Arkhangelsk, 163025                   Arkhangelsk additional office 13
                                      105, Voskresenskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk additional office 4       Arkhangelsk, 163000
3, Reydovaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk, 163035                   Arkhangelsk additional office 14
                                      271, Lomonosova Av.,
Arkhangelsk additional office 5       Arkhangelsk, 163001
2, Shturmanskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk, 163038                   Leshukonskoe additional office 1
                                      4, Melospolskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk additional office 6       Leshukonskoe, Leshukonsky district,
30, Dachnaya Str.,                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164670
Arkhangelsk, 163062
                                      Yuroma office
Arkhangelsk additional office 7       40, Yuroma, Leshukonsky district,
Bld. 3, 39, Iliicha Str.,             Arkhangelsk Region, 164672
Arkhangelsk, 163062
                                      Paluga office
Arkhangelsk additional office 8       68, Paluga, Leshukonsky district,
42B, Yaroslavskaya Str.,              Arkhangelsk Region, 164677
Arkhangelsk, 163013

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                     2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Bolshaya Nisogora office                 Keba office
4, Bolshaya Nisogora,                    61, Keba, Leshukonsky district,
Leshukonsky district,                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164683
Arkhangelsk Region, 164674
                                         Vozhgora office
Breznik (Leshukonsky) office             213, Vozhgora, Leshukonsky district,
68, Bereznik, Leshukonsky district,      Arkhangelsk Region, 164699
Arkhangelsk Region, 164675
                                         Lebskoe office
Smolenets office                         28, Lebskoe, Leshukonsky district,
6, Smolenets,                            Arkhangelsk Region, 164698
Leshukonsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164676               Zubovo office
                                         11, Lesnaya Str.,
Pylema office                            Zubovo, Leshukonsky district,
58, Pylema, Leshukonsky district,        Arkhangelsk Region, 164678
Arkhangelsk Region, 164690
                                         Rodoma office
Olema office                             82, Rodoma, Leshukonsky district,
201, Olema, Leshukonsky district,        Arkhangelsk Region, 164684
Arkhangelsk Region, 164680
                                         Shegmas office
Selische office                          19, Shegmas, Leshukonsky district,
76, Selische, Leshukonsky district,      Arkhangelsk Region, 164699
Arkhangelsk Region, 164691
                                         Dorogorskoe office
Tsenogora office                         5, Sovetskaya Str.,
121, Tsenogora,                          Dorogorskoe, Mezensky district,
Leshukonsky district,                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164756
Arkhangelsk Region, 164692
                                         Bychie office
Beloschelie office                       3, Molodezhnaya Str.,
86, Beloschelie,                         Bychie, Mezensky district,
Leshukonsky district,                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164755
Arkhangelsk Region, 164693
                                         Dolgoschelie office
Chulasa office                           11, Oktyabrskaya Str.,
9, Chulasa, Leshukonsky district,        Dolgoschelie, Mezensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164681               Arkhangelsk Region, 164761

Ust-Chulasa office                       Zherd office
15, Ust-Chulasa, Leshukonsky district,   46B, Epishkina Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164679               Zherd, Mezensky district,
                                         Arkhangelsk Region, 164757

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                       SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                            Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Kozmogorodskoe office                 Mayda office
11, Naberezhnaya Str.,                52, Mayda, Mezensky district,
Kozmogorodskoe,                       Arkhangelsk Region, 164771
Mezensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164758            Soyana office
                                      16, Kolkhoznaya Str.,
Koyda office                          Soyana, Mezensky district,
5A, Koyda, Mezensky district,         Arkhangelsk Region, 164773
Arkhangelsk Region, 164763
                                      Lampozhnya office
Moseevo office                        6, Lampozhnya, Mezensky district,
13, Moseevo, Mezensky district,       Arkhangelsk Region, 164775
Arkhangelsk Region, 164766
                                      Ruchii office
Chizhgora office                      25, Sovetskaya Str.,
13, Tsentralnaya Str.,                Ruchii, Mezensky district,
Chizhgora, Mezensky district,         Arkhangelsk Region, 164764
Arkhangelsk Region, 164760
                                      Bereznik (Mezensky) office
Tselegora office                      8, Naberezhnaya Str.,
4, Tselegora, Mezensky district,      Bereznik, Mezensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164759            Arkhangelsk Region, 164758

Safonovo office                       Pinega additional office 1
7, Molodezhnaya Str.,                 68, Pervomayskaya Str.,
Safonovo, Mezensky district,          Pinega, Pinega district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164767            Arkhangelsk Region, 164610

Azapolie office                       Yasny office
36, Azapolie, Mezensky district,      1, Energetikov Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164768            Yasny, Pinega district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 164628
Kariepolie office
18A, Kariepolie, Mezensky district,   Siya office
Arkhangelsk Region, 164754            Bld.1, 13, Siya,
                                      Pinega district,
Kiltsa office                         Arkhangelsk Region, 164646
30, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Kiltsa, Mezensky district,            Mikheevo office
Arkhangelsk Region, 164758            15, Mikheevo,
                                      Pinega district,
Kimzha office                         Arkhangelsk Region, 164621
15, Kimzha, Mezensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164756

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                     2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Vaymusha office                   Mezhdurechensky office
62B, Gagarina Str.,               12, Stroiteley Str.,
Vaymusha, Pinega district,        Mezhdurechensky,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164609        Pinega district,
                                  Arkhangelsk Region, 164650
Veegora office
49, Veegora, Pinega district,     Nemnyuga office
Arkhangelsk Region, 164625        40, Nemnyuga, Pinega district,
                                  Arkhangelsk Region, 164600
Verkola office
4, Lesnaya Str.,                  Pirinem office
Verkola, Pinega district,         2, Sovkhoznaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164606        Pirinem, Pinega district,
                                  Arkhangelsk Region, 164626
Erkino office
91, Narodnaya Str.,               Kobelevo office
Erkino, Pinega district,          36, Kobelevo, Pinega district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164618        Arkhangelsk Region, 164611

Kevrola office                    Ruskovera office
117, Kevrola, Pinega district,    4, Profsoyuznaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164603        Ruskovera, Pinega district,
                                  Arkhangelsk Region, 164608
Bolshoe Krotovo office
32A, Bolshoe Krotovo,             Syloga office
Pinega district,                  3A, Lesnaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164608        Syloga, Pinega district,
                                  Arkhangelsk Region, 164642
Kushkopala office
12, Sovetskaya Str.,              Trufanova office
Kushkopala, Pinega district,      35, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164605        Trufanova, Pinega district,
                                  Arkhangelsk Region, 164621
Lokhnovo office
51A, Lokhnovo, Pinega district,   Chakola office
Arkhangelsk Region, 164611        7, Lesnaya Str.,
                                  Chakola, Pinega district,
Mariina office                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164624
8A, Lesnaya Str.,
Mariina, Pinega district,         Shardonem office
Arkhangelsk Region, 164600        28, Tsentralnaya Str.,
                                  Shardonem, Pinega district,
Matvera office                    Arkhangelsk Region, 164604
49, Matvera, Pinega district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164623

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                            Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Shirokoe office                       Voznesenie office
28, Tsentralnaya Str.,                107, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Shirokoe, Pinega district,            Voznesenie, Primorsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164607            Arkhangelsk Region, 163520

Shotova office                        Katunino office
7A, Borovaya Str.,                    3, Streltsova Str.,
Shotova, Pinega district,             Katunino, Primorsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164629            Arkhangelsk Region, 163513

Shotogorka office                     Lugovoy office
28, Tsentralnaya Str.,                5, Lugovoy, Primorsky district,
Shotogorka, Pinega district,          Arkhangelsk Region, 163032
Arkhangelsk Region, 164657
                                      Lastola office
Tserkova office                       31, Severodvinskaya Str.,
14, Minaya Str.,                      Lastola, Primorsky district,
Tserkova, Pinega district,            Arkhangelsk Region, 163245
Arkhangelsk Region, 164609
                                      Odinochka office
Bolshoe Anisimovo office              2, Odinochka, Primorsky district,
11, 60 years of October Str.,         Arkhangelsk Region, 163527
Bolshoe Anisimovo,
Primorsky district,                   Okulovo office
Arkhangelsk Region, 163515            2, Okulovo, Primorsky district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 163511
Bobrovo office
8, Nemanova Str.,                     Pertominsk office
Bobrovo, Primorsky district,          2, Sovetskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 163505            Pertominsk, Primorsky district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 163552
Belomorie office
5, Belomorie,                         Povrakulskaya office
Primorsky district,                   8, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 163534            Povrakulskaya, Primorsky district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 163059
Vaskovo office
71, Vaskovo, Primorsky district,      Talagi office
Arkhangelsk Region, 163512            26, Talagi, Primorsky district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 163530
Volokhnitsa office
42, Volokhnitsa,                      Uemsky office
Primorsky district,                   60, Bolsheselskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 163035            Uemsky, Primorsky district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 163502

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                      2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Novodvinsk additional office 1          Kurgomen office
Office 2, 41, Dvinskaya Str.,           55A, Kurgomen,
Novodvinsk,                             Vinogradovsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164901              Arkhangelsk Region, 164583

Novodvinsk additional office 2          Morzhegory office
9, 3rd Pyatiletki Str., Novodvinsk,     1, Yubileynaya Str., Morzhegory,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164901              Vinogradovsky district,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164590
Novodvinsk additional office 3
16, 50 years of October Str.,           Osinovo office
Novodvinsk,                             144, Osinovo,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164901              Vinogradovsky district,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164598
Vazhsky office
2, Novy per., Vazhsky,                  Pyanda office
Vinogradovsky district,                 4, Oktyabrskaya Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164585              Pyanda, Vinogradovsky district,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164593
Verkhnaya Kitsa office
19, Sovetskaya Str., Verkhnaya Kitsa,   Rochegda office
Vinogradovsky district,                 23A, Lomonosova Str., Rochegda,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164586              Vinogradovsky district,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164577
Vorontsy office
13, Shkolnaya Str.,                     Ryazanovo office
Vorontsy, Vinogradovsky district,       116, Tsentralnaya Str., Ryazanovo,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164596              Vinogradovsky district,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164591
Grudinskaya office
53, Grudinskaya,                        Rostovskoe office
Vinogradovsky district,                 44, Rostovskoe,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164574              Vinogradovsky district,
                                        Arkhangelsk Region, 164580
Zaostrovie office
Zaostrovie, Yakovlevskaya post          Rochegda additional office 1
office,                                 3, Naberezhnaya Str., Rochegda,
Vinogradovsky district,                 Vinogradovsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164575              Arkhangelsk Region, 164577

Konetsgorie office                      Selmenga office
45, Konetsgorie,                        16A, Komsomolskaya Str.,
Vinogradovsky district,                 Selmenga, Vinogradovsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164581              Arkhangelsk Region, 164578

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                      SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                            Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Topsa office                          Kotlas additional office 3
177, Topsa, Vinogradovsky district,   40, Mira Str., Kotlas,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164583            Arkhangelsk Region, 165300

Uyta office                           Kotlas additional office 4
23, Uyta, Vinogradovsky district,     17, Lenina Str.,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164592            Vychegodsky, Kotlas,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 165340
Ust-Vaga office
93, Ust-Vaga,                         Kotlas additional office 5
Vinogradovsky district,               12, Tolstogo Str., Kotlas,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164584            Arkhangelsk Region, 165300

Ust-Vaenga office                     Kotlas additional office 6
2, Shkolnaya Str., Ust-Vaenga,        10, Kedrova Str., Kotlas,
Vinogradovsky district,               Arkhangelsk Region, 165300
Arkhangelsk Region, 164594
                                      Kotlas additional office 7
Shidrovo office                       5, Uliyanova Str.,
1, Lenina embankment, Shidrovo,       Vychegodsky, Kotlas,
Vinogradovsky district,               Arkhangelsk Region, 165340
Arkhangelsk Region, 164582
                                      Shipitsino office
Verkhnaya Toyma office                1, Komsomolskaya Str.,
7, Kulizhskogo Str.,                  Shipitsino,
Verkhnaya Toyma,                      Kotlas district,
Verkhnetoemshy district,              Arkhangelsk Region, 165320
Arkhangelsk Region, 165500
                                      Savvatiya office
Kotlas office                         1, Molodezhnaya Str.,
165, Lenina Str., Kotlas              Savvatiya, Kotlas district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165300            Arkhangelsk Region, 165361

Kotlas additional office 1            Privodino office
30, Lenina Str.,                      9, Adm. Kuznetsova Str.,
Vychegodsky, Kotlas,                  Privodino,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165340            Kotlas district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 165391
Kotlas additional office 2
7, K. Marx Str., Kotlas,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165300

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                    2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Solvychegodsk office               Fominsky office
Office 22, 29, Lenina Str.,        11A, Komsomolskaya Str.,
Solvychegodsk, Kotlas district,    Fominsky, Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165330         Arkhangelsk Region, 165695

Kharitonovo office                 Kiver office
15, Sovetsky per.,                 2, Novaya Str.,
Kharitonovo, Kotlas district,      Kiver, Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165333         Arkhangelsk Region, 165670

Udimsky office                     Sloboda office
33, Pervomayskaya Str.,            34D, Sloboda,
Udimsky, Kotlas district,          Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165370         Arkhangelsk Region, 165683

Cheremushsky office                Pavlovsk office
36A, Shkolnaya Str.,               24, Pavlovsk, Vilegodsky district,
Cheremushsky, Kotlas district,     Arkhangelsk Region, 165682
Arkhangelsk Region, 165346
                                   Bykovo office
Iliinsko-Podomskoe office          96, Bykovo, Vilegodsky district,
34, Sovetskaya Str.,               Arkhangelsk Region, 165671
Vilegodsky district,               Koshkino office
Arkhangelsk Region, 165680         9, Koshkino, Vilegodsky district,
                                   Arkhangelsk Region, 165680
Nikolskoe office
40, Sovetskaya Str.,               Terinskaya office
Nikolskoe, Vilegodsky district,    9, Terinskaya, Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165673         Arkhangelsk Region, 165691

Sorovo office                      Kazakovo office
23, Shkolnaya Str.,                24, Kazakovo,
Sorovo, Vilegodsky district,       Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165694         Arkhangelsk Region, 165673

Vilegodsk office                   Viled office
82, Tsentralnaya Str.,             22, Viled,
Vilegodsk, Vilegodsky district,    Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165690         Arkhangelsk Region, 165680

Shiroky Priluk office              Sidorovskaya office
15, Lenina Str., Shiroky Priluk,   4, Novoselskaya Str.,
Vilegodsky district,               Sidorovskaya, Vilegodsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165693         Arkhangelsk Region, 165680

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                            Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Shalimovo office                      Ershevskaya office
2, Rechnaya Str., Shalimovo,          11, Mira Str., Ershevskaya,
Vilegodsky district,                  Krasnoborsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165672            Arkhangelsk Region, 165434

Staroforovskaya office                Verkhnee Shilovo office
49, Rechnaya Str.,                    3, Lesnaya Str., Verkhnee Shilovo,
Staroforovskaya,                      Krasnoborsky district,
Vilegodsky district,                  Arkhangelsk Region, 165452
Arkhangelsk Region, 165695
                                      Dyabrino office
Krasnoborsk additional office 1       28, Pervomayskaya Str.,
11, Pobedy Str., Krasnoborsk,         Dyabrino, Krasnoborsky district,
Krasnoborsky district,                Arkhangelsk Region, 165436
Arkhangelsk Region, 165430
                                      Komarovo office
Cherevkovo office                     1, Oktyabrskaya Str.,
13, Bolnichny per.,                   Komarovo, Krasnoborsky district,
Cherevkovo,                           Arkhangelsk Region, 165441
Krasnoborsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165430            Bolshaya office
                                      2, Shkolnaya Str., Bolshaya,
Kulikovo office                       Krasnoborsky district,
31, Plakidina Str.,                   Arkhangelsk Region, 165451
Kulikovo, Krasnoborsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165440            Monastyrskaya Pashnya office
                                      83, Monastyrskaya Pashnya,
Bolshaya Sludka office                Krasnoborsky district,
19, Bolshaya Sludka,                  Arkhangelsk Region, 165435
Krasnoborsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165438            Rakulka office
                                      40, Rakulka,
Berezonavolok office                  Krasnoborsky district,
25, Tsentralnaya Str.,                Arkhangelsk Region, 165461
Krasnoborsky district,                Sakulinskaya office
Arkhangelsk Region, 165439            11, Sakulinskaya,
                                      Krasnoborsky district,
Vernaya Uftyuga office                Arkhangelsk Region, 165453
4, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Vernaya Uftyuga,                      Suslonovskaya office
Krasnoborsky district,                2, Suslonovskaya,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165442            Krasnoborsky district,
                                      Arkhangelsk Region, 165463

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                     2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Demiyanovskaya office           Tyva office
4, Demiyanovskaya,              2, Stantsionnaya Str.,
Krasnoborsky district,          Tyva, Lensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165463      Arkhangelsk Region, 165740

Savinskaya office               Lena office
16, Savinskaya,                 29, K. Zinina Str.,
Krasnoborsky district,          Lena, Lensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165460      Arkhangelsk Region, 165787

Komsomolsky office              Gyzheg office
6, Tsentralnaya Str.,           1-1, Stroiteley Str.,
Komsomolsky,                    Gyzheg, Lensky district,
Krasnoborsky district,          Arkhangelsk Region, 165786
Arkhangelsk Region, 165464
                                Irta office
Berezovka office                3, Vychegodskaya Str.,
2, Verkhnaya Str., Berezovka,   Irta, Lensky district,
Krasnoborsky district,          Arkhangelsk Region, 165772
Arkhangelsk Region, 165430
                                Belopashino office
Yarensk office                  25-1, Tsentralnaya Str.,
41, Bratiev Pokrovskykh Str.,   Belopashino, Lensky district,
Yarensk, Lensky district,       Arkhangelsk Region, 165711
Arkhangelsk Region, 165780
                                Severodvinsk office
Urdoma office                   Office 10, 37, Zheleznodorozhnaya Str.,
35, Molodezhnaya Str.,          Severodvinsk,
Urdoma, Lensky district,        Arkhangelsk Region, 164521
Arkhangelsk Region, 165721
                                Severodvinsk additional office 1
Kozmino office                  Office 410, 3, Boychuka Str.,
Kozmino, Lensky district,       Severodvinsk,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165787      Arkhangelsk Region, 164501

Litvino office                  Severodvinsk additional office 2
5B, Shkolnaya Str., Litvino,    3, Energetikov Str.,
Lensky district,                Severodvinsk,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165711      Arkhangelsk Region, 164515

Soyga office
1-2, Trudovaya Str.,
Soyga, Lensky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165711

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                               SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                             Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Severodvinsk additional office 3           Koryazhma additional office 1
Office 7, bld.1, 48, K. Marx Str.,         17, Lenina Av.,
Severodvinsk,                              Koryazhma,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164514                 Arkhangelsk Region, 165650

Kholmogory additional office 1             Mirny office
10A, Naberezhnaya Str.,                    17, Ovchinnikova Str.,
Kholmogory,                                Mirny,
Kholmogorsky district,                     Arkhangelsk Region, 164170
Arkhangelsk Region, 164530
                                           Mirny additional office 1
Emetsk office                              29, Nedelina Str.,
11, Rubtsova Str., Emetsk,                 Mirny,
Kholmogorsky district,                     Arkhangelsk Region, 164170
Arkhangelsk Region, 164537
                                           Mirny additional office 2
Nyandoma additional office 1               1, Lenina Str., Mirny,
Office 1, 45, Lenina Str.,                 Arkhangelsk Region, 164170
Nyandoma, Nyandomsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164200                 Mirny additional office 3
                                           11A, Gagarina Str.,
Nyandoma additional office 2               Mirny,
Office 49, 18, 60 years of October Str.,   Arkhangelsk Region, 164170
Nyandoma, Nyandomsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164200                 Emetsk additional office 1
                                           1, Komsomolskaya Str., Emetsk,
Velsk additional office 1                  Kholmogorsky district,
Office 11, 26, Krasnaya Str.,              Arkhangelsk Region, 164537
Velsk, Velsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165150                 Severodvinsk additional office 4
                                           47A, Lomonosova Str.,
Velsk additional office 2                  Severodvinsk,
17, Popova Str.,                           Arkhangelsk Region, 164504
Velsk, Velsky district,
Arkhangelsk Region, 165150                 Severodvinsk additional office 5
                                           49, Morskoy Av.,
Koryazhma office                           Severodvinsk,
24, Kirova Str., Koryazhma,                Arkhangelsk Region, 164523
Arkhangelsk Region, 165650

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Severodvinsk additional office 6   Kharabali office
16, Dzerzhinskogo Str.,            17 B. Khmelnitskogo Str.,
Severodvinsk,                      Kharabali,
Arkhangelsk Region, 164524         Astrakhan Region, 416010
                                   tel: (85148) 9-19-30
Astrakhan branch
27/79 Pobedy Str./Krasnaya         Beloyarsky branch
naberezhnaya, Astrakhan,           Office 22, 5 Tsentralnaya Str.,
Astrakhan Region, 414040           Beloyarsky,
tel: (8512) 63-35-08               Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
fax: (8512) 63-38-10               District- Yugra, 628162
                                   tel: (34670) 4-14-35
Volodarsky office                  fax: (34670) 4-14-17
20 Sadovaya Str., Volodarsky,
Astrakhan Region, 416170           Berezovo office
tel: (85142) 9-04-74               5 Sovetskaya Str.,
Yenotaevka office                  Berezovo District,
36/6А/1 Sovetskaya Str./           Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
Rydel Str./Stepana Razina Str.,    District-
Yenotaevka,                        Yugra,628140
Astrakhan Region, 416200           tel: (34674) 2-30-94
tel: (85143) 9-16-06
                                   Oktyabrsky office
Znamensk office                    39 A Kalinina Str.,
2, Mira Str., Znamensk,            Oktyabrskoe,
Astrakhan Region, 416550           Oktyabrsky District,
tel: (85140) 2-02-64               Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
                                   District- Yugra, 628100
Kamyzyak office
                                   tel: (34678) 2-5-5
67 M. Gorkogo Str.,
Kamyzyak,                          Igrim office
Astrakhan Region, 416300           45 Kooperativnaya Str.,
tel: (85145) 9-28-29               Igrim, Berezovo District, Khanty-
                                   Mansiysk Autonomous District-
Krasny Yar office
                                   Yugra, 628146
51 Zoi Ananyevoy Str.,
Krasny Yar,                        Blagoveshchensk branch
Astrakhan Region, 416150           151, Krasnoflotskaya Str.,
tel: (85146) 9-13-49               Blagoveshchensk,
                                   Amur Region, 675000
Liman office
                                   tel: (4162) 51-12-74
51 Lenina Str., Liman,
                                   fax: (4162) 35-11-12
Astrakhan Region, 416410
tel: (85147) 2-13-26

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                 SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                            Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Bryansk branch                        Navlya office
67 Sovetskaya Str.,                   Office 28, 2 Emlyutina Str.,
Bryansk, 241050                       Navlya, Navlya District,
tel: (4832) 74-37-40                  Bryansk Region, 242130
fax: (4832) 74-37-13
                                      Pogar office
Komarichi office                      41 Oktyabrskaya Str., Pogar,
63 Osipenko Str.,                     Bryansk Region, 243550
Bryansk Region, 242400                Starodub office
                                      99, Semashko Str., Starodub,
Bezhitsky office                      Bryansk Region, 243240
11 Kamozina Str.,
Bryansk, 241035                       Trubchevsk office
                                      15 G. Petrova Str.,
Volodarsk office                      Trubchevsk,
52A Chernyshevskogo Str.,             Bryansk Region, 242221
Bryansk, 241047
                                      Unecha office
Gordeevka office                      Office 14, 10 Lomonosova Str.,
1 Lenina Str., Gordeevka,             Unecha,
Bryansk Region, 243650                Bryansk Region, 243302

Dyadkovo office                       Fokinsky office
218, Lenina Str.,                     95 Moskovsky Av.,
Dyadkovo,                             Bryansk, 241004
Dyadkovo district,
Bryansk Region, 243600                Republic of Buryatia branch
tel: (48323) 3-39-67                  24 Pyatidesyatiletiya Oktyabrya
                                      Str., Ulan-Ude, Republic
Zlynka office                         of Buryatia, 670034
32 Karla Marksa Str.,                 tel: (3012) 46-65-15
Zlynka,                               fax: (3012) 46-65-20
Bryansk Region, 243600
                                      Bichura office
Karachev office                       38 Sovetskaya Str., Bichura,
Office 2, 112 Pervomayskaya Str.,     Republic of Buryatia, 671360
Karachev,                             tel: (30133) 5-22-55
Bryansk Region, 242500
                                      Dzhidinsky office
Krasnaya Gora office                  6 Kirova Str.,
55 Bolnichnaya Str.,                  Petropavlovka, Dzhidinsky District,
Krasnaya Gora,                        Republic of Buryatia, 671920
Bryansk Region, 243160                tel: (30134) 4-10-94

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                      2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Kabansk office                          Volgograd branch
6 Oktyabrskaya Str., Kabansk,           6A Dymchenko Str.,
Republic of Buryatia, 671200            Volgograd, 400005
tel: (30138) 4-11-53                    tel: (8442) 24-70-47
                                        fax: (8442) 24-70-46
Kyakhty office
33 Lenina Str., Kyakhty,                Volzhsky office
Republic of Buryatia, 671841            13 Sovetskaya Str., Volzhsky,
tel: (30142) 9-19-30                    Volgograd Region, 404130
                                        tel: (8443) 31-63-31
Bauntovsky office
Office 45, 24 Lenina Str.,              Kamyshin office
Bagdarin, Bauntovsky Evenki District,   54 Serova Str., Kamyshin,
Republic of Buryatia, 671510            Volgograd Region, 403873
                                        tel: (84457) 4-92-34
Vladimir branch
2A Elektropriborovskiy proezd,          Kalach office
Vladimir, 600005                        94, Oktyabrskaya Str.,
tel: (4922) 53-39-24                    Kalach-on-Don,
fax: (4922) 53-39-24                    Volgograd Region, 404507

Vyazniki office                         Mikhaylovka office
3, Blagoveschenskaya Str.,              5, Magistralnaya Str.,
Vyazniki,                               Mikhaylovka,
Vladimir Region, 601441                 Volgograd Region, 403343
tel: (49233) 2-14-43
fax: (49233) 2-14-43                    Uryupinsk office
                                        6, Krupskoy Str., Uryupinsk,
Gus-Khrustalny office                   Volgograd Region, 403113
3, Rusnitskoy Str.,
Gus-Khrustalny,                         Sovetskoe office
Vladimir Region, 601500                 70D, Elektrolesovskaya Str.,
tel: (49241) 2-88-46                    Volgograd, 400011
fax: (49241) 2-88-46
                                        Traktorozavodskoe office
Kameshkovo office                       1, Degtyareva Str.,
18, Sovkhoznaya Str., Kameshkovo,       Volgograd, 400006
Vladimir Region, 601301
                                        Chernyshkovsky office
tel: (49248) 2-18-93
                                        80, Sovetskaya Str.,
fax: (49248) 2-18-93
Murom office                            Volgograd Region, 404462
13, Lev Tolstoy Str., Murom,
Vladimir Region, 602267

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                      SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                              Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Surovikino office                       Nekhaevskay office
24, Lineynaya Str., Surovikino,         51, Lenina Str., Nekhaevskaya,
Volgograd Region, 404415                Volgograd Region, 403171

Kletskaya office                        Alekseevskaya office
37A, Lenina Str., Kletskaya,            80, Krasnogvardeyskaya Str.,
Volgograd Region, 403562                Alekseevskaya,
                                        Volgograd Region, 403241
Danilovka office
31, Severnaya Str., Danilovka,          Voronezh branch
Volgograd Region, 403371                66 Revolyutsii 1905 Goda Str.,
Serafimovich office                     Voronezh Region, 394030
19, Sovetskaya Str.,                    tel: (4732) 39-05-64
Serafimovich,                           fax: (4732) 39-05-66
Volgograd Region, 403441
                                        Anna office
Kumylzhenskaya office                   3 Pervomayskaya Str., Anna,
1, Blinova Str.,                        Voronezh Region, 396250
Volgograd Region, 403402                Borisoglebsk office
                                        107 Sovetskaya Str.,
Novoanninsky office                     Borisoglebsk,
98, Sovetskaya Str.,                    Voronezh Region, 397160
Novoanninsky,                           tel: (47354) 6-35-71
Volgograd Region, 403958
                                        Novovoronezh office
Kikvidzensky office                     18 Kosmonavtov Str.,
58, Lenina Str.,                        Novovoronezh,
Preobrazhenskaya,                       Voronezh Region, 396070
Kikvidzensky District,                  tel: (47364) 2-90-71
Volgograd Region, 403221
                                        Novaya Usman office
Elan office                             6 Yubileynaya Str., Novaya Usman,
168, Sovetskaya Str., Elan,             Voronezh Region, 396310
Volgograd Region, 403732                tel: (47341) 5-40-89

Frolovo office                          Novokhopersk office
58, Lenina Str., Frolovo,               22 Karla Marksa Str.,
Volgograd Region, 403540                Novokhopersk,
                                        Voronezh Region, 397400
Novonikolaevsky office
1, Privokzalny per.,                    Ramon office
Novonikolaevsky,                        13 Kalinina Str., Ramon,
Volgograd Region, 403901                Voronezh Region, 396020

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                       2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Semiluki office                     Gubarevo office
136 25 let Oktyabrya Str.,          Gubarevo, Semiluki District,
Semiluki,                           Voronezh Region, 396947
Voronezh Region, 396900
tel: (47372) 2-66-59                Yesipovo office
                                    Yesipovo, Ternovka District,
Abramovka office                    Voronezh Region, 397100
Abramovka District Hospital,
Abramovka, Talovsky District,       Kashirskoye office
Voronezh Region, 397490             4 Komsomolskaya Str.,
Arkhangelskoye office               Voronezh Region, 396350
Arkhangelskoye District Hospital,   tel: (47342) 4-22-13
Arkhangelskoye, Anna District,
Voronezh Region, 396230             Krasnolipye office
                                    Krasnolipye, Repyevka District,
Bolshaya Vereyka office             Voronezh Region, 396385
Bolshaya Vereyka Ambulance
Station, Bolshaya Vereyka,          Levaya Rossosh office
Ramonsky District, Voronezh         Levaya Rossosh Ambulance
Region, 396041                      Station, Levaya Rossosh,
                                    Kashirsky District, Voronezh
Bolshoy Martyn office               Region, 396360
Martyn Ambulance Station,
Bolshoy Martyn, Panino District,    Nizhnyaya Veduga office
Voronezh Region, 396152             Nizhnyaya Veduga,
                                    Semiluki District,
Bratki office                       Voronezh Region, 396910
Bratki, Ternovka District,
Voronezh Region, 397123             Nizhnedevitsk office
                                    21 Yubileynaya Str.,
Verkhnyaya Khava office             Nizhnedevitsk,
11 Lenina Str., Verkhnyaya Khava,   Voronezh Region, 396870
Voronezh Region, 396110             tel: (47370) 5-13-06
tel: (47343) 7-30-60
                                    Nizhny Karachan office
Gremyachye office                   Nizhny Karachan,
Gremyachye, Khokhol District,       Gribanovsky District,
Voronezh Region, 396813             Voronezh Region, 397402

Gribanovka office                   Panino office
37 Plekhanovskaya Str.,             55 Zheleznodorozhnaya Str.,
Gribanovka,                         Panino,
Voronezh Region, 397240             Voronezh Region, 396140
tel: (47348) 3-02-07                tel: (47344) 4-70-58

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                              Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Povorino office                         Shukavka office
7 Shkolny Pereulok, Povorino,           Shukavka District Hospital,
Voronezh Region, 397350                 Shukavka, Verkhnyaya Khava District,
Tel: (47376) 4-05-91                    Voronezh Region, 396125

Pykhovka office                         Shchuchyinsk office
Central Ambulance Station,              Shchuchyinsk District Hospital,
Pykhovka, Novokhopersk District,        Rostoshi, Ertil District,
Voronezh Region, 397404                 Voronezh Region, 397012

Repyevka office                         Ertil office
35 Mira Str., Repyevka,                 11 Zelyonaya Str., Ertil,
Voronezh Region, 396370                 Voronezh Region, 397030
                                        Tel: (47345) 2-32-11
Rozhdestvenskoye office
Rozhdestvenskoye,                       Republic of Dagestan branch
Pavorino District,                      24 Yermoshkina Str., Makhachkala,
Voronezh Region, 397300                 Republic of Dagestan, 367000
                                        tel: (8722) 62-92-30
Rykan office                            fax: (8722) 62-92-30
Rykan Ambulance Station,
Rykan, Novaya Usman District,           Yekaterinburg branch
Voronezh Region, 396319                 35 Rozy Lyuksemburg Str.,
                                        Yekaterinburg, 620075
Sinie Lipyagi office                    tel: (343) 379-27-13
1, Pervomayskaya Str.,                  fax: (343) 379-27-29
Sinie Lipyagi, Nizhnedevitsk
District, Voronezh Region,              Novouralsk office
396885                                  53 Lenina Str.,
Talovaya office                         Sverdlovsk Region, 624130
2A Pirogova Str., Talovaya,             tel: (34370) 9-02-53
Voronezh Region, 397482
Tel: (47352) 2-27-99                    Ozersk office
                                        Office 303, 22 Semyonova Str.,
Ternovka office                         Ozersk,
20 Oktyabrskaya Str., Ternovka,         Chelyabinsk Region, 456790
Voronezh Region, 397110                 tel: (35140) 7-47-81
Tel: (47347) 5-57-96                    Chelyabinsky directorate
                                        1/24 Sverdlova Str.,
Tyukovsky office
Makashevka, Borisoglebsk District,      Snezhinsk
Voronezh Region, 397142                 Chelyabinsk Region, 456770
                                        tel: (35146) 34-222
Khokholsky office
                                        fax: (35146) 34-222
16 Lenina Str., Khokholsky,
Voronezh Region, 396840

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                       2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Central office of Chelyabinsky    Privolzhsk office
directorate                       3A Frunze Str., Privolzhsk,
187, Truda Str.,                  Ivanovo Region, 155550
Chelyabinsk, 454091
                                  Puchezh office
Ivanovo branch                    27A Lenina Str., Puchezh,
5 Naberezhnaya Str.,              Ivanovo Region, 155360
Ivanovo, 153002
tel: (4932) 37-59-67              Savino office
fax: (4932) 37-58-97              13 1st Zheleznodorozhnaya Str.,
Kineshma office                   Ivanovo Region, 155710
24/25 Maksima Gorkogo Str.,
Kineshma,                         Teykovo office
Ivanovo Region, 155800            1 Sergeevskaya Str.,
tel: (49331) 5-53-02              Teykovo,
                                  Ivanovo Region,155048
Vichuga office
17 Pokrovskogo Str.,              Furmanov office
Vichuga, Vichuga district,        12 Sovetskaya Str., Furmanove,
Ivanovo Region, 155334            Ivanovo Region, 155520

Ilyinsky office                   Yuzha office
7 Sovetskaya Str.,                26 Sovetskaya Str., Yuzha,
Ilyinskoye–Khavanskoye Village,   Ivanovo Region, 155630
Ivanovo Region, 155060
                                  Yuryevets office
Komsomolsk office                 22 Sovetskaya Str., Yuryevets,
7 Sovetskaya Str.,                Ivanovo Region, 155453
                                  Irkutsk branch
Ivanovo Region, 155150
                                  41 Sverdlova Str.,
Lezhnevo office                   Irkutsk 664011
32 Oktyabrskaya Str.,             tel: (3952) 28-80-43
Lezhnevo,                         fax: (3952) 28-80-32
Ivanovo Region, 155120
                                  Angarsk office
Palekh office                     30 Lenina Str., Angarsk,
1 Zinovyeva Str., Palekh,         Irkutsk Region, 665830
Ivanovo Region, 155620            tel: (3952) 52-97-22

Pestyaki office                   Bodaybo office
33 Gagarina Str., Pestyaki,       38 Tridtsat Let Pobedy, Bodaybo,
Ivanovo Region,155650             Irkutsk Region, 666910
                                  tel: (39534) 37-2-97

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                               Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Bratsk office                            Alarsky office
38 Podbelskogo Str., Bratsk,             5, Matrosova Str.,
Irkutsk Region, 665717                   Kutulik, Alarsky district,
tel: (39534) 3-72-97                     Irkutsk Region, 669451

Nizhneilimskoye office                   Osa office
8 Yangelya Str.,                         25, Bolnishnaya Str., Osa,
Zheleznogorsk-Ilymsky,                   Ust-Ordynsky Buryat county,
Irkutsk Region, 665651                   Irkutsk Region, 669200
tel: (39566) 31-3-14
                                         Kachug office
Ust-Ilimsk office                        1, Bolnichny per., Kachug,
30, 3, Mira Av.,                         Irkutsk Region, 666203
Irkutsk Region, 666679                   Bokhan office
                                         49, Lenina Str., Bokhan,
Ust-Kut office                           Ust-Ordynsky Buryat county,
41 Kirova Str., Ust-Kut,                 Irkutsk Region, 669310
Irkutsk Region, 665780
tel: (39565) 5-20-25                     Zhigalovo office
                                         20, Lenina Str., Zhigalovo,
Ust-Ordynsky office                      Irkutsk Region, 666402
63, Vatutina Str.,
Ust-Ordynsky,                            Olkhonsky office
Ekhirit-Bulagarsky district,             18, Sovetskaya Str.,
Ust-Ordynsky Buryat county,              Elantsy, Olkhonsky district,
Irkutsk Region, 669001                   Irkutsk Region, 666132

Cheremkhovo office                       Nukutsky office
13, Ordzhonikidze Str.,                  21, Mayskaya Str., Novonukutsky,
Cheremkhovo,                             Ust-Ordynsky Buryat county,
Irkutsk Region, 665415                   Irkutsk Region, 669401

Shekekhov office                         Bayanday office
18A, 2nd quarter,                        4, Gagarina Str., Bayanday,
Shelekhov,                               Irkutsk Region, 669121
Irkutsk Region, 666034
                                         Svirsk office
Usolie office                            1A, Molodezhnaya Str., Svirsk,
83, Internatsionalnaya Str.,             Irkutsk Region, 665420
                                         Baykalsk office
Irkutsk Region, 665451
                                         92, Krasny Klyuch,
                                         Baykalsk, Slyudyansky district,
                                         Irkutsk Region, 665930

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                           2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Slyudyanka office                   Oktyabrsky office
3B, Granitnaya Str.,                18, Ogareva Str.,
Slyudyanka, Slyudyansky district,   Kaliningrad, 236010
Irkutsk Region, 665903
                                    Moskovsky office
Kirensk office                      104, Dzerzginskogo Str.,
4 Rabochaya Str., Kirensk,          Kaliningrad, 236004
Irkutsk Region, 666700
                                    Gorkovsky office
Magistralny office                  203A, Gorkogo Str.,
16 Semnadtsaty Syezd VLKSM          Kaliningrad, 236029
Magistralny settlement,
Kazachensko-Leninsky District,      Kamchatka branch
Irkutsk Region, 666505              9/4 50 let Oktyabrya Av.,
Sayansk office                      Kamchatka Territory, 683024
18 Stroiteley Micro-District,       tel: (4152) 23-60-94
Sayansk, Irkutsk Region, 666303     fax: (4152) 26-02-92

Chunsky office                      Palanskoye office
7A Komarova Str., Chunsky,          22 Porotova Str., Palana, Tigilsky
Chunsky District, Irkutsk Region,   District, Kamchatka Territory,
665513                              688000

Kazan branch                        Elizovo office
41 Adelya Kutuya Str., Kazan,       42, Lenina Str., Elizovo,
Republic of Tatarstan, 420073       Kamchatka Territory, 688004
tel: (495) 660-89-74
fax: (495) 660-89-74                Vilyuchinsk office
                                    5, Pobedy Str., Vilyuchinsk,
Kaliningrad branch                  Kamchatka Territory, 688090
4 Pobedy Str.,
Kaliningrad, 236010                 Kostroma branch
tel: (4012) 71-66-31                Office 263, 29 Profsoyuznaya Str.,
fax: (4012) 71-66-34                Kostroma, 156016
                                    tel: (495) 660-89-74
Nevsky office                       fax: (495) (495) 660-89-74
117-123, A.Nevskogo Str.,
Kaliningrad, 236005                 Krasnodar branch
                                    118 Krasnaya Str.,
Baltiysk office                     Krasnodar, 350000
5 Letnaya Str.,                     tel: (495) 660-89-74
Kaliningrad, 236004                 fax: (495) 660-89-74

Pregolsky office
55-65, Admirala Tributsa nab.,
Kaliningrad, 236006

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                          Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Republic of Mariy-El branch         Orshanka office
17 Uspenskaya Str.,                 20 A Sovetskaya Str., Orshanka
Yoshkar Ola,                        Republic of Mariy-El, 425250
Republic of Mariy-El, 424006
tel: (8362) 41-23-21                Parynga office
fax: (8362) 41-64-00                13 Chapaeva Str., Parynga,
                                    Republic of Mariy-El, 425570
Volzhsk office
29A Sovetskaya Str., Volzhsk,       Sernur office
Republic of Mariy-El, 425000        86 Sovetskaya Str.,Sernur,
tel: (83631) 6-20-42                Republic of Mariy-El, 425450

Zvenigovo office                    Sovetsky office
25 Rostovshchikov Str.,             5B Pervomayskaya Str.,
Zvenigovo,                          Sovetsky,
Republic of Mariy-El, 425060        Republic of Mariy-El, 425400
tel: (83645)7-12-89
                                    Republic of Mordovia branch
Kilemary office                     60 Bolshevistskaya Str., Saransk,
10 Feoktistova Str.,                Republic of Mordovia, 430005
Kilemary,                           tel: (8342) 23-28-21
Republic of Mariy-El, 425270        fax: (8342) 23-28-33

Kozmodemyansk office                Murmansk branch
27 3rd Micro-District, Kozmodemy-   5 Pushkinskaya Str.,
ansk,                               Murmansk, 183038
Republic of Mariy-El, 425350        tel: (8152) 45-61-05
                                    fax: (8152) 45-87-48
Kuzhener office
1 Bolnichanya Str., Kuzhener,       Kola office
Republic of Mariy-El, 425550        18 Mironova Av., Kola,
                                    Murmansk Region, 184380
Mari-Turek office                   tel: (81553) 3-30-16
3 Lesnaya Str., Mari-Turek,
Republic of Mariy-El, 425500        Pechenga office
                                    1 Hospital Township, Nikel,
Morki office                        Pechenga District, Murmansk
5 Lesnaya Str., Morki,              Region, 184420
Republic of Mariy-El, 425120        tel : (81554) 5-19-84

Novy Toryal office                  Apatity office
15 Bolnichnaya Str.,                22 Lenina Str., Apatity,
Novy Toryal,                        Murmansk Region,184209
Republic of Mariy-El, 425430

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                      2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Kirovsk office                     Bogorodsk office
5 Lubuntsova Str., Kirovsk,        224 Lenina Str., Bogorodsk,
Murmansk Region, 184250            Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607600
                                   tel: (83170) 2-12-12
Kovdor office
11, Koshitsa Str., Kovdor,         Bolshoye Boldino office
Murmansk Region, 184144            34 Krasnaya Str.,
                                   Bolshoye Boldino,
Monchegorsk office                 Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607940
8 Metallurgov Av.,                 tel: (83138) 2-25-01
Murmansk Region, 184511            Buturlino office
                                   40 Lenina Str., Buturlino,
Olenegorsk office                  Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607440
4, Leningradsky Av.,               tel: (83172) 5-36-93
Murmansk Region, 184530            Vad office
                                   16 Bolnichnaya Str., Vad,
Polyarnye Zori office              Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606380
10, Pushkina Str.,                 tel: (83141) 4-23-66
Polyarnye Zori,
Murmansk Region, 184230            Varnavino office
                                   1A Krasnoarmeyskaya Str.,
Severomorsk office                 Varnavino,
22A Sovetskaya Str.,               Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607760
Severomorsk,                       tel: (83158) 2-19-09
Murmansk Region, 184606
                                   Voskresenskoye office
Nadym branch                       131A Lenina Str.,
8 Zvereva Str., Nadym              Voskresenskoye,
Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous         Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606730
District, 629730                   tel: (83163) 9-30-61
tel: (3499) 53-83-60
fax: (3499) 56-77-14               Gagino office
                                   14 Kommunisticheskaya Str.,
Nizhnevartovsk branch              Gagino,
3 Chapaeva Str., Nizhnevartovsk,   Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607870
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous         tel: (83195) 2-19-06
District-Yugra, 628602
tel: (495) 660-89-74               Gorodets office
fax: (495) 660-89-74               36 Proletarskaya Str., Gorodets,
                                   Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606502
Nizhny Novgorod branch             tel: (83161) 9-21-52
8 Slavyanskaya Str.,
Nizhny Novgorod, 603000
tel: (831) 411-80-60
fax: (831) 439-71-96
2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                          Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Dzerzhinsk office                   Perevoz office
62 Lenina Av., Dzerzhinsk,          1A 2nd Micro-District, Perevoz,
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606010      Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607400
tel: (8313) 26-85-25                tel: (83148) 5-25-34

Zarechnoye office                   Pilna office
213A Moskovskoe shosse,             42 Kalinina Str., Pilna,
Nizhny Novgorod, 603079             Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607490
tel: (831) 270-96-44                tel: (83192) 5-18-75

Kovernino office                    Pochinki office
3 Karla Marksa Str.,                65 Lenina Str., Pochinki,
Kovernino,                          Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607911
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606570      tel: (83197) 2-20-87
tel: (83157) 2-21-31
                                    Sarov office
Krasnye Baki office                 Office 544, 2 Semashko Str., Sarov,
1A Proletarskaya Str.,              Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607183
Krasnie Baki,                       tel: (83130) 5-85-88
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606710
tel: (83156) 2-31-63                Semenov office
                                    23A Volodarskogo Str., Semenov,
Krasnooktyabrsky office             Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606650
29 Kooperativnaya Str.,             tel: (83162) 5-17-01
Krasnooktyabrsky District,          Sergach office
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607530      16A Yubileyny Av., Sergach
tel: (83194) 2-21-43                Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607511
                                    tel: (83191) 5-50-95
Lukoyanov office
13 Kommunisticheskaya Str.,         Sechenovo office
Lukoyanov,                          3 Kooperativnaya Str.,
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607800      Sechenovo,
tel: (83196) 4-25-14                Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607580
                                    tel: (83193) 5-17-40
Nagornoye office
8 Slavyanskaya Str.,                Sokolskoye office
Nizhny Novgorod, 603000             13 Kirova Str.,
tel: (831) 431-10-96                Sokolskoye,
                                    Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606670
Pavlovo office                      tel: (83137) 2-05-72
53 Kirova Str., Pavlovo,
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606100      Sosnovskoye office
tel: (83171) 2-30-23                21 Pervogo Maya Str., Sosnovskoye,
                                    Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606170
                                    tel: (83174) 2-53-87

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                  2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Chkalovsk office                 Mednogorsk office
61A Pushkina Str., Chkalovsk,    21 Sovetskaya Str., Mednogorsk,
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 606540   Orenburg Region, 462270
tel: (83160) 4-55-22             tel: (35379) 3-10-23

Shatki office                    Orsk office
4 Zarechnaya Str., Shatki,       85 Lenina Str., Orsk,
Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607700   Orenburg Region, 462429
tel: (83142) 4-13-75
                                 Belyaevka office
Novy Urengoy branch              11 Bankovskaya Str., Belyaevka,
5 Yubileynaya Str.,              Orenburg Region, 461330
Novy Urengoy,
Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous       Gay office
District, 629305                 6 Pobedy Av., Gay,
tel: (3494) 92-51-75             Orenburg Region, 462630
fax: (3494) 92-51-74
                                 Kuvandyk office
Noyabrsk branch                  22 Orenburgskaya Str.,
56 Mira Av., Noyabrsk,           Kuvandyk,
Yamalo-Nenetsky                  Orenburg Region, 462243
Autonomous District, 629807
                                 Oktyabrsky office
tel: (3496) 36-94-98
                                 1 Kommunisticheskaya Str.,
fax: (3496) 36-86-80
Gubkinsky office                 Orenburg Region, 462030
2 micro-district, Gubkinsky,
                                 Saractash office
                                 91 Pushkina Str.,
Autonomous District, 629830
tel: (34936) 5-18-50
                                 Orenburg Region,462100
Muravlenko office
                                 Sol-Iletsk office
82 Lenina Str., Muravlenko,
                                 17 Orenburgskaya Str.,
Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous
District, 629603
                                 Orenburg Region, 461505
tel: (34938) 6-38-10

                                 Oryol branch
Orenburg branch
                                 4 Gagarina Str.,
14 Turkestanskaya Str.,
                                 Oryol, 302001
Orenburg, 460024
                                 tel: (4862) 71-35-64
tel: (3532) 72-94-51
                                 fax: (4862) 54-24-87
fax: (3532) 72-56-95

Buzuluk office
40 Chapaeva Str., Buzuluk,
Orenburg Region, 461040
tel: (35342) 5-52-78
2009 ANNUAL REPORT                               SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                             Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Livny office                           Zimovniki office
22 M. Gorkogo Str., Livny,             113A Lenina Str., Zimovniki,
Oryol Region, 303858                   Rostov-on-Don Region, 347460
tel: (48677) 7-23-74                   tel: (86376) 4-01-16

Mtsensk office                         Novoshakhtinsk office
81 Gagarina Str., Mtsensk,             21A Gornyatskaya Str.,
Oryol Region, 303030                   Novoshakhtinsk,
tel: (48646) 4-11-10                   Rostov-on-Don Region, 346918
                                       tel: (86369) 8-48-12
Purov branch
Office 11, 7A Pervaya rechka Str.,     Orlovsky office
Tarko-Sale,                            8 Transportnaya Str.,
Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous             Orlrovsky,
District, 629850                       Rostov-on-Don Region, 347512
tel: (34997) 2-40-04                   tel: (86375) 3-24-00
fax: (34997) 2-44-40
                                       Chertkovo office
Rostov-on-Don branch                   94 Pionersky Pereulok,
132/37 Sotsialisticheskaya Str.,       Chertkovo,
Rostov-on-Don, 344006                  Rostov-on-Don Region, 346000
tel: (863) 218-25-50                   tel: (918) 532-03-93
fax: (863) 227-76-74
                                       Bokovskoye office
Gukovo office                          1 Oktyabrskaya Str.,
4A Kooperativnaya Str.,                Bokovskaya,
Gukovo,                                Rostov-on-Don Region, 346250
Rostov-on-Don Region, 347880
tel: (86361) 3-26-89                   Zavetnoye office
                                       17 Kirova Str., Zavetnoye,
Donetsk office                         Rostov-on-Don Region, 347430
67 Mira Av., Donetsk,
Rostov-on-Don Region, 346330           Kuybyshevo office
tel: (86368) 2-19-87                   3 Miusskaya Str., Kuybyshevo,
                                       Rostov-on-Don Region, 346940
Dubovskoye office
88 Pervomayskaya Str.,                 Rodionovo–Nesvetayskaya office
Dubovskoye,                            20 Yuzhnaya Str.,
Rostov-on-Don Region, 347410           Rodionovo–Nesvetayskaya,
tel: (86377) 5-75-47                   Rostov-on-Don Region, 346580

Yegorlykskaya office                   Remontnoye office
32 Stepnoy Per.,                       72 Sovetskaya Str., Remontnoye,
Yegorlykskaya,                         Rostov-on-Don Region, 347480
Rostov-on-Don Region, 347660
tel: (86370) 2-17-17

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                    2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Sovetskoye office                    Skopin office
21 Sovetskaya Str.,                  Avtozavodskoy Micro-District,
Sovetskoye,                          Skopin, Ryazan Region, 391803
Rostov-on-Don Region, 347180
                                     Spas-Klepiki office
Ryazan branch                        3 Bebelya Str.,
41 Pervomaysky Av.,                  Spas-Klepiki,
Ryazan, 390013                       Klepiki District,
tel: (4912) 34-88-20                 Ryazan Region, 391030
fax: (4912) 76-17-01
                                     Spassk-Ryazansky office
Kasimov office                       1 Sovetskaya Str.,
39 Sovetskaya Str., Kasimov,         Spassk-Ryazansky,
Ryazan Region, 391300                Ryazan Region, 391050

Korablino office                     Starozhilovo office
11 Sportivnaya Str., Korablino,      23 Denisova Str.,
Ryazan Region, 391200                Starozhilovo,
                                     Ryazan Region, 391170
Miloslavskoye office
6 Lenina Str.,                       Ukholovo office
Miloslavskoye,                       13 Revolutsii Str.,
Ryazan Region, 391770                Ukholovo,
                                     Ryazan Region, 391920
Novomichurinsk office
2A Stroiteley Str.,                  Chuchkovo office
Novomichurinsk , Pronsky District,   22 Lenina Str., Chuchkovo,
Ryazan Region, 391160                Ryazan Region, 391420

Putyatino office                     Shilovo office
64A Leninsky Av., Putyatino,         14A Sovetskaya Str.,
Putyatino District,                  Shilovo,
Ryazan Region, 391480                Ryazan Region, 391500

Sapozhok office                      Samara branch
60 Sadovaya Str., Sapozhok,          201 Chapaevskaya Str.,
Sapozhok District,                   Samara, 443010
Ryazan Region, 391940                tel: (495) 660-89-74
                                     fax: (495) 660-89-74
Sasovo office
43 Yuzhny Micro-District, Sasovo,
Ryazan Region, 391430

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                              Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Saint-Petersburg branch                 Kommunar office
Office 1.42, 1/6 Cheboksarsky Per.,     3 Stroiteley Str.,
Saint-Petersburg, 191186                Kommunar, Gatchina District,
tel: (812) 438-14-66                    Leningrad Region, 188320
fax: (812) 438-14-38
                                        Lomonosov office
Bolshaya Izhora office                  16 Fedyuninskogo Str.,
18 Stroiteley Str.,                     Lomonosov,
Bolshaya Izhora,                        Saint-Petersburg, 188512
Lomonosov District,
Leningrad Region, 188531                Luga office
                                        21A Pobedy Str., Luga,
Budogosh office                         Leningrad Region, 188330
4 Borovaya Str.,
Budogosh, Kirishi District,             Nikolskoye office
Leningrad Region, 187120                13 Shkolnaya Str.,
                                        Nikolskoye, Tosno District,
Volosovo office                         Leningrad Region, 187026
26-12 Vosstaniya Str., Volosovo,
Leningrad Region, 188410                Novoselye office
                                        30 Novoselye,
Vyritsa office                          Slantsy District,
12 Moskovskaya Str.,                    Leningrad Region, 188574
Vyritsa, Gatchina District,
Leningrad Region,188380                 Siversky office
                                        2, Vostochnaya Str.,
Gatchina office                         Siversky, Gatchina District,
12 Sobornaya Str., Gatchina,            Leningrad Region, 188330
Leningrad Region, 188306
                                        Slantsy office
Ivangorod office                        3 Lenina Str., Slantsy,
6 Pastorova Str.,                       Leningrad Region, 188560
Ivangorod, Kingisepp District,
Leningrad Region, 188491                Sosnovy Bor office
                                        63A Geroev Av.,
Kingisepp office                        Sosnovy Bor,
22B Bolshaya Sovetskaya Str.,           Leningrad Region,188544
Leningrad Region, 188480                Terpilitsy office
                                        Terpilitsy, Volosovsky District,
Kirishi office                          Leningrad Region, 188402
23 Geroev Av., Kirishi,
Leningrad Region, 187110

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                         2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Tolmachevo office                  Bazarny Karabulak office
1 Vokzalnaya Str.,                 120 Lenina Str.,
Tolmachevo, Luga District,         Bazarny Karabulak,
Leningrad Region, 187255           Saratov Region, 412602

Tosno office                       Balakovo office
2 Gorkogo Str., Tosno,             73 Trnavskaya Str., Balakovo,
Leningrad Region, 187000           Saratov Region, 413840

Republic of Karelia directorate    Baltay office
Office 1, 6 Shotmana Str.,         1V Kolkhoznaya Str., Baltay
Petrozavodsk                       Saratov Region, 412630
Republic of Karelia, 185000
tel: (8142) 78-31-83               Volsk office
fax: (8142) 78-31-83               130 Lva Tolstogo Str., Volsk,
                                   Saratov Region, 412900
Kostomuksha office
43, Zvezdnaya Str., Kostomuksha,   Voskresenskoye office
Republic of Karelia, 186931        58 Kalinina Str.,
Saratov branch                     Saratov Region, 413030
8 Kirova Av., Saratov,
Saratov Region, 410600             Yekaterinovka office
tel: (8452) 79-16-17               90A 50 Let Oktyabrya,
fax: (8452) 79-16-14               Yekaterinovka,
                                   Saratov Region, 412420
Petrovsk office
10 Moskovskaya Str., Petrovsk,     Novye Burasy office
Saratov Region, 412540             1 Pervy Sovetsky Per.,
tel: (84555) 2-89-95               Novye Burasy,
                                   Saratov Region, 412586
Central office
110А 50 Let Oktyabrya Av.,         Rtishchevo office
Saratov, 410040                    7 60 Let Oktyabrya, Rtishchevo,
tel: (8452) 67-05-69               Saratov Region, 412030

Engelsk office                     Tatishchevo office
5 block 8, Engelsk,                9 Michurina Str., Tatishchevo,
Saratov Region, 413119             Saratov Region, 412170
tel: (8453) 75-50-53
                                   Khvalynsk office
Aktarsk office                     144 Sovetskaya Str., Khvalynsk,
67 Gagarina Str., Aktarsk,         Saratov Region, 412780
Saratov Region, 412411

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                 SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                              Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Sakhalin branch                         Smirnykh office
Office 135, 15 Dzerdzhinskogo Str.,     21 8 Marta Str.,
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk,                      Smirnykh,
Sakhalin Region, 693001                 Sakhalin Region, 694350
tel: (4242) 42-26-84
fax: (4242) 42-26-84                    Tomari office
                                        50 Sadovaya Str., Tomari,
Kholmsk office                          Sakhalin Region, 694820
50 Sovetskaya Str., Kholmsk
Sakhalin Region, 694620                 Tymovskoye office
tel: (42433) 5-29-80                    84 Kirovskaya Str.,
Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsky office        Sakhalin Region, 694440
21A Dzerdzhinskogo Str.,
Aleksandrovsk- Sakhalinsky,             Yuzhno-Kurilsk office
Sakhalin Region, 694420                 10, Gnechko Str.,
Aniva office                            Sakhalin Region, 694500
1 Gogolya Str., Aniva,
Sakhalin Region, 694030                 Severo-Kurilsk office
                                        79 Sakhalinskaya Str.,
Korsakov office                         Severo-Kurilsk,
24 Sovetskaya Str., Korsakov,           Sakhalin Region, 694550
Sakhalin Region, 694020
                                        Kurilsk office
Makarov office                          25, Evdokimova Str.,
30 Milyutina Str., Makarov,             Kurilsk,
Sakhalin Region, 694140                 Sakhalin Region, 694530

Nogliki office                          Uglegorsk office
Office 316, 6 Sovetskaya Str.,          18, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str.,
Nogliki,                                Uglegorsk,
Sakhalin Region, 694450                 Sakhalin Region, 694920

Okha office                             Vakhrushev office
8 Pobedy Str., Okha,                    121-1, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Sakhalin Region, 694490                 Vakhrushev,
                                        Poronay District,
Poronaysk office                        Sakhalin Region, 694202
69 Oktyabrskaya Str.,
Poronaysk,                              Nevelsk office
Sakhalin Region, 694240                 52, Lenina Str., Nevelsk,
                                        Sakhalin Region, 694740

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                       2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Dolinsk office                    Pyatigorsk office
14, Khabarovskaya Str., Dolinsk   7 Bunimovicha Str., Pyatigorsk,
Sakhalin Region, 694050           Stavropol Territory, 357500

Smolensk branch                   Essentuki office
22 Tenishchevoy Str.,             2 Yermolova Str., Essentuki,
Smolensk, 214000                  Stavropol Territory, 357600
tel: (4812) 35-80-10
fax: (4812) 61-16-90              Lermontov office
                                  1 Zapadny Pr-d., Lermontov,
Velizh office                     Stavropol Territory, 357340
Office 10, 23, Eremenko Str.,
Velizh,                           Predgorny office
Smolensk Region, 216290           38 Eskadronnaya Str.,
Tel: (48132) 4-14-09              Essentuksksya Station,
Fax: (48132) 4-13-64              Predgorny District,
                                  Stavropol Territory, 357351
Demidov office
7, Gureevskaya Str., Demidov,     Surgut branch
Smolensk Region, 216240           22 Bystrinskaya Str., Surgut,
Tel: (48147) 4-56-69              Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
Fax: (48147) 4-56-69              District- Yugra, 628406
                                  tel: (3462) 23-54-75
Desnogorsk office                 fax: (3462) 22-09-68
4 micro-district, Desnogorsk,
Smolensk Region, 216400           Syktyvkar branch
Tel: (910) 115-66-45              92 Pervomayskaya Str.,
Krasny office                     Komi Republic, 167000
11, Karla Marksa Str.,            tel: (8212) 44-57-45
Krasny,                           fax: (8212) 44-57-32
Smolensk Region, 216100
Tel: (48145) 4-15-52              Vorkuta office
Fax: (48145) 4-15-52              34 A Parkovayas Str., Vorkuta,
                                  Komi Republic, 169906
Rudnya office                     tel: (82151) 35-2-65
87, Kireeva Str., Rudnya,
Smolensk Region, 216790, Russia   Vuktyl office
                                  5 Komsomolskaya Str., Vuktyl,
Stavropol branch                  Komi Republic, 169570
73A K. Marksa Av.,                tel: (82146) 2-33-26
Stavropol, 355006
Tel/fax: (8652) 94-50-42          Izhma office
                                  66 Khatanzeyskogo Str., Izhma,
                                  Komi Republic, 169460
                                  tel: (82140) 9-80-24

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                           Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Inta office                          Abatskoye office
24 A Mira Str., Inta,                18 Lenina Str., Abatskoye,
Komi Republic, 169840                Tyumen Region, 627540
tel: (82145) 68-6-14
                                     Vagay office
Troitsko-Pechorsk office             12 Zelyonaya Str., Vagay,
11 Yuzhny block,                     Tyumen Region, 626240
Komi Republic, 169420                Vikulovo office
tel: (82138) 9-21-10                 120 Karla Marksa Str.,
Ust-Tsylma office                    Tyumen Region, 627570
36 Sovetskaya Str.,
Ust-Tsylma,                          Ishim office
Komi Republic, 169480                16 Sovetskaya Str., Ishim,
tel: (82141) 9-14-77                 Tyumen Region, 627750
                                     tel: (34551) 2-35-56
Ukhta office
32 Dzerdzhinskogo Str., Ukhta,       Sladkovo office
Komi Republic, 169300                15A Lenina Str., Sladkovo,
tel: (82147) 2-29-42                 Tyumen Region, 627610

Kortkeros office                     Tobolsk office
223 Sovetskaya Str., Kortkeros,      85 4th Micro-District, Tobolsk,
Komi Republic, 168020                Tyumen Region, 626150
                                     tel: (34511) 2-35-56
Ust-Kulom office
55D Sovetskaya Str., Ust-Kulom,      Uvat office
Komi Republic, 168060                1А Belkina Str., Uvat,
                                     Tyumen Region, 626170
Tomsk branch
4 Zagornaya Str.,                    Yarkovo office
Tomsk, 634050                        68 Lenina Str., Yarkovo,
tel: (3822) 28-49-00                 Tyumen Region, 626050
fax: (3822) 28-49-13
                                     Udmurt branch
Seversky office                      304 Udmurtskaya Str., Izhevsk,
151 Kommunistichesky Av.,            Udmurt Republic, 426034
Seversk, Tomsk Region, 636037        tel: (3412) 72-33-58
                                     fax: (3412) 72-33-58
Tyumen branch
18/1 Lunacharskogo Str.,             Votkinsk office
Tyumen, 625001                       17 Lenina Str., Votkinsk,
tel: (3452) 62-76-00                 Udmurt Republic, 427405
fax: (3452) 62-74-68

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                     2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Glazov office                       Belebey office
6 Pryazhennikova Str., Glazov,      114 Krasnaya Str., Belebey,
Udmurt Republic, 427626             Republic of Bashkortostan, 452006

Novoposelkovsky office              Beloretsk office
9 Tsentralnaya Str., Novy,          Verkhny Avzyan, Beloretsk District,
Votkinsk District, Udmurt           Republic of Bashkortostan, 453524
Republic, 427413
                                    Bizhbulyak office
Sarapul office                      66 Tsentralnaya Str., Bizhbulyak,
Office 12, 35B,                     Republic of Bashkortostan, 452040
Stepana Razina Str., Sarapul,
Udmurt Republic, 427960             Birsk office
                                    144 A Mira Str., Birsk,
Ufa branch                          Republic of Bashkortostan, 452451
97 Chernyshevskogo Str., Ufa,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 450000   Blagovar office
tel: (3472) 50-26-11                9 Pushkina Str., Yazykovo,
fax: (3472) 50-15-31                Republic of Bashkortostan, 452740

Abzelitovslky office                Blagoveshchensk office
10 Raufa Davletovo Str.,            Bedeeva Polyana,
Askarovo, Abzelitovsky District,    Blagoveshchensk District,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453620   Republic of Bashkortostan, 453446

Arkaulovo office                    Buzdyak office
Arkaulovo, Salavat District,        1 Lenina Str., Buzdyak,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452493   Republic of Bashkortostan, 452710

Arkhangelskoye office               Gafuriysky office
65 Sovetskaya Str.                  23 Kommunisticheskaya Str.,
Arkhangelskoye,                     Krasnousolsky,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453040   Republic of Bashkortostan, 453050

Askino office                       Davlekanovo office
5A Sovetskaya Str., Askino,         23 Pobedy Str., Davlekanovo,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452880   Republic of Bashkortostan, 453400

Bakaly office                       Dmitrievka office
14 Krasnoarmeyskaya Str.,           Dmitrievka, Ufa District,
Bakaly,                             Republic of Bashkortostan, 450512
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452650

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                           Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Dyurtyuli office                      Miyaki office
9 Vasilia Gorshkova Str.,             101 Gubaidulina Str.,
Dyurtyuli,                            Kirgiz-Miyaki, Miyaki District,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452320     Republic of Bashkortostan, 452080

Iglino office                         Moscow office
1-4, Lenina Str., Iglino,             Pereulok Mira, Moskovo,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452410     Dyurtyuli District,
                                      Republic of Bashkortostan, 452311
Ilishevsky office
26A Pushkina Str.,                    Neftekamsk office
Verkhneyarkeevo,                      35 Lenina Str., Neftekamsk,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452260     Republic of Bashkortostan, 452683

Ishimbay office                       Oktyabrsky office
76 Sovetskaya Str., Ishimbay,         14 Sverdlova Str., Oktyabrsky,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453210     Republic of Bashkortostan, 452600
tel: (34763) 95-8-34
                                      Priyutovo office
Kaltasy office                        Priyutovo LPUMG, Priyutovo,
64 Karla Marksa Str., Kaltasy,        Republic of Bashkortostan, 452017
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452860
                                      Salavat office
Karaidel office                       22 Kolkhoznaya Str., Salavat,
13, Mira Str., Karaidel,              Republic of Bashkortostan, 453261
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452360     tel: (34794) 2-21-66

Karmaskalinsky office                 Sibay office
Ulyanovka, Karmaskalinsky District,   Selkhoztechnica Str., Sibay,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453026     Republic of Bashkortostan, 453833

Kumertuaskoe office                   Sterlibashevo office
Kanchura, Kuyurgazinsky District,     15 Pyatdesyat Let Oktyabrya Str.,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453367     Sterlibashevo,
                                      Republic of Bashkortostan, 453180
Meleuz office                         tel: (34739) 2-16-19
Nugush, Meleuz District,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453870     Sterlitamak office
                                      19A Khadayberdina Str.,
Mechetlinsky office                   Sterlitamak,
22 Lenina Str.,                       Republic of Bashkortostan, 453124
Mechetlinsky District,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452550

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                    2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Tuymazy office                      Chaykovsky branch
45 Gafurova Str., Tuymazy,          Office 2, 29 Vokzalnaya Str.,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452756   Chaykovsky,
                                    Perm Territory, 617763
Urgala office                       tel: (34241) 3-55-77
Urgala, Belokataiskiy District,     fax: (34241) 3-43-87
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452570
                                    Central branch
Uchaly office                       Gazoprovod, Leninsky District,
2A K.Marksa Str., Uchaly,           Moscow Region, 142770
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453700   tel: (495) 982-38-21
                                    fax: (495) 982-38-21
Fedorovka office
38 Lenina Str., Fedorovka,          Voskresensk office
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453280   28 Zheleznodorozhnaya Str.,
tel: (34764) 2-28-76                Voskresensk,
                                    Moscow Region, 140200
Khaybulinsky office
                                    tel: (49644) 2-20-73
39, Salavata Yulaeva Str.,
Akyar, Khaybulinsky District,       Kashira office
Republic of Bashkortostan, 453800   8, Sovetsky Av., Kashira,
                                    Moscow Region, 142900
Chekmagush office
47 Lenina Str., Chekmagush,         Domodedovo office
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452200   9, 25 let Oktyabrya Str.,
                                    Zapadny micro-district, Domodedovo,
Sharan office
                                    Moscow Region, 142000
Chalmaly, Sharan District,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452648   Zaraysk office
                                    17, Oktyabrskaya Str., Zaraysk,
Yanaul office
                                    Moscow Region, 140600
14 Mayakovskogo Str., Yanaul,
Republic of Bashkortostan, 452800   Kolomna office
                                    209, Oktyabrskoy revolyutsii Str.,
Khabarovsk branch
Office 315, 44 Muravyova-
                                    Moscow Region, 140400
Amurskogo Str., Khabarovsk,
Khabarovsk Territory, 680000        Leninskoe office
tel: (4212) 31-07-93                10/1, Sovetskaya Str.,
fax: (4212) 31-50-31                Solnechny micro-district, Vidnoe,
                                    Moscow Region, 142700

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                  SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

                                Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Lukhovitsy office                         Moskovsky office
39/5, Mira Str., Lukhobitsy,              Mosckovsky, Leninsky District,
Moscow Region, 140500                     Moscow Region, 142784

Ozery office                              Nepetsino office
73A, Lenina Str., Ozery,                  66, Nepetsino,
Moscow Region, 140560                     Kolomna District,
                                          Moscow Region, 140473
Serebryanye Prudy office
3, B.Lugivaya Str.,                       Sergievsky office
Serebryanye Prudy,                        14, Tsentralnaya Str.,
Moscow Region, 142970                     Sergievsky, Kolomna District,
                                          Moscow Region, 140491
Stupino office
26, Gorkogo Str., Stupino,                Peski office
Moscow Region, 142802                     2, 1st Shkolnaya Str.,
                                          Peski, Kolomna District,
Beloomut office                           Moscow Region, 140477
20, Bolshaya Ogarevskaya Str.,
Beloomut, Lukhovitsy District,            Additional office 1
Moscow Region, 140520                     Central Estate,
                                          Zaraysk farm, Zaraysk District,
Biorkovsky office                         Moscow Region, 140632
10, Sovetskaya Street,
Lesnoy, Kolomna District,                 Additional office 2
Moscow Region, 140451                     40 let Oktyabrya, Zaraysk District,
                                          Moscow Region, 140618
Vatutinki office
Vatutinki, Leninsky District,             Additional office 3
Moscow Region, 142793                     17A, Mira Str., Lukhovitsy,
                                          Moscow Region, 140500
Gazoprovod office
Kommunarka, Leninsky District,            Kommunarka office
Moscow Region, 142770                     Kommunarka, Leninsky District,
                                          Moscow Region, 142770
Kashira office
2, Bolnichnaya Str., Kashira,             Malino office
Moscow Region, 142902                     2/1, Donskaya Str.,
                                          Malino, Stupino District,
Leninskoe office                          Moscow Region, 142850
15, Zavodskaya Str.,
Vidnoe, Leninsky District
Moscow Region, 142700

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                          2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of OJSC IC SOGAZ-MED
Mikhnevo office                Yugorsk branch
18, Bibliotechnaya Str.,       10 Sorok Let Pobedy Str., Yugorsk,
Mikhnevo, Stupino District,    Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous
Moscow Region, 142840          District- Yugra, 628260
                               tel: (34675) 7-36-47
Molokovo office                fax: (34675) 2-13-52
Molokovo, Leninsky District
Moscow Region, 142714          Yaroslavl branch
                               9 Rybinskaya Str.,
Ozherelie office               Yaroslavl,150014
1A, Bolnichnaya Str.,          tel: (4852) 31-38-28
Ozherelie,                     fax: (4852) 94-64-23
Moscow Region, 142921
                               Rostov office
Kaluga office                  6/4 Pyatdesyat Let Oktyabrya Str.,
7 Tereninsky per., Kaluga,     Rostov,
Kaluga Region, 248000          Yaroslavl Region, 152151

Tver directorate               Rybinsk office
Office 24, 5 Yerofeeva Str.,   19/10, 18 Lomonosova Str./
Tver, 170034                   Gertsena Str., Rybinsk,
                               Yaroslavl Region, 152934

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                             SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP

  Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of LLC IC SOGAZ-AGRO
Volgograd branch                      Rostov branch
6A, Dymchenko Str.,                   Office 1304, 6, Rostovsky BC,
Volgograd, 400005                     Goroda Volos Str.,
Tel/fax: (8442) 24-70-46, 24-70-49    Rostov-on-Don, 344010
                                      tel/fax: (863) 268-83-38,268-83-39
Yekaterinburg branch
35 Rozy Lyuksemburg Str.,             St. Petersburg branch
Yekaterinburg, 620075                 33 Letter A, premise 13N
Tel/fax: (343) 379-27-29, 356-56-57   Voronezhskaya Str.,
                                      St. Petersburg, 192007
Kaluga branch                         tel/fax: (812) 766-16-02
121 Suvorova Str.,
Kaluga, 248001                        Sakhalin branch
Tel/fax: (4842) 76-26-65, 54-70-87    80 Pushkina Str.,
                                      Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 693020
Krasnodar branch                      tel/fax: (4242) 49-90-73, 49-90-74
198 Budennogo Str.,
Krasnodar, 350000                     Saratov branch
Tel/fax: (861) 255-46-11, 255-44-96   180/184, bld.2, Zarubina Str.,
                                      Saratov, 410005
Nizhny Novgorod branch                tel/fax: (8452) 44-40-11, 98-03-93
9 Nesterova Str.,
Nizhny Novgorod, 603005               Stavropol branch
Tel/fax: (831) 436-19-44              3A 1st Promyshlennaya Str.,
                                      Stavropol, 355035
Orenburg branch                       tel/fax: (8652) 94-39-27
17 Turkestanskaya Str.,
Orenburg, 460021                      Tambov branch
Tel/fax: (3532) 72-94-34, 72-94-36    Bld.2, 4A Kronshtadtskaya Str.,
                                      Tambov, 392000
Omsk branch                           Tel/fax: (4752) 71-92-38
52 Frunze Str.,
Omsk, 644043                          Ufa branch
tel/fax: (3812) 23-76-07              97 Chernyshevskogo Str., Ufa
                                      Republic of Bashkortostan, 450077
Primorsky branch                      tel/fax: (347) 229-90-05
3A Sukhanova Str.,
Vladivostok, 690091                   Khabarovsk branch
tel/fax: (4232) 43-39-27              Office 306, 46 Turgeneva Str.,
                                      Khabarovsk, 680000
                                      tel/fax: (4212) 41-61-24

SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP                                     2009 ANNUAL REPORT

Representative Offices of SOGAZ Insurance Group

Regional Divisions of LLC IC SOGAZ-AGRO
Representative office in Barnaul     Representative office in Samara
135, Proletarskaya Str., Barnaul,    Office 2, 10/3,
Altay Territory, 656049              Akademika Platonova Str.,
Tel/fax: (905) 982-33-46             Samara, 443011
                                     Tel/fax: (846) 277-78-59
Representative office in Kazan
Office 205/2, 2V,                    Saransk office
Spartakovskaya Str., Kazan,          13, Kommunisticheskaya Str.,
Republic of Tatarstan, 420107        Saransk,
Tel/fax: (843) 570-42-94             Republic of Mordovia, 430005
                                     Tel/fax: (8342) 23-29-50
Representative office in Kemerovo
Offices 302A, 302B, Omega BC,        Representative office in Smolensk
1/1, Karbolitovskaya Str.,           3, Kievsky per.,
Kemerovo, 650070                     Smolensk, 214018
Tel/fax: (3842) 39-61-56, 39-61-57   Tel/fax: (4812) 62-88-48, 62-88-38

Oryol office                         Representative office in Tula
12, Fomina Str.,                     11, Dzerzhinskogo Str.,
Oryol, 302004                        Central District, Tula, 300001
Tel/fax: (4862) 42-66-52             Tel/fax: (4872) 25-08-26

Pskov office                         Representative office in Yaroslavl
21, Narodnaya Str.,                  28A, Pobedy Str.,
Pskov, 180016                        Yaroslavl, 150040
Tel/fax: (8112) 57-71-11             Tel/fax: (4852) 66-01-39

2009 ANNUAL REPORT                                   SOGAZ INSURANCE GROUP


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