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					           Cell Phone Discount Information

                                NASCOE BENEFITS COMMITTEE

The NASCOE Benefits Committee has spent considerable time researching Cell phone
discount information for our members. While some discounts may be available to all
government employees, the information gathered by the NASCOE Benefits Committee
is reserved for NASCOE Members only. We have done our best to make these
processes as easy as possible, lacking our own MIDAS Team!

Alltel - To apply for a discount with Alltel you will need to contact Kati Fletcher who is
our Alltel Business Affinity Representative. Kati.fletcher@alltel.com (402) 679-0699

Discount available:
                     15% monthly rate plan discount
                     Waived Activation fee
                     Discounts for new phones (change on a Quarterly basis) discounts on
                      certain accessories
                    Available on all plans of $39.99 and higher. Available to new,
                     current and renewing customers (not available on ―My Choice‖
*Not available at authorized agents or retail locations, or through any Alltel Customer
Service Center.

AT&T - AT&T offers discounts to all government employees. Verification of your
eligibility is done through your government email account. Start by visiting
http://www.att.com/gen/general?pid=11625. On the right side of this page you will be
able to enter your work email address. An email will be sent to you with directions on
how to continue applying for your discount.

Department of Agriculture employees:

       • 15% discount on monthly service
       • $25 off Web orders + free shipping*
       • Exclusive sales and deals

In the past we have been requested to provide a FAN #. I was able to access the
government employee discount page without it by following the directions above.
Verizon – In order to receive a discount from Verizon you need to have an existing
account. If you are beginning new service you will be able to apply after your first billing
To begin the process of applying for a discount go to http://tinyurl.com/3omyp9h .
Once there you will need to enter your employer and personal information. The
employer info is as follows:

       1400 Independence Ave
       Washington, D.C. 20250

After you have entered your personal info and click submit you will be requested to
submit your proof of current employment. You will have two options to submit the
requested information. I personally found it easiest to use the fax option and fax a copy
of my earning and leave statement to the fax number provided. You will need to black
out your SS# and dollar amounts. Worked for me!

Sprint - Offer of a discount to government employees, which currently include 27% off
on phones and 10% off on accessories with 15% off on plans. The number I was given
is 1-866-805-9889 and ask for a sales representative. Our Government account code is
GUSDA_zzz. If this does not work in your area my only suggestion is to contact your
customer service 800 numbers on your statement, or go on line to check it out. It is also
my understanding that they will convert your plan to a ―Government Plan‖.

T-Mobile – Offers a 14.3% discount off of their service plans for government employees.
The number used was 1-866-646-4688. If this does not work I only can suggest
contacting T-Mobile through your 800 customer service number on your statement or
trying online.

US Cellular & Centennial Wireless – No discounts available –Comparison was
completed with 2 of the major wireless companies and plans provided are very
comparable with their plans and discounts.

Rural Telephone Nex-Tech Company – (Kansas only) Discount for Federal Government
Employees of 10%
- Must present their drivers license and proof of employment.
- Add-a-lines are eligible for the 10% off as well
- Discount can be applied on published plan of $39.99 or higher
- As of May 1, 2008 - Account must be in the federal employee’s name
- The discount will be applied to the account within 60 days of activation.
- Add-on features such as phone guard, data packages, etc. are not included in the
- The 10% discount cannot be combined with other discounts (i.e. school rebate
program, etc.)

Consumer Cellular - Consumer Cellular, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a
nationwide provider of cellular phones and services. There goal is to provide simple,
high-quality phones, plans and services for affordability, ease of use and guaranteed
satisfaction. Each day they strive to reach that goal by remembering three words:
simplicity, excellence, friendliness.

      Simpler is better. Life is complicated enough without complex phone plans. Our
       mission is to make the benefits of cellular phones easier and less expensive for
       you to enjoy. How? By offering plans that are easy to understand and easy to
       change. By offering phones designed for ease of use and affordability. And by
       not requiring long-term contracts or surprising you with hidden charges.
      Excellent value. We believe you deserve the highest quality at the best prices.
       We offer flexible service plans that fit different needs and budgets, nationwide
       coverage, and a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee. We offer phones for little
       or no cost from the world’s top manufacturers, including Motorola, Nokia and
       Doro. You get anytime, anywhere minutes—and can share those minutes with
       family members. Plus, only Consumer Cellular offers a free automated Usage
       Alerts service that monitors your usage and lets you know whenever you’re close
       to your plan’s included minutes, giving you time to upgrade to avoid overage
       charges. And if you belong to AARP you receive special discounts and offers!




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