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					                                         The Renaissance School
                                          February/March 2010
                                                                  Since the children spend so
  A letter from the Director                                      much time on the farm, this
                                                                  goat thought, why not spend
   We are in the second                 First Grade-models of the some time in the school?
   semester of the school               solar system
   year and the middle of
                                        First/Second Grade-“If I
   the winter season. The
                                        were an astronaut”
   children are comfortable
                                        stories and models of
   with their teachers,
                                        space stations
   classmates and their
   learning environment. It             Third Grade-The life cycle
   has been a pleasure                  of a salmon and a
   getting to know all of               character study of Roald
   the new Kindergartners               Dahl’s book The Twitts
   this year, and visiting
                                        Fourth/Fifth Grades-
   with all of the returning
                                        Influential People mini                                       Dates to Remember:
   students. There are so
                                        reports                                                       • FRI. FEB. 19: KINDERGARTEN
   many wonderful
   learning experiences                 Sixth/Seventh Grades-                                           AUTHORS BREAKFAST 8AM
   taking place each day in             Written report on flight                                      • FRI. FEB. 19: H1N1 CLINIC (FOR
   every classroom. The                 from their Starbase                                             2ND DOSE) 1:30-2:30
   hallway is a wonderful               classes.                                                      • FEB. 22-26: WINTER BREAK
   gallery that gives                   The children are creating                                       NO SCHOOL
   everyone a glimpse at                such fascinating and fun                                      • MON. MAR. 1: CLASSES RESUME
   the work from each                   projects. We are looking
   grade level. We invite                                                                              •   MAR. 8-17: CHAMPLAIN VALLEY
                                        forward to the second          Please come to the University       REGIONAL ART SHOW, UNIVERSITY
   you to browse the                    half of the year and           Mall for the Champlain Valley       MALL
   hallway and view all of              continuing to work with        Regional Art Show from Mar 8-17
                                                                                                       •   FRI. MAR. 12: FUNDRAISER TO
   the fantastic work that              the children in a
                                                                       to see the children’s artwork
                                                                       displayed.                          BENEFIT THE RED CROSS
   the children have                    peaceful, encouraging
   produced.                                                                                           •   WED. MAR. 17: ST. PATRICK’S
                                        and loving way. We wish                                            DAY
   Currently you can view               everyone a happy and
   the following displays:                                                                            • FRI. MAR. 19: 3RD-7TH GRADE
                                        warm winter season!                                             SCIENCE FAIR
   Kindergarten-math                                 ~Leah Mulvey
   problem solving and                                                                                • FRI. MAR. 26: PROFESSIONAL
   animal tracking                                                                                      DEVELOPMENT NO SCHOOL
                                                                                                      • THUR. APR. 8: SCIENE IN MOTION
                                                                                                        DRAMA PRODUCTION 3RD-7TH
                 DIRECTOR’S LETTER      1   EXTRA CURRICULUR       3   WINTER SPORTS         5          GRADES. 6:30 AT THE COMMONS

                 DATES TO REMEMBER      1   MLK DAY                3   SCIENCE AND DRAMA     5        • THUR. APR. 22: EARTH DAY

                 MAIN OFFICE NOTES      2   SCHOOL STORE           3   VALENTINE’S DAY       5          CELEBRATION

                 HAITI BAKE SALE        2   THANK YOU!             3   ECHO                  6        • APR. 26-30: SPRING BREAK

                 PARENT REMINDERS       2   PETRA CLIFFS           4   TAIKO DRUMMING        7          NO SCHOOL

                 CLASSROOM GUIDELINES   2   STARBASE               4   SPACE CAMP TO CLASS   8

  The Renaissance School                                                                                                    Page 1
Main Office Notes                     Bake Sale for Haiti                                   Parent Reminders
In these chilly times, it’s           The terrible earthquake that took                     Please make sure your child
sometimes hard to think about         place in Haiti has affected many                      comes to school every day
what you might be doing this          people in many different ways.                        with appropriate outdoor
summer. Before you know it, the       Haley Harder, a sixth grader at The                   clothing: hat, mittens, coat,
snow will begin to melt, the          Renaissance School, wanted to do                      snow pants and boots. We
crocuses will be poking their         something to help after watching                      don’t want anyone to have to
heads up out of the ground and        the devastation in Haiti on the news.                 stay in from recess and it is
the warm weather will be here.        She saw that local people in                          difficult to borrow clothes from
Our Summer Camp brochures are         Vermont were helping to raise                         other children.
now available. We will be offering    money for the people in Haiti, and
the Summer Pre-School as well as                                                            Children need to have a water
                                      she wanted to do something too.                       bottle every day at school, so
The Renaissance Summer                Haley thought of having a bake sale
Enrichment Academy for children                                                             they can keep themselves
                                      at Renaissance to raise money. The                    hydrated throughout the day.
in elementary school. Brochures       fifth/sixth/seventh grade class made
for both camps are available at the   some delicious baked goods to sell                    Important notices and
school and are posted on our          to our school community. The bake                     information are always posted
website.                              sale was a huge success. Parents                      on the front door, the parent
                                      and students purchased $358.76                        bulletin board, and by the
We feel blessed to have many full                                                           parent mailboxes. Please make
classes for next year. If you have    worth of baked goods! The money
                                      was donated to the Red Cross.                         sure to read the notices before
not submitted a re-enrollment                                                               you pick up your child.
form and deposit or returned your
enrollment agreement for next                                                               Please help your child to clean
year, your child is at risk of not     Below, Ed Dixon and Josh Wolfstein present a         out his/her cubby before the
having a space in the fall. If you     check to the Red Cross on behalf of their class.     February vacation. When you
are unsure of your plans for next                                                           return, please make sure there
year, please call and let us know                                                           is an extra set of clothing in
where you are with your re-                                                                 his/her cubby.
enrollment decisions. For                                                                   If your child stays for late care,
questions, new forms or tuition                                                             please pack an extra snack for
assistance materials, please call                                                           him/her. Children are often
985-2153.                                                                                   hungry in the late afternoon.
Classroom Guidelines                                                                      of the Renaissance Parent
                                      manner and to maintain an
We want to make sure every child      optimal learning environment at                     Handbook. We want to make
has a good experience at The          school. When there is a                             sure everyone in our school
Renaissance School and that the       difficulty, our general classroom                   community understands the
children understand the               guidelines are that children will                   general classroom guidelines.
classroom guidelines and              be given verbal and/or written                      The teachers and administrators
expectations. The Renaissance         reminders. Children may be                          are charged with following these
Code of Conduct is posted in          asked to leave the classroom and                    guidelines, which help support a
every classroom and on the            go to the office, depending                         safe atmosphere for all of the
parent board. Our goal is to          upon the severity and frequency                     children. The parent handbook is
nurture love and respect among        of the problem. Children may be                     a useful resource for
all members of our school             asked to develop a plan of action                   understanding the philosophy
community, to address                 to correct the behavior by the                      and the school policies, and it is
aggressive or disruptive behavior     school administrator. The Code                      on the school website at
in a consistent and effective         of Conduct is on the back page            
 The Renaissance School                                                                                               Page 2
Extra Curricular Activities
This year there have been several        Kelcie Kruk in the second grade.       spring. Movie nights continue to
extracurricular activities taking        Currently, there is a String           be a fun opportunity for the
place at the Renaissance School.         Ensemble group that meets              children to gather in their
In the fall, the children could          every Thursday afternoon at the        pajamas, watch a fun movie, eat
participate in the Fun Runs on           Commons and is taught by               dinner and have a dance party
Monday afternoons, which we are          Nowa Crosby. The next eight-           afterwards. Movie nights are
looking forward to again in the          week session for this group            coordinated by Stephanie
spring. In this activity, the children   starts on April 1st. Please see the    Decarreau, our first and second
gather for a nice jog on one of the      sign up at the bottom of the           grade teacher, assisted by
farm trails, followed by a snack.        stairs. Starting on Monday,            Danielle Harris, our Kindergarten
Many children also joined the            February 15th, our very talented       teacher as well as parent
fencing class which took place at        music teacher Ellie Tetrick will       volunteers. We want to thank
the Commons this fall. This winter       begin guitar lessons which will        everyone for helping to make
there is a Brownie Troop that            meet every Monday through              these activities possible. They
meets once a month at The                March. The parent group is             provide an enriching
Renaissance School. The troop            planning on organizing Chinese         environment for the children to
leader is Sara Kruk, the mother of       classes again this year for the        learn and grow after school.

School Store
The Renaissance School store
sponsored by the parent group will                                The Renaissance School
be open at the farm on Friday’s from                                received a $20,000
2:50-3:20. The store sells Vermont                                anonymous gift from a
Coffee Company coffee, Renaissance                               family in our community.
t-shirts, ceramic and travel mugs,                                 We are exceptionally
pencils and stickers. All profits                                  blessed to have such
                                                                 wonderful support for our
support the Renaissance school’s
                                                                    school. Thank you!
extracurricular activities, and field

Renaissance Remembers Martin Luther King Jr.
All of the classes gathered on the        about Martin Luther King Jr. in         hall with banners in hand,
Monday before Martin Luther King          their classrooms and discussing         singing “We Shall Overcome.”
Jr. Day to hear Louise Piché speak        the civil rights movement. We           We ended the march with the
about this great leader and why he        planned a peaceful march to             children taking turns sharing
contributed so much to our nation’s       recognize this historic figure. The     their own “I have a dream”
history. Louise told stories about        children prepared special               speeches. It was a wonderful
the civil rights movement and             banners with slogans that               opportunity for the children
shared how strong Martin Luther           reflected the message from              to deliver their own messages
King was to fight for equality for        Martin Luther King. We gathered         of peace, hope, justice, and
everyone. After the assembly, the         together that Monday morning            equality for all.
children spent the week learning          and marched up and down the
The Renaissance School                                                                                     Page 3
Climbing at Petra Cliffs
On Tuesday, February 2nd, the          to go again. Upon arrival, we were      this wall, we tried out several
fourth graders traveled to             greeted by a rock climbing              different, and more difficult,
Burlington to visit Petra Cliffs, an   instructor who gave all of us a short   climbing walls. They loved
indoor rock climbing facility. The     lesson on safety and the basics of      rappelling, swinging through the
fourth/fifth grade class has been      scaling the rock wall. The children     air like birds, and laughing with
divided for several weeks on           quickly suited up in their gear,        their friends. Mac Henzel later
Tuesdays, as the fifth graders         special shoes and harnesses while       said, “My favorite part was this
participated in the Starbase           Heather and Leah took on the role       rock wall. If you let go of the
Program at the Air National            of belaying (controlling the ropes      rocks, you could fly through the
Guard. Petra Cliffs gave the           while the children climbed). The        air in your harness!” The
fourth graders an opportunity to       instructor let the children try an      children also took turns on a
experience something fun and           easier wall first, to get warmed up.    bouldering wall without any
educational while their fellow                                                 ropes. At the end of the trip,
                                       The children loved the challenge of
classmates were away.                                                          everyone had tired arms and
                                       making it to the top where they
The children who attended the                                                  enjoyed rest and a snack before
                                       could ring a bell to signal that they
field trip had all been rock                                                   heading back to school.
                                       made it! Once they all mastered
climbing before and were eager

Starbase                                                                            By Stephanie Decarreau

Members of the Renaissance              Burlington, the certified teachers     use of technology; and that is
School community gathered               at Starbase Vermont reaches            only a few of the curriculum
together at Shelburne Farms on          between 1,300-1,400 students           highlights. Starbase teacher Dan
Tuesday, January 26th to watch the      each year. “Students participate       Strider recalled the story of a
fifth, sixth, and seventh grade         in our hands-on, activity-based        former student who came to the
students blast rockets and release      curriculum spanning 25 hours           program in middle school who is
hot air balloons into the winter        over 5 school days. Our ultimate       now attending college in the
afternoon. The student’s wide           goal is to inspire interest in         engineering field.
smiles and proud eyes were              science, technology, engineering
warmth enough for teachers and          and math (STEM). Some of the
parents as they watched the class       core curriculum areas we cover
chase down not only their landing       include physics, chemistry,
aircrafts, but also running toward      design engineering, computer
what seemed like their heart’s          aided design, aerodynamics,
desires. Science was alive and          aviation, navigation, data
inspiring young minds in                analysis, and STEM careers,” said
Shelburne that day.                     Doug Gilman, State Director of
The class is grateful to be             Starbase Vermont.
participating in Starbase Vermont       No student will feign sickness
and exploring matter and energy         with a day at the Vermont
through the study of Aeronautics        National Guard on the schedule.
and Aerodynamics. The program           They upper-grade class has been
started running in 1994 and at that     engaging in lessons involving
time, they had to solicit schools to    Newton’s Laws of Motion, model
participate. Today, with one site in    rocketry, space exploration, and
Rutland and one in South                the development and innovative

The Renaissance School                                                                                    Page 4
Winter Sports                                 Valentine’s Day Poetry Reading
We returned from the winter break to
beautiful white fluffy snow, perfect for      The children in the first/second grade class taught by
the start of our winter outdoor activities,   Stephanie Decarreau, have been working on a special project.
which include cross country skiing and        They have been writing poems with similes to describe
skating. The two activities are rotated       nature, favorite animals and the feeling and meaning of love.
each week. Every class has been               They began by writing about topics using the five senses and
enjoying the snow and skiing on the           then learned how to compare two unlike objects as a tool for
trails at the farm. The kindergarten class    description. The culmination of their hard work was a series
had many children who never skied             of poems entitled, “Love, is like…” One student wrote, “ Love
before. When they returned from their         is like decorating for the holidays…love is like a tender,
adventure with rosy cheeks, they were         crunchy Kit Kat melting in my mouth …love is like a flower
eager to know when they would go              bursting…” All of the children were dressed in beautiful
again. This winter there has been a very      shades of red and pink. The words the children spoke were
friendly goat, named Zola, in the             very touching and it could be seen on the faces of the
farmyard, and she has enjoyed playing         audience that their poetry was deeply felt. They looked so
with the children in the courtyard as they    proud as they took turns one by one reading their work out
practice their skiing. Zola even followed     loud. When the poetry reading was over, the parents sat
the children into the school one              individually with their children to hear their love poems one
afternoon when they were putting away         more time. At the very end of the reading the children and
their skis. The older children enjoyed        parents gathered together to share muffins, cookies and juice.
skiing in the field across from the
courtyard and developing their climbing
skills, as well, by going up and down a
gentle hill.
Sledding has been a big part of recess
every day. The children really look
forward to zooming down the hill with
their friends. They have races to see how
far they can go, and have built several
small jumps. Sledding has become a
highlight of the children’s afternoon.
                                               First and Second Grades Explore Space During
All of the classes are skating at the                        Music and Drama
Commons as part of the physical
education program. The ice has been           Grab your helmets and prepare to shoot to the moon—our
very smooth and provides a perfect            first and second graders are ready to fly!! To enhance the
surface for spinning, racing, and             classroom theme study of the solar system, the first and
practicing. The children have picked up       second graders in Jocelyn and Stephanie’s classes will do a 10
this sport quite easily. They have been       -week session of Space School in drama class. The astronauts
working on stopping, starting, skating        will take their knowledge and create works of art to “show”
backwards, making turns, and being very       their learning. They will sing songs, create dances, and
careful around their friends. They are        present scene-work. Maybe these astronauts will be ready for
usually smiling and laughing as they          Mars in 2015?
glide across the ice. At The Renaissance
School, the physical education program
is designed to promote activities upon
which children can build lifelong skills
and habits. We are so happy to see the
children enjoying these fun winter
The Renaissance School                                                                                Page 5
Heather’s Class Visits ECHO                                                                 By Heather Dudley

On Tuesday January 19th,              a visiting exhibit on frogs of the      questions he had about the
Heather’s class visited ECHO.         world. They had about 10 or 15          exhibits that he saw. All students
The children enjoyed the tidal        different types of frogs from all       used their scientific curiosity to
pool touch tank where they            over the world in mini-habitats.        lead them through the Center.
were able to see, touch, talk         Many were so well adapted to their
about, and learn about the            surroundings that it took quite a       After touring the ECHO Center,
animals they might have seen          while to spot them, the cases were      the class lunched at The Skinny
when Lake Champlain was the           glass. This was a great tie in to the   Pancake, right up the road.
Champlain Sea, after the glacier      3/4 theme studies this year of life     Students ate their bag lunches at
had receded. They were                cycles. The children were able to       the large picnic style table above
especially interested in the          see the changes in habitat from         the kitchen and were able to see
horseshoe crab, and the sea           one frog case to the next. Each frog    their special dessert crepe being
anemone that was in the process       needed something different in           crafted below! As they waited for
of splitting in two! Mac was so       order to survive.                       their sweet treat, a waiter came
intrigued by the animals that he                                              by with fancy hot chocolates and
nearly went up to his armpits in      All three children enjoyed seeing       extra whipped cream! A perfect
the water!                            the new exhibit, "Contraptions,"        surprise for a perfect field trip!
                                      where they explored many
We also made it there for the         motorized gadgets. There was a       On their way to the bathrooms in
first animal feeding of the day in    giant cuckoo clock with working      the Skinny Pancake building, the
the big tank next to the              gears and windows that opened, a     students met a painter who was
shipwreck on the main level.          rope thrower, a kitchen gadgets      in the process of creating an
Students were able to see how         sand scooper, optical illusions and  "endangered animals mural," on
the various fish that live in the     many, many more hands on child       the walls. He told the children
deep parts of the lake feed.          friendly contraptions to try. They   that it had taken him months to
According to their mouth              spent a good amount of time here,    paint, and it would probably be
position and appetite, the            taking turns making each             months more before he was
different fish were fed either        contraption move and watching        finished! The children watched in
squares of fish gelatin or dead       the gears power each part of each    amazement as he spent
fish infused with the fish gelatin.   creation.                            meticulous moments on each
Bottom feeders, such as catfish                                            detail, making every habitat and
were given squares and the            Echo provides online scavenger       animal look as lifelike as possible.
spiny sturgeon were after the         hunts, guides and information for    He explained, when asked by the
lifelike bait! The fish were larger   children, parents and teachers. The students why his work wasn't
than many of us expected and          children were equipped with          hanging in a museum, that this
there were drum fish that looked      pencils, clipboards and curiosity as was just like a museum and his
like they belonged in the ocean.      they gathered information from       work would make people think
The children listened intently to     one exhibit to the next. They        about the world around them as
the feeder during the                 worked as a team to make sure that they went walking by. He
presentation and didn't want to       each student had the information     commented as the children were
leave the feeding! At one point       they needed before leaving an        leaving, that he loves when
the drum fish seemed to be            exhibit and moving to the next       people talk to him as he paints,
mesmerized by Gabriello's             one. Gabriello took his time and     and that the children were so
yellow shirt...the feeder had         filled the scavenger hunt paper out kind and encouraging. He said it
trouble getting him away from         almost completely, Eliza had fun     made his day to see the reaction
the glass!                            learning by watching, touching,      of the children as they were in
                                      and exploring each exhibit and Mac awe of the mural that goes all the
Right now the ECHO Center has         engaged in conversation to answer way to the ceiling!

The Renaissance School                                                                                    Page 6
Taiko Drumming Field Trip And An Interview with Jocelyn Rogers
The first grade class taught by           Burlington Taiko drumming group.      LM: Who can participate in Taiko
Jocelyn Rogers took a very special        It was a wonderful learning           drumming?
field trip to the Burlington Taiko        experience for the children, and a    JR: Anyone! Taiko drumming is a
Drumming Studio. Their teacher            great opportunity for them to see a   great work out too because of all the
Jocelyn is a Taiko drummer herself,       craft that their very own teacher     choreographed movements and
and was excited to share this unique      Jocelyn loves so much. Jocelyn,       dancing. My sensei, Stuart Paton has
Japanese style of drumming with the       who has been drumming since           many beginner and advanced classes
children. Upon arrival to the studio      November of 2006, was happy to        locally. There are children and adult
they were greeted by Stuart Panton        answer some questions with Leah       beginner classes at the Burlington
one of the founding members of the        Mulvey about Taiko Drumming.          studio. He also offers classes in
Burlington Taiko Group. Stuart was                                              Richmond and Montpelier. The
                                          LM: What does Taiko mean and          classes are fun and you learn so much
dressed in his traditional Taiko attire
                                          where did it start?                   because Stuart is such a skilled
which included a special t-shirt, vest
and head band. The children were          JR: Taiko is Japanese for “big drum”. teacher and so knowledgeable. If you
immediately interested in the             Taiko drumming originated in          are interested you should try it!
numerous types of drums that were         ancient India where the drums were
displayed throughout the room. The        often used in religious ceremonies. LM: Where do the Taiko drummers
                                          This style of drumming eventually     perform?
children sat on the floor while Stuart
                                          moved east toward China, Korea        JR: Our group performs all around
gave a brief history about his
involvement with and the origin of        and eventually Japan. In the 1950’s, New England and sometimes beyond!
Taiko drumming. He encouraged             Taiko drumming started being used Locally you will find us performing at
the children to repeat after him          as a performing art in Japan. Then, many festivals and celebrations
                                          a little over forty years ago, my     around Burlington. Stuart also goes
while he used Japanese phrases and
                                          Taiko teacher’s teacher, brought      to schools to lead workshops and
taught them the names of the
                                          Taiko to North America founding       residencies with teachers and
different drums. Stuart
                                          San Francisco Taiko Dojo.             students, and our group performs at
demonstrated the difference in
                                                                                schools as well.
sound between small and large             LM: What are the different types of
drums, and drums built with wood          drums and where are they made?
or plastic. He then allowed the           JR: There are many different types
children to play on the drums on          of Taikos. Some of the drums we
their own. At the end of the              use regularly are the mia daiko, the
discussion, he demonstrated a             drums that are most often played in
traditional dragon dance with a very      performances with multiple
amazing costume and wooden                drummers. The shime daiko, a
mask. The children laughed as he          higher pitched sounding drum and
danced around the room pretending         the okaido a drum that sits
to nibble on their arms (a sign of        horizontally on a stand so that two
good luck) and quietly pretended to       or more players can play it at once.
sleep to a traditional Japanese           The biggest drum is the O daiko it is
lullaby. At the end of the visit Stuart   five feet in diameter with a very
set up rows of chairs with tires on       deep beautiful sound. There are
them where the children could use         taiko drum makers in Japan, but the
their own drum sticks. He led the         Burlington Taiko Group has made
children in a drumming exercise           many of their own drums.
similar to what he does with the

The Renaissance School                                                                                        Page 7
From Space Camp To Classroom Science

With a teacher who just returned        explore symmetry in flight while         March, after simple machines, will
from a week-long summer                 constructing a bird and using            focus on heat, sound, and light. In
adventure at Honeywell’s Space          weights to balance the forces            reading, children in Eve’s class are
Camp for teachers, students in 5th      involved, and in their science studies   focusing on making inferences, and
through 7th grades are                  with their Farm Educator, Peter          using a graphic organizer to record
approaching their science studies       Bullock, the children will learn how     their inferences in three parts:
of matter and energy this year          Newton’s Laws of Motion apply to         evidence from the text and their own
from an unusual perspective. “The       work done with simple machines,          schema (prior knowledge and
ideas of space and flight are           such as wedges, levers, and pulleys,     experiences) leading to an inference.
naturally fascinating to human          while helping with chores in the         They did several examples together
beings,” explains their teacher,        farmyard. When the children resume       with a book that Eve is reading to the
Eve, “and children are no               their science studies in March, they     class (The End of the Beginning by
exception. When I realized that I       will learn more about simple             Avi), and will continue to develop this
could teach these science               machines and how they help to            skill with the books they're reading
concepts through such engaging          reduce the amount of force required      independently. In math, the children
topics, I knew it would capture the     to accomplish a task.                    have been working with formulas for
children’s imaginations, and as                                                  the perimeter of a rectangle or
Albert Einstein said, ‘Imagination is   The children also added depth to         triangle, circumference of a circle, and
more important than knowledge.’”        their studies by learning about the      area of all three of these figures. They
                                        history of flight through research       particularly focused on the derivation
In addition to their weekly             projects. Each student chose an          of the area of a triangle based on
excursions to the Vermont               aviator to study, from the               constructing a rectangle using the
National Air Guard base in South        Montgolfier brothers, who launched       base and height and proving that a
Burlington for the Starbase             the first hot air balloons in 1783, to   second triangle of equal size would
program, the students are also          Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, who         fill the empty parts if cut into two
learning about the concepts of          were the first to circle the globe       pieces (except in the case of a right
force and motion by conducting          nonstop without refueling in 1986.       triangle, in which case it wouldn't be
experiments with new equipment          Each child created a life-size replica   necessary to cut the second triangle).
provided through a grant from the       of his/her aviator and consulted
Vermont Academy of Arts and             books, encyclopedias, and other          Eve Dubois explains, “All of the
Sciences. The collection of physics     resources to find out about the          children’s studies are interwoven,
equipment includes spring scales        person’s life and accomplishments.       enabling them to connect new
to enable the children to measure       The children’s reports also include      learning with prior knowledge and
forces and digital stopwatches for      some analysis, as the children placed    experiences to form an intricate
timing experiments, as well as          their aviator into the context of        mental web that enhances their
pulleys, weights, and other             history by contemplating how that        ability to retain and later remember
materials for setting up and            person was inspired by the               what they learned. This multi-faceted
conducting experiments.                 endeavors of those who came              approach of differentiation strives to
                                        before and how his/her                   provide each child with the best
Special classroom art projects and      achievements contributed                 opportunities for learning and
supplemental studies are also           inspiration and vision to those who      growth, which is the mission of our
connected to space and flight.          came afterward.                          school.” With all of these engaging
Earlier this year, when they were                                                learning experiences, these children
studying electricity and                During February, Eve’s class will        are sure to soar to new heights.
magnetism, children in Eve’s class      follow up on their studies of flight,
created whirligigs using old tennis     their work at Starbase, and the                                    At left, Eve is
balls to capture the sense of           orienteering work that they did in                                 pictured at
spinning most often used to             the fall by working with maps that                                 Mission
                                                                                                           Control at
generate electricity. In an             pilots use. Together with the fifth
                                                                                                           Space Camp
upcoming art project, they will         graders, their next science study in                               in Huntsville,

The Renaissance School                                                                                            Page 8

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