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									The UniveRSiTy of new Mexico

       Recreational Services
       Spring 2009 Catalog

       Students    Policies and Requirements
                   Recreation and Facility Use
                   Fitness                        4

       Faculty     W.O.W.                         5
                   Excel: Adaptive Fitness Program 5
                   Intramural Sports              6
       Staff       Challenge Course               7
                   Getaway Adventures             8
                   The Outdoor Shop              10
       Family      The Bicycle Shop              11
      Recreation Policy
1.	To	enter	Johnson	Center,	UNM	students,	faculty	and	staff	
   must	present	their	LOBO	Card.	All	others	must	present	
   a	valid	Recreational	Services’	pass	accompanied	by	an	
   additional	picture	I.D.	
2.	Students,	faculty	or	staff	without	proper	identification	
   may	be	looked	up	at	the	Recreational	Services’	office.	
3.	Illegal	use	of	an	I.D.	card	will	result	in	the	confiscation	of	
   that	card	and	subsequent	report	filed	with	the	Dean	of	
   Students	or	other	appropriate	department.	Illegal	use	of	
   an	I.D.	card	may	also	result	in	a	suspension	of	recreational	
4.	All	individuals	must	follow	all	policies	governing	each	
   facility	within	and	around	Johnson	Center.
5.	All	patrons	of	Johnson	Center	must	adhere	to	UNM’s,	
   Johnson	Center’s	and	Recreational	Services’	Codes	of	
   Conduct.	Any	individual	who	chooses	not	to	adhere	
   to	any	Code	of	Conduct	or	not	to	follow	the	Entry	
   and	Recreation	Policies	will	be	subject	to	loss	of	all	
  recreational	privileges.
6.	“Door	crashers”	are	also	subject	to	disciplinary	action,	
   including	loss	of	recreational	privileges.
7.	Hours,	availability	of	facility,	policies	and	fees	are	subject	
   to	change	without	notice.

Pass Requirements
Eligible            Pass          Requirements / Restrictions

UNM Students,       UNM I.D.      UNM students, faculty or staff must present a valid UNM LOBO Card, UNM Hospital employees must present their Health Sciences Center ID. May
Faculty & Staff                   sponsor one guest per visit.

UNM Alumnus         Rec Card      Verification from UNM Alumni Relations Office. May not rent equipment from the Outdoor/Bicycle Shop. May check out equipment from the equip-
                                  ment room with Rec Card. May purchase Alumni pass up to 6 months. Spouses and domestic partners of alumni may purchase a Rec Card at the same
                                  fee. Both passes must be purchased together for the same amount of time. May be accompanied by dependents under the age of 18. Dependents
                                  over 18 must purchase a guest pass.

Guest               Guest         Must be sponsored by UNM student, faculty or staff member. Must be accompanied by sponsor at all times. Only one guest per day per sponsor. May
                                  not check out or rent equipment. Recreation hours only.

Legal Spouse        Rec Card      Proof of marriage required. Both parties must be present to apply for the Rec Card. May not sponsor guests. May check out equipment from equip-
                                  ment room. May not rent equipment from the Outdoor/Bicycle Shop. May be accompanied by their children that are under the age of 18. Recreation
                                  hours only.

Dependent           Rec Card      Any natural, legally adopted or step children who are currently unmarried, living at home and between the ages of 18 and 25. Verification of age and
                                  residence required. Both parties must be present to apply for the Rec Card. Dependents may not sponsor guests or family members. Recreation hours
                                  only. May not rent equipment from the Outdoor/Bicycle Shop. Purchased per semester. Children under the age of 18 are not eligible for a Rec Card but
                                  may enter facility with their parents only during Recreation hours. Parents must be physically present and responsible for their children at all times.
                                  Dependents over age 25 must purchase a Guest Pass.

Domestic            Rec Card      Prior to issuance, confirmation of domestic partnership must be obtained by faculty and staff from the Human Resource Benefits Office. Student
Partner                           confirmation from the Dean of Students Office. House Staff Resident confirmation at Health Science Center, Dean for Graduate Medical Education
                                  Office. Confirmation letter must be presented to Recreational Services’ office. Both parties must be present to apply for the Rec Card. Recreation hours
                                  only. May not sponsor guests. May check out equipment from the equipment room. May not rent equipment from the Outdoor/Bicycle Shop. May be
                                  accompanied by their children that are under the age of 18.

                                  Call for pricing information on the above passes at 277-0178
       Recreation Hours
       January 20 – May 15, 2009
                                                                                            until MIDNIGHT!
Facilities managed by Recreational Services during Recreation hours                         Dance Room	               Reservation	Only
include three large gymnasiums; three weight rooms; handball,                               Fitness Room	             Reservation	Only

racquetball and squash courts; wrestling and dance rooms; and several                       Johnson Pool is available for lap swimming
                                                                                            on the following dates and hours until
playing fields. (Must present valid UNM Lobo Card)                                          Olympic and Therapy Pools open
                                                                                            Monday,	Wednesday	&	Friday:	
                                                                                            11:00	am	-	9:00	pm
                                                                                            Tuesday	&	Thursday:	6:00	am	-	8:00	am,	
                                                                                            12:00	pm	-	2:00	pm	&	4:30	pm	-	9:00	pm
                                                                                            Saturday:	11:00	am	-	5:15	pm	
                                                                                            Sunday:	12:00	pm	-	5:15	pm
                                                                                            The following will be the pool hours
                                                                                            when renovation is completed.
                                                                                            Olympic Pool:
                                                                                            Monday	thru	Friday:	7:00AM	-	3:30PM;	
                                                                                            5:30PM	-	9:00PM
                                                                                            Saturday:	10:00AM	-	5:15PM
                                                                                            Sunday:	12:00PM	-	5:15PM
                                                                                            Therapy Pool:
                                                                                            Monday	thru	Friday:	12:00PM	-	1:00PM;	
                                                                                            5:30PM	-	9:00PM
                                                                                            Saturday:	10:00AM	-	5:15PM
                                                                                            Sunday:	12:00PM	-	5:15PM
                                                                                            *Swim	lessons	will	resume	in	the	spring.		
Weight Rooms                               F	                     6:00	pm		 –	9:45	pm       Refer	to	our	website	or	call	our	office	for	
Upper Level – Cardio                       Sat		                  10:00	am		–	5:45	pm       updates.
M-Th		              6:00	am		–	11:45	pm    Sun		                            –
                                                                  12:00	pm		 	5:45	pm
Fri		               6:00	am		 –	9:45	pm    Not	all	gyms	are	available	all	hours.            Entrances, Outdoor & Bicycle
Sat		               10:00	am		–	5:45	pm    Racquetball Courts                               Shops Hours
Sun		                         –
                    12:00	pm		 	5:45	pm    M-F		                  6:00	am		 –	8:00	am       Outdoor & Bicycle Shop:	M-F	8:00	am	-	8:00	pm
Lower Level – Strength                     M,W,F		                          –
                                                                  12:00	pm		 	1:00	pm       East Entrance:	M-R	8:00	am	-	11:45	pm,		
M,W,F	               6:00	am		 –	7:00	am   T,	Th		                          –
                                                                  12:15	pm		 	2:00	pm       F	8:00	am	–	9:45	pm,	Sat/Sun	-	Closed
T,	Th		              6:00	am		 –	6:30	am   M-Th	                          –
                                                                  4:00	pm		 	11:45	pm       West Entrance:	M-F	6:00	am	-	9:00	pm,	Sat	
M,W,F		              12:00	pm		 	2:00	pm
                               –           Fri		                  4:00	pm		 –	9:45	pm       10:00	am	-	5:45	pm,	Sun	12:00	pm	-	5:45	pm
T,	Th		                        –
                     12:15	pm		 	2:00	pm   Sat		                  10:00	am	–	5:45	pm        Abbreviated hours, March14-22
M-Th	                        –
                     5:00	pm		 	11:45	pm   Sun		                  12:00	pm	–	5:45	pm        See posted hours.
Fri		                5:00	pm		 –	9:45	pm   Wrestling Room	           Reservation	Only
Sat		                11:15	am		–	5:45	pm   All dates, hours and facility availability are
                                                                                            *		Almost	MIDNIGHT	–	11:45	pm
Sun		                          –
                     12:00	pm		 	5:45	pm   subject to change without notice.
Faculty & Staff Weight Room
UNM	Faculty	and	Staff	Only
M-TH	                6:00	am		–	11:45	pm
F	                   6:00	am		 –	9:45	pm
Sat		                10:00	am		–	5:45	pm
Sun		                          –
                     12:00	pm		 	5:45	pm

SUB Fitness Center
M-F	                 7:30	am		 –	7:00	pm

M-F		                6:00	am		 –	8:00	am
M,W,F		                        –
                     12:00	pm		 	1:00	pm
T,	Th		                        –
                     12:15	pm		 	2:00	pm
M-TH	                        –
                     5:00	pm		 	11:45	pm
      Fitness: The Works & Next Level Fitness
The Fitness Program offers a variety of wellness and fitness classes and
personal training. Just a few of the many classes offered include Pilates,                                The “WORKS”
yoga, salsa, step, and indoor cycling.                                                                    FITNESS PROGRAM SCHEDULE
                                                                                                          January 16 – May 8

Next Level Group Fitness                                                                                  Advanced Yoga:	M	5:55-7:00pm	Dance	Room		
Classical Jujutsu                                                                                         Breakfast Boost (Pilates): 		M,	W		6:30	-	
Tuesday/Thursday	6:15pm	–	8:15pm	in	JC	Wrestling	taught	by	Dr.	Andrew	Yiannakis	Founder,	                 7:30am,	Wrestling	Room		
Wa	Shin	Ryu	Jujutsu	                                                                                      Bootcamp Outdoor: 		M,	W	5:30	-	6:30pm,	
6th	Dan,	USJA	Jujutsu		5th	Dan,	USJA	Judo                                                                 East	Entrance	Johnson	Field,	begins	March	23		
January	26th			–			May	7th		                                                                              Cardio Kickboxing:			M,	W		7:00	-	8:10pm,	
Forged	on	the	battlefields	of	Feudal	Japan	jujutsu	epitomizes	the	ultimate	in	“mixed”	martial	            Fitness	Room		
arts.	The	system	focuses	on	the	development	of	inner	power,	self	discipline	and	mind	body	                NEW Deep Water Aerobics:	T,	Th	5:30-
harmony	through	the	diligent	practice	of	combative	techniques	involving	striking,	grappling,	             6:30pm,	Olympic	Pool	newly	renovated!	TBA
joint	locking,	throwing	and	pressure	points.	Meditation,	philosophy	and	the	use	of	Japanese	              Hip-Hop Movement:			Friday			5:30	-	6:30pm,		
terminology	and	etiquette	are	also	integral	parts	of	the	course.	                                         Fitness	Room	
Prices	for	class	above	per	person:	$60	–	UNM	Student,	$65-		UNM	Faculty	&	Staff,	                         Lobo Cycling:		M,T,W,	Th,	F	12:00-1:00pm,	
$75	–	Community                                                                                           M,	T,	W,	Th	5:30	-	6:30pm,	JC	Cycling	Room	
Tai Chi Chuan                                                                                             NEW	Mad Ballroom Mix:	W	8:10-9:15	Fitness	
Monday/Wednesday		5:30-6:30	in	Johnson	Center	Rm.	1102                                                    Room
January	26th			–			May	6th		                                                                              Mixed Level Yoga:		T,	Th	6:15	-	7:15pm		
Enjoy	the	serenity	of	Traditional	Yang	Style	Tai	Chi	Chuan,	a	Chinese	system	of	health	and	self	          Dance	Room	
defense	with	ancient	roots.		The	practice	of	Tai	Chi	improves	balance,	posture,	and	strength.		           NEW	NIA:		T,	Th	7:00-7:50a.m.,	M,	W	8:00-
Advanced	practice	also	promotes	a	positive	connection	with	yourself,	other	people,	and	the	               8:50a.m.	Dance	Room	
world	around	you.	                                                                                        Ninjitsu Self-Defense:	M,	W	6:30-	8:00pm	
Prices	for	classes	above	per	person:	$45	–UNM	student,	$55	–	UNM	Faculty	&	Staff,	                        Wrestling	Room		
$65	–	Community                                                                                           Precision Pilates:		T,	Th	12:30-1:30pm	Fitness	
Salsa Partner Dancing Level III                                                                           Room,	Sat.	11:30am	-	12:30pm	Dance	Room						
Monday/Wednesday		8:00-9:00pm	in	the	Dance	Room	with	David	and	Melissa                                    NEW Salsa Aerobics: 	Th	6:15-7:15pm	Fitness	
January	26th				–		May	6th				                                                                            Room
This	is	a	progression	from	the	Salsa	Partner	Dancing	Level	II.		This	class	will	not	only	give	            Salsa Partner Dancing Level I:			M,	W		6:00	
more	advanced	steps	in	Salsa,	you	will	also	learn	other	dances	(Merengue,	Cha-Cha,	Bachata,	              -	7:00pm		Fitness	(M)	Dance	Rm.	(W)	
and	Rumba).	Don’t	worry	about	bringing	a	buddy	there	will	be	plenty	people	to	dance	                      Salsa Partner Dancing Level II: 		M,	W		7:00	
with,	including	the	instructors.	To	participate	in	this	class	you	must	have	taken	Salsa	Partner	          -	8:00pm	Dance	Room			
Dancing	Level	II.		Salsa	partner	dancing	Level	I	and	II	are	available	with	the	purchase	of	the	           NEW	Step N’ Tone: 	W	6:00-6:55pm,	Fitness	
Recreational	Services	“Works”	fitness	pass.                                                               Room
What to expect from this class:                                                                           NEW	Swing Partner Dance: 	T		6:15-8:15pm,		
Salsa techniques:	Double	Turns,	Multiple	Turns,	Neck	drop,	Triple	Lock,	Rotating	Triple	Lock,	            Fitness	Room
Straightjacket,	and	more	                                                                                 Yoga-Level I : T,	Th		7:00-7:55am,	M,	W,	F		
Cha-Cha:	Basic,	5th	position,	Cross-over,	Side	Chase,	Progressive	Forward	and	Back,	Turn,	                12:00pm	-	12:55pm		Wrestling	Room
Chase,	Cross-Body-Lead,	Double	Turn,	All	the	Salsa	Moves	in	Cha-Cha                                       Zumba:				T,	Th	7:15-	8:15pm	Dance	Room			
Merengue: Basic,	with	multiple	different	moves	                                                           Bikes for Lobo Cycling can be reserved 24
Bachata:	Basic,	Turn,	Other	moves	with	progression                                                        hours in advance by calling 277-0178
Rumba:	Basic	Box,	Rotating	Box,	5th	Position,	Cross-Body-Lead,	5th	Position	with		                        Passes:
Under-Arm	Turn                                                                                            “The	Works”	pass	is	valid	for	all	classes	on	the	
Learn	and	practice	a	group	routine	dance	to	perform	at	the	end	of	the	semester	Gala!                      Spring	2009	“Works”	Fitness	Program
Prices	for	classes	above	per	person:	$55	–	UNM	Student,	$65	-	UNM	Faculty	&	Staff,	                       $50.00	UNM	Student	,	$55.00	UNM	Faculty	&	
$75	–	Community                                                                                           Staff	($50	if	you	get	the	W.O.W.	pass)
*Purchase any one Next Level class and a “Works” pass together and get $20 off total price!!!             $75.00	Community	Members.	Pro-rated	prices	
                                                                                                          begin	after	March	13th.	Day	passes	are	valid	
If you a current UNM student it will be $30 off the total!
                                                                                                          for	only	one	class	at	a	time	on	the	Spring	2009	
*	The	classes	mentioned	above	are	goal-oriented	classes.		Each	class	is	a	progression	from	the	one	       “Works”	Fitness	Program	for	a	price	of	$5.00.		
before.		The	space	available	for	participants	is	limited	to	a	smaller	amount	than	is	available	for	the	   Purchasing	of	a	day	pass	may	be	used	for	one-
“Works”	classes	in	order	for	the	instructor	to	focus	on	the	individual’s	needs	and	the	proposed	          time	$5	off	discount	towards	the	“Works”	pass.
goal.		These	classes	are	not	available	for	academic	credit.                                               Purchase	any	ONE	Next	Level	and	the	“Works”	
**All	class	times,	names,	dates,	instructors,	and	locations	are	subject	to	change	or	cancellation	        pass	together	and	get	$20	off	total	price!	If	you	
at	any	time.	Please	check	with	Recreational	Services	to	register	and/or	for	changes	prior	to	the	         are	at	UNM	student	you	will	get	$30	off!	
beginning	of	class.
    W.O.W.                                                                    Personal Training
The World of Wellness One Pass (W.O.W)                                     Recreational	Services	and	the	Exercise	Physiology	Lab	are	working	together	to	
                                                                           help	you	achieve	your	fitness	and	wellness	goals	by	offering	you	a	comprehen-
Recreational	Services	and	EHPP	have	come	together	                         sive	fitness	assessment	that	can	be	purchased	for	a	small	fee	of	$10	when		
to	give	UNM	Faculty	and	Staff	this	amazing	pass!	                          purchasing	a	2009	Spring	“Works,”		W.O.W.	pass,	or	E-Fitness.	The	assessment	is	
What	is	it?	This	is	a	$90	pass	that	enables	UNM	ben-                       available	to	all	UNM	students,	faculty	and	staff.	The	purpose	of	this	assessment	is	
efits	eligible	staff	and	faculty	to	use	their	TUITION	                     to	provide	you	with	a	baseline	measurement	of	cardiovascular	fitness,	muscular	
REMISSION	to	take	a	variety	of	fitness	classes	from	                       strength	and	endurance,	body	composition,	waist	to	hip	circumference,	flexibil-
both	Recreational	Services	Fitness	Programs	E-                             ity	and	lastly	resting	blood	pressure	measurement.	Fitness	assessments	can	aid	
Fitness	(Employee)	and	The	“Works”.	Come	into	                             in	goal	setting,	tracking	of	progress,	evaluation	of	health	related	components	
today	to	sign	up	for	The	W.O.W.	pass	at	Recreational	                      and	motivation!
Services.	Stay	in	shape	with	more	than	20	classes	a	                       NOTE:	Fitness	assessments	can	be	purchased	on	it	their	own	for	a	fee	of	$30		
week!	                                                                     for	UNM	faculty	and	staff	and	$20	for	students	which	will	also	includes	1	sixty		
*NOTE: You may only use your tuition remission benefit for                 minute	session	with	a	personal	trainer	based	on	availability.	
these two combined Fitness programs in the W.O.W. pass (not                Sign up for a Personal Trainer in the month of January and get 15% off
the passes individually).	
                                                                           a “Works” pass or off your Personal Training Package!!!
E-Fitness (Employee Fitness)                                               *	A	free	comprehensive	fitness	test	is	required	prior	to	beginning	of	all	personal	
At	Recreational	Services	we	help	promote	a	healthier	                      training	sessions.
lifestyle	to	enhance	the	well-being	of	our	University	
employees.	E-Fitness’	goal	is	to	guide	you	toward	                         Personal Training - Package I
the	healthier	and		more	vibrant	lifestyle	you	deserve.	                    This	program	consists	of	three	sessions,	totaling	three	hours	with	a	trainer.	You	
                                                                           and	your	trainer	will	cover	topics	and	discussions	on	stretching,	diet,	cardiovas-
Participate	in	classes	across	Campus!	Classes	include,	
                                                                           cular	endurance,	muscular	strength,	realistic	goal	setting,	and	more.	You	will	
Nia,	Yoga,	Circuit	Training,	and	more!	New	for	2009,	is	                   walk	away	with	a	personalized	program	emphasizing	proper	technique,	breath-
our	Personal	Training	open	hour.	Sign	up	throughout	                       ing,	range	of	motion,	order	of	exercise,	and	specified	weights.
the	semester	with	a	trainer	as	part	of	the	E-Fitness	
Program.	Get	the	specialized	training	you	need!	The	                       Personal Training - Package II
E-Fitness	pass	is	$50	for	January	12th-	May	17th.	                         This	program	(six	one-hour	sessions)	is	for	beginning,	intermediate	and	
Better	yet,	sign	up	using	your	TUITION	REMISSION	                          advanced	fitness	levels.
for	the	W.O.W.	pass.	It’s	a	bargain!
                                                                           Personal Training - Package III
                                                                           This	package	consists	of	12,	one	hour	training	sessions.	Keep	your	program	going		
                                                                           while	learning	new	exercises,	getting	stronger	and	keeping	that	weight	off!		

                                                                           Partner Package
                                                                           Bring	a	buddy	and	split	the	cost!		Get	fit	together	-	each	with	your	own	personal-
                                                                           ized	workouts.		Sessions	follow	Package	I	format.	Please	come	together	with	a	
                                                                           similar	goal	in	mind	to	better	help	make	your	sessions	be	used	to	their	fullest	

                                                                           Group Training Package
                                                                           Designed	for	a	small	group	with	similar	goals.	Max	3	people	per	group.	One	
                                                                           trainer	assigned	per	group.	Cut	the	cost	by	learning	the	same	exercises	together	
                                                                           and	making	the	experience	more	fun	and	worthwhile!
                                                                           *Available	in	two	or	four	sessions.	
                                                                           2	sessions-	$75
                                                                           4	sessions-	$135
                                                                           Prices for available personal training packages are as follows:	                     													
                                                                                         UNM	Students						UNM	Faculty	&	Staff
                                                                           Orientation		       $22.00	                    $27.00
                                                                           Partner	Pkg.	      $100.00	                   $120.00
                                                                           Package	I	          $65.00	                    $80.00
All class times, names, dates, instructors, and locations are subject to   Package	II	        $125.00	           								$155.00
change or cancellation at any time. Please check with Recreational         Package	III	      	$230.00	            							$290.00
Services to register and/or for changes prior to the beginning of class.
These classes are not available for academic credit.                       * Pick the days and times you want to meet with your trainer as many times a week!
Some programs brought to you in part by UNM student fees
     Intramural Sports Schedule
Among the team sport activities offered are volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag
football. Single Day/Dual Events: kickball tournament, badminton singles,
tennis doubles, racquet ball and golf singles.

                                                                                        Manager Meetings
                                                                                        All	manager/captain	meetings	are	
                                                                                        mandatory	and	are	held	in	room	1102,	
                                                                                        Johnson	Center.	Those	teams	without	
                                                                                        representation	will	forfeit	the	oppor-
                                                                                        tunity	to	appeal	decisions	on	rules	and	
                                                                                        All	start	dates	are	subject	to	change	so	
                                                                                        the	meetings	are	very	important!	

                                                                                        Sport Clubs
                                                                                        Interested	in	becoming	a	member	of	a	
                                                                                        Sport	Club	or	starting	your	own	Sport	
                                                                                        Club?	Please	contact	the	Recreational	
                                                                                        Services	Department	at	277-0178	for	
                                                                                        more	information.	

                                                                                          Pre-registration for Events:	
Single-Day Events               Manager Meeting               Date (tentative)            For	these	events,	participants	must	
Spot	Shot	Contest	              None	                         Tues.	Jan.	27	              register	at	Recreational	Services,	
3-Point	Shot	Contest	           None	                         Tues.	Jan.	27               Main	Office.	Registration	for	these	
Knockout	Basketball	Tourney	    None	                         Wed.	Jan.	28	               events	will	begin	7	days	prior	to	
Badminton	Doubles	Tournament	   *pre-registration	required	   Fri.	Feb	13                 event.	Registrations	deadlines	
Corn	Toss	Doubles	Tournament	   *pre-registration	required	   Fri.	Feb.	27                are	listed	in	the	Intramural	Sports	
                                                                                          Information	Packet.
Spring Break: March 16-20
Swimming	Pool	Day	              	                             Fri.	March	27
Archery	Singles	Tournament	     *pre-registration	            Fri.	April	24	            Questions??? Comments!!!
Duathlon	                       On-site	registration	         Sat.	April	25             Contact Lisa Romero at 277-0178
Tennis	Doubles	Tournament	      *pre-registration	required	   Fri.	May	1                e-mail:
Grass	Doubles	Volleyball	
Tourney	                        *pre-registration	required	 Tues.	May	5
Golf	Doubles	                   None	                       Thurs.	May	7
                                                                                          Job Opportunities
                                                                                          Recreational Services has
League/Mini-Tournaments         Manager Meeting               Start Date (tentative)	     several opportunities for
                                                                                          student employment. If you
3	on	3	Basketball	League	       January	26	                   Tues.	Feb.	3
                                                                                          are interested in applying,
Dodge	Ball	(6	player)	League	   January	26	                   Tues.	Feb.	3
Co-Recreational	Indoor
                                                                                          please check out our web site
Soccer	League	                  February	16	                  Wed.	March	4                at for job
4	on	4	Flag	Football	Tourney	   March	30	                     Tues.	April	7               descriptions. Pick up an appli-
Slow	Pitch	Softball	League	     March	31	                     Mon.	April	13               cation at our office in Johnson
Co-Recreational	                                                                          Center, Room 1102.
Volleyball	League	        	     March	31	        	        Mon.	April	13
      Challenge Course Program
The mission of the Challenge Course Program is to provide team building activities to University students, staff,
and community by offering unique challenges through the use of low and high ropes courses, cooperative
activities and rock climbing walls. The Challenge Course Program is committed to excellence by offering services
that are safe, fun, and facilitated by an expert and energetic staff. We specifically cater to UNM student groups
and departments.
Cooperative Activities
A	wide	variety	of	activities	are	used	to	
challenge	participants	to	solve	problems	
and	learn	to	work	together	as	a	team.	
Cooperative	activities	are	used	for	all	
age	groups,	either	as	a	warm	up	to	the	
low	ropes	activities	or	by	themselves.	

Low Ropes Course
The	team	building	and	challenge	
activities	offered	on	the	multi-element	
course	at	UNM	build	skills	in	problem-
solving,	trust,	conflict	resolution,	com-
munication	and	listening.	

High Ropes Course
At	25	feet	in	the	air,	the	UNM	High	
Ropes	Course	is	very	unique	in	that	
all	the	elements	require	cooperation	
between	partners	to	accomplish	the	
activities.	This	is	an	exciting	and	chal-
lenging	experience	that	instills	better	
personal	understanding	and	a	strong	
bond	between	team	members	as	they	
help	each	other	succeed.

Recreational Services Climb Time
Rock Climbing Wall
Reopens Mid-March
The	3	Climbing	Walls,	2	Chimneys,	and	
Bouldering	Wall	will	be	open	for	general	
climbing	on	Wednesday	evenings,	
5:30-8:00	pm	this	semester.	All	climbing	
equipment	will	be	provided	and	
instruction	will	be	given	in	climbing,	
belaying,	and	rope/equipment	
handling.	Call	for	pricing	info.
Come join the fun!

Please call 277-0178
for pricing information and
to make reservations.
     Getaway Adventures
The Getaway Adventure Program offers instructional, educational and                     Gear In…Gear Out Sale!
                                                                                        Participate	in	the	largest	Outdoor	
recreational excursions and clinics such as cross country skiing, hiking,               Shop/Bike	Shop	event	of	the	year!	Here	
rock climbing, camping and white water rafting. Other trips include                     is	a	way	for	you	to	sell	your	outdoor	
ancient cliff dwelling exploration, art gallery tours and Zozobra.                      gear	that	is	not	needed	and	get	to	buy	
                                                                                        someone	else’s	gear	you	may	need.	
                                                                                        You	can	even	make	some	cash	out	of	
Attention! UNM students, all trips with are available with a $5.00                      this	event!	Bring	your	used	gear	to	the	
discount! Present valid UNM ID when you register for our Getaway Adventures!            Outdoor	Shop	on	February	18	and	19	
                                                                                        and	register	for	the	event.	The	big	sale	
Cold Weather and Outdoor                    Cross Country Ski Lessons                   will	be	on	February	20th.	Stay	tuned	for	
Camping /Ski Clinic                         Experience	the	natural	beauty	and	          details	on	this	exciting	event	so	start	
Our	Outdoor	Shop	will	have	a	clinic	on	     tranquility	of	cross-country	skiing	and	    digging	in	your	garage	now	to	see	what	
teaching	you	the	basics	of	enjoying	        enjoy	a	scenic	tram	ride	to	the	Sandia	     you	may	want	to	sell!	Restrictions	apply	
the	outdoors	in	cold	weather.	There	is	     Mountains!	$31.00	includes	tram	fees	&	     on	certain	types	of	equipment	sold.	
no	need	to	stay	inside	and	do	noth-         one	lesson.	Beginner	sessions	available.	   Exclusively	for	UNM	faculty,	staff	and	
ing	all	winter!	Come	learn	all	you	need	    January	31,	February	8,	or	February	21.	    students.
to	know	about	proper	outdoor	wear	
and	gear	to	keep	you	active	all	winter	
                                            • Snowshoe Hike                             Scuba Diving Lessons
                                            The	New	Mexico	wilderness	is	perfect	       Get	your	PADI	lifetime	certificate	from	
long!	Clinic	will	be	offered	at	the	UNM	
                                            for	exploring	the	backwoods	during	         the	experts	at	Sandia	Snorkel	and	
Outdoor/Bike	Shop	located	at	the	east	
                                            the	winter.	Snowshoeing	will	grant	you	     Scuba.	$295.00	includes	three	class-
entrance	of	Johnson	Center.	Clinic	will	
                                            access	to	just	about	anywhere	your	         room	and	2	pool	sessions,	one	week-
start	at	6:00	p.m.	Space	is	limited	so	
                                            hiking	boots	won’t.	$30.00	includes	        end	open-water	dive	and	the	use	of	all	
sign	up	early!	Includes	handouts	and	
                                            transportation,	guide	and	one	day	of	       scuba	diving	equipment!	This	intensive	
refreshments		$4.00	for	UNM	Students,	
                                            snowshoeing.	Hiking	classification	will	    class	normally	cost	$350.00	so	take	
$5.00	for	all	others.	Choose	either	date	
                                            vary	with	snow	depth	and	location	of	       advantage	of	this	discounted	offer!	
to	attend	on	January	28	or	February	11.	
                                            hike.	February	7	or	February	22.	           Choose	from	Session	I:	February	12,	14,	
                                                                                        15.	Open-water	dive	February	21	&	22	
                                                                                        Session	II:	March	12,	14,	15.	Open-water	
                                                                                        Dive	March	21	&	22.	Session	III:	April	23,	
                                                                                        25,	26.	Open-water	Dive	May	2	&	3.	
                                                                                        • Shelter and Survival 101
                                                                                        Enjoy	a	wonderful	hike	in	the	wilder-
                                                                                        ness	and	learn	how	to	survive	if	you	
                                                                                        should	unexpectedly	get	lost!	“Kyle	in	
                                                                                        the	Wild,”	our	outdoor	survival	guide,	
                                                                                        will	teach	you	skills	such	as	fire	building,	
                                                                                        shelter	building,	signaling	and	naviga-
                                                                                        tion.	$30.00	includes	transportation,	
                                                                                        instruction	and	equipment.	March	7.	
                                                                                        • Spring Break in the Gila/Lake
                                                                                        Journey	with	us	to	beautiful	Lake	
                                                                                        Roberts	located	in	the	Gila	Wilderness.	
                                                                                        New	Mexico’s	ancient	playground	is	full	
                                                                                        of	hiking,	monolithic	geology,	ancient	
                                                                                        Mimbres	culture	and	art.	We	will	explore	
                                                                                        several	different	features	in	one	of	the	
                                                                                        largest	wilderness	areas	in	the	United	
                                                                                        States.	$170.00	($155.00	for	UNM	stu-
                                                                                        dents)	Cost	includes	two	night’s	accom-
                                                                                        modations	at	Spirit	Canyon	Lodge	at	
Lake	Roberts,	entrance	fees	to	the	Gila	      river	lesson.	$72.00	if	you	have	your	own	      Recreational Services reserves the right to
Cat	Walk,	6	meals	and	guided	hikes	in	        equipment.	Clinic	is	April	29.	River	trip	is	   reschedule or cancel activities without suf-
the	wilderness.	Space	is	limited!	Book	       on	May	2	&	3.                                   ficient enrollment or due to adverse weather
by	March	2nd	to	secure	your	spot!	                                                            conditions. Locations, dates and times are
                                              Whitewater Rafting                              subject to change. More detailed information
March	16-18.	
		                                            May	and	June	is	the	month	to	enjoy	             about the Getaway Adventure Hikes can be
Bike Maintenance Clinic                       spills	and	thrills	on	the	Pilar	Race	Course!	   found in the participant letter. Please inquire
Our	bike	mechanics	at	the	Outdoor	            Half-day	rides	available	in	mid-May	and	        with our front office. To avoid inconveniences,
Shop	and	Bike	Shop	in	Johnson	Center	         early	June.	Cost	and	exact	date	will	be	        you can purchase your trip by phoning in your
will	teach	this	informative	clinic!	Learn	    announced	depending	on	when	the	best	           MasterCard or Visa number. Space is limited
                                                                                              so sign-up early! No refunds for “no shows” or
all	the	basics	of	keeping	your	bike	          whitewater	will	be	available.
                                                                                              cancellations 7 days or less prior to the trip.
tuned	and	safe.	Clinic	will	include	hand-
                                                   Register for these Getaway                 This document is available in alternative for-
outs	and	refreshments.	Clinic	will	be	                                                        mats upon request by contacting Recreational
held	at	the	UNM	Outdoor/Bike	Shop	                       Adventures at                        Services at 277-0718. More detailed infor-
located	at	the	east	entrance	of	Johnson	           UNM Recreational Services                  mation about the Getaway Adventure Hikes
Center.	Clinic	will	start	at	6:00	p.m.	                                                       can be found in the participant letter. Please
                                                   Room 1102 Johnson Center
Space	is	limited	so	sign	up	early!		$4.00	                                                    inquire with our front office. Clinics and work-
per	clinic	for	UNM	students.	$5.00	for	all	             or call 277-0178.                     shops are non-credit with the exception of
others.	March	25.                                                Scuba Diving Lessons.

• El Morro and El Malpais National
Monument Trip
More	than	1,000	inscriptions	left	by	
Spanish	soldiers,	priests	and	governors	
are	inscribed	in	the	stonewalls	of	El	
Morro.	We	will	also	take	a	short	hike	in	
the	El	Malpais	where	we	will	explore	
lava	flows,	tubes	and	a	bat	cave.	$31.00	
includes	entrance	fees,	transportation	
and	guide.	April	18.
• Cebolla/Homestead Hike	
Huge	Ponderosa	Pines,	Alligator	
Junipers,	abandoned	homesteads	and	
Anasazi	ruins	are	part	of	this	unique	
hike	in	the	BLM	wilderness.	$31.00	
includes	transportation	and	guides.	
Long	hike	with	moderate	elevation	
gain.	April	25.
Knot Tying Clinic
Our	Outdoor	Shop	team	will	teach	
you	the	ropes	in	this	knot-tying	clinic.	
Sharpen	up	those	skills	before	you	go	
fly	fishing	and	camping.	Clinic	will	start	
at	6:00	p.m.	Space	is	limited	so	sign	up	
early!	$4.00	for	UNM	Students,	$5.00	for	
all	others.	April	22.
• Outdoor Rock Climbing Getaway 	
Come	learn	how	to	climb	on	this	full-
day	outdoor	adventure.	$48.00	includes	
transportation,	one	day	of	instruction,	
and	all	climbing	equipment	except	for	
climbing	shoes.	Shoes	can	be	rented	
from	local	outfitters.	April	26.	
Fly Fishing the San Juan River
Accomplished	fly	fisherman	Thomas	
Pena	will	teach	you	everything	you	
need	to	know	about	the	exciting	sport	
of	fly-fishing!	$85.00	includes	in-class	
clinic,	equipment	rental	and	weekend	         San Juan River – catch and release only!
       The Outdoor Shop
The Outdoor Shop rents camping and recreational equipment to students,                                                6. The renter will be assessed a $1.00 per day late fee in
faculty and staff for a nominal fee. Athletic accessories, such as tennis and                                         addition to the daily rental fee for all equipment returned
                                                                                                                      past the indicated date of return on the rental contract.
racquet balls, swim goggles and racquetball racquets may also be purchased                                            7. Reservations are accepted Tuesday through Friday
here. UNM departmental discounts available on special basis only.                                                     of the week you need the equipment. Reservations may
                                                                                                                      be made in person or by phone. The full rental fee will be
                                                                                                                      forfeited if the reserved equipment is not picked up by the
RENTALS                                              Tug	of	War	Rope	[3]	 2.00	 4.00	 20.00                           day of the rental or without 24-hour prior notification of
                                                                                                                      cancellation. Refunds will be made by University check or
                                                     Soccer	Ball,	
Backpacking & Camping                                		Basketball,	etc	[3]	     1.00	 2.00	 10.00
                                                                                                                      credit voucher. Rental fees must be paid in person.
	                          Fee/Day		WKEND	 Deposit   Scrimmage	Vests	[3]	 2.00	 4.00	 20.00                           8. No business will be conducted outside normal operating
2	Person	Tent	[3]										 4.00		 8.00	    40.00                                                                     hours. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to be aware
                                                     Flag	Football	[9][3]	      3.00	 6.00	 30.00                     of the Outdoor Shop’s hours of operation. Equipment will
3-4	Person	Tent	[3]	          5.00	 10.00	 50.00     Traffic	Cones	(per	dozen)	 2.00	 4.00	 20.00                     not be accepted at the Recreational Services Office.
5-6	Person	Tent	[3]	          6.00	 12.00	 60.00     Life	Vest	(PFD)	[3]	       2.00	 4.00	 20.00                     9. All prices, policies and hours of operation are subject to
Sleeping	Bag	[1]	[3]	         2.00	 4.00	   20.00                                                                     change without prior notice. Please call the Outdoor Shop
Sleeping	Pad	[3]	             1.00	 2.00	    5.00    [3]	All	renters	must	obtain	damage/repair	
                                                                                                                      at 277-8182 for more information.
Internal	Frame	                                      fee	list.
                                                     [6]	Net,	poles,	ball	&	boundary	rope
Backpack	[3]	                 5.00	 10.00	 50.00
                                                     [7]	Bats,	3	bases,	home	plate	and	mush/soft-
                                                                                                                      For Sale at the Outdoor Shop:
External	Frame	                                                                                                       Tennis	Balls	             Racquetballs
Backpack	[3]	                 3.00	 6.00	   30.00    ball
                                                     9]	Pull	flag,	football	&	scrimmage	vests                         Athletic	Tape	            Yoga	pads
Day	Pack	[3]	                 2.00	 4.00	   20.00
                                                                                                                      Hand	Balls	               Eye	Guards
Fanny	Pack	[3]	               1.00	 2.00	   10.00    Bicycles (Rental Package                                         Swim	Caps	                Racquetball	Gloves	
Backpack	Stove	[2]	[3]	 2.00	 4.00	         20.00    Recommended)
Camp	Stove	[2]	[3]	           2.00	 4.00	   20.00                                                                     Swim	Goggles	             Whistles	&	Lanyards
                                                     	                     Fee/Day	 WEND	Deposit                      Ear	Plugs	                	U-Locks
Lantern	[3]	                  2.00	 4.00	   20.00    Bicycles	[10][3]	     10.00	 20.00	 150.00
Poncho	[3]	                   2.00	 4.00	   20.00    Helmet	[3]	           1.00	    2.00	    10.00
[1]	Mandatory	$1.00	cleaning	fee
                                                                                                                      Excellent Rates
                                                     [3]	All	renters	must	obtain	damage/repair	
[2]	Coleman	Fuel	only	-	not	included                 fee	list.                                                        on Weekend Rental Packages
[3]	All	renters	must	obtain	damage/repair	
fee	list.
                                                     [10]	Helmet	required	for	rental.	Must	provide	                   Friday-Monday
                                                     your	own	or	rent	one	of	ours.	Proof	must	be	
Cross Country Skis & Snowshoes                       provided	at	time	of	rental.	                                     Located in Johnson Center,
Cross	Country	
                       Fee/Day	WKEND		 Deposit       We now offer package bike rental deals                           at the East Entrance
                                                     for multiple days. Stop by the Bike                              All Transactions must be
Ski	Pkg		[3]	[4][5]	      5.00	 10.00	 60.00
                                                     Shop for further information
Cross	Country	                                                                                                        completed by 8 pm
Skis	[3][5]	              4.00	 8.00	      40.00     Rental Policies                                                  OUTDOOR SHOP BUSINESS HOURS:
Cross	Country	                                       1. Only University of New Mexico students, faculty and
Boots[3][5]	              2.00	 4.00	      20.00     staff may rent equipment or purchase merchandise from            Monday	-	Friday,	8:00	am	-	9:00	pm	*
Cross	Country	                                       the Outdoor Shop. Valid UNM I.D. required. New Mexico            Saturday	&	Sunday,	CLOSED
                                                     state tax law prohibits us from accepting UNM alumni ID
Poles	[3]	                2.00	 4.00	      20.00     cards.                                                           *hours	subject	to	change	
Gaiters	[3]	              2.00	 2.00	      20.00     2. A deposit for each item rented must be left at the            Phone	277-8182	
Aluminum	                                            Outdoor Shop. Your deposit will be refunded to you upon          Check	us	out	on-line	at:
Snowshoes	[3]	            6.00	 12.00	 60.00         return of all equipment and payment of any additional  
                                                     rental, cleaning, damage, repair or replacement fees.
[3]	All	renters	must	obtain	damage/repair	           Deposits will only be returned to the renter as indicated on
                                                     the rental contract.                                             Outdoor and Bike Clinics 2009
fee	list.                                                                                                             Cold Weather & Outdoor Camping/
                                                     3. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that all of the
[4]	Skis	(waxless),	boots	and	poles                  equipment is complete and in the condition as indicated          Ski Clinic -	January	28	&	February	11
[5]	Salomon	SNS	Profil                               on the rental contract before the equipment leaves the           Bike Maintenance Clinic -	March	25
                                                     Outdoor Shop.
Recreational & Sporting                                                                                               Knot Tying Clinic	-	April	22
	                      Fee/Day	WKEND	     Deposit    4. The length of rental is determined by counting the
                                                     number of days following the date of rental to the date          Clinics	will	start	at	6:00p.m.	in	
Volleyball	Set	[6]	[3]	 5.00	 10.00	       50.00     of return. For example: Monday to Tuesday is one day.
Volleyball	Net	[3]	       2.00	 4.00	      20.00                                                                      the	Outdoor	Shop.	Pre-register	at	
                                                     Monday to Wednesday is two days. Minimum rental is one
Volleyball	[3]	           1.00	 2.00	      10.00     day. Special rates may apply during University holidays          Recreational	Services	front	office.
Softball/Mushball	                                   and Outdoor Shop closures.                                       Space	is	limited	so	sign	up	early!
Set	[7][3]	               3.00	 6.00	      30.00     5. All returned equipment will be inspected immediately          Outdoor Shop Event of the Year!
Softball	Glove	[3]	       1.00	 2.00	      10.00     upon its return. If the equipment is found to be damaged
                                                     or incomplete, you will be charged an additional fee.            Gear	In…Gear	Out	Sale,	February	20th!		
Horseshoe	Set	[3]	        1.00	 2.00	      10.00     Renters will also be assessed cleaning fees for equip-           See	Getaway	Adventure	Calendar	for	
                                                     ment returned wet or dirty.                                      more	information.
      The Bicycle Shop
The Bicycle Shop is a complete bicycle repair facility, servicing all makes of                                 5. All bicycles are repaired on a first-come, first-served
                                                                                                                  basis. Appointments may be made with the mechanic
bicycles and non-motorized wheel chairs.                                                                          on duty.
                                                                                                               6. All prices, policies and hours of operation are subject
                                                                                                                  to change without notice.
SERVICE PACKAGES                                 Headset	installation	
                                                 Headset	overhaul	
                                                                                                               7. For installment of bike parts, all clients must fill out
Complete Tune Up                      $30.00     Hub	(front)	overhaul	                              4.00
                                                                                                                  (complete) manufacturer’s warranty or registration
•	Brake	Service                                                                                                   forms and sign waiver allowing UNM bicycle mechan-
                                                 Hub	(rear)	overhaul	                               5.00          ics to install (new) bike parts.
•	Drive	Train	Service                            Pedal	installation	                                2.00
•	Minor	wheel	true                                                                                             8. Authorized staff only allowed within bicycle shop
                                                 Pedal	overhaul	(pair)	                             6.00
•	Adjust	bottom	bracket,	headset,	front	and	
   rear	hubs
                                                 Tube	replacement	                                  1.00       BICYCLE
                                                 True	wheel	[2]	                                    5.00
•	Inspect,	secure	and	position	seat,	stem		      Wheel	building	[3]		                              30.00       (Rental Package Recommended)
   and	handlebars                                	           	
                                                                                                               	                          Fee/Day	 WEND	Deposit
•	Inspect,	secure	and	position	all	remaining	    [1]	Shipping	not	included	or	available	                       Bicycles	[10][3]	          10.00	 20.00	 150.00
   accessories                                      through	the	Bicycle	Shop.                                  Helmet	[3]	                1.00	    2.00	   10.00
•	Complete	overall	safety	inspection             [2]	Minimum	charge.	Actual	price	may	be	                      [10]	Helmet	required	for	rental.	You	provide	your	
	 (includes	minor	cleaning)                         higher	depending	on	condition	of	wheel.                    own	or	rent	one	of	ours.	Proof	must	be	provided	at	
                                                 [3]	Parts	not	included	in	price.                              time	of	rental.
Complete Overhaul                     $45.00
•	Complete	Tune	Up                               Note:		Many	repairs	may	not	be	made	unless	                   [3]	All	renters	must	obtain	damage/repair	fee	list
•	Complete	wheel	true                              the	bicycle	and/or	parts	have	been	thor-
•	Overhaul	and	adjust	bottom	bracket,	head-        oughly	cleaned.	A	cleaning	fee	may	be	
                                                                                                               BICYCLING at UNM
   set,	front	and	rear	hubs                                                                                    (Taken	from	Bicycling at UNM - Maps and
                                                   assessed	by	the	mechanic	on	duty.	Any	
•	Minor	cleaning	of	all	components                                                                             Regulations	pamphlet)
                                                   cleaning	fee	will	first	be	discussed	with	
•	Complete	overall	safety	inspection               the	customer.                                               1.	UNM,	like	most	universities,	has	designed	its	
                                                                                                               on-campus	facilities	with	pedestrians	in	mind.	
SERVICE OPTIONS                                  WHEELCHAIR SERVICES                                           Bicyclists,	like	motorists,	must	ride	so	as	not	to	
Assemble	Bicycle																			    $45.00    Limited	wheelchair	service	options	are		                      endanger	or	impede	pedestrian	traffic.	In	all	
Box	bicycle	to	ship	[1]	                 10.00   available	at	the	Bicycle	Shop.	Please	call	in	                situations,	pedestrians	have	the	right	of	way.2.	
                                                 advance	for	more	information!                                 Bicycles	are	not	to	be	locked	or	stored	so	as	to	
Brake	adjustment	                         2.00
                                                                                                               block	entrances	or	exits,	obstruct	wheelchair	
Brake	pad	installation	[3]	               5.00
Bottom	bracket	adjustment	                3.00
                                                 REPAIR POLICIES                                               ramps	or	present	a	hazard	to	blind	pedestri-
                                                 1. Only University of New Mexico student, faculty or staff    ans.	Bicycles	so	parked	will	be	impounded.3.	
Bottom	bracket	overhaul	                  6.00      may have their bicycle serviced at the Bicycle Shop.       Bicycles	may	be	parked	only	at	bike	racks.4.	
Chain	repair	and	cleaning                           Valid UNM identification required.                         Bicycles	are	a	hazard	in	hallways	and	class-
		or	installation	                        4.00   2. All prices do not include parts. If new parts are needed   rooms	and	are	not	permitted	in	University	
Freewheel	or	cassette	removal	            1.00      to complete the repair, you will be contacted prior to     buildings,	with	the	exception	of	residence	halls.
Derailleur	adjustment	                    5.00      the installation to obtain your approval.                  Bicycles	that	are	found	to	be	in	violation	of	
Fork	installation	                        7.00   3. All prices are based on average repair time. If an         Paragraphs	2	to	4	will	be	impounded	by	UNM	
Handlebar	tape	or	grip	installation	      2.00      excessive amount of time over the average is needed,       Police	and	kept	at	the	Campus	Police	office	
Headset	adjustment	                       3.00      additional charges may be assessed.                        until	claimed	by	the	owner	with	proper	identi-
                                                 4. All work is guaranteed for 30 days.
                                                                                                               fication	for	owner	and	bicycle.	The	UNM	Police	
                                                                                                               Department	will	not	be	held	liable	for	damage	
                                                                                                               to	the	securing	devices	such	as	chains	and	
                                                                                                               U-locks.	In	addition,	bicyclists	are	expected	to	
                                                                                                               obey	state	and	city	traffic	regulations.	Almost	
                                                                                                               without	exception,	traffic	codes	in	New	Mexico	
                                                                                                               apply	equally	to	bicycles	and	motor	vehicles.
                                                                                                               Be sure to register your bicycle with the
                                                                                                               UNM Police Department!
                                                                                                               The Bicycle Shop is located in Johnson
                                                                                                               Center, East Entrance.
                                                                                                               Bike mechanics on duty from 9am - 8pm
                                                                                                               only (Mon.-Fri).
                                                                                                               BICYCLE	SHOP	HOURS
                                                                                                               Monday	-	Friday,	9:00	am	-	8:00	pm*
                                                                                                               Saturday	&	Sunday,	CLOSED
                                                                                                               Phone	277-8182
                                                                                                               *	Hours	subject	to	change
                                                                                                               * Notice: Bikes left after 21 days will
                                                                                                                  receive a daily storage fee of $1.50/day.
                                                                                                                  Bikes left over 120 days unattended
                                                                                                                  after completion will be turned over to
                                                                                                                  campus police.
    Recreational Services Office
    Johnson Center, Room 1102               Recreational Services’ Code
    Phone 277-0178;                         of Conduct
    FAX 277-4380                            1. Respect Johnson Center facilities
    Office Hours:                              and equipment.
    M-F, 7:30 am - 9:30 pm                  2. No violent or aggressive behavior.
    Sat, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm                    No foul or offensive language.
    Sun, 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm                    Show good sportsmanship.
    Web Page:                               3. Be courteous to others. Show                        respect for the privacy and
                                               property of others.
                                            4. Wear appropriate attire in each area
                                               of the facility.
                                            5. Follow all policies, procedures and
                                               regulations for the use of Johnson
                                            6. Adhere to all University of New
                                               Mexico and Recreational Services
                                               policies, rules and regulations.

*Recreational	Services	reserves	the	right	to	change	policies,	programs	and	services	
throughout	the	academic	year.	
This	document	is	available	in	alternative	formats	upon	request	by	contacting	
Recreational	Services	277-0178.
Some programs are brought to you in part by your student fees.

                                         Recreational	Services,	Division	of	Student	Affairs

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