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					 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
(NHLBI) Knowledge Network Web Portal
   DRAFT Functional Requirements
                     Developed For:

         National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
               31 Center Drive MSC 2480
                Building 31, Room 4A10
               Bethesda, MD 20892-2480

                     Developed By:

                 Knowledge Media, Inc.
           3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700
                  Bethesda, MD 20814

         Under Contract OPM-01-05-D-001;[ with
          U.S. Office of Personnel Management
                     GoLearn Division

                   Work Order: TBD
                  Purchase Order: TBD
                   Project Code: TBD

               Submission 1: April 3, 2009
                                                          TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.0 INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................................ 1
1.1 Purpose ........................................................................................................................................... 1
1.2 Background ..................................................................................................................................... 1

2.0 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS .................................................................................................. 3
1.1 Introduction...................................................................................................................................... 3
1.2 Requirements Matrix ....................................................................................................................... 3

Appendix A- Team and User Meeting Notes ....................................................................................... 17

                                                 SECTION 1.0
1.1 Purpose. The purpose of this project is to provide consulting services and products for the planning, prototype
development, pilot testing and evaluation of a knowledge network portal and selected associated applications and
functions for NHLBI’s new global knowledge network. An NHLBI KN will be established in 2008 to address
cardiovascular, pulmonary and hematology topics and activities important to the overall mission of the Institute.

This functional requirements document is intended to be a living document, subject to change based on team
experience and user feedback. This first version focuses on the immediate requirement of COP functions and

1.2 Background. The NHLBI recognizes that in order to harness the full potential of science and research
discoveries, a new systems approach to knowledge management is required. The concept and the creation of a
national KN, as recommended by national thought leaders and other experts on various occasions, will bring the
power of an integrated network to bear on maximizing the yield from cardiovascular, pulmonary, and hematology
knowledge. The KN, once established, will help optimize the return on the current and future research investment
and accelerate the application of scientific advances in the prevention and treatment of diseases of importance to
the overall mission of the Institute.

The goal of the NHLBI KN Portal is to provide a single point of access to aggregated information that is constantly
processed and transformed by people into practices to improve heart, lung, and blood health. Specific objectives

       To launch, by April 2009, the NHLBI KN Web Portal with basic features to provide a community of practice
       To establish, by July 2009, at least three communities of practice with sustained activities for at least 3
        months. The communities will be determined in consultation with the Project Officer and would be selected
        from among NHLBI groups including: the pediatric CVD guidelines development panel, We Can! partners,
        National Asthma Education and Prevention Program partners, Community Health Workers, etc.

The estimated user population is 10,000 for the first year growing to 100,000 over the next few years.

The KN will be organized around four major expertise hubs:

    1. Knowledge Generation—the research community that will be called on to increase the translatability and
       applicability of research.

    2. Knowledge Translation and Dissemination—the government agencies, national voluntary and professional
       organizations, credentialing bodies, and foundations that will be called on to more effectively synthesize the
       knowledge base and facilitate wide-scale dissemination of that knowledge.

    3. Knowledge Utilization—those in clinical practice and in community programs who will be called on to more
       effectively apply the science in their settings in order to achieve high-impact performance and improve
       health outcomes, and to evaluate their efforts and communicate their experiences to the other hubs of the

    4. Knowledge Technology—those working in the knowledge technology field who will be called on to develop
       and implement new systems approaches to knowledge management, ones that can link with various
       knowledge communities and promote performance-focused and information-based strategies and

The KN will be designed to:

    1. Connect research and practice in a continuous learning loop involving knowledge generators,
       translators/disseminators, utilizers, and technologists;

    2. Identify knowledge gaps for informing future research opportunities;

    3. Manage emergent knowledge for rapid translation through more effective approaches to synthesize and
       organize evidence around priority diseases and conditions;

    4. Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration between/among key knowledge components, i.e.
       synthesizing and organizing knowledge to drive clinical decision support and other applications; and

    5. Accelerate the use of research-based evidence to improve health outcomes through high-impact clinical
       and public health strategies.

The KN will interconnect and link knowledge communities and stakeholders, and provide opportunities to promote
evidence-based, performance-focused, information-driven prevention strategies and collaborations across the life
span. It will also facilitate full and timely utilization of the advances in biomedical research and knowledge
technology and narrow the gaps between research discovery and application.

Additional background on the concept of the NHLBI KN is available upon request in the summary report of The
Future State of Cardiovascular Disease: Today’s Decisions…Tomorrow’s Outcomes—A National Heart, Lung, and
Blood Institute Strategic Planning Conference to Create a Knowledge Network to Improve Cardiovascular Health.

                                                    SECTION 2.0
                                 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS
2.1 Introduction. This section describes functional requirements for the NHLBI Knowledge Network (KN) web

2.2 Requirements Matrix. The following matrix is the master Knowledge Media, Inc. SYNERGY
Knowledgeware KN Functional Requirements Specification Matrix. The matrix has been completed to indicate
specific functions based on the latest updates and priorities indicated by NHLBI. This current version focuses on the
Communities of Practice (COP) section since this is the immediate priority but also reflects the prior KN
specifications, based on the SOW and NHLBI discussions.

The following assumptions apply to this table:

         If the function is not checked for any option, it is considered not relevant to this application.

         If there are multiple options for the same feature, one option is selected. Examples include virtual meeting
          software options and authentication options.

         The functions are phased based on the SOW and potential requirements that may be applicable in the

#         SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function                       1 2 3 Description/Comments
1.0       Portal Home                                             X
            Organizational News Feeds                                X     Newsfeeds of portal activity or
                                                                           organization content
             External News Feeds                                     X     Dynamic real-time news feeds from a
                                                                           set of selected sources by keyword
             New Rotating Content                                    X     New ingested content displays
             COP News based on Membership                         X        COP news and events rotate
             Hot Item Rotating Content                                     Displays topical items marked as such
             New Member Tour                                         X     Describes CKN and capabilities
             Personalized Content                                    X     Customizes based on profile
             Personalized Home                                       X     Customizes based on role and profile
             Easy Home Edit                                       X        Allows easy modification of home page
                                                                           format by editor
             Click Data Tracking                                         X Tracks all user activity and aggregate
             Selectable Widgets                                          X Allows custom configuration of portal
                                                                           home page based on user preferences
2.0       Communities of Practice
            COP Home                                              X          Single home nexus that provides a
                                                                             summary view of all key COP
                                                                             information, events and topical

#   SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function        1 2 3 Description/Comments
    COP Home with tailored widgets                  X Ability to tailor the COP home to
                                                      personal needs or role needs
      COP Directory                          X        Directory of members, organizations
                                                      and contacts info without exposing
                                                      data to those unauthorized
      Moderator Blog                            X     Easily maintained blog feature for
      COP Calendar                           X        Clickable calendar with links to events
                                                      and tasks
      Private COPs                           X        COPs only accessible by members
                                                      added by authorized moderator
      Public COPs                            X        Accessible to anyone
      Membership COPs                           X     Accessible to members of a
      Pay-per-View COPs                         X     Event or short-duration COPs in
                                                      support of an event or conference
      Contribute COP Content                 X        Upload of content, documents, video to
                                                      COP only. Not accessible by general
                                                      search unless specified. Uses at least
                                                      minimum NHLBI metadata
      COP Forum                              X        Private forum threads accessible only
                                                      to COP members
      COP Chat                               X        Real-time live chat with store
      COP Webcasts                              X     Simple webcasts of group meetings or
      COP News Feed                             X     Custom news feed related to COP
      COP Surveys                               X     Surveys supporting COP topics or data
      Delphi Method Decision Technique                Advanced COP decision process
      Store Chat Transcripts                    X     Store and index chat transcripts as
                                                      content items
      Document Exchange                      X        Exchange, upload, download,
                                                      checkout and edit documents in a COP
      Virtual Meeting Collaboration          X        Virtual meetings with chat, screen
                                                      sharing, whiteboarding, video, audio
                                                      and archiving
       WebEx MeetMeNow                       X        Choice TBD
       Citrix GoToMeeting                    X        Choice TBD
       Microsoft Office Live Meeting         X        Choice TBD
       Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro             X        Choice TBD
       SYNERGY Virtual Meeting               X        Choice TBD
       Auto Archive Virtual Meetings         X        Archive, metatags and indexes
                                                      meetings for easy search

#   SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function              1 2 3 Description/Comments
      Co-Authored Article Development              X        Document sharing and editorial review
                                                            of co-authored articles
      Record Editorial Comments                       X     Allow posting of comments on any
                                                            uploaded content or supporting content
      Email Other COP Members                      X        Allow email to all COP members or
                                                            certain members without exposing
      Add COP Members                              X        Permit easy addition of members by
                                                            other members or only the moderator
      Assign Tasks to COP Members                     X     Assign tasks to specific members as
                                                            part of a COP action plan
      COP Member Action Plan                          X     Assign specific tasks to a member
                                                            action plan
      Assign Task to Outlook Tasks                    X     Transfer tasks to Outlook
      COP News Feed                                   X     News feed based on COP activities for
      COP RSS Feed                                    X     RSS feed for subscription by interested
                                                            non-COP members
      COP Virtual World Meeting Space                     X Virtual world conference meeting
                                                            space for group collaboration and
                                                            presentations                                    X
      COP Event Management                             X     Manage, schedule and archive events
                                                             such as virtual meetings, live meeting,
                                                             live chats
      Moderator Management Interface               X         Moderator only interface with
                                                             necessary management capabilities
      Moderator Editorial Email Workflow           X         Optional approval or review of all COP
                                                             content by moderator
     Editorial Peer Review and Vetting                     X Optional multi-reviewer process to
                                                             permit structured vetting of ingested
                                                             content with email workflow
    COP Social networking bookmark functions           X     Ability to bookmark and share content
                                                             on other social networking sites
       Digg                                            X     Bookmark icon option
       Reddit                                          X     Bookmark icon option
       LinkedIn                                        X     Bookmark icon option
       Facebook                                        X     Bookmark icon option
       Delicious                                       X     Bookmark icon option
       Mixx                                            X     Bookmark icon option
       Propeller                                       X     Bookmark icon option
       Yahoo!                                          X     Bookmark icon option
       Buzz                                            X     Bookmark icon option
    COP Virtual Conferences                        X         Ability to deploy and assignvirtual
                                                             conference events
    COP Archived Meetings                          X         Archive live, virtual or teleconference

#   SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function                 1 2 3 Description/Comments
    COP PDA integration                                  X     Ability to push alerts and content to
    Sharing of Lessons Learned/Feedback               X        Easy posting of best practices and
                                                               lessons learned via forum or content
    COP Integrated Learning Plans                        X     Integrated COP dimension of individual
                                                               learning plan by COP role or target
    COP Action Plans                                     X     Action assignment and reassign via
                                                               action plan list and tab
    COP Public comment mechanisms                     X        Ability to comment on posted
    COP RFA promulgation                              X        Ability to post draft RFAs or final RFAs
                                                               in a COP context
    COP Surveys                                          X     Easy creation and deployment of
                                                               surveys as data collection tools or
                                                               assigned action tasks
    Guidelines Implementation Survey                     X     Survey instruments to collect
                                                               structured data
    Structured longitudinal data collection and              X Survey instruments to collect
    reporting                                                  structured data
    Training curriculum by role                          X     Ability to display a curriculum by role
                                                               via individual learning plan
    Competency analysis and certification                    X Ability to assign content, learning and
                                                               events based on competency
                                                               requirements, criticality and role
    CPE credit                                               X Ability to provide CPE credit for COP
                                                               learning events
    Academic credit                                          X Ability to provide academic credit for
                                                               COP learning events
    Continuous Feedback Loop                             X     Robust integrated user rating and
                                                               comment functions throughout COP
    Dynamic Environment                                  X     Robust integrated user rating and
                                                               comment functions throughout COP
    User Comments                                        X     Robust integrated user rating and
                                                               comment functions throughout COP
    Ability of grantees to post content               X        Ability to upload content and correct
                                                               metadata in accordance with RFA
    COP E-newsletters                                    X     Ability to generate a push e-newsletter
                                                               summarizing latest COP activities to
                                                               members and target audience
    COP Alerts                                           X     Ability to generate scheduled or on-
                                                               demand alerts for subscribed or critical
                                                               COP content or events
    COP New Member Orientation                        X X      An initial orientation for new COP

#     SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function                  1 2 3 Description/Comments
                                                                  members based on roles
      Combine ―push‖ and ―pull‖ technologies (i.e.       X X      Integration of push tools, such as
      COP and email/social networking tools)                      automatic alerts, member emails with
                                                                  pull display of COP content through
                                                                  the KN portal
      Twitter Integration                                       X Ability to twitter and collect twitter
                                                                  content for posting with a twitter topic
      Public and private areas                           X        Support for private and public areas,
                                                                  features and meetings in the COP by
      Multilingual international support                        X Support for editorial translation support
                                                                  and multilingual chat and support
      Performance measurement in support of                 X     Summary metrics reports where
      NHLBI outcomes                                              feasible to track outcome impact
      Alignment with NHLBI strategic plan and               X     Ability to set and display mission
      performance plan                                            alignments in COP
      Moderator control and management features          X        Ability for moderator to control COP
                                                                  settings from COP based on higher
                                                                  permissions settings
      Ability to change or tailor COP features in               X Settings screen to configure or
      management system                                           reconfigure COP features and COP
                                                                  home display
      Add events to Outlook calendar                            X Ability to click to add an event
      Add events to Google calendar                             X Ability to click to add an event
      Add events to Yahoo calendar                              X Ability to click to add an event
      Add dynamic Wikipedia style interface for
      document collaboration
      Yahoo answers
      Privacy Setting
      Allow Friends to view
      Members can create an event
      I phone application
3.0   Alerts
         Generate Alerts                                     X     Generate scheduled push email alerts
                                                                   of new content, COP activity
        Manage Alerts                                        X     Allows a member to manage, delete
                                                                   and modify alerts subscriptions
        New Content Alerts                                   X     Email alerts of new content
        Content Change Alerts                                    X Email alerts of changes to mission
                                                                   critical content
        Alerts RSS Feeds                                         X RSS feed of alerts topics to which
                                                                   users may subscribe
4.0   Search                                             X
       Basic Search                                      X          Basic keyword search
       Advanced Search                                   X          Complex advanced search based on
                                                                    specific fields
       Search by Taxonomy                                X          Search based on categories

#   SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function             1 2 3     Description/Comments
     Search by Date                               X         Search based on date range
     Search by Content Type                       X         Search based on content types
     Search by Vetting Level                         X      Search based on defined vetting
                                                            levels, such as editorial review, peer
                                                            review, source pedigree
     Search Access by Role/Access Level               X     Search based on user access level
     Search Controlled/Limited Content                X     Search of restricted, proprietary,
                                                            limited, export-controlled or DS
                                                            restricted content
     Unified Search Results from Multiple             X     Search of results from a predefined set
     Sources                                                of sources such as PubMed, DTIC,
     Concept Map Search Results Display                     Display of results in a visual concept
                                                            map based on semantic analysis
     Hierarchical Search Results Display                  X Display of results based on the
                                                            components of the content
     Content Genealogy Search Results                     X Display of the content based on the
                                                            relationships of the content in time
     Storing of User Searches                         X     Storing of User Searches to assist in
     Profiling/Reporting of Search Activity           X     Storing and presentation of top
                                                            searches by the community
     Preview Content                                  X     Preview of restricted content via
                                                            abstract or page sample
     User added Comments                              X     Ability for any user to post comments
                                                            related to a specific content item
     User Rating of Content                           X     Ability of any user to rate content
                                                            based on a simple Lickert scale
     Share Content Link                               X     Ability to send a link to content via
                                                            email to anyone or specific subgroups
                                                            such as a COP list
     My Content Link                                  X     Page that displays a member saved
                                                            content, organized by topic
     Rating/Vetting of Content                        X     Optional display of vetting and rating
                                                            options for approved reviewers only

     Search News                                      X     Search news from a specific defined
                                                            set of sources
     Search Internet (300 Search Engines)                   Search and consolidate results and
                                                            present in portal search interface
     Library- Linking to Other Web Sites          X         Dynamic template presenting links;
                                                            can be related to a specific topic or
     Flag Content for Monitoring/Alerts               X     Link on each search result allowing
                                                            selection of content for monitoring
     Assign Content to Learning Plan                  X     Link on search results for training
                                                            content allowing assignment to training

#     SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function         1 2 3 Description/Comments
       Trained Searches                                X Checkbox next to search results that
                                                         indicates which are effective results.
       Portal Site Map                          X        Present all portal functions and pages
       Social bookmarking / sharing with:
          Digg                                            Bookmark icon option
          Reddit                                          Bookmark icon option
          LinkedIn                                        Bookmark icon option
          Facebook                                        Bookmark icon option
          Delicious                                       Bookmark icon option
          Mixx                                            Bookmark icon option
          Propeller                                       Bookmark icon option
          Yahoo!                                          Bookmark icon option
          Buzz                                            Bookmark icon option
5.0   Contribute
        Contribute Content                      X         Upload of content
        Create Custom Content                       X     Merging of individual content items,
                                                          editorial comments with a report cover
                                                          and SF298
         Virus Scan of Uploaded Content             X     Virus scan of all uploaded content with
                                                          a real-time warning to users
         Editorial Review of All Content            X     Email-based editorial review of all
                                                          created and uploaded content
         Enter Basic Metadata                   X         Form to enter basic metadata
         Enter SF298 Metadata                           X Form to enter standard government
                                                          technical report metadata
        Metadata Entry Wizard                           X Step-by-step wizard to enter and
                                                          enhance consistency and quality of
        Automated Metadata Generator                    X Automated tool that create a
                                                          reviewable metadata profile of a text
        File Type Support
           PDF                                  X
           DOC                                  X
           WMV                                  X
           AVI                                  X
          WMA                                   X
          MP3                                   X
          FLASH SWF                             X
6.0   Collaborate
        Discussion Forum                        X
           Discussion Threads                   X
           Email Notification of Postings       X         Notification to moderator of postings
           Mandatory approval of postings           X     Email approval notifications to
            prior to display                              moderator
           COP Public Discussion Thread         X         Thread visible to any COP visitor

#     SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function              1 2 3 Description/Comments
          COP Private Discussion Thread              X      Thread restricted to private COP
           Editorial Review of Posts                 X      Notification Emails to editors or peer
           Manage Associates/Personal Network           X   Allows creation of personal network of
                                                            associates for content sharing and
           Add Friends/Associates                       X   Form to add friends and assign then to
                                                            network categories
           Email Associates                             X   Function to email any subset of your
                                                            personal network
           Add Associate to COP                         X   Function to add associates to COPs
7.0   Learn
        Individual Learning Plan                     X           Dynamic individual learning plan to
                                                                 which content can be added and
                                                                 learning completion is tracked
        Launch and Track Online Learning             X           Ability to launch and track content
                                                                 using SCORM 2004 or AICC-AGR-010
        Track Other Content Access                       X       Ability to track non learning content
                                                                 and store in learning profile
        Test Integration and Scoring                     X       Ability to add mastery tests to learning
        Competency Testing                               X       Ability to add competency-based
                                                                 master tests tagged to specific role-
                                                                 based competencies, aligned to the
        Course Evaluations                               X       Kirkpatrick Level 1 and 2 evaluations
        Pre-evaluation                                   X       Pretests to determine initial mastery
        CPE Management Support                               X   Support for CPE learning content and
        Academic Credit/Matriculation Spt                    X   Support for academic credit for
                                                                 qualified learning
        Competency Assignment                                X   Assignment of competencies based on
                                                                 roles to the learning plan
        Supervisory Notification                         X       Optional notification of supervisors or
                                                                 HR staff regarding learning completion
        Human Capital Management Support                     X   High level management and reporting
                                                                 of Mission based requirements for
                                                                 competencies, using individual
                                                                 learning plans
        Individual Portfolio                                 X   Advanced multidimensional view of
                                                                 individual learning
        Individual Portfolio Indexer                         X   Indexer which defines an initial
                                                                 individual portfolio based on life history
                                                                 and education

#   SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function                    1 2 3 Description/Comments
      Assessment Instruments                                    X Standardized competency-based
      Personality Profiler                                        Standard personality test based on
                                                                  Jung-Myers-Briggs typology
      Gap Analysis Report                                         Competency analysis option
      Organizational level Reports                                Competency analysis option
      Ability to identify Competency Gap at the                   Competency analysis option
       Enterprise Level.
      Ability to identify Competency Gap at the                   Competency analysis option
       Organizational Level.
      Ability to identify Competency Gap at the                   Competency analysis option
       Individual Level.
      Ability to chart career progression.                        Competency analysis option
      Ability for an individual to see what                       Competency analysis option
       competencies and proficiency levels are
       required to future positions.
      Ability to perform Enterprise Training                      Competency analysis option
       Needs Assessment.
      Ability to perform Organizational Training                  Competency analysis option
       Needs Assessment.
      Ability to perform Individual Training                      Competency analysis option
       Needs Assessment
      Ability to load pre-defined Competency                      Competency analysis option
       and Competency profiles in LMS
      Ability to load reporting relationships in                  Competency analysis option
       the LMS prior to competency
       assessments deployed.
      Ability to define proficiency levels for                    Competency analysis option
      Ability to add customized Competency                        Competency analysis option
       and competency profiles.
      Ability to define proficiency level for                     Competency analysis option
       customized competency profiles.
      Ability for employees to self-assess their                  Competency analysis option
       competencies and proficiency levels.
      Ability for supervisors/managers to                         Competency analysis option
       validate employee competency and
       proficiency levels.
      Ability to weight proficiency levels.                       Competency analysis option
      Ability to use survey results to describe a                 Competency analysis option
      Ability to use survey results and available                 Competency analysis option
       population data to make future
       projections on the population.
      Ability to identify and capture training                    Competency analysis option
       interventions (courses, books,
       conferences, etc) for individual

#      SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function                     1 2 3 Description/Comments
          Competency/competency to close gap
         Ability to identify optimum proficiency                        Competency analysis option
          levels for required
         Ability to compare required Competency                         Competency analysis option
          and competencies to actual Competency
          and competencies.
         Ability to produce and inventory of jobs,                      Competency analysis option
          competencies, and people.
         Ability to produce and inventory of learning                   Competency analysis option
8.0    Content Acquisition/Ingestion
         Automated PDF Ingestion                             X         Automates the metatagging of bulk
                                                                       PDF uploads
          Automated PPT ingestion                            X         Automates and extracts metadata from
                                                                       bulk PPT presentation uploads
          Automated Video/Audio Ingestion                    X         Automates and extracts metadata from
                                                                       bulk uploads
          Index External Source Content                          X     Indexes external content for
                                                                       incorporation in portal search indexes
          Automated SCO Indexer                                      X Indexes learning content for search
          Import Legacy Digital Content                              X Automates the bulk import of legacy
                                                                       content including metadata extraction
                                                                       with editorial review
          Import/Scan Legacy Content                                 X
9.0    Click Data Tracking                                       X
          Basic Click Data Tracking                              X     Basic click data tracking of visitors,
                                                                       functions and locations in portal
          Comprehensive Click Data Tracking                          X Advanced click tracking including
                                                                       specific search results
10.0   Banner Management
          Downloadable Banners
          Cut and Paste Code Snippets
          Click Data Tracking
          Upload Custom Banners
11.0   Affiliate Management
          Register Affiliates
          Email Affiliates
          Affiliate Earning Reports
          Downloadable Marketing Materials
          Email Affiliate Members
12.0   Support
         Submit Support Requests                             X          Database stores all support requests
                                                                        for resolution
         Track Support Requests                              X
         Generate FAQs                                           X      Generates FAQs based on support

#      SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function         1 2 3 Description/Comments
         Identify Change Requirements            X
         Prioritize Change Requirements          X      Generates a report of all submitted
                                                        change requirements and status
         Index Global Members by Taxonomy                X Generate a global list of potential
                                                           members by topic
         Generate Opt-in Emails                          X Generate emails to members for
                                                           events and topics
         Generate E-Newsletters                          X Generate custom e-newsletters based
                                                           on member profile
         Search Engine Optimization                      X Generate metadata tags and search
                                                           engine registrations to support
                                                           promulgation of portal information and
         NHLBI Google Widget                             X Create widget with portal content for
                                                           optional display on member Google
                                                           home pages
14.0   Content Support
         Documents                               X
         Video                                   X
         Audio                                   X
         E-learning Courses                      X
         Performance Support                         X
         Podcasts                                X
         Webcasts                                X
         Best Practices                          X
         FAQs                                    X
         Journal Articles                        X
         E-books                                 X
         Games                                           X
         Simulations                                     X
         Checklists                              X
         Virtual Conferences                         X
         Virtual Meetings                            X
         S1000D Tech Manuals
15.0   News Feeds                                    X
16.0   RSS Feeds                                     X
17.0   Login                                     X
         Single Sign-on                                  X Sign-on using existing login
         Password Reminder via Email             X         Standard password reminder
         Role Assignment                             X     Assignment of one or many roles
         CAC Card Support                                X Common Access Card login
         LDAP Support                                    X
         E-authentication Support
18.0   Registration                              X

#      SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function             1 2 3 Description/Comments
         Self Registration                           X
         Select Interest Topics                      X
19.0   Manage Profile
         Manage Interest Topics                      X         Form to change interest topics
         Manage Profile                              X         Form to edit profile
         Manage Learning Plan                        X         Ability to edit learning plan
         Manage Action Plan                              X     Ability to edit action plan
         Manage Health Plan                                  X Ability to edit health plan
         Manage Friends/Associates                       X     Ability to add/delete/edit associates
                                                               and assignments
         Manage Portfolio                                    X Ability to edit any dimension of an
                                                               individual portfolio
20.0   Visual Design Concept
         Existing Portal Design                      X           Portal design from an existing template
         New Portal Design from Catalog              X           Portal design from our catalog at:
        Custom Portal Design Concept                     X
21.0   Help Desk/Support Concept
         Toll-free Number                            X
         Virtual Help Voice Mail Inquiries           X
         9AM to 5PM EST Business Hour Support        X
         24 Hour Telephonic Support
         MSN IM Support
         Live Chat Support
         AOL Messenger Support
         Yahoo Messenger Support
         Help Desk Management Module                 X
         Integrated CRM                                      X
22.0   Language Support
         English                                     X
23.0   Hardware/Bandwidth
         Shared Server
         Dedicated Server                            X
             Medium                                  X
          RAID 1                                     X
          RAID 5

#      SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function         1 2 3 Description/Comments
         Daily Backup                            X
         Secure Facility                            X
         Offsite Backup                                 X
            High (20/20 MBPS with surge)
            Medium (10/10 MBPS)                  X
            Low (1.2 MBPS)
         Disaster Recovery Plan                          X
         Government/Mil Hosting                      X
         DEV Server                              X
         Staging Server
24.0   Portal Management                                     Management modules assigned to
                                                             SYNERGY interface
         Portal Management Module                X
         Content Management Module               X
         Survey Module                                   X
         Test Module                                     X
         Learning Management Module              X
         Performance Metrics Module                  X
         Role Management Module                      X
         Member Management Module                X
         Email Management                            X
25.0   Authentication                                        Authentication options based on
                                                             organizational needs
         Standard Authentication                 X
         Single Sign-on                                  X
         Unified Authentication                          X
         E-Authentication                                X
         LDAP Authentication                             X
         CAC Card Authentication                         X
         Active Directory Authentication             X
26.0   Ecommerce
         Shopping Cart
         Purchase Order Payment
         SF-182 Interagency Reimbursement
         Royalty/IP Management
         Bonus Code Support
         Credit Card Payment
            Diners Club
            JCB Card
        Ewallet Payment

#      SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function               1 2 3 Description/Comments
        Currency Support
        Risk Management
          Verified by VISA/3-d Secure
          Integrated Fraud Management
27.0   Portal Network/Registry Support                          Support for portal networks to allow
                                                                rapid replication of portals to
                                                                organizations throughout a community
          Create Multiple Subsidiary Portals                X
          Single Sign-on Support                            X
          Member Data Import                           X
          Unified Taxonomy                                  X
          Unified Member Management                         X
          Unified Hierarchical Content Mgmt                 X
          Unified Affiliate Management                      X
          CORDRA Support
28.0   Standards Compliance
          ADA/Section 508                              X
          SCORM 2004                                   X
          AICC AGR-010                                 X
          CORDRA                                            X
          IEEE LOM                                          X
          IMS QTI Testing Standard                          X
          IMS Reusable Competencies                         X
          JSR168 Standard Portlets                          X
          WSRP (Web Services for Portlets)                  X
          HITSP Interoperability Specifications             X
          Google Portlets                                   X
       Device Standards
          HTML 4.0                                     X
          Windows CE                                        X
          Windows Mobile                                    X
          PALM                                              X
          Mobile Browsers                                   X
       Browser Support
          IE 6.0+                                      X
          Firefox                                      X
          Safari                                       X
29.0   IT Security

#   SYNERGY Knowledge Portal Function        1 2 3 Description/Comments
      DoD DISA STIG standards
      128 bit SSL Encryption                 X
      OMB FEA Guidelines                     X
      OPM IT Security Requirements           X
      NIST Special Publications              X
    Style Features
      Share                                      X
      Print                                      X
      Font Size                                  X
      Post a Comment                             X

       Appendix A
Team and User Meeting Notes

                                            MEETING NOTES- 3/27/09
Attendees: NHLBI- Greg, Glen, Rob; KMI- Bill, Jenna, Mark

The clear immediate priority is Communities of Practice (COPs).

The central mission priority remains accelerating research to practice using COPs as an primary enabling and
synthesizing mechanism. The concept of COPs as ―Knowledge Generators‖ was mentioned.

We will create several draft COPs for development purposes in the next two weeks based on the preliminary COP
specification and the direction of the first meeting.

The short term schedule will focus on rapid development and deployment several COPs, with the first available for
development purposes in two weeks from Monday, which is April 20.

The general goal for initial deployment is three months , or June 27.

The development approach which be spiral, rapid development with regular user participation and feedback. We
should experiment and evaluate what ―catches on‖. This will vary based on the users and audience.

The initial COPs will be program-focused. The candidates discussed included:

        National Asthma Control Initiative COP- Lots of content, clear vision, well-defined, clear outreach
         mission. Needs a web presence quickly. Top priority! Division of Lung Diseases issued RFA and
         required grantees to use COP.
        Obesity COP- Could deploy on “We Can”. NIDDK and NCI are partners. Many corporate sponsors are
         involved such as Subway.
        Health Disparities COP- Diverse audience
        Pediatric Cardiology (PEEDS) COP- Risk Factors and Guidelines for Pediatric Cardiovascular Health
        Cardiovascular Adult Risk Factors COP
        CKN Project COP

The CKN Project COP should be used to support project team activities.

The asthma initiative is the top priority. Rob is the lead. The initiative includes:
        Strategic Plan
        Demo projects
        Clear branding
        New terminology
        New taxonomy
        Six key objectives
        Implementation plan and blueprint
        Key stakeholders including professional societies, asthma coalitions
        Demonstration projects
        Call to Action Plan
        Guidelines Development

         Awareness actions
         Public service announcements
         Raise Awareness needs
         Data collection requirements
         Learning opportunities

Rob can upload or provide access to key content for COP population.

These COPs may be deployed initially through the ―We Can‖ portal. The obesity COP is a prime candidate to
integrate. ―We Can‖ is a strong platform. It has a newsletter and 1,052 sites in 11 countries.

The COP specification is synthesizing several inputs, including the SOW, the CKN white paper, meeting discussions
and KMI COP research and functionality.

COP features discussed at the meeting included:

    1.    Social networking functions
    2.    Live Chat
    3.    Virtual Conferences
    4.    Archived Meetings
    5.    PDA integration
    6.    Sharing of Lessons Learned/Feedback
    7.    Forums
    8.    New Media Types
    9.    Integrated Learning Plans
    10.   COP Action Plans
    11.   Public comment mechanisms
    12.   RFA promulgation
    13.   Survey tools
    14.   Community data collection of guidelines implementation
    15.   Structured longitudinal data collection and reporting
    16.   Training curriculum by role
    17.   Competency analysis and certification
    18.   CPE credit
    19.   Continuous Feedback Loop
    20.   Dynamic Environment
    21.   User Comments
    22.   Archived meetings
    23.   Ability of grantees to post content as required by the RFA
    24.   E-newsletters
    25.   Alerts
    26.   RSS feeds
    27.   Community new member orientation tools
    28.   Combine “push” and “pull” technologies (i.e. COP and email/social networking tools)
    29.   Twitter

    30.   Support “reach out and connect”
    31.   Document sharing
    32.   Contact referrals
    33.   Public and private areas
    34.   Private and public meetings
    35.   Multilingual international support
    36.   Sharing of experiences
    37.   Critical alerts
    38.   Promote dialog
    39.   Distance learning
    40.   Performance measurement in support of NHLBI outcomes
    41.   Alignment with NHLBI strategic plan and performance plan
    42.   Moderator control and management features
    43.   Ability to change or tailor COP features

The COPs are envisioned to included a broad range of participants and stakeholders, including multiple ICs,
associations, public, private, grantees, sponsors, patients, practitioners, families and international.

The vision is there will be many COPs and groups at some point. Some will be semi-permanent; some will be
temporary; some will be event-driven. There will be private and public COPs. Hence, the ability to easily create,
terminate or merge COPs will be important.

The COPs and portal should be visually distinctive but share common design elements with other NHLBI products
as appropriate. NHLBI can introduce us as needed to other team members with graphical/web components.

There appear to be several different levels of COP maturity, which may require a different set of tools and design
approach. For example, the NACI community has extensive content and clear vision, so the focus would be ―scaling
up‖, spreading the vision and collecting implementation feedback, best practices and data. It could also include a
training curriculum by role. On the other end of the spectrum is a less mature community. An example is the Health
Disparities Guidelines which are still being developed.

In summary, there is a need for a classification of basic COP types and criteria for tools to include. Some will be
proactive and structured, and other will be more community-driven and flexible.

The COPs should integrate the key elements of the CKN vision, including:

     Knowledge Generation – the research community that will be called upon to increase the translatability and
      applicability of research
     Knowledge Translation and Dissemination – the Government agencies, national voluntary and professional
      organizations, credentialing bodies, and foundations that will need to more effectively synthesize and
      disseminate knowledge
     Knowledge Utilization – those in clinical practice and community programs who will need to better apply the
      science in their settings to improve health outcomes, and also to evaluate their efforts and communicate
      their experiences to the other hubs of the CKN
     Knowledge Technology – those working in the information technology field who will be called upon to
      develop and implement new systems approaches to knowledge management in order to more effectively
      link the expertise hubs and promote science-based and performance-focused strategies and collaborations

       Build a 21st Century Informatics Infrastructure
       Use Community Systems Strategies to Achieve Prevention and Treatment Goals
       Generate and Translate the Science of Community and Individual Behavior
       Engage Individuals with Personalized Health Care Strategies and Tools
       Adopt Social Marketing and Bidirectional Communication

The COPs should support data collection and performance measurement in support of key NHLBI outcomes and
measures such as:

     A measurable improvement of cardiovascular health of adults within a decade. A doubling of those
      whose ABCDs (A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol and depression) are under control and a halving of age-
      adjusted incidence of cardiovascular events.
     Measurable improvement of cardiovascular health of children. Within 5 years an improvement by 20
      percent in the diet and physical activity patterns of children. Within 5 years the rate of childhood obesity
     Effective tools for individual and community behavior change. Within 5 years NHLBI will have
      identified the most effective tools for individual and community behavior change and doubled
      emphasis on their implementation.

We will plan on attending and meeting with key stakeholders as part of the rapid COP development activity as

KMI can assist with any GoLearn needs or issues in the future to ensure NHLBI needs are met.

We will add both of our team members to these COPs for testing purposes.


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