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Compute This_


									       Compute This!
       Michigan Science Olympiad
            Anthony Kendall
             Cheryl Kendall
    Compute This! Motivation
   Computers are pervasive in today’s
    business, engineering, and science
   Most of next generation of discoveries
    will be too complex for humans alone
   Must understand the capabilities and
    limitations of computers
   Compute This: Problem Solving using
          Competition Goals
   Evaluate students on basic technical
    computer skills
     Using the Internet to find information
     Evaluating if that information answers
      specific questions
     Data manipulation and presentation

   Evaluated by how well they use tools
    to solve problems
        Use of World Wide Web

   Recognize and Critically evaluate source of
   Proper citation of URLs
   Effective Searching - use of keywords
   Event will be limited to domain
       This is a BIG website
       Can find many similar types of data, but not all
        answers are correct
            Data Manipulation

   Manual Import of Data to a
    spreadsheet application
       Enter values into cells, or copy and
   Proper arrangement of data for
    presentation and calculation
   Using formulas
     Converting units (basic arithmetic)
     Cell operations: summation, averaging
            Data Presentation

   Understand Basic Graph Types
     Bar, Line, Pie
     Scatter Plot (C Division only)

   Use Appropriate Graph for Data
   Fully Label the Graph
       Title, Axes, Legend
   Use appropriate colors
       Easy to read and interpret
     Short Answer Document

   Formatting Should be Neat
       Careful of HTML frames from websites
   Uniform Font
       Both Size and Style
   Clear indication of question numbers
    and responses

   Compute This! Web Space
       Links to several previous exams from 2003,
        2005, 2006, and 2009
       Workshop presentation
       Event Rules
       Answers to submitted questions from coaches
        will be posted
   email address for questions:
             How To Practice

   Download Practice Exams from our
   Download Practice Exercises from
    National Science Olympiad Website
   Be familiar with spreadsheet and
    document applications
       the test will be much harder if these
        programs are not familiar to the student!
     Spreadsheet and Document

   Event rules specify a web-based
   We will likely be using Google Docs
   Not a final decision yet
       We will finalize the application set and
        post this to the website soon
         How To Help Students
   Emphasize:
       Problem Solving
           How do I go about answering this question?
       Test-taking
           The exam will be longer than most teams can
     Using internet search tools
     Formatting/Presentation
     Familiarity with spreadsheet and
      document programs
               Thank You!

   Website:

   E-mail:

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