Scottsboro Trial by pengxuebo


									    Scottsboro Trial

 By: Clay Reis, Shanae Stewart,
Rebekah Jamison, Nick Amacher
• 9 African American Boys.
• Raped 2 white women.
• Indicted-Sentenced to Death.
• Charges were dropped on all of the men.
  Boys went to jail.
• Raised questions about the American
  Justice System.
             Convicted Because
•   Horrible Volunteer Lawyers.
•   Weak Evidence.
•   All white jury.
•   2 women testified against men.
      How They Were Treated
Were not given a fair trial.
Denied their right of council.
The court did not allow them to prepare a fair
Men were poorly educated on how the trial
 was going to take place.
• Jobs- Sons of Sharecroppers. Also one man
  worked in a pharmacy.
• poor black kids who dropped out of school
  to help support their families. Lived on
  segregated land.
       Why they were Accused
These boys were on a train when a racial skirmish
  broke out between blacks and whites who were
  hitching a ride on a freight train. All they white
  men were forced off the train, except for one. The
  men were then arrested and charged with assault.
  Two white women were then discovered dressed
  as boys. All peoples involved were taken to
  Scottsboro and the black boys were accused of
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   The Scottsboro Boys had their first court trial in 1931 and their
     last in 1937. All of the nine boys were released in 1950.

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