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									                                Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limites
                                  (A Government of India Enterprise)
                     Room-113, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi
                                    (Wireless Service-O&M Cell)

No. MOB-21/Call Centre-2009                                                    Date: 11-02-2009

           Chief General Manager,
           All Telecom Circles

            Sub: Action Points for the 3G preparedness of Wireless Service Call Centers

         Meeting, to review the 3G preparedness of Wireless Services Call Centres, was held
at Gurgaon on 10th February 2009 under the chairmanship of Director (Planning & NS). The
list of participants is available at the end of this letter. Progress on points mentioned in the
letter of even number dated 03-02-2009 was reviewed and following revised key action
points were finalised for time bound action by the concerned units:

      1.      DE (CC), Gurgaon confirmed opening of new code 1503 from all Circles of North
              zone. DGM (CC), Bangalore also confirmed the same, however, he shall verify
              once again and send a report. Similar action is to be taken by GM (Mktg), West

      2.      FAQs for 3G service have been uploaded in the Knowledge Bank of Gurgaon but
              required to be categorized and tagged to facilitate quick search by the agent. GM
              (Mktg.), Haryana will ensure categorization and tagging by 12-02-2009. More
              FAQs would be provided by the corporate office by 14-02-2009.

      3.      DGM (CC), Bangalore and GM (Mktg), West Bengal will coordinate with Gurgaon
              Call Centre team to replicate the same in Bangalore & Kolkata Call Centres, latest
              by 13-02-2009.

      4.      M/s. Sparsh is to complete technical audit of various servers, routers, switches
              and IVRS etc. of Bangalore & Kolkata by 12-02-2009 with a view to ensure
              availability of adequate spare capacity to take additional load relating to 3G
              services. The copy of such report should be shared with the DGM/GM In-charge.

      5.      40 nos. of PRI links are to be augmented in the Gurgaon Call Centre based on
              thumb rule justifying one PRI per one lac subscriber base. DE (CC) will decide
              Circle-wise distribution of PI links and will coordinate for allocation of media.
              These links are to be commissioned latest by 19-02-2009. Similar review and
              augmentation of PRI links for Bangalore & Kolkata Call Centres needs to be taken
              by DGM/GM in-charge, in close coordination with M/s. Sparsh, and ensure
              completion of work by 19-02-2009.

      6.      IVRS call flow, except that for tariff & device information, for 3G services has been
              implemented in Gurgaon. The format for tariff will be provided by GM (WS-O&M)
              and information regarding devices will be provided by DGM (Mobile), Shri Pawan
              Gupta by 12-02-2009. M/s. Sparsh will incorporate this information also in IVR by
              14-02-2009. However, for the time being, the information in respect of tariff will be
              recorded in the voice of professional as per the given format, leaving blank space
              for the tariff announcement, which can be filled up in good local voice and needs
              to be replaced in professional’s voice with in 72 hours of tariff announcement. The
      same, along with that in regional languages, needs to be replicated in Bangalore
      & Kolkata Call Centres within the same timelines.

7.    GM/DGM in-charge of Call Centres will arrange for daily mock calls pertaining to
      queries and complaints of 3G and get monitoring report. The effectiveness of
      complaints escalation to the respective Nodal officer will be verified by seeing
      disposal remark/pendancy of the respective Nodal officer.

8.    Separate segment of seats & 50 agents have been demarcated for 3G service
      related query & complaints by the Gurgaon Call Centre. Haryana Circle should
      immediately, latest by 16-02-2009, place order on M/s. Sparsh for 50 agents
      meant for 3G segment.

9.    Similar deployment of agents in Bangalore & Kolkata Call Centres for 3G segment
      needs to be ensured and order for additional 50 agents be placed by Karnataka &
      West Bengal Circles latest by 16-02-2009.

10.   It was expressed by one and all that the existing SLA of 170 calls per 8 hour
      agent duty is very difficult to achieve and tempts the agent to cut short calls, at
      times, without bothering about the satisfaction of the caller. Average Holding Time
      (AHT) will be more than that for 2G queries/complaints. In view of this, the SLA for
      3G segment, to begin with, will be 140 calls per 8 hour agent duty for promotional
      as well as inbound calls and could be reviewed after two months. In case of less
      number of inbound calls, selectively, some of the agents may be asked to make
      outbound 3G promotional/ marketing calls to BSNL subscribers based on
      database received from the Circles/ Billing Centres.

11.   There will be different KPIs with regard to response time by agents during Time
      Consistent Busy Hour (TCBH), for each of the segments and are as given below:
      a. Prepaid GSM :          >90% within 60 seconds
      b. Postpaid GSM:          >95% within 60 seconds
      c. 3G services :          >98% within 60 seconds.

12.   GM/DGM in-charge of WS Call Centres are to review the rearrangement of
      agents in different shifts on fortnightly basis so as to ensure meeting of above
      stated KPIs.

13.   Segment wise performance, as defined in the referred letter, should be generated
      and monitored by DGM/ DE in-charge of WS Call Centre w.e.f. 14-02-2009. Top
      10 queries/complaints reports should be generated on weekly basis initially and
      may be used for updating FAQs.

14.   Some of these reports termed as managerial reports are to be placed in web
      server so that senior executives in BSNL sitting in remote locations can access
      and review latest by 15-02-2009.

15.   Ironically, the Circle-wise list submitted by DE (CC) in respect of Nodal officers
      responsible for addressing complaints reflected that there was a single official in
      the whole of the SSA responsible to address & redress all types of complaints
      including those pertaining to the Nodal Centre or other unit viz., roaming
      complaint escalated to Mathura even though the MSC/HLR are at Agra/Meerut.
      Complaints should actually be tagged based on its type and geographical area
      and should be escalated directly to the official responsible to address/redress. To
      begin with, Nodal officers for complaint redressal should be finalized in
      coordination with GM (MS-O), UP (West) and implemented by 20-02-2009, for
      both, 2G & 3G. Same exercise will then be completed for all other Circles by 28-
      02-2009. The escalation matrix for 2G in other zones is reported to be OK but
      they need to implement similar escalation matrix for 3G by 20-02-2009.

16.   Details of locations & contact of all Point-of-Sales dealing with 3G service
      products and also that of Experience Centres along with facilities available therein
      should be readily available in the Knowledge Bank of Call Centres. GM/DGM in-
      charge of Call Centres will collect details in respect of all cities having 3G network
      coverage and post it in the Knowledge Bank of the Call Centres before the launch
      of service.

17.   DGM (Mobile), Haryana, Mr. Pawan Gupta, will provide details like make, model,
      features, approximate price, availability & utility etc. of devices required for IVRS
      as mentioned in para 6 above and also for updation in the Knowledge Bank.
      Similarly, DGM (BD), BSNL CO, Shri Premjit Lal, will provide information
      regarding bundled 3G handsets and their Point-of-Sales for updating Knowledge
      Bank by 16-02-2009.

18.   To begin with, at the time of launch of 3G services, the following services are
      going to be provided:
      a. Video Calling
      b. Mobile TV
      c. Video on Demand
      d. Mobile Broadband (High speed internet)
      Within few weeks thereafter, Full Track Music Download, Video Conferencing &
      On-line gaming will be made available with more services to follow.

19.   In order to facilitate outbound marketing calls to those BSNL subscribers who are
      having 3G enabled handsets and are belonging to the cities having 3G network
      coverage, DGM (CC), Bangalore and GM (Mktg), West Bengal are to interact with
      the concerned official in the Nodal Centre to get, within a weeks time, such
      details extracted from the OTA server, in the manner as has been done in the
      North zone. Circle-wise list has already been prepared and provided to Gurgaon
      Call Centre as well as to the Circles.

20.   Two rounds of training to identified agents for 3G has already been imparted at
      Gurgaon. All these agents should be taken to Ambala, two days prior to the
      launch of 3G service, so as to show them live demo of 3G services and also visit
      the Experience Centre. This will help them to visualize the real scenario and
      answer calling subscribers accordingly. Three days prior to the launch of 3G
      service in the North zone, there should be another round of one day training
      programme for these agents.

21.   First round of training for trainers, team leaders, BSNL officials in-charge of Call
      Centre and for some of the officials from BSNL Training Centre Chennai &
      Bangalore will be held at Bangalore on 17-02-2009. GM in-charge of Bangalore
      WS Call Centre will make arrangements and coordinate for the same. Similar
      training programme will be organized at Kolkata Call Centre in due course of time.

22.   BSNL Telecom Training Centres will further conduct training programmes for
      franchisees, CSC staff, Nodal officers responsible to attend customer complaints
      and officials working with Sales team.

23.   First list of 3G enabled handsets (different make & models) has been provided by
      DGM (VAS) Chandigarh Mr. Thakur and has been updated in the Gurgaon Call
           Centre knowledge bank database. The same list should be replicated in the
           knowledge bank of all other Call Centres by 13-02-2009. The list would be revised
           at regular intervals not exceeding period of fortnight in the beginning.

   24.     In order to enable the Call Centre to accept SMS Based 3G demand registration,
           the CRM of Call Centre will be integrated with the respective SMSCs through
           Zonal 53733 servers latest by 15-02-2009. BSNL subscribers will send keyword
           DEMAND <space> 3G to short code 51503, which would be sent by the SMSC to
           53733, which is supposed to be integrated with the CRM of Call Centre and also
           with the Billing system. The 53733 server will interrogate the Billing system and
           get the name of the subscriber & city name to be appended with the CLI. This
           information, i.e., keyword ‘demand’<space>3G, CLI, name & city name, will be
           pushed to the CRM of the Call Centre. The CRM of Call Centre will use existing
           escalation channel to forward this registered demand to the Nodal officer in the
           respective cities having 3G service operational for contacting the subscriber.

   25.     Home page of BSNL website (www.bsnl.co.in) will have a link to BSNL portal
           (www.portal.bsnl.co.in), which will have access to CRM of all WS Call Centres.
           BSNL portal will automatically choose the CRM of the concerned Call Centre
           based upon MSISDN fed by the subscriber and will use existing escalation
           channel to forward this registered demand to the Nodal officer in the respective
           cities having 3G service operational for contacting the subscriber. DGM, IT
           Project, Hyderabad, Shr Sharan Melmalgi (Mobile No.9440000729) and DGM (IT-
           II), BSNL CO, Shri Raman Agarwal will coordinate to get it implemented by 15-2-

                                                                            (S.C. Sharma)
                                                                            GM (WS-O&M)
Copy to-
   1.      CMD and all Directors, BSNL Board, New Delhi- for kind information please
   2.      All PGMs/GMs, BSNL: through intranet only
   3.      CGM, IT Project, Pune
   4.      M/s. Sparsh BPO Services Limited, Lakme Building, BS Deoshi Marg, Deonar,
           Mumbai - 400 088
   5.      M/s. Styx Info Soft Pvt. Ltd, 5th Floor, GNFC Info Tower, Sarkhej-Gandhi Nagar
           Highway, Ahmedabad - 380 054
                                 List of participants

Sl.No.   Name                        Designation               Organization
1.       Shri R. K. Agarwal          Director (Planning &NS)   BSNL
2        Shri. A.K. Gupta            CGM, Haryana              BSNL
3        Shri. S.C. Sharma           GM (WS-O&M)               BSNL
4        Shri. K.K. Jain             GM (Mktg), Ambala         BSNL
5        Shri R.C. Hooda             GM (TD), Gurgaon          BSNL
6        Shri. Ravi Kumar            DGM (CC), Bangalore       BSNL
7        Shri. Pawan Gupta           DGM (Mobile), Panipat     BSNL
8        Shri Pooran Chand           DGM (BB), Ambala          BSNL
9        Shri A.K. Jindal            AGM, Gurgaon              BSNL
10       Smt. Paramjeet Kaur         DE (CC), Gurgaon          BSNL
11       Smt. Manjul Mohan           AM (WS-O&M)               BSNL
12       Shri Karunamaya             Country Head              Sparsh
13       Shri. R. Byala              DGM (Opns.)               Sparsh
14       Shri. Vikas Handa           DM (Opns.)                Sparsh
15       Shri. Ravish Guliani        AM (Opns.)                Sparsh
16       Shri. Dinesh Chautani       Mgr (IT)                  Sparsh
17       Shri. Mohan                 Head Opns, Bangalore      Sparsh

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