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									     Searching for Books in
    The New Library Catalog

• Search for books and materials
• Create an account to request books

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Accessing the NLU Catalog

 We’ll begin our search on the Library’s Home page.
 Click on the Books link under Find It.
Click on the “NLU Catalog” link under books
Search for books and materials

 Type your search term(s) in the search box (i.e. instructional design)
 You have the option to search within the title, author, subject, ISBN fields, or do a keyword search in All
 Fields. Choose your option in the first dropdown menu.
 You will automatically search for NLU books (“Local Catalog Only”), but you can also choose the I-Share
 catalog from the second dropdown menu.
Our  results page lists the books and materials at NLU for our search: instructional design. There are over
300 books.
One way to narrow your search is to select books in a topic, or limit to a certain format, such as a book.

If you are looking for the most recent titles, change the Sort dropdown menu to date instead of relevance.
Scroll down and notice on the right hand side of the
screen that the catalog organizes the results of
your search for you. It is helpful to narrow your
search by choosing a topic or a subject area. Listed
in parentheses, you will see how many items match
the format / author / topic / subject etc.

NOTE: Under Format, you may narrow your results to
Electronic. Clicking on this link will show you the full
text electronic books available through the catalog
that match your search. These books are available to
you immediately online.

       Let’s narrow our Topic down to Design. Then
       choose Education as the Subject Area.
  We now have a more manageable and precise set of resources to choose from.
 Notice that the “facets” that we applied are listed at the top of the right sidebar. To undo, just click the
 Let’s choose the title Lesson plan book for the diverse classroom and place a request.
Requesting Items
Scroll down to view the
navigation links:

The book is held at several
NLU campus libraries. Use
the call number to find the
book on the shelf in the

Request Item:
A copy of the book can be
placed on hold and sent to
your home campus.

Previews and Reviews:
You can also take a look at
a preview of the book using
the Google book search
link in the upper right
corner. Read user reviews in
the “Reviews” tab.
Creating an Account

    In order to request an item, you will need to set up an account with a username and password
   – you will only need to do this the first time.
    Setting up an account allows you to request and renew books online, and save books to
   your “favorites”.
    Click on "Ceate New Account” to enter your details.
 Fill in the online form completely; you will only need to do this once.
 For your username and password, we recommend using your NLU portal username and
password so that you remember it. It may be helpful for you to record this information since the library
doesn’t have access to your individual account.
 Your library barcode is your Library ID, the 14 digit number located in your NLU portal under
Personal Information.
 Select National-Louis University from the dropdown menu for your Library.
 After you have created an account, you will return to the record for the book you wish to request.
 Choose where you want to pick up your book by selecting your nearest campus library from the
drop-down menu
 Then click Request
My Account

   Finally, you can check the status of your requests and renew your materials online by
  clicking on “Your Account” in the upper right corner of the page.
   When you are done, remember to log out of your account by clicking on “Log Out” in the
  upper right corner of the page.
For More Information or help:
  Call a campus library at 1.800.443.5522
      •    North Shore x2288
      •    Chicago X3376
      •    Wheeling x5503
      •    Lisle x4530
  Email us at

   Tutorial created by Marisa Walstrum, NLU Library, 11.30.09

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