Reunions and Future

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					Reunions and Future
Camper l{eetings
ComingYour Way
    For those of you looking to possiblyjoin us ot Foley this summer ond would like
to meet either o director or on ossistontdirector you ore invited to ottend one of
the gotherings neorest you. leorn more obout us. ond hove your questionson-
     For our friendswho hove been compers you ore invited to come to one of the
gotheringsto see some of your comp friends.find out whot is new for 1997ond
pick up your 1996video. You should olso bring ony friendsthot might be interested
in coming too.

Chicago Area
      January at 1:00pm
Sunday,     26
Our Lody of Perpetuol Help - 1775Grove St. - Glenview
Convent Art Room - Bob & Morv Snediker 847-501-3557

5t. louis Area
        January at 7:00pm
Wednesday,    29
The Home of Greg & Colleen Goodmon: 314-962-6577
44OWesi Lockwood - Webster Groves

Sunday, February 2
l : 0 0 p m F u t u r eC o m p e r M e e t i n g
2 : 3 0p m C o m p e r R e u n i o n
Villo DuschesneCompus - 80.l South Spoede Rd.
Conference Room - west doors

t{inneapolis Area
      February at 1:00pm
Sunday,      9
Southdole - Hennepin Areo Librory
7001 York Avenue South
Meetingsore olso scheduled for March 10 ond April 7 ot 7:00pm ot this some

Des Hoines Area
Tuesday, February 18 at 7:00 pm
The Home of Ashley & Lourie Sloterdyk: 25G3035
5436 Horwood Dr. - Des Moines

Wednesday, February 19 at 7:00 pm
The Home of Chris & Sue Lundell: 5%-4226
1005Prince Phillip

       February at 7:00pm
Thursday,     20
The Home of John & EleonorFreund:588-2203
450 South Grondview
A Word About Air Transportation
     CarnpFolo'uill onccagainbc usingthe sen'ices          of
Travcl Onc. a profcssional    travcl agcnc] to facilitatc thc air
transportation    to/frorn Minncapolis for thc transferto carnp.
                                                                    Air Travel Changes/ R eminders
Thc Minncapolis/St.Paul airport has groln so largc in size          l. All carnpcrs    u'ill call hontecollcctor rrith thcir otrrt
that it is norl' impcrativc that camperstravcling to/front          calling card at the airport upon bcing ntet b1 a Folel
camp on thc sanrcdatestravcl togethcr. This is thc bcst ua1         counselor.
that wc at camp can successfulhmcct and assistcach                  2. Campers                          in
                                                                                   shouldhave$1.,50 changcto sccurca cart to
arriving or depa(ing camper. We havc lintited staffat the           transportbaggage      from baggage   claim to canlp transporta-
airport and u'ant to providc 1'ouu'ith the bcst possiblc            tion. Canrpers    travcling togethercould sharc in this cost.
supcnision and securifi'. If campcrsarc groupedtogethcr.            3. Upon rcturn homc. camp nill gil'e to eachcamperfrom
our staffcan providc a bctter sen'iccto 1'ouand lour                his or her account    $10.00to coverthe costof lunch and
children and connectrnoreelllcicntll lith camp transporta-          snacksat thc airport and to obtain a baggagccart.
                                                                    -l Campcrs     arriving after 9:30 a.m./10.00   a.m. mav bc
tion. It is also a uonderful \r'avto nrcctothcr carnpcrs    and
parcnts   and rclinquishcs   sonre thc anxieh'of traveling
                                  of                                transported camp vans. as busesu'ill most likcly be
alonc.cvcn ifjusl mccting a lcu minutcsbcforc boardingat            dcpartingafter the arrival of the Northwestflight from St.
thc airport.                                                        Louis. Please    notc that ifyour child arrivesaround 10.l5
    The sccondrcasonto usc Trar.clOnc is that thcr harc             a.m.. for cxamplc.that shc or hc mav bc at the airport until
ncgotiatcd  uith NorthucstAirlincs spccial     camp air farcs       l:(X) for dclavcdflightsor latearrivalsfrom
that shouldbc compctitircuith anr sunrnrcr larc  air                cantpcrs  lho har,e    Iimitcd choicein thcir air travcl. Wc rvill
pronrotion.                                                         alu ar s do our bcst to movc calrrpcrs calnp as quicklr as
    Complctctravcl informationu ill bccomc ailablcto
                                                  ar                possible.  clllcicntlr using staffand r chiclcs.
includcsuggcstcd flightsand scll as thc
ncgotiatcd   canrplarc priciltgand rrill bc rnailcdto rou in        llenu Changeson Camp
carlr April. Il rrould hclp all camp fanrilics  and us at Folo.
if vou rcspond    pronrptll 1othis nrailingand uscTravcl Onc.       Transportation
Call Travcl Onc and ask for Judi Bcstlcrrvho rvorksdirccth   Camp transportation rvill no longcr bc stoppingat
uith Folc-r  fanrilics.l-tt(X)-2-t5-l l
                                     ll                      McDonald'sfor lunch and rr'ill bc providing campcrsuitlt
                                                             anothcr lunch option suchas a bor lunch or submarine
                                                             sanduich uhcn travcling to camp. On the rcturn. a snack&
Un accompanied lllinor Seruice                               bcvcragcnill bc scncd allouirlg campersto cat u'ith thcir
NorthucstAirlincs as ucll as all othcr airlincs.arc cntitlcd parcntsin the Minncapolisareaor choosingthcir oun food
(o inrposca $ 10.00pcr \\a\ fcc in cxchangcfor unacconrpa- at thc airport
nicd minor scn icc. to anvoncundcr thc agc of 12.i[ tho so
dcsire. Plcasc   notcthat this is no longcrfrcc. Ifrou arc
booking through Travcl Onc. Northucst has agrccdto not
inrposcthis rcquircmcntto campcrstravcling undcr blockcd
spacc. This can bc of savingslor our parcntscspcciallv
from arcaslikc St. Louis. Folel''spolicl is that if a campcr
comcsto camp flving unaccomprniedminor. rvewill return
thc campcrunaccomprniedminor. Wc will also usc thc
unaccompany     minor scn'icc for campersunder l2 u'ho arc
transfcrringplancsand travcling alonc or with a group of
all voung campcrs. Folcv rcsen'csthc right to chargethe
parentfor anv unacconlpanied      minor feesneeded securc
travcl lor their child. Thc singlc chargcapplicsto one or
morc childrcntralcling togcthcron the samcitincran.
Unacconrpanied    minorsuill alsobc assistcd   through
customs an airlinc agent. Plcasc
         bl                            chcckuith rour trarcl
ascnt for morc dctails.
     Events      in1997
fryinter tlclid,aze                                                  Fcrrrth cf fulv-
         swrrlrng the spiritof the holidoys,
     Slill                                                               At comp. the Fourlh of July is olwoys o festive time. lf
we hove decided to extend it to ihe                                  you hove never spent o Fourth of July of comp, you
s u m m e rm o n t h s l T h o t ' s i g h t ,t r e e sw i l l b e
                                   r                                 shouldtry itl Throughoutthe doy, there'solwoys o certoin
trimmed,songswillbe sung, cookieswill                                spirrt the oir of enthusiosm
                                                                          in                       ond excitement. A speciol
be consumed, ond who knows,moybe                                     schedule of crozy contests of octivitiesis creoted to odd
even the Summer Sonto will visitl A                                  to the thrillof the doy In the evening, o tolent show.
speciolSundoy schedulewill be mode to                                cobin contesls ond on ice creom sociol moke for o fun
include'sleighrides','snow'crofts.ond                                ending to o greot doy. lf you ore coming to comp for the
pictureswith Rudolph. All-comp costume                               Fourth,remember to bring your red, white, ond blue
contestswill be held with such cotegories                            clothing ond ony other potriotic items thot you moy hove.
os best winter chorocter, most red, green                            Procticethose incredibletolentsfor our onnuoltolent
or white, ond sporklysnowfloke. The spirit                           show ond come reody to hove o greot timel
of the seoson will be here without the
snow, whot o greot
woy to celebrotel So
                                                                     rftardi Gras fheme
                                                                         Dig out your most colorfulcosiumesl Grob your beods
bring your winter holi-
rlnrr   cncir   rmac   nnr{
                                                                      ond bellsl We're getting reody for the porty of the seoson,
                                                                      thot s right,Mordi Gros ishittingComp Foleyot fullforce!
d e c o r o t i o n so r c o . n p ' s
                                                                      Unlrke  the brg Mordi Gros held only once o yeor in New
W i n t e rH o l r d o z e
                                                                      Orleons,  our smollerversionwill be held four times:-ot the
                                                                      end of every session our finol bonquet theme. Both
                                                                     compers ond stoff will be encouroged to help odd to lhe
Canrrr Carnival                                                      festivities weoring bright colorful costumes,bringing
                                                                     beods to weor or trode, ond of course hoving o mosk of
     D u e t o h i g h d e m o n d sf o r f u n o n d
                                                                     sequence ond feothers. Don't worry if you don't hove o
excitement,the FoleyComp Cornivol                                    mosk. vou will be oble to creote vour own rn ortl
returns ltsthird consecutiveyeor! Held
the Thursdoybefore deporture in the two
ond three week sessions, Cornivol is
                                   the                               Attention Boys in Seventh
beginning to become o Foleytrodition.
This yeor however, you--the comper--will                             Crade and Older
become more involved in how the                                           Do you wont to hove on experience of o lifetlme?
cornivol isrunl You, your cobinmotes,                                How does soilingoround the Apostle lslondsof Loke
ond your counselorswill be oble to                                   Superioron o privote 38.5'Peorsonwith four other Foley
choose or creote your own cornivol                                   friendsfor four doys sound to you? To commit to thistrip,
booth to operote throughout the night.                               oll you hove to do is registerfor the three week session ond
All of the booths will be judged, some of                            let us know thot you wont to go on this terrifictrip. There is
the cotegories include: theme creotivity,                                                           for
                                                                     on odditionol cost of S3B0.0O the trip thot covers the
best decorotions ond most iickets won.                               boot chortering,ond tronsportotion.lf thissoundslike
So stort thinking nowl Which booths do                               something you wont to do, pleose contoct us before
you like best of cornivols? Whot cornivol                            Jonuory 3.l. We need five mole Foley compers committed
booths would be fun ond cool to hove ot                              to this otherwisewe will close this owesome trip to bovs
the Foley cornivol? Come to comp with                                ond open it for girlsonlyl
ideos or write us to let us know!
LccK lryho's Qegistered
These kids ore set for        DOWLING,LAURA                  I N G R A M ,E L I Z A B E T H M C L A U G H L I N ,       SALINGER, RDAN    JO
o super summer                DOYLE,KYLE                     JENSEN,ASSIEC                       MAGGIE                 SARAZIN,       WILLIE
hoving their comp             DRIESSEN,        GABRIELA      J E N S E N ,M A N D A
                                                                         A                                  A
                                                                                            M C N E I L L ,N N          SCALLEN,EAN     S
registrotionsinto our                      ,
                              D U R B I NM A G G I E         J O H N S O NE M I L Y
                                                                               ,            MEDINA,GNACIO  I                            T
                                                                                                                        S C A L L E N ,I M M Y
office by Jonuory 9.          ENZ,WILLY                      J O H N S O NE L L E N
                                                                               ,            MENDEZ UNOZ,  M             S C H M I I ZK A T H L E E N
1997. ff your nqme            ENZ,MAGGIE                     JOYCE,ANDY                          FERNANDO               S C H M I Z ,S A R A H
is not on the list.tolk       ERKER,     MATTHEW             JOYCE, KIP S                   M I T C H E L L ,E D
                                                                                                              N         SCHOCH, ESSICA   J
to Mom or Dod. ls             FARICY,     ALLI               KASKIE,    MARTHA              MOSHER,        MATT         SCHOKMILLER,
your friend'snome             F I N N E G A N ,A C K
                                                J            K A U T HA N N E
                                                                        ,                   M U C H O W ,K A R E N           MICHAEL
missing? Give him             FRANK,     MOLLY               K L E I N M A N ,E N N I F E R M U C H O W ,E R I C
                                                                               J                                                     ,
or her o phone coll!          F R E U N D ,O E
                                           J                 K L E V E N ,N D R E A
                                                                         A                  M U C H O W ,G E O F F      SCOTT,     TIMOTHY
                              FREUND,HARLIEC                 KLOTZBUECHER,                  MULCAHY,           DANNY    SCOTT,     JEREMIAH
A D A I R _ S M I T H , R E K GAGNON, BRIAN                  MARK                           NAGEL, NNA A                SHEEHAN, KE     JA
ADAMS, ELLEN                  G I R G E NB R I A N
                                            ,                K L O T Z B U E C H E RL L N A G E L , O N R A D
                                                                                    WI ,               C                SHERIDAN,         PRISCILLA
ANDRUS,      PETER            GII-IGEN,     MELISA           K O C H ,B R A N D O N                     C
                                                                                            NAGEL, HRISTIAN             S I N A R DM A X W E L L
ANDRUS.      MAIIGARET G L A B ,A D D I E                    KOWALSKI,         MATT         N E L S O ND A V I D
                                                                                                            ,           S I N A R DM A C K E N Z I E
BALDWIN,      MARK            GLAB, PATRICIA                                                               ,
                                                             K R U M M E N A C H E R , N E L S O NM E G H A N           SKOGSTAD,           DALE
B A N N I S T EC H R I S      GOERSS,      GRETA                 KENDALL                    N E M E RM O L L Y
                                                                                                         ,              SLOTERDYK,          PETER
B A N N I S T ET O M M Y      GOERSS,       INGRID           KUNTZ,    BLAKE                       ,
                                                                                            N I S HC H A R L E Y        SLOTERDYK,          ANNE
B A R N H I L L , E T C H E R G O L T E R M A N ,J
              FL                                   I         KUPERMAN, AM        AD                      T
                                                                                            O B R I E N ,E D D Y        SLOTERDYK,          KATE
BEANALEX ,                    GREILE.     RYAN               LABASTIDA                      O BRIEN, ARY  M                      M
BELTZ,   PETER                GRISSOM,         MATT              FERNANDO                   O BRIEN,RENDANB             SNEDIKER, BERT      O
BENOIST, PHIESO               H A G E NJ E N N I F E R
                                          ,                  L A C H K YL I S A
                                                                           ,                O K E E F E ,Y L A N
                                                                                                          D             S N E D I K EJ A M E S
BRESNAHAN, IN     ER          HAGEN, ANHEWM                  LACHKY,BOBBY                                       J
                                                                                            O H L R O G G E ,U L I A    SNOW, KARA
BROWN,SCON                    H A N S O NC H A S E
                                              ,              LAWSON,                        PETKOVICH,                  SODERAUIST,          RILEY
BUSSMANN,        MATT         HARDY,RYAN                         GWENDOLYN                       MARTHA                 STASSEN,      PETER
BYE,DANIEL                    H A R R I N G T O N ,H R I S
                                                     C       LEAL,SOFIA                     PFLANZ.     KRISTI                       F,
                                                                                                                        S T E I N E RR E D E R I C K
C A H I L LC A R O L Y N      HARRINGTON,                    LOZIER,    LAURA               P I G O Z I ,M I K E        STEMBRIDGE,
COOMES,                            COLLEEN                   L U N D E L L ,A ] H E R I N E PGOAI. STEPHEN
                                                                           K                                                 JESSICA
ALEXANDER                     HARTZELL,       ZOEY           LUTHER,    RYAN                P L U C I N A K ,M I L Y
                                                                                                              E         STt?OBEL,      LESLIE
CORCORAN, EN       B          HARTZELL,       LAUREN         M A M M E LD A N I E L
                                                                             ,              PLUIMER,ATTHEW M            STitOBEL,      KRISTA
CORCORAN,                     HASTEN, ILL W                                  ,
                                                             M A M M E L G O R D O N PROPHETER,                 MEGAN              ,
                                                                                                                        T A U E RM E G A N
NICOLE                        HASTEN,ONNELL
                                          C                  M A R I N ,A N D R E W         R A M E YJ E F F R E Y
                                                                                                        ,               TIERNEY-CHAVEZ,
CRARY,     JOEY                                  B
                              H A Y M A K E R ,E N                        ,
                                                             M A R T I NC E L I A           RAMEY,      PATRICK              RACHEL
C U S H M A N ,A M E S
               J              HAYMAKER,                      MARTINEZ,                      R A N D A L LM E G A N
                                                                                                              ,                      A
                                                                                                                        T U R N E R ,D A M
DAVIS,ERICA                        BRIDGETTE                     VERONICA                   RASLEY,     MICHAET                    ,
                                                                                                                        U R I O NW I L L I A M
DAYION, BEN                   HERTHENICOLE   R,              MATTHEWS,          BILLY       REED.   JOSEPH              VARGAS,RODRIGO
DECOURCY,                     HOFSTEDE,         AL           M A T T H E WC , R I S
                                                                                SH          REED,   ALEX                VAT?GAS,        ERNESTO
DONALD                        H U M A N ,P A T R I C K       MCGARVEY,                                          S
                                                                                            R H O M B E R G ,A R A H                         C
                                                                                                                        V I L L A L O B O S ,A R L A
               ,              HYDE,BRADY                         CHRISTINF                  ROWE, HRISC                 VILLALOBOS,
DOWLING DREW                  I N G L I SW I L L I A M
                                         .                                                  ROWE, EVINK                      RICHARD
                                                                                                                        W E N K S T E RG R A N T
                                                                                                                        W E R N E KA D A M
Online Oampers!                                                                                                                          S
                                                                                                                        W E R N E K E ,T E P H A N I E
                                                                                                                        W H I T A K E RI,M M Y
    Hove you wondered why some of your comp friendsseem to hove the edge                                                                      B
                                                                                                                        W I D D I C O M B E ,E T H
on Foleyinfo? Could it be thot they hove internetoccess ond ore receivingthe                                            WIDDICOMBE,
populor'Foley Clips'? Whot ore 'FoleyClips'you osk? 'FoleyClips'ore tid-bitsof                                               LOGAN
                                                                                                                        WIGGINS,        SYDNEY
informotionobout lhe hoppenings of comp thot we hove been sendingto
                                                'Clips'                                                                 WILLARD,        LEELA
compers vio emoil obout once o week. The               olso include informotionthot                                     Y O U N G ,B L A I R
compers posson to us in their emoil, likewhot they ore doing in school ond whot                                         YOUNG,KYLE
their plons ore for next summer, lt is greot to hove such o better woy to commu-
nicote with our compers! Do you hove on emoil oddress? Lei us know ond we
con odd you to the           list! Comp's emoil oddressis:
Shcp Qaces                                                                                         llcrthern
    You moy hove olreody witnessedthe thrillond excitement
of the Foley Derby Cor Roces. In oddition to holding roces on
o plywood roce trock, roces will be held in on eight foot long
                                                                                                        Lostyeor's completely owesome
gutter full of woter. You ore right if you ore thinking thot Derby
                                                                                                   Northshoretrip hos prompted us to
Cors don't move very fost in woter, thot's why we won't be                                         plon onother odventure for our long
usingthe cors, Insteodyou will be oble to creote ond design                                        term compers. During the shorter
your very own soilboot in shop clossfor the new FoleySoilboot
                                                                                                   session    breoks, the compers stoying
Rocesl The roces. held once o session,     willtoke ploce, not on                                  four weeks or more will be off for
WhitefishLoke. but rother on lond in the more shollow White-
                                                                                                   three doys exploring some of the
fishGullies.Unlike  the soilrocing octivitythot you con toke,                                      coolest ond best kept secretsof
our soilbootroces willhove guoronteed rocing winds--ohigh
                                                                                                   Minnesoto. Hikingond comping in
powered fon will be strotegicollyploced of the end of the
                                                                                                   the beoutiful porks,ond perhops
Gullies the besi wind soeed!
                                                                                                   even seo koyoking under the direc-
                                                                                                   tion of experienced instructors                     from
                                                                                                   the University Duluth ore other
OIT ljpdate                                                                                        ports of thiswonderfultrip led by
                                                                                                   Foleystoff. Are you interested in
      lf you ore of leost 16 yeors of oge ond would like to help
                                                                                                   going on this owesome odventure?
teoch octivities,ossist            counselorsof younger compers, ond
join one of the best teoms ot Foley--then the CITProgrom is                                        Register the 1997summer for four
                                                                                                   weeks or longer ond be reody to
for youl As o ClT,or Counselor-ln-Troining, will ossist             you                    Foley
                                                                                                   hove o greot time! Thesecompers
counselorsin vorious octivitiesond in our younger cobins with
                                                                                                   ore olreody signed up: EllenAdoms,
evening octivities. You will olso be oble to porticipote in doily
                                                                                                   S o p h i e B e n o i s t A l l i F o r i c y .M o l l y
leodershipmeetingswhere you willgoin knowledge. skills,                                      ond
                                                                                                   F r o n k ,R y o n G r e l l e , l o e y H o r t z e l l .
experrencein o wide voriety of topics Come jotn our teoml
                                                                                                   L o u r e n H o r t z e l lA l H o f s t e d e ,M o r t h o
Thereore o few spotsleft for both mole ond femole ClTs
                                                                                                                                        K         i
                                                                                                   K o s k i e K o t i e L u n d e l l , r i s tP f l o n z , o t
                                                                                                               ,                                            P
during the July 30 through August l2 session, opply TODAYI              so
                                                                                                   R o m e y , K o t h l e e nS c h m i t z S o r o h
T h e C I Tt e o m m e m b e r so l r e o d y i n c l u d e : E r i c oD o v i s ,B r i o n
                                                                                                                  M                         ,
                                                                                                   S c h m i t z , i c h o e l S l u i sK y l eY o u n g ,
G i r g e n , R y o n G r e l l e .L o u r e n H o r t z e l lA l H o f s t e d e .K o t i e
                                                                                                   M o t t B u s s m o n nS o r o h R h o m b e r g ,
L u n d e l l . o t R o m e y . K o t h l e e nS c h m i t z . i c h o e l S l u i so n d
                                                                 M                      .
                                                                                                   M o r k B o l d w i n ,C h r i sB o n n i s t e r ,
K y l eY o u n g .
                                                                                                   T o m m y B o n n i s t e rE r i c oD o v i s ,B r i o n
                                                                                                                                G i r g e n .M e l i s o
                                                                                                                                G i r g e n ,F e r n o n d o
                                                                                                                                 Lobostido. Sofio
                                                                                                                                 L e o l ,l g n o c i o
                                                                                                                                Medino, Fernondo
                                                                                                                                M e n d e zM u n o z ,
                                                                                                                                R o d r i g oV o r g o s .
                                                                                                                               Corlo Villolobos,
                                                                                                                                ond Ricordo

                                    North Shore Trip lOOo
                                                            (iodbole, ,\lax IIoltz,.\lichael Sluis, Il.van
IJackrov'le-fi to right: Iiric,\hroeder,llli liaricv, ^1n1ali                                             Grelle,,
K.C. Sullivan, Drew Stinger John Sullivan, K.t'leIoung, .lohn l)or,,'ling,   and Liz Kuehel.
Front rov'lefl to right: KathleenSchmitz,Lauren [[artzell,,-1leLabisticla,Ileather Ilatlhev's, .\like !lahonv, IJlair
Bachmanancl.ldarsh Godhole.
uall of Fame OalnrDers                                           rL^^^                     ^'^
    We wont to give speciolrecogniiionto those                    il rgJv   uur   ttPvrJ   vrs   r li ll r a v iyd \ r
                                                                                                 u vuf                   aill ivrr-urri s l p tr r t L e c o m e
                                                                                                                         s              h        v h               O
compers who hove been coming to Foleysum-                        member of the BridgeCrossing:Mott Bussmon,
mer ofter summer. Did you know ihoi some of our                  M i t c h C o n f e r , N o t e C o n f e r , K y l e D o y l e ,J e n n y
Foleycompers ond stoff hove been coming here                     G l e s s n e rM o t t G o o d , Z o e y H o r t z e l lE l i s h o
                                                                                   ,                                           ,
for    yeors?! Thots o long time Thereore going                  H o f f m o n n ,N o t o l i e J o h n s o n ,J o m e s K l o o s . i m
to be three cotegories thot o long-term comper                   K n u t s o n T i m L o h m o n n , B e n M i n o r ,K o t i e M i n o r ,
con foll into: SteppingStones,BridgeCrossing,                    C h r i s t i n e u l l o r k e y C o i t l i nO ' K e e f e ,M o d d y O t i s ,
                                                                                  M                ,
ond Hollof Fome, To be inducted into the Step-                   C l o i r e R o b u n . M i c h o e l R o b u n .S o r o h
ping Stones,  you need to hove spent three sum-                  R o u e n h o r s tM i c h o e l S c o l l e n .E r i c oS c h m i d .
mers of Foley. A member of the Bridge Crossing                   L o u r o S c h m i d ,J o h n M i c h o e l S t i e l o w , e f f
hos spent five summersof Foley. In order to be o                 Sfroboch. Kotie Weber, ond Kevin Weber hove
member of the Foley Holl of Fome, o person                       oll been to comp for five yeors. Stephen
needs to hove spent l0 summersof Foley A                         B o u l w o r e ,A n d r e w B r o w n ,T o m D o l o n , D r e w
person doesn't necessorily hove to hove spent oll                D o w l i n g .D o n i e lG r o f , T o m K e l l y , u s t i nK l o u e r ,
those summersos o comper of Foley. He or she                                              P
                                                                 M o n i c o O l s o n , o t R o m e y ,J o h n R o s c h S o r o h,
con hove o combinotion of comper, ClT,Junior                                                               M
                                                                 R h o m b e r g ,D o n R i t c h i e , i k e R i t c h i e , r i s t i n e
Counselor,   ond SeniorCounseloryeors of Foley                   R o u e n h o r s tM i c h o e l S l u i sD e v o n W i e w e l ,o n d
                                                                                      ,                         ,
Whot do   you hove to do to be in these prestigious              Kyle Young hove oll been to comp for sixyeors.
groups? As o member of the SteppingStones,                                            ,                           S
                                                                 M o r y D o l s i nN o o h J o h n s o n , l e v eS c h m i d ,M i k e
you need to hove been of Foleyfor three sum-                                                            o
                                                                 S c h m i d . o r o hS c h m i t z n d R o c h e l T i e r n e y -
mers, Thot'sit. You ore outomoticollyo memberl                   C h o v e z h o v e o l l b e e n t o c o m p f o r s e v e ny e o r s ,
In order to join the BrrdgeCrossinghowever, you                  M e g o n C o h i l l , o l l e e nC o h i l l , n j o l iG o d b o l e .
                                                                                          C                         A
need to do some work lf you hove been ot                         E l i z o b e t h n g r o m ,K r i s t i n o
                                                                                   I                                    o
                                                                                                              Pflonz, nd Kothleen
comp for of leost frve yeors,you need to write on                Schmitz hove ollbeen to comp for eight yeorsi
essoyof ot leost 500 words of       Comp Foley
Meons to You'. A Hollof Fome member needs to                          ln           these comoers will complete their tenth
complete even more work, A biogrophy sheet                       yeor of Comp Foley ond ore eligible to become
needs to be comoleted ond o few short ouestions                  the firstinductees into the Foley Holl of Fome: Alli
need to be onswered. Inductioninto these                         F o r i c y ,L o u r e n H o r t z e l lJ o n o S c h m i d ,M e g o n
groups willbe ocknowledged of o specioltime                      Touer. ond of course Andv Dotson if he returns.
during eoch summersession
                                                                                   Congrotulotionscompersl lf you ore inier-
     Thesecompers hove been to Comp Foleyfor                                    ested in becoming members in the cotegories in
four yeorsond if they come for the 1997summer, which you ore eligible.sign up for the 1997sum-
will be eligibleto become o member of the Bridge mer todoyl
Crossing:Derek Adoir-Smith,Peder Arneson. Erin
E r e s n o h o n N o t e C o m b s , B e n C o r c o r o n .J o n e
D o l e e . E r i c o D o v i s . o l i n D o u g h e r t y ,M o g g i e
E n z .W i l l yE n z .B r i o nG i r g e n , M e l i s oG i r g e n .G r e t o
G o e r s s , o l l y H o g e r m o n ,C h o s e H o n s o n ,J o h n
lverson,Mortho Koskie,Louren Kelly,Corolyn
M c G o r v e y , C h o d M e s s e r , e v i nO ' B r i e n .
                             ,              P
B r e n d o nO ' B r i e n C h r i s t i o n o p o y o n o p u l o s ,
Mortho Petkovich. Mott Pluimer.Megon
Propheter, Amy Ritchie,Pot Rockwell.Seon
Scollen,Jim Snediker,Robby Stofer,Dione
T h o m p s o n ,W i l l i o mU r i o n ,M o l l y W o c k , T o r o
W o r d , J o m i e W e r t h w i n e .o n d A n n e W o l k e n .
lfeet Some of Our 7997Staff
      We are proud to introducesomeof our 1997summer                                    Emil-r'Hofstede rcturns for hcr secondvcar as a counsclor.
camp staff. Thesearc the individualsuho u'ill rnakecamp                                 but for her fourth vear as a nrcmbcrof thc Folcv conrrrrunrh.
contealive for our calnpers. Thel arc caring. talentedand                               With hcr contagious  smile. sheu'ill continueto shareher
enthusiaslic  adultsu'ho the dircctorsfeel uill bc positire                                                           in
                                                                                        kno*lcdgc and expcricnces hcr tuo lavoritc arcasof
rolc modelsfor voung people. Each Foler staff mcmber                                    lcnnis and boardsailing. Entilv graduates  frour Totiuo-
rrill bring to camp thcir spccialtalcnls. All arc acccpting                             GraccHigh Schoolin Ma1.
the challcngc spendthcir sunrnrcr
                to                    uorking uith childrcn
in the campcnvironrrrcnt.                                      Pctc Konal rcturnsfor his third rcar at Fole1. He is
                                                              anrious to start his ncrv position as a riflcn, instructor. Pctc
Brad Beskejoins us for his second   \ear at Camp Foler. Hc    rvill also bc drsplavinghis artistic talcntsbr' lcadrngspccial
will bc joining us in April as a mcmbcr of our core staff for sixth activitv pcriod sltop classcs.Oncc again. hc u'ill bc
our Environnrcntal   Education  program. Dunng the summcr uorking uilh our l2 and l3 r'earold bov canrpcrs.Pctcis a
monlhs. Brad uill bc instructingfcncing and riflen' Brad                                               -
                                                              .funiorat thc Univcrsitl'of Minnesota Tu in Citicsstudring
rccenth graduatcdl-ronrthc Univcrsitr of Wisconstn-           Biologr.
Madison ith a B.A. in English.
                                                              Matt Littlc-ioinsus for his first vcarat Folo all thc rrar'
Jcanna Boncllo is rcn crcitcd to rcturnas a counselor    in   fronr England. Hc bringsu.ith hirn his cxpcrtiscin tcunis
thc r oungcrgirls cabinand as a snorkcling  and su imnring    and socccr.(Don'tbc surpriscd our British staffstart
instructor. Shc uill also add her cnergvand spirit to our     havingcanlpcrs    call socccr balls "footballs"!) Hc is an avid
tnpping program. Jeanna a frcshman thc Univcrsi[,of
                            is           at                   plaverand an expericnccd     and ccrtificd Iouth coachin both
Minncsota- Tw'in Cities studving Child Psvchology.            sports. Matt is currcnth' attcndiug Portsnrouth    Univcrsitr.

Ere Broekemeier returnsfor hcr sccond!'ear as a Folel                                   Kathlecn Williams comcslo Folcr' for hcr first sunlmcr.
counsclor. Hcr humor and laugh will oncc again be carricd                               Shervill bc busvat thc swim dock teachingsnorkclingand
in thc uind as shc pulls skicrsand lcadscantpcrs trips                           on     suinrnring. Kathlccnrvill alsobc ableto hclp catchloads
throughout        Minncsota Erc sill alsobc hclping us in e                             and grasshoppcrs during hcr nalurcclasscs.With hcr
supcnisorpositionto hclp us acconrplish nranr goalsrrc              thc                 background track and ficld. shc u ill hclp to orgrrrrzc
                                                                                                    in                                         a
harc for the summcr Erc rrill graduatc                             front Colorado       Folo l'rack and Ficld Dar. Kathlccnis a sophornorc  at
S t a t cU n i v c r s i t l ' r . i t h B . A . i n E n g l i s ha n d H i s t o n .
                                       a                                                Macalcstcr Collcgc.

Jill Dittbcrncr rcturns rvith hcr gcncrousamountsof                                     Darran Wrighton alsojoins us lronr Englandbut for his
cntlrusiasm and laughtcr! With hcr past cxpericnccs lhcat                               sccondsunlnlcr at Folc1. Hc is cxcitcd to comc carlv as a
Folo u'aterfront.Jill will bc grcal in her positionof running                           corc stall mcmbcr lor the EnvironnrcntalEducationpro-
thc svrinrdock activitics and as a suinrntingand snorkcling                             granr. During thc summcrhc *ill bc lound onccagain orr
instructor.Jill is a junior at MoorhcadStateUnivcrsitr                                  lhc tcnnis courtsand on rl'indl dals at his ncu' activitl of
studring for a degrcc in Child Dcvcloprncnt.                                            boardsailing Currcnth'Darranis trorking olficcjobs in
                                                                                        Englandand anxioushanticipating chanccto uork
                                                                                        outsidc and tcachtcnnisas.ain!
Camp Foley Health Care
     Providing hcalth care for our campersn hile aual fronr                             Dishwasherstleeded
thcir accustomed   supportof farnilr and doctorsis challcng-                                 Wc *ant 1ou to.;oinour dishn'ashing   tcanr! Whcrc clsc
ing and vcn important to us at Camp Folcv. Our camp                                     can \ou plal'all dal. hangout llith vour fricnds.and gain
nurses. RNs from l99(rnill bc rcturningin 1997to
        all                                                                             thc crpcricncc of uorking? Work off nlorlc\,fronr rour
pror idc thc carc and supportneedcdnhilc campersare at                                  canrptuitionb1'rvashing   dishesonceeachdav rotating
camp. Not onlr arc thci RNs. but mothcrsuith childrcn at                                nrcalscvcn thrcc davs. Corncand crpcricnce a sunlnrcrat
camp! We all gain in professional   care.parcntalunder-                                 Folev as a dishu'ashcr! If lou arc intercsted rvould like to
standing.and experience uorking u,ith vouth. Please
                          in                                                            find out more irformation. plcasccontactour camp olhcc
welcomeback Lill' Doughertl'. Ann Hagerman. Anne                                        for a Work Programapplication.
Kelll'- Ann Messer"Sharon Quast and Karen
                                                           EhrvN nno^

                                                               ) sNoHd
                  drz          Ervrs                                ArrD
                                       sgutvN   s5ugHlvc   €l s.ltgHlohl

                3ev                                                shrvN

        'Ag-rolJo luvd StrtoSgg oI qggN A3Hr NollvutuolNl        gHr
       htSHr oNgs   -t-t.E/vt oNv /}1o-lgg sSDvds gHr rno l-llJ rsnr
  'os Jl
           asugdhrvDAg'roJ      gg solx gsgHl lo ANv q-tnoD 'ugng
      -rvH1t uo sNtsnot'sgnrt'gNtrrtsAgvg'HtunHt'sllitvgt.
         "tooH3s htout /l^oNv no^ sqtx lo rNghtoht v uol vNtHI

           uEdhrvD mEN uEHroNV sn qNEs

                                                               BULK RATE

HCR77 Box 172
                                                              U S. POSTAGE
                                                               PERMIT  #72
PineRir,crMN -56-17-1-9210

Addrcss Correction Rcquested

ln This lssue
. Meeting Notices
. New TrovelInformotion
. New for 1997
. Meet some         Stoff
Foley trleetingsComing
    Are you thinking comp for thissummer?You ore invitedto join usto
leornmore obout Comp Foley.Hoveyou been to comp before? Bring      o
new friendto o comp meetingond shorethe excitementond fun of Foley.
We willbe showingo video ond visitingobout whot isnew for       There
willbe lotsof pictures, opporiunity visit
                       on          to    with o directorobout Foley,
ond cookies!

Mondoy, Morch I0 ot 7:00p.m
Southdole-HennepinAreo Librory
7@l York Avenue South

Mondoy, April 7 ot 7:@ p.m.
Southdole-HennepinAreo Librory
700i York Avenue South

Watch the mail for other meetings scheduled in
your area!

    Comp is funl Fun is comp! Being o kid meons hoving fun in the sum-
mer. Foley isfun! Did you know thot of Foleybefore our compers orrive
thot stoff spend hours on creoting fun, being fun, ond ployingl Wow! lt's
roining, how obout o gigontic fort in your cobin? How obout floshlighttog
ofier the lightsore turned out rn your cobin? lt'so super hot doy ond oll of
the sudden oll of the octivitiesore closed ond the entire comp is down
swimming ond ploying in the woter! lt'sfun dressingcrozy. lt'sfun putting
zinc oxide on your nose when l0O other kids ore doing the some. How
crozy is your cobin skit? Fun is getting up on woter skis your firsttime,
Fun is designing ond constructing your own cor for the Pine Cor Derby
roces. Fun isthe giggles ond loughter of being sillywith your friends. Fun is
ploying copture-the-flog or blind soccer. Fun is singingsillysongs of o
compfire. Fun is eoting o gooey smore. getting soot on your foce, or
moking Rice Krispie  treots over o fire.

CCI@@SE iFAitV/I[,yD J@tlM(IS lJT
 Look Who's Registered
Theseowesome kids registeredfor the fun                   HAGEN,MAnHEW JULY - AUGUST     30              l2      M E D I N A G N A C | CJ U L YI . 5 A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                  ,                                               I
ot Comp Foleybefore FebruorylI Are                        HANSON.      CHASE    UNDECIDED                        M I T C H E L I E DJ U I Y3 0 - A U G U S lT
                                                                                                                                    N.                                    2
you missrng?How obout your friends?                       HARDY.     RYANJUIY 30 AUGUST            12                             M
                                                                                                                 MOSHER. AN JUNE E JL]NE4              I             2
Send in your regjstrotions
                         todoyl lf you ore                HARI?INGTON.      CHRISTOPHER       UNDECIDED          MUCHOW,KAREN                     JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                           30                    ]2
listedos UNDECIDED.  pleose let us know                   HARRINGTON.       COLLEEN      UNDECIDED               M U C H O W E R I C U L Y 0 A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                     ,         J        3                   I
Voursessionpreference.                                    HARZELL.     ZOEYJUNElB JULY15                         M U C H O W G E O F F U I Y3 0 . A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                     ,            J                              ]
                                                          HARIZELL,    LAUREN     JUNEIB JULY15                  MULCAHY,            DANNYJUIY30 - AUGUST                          I2
ADAIR-SMITH,      DEREK    JULYI6 JULY         29         HASTEN, JULYI6 - JULY
                                                                     WILL                    29                  MUNOZ,          FERNANDO            JULY16 AUGUST                  ]2
ADAMS,     ELLEN    JUNE18, JULY15                        HASTEN,    CONNETL      JULY]6 JULY       29                                               1
                                                                                                                 N A G E LA N N AJ U L Y 6 - J U L Y 9
                                                                                                                                ,                                2
ANDRUS,     PETER    UNDECIDED                            HAYMAKER, JULY BEN          30. AUGUST      12         N A G E LC O N R A D U L Y 6 , J U L Y 9
                                                                                                                                .                J        1            2
ANDRUS,     MARGARFT        UNDECIDED                     HAYMAKER,      BRIDGENE       JULY - AUG, ]2
                                                                                              30                 NAGEL,         CHRISTIAN         JULYI6 - JULY         29
EALDWIN,     MARKJULY16, AUGUST                I2         HERTHER,    NICOLE     JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                       30              I2        NEISON,          DAVIDJUNFIB JUNE                    24
                                                                        AL                                       NELSON,          MEGHAN          JUNEI8 JUNE             24
BANNISTER,     TOMMYJULYI6 - AUGUST                12     HUMAN,PATRICK          JUNE   25 JULYI5                NEMER,         MOLLY       JULYI6 _JULY           29
BARNES,    DAVIDJUNE25 - AUGUST              12           HYDE,   BRADY    JULYI6 , JULY     29                  NISH,    CHARTEY           JULYI6 - JULY          29
                           JULY                     I2    INGLIS,  WILLIAM   JUNE]B - JUNE        24             O'BRIEN,        TEDDY      JULYI6 - JULY           29
BEAN.   ALEX    UNDECIDED                                 INGRAM,                  JULY
                                                                      ELIZABETH 16, JULY             29          O'BRIEN,        MARYJULY - AUGUST   30                  12
BEIZ, PETER     JUNE18- JUNF24                            JENSEN,    CASSIE  UNDECIDED                           O ' B R I E N ,R E N D A J U L Y 6 J U L Y 9
                                                                                                                                 B                 N        I            2
BENOIST,   SOPHIE     JUNEIB - JULYI5                     JENSEN,    AMANDA UNDECIDED                                                         U
                                                                                                                 O ' K E E F D, L A N N D E C I D E D
BRAINERD,    ANDREW        JUNEI9 - JUNF25                JOHNSON,      EMITY   JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                       30              I2        O H I R O G G EJ U L I A N D E C I D E D
                                                                                                                                        ,          U
                 ERIN          25                         JOHNSON,      ELLEN   JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                       30              I2        P E A R S E , N I E J U L Y 0 _A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                DA           T        3                   I
                            25                            JOHNSON,      SUZANNE      JUNE  25 JULYI 5            PETKO\"/ , t\4ARTl-]A l6 JULY
                                                                                                                                CH                     JULY                    29
BUSSMANN,       MAN JUNE25 - JULY          29             JOHNSON,      NOAH JUL 16 JULY29
                                                                                     Y                           P F L A NK, S T J N E B J U L Y 5
                                                                                                                                ZR JU I                           I
B Y E , D A N I E L J U L Y 3 0 , A U G U2 T              JOYCE,ANDYJUTY JUI.'Y:A   16                                                 E
                                                                                                                 r 3 C Z l \ . ,(1 - L \ E ' 8 - l N E : i
CAHILL,   CAROLYN        JUNEI8 JUNE         24           JOYCE,    SKIP .]ULY . -IULY
                                                                                 I5         29                   r a l c - I i - ! ; . ! : \ I i - \ 3 ! A , J G U SlT           :
CHILD,   MARKJULY _JUIY29                                 KASKIE,   MARTIA JUNE18 Ju:\ 15                        ; r _ _ a\ A ( . : ' / - \ J J i \ ' a _ u i r '? 9
CHILD,                 JULY
         ELIZABETH 16 JUIY29                              KAUTI-'J,ANNEJUNE,8 , .jlNE :J                         PLuiil: i?.f!4AilrlE"^'            ul..DEC D   DE
COOMES,      ALEXANDER        JUNEIB - JUNE        24     KELLY   LAUREI.]  JUNE - JUIV I5
                                                                                    25                           P Q C P F I E T MR ,G A NU N D E C E D
                                                                                                                                       EE                        D
C O R C O R A NB E N U N E 5 - J U L Y1 5
                   , J         2                                  T
                                                          K E L L Y ,O MJ U L Y 6 - A U G U S T 2
                                                                               I                I                QUAST,       LOUISA        JUNE1B- JUNE            24
                                    25                    KIEHL,  ERICH  JULYI6 - JULY      29                   OUAST,       JESSICA        JUNEIB - JUNE           24
COSTELLO,     KATETYN     JUNEIB JUNF24                   KIEHL,  PAUt JULYI6 - JULY       29                    R A M E YJ.E F F R E Y N E 5 - J U L YI 5
                                                                                                                                              JU 2
                         30                               KLEINMAN,     JFNNIFER     UNDECIDED                   RAMEY,         PATRICK        JUNEIB - JUIY I5
CUSHMAN,       JAMES     UNDECIDED                        KLEVEN,    ANDREA     UNDECIDED                        RANDALL,          MEGANJUIY30 - AUGUST                          I2
DAVIS,   ERICA    JULY16. AUGUST          I2              KTOZBUECHER,        MARKJUIY30 AUG. ]2                 RASLEY,        MICHAEL          UNDECIDED
DAYTON,     BENUNDECIDED                                  KLOIZBUECHER, JULY - AUGUST
                                                                              WILL         30               12   RFED,     JOSEPH         UNDECIDED
                                        25                                       JULYI6. JULY      29            R E E DA L E X N D E C I D E D
                                                                                                                            ,        U
DECOURCY,        DONALDJULY30 - AUGUST                 12 KOWALSKI,     MATTHEW       JULY30 - AUGUST       12   RHOMBERG,             SARAH         JUNE     25 JULY       29
                               25                         KRUMMENACHER,           KENDATL    6I16 7/15           ROWE,       CHRIS      JUNE18 JUNE              24
DOWLING,      DREW     JUNE    25 JULYI5                  KUNTZ,   ELAKE  JUIY I6 - JULY     29                  R O W EK E V I N U N E B - J U N E 4
                                                                                                                              ,         J          I             2
                               25                         KUPERMAN,      ADAM JULYI6 JULY           29           SALINGER,          JORDANJULY16- JULY                    29
DOYLE,    KYLE   JULY        JULY   29                    LABASTIDA,    FERNANDO        JULY16, AUG, 12          SARAZIN,         WILLIE    JUIY ]6 - JULY          29
DRIESSEN,   GABRIELA       UNDECIDED                      LACHKY,     LISAJULYI6 - JULY      29                  SCALLEN,         SEAN      JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                     30                  I2
DUNCAN,     CAROLINE        JUNE18- JUNE         24       LACHKY,     BOBBY   JULY]6, JUIY29                     SCALLEN.         TIMMY        JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                        30                  l2
DURBIN,   MAGGIEJUNE          25 JULY15                   LAWSON,     GWENDOTYN          JULY]6 - JULY     29    S C H M I Z , A T H L E E N N E B - J U I YI 5
                                                                                                                                  K                JU I
ENZ, WILLY   JULY    30. AUGUST       12                  LEAL,  SOFIA  JULY16- AUGUST          12               S C H M I T S , R A H U N EI B J U L Y] 5
                                                                                                                                  ZA           J
ENZ. MAGGIEJUIY30 - AUGUST                12              LOZIER,  LAURA    UNDECIDED                            SCHOCH,           JESSICA       JUNEIB JUNE             24
ERKER,   MATTHEW       JULYI6. JULY       29              LUNDELI,    KATHERINE     JUNEIB JULYI5                S C H O K M I L T E R C H A E J U N EI S , J U N E 4
                                                                                                                                           MI ,             L                          2
          ALII                                            LUTHER,    RYANJULY - AUGUST
                                                                                   30              12            S C H U I Z ,E N N E R U I Y3 0 - A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                J        F J                                   I
                              30                I2        MAMMEL,      DANIEL    JUNE]B - JUNE      24           SCOIT.      IIMOTHY          JUIY I6 JULY           29
FRANK,   MOLLY      JUNE         JULY15                   MAMMEL,      GORDONJUNEIB, JUNE              24        S C O T T ,E R E M I AJ U N E 8 J U N E 4
                                                                                                                             J                   H        I            2
           JOE           30              I2               MARIN,   ANDREW      JUNF _JULYI5
                                                                                       25                        S H E E H A NA K E U N E B J U N E 4
                                                                                                                                   J,       J          I             2
FREUND,    CHARLIE     JUIY30 - AUGUST          12        MARKWARDT,       JASONJUNE1B- JUNE            24                         I.
                                                                                                                 S H F P A a Dv L E RU L i ' 3 0 A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                             i                            l
GAFFNEY,     MEGANJUNEIB - JULYI5                         MARIIN,    CFLIAJULY]6 - JULY        29                S H E A D A N , Q S C I L T A J U I 6 A U G U S T2
                                                                                                                                    P                          LY                    I
GAGNON,BRIAN           JUNEIB - JUNE       24             MARTINEZ,    VERONICA       UNDECIDED                  SINARD         MAXWEIIJUIY30 - AUGUSII2
GIRGEN,    BRIAN    JULYI6 - AUGUST         I2                          BILLY
                                                          MATTHEWS, UNDECiDED                                    SINARD,        MACKENZIE            JULY . AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                              30                    I2
GIRGEN,    MELISA     JULYI6 - AUGUST         I2          MATTHEWS.     CHRISTOPHER - 6124  6II8                 SKOGSTAD,            DALEUNDECIDED
GLAB,ADDIE       JULY   30, AUGUST       I2               MCCADDEN,       MICHAEL      JULY - AUG. I2
                                                                                             30                  SLOIERDYK,           PETER      JULY]6 - JULY         29
                            30               12           MCCADDEN,       KATHY     JULY16- JULY      29         SLOTERDYK,           ANNEJULY]6 - JULY                29
GOERSS.    GRETA     JULYI6 - JULY      29                MCGARVEY,                    JULY
                                                                          CHRISTINE I6, JULY              29     SLOTERDYK, JULYI6. JULY
                                                                                                                                      KATE                            29
GOERSS,    INGRID     JULYI6 - JULY      29               MCGARVFY,       CAROTYN       JUIY ]6, JULY     29     S L U I S , I C H A E J U N E B - J U L YI 5
                                                                                                                          M                 L         I
GOLTERMAN. UNDECIDED                                      MCLAUGHLIN,       MAGGIEJULY - AUG. I2
                                                                                              30                 SNEDIKER,         ROBERT        JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                          30                   I2
                             25                           MCNAMARA,       MEGHAN        JUNEI8 - JUNE      24    SNEDIKER,         JAMES        JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                                                                                         30                   I2
GRELLE,   RYANJUNEIB - JULY15                             MCNAMARA,       MICHAEL      JUNEIB - JUNE       24    SNOW,KARAUNDECIDED
GRISSOM,     MATT    JULYI6 - JULY      29                MCNAMER,      JOSEPH      JULY - AUGUST
                                                                                          3C              I2     SODEROUIST, UNDECIDED  RILEY
                        JULY                    I2        MCNEILL,    ANN JULY . AUGUST
                                                                                   30              I2            STASSEN,        PETER     JULY30 - AUGUST              I2
Look Who's Registered (cont.)
                           JULY                   I2
                                                            Top Ten Reasonsfor
               ABBY   JULY
                             30- AUGUSI]2
                             JULY - AUGUST
             LESLIE 30 - AUGUST
                                                      I2    comingto Camp Foley
                                     25                                n0sQutf0s,
                                                            ,0. TRttilEo                      ilo
                                                                                sunilf wEATflF8, sunn€R,
S W E D R O EA C Q U E L YJ U L Y 0 - A U G . I 2
               J,                N    3
S W E D R O EE N N I F E R L Y 0 - A U G U S T2
               J,           JU 3                   I        sunsEfs,
T A U E R , E G A NJ U t YI 6 J U L Y 92                    9. AWAVFP(OH
                                                                       NOH AT/o   SUf LOTS LEITEPS
                                                                               OAO,      OF      F?rON
T I E R N E Y . C H A V E ZC H E J U I YI 6 - J U L Y 9
                        RA ,       L                   2
T U R N EA D A MJ U N E 5 - J U L Y 5
            R,              2           I                   HOHE!
U R I O N , I L L I AJ U N E 5 . J U L Y 5
                      M      2            I
                           JULYI6 - AUGUST2       ]
                                                            t, cntzf otnEt, stltf sonos, FUn
                                                                                       tfifo snns!
VARGAS,      ERNESTO      JULYI6 AUGUSII2                                                          Arfo.
                                                            7. nEnoscltpptilotr fow Enc0weaEnEnrs En-
                  CARLAJULYI6 - AUGUST
                  RICHARD      JULY]6. AUGUST
                                                            counrcnowu f0 ut rou?SEsr TRf  0P sonErH,no
                            25                              6, NORE      'CIUT|ES..TIEW
                                                                    OR,EAT                           IiEW
                                                                                        EXPEPIEIICES, CHAL.
W A L LE R I N U N E 5 . J U I Y 1 5
         ,      J      2                                    LENOES FUil!
WARMINGTON,          KATIE   JULY  30 AUGUST         I2
W E R N E KA D A M J U N E B . J U N E 4
               E,              I            2
W E R N E KS T E P H A N IU N E B - J U N E 4
               E,            JE I               2           4. C0OLC0UiiSELORS D,0STUfr WnH WU.
WHITAKER.      JIMMYJULY]6 - JULY           29              3. 8EL0nOn0 T0 A CAgtil 0R0W.,LAUOflmO, ?LilnO AIf?-
WIDDICOMBF,         BETH   JUIY30. AUGUST         I2
WIDDICOMBE,         LOGANJULY        30. AUG, I2            H^tJonto
             SYDNFV      JULYI6 JULY
                     JUNF25 - JUIY I5
                                            29              2. n,EnDSHnS KDS
                                                                       WnH             rHE
                                                                            non ilL oVEn AilnEO
W O I K E NA N N EJ U N E 5 - J U L Y 5
             ,               2          ]                         ANO
                                                            STATES PENHAPS  NOH N€XICO INAilCE,
W C L K E NU C I E . ] U N E J U L Y 5
,-. \
             I,              25
                                    \ .-
                                        I                   I, FUN,FUTI
           :.:'      -".:.:
'4,'-.'-:           -.::

                                                                                       By Joan Wolsh Anglund

CrTOpenings...7 to 8/ 72
             / 76                                                                      'A
                                                                                         friend is someone who lik
Pleosecheck:                                                                          you.,,
                                                                                      Some people hove lots ond
      J Yes, I wont to help teoch octivitiesot Comp Foleyl                            lotsof friends...
      C Yes,I wont to be o positive role modelfor younger                             And some people hove quite
        compers!                                                                      o few friends
      B Yes,I wont to be on one of the greotest teoms of Comp                         bul everyone...
        Foleyl                                                                        Everyone in the whole world
                                                                                      hos of leost one friend
    lf you ore going to be ot leost 16 yeors of oge by June lst                       Where did you get yours?'
ond hove checked ony of the preceding responses,

Troining,you will ossist
                                                       then you
ore just the person we ore looking forl As o ClT,or Counselor In
                       Foleycounselorsin vorious octivitiesond
in our younger cobins with evening octivities. You will olso be
oble to porticipote in doily leodership meetings where you will
goin knowledge, skills, ond experience in o wide voriety of
topics. Ihere ore o few spots left for both mole ond femole
ClTs during the July 16through August l2 sesdon, register
 Cabin Living
     Livingin o cobin with o group of kids is o new
 experience for most of our firsttime compersl Our                 lors
                                                         Cool Counse
 cobin counselorsknow this ond prepore to wel-               Comp isfull of counselors,Theseore not
 come you with signs,postersond other colorful           ordinory college students Theseore young odults
 decorotions, Two counselorslive with o group of         prepored ond willingto give their best to eoch
 B to l2 compers in the cobin. We try to creote o        comper. They hove gigontic heoris They know
cobin group thot hos both new ond returning              thot sofety ond good heolth ore very importont.
compers, compers from different stotesond                They hove to ploy, ploy ond ploy some more.
perhops o foreign country, some who come with            They need to lough ond sing They olso need to
friendsond some who ore coming to comp on                      comfort, encouroge, ond smilel They need
their own ond ore eoger to meet new kids. Fun            to put compers'needs first They know thot
stortson the firstdoy os groups ploy gomes to get        quolity instructionis importont. Thev know thot
to know eoch other. lt continues os cobin motes          compers look to them to be leodersond friends.
plon ond do cobin octivitiestogether ronging             Theyhove o tough job. A counselorbecomes o
from on overnight,to chollengingonother cobin            porent ond o friend when vou orrive. Counselors
to o gome of bosketboll,to moking friendship             ore indeed soecioll
brocelets, to on evening swim ond souno. There
is so much to do in such o short time. Cobin living
isfriends. lt is shoring your dreoms. loughing ot
your mistokes.exchonging oddresses,ond promis-
ing to return to comp next yeor. lt is tolking lote
into the night, ploying Monopoly, ond doncingt A
                                                         Super Sailing
cobin group mokes comp specioll                           Comp Foleyisthe only comp in Minnesoto
                                                       ond perhops the Midwest ihot offers its compers,
                                                       oges 6 to      soilinglessons using o fleet of oll new
                                                       Johnson 420'sond Club Troiners, Optimisttype
                                                       boot. You do not need to oftend o specrol
Aweome                                                session goin experl instructiontought by U.S.
                                                      Soilingcertified instructors using U S. Soiling's 'Little

Waterskiing                                            Red Book'os on oword system. Every comper ot
                                                       Foleycon soilfrom 1r/, hoursto 3 hoursevery doy.
      Do you know whot compersmostfrequently          Soilors ore given some lond instructionvio videos
telltheirporentsin letters when they get home? ond lond drills
                            or                                         ond under the coreful guidonce of
 'l got up on skis
                 for the first
                             timel' Who wouldn't       Foleystoff. oble to rig their boots ond soil! Whot
write home obout borefooting for the fjrsttime or     mokes thisteoching technique so unique? The
skiing  oroundthe loke on one ski? Foleyhos o         kidsore doing the soilingl They ore the ones in
greot skiprogrom. Kids    get to skil You con ski     controll You don't leorn to ploy tennisby shoring
olmosteverydoy if you wont. This true of oll
                                       isn't          one roquet between four lo five people ond ot
summer    comps. Did you know thot our woter ski      Foleyyou don't leorn how to soilthot woy either!
progromwos ronkedos one of the top lOO          sum-  At mony comps, there ore four or five compers on
mer comp woter skiprogroms the Uniied
                                 in                   o boot with one counselor. In thissituotion,     the
Stotes? Did you know thot our progrorn wos            kidsore noi leorningos ropidly becouse they ore
specificolly noted os one of the TOP     eleven       shoringthe time spent controllingthe boot. At
summer    comp woter skiprogroms the United
                                      in              Foley,there ore one or two kids per boot with our
Stotes?We were written up in the Morch                stoff supervising ond giving encourogement from
issue WoterSki.    Wth two boots, booms for           smoll motor boots. lt is the some technioue used
instructionol work,quolityskis  ond troinedinstruc- ot soilingschoolsthroughout the country. For
torsour compersore off for on experience o      of    those of you who wont technicol informotion, o
lifetime.And porents,   there isno extrocost for this 42Ois o two mon dingy thot js widely used os o
greot progrom- olljustport of the Foleyexperi-        collegiote rocer ond is olso soiled internotionolly,
ence.                                                 WOWI Don't you wont to soil of Comp Foleythis
 A Peaceful Place
      Comp is ollsods of onimols ond critters. Eoch
 yeor brings us new surprises!Lostsummer. the kids
 helped to feed ond core for on obondoned fown
 who hos now grown up ond won,t leovel One
                                                        Terrific Trips
 night lost summer. o group of sixieen yeor old             Sure living in cobins of comp moy not be os
                                                         rusficos tent comping but you con odd thot
 boys. floshlights hond. hod o blost cotching
 frogs ond toods, Compers hove even seen beor           experience by going on o biking, conoeing or
                                                        bockpocking trip. Whot on owesome experience
 cubs rooming oimlessly   through comp. In coptiv-
 ity numerous snokesond turiles ond o Red-Toil          of spending two to four doys with your friends
 Howk oll odd to the comping experience. Comp           exploring. cooking, ond comping in the beouty of
 issfor gozing on o cleor night, swimming in o          Minnesoto! Younger compers ore off on over-
                                                        nights building skills longer trips. A night in o
 crystol cleor sondy-bottomed loke, hiking or
                                                        Siouxstyletipi or in o tent with your cobin motes is
 bikingthrough the birch ond pine trees.ond
                                                        fun All kids,old ond young. ore thrilledwith
 sitiingwith o group of friends in the silence of the
                                                        roosting morshmollowsond eoting smores. Trip-
 nigh'i. Foley brings o new dimension to being
                                                        prng rsowesomel
 outside ond owoy from the city. Come ond

 A Sampte Activity Sign-up
    At Comp Foley, the comper chooses his or her own octivitiesl As opposed
                                                                                lo some cqmps where
o schedule is creoted for the entire cobin, Foley compers creote their own individuol
                                                                                       schedule. Loox
ot o somple of the ociivity offeringsthot hoppened in just one of the three
                                                                            doy sign-upslost summer!
Did you know thot you con choose o new schedule every three doys? you
                                                                             con try new octivities or
toke your fovorites over ogoin. Eoch three doy sign-up chonges somewhot
                                                                             to give voriety ond moxe
comp fun. Look ot ollthol you con do!
    Compers ore divided inio iwo groups by oge for some oclivitiesond for evening progroms.
Compers twelve ond under ore Coyotes ond compers l3 (8th grode in the foll)
                                                                                 ond over ore Wolves.
Ihe wolves hove on odditionol 6th Period ofter supper while the coyotes
                                                                          begin their fun evening

Nome                                          Cobin                    Conteen#
ERST             SECOND             THIRD               FOURTH             FIFTH          SIXTH (WOLF)
Archery          Archery            Archery           Archery             Archery         Volleyboll
Art              Art                Art               Art                 Art             Open Tennis
Soccer-Coyote    Soccer-Wolf        Floor Hockey      Bosk.boll-Wolf      Bosk.boll-Coy   Art
Bike - wotf      Bike - Coyote      Bike - Wolf       Bike - Coyote       Bike-Wolf       Bike
Boordsoiling     Eoordsoiling       Boordsoiling      Boqrdsoiling        Broodsoiling    ski
Fish             Conoe              Cqnoe             Conoe               Fish            Boordsoil
Noture           Noture             Fencing           Fencing             Fencing-Adv     Ski-lnt
Volleybolt-Coy   Snorkel8eg         Snorkel Beg       Snorkel Beg         Snorkel -Adv    Ski-Adv
Riflery          Riflery            Riflery           Riflery             Trop Shooting
Soil             Soil               Soil Rocing       Soil Rocing         Soil
Shop             Shop               Shop              Shop                Shop
Ski-lnt          Ski-Beg            Ski-Beg           Ski-Beg             Ski-Beg
Ski-Adv          Ski-lnt            Ski-lnt           Ski-lnt             Ski-lnl
Cheerleoding     Hunter's Sofety    Dromo             Bollet
       -                                                                  Running
Tennis Int              -
                 Tennis Int         Tennis- Beg       Tennis- Beg         Tennis- Beg
Tennis- Adv      Tennis- Adv        Tennis-AdvBeg     Tennis-AdvBeg       Tennis-AdvBeg
OLS              Dive               Dive              Dive                Dive
Ployok           Ployok             Open Swim         Swim-Level5         Swim-Level4

lf octivityisfullor not enough comper's,
                                       pleosesignme up for #l                       #2
                                                               shrvN uno^
                                                          (       ) ENoHd

                   drz            sIvIS                                AIID

                                          sghtvN ssugHrvj     €t s.ugHrol^l
                 3ev                                                  gl^tvN

        'AE-IOI     lO IUVd EhtODgg OI OggN AgHl NOllVhrUOlNl           EHI
                        -l't53/l'1 qN\/ /vlo-rEg S33VdS     lno .|-il1
        hrSHI      ONSS                                 3HI            ISnr
  'os Jl asuadhtvoAg-toj   gs sqtx EsgHr Jo ANv q-rnoD 'uglg
      -rvHlln uo sNtsn03'sgnl:l'oNtrrtsAgvg'HDunHD'shtvgr
         '-rooHDs hrouc AAoNx noA sqtx Jo rNewour v lloJ xNIHI

            uEdltrvD mEN uEHroNV sn oNEs

{i"*rFouv                                                          BULK RAIE
HCR77 Bor 172                                                         PAID
Pine River MN -56-t7;l-9210                                      PINERIVERMN
Address Correction Requested

 ln This fssue
 It'sNot TooLotel
 Register Todoy!
 Applicotion Enclosedl
 Whnt  ff't"y ffieang, ftll"
    @nhf            tu
by RochelTierney,
               EighthYeorComperfrom Minnesoto

    Comp Foleyiso ploce deep up in the woods thot come summertime filledwith smiles,
                                                                          is                  loughter
ond new friendships. o ploce where you con forget oll your worriesond put oll your troublesbe-
hind. A ploce to seeknew chollengesyou hope to overcome ond to finollysee whot some of the best
quolities thot lie deep withinyou. You con soilWhitefish Lokeor bikethe wilderness  troils.You con
cheer on the soccerteom os they try for onotherwin ogoinstcomps biggestrivol,Comp Lincoln.Or
you con justreloxon FoleyGreen.
    Comp Foleyismy home owoy from home duringthe hot sunnyJulydoys. lt'so time to meet new
friends ond filltwo weekswith memories   thot willneverend. lt'so time to go on trips, get to know oll
the new foces but most of olljust wolk on the lond I hove wolked on eoch summerfor the post seven
    As I look bock I reolize whot speciolploce comp holdsin my heort,for I hove leornednew ond
greot things,Thefirst  time I leornedto snorkel.
                                               woter ski.even soil. To conoe, to boordsoil to builo o
fireon my own. To win owords,sleepup in TeepeeVillogeor dive off the pontoon in the middleof the
loke. I leornedto moke o dreom cotcher ond decorote o pillowcose. Butmostof oll I reolized       how
specioljust being ol comp is.
    You could look bock to when lwos o child ond think,'How does shego somewhere o week or
two withoutbringingo friendor relotive   olong?' lt'seosy. Everyyeor I look so forwordto returning
come summerond couldn'timoginespendingo summer            withoutgoing to comp. I reollywould hove
to soy the greot outdoorsond new friendsond pen-polsis whot mokesme wont to return. lf l've ever
felt lonely someone'solwoys there to
     Comp Foley is sorl of like o dreom
with o hoppy ending. lf it is q roiny doy
they olwoys find something to keep us
busy. Jeff ond Morie ond ollthe
counselorsmoke you feel so welcome.
     Through my yeors of Foley l've
leorned some lessons    lthink willhelp
me loter in my life. I olso hove over-
come chollenges ond feors. l've
grown up ot comp over the yeors ond
eoch yeor I come home with of leost
one new gool occomplished ond o
new gool set for the following summer.
     Comp Foley meons o summer filled
with fontostic things you couldn't
imogine ond onother worm greot thing
to think obout on cold winter dovs.
                                                           A Friendshipmade of camp.
                                            from left: Krisfen Wondel|, Greto Goerssond Usa Lochky
@ o"-uo- nnwithX ur[
    A portion of the lost'GirlsOnly' Newsletter
                                              wos            Molly Hagerman hos been to comp for four yeors. Her
dedicoted to finding more informotionobout you               fovorite octivities ore woterskiing ond soiling. Her
- the comper, ln o sectionentitled,'One-on-One               fovorite comp moment is when Molly. Louro ond Erico
with You', we osked you to onswersome ques-                  Schmid were the only ones in their cobin! She is in the
tionsso we could highlight focts on our comp-
                            fun                              sixth grode ot the Notivity School in St. Poul. Minnesoto
                                                             ond her fovorite subject is Sponish.
ers.'Thefollowingore fun focts obout the speciol
comperswho senttheir informotionto us!                       Lauren Hartzell hos been coming to comp for 9 yeors!
                                                             She is o sophomore ot St. Poul Acodemy in St. Poul,
MelissaFarrellhosbeenot comp for two yeors.Her               Minnesoto. Her fovorite octivity is soil rocing lt is hord
fovorite comp octivity while ot comp is soiling. Melisso     for her to pick one fovorite memory, but the North
is o sophomore ot Visitotion Acodemy in St. Louis.           Shore trios hove some of the best memories. Louren
Missouri. She enjoys rollerbloding ond biking. She is                                                          'l997.
                                                             will be o CITfor the first four weeks of como in
Involved with dromo ot school ond hos been in school
ploys. Her best memory ot comp is doing o 'photo             Martha Kaskie's fovorite comp memories ore receiv-
shoot in the Brodley'.                                       ing ond giving owoy the Anchor Aword. She hos been
                                                             coming to comp for four yeors. Her fovorite comp
Greta Goerss enjoys cheerleoding. one oct ploys.             octivity is woterskiing. Mortho is fourteen yeors old ond
ond speech. She is freshmon ot Spirit Loke High School       is o freshmon ot Morion High School in Omoho. Ne-
in SpiritLoke. lowo. She hos been coming to comp for         brosko. She is octive with her school'sstudent council.
four yeors. Greto's fovorite comp octivity is soiling. She
likesto sing to the rqdio in the morning while doing         Mackenzie Sinard's fovorite octivity ot comp is
cobin cleon up. Greio will be coming to comp for two         snorkeling. She is in the fifth grode ot BirchviewEl-
weeks in 1997.                                               ementory School in Plymouth.Minnesoto. Her fovorite
                                                             subject is ort. She likesto moke ond sell jewelry ond
Jenniler Hagen spent her first summer ot Comp Foley          write poetry. Mockenzie is l0 yeors old ond wos born
in 1996. Her fovorite octivity ot comp is Dromo ond her      on o Fridoythe l3thl She is coming to comp for 2
       moment in comp wos when she dresed up os
silliest                                                     weeks in 1997.
poison ivy. She is 9 yeors old ond is in the fourth grode
ot Countryside Elementory School in Edino. Minnesoto.        Jessica Timmington is ten yeors old ond is in the fifth
Jennifer likesto drow. oct. ond ride horses.                 grode ot Deephoven Elementory School in
                                                             Minnetonko. Minnesoto. Her fovorite subjecf is reod-
Breen Hagerman is seven yeors old ond is in the              ing. She enjoys riding horsesond collecting Beonie
second grode ot the Notivity School in St. Poul. Minne-      Bobies ond Felicitythings. Lost summer wos her first
soto. Her fovorite comp octivity is tennis ond her           summer ot comp. She enjoyed woterskiing ond fort
fovorite comp memory is meeting Buckley. Breen likes         moking best.
reoding closs ond recess best ot school. She will be
coming to comp for two weeks in 1997.

                                                                          fhonks lo Amondo Jenson for
                                                                          sending us lhrs owesome ptcture
                                                                          of her ond her counselor.
                                                                          Donielle Pilon,
Wh"*"   W'4lil
    Where in the world ore the restof those cobin           Pocohontos- Second Two Week Session
choin letters? Someof you moy be wondering                  Megon Coldbeck          SorohCostenedo
whot thisisoll obout. Woy bock in October we                TricioGlob              LouroHonsen
stortedo choin letterfor eoch girls'cobin
.1996                                     from the          ElishoHoffmon           Corolynlgoe
     summer.Theinstructions were included                   LourenJohnson           Noro Schornberg
encouroged cobin motes to write on the letter or            Kote Swonson
odd theirown ond send it on to the next cobin
mote listed. Out of the 32 cobin choin lettersthot          Mic Moc ll - First
                                                                             Two Week Session
we storted, hove received6lettersbock.
            we                                              Kotherine Bloomquist        NotolieBurns
Whot we hove discoveredisthoi the letterswe                 ElizobethChild              KerryCooley
hove receivedbock of comp ore from cobins                   lngridGoerss                       Kleinmon
withoutforeigncompersl So we trulymeon it                   JulieKuhn                   Anne Sloterdyk
when we soy,where in the world ore the restof
those cobin choin letters? Hereiso listingof the            Tekowitho| - First
                                                                             Two Week Session
cobinsond cobinmotesin the order in which we                JenniferAllen                      Gormon
receivedtheirchoin isnot to lote,..get           MoureenGreeley             BetsyIngrom
thoseletters ond we'llcopy them ond send                    Kristin
                                                                  Johnson              EmmoPoge
them bock outl                                              Megon Touer

Motooko - One Week Session                                  Yokomo - One Week Session
Cory Hoffmonn     HeotherSchluter                           Jennifer Hogen            Amondo Jensen
K,C,Sullivon      LeeloWillord                              Jessico Quost             LouisoQuost
                                                            Amy Steiner
Tekowitho One WeekSesion
AlliForicy      RyonGrelle
LourenHor|-zell KothleenSchmitz

   \.     .'..                         \\               \
,sN,*   't:ii
              .:.t         N"\o   ...\.\*'o      N\\\            \\\\r                  .ru*..
          { 1'i::i'                                                         ;   .N'-\
                      \X                                     \                          \\

                      Wt'ntid Srn"nffi
                      A friendisone of the nicestthingsyou con hove, ond one of the bestthingsyou
                  con be. A friendiso livingtreosure, ond if you hove one, you hove one of the most
                  voluoblegiftsin life.
                      A friendisthe one who willolwoysbe besideyou. througholl the loughter,ond
                  througheoch ond everyteor. A friendisthe one thing you con olwoysrelyon; the
                  someoneyou con olwoysopen up to; the one wonderfulpersonwho olwoysbelieves
                  in you in o woy thot no one elseseems  to,
                  A friendiso sonctuory.
                  A friendiso smile.
                      A friendiso hond thot isolwoysholdingyours, motterwhere you ore, no
                  motter how closeor for oport you moy be. A friendissomeonewho isolwoysthere
                  ond willolwoys- olwoys- core. A friendiso feelingof foreverin the heort
                      A friendisthe one door thot isolwoysopen. A friendisthe one to whom you con
                  give your key. A friendisone of the nicestthingsyou con hove, ond one of the best
                  thingsyou con be.
                                                peNenbauuollJarroJ ssatppv
NI^I dll^ru lNId                                   ol(,6-nLn9s I ro^ry euld
       OIYd                                                 zal xog l./ UJH
   aJrilu ).Ins                                ^!r7o{t^"cw

Senp Us Ar.rorHER New CnMPER
Txlnx     FoR A MoMENT oF KtDs you   KNow   FRoM scHooL,

Name                                               Aae
MorxeR's & Farxen's     NRMEs
Grrv                            Srare              Ztp

Pxoxe (            )

Youn Narue
A Hund YeorsFromNow
     red will not motter whot my bonk occountwos, the sort of
    houseI lived in, or the kind of cor I drove...
    ...butthe world moy be different becousef wos importont in the
    life of o CHILD

     This sayingis on a plaquehangingnear the door in our camp office. We seeit
everytimewe passthroughthe door. A different plaquewith the samesayinghangs
in the staff lounge. They seeit everytimethey are theretaking a break from their
busy day. As camp counselors     and directors,what we do and what we provide is
important in the lives of many children.
     Many of our campersare not as fortunateas othersand are unableto come up
with the necessary   fundsneededto attendcamp. This is when many other people
becomeimportant in the life of a child.
     As we begin our 73'dsummer,many children are in need of our financial
assistance make Foley an importantpart of their lives. Investing in the life of a
child doesmake a differenceand we hope that you will help us with our goal in
providing scholarships children to attendFoley. Thesechildren would not
otherwisebe able to havethe experiences     that numerousother campersso fondly
remember. Through the American CampingAssociationCamperScholarship
Program,Camp Foley is able to useyour tax deductiblegift to provide youngsters
with a camping experience. Yoar contribution will go directly toword a child's
tuition and is not lost in administrativecosts. Perhaps your placeof employment    has
a Matching Gift Program     or would be interested our goal of increasingour
scholarship   program.
     Your donationscan honor family and friends at importantoccasions     throughout
the year-birthdays, anniversaries,   achievements,   acknowledginga staff member,or
as expressions sympathy. A gift to the Camp Foley Scholarship
                 of                                                Fund is a very
thoughtfulexpression love.
     Eachyear,namesof donorsare listed on a plaquethat is displayedon the bell
standin the centerof camp. It is our way of telling othersthat you believe that
"Camp GivesKids A World Of Good." Give yourselfa greatfeelingknowing that
you helpeda child to havean unforgettable     experience this summerat Camp Foley.
Thank you for    your continuedsupport- you too are important in the life of a child.
Give the gtft of a ltfetime and keep camp memories alive..,

                          i cAhP i
                            d *rb?t"t
                          ;.;                        {
                          ;'lof gLbd.
                           rM @ AMERICAN     A9SOCIAIION
 Donorsfrom 1995
     We'd like you to meet a few of our friends. They         Ted and Kara Kronschnabel
 come from many walks of Iife. They live in different         Joe and Kathy Lauer
                                                              Bruno and Vicky Mediate
 places,may not know eachother,probablythink diffbr-
                                                              Patrick Poston
 ently, and feel differently about many things with the       J. Timothy Power
 exceptionof one very importantcommon interestthat            LouiseAustin Romer
 brndsthem - Camp Foley.                                           ln Memory of Dr. JohnC. Austin
     In someway or another,Camp Foley hastouchedtheir
                                                              Dr. Norman& Edith Stone
 lives. Maybe they were a camperand now sendtheir             Geneand EvelynTeel
 childrenor grandchildren.Maybe they were a staff                  In Memory of James Teel
member,parent,or camperwho understands benefits
                                              the             E. JaneWilliams
associated  with Foley. Maybe they own a summercabin in           In Memory of Harvey Libert
the areaand attendMass at the camp chapel. They share
not only their love of Foley but havecontributed our
                                                   to            CampFoley alsowould like to thankthe numerous
CamperScholarship      Fund throughthe AmericanCamping              who contributed 10.00or lesso1'theremaining
                                                              parents             $
Association. This program enables few childrenthat
                                     a                        Canteen Camp Storebalanceto our scholarship
would not be ableto afford a residential  camping             program.
experience come to Camp Foley.
     Our warmestthank you to our 1996'sdonors.Your
nameswill be inscribed a yearlyplaqueproudly
                           on                                 What Are Our 1997
displayed the bell standin the centerof camp. If you
would like your name listed differently than printed below,             Needs?
please  contact us.                                                The needis alwaysgreatand we continuously        sfive to
     We think of you everytime we seea child that has         do more andmore eachyear. It is almostimpossible us      for
benefitedfrom your generosity. We think of you when we        not to accept camperif the financialneedis thereand if
receivetherrlettersof gratitude             the
                                 expressing importance        the child could benefitfiom a campingexperience       hereat
of campin their lives   - campfriendships, new skrllsand      Foley. We do full and partialscholarships.     Somerecipi-
experiences, personal
               and          growth. You canand did makea      entshavea parentor othergivrngadult or organization        that
difference.Thankyou to the following individuals:             canpay a portronof therrtuition. Older campers      are
                                                              willing to work off part of their tuition in our camp kitchen
Beth Berger                                                   in orderto havethe campingexperience.        The rest of the
Tina Broekemeier
                                                              tuition comesfrom the generosiry our donorsthrough
Julia, Jeff, and Laura Brown
Eugene   Buckley                                              ACA CamperScholarship       Program.Foley alsoabsorbs       a
Jim & ConnieBuelow                                            portion. Thesekids are rmportant! Please,      consider
DolanFamily                                                                        in
                                                              makinga difference the life of a child.
Dennis & Carole Dotson
Mary Dotson
Anne Hickey Everett
     In Memory of Bill Hickey Jr.
                                                               How To Give
     In Memory of Albert S. Rose                                   Tax deducfiblegifts from alumni and friends canbe
Matt Flinn                                                               in
                                                               deposited a special                   the
                                                                                    accountthrough American
Mike and SusanFoley
                                                               Camping  Association.Your check,payable ACAto
Stephen  Fox
Mary Ella & H. ReynoldsGalbraith
                                                               CamperScholarship                           for
                                                                                  Programanddesignated uss at
Pat and Bob Galligan                                           CampFoley,canbe sentdirectlyto us andwe will
Mr. & Mrs. Don Giefer                                          forwardit onto ACA.
Nancyand Bill Gunn                                                 Help us continuethis specialscholarshipfund.
Zoeand Lauren Hartzell
                                                               Send your tax deductible          to:
                                                                                        donations CampFoley,
Harold Isbell
Tom P. Krebsbach                                               HCR 77 Box 172,PineRiver,MN 56474.
Peterand Kym Kronschnabel
Other News
New 5 Day Program
    Why not spendfive, wonderful, fun daysat Foley right
before school starts? Why not enjoy the many activities
                                                               Water Skiing
                                                                Did you know that our water ski program was noted as
and the laughterof friends? Why not enjoy floating from
one activity to the next? Can you imagine shootinga rifle   one of the top 100 summercamp water ski programsin the
or playinga gameof tennison a cool morning,sailingor        United States?Did you know that our water ski program
                                                            was specificallynoted as one of the TOP elevensummer
boardsailingwhen the wind is up, and diving into lake on
hot aftemoon? Thesefive days, from August 13 - August       camp water ski programsin the United States?! In an
17, arefor new and pastcampers     alikel It is five days   articleby Mark Gilchristentitled,"Water Skiing and
packedwith fun and more fun before schoolstarts. It is for  SummerCamp: How Could Kids ComplainAbout this
ages, to 16! It is forboth boys and girls!                  Combination?"found in the March 1996 issueof WaterSki,
                                                            Camp Foley is one of the 100 summercampsmentioned.
    Sleepon a camp bunk, wear a camp T-shirt and have a
blast! Foley's staff will be readywith campfires,    games, The article touchesupon the benefitsof attendingsummer
and assistance all activities.The campbus will transport
                at                                          campover attending specificwaterski camp. He writes:
campers and from Minneapolis.The dining room will
         to                                                     "You may be a good skier, but can you teachyour kids
                                                            to carve? Few are the parentswith the patience,knowledge
be servingthreemealsa day. All this for $420.00       and no
                                                            and resources turn the young'uns
                                                                            to                    into ski prodigies.
                                                            How abouthometownski lessons?         Good luck. Findinga
    Let your grandchildren,   neighbors,and friendsknow
                                                            waterski classat your local rec centeris aboutas easyas,
aboutthesefive days! Perhaps     someone your family is
readyto say yes to "Fun and Friendsat Foley"! Spreadthe     say,calling up NASA for a tow behindthe shuttlefor a
                                                            coupleof orbits--'Roger,   Houston...hit it!'.
                                                                "So, this meansyou'll haveto shell out somedough
                                                            and sendhim to a privateski school,right? After all,
A SuperGroup of Alumni                                      schools greatfor serious
                                                                     are                   waterskiers--children who
    If you had visitedcampover MemorialDay Weekend          routinelytaketheir ski and glovesto bed with them. But if
lastyear,you would haveseendock sections      beingcreated, your kids don'tsleepwith their ski gearnext to them,why
docksand lifts being put into place,boardsails sail-
                                                 and        not sendthem campinginstead?Among, the thousands          of
boatsbeing put together,and many peopleeverywhere           summercampsscattered       aroundthe U.S., there are more
                                'fhanks                     than300 wherekids go to rtde horses,     play soccer,make
working hard and having fun!            to many past staff
and friends,our Marina had a facelift that left it new,     handsome   walletsand--usually most popularactivity at
improved,and ready for more action than ever without        these camps--water   ski."
being scrunched space. Thesepeoplehavebeen
supporters camp in many different ways and we want to
thank them for their help in aiding us to maintainour
quality programs:Beth Berger,Heidi Bruecker,Mary
Burnett,Andy Dotson,Rob Elam,Jeff Husmann,          Mollie
Juelich,PeterKronschnabel,    Ted & Kara Kronschnabel,                 Thank You
                                                               A Special
Mike Norman, John McManus, Mark Osborn,Michelle                   A specialthank you to Judy and Bob Klauer and
Wood, and Brad Yerhot.                                        their son Justinfor the large donationdesignated the
                                                              purchase waterfrontequipment. Justin,a past
                                                              camper,holds a specialplace in his heart for sailing,
Thank You, Thank You                                          boardsailing,and skiing. All of the Foley campersare
    Thank  you to all of our alumni who are supporting        grateful for this extra help in maintainingquality
Camp Foley by telling othersaboutFoley, giving of their       equlpment.
time and talents,and/or donatingto our scholarship   pro-
gram. It is also the supportof prayer,encouraging    words,
and fond memoriesthat helps us to know that we are
making a differencein the lives of young people! Thank
                                                 enssllu.nlnlv te!)ed5

                                                                     palsanbaguollJa.troJ sserppV

                                                                              vLvgs re^rusurd
   'oN                                                                            zLI xofl /t UJH
zt     JII IUgd
ltcvJsod s'n
 aJ\.u )'InS

                    Aeour FoLEY
                      Or requestsome informationfor yourself!
   Pleasesend thefollowing information to:

           fJ1997 Brochure/Application       fl Five Days of Fun (New Program-seedetailsinside)
           O Facility Rental                 tr Male Counselor Positions(Females

   City                                                   State--              Zip
                                                 Your nameif requestinginfo
   Phone(         )                                                 else:
                                                 to be sentto someone

   Return HCR 77 Box 172. PineRiverMN 56474. Phone
         to:                                                 ' FAX 218-543-4269
Get in and
Registet oday!
luly 16 r luly 29 and
luly 30 r August l2 are filled
for boys, limited spacefor girls.
Hurry girls, registernow!

New SessionDates
                 June18 - Tuesday
       D Wednesday,              ,.June24
   NewlD Wednesday,      - Tuesday'
                                  July 1
        Three Week Session
                  June25 - Tuesday,
        D Wednesday,              July l5

                   July2 - Tuesday,
    New!D Wednesday,                July l5
                   July I 6
        D Wednesday,        - Tuesday July 29 (Full boys)
                                    ,             for
                   July 30 - Tuesday,
        0 Wednesday,                  August 12 (Fullforboys)
        Five Day Program
                   August 13 - Sunday,
    Newltr Wednesday,                August 17

Callingall kidsl Endyour summerwith 5
Daysof Funat CampFoley! Choose       your
activitiesand enioy flexibte scheduling.
Enioyyourself, make new friends and have
one more blast of fun before schoolstarts.
Watchfor a special  mailing.
 Look Who's Registered
Check  out.this    C L I F F O RM I,C H A E L
                                 D               GI.A9,TATRICIA              KIEHL,AULP                        ME99ER.      CHARLTON
                   COLLIER,    DEVIN             GOERSj,GRETA                KIEHL.RICH
                                                                                      E                        N/E99ER,HAD  C
awesomeliEt  of
                   COOMES,     ALEXANDER         GOER)),INGRID               K I N G M A N ,E N N E R
                                                                                           D                   M I L L E R ,K I C
campere!  Areyou   CORCORAN,       EEN           GOLOFARO,CLAIRE                           J,
                                                                             K L E I N M A NE N N i F E K                    N
                                                                                                              M I I C H E L L ,E D
missinq? afriend   COKCORAN,       NICOLE        GOLTEK|,/AN,     LJ         KLEVEN,    ANDREA                MOgHER,       MATT
of yoursmiesinq?   COKLEY     JORDAN             GOODMAN,       t/EGAN       KLOTZ9UECHEK         MAKK        MUCHOW,       KAREN
Usatheenclosed     CORR,    LAUREN               GOULD,   KELLY              KIOTZOUECHEK         WILL        MUCHOW RIC    E
                   COSIELLO,     KATELYN         GOULLAUD,DAVID              KNOPT    EVAN                    MUCHOW EAFF   G
registrationformt o
                   CRANE,    MAfiHEW             GREANEY     KATIE           KOCH,   FMNDON                   MULCAHY        DANNY
re7isterLodayl     CRARYJOEY                     GRELLE,   RYAN              KOWALgKI,     MATTHEW            MULLARKEY,        CHRISTINE
Alreadyreqietrered?C U g H M A N ,A M E 9
                                  J             GRI99OM,     MATT            KRUMMENACHER,                    NAGEL NNA  A
Tass  onthatregis- DANIELg,gAM                   HAEKTZEN,      MOLLY             KENDALL                     NAGEL,     CONRAD
trationtorm and                B
                   D A N I E L S ,E N            H A G E N ,E N N I F E R
                                                          J                  KUNTZ,    tsLAKE                 NAGEL,     CHRI9IIAN
                   DAVIS,EKICA                   HAGEN,   MATTHEW            KUPERMAN,       ADAM             NELgON,      DAYID
add morecam?ers
                   DAYTON,9EN                    HAGERMAN,       FREEN       LADAgIDA, FERNANDO               NEL9ON, EGHANM
tothie growin7listlDECOM?IEGNE,       VICIOR     HAGERMAN,       MOLLY       LACHKY     LIgA                  NEMER, OLLY M
ThislisLiscurcent  DECOUKCY,      DONALD         HAMMETT,    PETER           LACHKY     OOAOY                 N I 9 HC H A R L E Y
as of AVrilSrd.    DEU9ERKY       ANDY          HAN/METT,    ELIZABETH       LAPE,   JACK                     NI]993AUMER,GEOKG
                   DOLAN,    THOMAg             HAN9ON,HAgE C                LAWgON,     GWENDOLYN            O DRIEN,    TEODY
ADAIR.9MITH, DEREK DOWLINGOLIN  C,              HARDY,    RYAN               LEAL,90FIA                       O DRIEN,    MARY
ADAM9,ELLEN        DOWLING,     DREW            HAKRINGTON,       CHRIS            ,
                                                                             L E EA L E X                     O'DRIEI.I,  FRENDAN
ALLEN,RICHARD      DOWLING,     LAURA           HARRINGTON,       COLLEEN    LIDERMAN,     LAUP.A                          D
                                                                                                              O ' K E E F E ,Y L A N
ANDRUg ETER        DOWNEY      JOE              HA<TZELL,ZOEY                LOHMANN,M     TI                 O'MALLEMICHAEL\1
ANDRUS, MARGARET   DOYLE,    KYLE               HARTZELL,    LAUREN          LOZIER,LAURA                     O'MALLEY,     DANNY
ARNE9EN,90NJA      PRIE99F-N,    GAFRIELA       HAgTEN,    WILL              LUNDELL,    KATHERINE            OHLRO';OE,      JULIA
ARNOLD, OOD9Y      DUNDAR, HN  JO               HA9TEN,    CONNETL           LUTHER,    RYAN                  OLgONKYLE
BALDWIN, MARK      DUNDAR,     ROEERI           HAYMAKEK         BEN         MADLON-KAY        AARON          PARKER,     MICHAEL
           CHKI9   DUNBAK,    JOHN              HAYMAKER,        OKDGEITE    MAMMEL,      DANIEL              rEARSE,DANIEL
DARNEg, DAVID      DURDIN,    MAGGIE            HERTHER,     NICOLE          MARIN,   ANDREW                  TETERgON,       KAI
tsAKNHILL,         ENEgTVEDI,      DAVID        HOF9TEDE,     AL             MARKEE, NNIFER
                                                                                         JE                   TETKOVICH,      MARTHA
DEAN,ALEX          ENZ,  WILLY                  HOLIZ,MAX                    MARKEE,     LAURA                TFLANZ,     KKI9TI
                   ENZ,MAGGIE                   HOOKANO,     LOPAKA          MARKEE,     MEGAN                TIGOZZI,MIKE
FENOI9T,5OTHIE     ERKER,    MATTHEW            HULDEKI,    JEqqICA          MARKWARDT,       JAgON           TIGOZZI,9TEPHEN
OERG9TROU,  LAUKEN E7TELLE,    DEREK            HUL9EMAN,       COLIN        MARTIN,    CELIA                 TLUCINAK,     EMILY
9OARD, ELI9E       FINNEGAN,     JACK           HUL9EMAN,       CONOR        MATTHEW9,      FILLY             PROTHETER,        MEGAN
9OARD,ADDY         FITZGERALD,      ASHLEY      HUMAN,TATRICK                MATTHEWg,      KATIE             OUAgI,LOUI9A
FKAINERD,ANDKEW    FITZGERALD,      JOHN        HYDE,  BRADY                 MATTF|EWg,     CHRI9             CUA91,     JE)5ICA
FRENNAN, CHRI9     FOLEY    MATT                INGLI9,  WILLIAM                             NI
                                                                             M C C A D D EM , C H A E L       RAMEYJEFFRry
FREgNAHAN,  ERIN   FKANK,    MOLLY              INGRAM,    ELIZA9ETH         MCCADDEN,      KATHY             KAMEYTATRICK
                   FKANK,    CORI               JEN9EN,    CAqqIE            MCDONALD.      CAR.OtYI.]        trANDALL,     MEGAN
DROWN,1CON                    J,
                   F R E U N DO E               JENgEN,    AMANDA            MCELROY      MIKE                F.AgLEY lCHAEL
                   FREUND,    CHARLIE           JOHNgON,     EMILY                           Y
                                                                             M C G A R V EC H R I 9 T I N E   RAUENHORgT,         gARAH
DURKE,KELLY        GAFFNEY      MEGAN           J O H N 9 0 NE L L E N
                                                              ,              MCGARVEY       CAROLYN           RAYGOR,CORRINNE
PUggMANN,  MATT    GAGNON,     FRIAN                         S
                                                J O H N 9 O N ,U Z A N N E   M C L A U G H LM A G G I E
                                                                                             , IN             RAYGOR,WILLIAM
FYE,PANIEL         GEI9LER,   TONY              JOHNgON,     KARA                            M
                                                                             M C N A M A R A ,I C H A E L     RHOMDEKG,gARAH
      CAROLYN      GE)UALDO,JENEANE             JOHN9ON,     NOAH            M C N A M A R A ,E G H A N
                                                                                             M                ROFINgON,TOM
CARPENTER, A9HLEY  GIARDINA,    GINA            JOYCE,   ANDY                MCNAMER,      JO1E?H             KOBINSON, LUKE
CAgTANEDA, SAKAH   GIDOON7,     KAITLYN         JOYCE,1KI?                   M C N E I LA , N
                                                                                         LN                   KOCKWEtL, KEVIN
CA9TANEDA, LAUREN  GIL7ERT,CAELSEA              KASKIE,   MARIHA             MEDINA,IGNACIO                          ER
                                                                                                              RONNING, IK
CATEK,KELgEY       GIRGEN,    DRIAN             KAUTH,   ANNE                MENDEZ UNOZ,M                    KO99,3At'/
     MARK          GIRGEN,    MELI9A            KELLY   LAUREN                    FEKNANDO                    ROWE,CHKI9
CHILD,ELIZAOEIH    GLAO,ADDIE                   KELLY, TON/                  M E R R I A M ,A N I E L
                                                                                          D                   ROWE,KEVIN
Look Who's Registered(cont.)                                                       ThankYou!
RYAN,FILLY                       IERNDRUT       EMILY                                  HatEoff to thoEef amilies have
                                                                                                               who         their homes us
                                                                                                                      opened         to
SALINGEK,JORDAN                  TIERNEY     CAIILIN                                                        We
                                                                                   for meef,inqs reunions! areverylhankfulto haveEuch
9ARAZIN,WILLIE                   TIERNEY     gEAN
                                                                                   suVpoi\ive       F    f
                                                                                             Camp oley amilies. thankyoul
    SHAWN                        TIEKNEY-CHAVEZ,
gCALLEN,9EAN                           RACHEL
gCALLEN,TIMMY                                      N,
                                 T | M M J N G I OJ E E S C A                      OenoisL      Family 9t. LouiE,
                                                                                                        of              Missouri
SCHMID,    JANA                  TRAEGEK,      SHANNON                             EnzFamily ArdenLills,
                                                                                                  of                 Minnesota
5CHMID,gTEPHEN                   TURDENgON,       TYLER                            Freund              of
                                                                                              Family Dubuque,          lowa
) C H M I DM I C H A E L
           ,                     TURNER,     ADAM                                                                                   MiEEo
                                                                                   Goodman Family Webster Groves,                       uri
SCHMID,    ERICA                           W
                                 URION, ILLIAM
                                                                                   Koch    Famrly Omaha,
                                                                                                   of             Nebraska
SCHMID,    LAURA                 VILLALOOO?,      CARLA
SCHMITZ,     KATHLEEN            VILLALOOOS,      RICHARD                                     l
                                                                                   l u n d e lF a m i lo f D u b u q u e , l o w a
SCHMITZ,9ARAH                    VILLA9ENOR,                                       MatLhews       Family Colorado
                                                                                                            of               SVrings,Colorado
)Ctr,OCH,JE)5ICA                       ALEJANDRO                                   SloLerdyk     Family Des Moines, a
                                                                                                           of                   low
SCHOKMILLER,                     WACK,    MOLLY                                    Snedikeramily Winnetka,
                                                                                                F        of               lllinoiE
     MICHAEi-                    WALEN,     AD9EY
3CHO77,    MARGARET              WALL,    EKIN
9CHUH,    KATIE                  WARMJNGION,       KATIE                               WearealsothankfultomanyFoley    supporLerE aretelling
           JE                    WARMINGTON,       MANDY                           olherEaboutour ?rogram.    Manyof our newcam?ers referred
jCOII,TIMOIHY                    WEDER,     KAIIE                                  to us by Vastcampers staff. TheEe
                                                                                                          and            referrals imVorf,ant
7COII,JEREIVIAH                  WENKgTEKN,       GRANT                            becauEe  wiI;houtrthem,manycam?erE  wouldnever ableLo experi-
9HEEHAN, KE  JA                  WERNEKE,      ADAM
                                               gIEPHANIE                           encetrhefun excitementr spendinq summer Foley.
                                                                                                and            of         a       at     Thank
9HEPARD,    TYLER                WERNEKE,
                                               J,                                  youLothe followinq refercinq
                                                                                                      for                 for
                                                                                                                  campers Lhe1997summer:
SINARD,   I./AX',','ELL          V,lFiil KAl iE
SINAKD,   MA(,KENZIE             W I D D I C O M F LE T H
                                                  D                                OerhOrody                            The uaEtFamily
            M                    WIDDICOMDE,GAN   TO
                                                                                   The uEhmanFamily
                                                                                        C                               TheKabunFamily
5K0G3|AO.):'_E                   \r ir t irt L{ L r yr L ' ! n =
                                       !          ,                            \

gLOTERDY(      '=_-:_'r-.         I     ' : ' -
                                                  f . ;      - , ' ^ \ : \ '
                                                                                   TheEnestvedL       Famil             TheRauenhorsL   Family
9 L O T E R D Y:(,,i r ' . i !       -: r,R--, i iLA
                                              ,                                    TheFinnegan     Family               AlexReed
 SLOTERDYK      KA-E             "', 1 C i K EA N f ' J E
                                 ;'           N,                                   TheFitzqerald     Family             ?aL and Margo  )callen
g L U I 9M l C H A E L           WOLKEN, CIE  LU                                                                                 )cott
                                                                                   TheFoley   Family                    Jeremiah
S N E D I K ER O D E R I         WRIGHT,     N/IKE                                                                      TheSchokmiller  Family
SNEDiKEJAMES  R,                 YOUNG,      DLAIR
                                                                                   WilHasten                            TheSloLerdyk Family
SNOWKARA                         YOUNG,      KYLE
9NYDEK,     JEFF                 ZWICKEY.     KARYN                                Veronica  Hernandez                  Kiley)oderquisl
9IANKOVgKY        MOLLY                                                            A n n eH u q h e s                   TheTierney Family
91A99EN ETER                                                                       The JoyceFamily                      TheWallFamily
STEINER,    FREDERICK                                                                                                   TheWarmington   Family
                                                                                   TheKelly   Family                    TheUrion Family
SIOCKS,GEORGIE                                                                     TheKindmanFamily
STOFER,     KAIHARINE                                                              The Kronschnabel Family
gTOFER,     <039Y                                                                  TheLohmanFamily
7TO?KE,3U3IE                                                                       TheMammelFamily
9IRODEL,     KKISTA                                                                TheMaLthewsFamily
9ULLIVAN     ALEXANDRA                                                             TheMcCadden       Family
9WEDROE,      JACQUELYN                                                            TheMcGarvey       Family
                                                                                   Lucy  Mitchell
                                                                                   Mika orman
              H                                                                    Devin  )'7rien
Special           etc
                                                                            gonsf,oowna pairof aquasocks,Anotrher
Mardi GrasThemeas Final                                                      it emt o bring cam? is a pair of UVblockin sun-
                                                                                             to       ,
Banquet                                                                     glasses and Croakiee(they keeV sunqlaeeesthe
        ),,gout  your rnogtcolor-ful    costumeslGrab             your      aroundyour      neckifLheyfall off). Theyare qreat,Loo
: eaaE. bell and f eathersl MardiGras is hittinq Camp
                E,                                                                 for
                                                                             have eyeprotecf,ion         whenif,ie a sunnyday and the
:: i:y' rn f ullforce. Unlikathe biqMardiGrasheldonly                                              is
                                                                            qlareoff the wal,er intense.
:'.e a yearin NewOrleans, version beheldfour
                                     our               will                      lf youaregoinq beparLicipating a hiking,
                                                                                                   to                    on
'. '- es-al the endof the everyeession our final         as                 backp         q,
                                                                                    ackin or t he North tho re Trip,you need I;opacka
 '-: quef,
   a:         Lheme.   1oth campers                                                        g
                                          andEtaff willbeencour- pair of hikin sh oes / boot s o r cr o e s tr ainer t ennie
:.1t d Lo addtn T,he      feEtivities wearinq
                                        by                brighL  colortul shoes. Shoesthat willnot beaccepf,ed onesthat    are
, :r.htng,    feaLher  boas,bells eilly
                                     and          hats,by bringing          do not give   qoodsuVVoiL shoeethataresimilarf,o
:'eaded     necklaceEto     wearorirade, andof couroehaving Keds.Also,make                       surethaltheEe Ehoes comforL-
t sequin feathermaEk.
             or                    Don'tworry youdon'thave ableandwellbroken-in
                                                      if                  a                             before yourt rip lL is noLfun
-':sk, youwillbe       ableLocreabe      yourowninar)l Don't                hikingwithblistersl
' a t e Lhebeade necklaceE? E okayt ool lnexp
                     d                That'                           en'        Ourmesh netbaglaundry           experimenf,worked      well
. t e b e a d e c k l a c e E w i lab e i l a b l e t h r o u q h L h e p
               n                   l va                           Cam       last yearandweencouraqe                     Lo
                                                                                                              cam?ero bring       Lhose
=:'eypackage        servicel                                                        Lo
                                                                            baqs camp         aqainl ThemeEh bagcanbefoundin
                                                                            Lhelaundry     oecLion suchsLoreo
                                                                                                    of                asTarget Walor
Winter HolidazeStormsFoley                                                  MarL These
                                                                                                      alsobeavailable campers
                                                                                                canLeen.   Make  sureLhaL
       During two andthree week                sessions, willbe
                                                                            larqe           (we
                                                                                   enough foundthaf, Ewealer            sizeis besl;)  to
: "tmminqtrees,       singinq sonqz, conEuminq
                                        and                     cookieel
 - special                                                                  holda week's     worth of Eocks    and undies  and canbe
               Sunday               will
                        Echedule bemadethal; willinclude
                                                                            fastened     securely. of yoursocksandundieE
                                                                                                   All                               willbe
  .-ttqh rideE"   ,"enow"  crafts, and pictureE           with RudolVh.
 :" caft1 cost ume conf,estewill be held with caLe ries, laundered
            p                                                      qo
                                                                                         Loqef,her the laundromaL,
                                                                                 9unscreenis somelhingthalalwaysEeems be              f,o
.-:ah a5, besf,     wintrer character,    most red,qreen whiIe,   or
                                                                            forqotf,en   when            tor
                                                                                                packinq camV.AlLhouqh          people   are
 ''d sparklieet                    The
                     snovrtlake. spiritof the seasonwillbe
' , .e wiLhoutr snow,what,betf,erwayto celebraf,e?                          ledLo believe   Lhat MinneEota      weaf,her cooler
                                                                                                                         iE        than
                                                                            mootstaleE,trhe still Ehines           downuponus andcan
): digout yourwinter holiday            coEl,umes decora-and
                                                                            leave             red
                                                                                    camperE and sore, Tlease           EendEunscreen
: cnsandcome?re?aredfor               afesliveday.
                                                                            Lhatyoufeelisbestforyour                     We
                                                                                                               carnper. recommend          at
                                                                            leaEf, 12-15spf waterproofEunscreen.
Foley'sGuideto Prioriry                                                          lf youareforLunate              Lo
                                                                                                         enough beexperiencingthe
Packing                                                                     FourLh JulyaNcamp,
                                                                                      of                                   The
                                                                                                         come?re?aredl FourLh           of
                                                                            Julyis alvrays feELivel day ie filledwiLhsillycon-
       lf youarecoming cam? Lo         this summer,there            are
                                                                            f,eEts   andincredible  LalentslTlayan instrument?          Oring
:-: n e very imp ant itemson Ihe packin list,
                    orL                                  q      Lhat y ou
                                                                            iLl YoumiqhL     need f or ourLalenf,
                                                                                                  iL                  show.ln ordert o be
.-':aldknow       abouf,.  These   itemsmayeeem             insiqnificanL
                                                                            pa* of t.he   spirirof Lheday,bring     red, white,orblue
.': i:r;L qlance, inlhe realityof their u;e at carn?,
   '. have                                                                  clothinq   andanyoLher      VatrioLic iLemE  that youhave.
: r-           qreat valuel.
                                                                            Youwillneed           lor
                                                                                            Lhem lhe conteE|E          and cabin  decorat'
       lf youseesailing boardsailing anactrivity your
                           or                   as                   in
' ..:,,tre,                                                                 ingl A cool special            of                will
                                                                                                  FourLh July eurVrise beoffere            d
            aqua socks willbe a requirement. They                   work
                                                                            throuqhLheFoley      Tackaqe    9ervice,
 ;': aLto reduce      sliVVing sliding
                               and             across      the boat    s
                                                                                 WhaLever maybringto carn?,             make sure to
 ,' t boardE. haveWe        foundthat aquaEocks wonder-       are
' 'cr manyfacets of camp:canoeinq,                                          markthe carnper'onameon everyfthingl              lron-on
                                                                            labels laundry
                                                                                    and           markinq   pensworkthe besLl
.',.1 around
      <nq            camp(especially       if thereiEwef,       qrass),
 ''' ,t 8/€rrwalkinq the lakebottom areallgreal rea-
 More lmportant Stuff
                                                                                       Comingyour way in May
 Suggestions Swimmers
           for                                                                               Next monthyour mailbox befilledwith allEorLs
      Learningto Ewimis a valuable               lifelime skilland                     of goodCamV       Foley   strufflThisbiqpacketof information
 safeLy on the water is a Vrimaryconcernbotrhat; camp                                  willincludelhe     Foley   Tackage       gervice     OrderingForm       with
 and trhroughout.your          lifetime.becauEe          camperstypi-                                                   Ls
                                                                                       l o L s f q a m e o , T - s h i ra n d f u n t h i n q s t o o i nc a m p ;
                                                                                             o                                                    d
 callyspendat leasr.half their day at cam?on or near
                                   of                                                  LheCanteen conLaining the coolthingsthat
                                                                                                       list                  all
 the lake,    EwimLeElinqgivesuELhe security of knowing                      if        cam?erz purchase the cam?sf,ore: Tarents
                                                                                                   can                 at                          our
 cam?erl haveLhe strenqth and composureLo                         handle                       full
                                                                                       Guide of helpfulhinte              andinformat.ionl;hat           every
 lhemselveE an emergency                situation. ln order for a                      ?a rent.Ehould ow before sendin th eircamV I;o
                                                                                                         kn                           g                 er
 camoerLa tesL out of EwimlesEons,                   they musLVos-                     Camp    Foley', luggage
                                                                                                      and                tags f,omarkeverybagLhal
 seEERedCroEsLevel5 (lntermediaf,e)                     swimminq      skills.          willbeLravelinq yourcam?er o Foley.
                                                                                                          with                       t             KeeV    waf,ch-
 the firsL part of fhe swim test willincludea lifejacket                               inqfcr LhispackeL youcanbewell
                                                                                                                50                         informedl
 check,waLercrafLsafety informationand a five minuLe
 inLerval LreadingwaLerto evaluateendurance.The
            of                                                                         Reminderto all Flying
 EecondVarLis a slroke check. Thefive st rokeEthat. will
 be t ested are the fronNcrawl,elementarybacksf,roke,                                  Campers!
EideEtrroke,      breaEtEtroke,      and backcrawl. ln order for a                           lf you are comingto camVfrom out-of -Etate and are
cam?erto pass out of swimleEsons,they                        rnust com-                             on
                                                                                       planninq flyinqinto the MinneaVolis/5t.                              Taulairport,
plete the five minute t read and be ableto demonsf,rate                                haveyoumadeyourreEervationsyeL?                               Youshouldslar|
complete proficiencyin LhreeouL of the five ELrokeE.                                   Lhinkinq    aboutthis as manyflights are alreadybooked
CarsVere       musLalso showaaequ,tLe                        n
                                                    abtltLy LheoLher                   for Lhe summer,        especially        from 5I;. LouiElYoucan
Lwo ELrokes.                                                                           cont act cam?'o       lravel aqent fromlravelOne,                       Judi
      AllcampersvrhohavebeenI.c Tcleyn the past and                                    Sestler,at 1-8Oa-245-1111 you can chooEe make
                                                                                                                                 or                               to
havepassedLhe Level :,<t1,e=i ,,iril ct- be requtred
                                5       I            n                    Lo           reE alions throuqh y our own travel aqent,.Theadvan-
r e L a k e t h e L r o k e h e c k N c t e s r r c m s w t mc o a c h e E n d
                 E        c                                              a             Lagesof bookingLickeLs Judi include,. with                           special
copiesof cerLificaLtonE           from of,heraquaticf aciliLieE           will                             for
                                                                                       arranqementrs all the cam?er5from the same citryLo
betaken into constderalion             whenevaluaf,ing         camper's                b e o n t h e s a m e f l i g h t t h u s m a k i n g i le f f i c i e n t f o ro u r
swimmin abililieE. e encoura parents to eign their
                           W               qe                                          Etaff f,o meet Nheseflights, sVecialdiscountE f or camp
cam?ers up for EwimleEsonsprior Lo Lheirarrivalto                                      f amilieE, Lhewaiving an unaccompanied
                                                                                                    and                      of                                    minorfee.
cam?. For manycam?er5swimming cam? may be Lhe       at                                 We urgeyou to uEeTravelOnel
firEt Ewimming        they havedone eincelast summer,                  by
Lakingswim lessonEbeforecamp they havethe advan-

SmilePretty for the Camera!                                                                          ?/* 6uteq'4dredl
    O u l w i f , h t h e l da n d i nw i L h t h e e w lT h e l r a d i t i o n a l
                        o                         n
memory    bookiEnowparLof the Foley
                                                                                                    ta4r, cdt4tptlra. oznnen./
                                                                                          ea"te d/4d,
memory    book,     produced JostenEfor each session,
                                 by                                                       See t/u l"r, ktl t/e erunteneaZ
willbe approximately ?aqeelong with over 12O
                                                                                          kase 6r44qut4t 7r/"rl a /az yan
colored               of
         phoLos activities,            cabins,friends memo- and
riesl Thecost for thiE aweEome bookwill      new              onlybe                      k'a44 chMEf,
615.00lWhata great,value               andkeepsakel
                                                                                          ?kalp cd// 218-543-6161 ta a&taau
                                                                                    'J f a ' E u \ e e a 'af e
                                                                                                     6 p o a dg .
                                                                                             wro) uotteJla$a2,
                                                                                           ?e??v suoteeeqMeN.
                                                                                          pantoba2 6,oL1M\oo1,
                                                                                                      enssl slql ul

                                                                         palsonbaguoUraJJoJ ssarppV

                                                                      Ig'IOtd             "'";:iffi
                                                                                  tttgg Nhl re^ru surd


                                  Asour FaLEY!
                    TenYoun Fnrcxos
  Do you know someone    lookingfor fun, friendshipsand newskills? Sharewith them your memorable     experi-
  ences Camp Foleyand encourage
        of                            themto register. You'll receive off
                                                                     $25  your camptuition for each
  personyou sign-up. So... your friends! Appliesonly to registrants
                            tell                                      who are totally newto tr'oley,
  siblingsor children of alumni.

SeruoluronmartoN        To:
Last Name                                                Home Phone (         )

       Name                               -Molher's Name

                                                  City                            Stale                 Zjp

Children's                                        Age/Grade

What MakesCampRock?
    OneFoley camperwasoverheard        his
                                 Lelling qrandma                      were
                                                 Ihatr hefelt likeNhere
4OOhoursin dayaLcampbecausehe'gotto
             a                             doSO MUCH 1TUFFIManyof you
conl,ac|us whenyou rer,urnhomeand complain because are so bored- "-fhere
                                                 you                     is
nothing dol" Take minuleand Lhink ackto yourLimeat campand of the things
        to    .   a                b
you learned,
           developed,crealed,diecovered, encount'ered.
                                        and             Wow!

                     Bikea trail . Cookover a fire. Learnto
                     snorkel. Learnto boardsail. Learnto
                     sail . Learnto waterski. Go for awards.
                     Builda fire . Builda pinecar.
                     Experience Canoe
                                  a        trip. Experience
                     an adventure   . Sleepin a tent. Sleepin
                    a tipi . Appreciate  nature. Throwa
                    frisbee. Feelenergized Create
masterpieces.Creatememories.EnjoySodabread & s'mores.
Latenightadventures.EnjoySunday              .
                                   sleep-ins Makenew
                   friends. Makebracelets,clay pots, key
                   chains.MakeRiceKrispietreats. Help
foin us for        others. Gainindependence.       Gainself-
another            confidence.    Belong a community.
                             Write a letter
rockin'                      Receive
                             five letters
summer   rn                  . Strive for
r998!                        Develop
Be artistic. Be silly. Smilea lot.
Takepictures. Campfires.Lip syncs. Soccermatchs. Renew
spirit. Respect others. Trustothers. Learnresponsibility  .
Learnaboutthe littlethings   . Havethe time of your life!

Foley'sWeb Site                         1997 Summer
Visit us onlineaf,:                    Remind  your parenls tn sendyour regisf,ra-
http: \\www. ampfoley. om
            c          c               tion inby November Thisis Lhe onlyway
Oursite is still underconsbrucLion,
                                 so    youcangetyour ownfreecopyofthe1997
beonf,helookouLfor        changes
                      major            9ummerVideo.

         Thissymbol     means Nhispageis for campers.
         Look f or iI trhroughoutrthis newslette r.

 Thanksto You!!
     A special       you
                Lhank to eachand every      oneof youfor
 making NhispasI,summer      oneof lhe besf,ever.gmilesand
 positive attitudes wereabound     andthereseemedtobesuch
 a definitespiriTof fun in the air. We hoVeyou can joinus aqain
 nexf,yearfor  anothersummer funand excilemenf,.

    Everybody   alwayswants t o knowwhal,'s   newat, Camp?
Wh havey ou donef or nextyear? Well,if y ou can believe a
   aI                                                      it,
loLhas alreadyhaVVened camVsincethe last camperleft,
on Augusl 17 7|ans have been made,dates have been set,
             |                                                                             North Shore Trip - June 24 to 26, 1997.
and ideas are flyinq t o maketh e 19 9 B s umm r beLtnr Nh
                                              e          an

        . the f,ennis courLshavea newlookl.
  resufiaced,repainted, are readyfor acltonl
        . Ti?iVillaae lonqer
                                               they havebeen
                                                                      North ShoreTrip
                      no       has2 tipis, but ralher 1brandnew              I h e i 9 9 9 l . l o t , l 9 r , c r e l - r : p, , , ' 'flti n d u s e x p e r i e n c i na
  onel 5o LhequesLion is it still a village? ne of t het ipi's
                           is,                    O                   g r a n da d l e n f u r e - r c c k c . t ' t ; : n q b c . , el a k e S u p e r i o r l l.L i s a
  has beenclearedawayto makeroomfor a largerfire Vit for              LoLallysafe experience                 thaL utll be led by T..he             UniversiLy     of
  cooking siLLing        around.                                      Minnesof,a         - Duluth Out)oor AdvenLurestafl and chaVer-
       . Lower   Mosauitohagbecome officialsleeoover
                                        an                    site.   oned by Foleystaff. Oesides rock climbing,we willbe campinq
  complete     wiLhplatformsandtenle.                                 at various sLaLeparks locaLedalongthe beaul;ifulLake
       , )limy thurgdavhas been      addedt o our list of evening                                     a
                                                                      ) u p e r i o r s h o r e l i n e n d h i k i n g l , oo v e r l o o k s i l h E o m eo f t h e
  ?roqram    activities.We've  decidedthat, campers
                                              our          just       mosl breaf,hlaking viewEin Minnesola. Comejoin us on Nhis
  arcn'f,  geT,tingmessyenoughl. lastThursday
                                   The                  evening of    uniqueIripl Allyou needto do is regisLerfor one of the four-
 the sessionwillbefilledwilh mess,slime, jusl good'ol
                                                and                   w e e ks e s s i o n s , i L h e r u n e 1 7t o J u l y 1 4 o r J u l y 1 5 L o A u g u s L
                                                                                               e          J
  funl WaIchouLlor flyinqeggs,       crbmefilledpies,  and flour-     11, andbe ready for an awesomeexperiencel
       , lnsleadof having   just a plain dancewhere counse-
                                        old               a
 lor playssometune;, a GrandDance                   is
                                          Fegtival in the plan-
 ning.Musicwillsfill beplayed,butepecial        dance  contesLswill
 beheldalonqwiLhsillycrazychallengee allcampers
                                             f or             to
 compet e in. Ih e Lennisand voll all courts willbe oVen and
 horseshoes find their wayouf,of lhe cloeeN,
                 will                                  Group
danceswillfind Lheirway backW Foley cam?ersparLici-
 ?aLe various dances,
         in                     square  dancee, olher dances
where lyricstell you what t o dol
      , A drinkinqfounlainwillbe     sufracing  onlhe soccerfield.
WaLer be readilyavailable all soccerplayersand any
Lrippers     needing refill.
      . Anewelemenlwillbe      addedNotheTeams        Course.  An
 Acid Riv willsoon be fl owin t hrough Lhe cour se area and
            er'                  g
campersare needed figureouLwaysto croEsiLl.
      . Tekawitha being
                     is                 this
                             remodeled wintnrtn allow        for
morelight      andbetter useof spacel                                                    North Shore Trip - July 29 to 3 I , I 997
  1997 Awards
Gold Paddle Voyageur Award
                                                                                             nomineesforthe   awardmusNhave  atLended  campfora
       The highe sI ho no r lh at, a ny ca m?er c a n a chieve wa s
                                                                                             minimum 5 weeks.
                                                                                                      of                                  by
                                                                                                                 the recipienls choeen wriLten
V  r es enLe lhis s ummer tn an o ulst anding individu all'lh e
                                                                                             vote of boththe cam?ere etaff duringeachsession.
                                                                                                                      and                          the
Gold ?addle Award is Lhe t.op award present ed lo c amper s
                                                                                             1997 Anchor  Awardswere?resentedro trhefollowing
o v e rL h e a q e o f t h i r h e e na n d s i n c e1 9 6 8 w h e n N h e i r s t o n e
was qiven,       only 19 Veoplehavereceived                Lhis Award. ln order to
                                                                                                June25- July15.,...Ryan  GrelleandKyleYoung
receivelhe Gold Taddle,                  cam?er3
                                                                                                             July16 - JulyZ9'.Erica Davisand
m u e Lm a s t e r s k i l l si n a m i n i m u m f  o
1 1 c L i v i t ya r e a e . D u r i n g t h e
                                                                                                             July3O - AugusL       riscilla Sheridan
Three-Week         9esEion. Alli Faricy
                                                                                                             and OrianGirgen
e a r n e dL h i s a v , / a rfd r e x e m p l t \ ' '
i n gs p o r L s n ; r t r s h l p , p c s i L t v e
a l t t t u d e , a n ! 1e J : 1 e r s h td u r t n q
                        |                    p
                                                                                                          Higher Activity Awards
h e r 1 0 y e a r s a 5 a c . a n t p e r).o m e                                                                                also goes Io Ihe follow-
of t.hehighacLiviLyawards A)li                                                                            ing campers who,lhrouqh their own personal
has received                                                                                             goal setting, haveachievedsome of the highest
                      are ExperLin waLer-
s k i t n g , ) k i p p ei r s a i l i n ga n d
                           n               ,                                                             acliviLy awarde at Camp Foley.
                                                                                                         .ln boardsailing,Lhe       -
                                                                                                                           DaaqerboardAlli Faricy
                  C                  .
A d v a n c e d a n o e i n gA l l i i s o n l y
Lhc sccond femaleLo receive                                                                                              andSarahRhomberg
                                                                                                                          , ln bicycling, Rock- Christ ian
L h i s h i g ha wa r d l C o n q r a L u l a -
LtonSl                                                                                                                  ?apayanop ulog and Eric I chro et er
                                                                                                                          . ln canoeinq, Advanced            -
                                                                                                                                                   Canoeinq David
                                                                                                                       g arnes,Alli Faricy, LaurenHartzell, Websier
Gold Birchbark Award
      -fhe                                                                                                Hetfern, Tom Kelly,Sarah Rhomberg,Mike Schmid, and
             Gold 9rchbark A tard s auarded Lo cam?er5over
L h ea q e o f 1 3 , ' t h cc c m o l e t ea t l e a s t .h a l f c f L h e r c q u i r e m e n5     t
                                                                                                              . In d ivrnq, Fl:tin Eaqle- 5 ophie 9 enoi st, Lisa Lachky,
forLhe 5o ,r        i i : r - i r : , : , ' , a r d * t 9 5 € C e I ' p € r Em u g La l s c e x h t b i L
a qood and eoSt',iu'e               a',.r,:'-iCe be\a.tcr r-c,tarC7
                                                       anC                              everyone
                                                                                                              .ln riflenr.ExperL     - MikeSchmid
ConqraLulabcn3 Lauren Haft.zell f or torkrng hard and
                                                                                                              . ln sailing,  Mates- 9rian Girgen,Molly Hagerman,       and
r e c e : r n q t h sa l a r d l
                                                                                                              . ln tennis,Advanced      lntermediatn - Alli Faricy
Silver PaddleVoyageurAward                                                                                    , ln water-Ekiinq,    ExperL- Alli Faricy
      Ihis summer                                      t
                               alsoproved o beveryrewarding three                    tor
                                                                                                          Many olh er awards, f a r lo o num rous to lisL,were giv tn
                                                                                                                                              e                    en
parltcular      campers             whoreceived             t.heir   1ilverTaddle       Award,
                                                                                                          other hardworking      campers.                    In
the highest       awardpresentedtocampers                                 agetwelve       and
                                                                                                          cam?er                   for
                                                                                                                   whoworked and received awardor achieved
                                                                                                                                                   an                  a
under.     1ince1969,only35 campers                              have      achieved    Ihis
                                                                                                                                                        Versonal goalthis
award. Congratulal,ionsto Molly
Ha ge rman, Eri c a I chmid and Laura
5 c h m id w ho r e ce i v d l h i s h i g hh o n o rt h i s
summerl (E-ditor's          noLe: Lauraand Erica's
dad waET,he        firEt recipient of the Silver
T a d d l e n 1 9 6 9 w h i l eL h e i rb r o l h e r s w e r e
Lhe 29'" and 32"4 recipients.)

Anchor Award
    T h eA n c h o r A w a r d i s a n a w a r d l h a L
honors ouLstandinqcam?ers who demon-
etrale qualiLies beingfriendly,well
mannered,respectful, and enLhusiastic. AII                                 ffiiJ*ia,          MollyHagerman LaursSchmid'
                                                                                           SilverPaddle Award reciPients
Paddleand Birchbark Requirements
    Justlike Alli,Laura,Erica, Molly, too canset,yoursightstowardsthe7ilver GoldTaddle
                            and                                               or           Awards.Usethis as
your guideand checkoff the awardsyou alreadyhave.Which awardsareyou closef,ogef,tinq?1eT,
                                                                                        your goalsf or Ihe various
aclivity awardsand comebacktoFoley  in'98 with Lhoughie "paddlee"
                                                       of        goingthrough your mindlOr perhapsthoughLs    of
"birchb goingthroughyour headlikeLauren.

                                                      Voyageur Award - SILVER PADDLE
                                                       (For campersunder 12 yearsof age)

                 ACTIVITY                                  YEAR                             ACTIVITY                                                      YEAR
          (complete of the followins)
                  7                                      COMPLETED                   (complete of the followine)
                                                                                             4                                                          COMPLETED
       ARCHERY:          l"
                Bowman Class                                          DIVING: Sprrneboard
       BIKING: Rockhopper                                             FENCING: BasicFoil
       BOARDSAILINC: Board Award                                      6 PERIODSOF FISHING
       CANOEING: BasicCanoerns                                        6 PERIODS NATURE
       RIFLERY:Target     #4
                    Shooter                                                   2         PROJECTS
                                                                      SHOP/ART: COMPLETED
         AND Care Cleanins Rifle
                 &        of                                              l.
       SAILING: Mate                                                  TEAM SPORTS:            soccer,
                                                                                      softball,      basketball,
                                                                      vollevball(Minimum of 6 oeriodsin samesport)
       SWIMMING: Red CrossLevel 5                                     S N O R K E L I N G :M u s k r a t
       TENNIS: USTA AdvancedBeeinner                                  B O A T& \ \ ' A T E R A F E T Y L A S S D N R
                                                                                            S        C
       TRIPPING: 2 camping                                            O T H E RE X P E R I E \ C E S L a k cS u p c r i oS a i l          r
       CAMPCRAFT: Pathfinder                                          T n p . \ o r t h S h o r rT r r p .P i t r t r c l p r t l oln a n r n t c r -
                                                                      camD omDetrlron
       W A T E R S K I I N G :N W A A d v a n c e d

                                                       Voyageur Award - GOLD PADDLE
                                                      (For campers yearsof ageand older)

                 ACTIVITY                 YEAR                 ACTIVITY                                                                                   YEAR
          (comolete of the followine)
                  7                     COMPLETED   (complete of thefollowing agel3+)
                                                            4               at                                                                          COMPLETED
       ARCHERY:Silver BowArcher1" Class                       OF
                                                  COMPLETION COUNSELOR         IN
              Assist Teachins
                    in                                            P
                                                       TRAINING ROCRAM
       BIKING: Too Rock                                                               F
                                                                       FENCING:Advanced oil
       BOARDSAI                                                        MOTOR CRAFT PATCH
       CANOEING: AdvancedCanoeins                                      6 P E R I O D O FN A T U R E
       RIFLERY:        #2
              Sharpshooter                                                           2
                                                                       SHOP/ART: COMPLETED          PROJECTS
            AND TrapShooting
                           Class                                          r_
       SAILING:Skipper                                                 TEAM SPORTS:            softball, soccer,    basketball,
                                                                       vollevball(Minimum 6 periods same
                                                                                                 of             in         sport)
      DIVING: Flying Eagle OR                                          I N I T I A T I V E SC O U R S E( 3 e v e n i n g s )
      SNORKELING: Beaver
      TENNIS: USTA AdvancedIntermediate                                B O A T & W A T E R S A F E T YC L A S S. D N R
      TRIPPING:3 2-4DayTrips* AND                                                                                         S
                                                                       O T H E R E X P E R I E N C E S L a k eS u p e n o r a i l
      CAMPCRAFT: Exolorer                                              Trip, North ShoreTrrp. Participation an     in
                                                                       inter-camp  competition
                  NWA Expert

                             *Tripping includes: biking, backpacking or canoeing experiences. Not sleepovers.

   Acceptance determinedby vote of administrative
              is                                   staff basedupon the following:
           l.    Attitude: friendly,enthusiastic,optimistic
           2. Social Adjustment: leadership,  comradeship,  helpful of others,gets along with others
           3. Behavior: follows instructions,  usesgood language, personalcleanliness,  respects property and others,good manners

                                                                                                  and 2 of the right hand
             The BIRCHBARK AWARD is given to camperscompleting4 of the left-handcolumn requirements
                                                                                and behavior.
                                                  good attitude,social adjustment
                                and who demonstrate
             column requirements,
Parent  Hats Off to You r
Commentsthe Parents!
                                                                          Thank you for helpingto make the 1997summersucha success
About                                                              in termsof fun and happycampers!Thankyou for recognizing
                                                                   benefits a campingexperience choosing
                                                                                 of                                     and                   Foleyto providethis

1997                                                               tbr 1,our     child. Thankyou for 1'ourtelephone
                                                                   ing 1'ourcommenttbrms. We needthe feedback
                                                                   help keepour programup to                      'n'our standards.
                                                                                                                                            callsand for complet-
                                                                                                                                                you give to us to
                                                                                                                                           Thankyou for men-
" [ O u r s o n ]s a y st h a te a c hv e a ra t
                                                                   t i o n i n g a m pt o a l a n r r l l ' l i r e n d .r e l a t i r eo r a n e r g h b o rB y d o i n g
                                                                                c                                     a                 .                    .
c a n . r i s h e t t e r l . r a nh e l a s t . F I c ' c a n ' t
          p              t        t
                                        '98                        this.   rur.r helprng to promotc
                                                                                  arc            Lls                       Folel'and        sprcad rvordso that
rvaitfor thc'surnnrer                of       lo return
a g a i n . " M o t h e ro f ' a - 1 "\ ' c ' a r                  otherchrldren        ma)'alsoen;oy' bcne of Folcy. Thankyou for
                                                                                                                    thr'        tlts
                                                                   the   'behind-the-scenes'          support.Prepping                  your child for theirtrme
C a r n p e r S t .P a L r l . i n t t t ' s o t a
                                                                   at camp,offering        them support thls experience, wntrng to
                                                                                                                     for                            and
" [ C ) u r o n ]c a n r e a c kv r r t u a l l y
           s                  b                                    them while at campall makessucha hLrge                               difference.Finally,thank
' b u b b l i n g , ' b o u tc a n r p h i sy e a r . I n
                  a                     t                          you to all those      'child-sick'parents                thatwe enjoy talkingto every
                       ' h a d a b l a s t 'a n d i t w a s
h i s w o r d sh e
'awesonle'.. really enjoyedhis
                                                                   otherday while their child is at camp. You help us to realize
                                                                   how important        our   job is. You haveentrusted with your child and  us
cabinhe rvasin and the peoplewho
                                                                   our goal is to offer your child the bestexperience                            possible!                    Ir,
rverein it." Nlotherof 6"'Year
('anrpcr ('trrnntiltt,
                     IA                                                                                                                                                      a
"The lirst thing he saidrvhenrve
pickedhirn Lrpfl'onrtlte bttsu'as,
' l l r a t r r r : ! t e . t i l ( . r nI ! o e l l
                                                                   SaveMoney                                                                                                 II
s u n m r elro n gn c x t v e l r ' . ) " \ l t t t h e r o f          Register November| 5 and:
                                                                       . SaveS40.00 u'eekoff camper's
1 ' '\ ' c a r( ' l u r p c r \ l t n t t c s o t a                                per               tuition.
                                                                       . Rcceive cop)'of the 1997Summer
                                                                               a                      Vidco to give to your                                                  rlo
" ' l ' h ei n t e n r a t r o r ta s p c co l ' ( a n t p
                                   al         t                        camper.                                                                                               (rf ;:i
F o l e ' r ' l s o l ' p a r t r c u ) l) l t t ec s tt o
             *                           r r                                                                                                                                 rtr
m e . I l c l t I o u r s o n lg a u t c d l t   a
                                                                       You can registernow and savethe money                                                                 l+,
u n e \ J r c c t cc \l p er l c l l c cl i o n r l i r i n g
r'"'ith   sonreone        fl'ornanother           country.                                         lust let us know
                                                                       without decidingon a session.                                                                         (
                                                                       of your sessionchoiceby fanuary 15.
T h e a c t i v r t r cc a n ' tb e b c a t- J u s tt o
havc the opportunity do so many      to
thingsoutside the possibilities
                          of                               of
home. This is very positivefor the                                                                                                                                           (ll
kids and againmakesthem feel                                                                                                                                                 D."
positive. I think the main fbcusI
perce fi'om [our son's] camping
                                                                  Fall Calling                                                                                               II
experience an overallfeelingof
                    is                                                 During the month of October,we will be taking the time to try
specialness,          raisedself confidence                  in   and call everyone of our campfamiliesin the United States.We
accomplishing beatof being on
' h i s o u ' n ' l b r 2 w e e k s , n dr a i s e d e l f        feel that it is very importantto speakto the parentsor to the camper                                       (!..,'
                                        a                   s                                                                                                                It:ji
                                                                  to find outjust how the summerwent. We like to find out rvhatyour
esteeur fhntastic youngkids
               is                 lbr
e s p e c i a l liy t h i sd a y a n da g e . I a m
                                                                  camperliked bestat camp. We alsolike to find out the parent's                                              f/I.,
                                                                  point of view. How was the communication       home? What was the
overrvhelnred            with good positive
thoughts         aboutCamp Foley and all it                       partof campyou liked best? Our "Fall Calling" alsoenables      us
hasto ol-fer.I applaudyour efforts                                throughyour comments      and suggestions, find out how \ /e can
                                                                  improve our program. We listen to all commentsand try to change                                                     i'ilt ' ;
in this u'onderful             placefor young
people." Mother of 1'' Year Camper                                things that needto be changed. So talk to your child abouthis or her
- S t . C l o u d .M i n n e s o t a                                                                            the
                                                                  experiences campandbe readyto answer telephone!
                                                                                 at                                                                                          ::i.!t:ti:t$iiir:r
                                                                                                                                                                                     .' 'i'"r-'
Parent                                                    On the RoadAgain!
Comments                                                       Our travelling schedule arranged
                                                                                      is         accordingto camperfairs, collegejob fairs, and
(continued)                                               the convenience our camp families. If you can believe it, some datesare alreadyset
                                                          for 1998. We will be in the following areasnext year:
"[Our son's]campingexperience     was                     . Chicagoareafrom January24'r'through January27't'
really great! We were advisedthat he                      . St. Louis areafrom January3 l " through February l "
adjusted camp life very quickly, that
          to                                              . Dubuqueareafrom February 17"'throughFebruary 18"'
meansthat he was very happy and the                       . Des Moines areafrom February l8'r' throughFebruary20'r'
most importantwas that all his instruc-                   . Minneapolis  areaon January13"',  February10'r', March 10'r'
tors and staff welcomedhim warmly. He
felt at home. We are very thankful to all
of you because
and valuable
                this was an unforgettable
              experience [our son]."
                                                          Be a FoleyAmbassador!
Motherof l'' Year Camper- Mexico                                 CampFoleyneeds                peopleIike you! If 1'ourrould like to help us, therearentany
                                                          ways to do so. Promotingcamp to ne\\'
"To put it in one word: TERRIFIC!
                                                          familiesis one of the bestrvavsin rrhich to
[Our son]was extremely                excitedabout                                               s            l
                                                          h e l p . T e l l i n gn e r s h b o r s .c h o o f r r e n d s .
all aspects his camp experience.
                of                                        churchfriendsand others                 aboutFol* rs an
Therervasn'ta singlething aboutrvhich
                                                          e J s )\ \ r v l o p r o n t o t c a m p . . . \ r e o u
he complained.It appears                thathe            r n t e r e s t e n h o s t r n s n t e e t l n gn \ o u r
                                                                           id              a                l
e n j o y e d l l o f h i s c a b i nm a t e s n d
                                             a            h o n r e ' .I)n a l l o f t h ea r e a s n t o* h r c h r r e
counselors. certainlyappreciated                    all                                                           r
                                                          t r a v e l * e a r el o o k r n e o r t i n r r l r c s i r l i r n g
                                                                      .                      f
of the programs rvhichhe *'as
involved. By the way, we had the
opportunitya week or so after [our son]
was with you to visit the camp and take a
                                                          to opentheir homesfor us. ,\ll a host
                                                          famrlyneeds do is providea TV. and a
                                                          VCR. The directorwho will be comins
                                                          will provide the food; drink, pictures,videosand the answersto the questionsprospective
tour. We weremost impressed.                    Acfu-     familieswill answer.If you are interested hostinga meetingor helpingout in any
ally, we really wanteda chance come            to         other way, pleasedo not hesitate contactour camp office.
up and stayourselves!"Mother of 1"
yearcamper Waterloo,                  Iowa

"The counselors          [my daughter]go to               Choosea LongerSession!
k n o w r e a l l ys e e m e do b e c a r i n g ,
conscientious        individuals   who wantedto
                                                          Two Weeksvs. One Week
                                                          . Campersquickly discoverthat rwo weeksare ideal for forming lifetime friendships.
make surethe kids had fun." Mother of
l'' Year Camper- Edina,Minnesota                          . Campers takefwice as many activities.They can try all new activities
                                                                    can                                                         everysign up
                                                                       takethe sameonesto increase
                                                          or continually                         their skill level and achieveawards.
"As bestwe could tell, the counselors  are                . Cabin groupshavemore time for bonding and sharingtogether.
all seriousabout their work but also fun
loving and very intenton providinga life                  ' Thereis time to compete
                                                                                  with othercamps. Racein a regalta.
                                                                                                                   participate a socceror
long memory for the campers. Camp                         tennismatch,or competein a riflery or archerytournament.
Foley was a fun, positive,and rewarding                   . The tripping programcomesto life as campers progressfrom day trips via canoe,bike
experience both of my children.                           or backpackto extended overnighttrips in theseareas.
They had a chanceto gain a bit of
                                                          . Two weeksgivesour staffmore time to give personal
                                                                                                            attention eachcamper,increase
experience being away from home
while at the sametime enhancingtheir                      self-esteem form a strongercamp communily.
life experiences." Mother of 2 1" Year                    . Campersare able to participatein more specialeventssuch as, friendshipcampfires,late
Campers Chanhassen,     Minnesota                         night adventures,
                                                                          dances, final banquets,and closing campfires.

"[Our son] commentedthat sincebeing
                                                          Four Weeksvs. Two Weeks
there,he felt more independent.Just                       . Campersreceiveeverythinglisted abovetimes two! The possibilitiesfor greaterskill
what I'd like to hear from a camp
                                                          development, independencegainedand personalgrowth are increased  immenselyduring
experience."   Mother of l" Year Camper
- Minnetonka.                                             the four week session.
                                                          . The North ShoreTrip, a unique and specialtrip, is offered to four-week campersonlyl
      ^6                                                                        -.,
 G' Ctup Fornv
                      )un 74 Seatu . €"r/t & Qab a9<t.6-16
                                                                                                                Information Application
                                                                                                         HCR77 Box 172' PineRiverMN 56474-9210
                     7na& Sclai4 ata fu$ 8e14. Oewana                                            Phone:
                                                                                                      218-543-6161. FAX 218-543-4269                                                                                            -6]        ACCREDITED
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                rut               cAMP@
                                                                                                        :                  Email fun@campfoley.
                                                                                                                                :                                                                                              Amar ican   C a mplng   Att&l   atl6

Plcasclegihl.yconplete all blanks below

Nanre_                                                                                                                               OM            tr F               Home Phone

                                                                                                                             C ily                                                            State
Birthdate                                                                      Age at startof campprogram:
                                                                                                         Years                                                 Months_                           Gradein Fall

School                                                                                                                     Camper'Emarl

P a r e n t ( s )r G u a r d i a n ( s ) a m c ( s
               o                                 )

Are parcntsscparated dir orced'.)
                   or                                                                                                                                     l
                                                                                                                                            Eithcr dcccascd

F a t h c r 'o c c u p a t i o n
             s                                                                                                             Phone                                                                 FAX - -,.

Mothcr's ccupation
       o                                                                                                                   Phone
                                                                                                                               -                                                                 FAX

                       a a
S i b l i n gn a n r c s n c i g c s

Rcligion                                                                       Would you be interested hostinga smallcamp meetingor reunionin your area? O Y
                                                                                                     in                                                                                                                                         Q N            Q ?

Ncw Campers - Who intcrested
                           you in Camp Folcy?

Optional- Rcqucst one cabinmatewithin one yearof age


Transportation Canrp: lJ Car O Bus O Plane U ?'l'l
             to                                                                                                           Transportationfronr Camp: D Car U Bus O Plane D ???

               Fifg,tJ_e_lg                                                                                                                                 .
                                                                                                                                                 TermSessions July 15 - Aug.11

               F o u rW e e k S e s s i o n S1 9 6 0 0 ( i n c l u d c s
                                                   0                  North ShoreTnp)                                                                                  (includes
                                                                                                                                            Four Week Sessions $ 1960.00                Trip)
               O Wcdnesday, I 7 - Tuesday', l.l
                                June                   July                                                                                 C Wednesday, l5 - Tuesday,
                                                                                                                                                       July                  I
                                                                                                                                                                      August I
               Two Week Sessions S9E0.00                                                                                                    Two Week Sessions 5980.00
               E Wednesday, I 7 - Tuesday, J0
                                June                    June                                                                                fl Wednesday, l5 - Tuesday, 28
                                                                                                                                                       July           July
               ! W c d n e s d a y ,l yI - T u e s d a J u l yl 4
                               Ju                      y,                                                                                   ff Wednesday, 29 - Tuesday,
                                                                                                                                                       July           AugustI I
               One Week Sessions $490.00                                                                                                    Five Davs of Fun $350.00
               O Wednesday, I 7 - Tuesday, 23
                          June           June                                                                                               O Wednesday, August - Sunday,
                                                                                                                                                              l2            l6
               LJWednesday, 24 - Tuesday,
                          June           June30


 ,       '       Book is now included in tuition.
  -S':l North ShoreTrip is now included in the tuition for the four week sessions

        Enclosed my registration
                is             depositof $300.00payableby: tr Check D Visa O Mastercard
               Card #                                                      Amount $
                          Expires_                                                                       Sisnatureof card holder


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I i sl l ngt nd
c a n o e r n g , b i k i n g , a r c h e r y , r i f l e r , g r o u p s p o r t s a n d g a m e s , f e n c i n g , t e a m s c o u r s e , w o o d w o r k i n g s h o p , a n d c a m p i n g t r i p s o f v a r i otus aes o uh s .e r s t o o d t h a t t h e
carlpel may be transported be out of camp while competrng                                              against    othercampsor on variouscampingtrips fiom one to five days. Camperagrees abideby al'lrules                           to
n o t a l l o l ' w h r c h c a n b e l b r e s e e n . a v e r e a d , u n d e r s t a n d , a n d w iolm p l y w i t h t h e t e r n r o n t h e r e v e r s e s i d e o f t h i s a p p l i c a t i o n .
                                                        Ih                                                cl

              Signature                                                                                                                             Camper Signature
           Registration:    The applicationcomplete}{th signatures   and the                                                    A residentnurseis availhll to meetcamperneeds. The nursewill
           required$300.00 registrationdeposit is neededto retain a place.                                                      dispenseonly FDA medications    that are in the original,labeled
                                                                                                                                containers.Medical attention available Pine Rtver and Brainerd.
                                                                                                                                                             is            tn
 .-r.lTuition/Extfa                Expenses:               After the initial registration           depositof                        Camp Folev doesnot carry lndividualcanrper     medicalinsurance.
ila:l$300.00 the following billing schedule
                                                                      applies: Due on l\4ayI rs an                                     are
                                                                                                                                Parents responsrble all expenses
                                                                                                                                                      for               incurredby illnessor accident
       additional         $300.00for a two rveeksession $900.00for a fbur wcek
                                                                           or                                                   of camper. This includcscost of transportation medicalreasons.
       session.       This paymentis appliedtoward tuition and is required                               to
       nraintain placein the session your choicc. Tx,o wceksprior to the
                       a                                 of                                                           A c t i v i t i e s : C a n r p c r o f a l l r q c s a n d a b i l i t i e s a n p a r t i c i p a tie t h e
                                                                                                                                                                    s                                       c                       n
       startofthe session remainingtuition,lransportation, canteen
                                       the                                                    and                     m a j o ra c t i v i t i e s u c ha s s a i l i n g c a n o c i n gs r , i m m r n g f i s h i n g , a m p i n g ,
                                                                                                                                                                                 ,                  ,                ,            c
       depositis due. Late feesrvill be charged l.5a/o nronth. At the    at         per                               archery,         tcnnis,naturestudies.                   soccer,       group garnes,        shop,fcncing,carnp
       closeof the season, final statement
                                        a                         wrll be mailedto the parent/                       craft,and art. All activities progrcssivc             are                        and challcnecboth the
       guardian an adjustment the account. The tuition fee coversthe
                       for                        of                                                                 bcginner            and advanccd             campcr. To partrcipate thc fbllorvingactivities
       full programincludingall candyand pop treats,                             memorybook, laundry o n e m u s tm c c tl h e s em r n i m u mr c q u r r c n r e n t s :
       for campersstaying two weeks or more, and the North ShoreTrip for                                                       All-terrainbiking - Tall enoughto ride a 26" bike safcly.
       four week campers.               The following exceptions                are:                                                                      -
                                                                                                                               B o a r d s a i l i n g L e v c l4 ( A d v a n c e d e g i n n e rs w r n r m i n g k i l l s ,
                                                                                                                                                                                              B                 )               s
                Bedding or Sleeping Bag Rental: Blankets                           and pillows are                             sailingexpcrrcnce, strength pull up the sail.
                                                                                                                                                                    and                    to
       available foreigncampers $15.00for lengthof stay. Slecping
                       to                           at                                                                         Diving - Level 4 (AdvancedBeginner)                                    swintntingskills.
       bagscan be rentedat fces between                       $10.00- $25.00per campingtrip.                                   Riflery- Eight yearsof age.
                Canteen(Camp Store): Optionalexpenses                             average    about$30.00                                             -
                                                                                                                               S n o r k e l i n g L c v e l4 ( A d v a n c c d c g r n n c -s ) v i n r m i n s k i l l s .
                                                                                                                                                                                            B                rr              g
       fbr one rveek.          $55.00for two or more wecks,and $100.00for foreign                                             Trap Shooting - Trvclvcycarsofage and targetshooting
       campcrs.Availableitems includecamp apparel,                                 toiletryarticlcs,        film,             c x p c ne n c c .
       stamps,       stationery, lackcts,water bottles,fun itcms,ctc. More
                                      life                                                                                    Waterskiing- Lcvcl 5 (lntermcdiatc)                                 swimnringskills.
       d e t a i l s i l l b c s c n ti n t h e s p r i n gm a i l i n g .                                           + S n i m m i n gl c s s o n s r e r e q u i r e dt h r o u g h l - e v e l5 u n l e s sa p a r e n t
               TransportationTo             and From Minneapolis: Thcrc is an cstrmatcd                                                                                                                             e)
                                                                                                                     n r a k c so t h c r r r r : r n g e m e n t s .L c v c l - 5( l n t c r r r r c d i a ts k i l l si n c l L r d c
       o n ew a y c o s to f $ 1 5 . 0 0i n c l u d i n g u n c ho r s n a c k .O . , c r n i g hltc c o n r n r o - : \ \ r n r f r l r n ! t t r u r t i so f - l i o n tc r a r v l c l c n r c n t a rb a c ks t r o k e b r c a s t
                                                            l                                                                                                                          .                  y                  ',
       d a t i o n s n M r n n c a p o l i s f n c c c s s a r y ,v e r a g er 6 o u 1 - 1 - 5 . { )c r n r g h r
                    i                        i,                 a             ,      5           p0                                           c             .
                                                                                                                     s t r o k r '-.s r \ ls t r t r k cb l c k c r a u ' 1s u r v i v a l l o a t ,t r c a d i n q r t c r a n d d i v i n g .
                                                                                                                                                                                .              t                      w
       n o t i n c l u d i n go o d .                                                                                                      I
                                                                                                                     [:ntlLtr.tnct- \ iil:o cons]rlcrcd.

                                     I f a c a n r p c c a n c e l s r i o r r o . { p r r l l . S l - i ( ){ ) 0o f r h c
                                                         r           p                                                                                                     s
                                                                                                                                N o r t h S h o r e T r i p : ( u m p . ' rs l . r r r nf!o rl i r u r i c c k s r o n J u n e 7 -
                                                                                                                                                                                                               f       r     l
i\awi$100.00 registration               dcpositrr'ill bc refundt'drctrrnrngi S5o(l(i                                           , l u l r l - j t r i ' t ' r r r n , l l : l r l 5 - . \ L r - : r : ' l I u r l l b e r ) l l t o u n n - qe n d c x p l o r i n e t h e
                                                                                                                                                                   r                                   I
   "               f
       s e r v i c c c c . T h e r e g i s t r a t i od c p o s r its n o t t r a n s f c r l b l c ' to t h c r
                                                       n                                               o                       n o r l h > h r r r c l l . , r k c S L r p c r , , r [ t L r nr n c ] L r . i ch r l . r n r I . . r r r p r n qa n d r o c k
                                                                                                                                                    o                                                          .               c
       c a m p c r s .A f t e r A p n l l , t h e 5 - 1 0 0 . 0r0 g r s t r a t i od e p o s i its n o n -
                                                                    c                 n                                        c l r n r b r n g 1 ' n p c l a t t ' s . r r cr o n r J u n c - 1 0- J L r l r I r n J J L r l r l \ - J u l r 3 0 .
                           .                l
       r c f u n d a b l eA d d i t i o n a t u i t i o np a y n - r c n tn o t i n c l u d r n gh e r c g l s t r a t i o n
                                                                           s,                     t
       deposit,      will be refunded100% up to May L After May I and four                                                     To LetYou Know:
                                                                                                                                        . Camp Folcy assumcs liability for lossor damagcto camper's
       rvccksbcforethe startof thc session                       75V"of the tuition,not including
       the registration        dcpositwill be refunded.Tuition will not be rcfundcd                                            pcrsonal         propcrtyor for injurv incurrcdas a rcsultof usc of'pcrsonal
       ifthe campcrleaves               prior to the end ofthe session,                                                         property.Folcy drscourages borrorvinq         all                  and lcndinganronganyone
                                                                                          exccptfor personal
       rledical reasons, not includingdismissal disciplinary
                                 but                                           for                         rcasons.             living or working in canrp. Canrpcrs                       may ncvcr usc "spccialpersonal
       No adjustment tuition is nradefor latc arrival or carly dcparture.
                              in                                                                                               equipmcnt"owncd by othercarnpcrs staffsuchas: \\'atcrcraft, or                                           skis,
                                                                                                                               bows,riflcs, nrusical               Instrun)cnts.      rqultrc cqurpnlL'nt, othcr itemsthat
         Transportation:                                         arc
                                        Parcnts/guardians rnvitedto bring thcir                                                are associatcd           rvith spccificrisks (hcalth,financial,accidcnts,                            ctc.).
         childrento camp but are encouraged scndthenron our spccialbuses
                                                             to                                                                         . A list of names,           addrcsses,      phoneand cnrailo1'canrpcrs statf               and
         as an aid to their camp adjustment.At the beginningof the session,                                                    may be distributcd campcr's     for                 usc. Parentpernrission assunred       is                 for
         our buseslcavc from Our Lady of GraccChurchparkinglot rn Edina,                                                       usc ofany pictures videosofcampcrsusedrn canrppronrotion
                                                                                                                                                               or                                                                        and
         M N o f f H i g h r v l y 1 0 0 ,a t 5 0 , 5 E d e nA v e . a t l 0 : - 1 0 . m . A t t h e e n do f
                                                                                   a                                           fun nrailings         throughout ycar. Upon request,
                                                                                                                                                                       the                                      your child can bc
         thc session, carnpbusesrvill rcturnto the samelocationaround
                           the                                                                                                 c xc lu d c d .
          l 2 : 3 0p . m .                                                                                                              . Any moneyor valuables thc campcr's      in                        possession       upon arrivalal
                 Judi Bcstlerat Travel One, I -800-245- I I I , rvill coordrnate
                                                                       I                                                                                              at
                                                                                                                               campmav be dcpositcd the officc fbr safckccping. 1'hc camp
         flights to and from the Minneapolis/St.                 Paul lnternational         Arrport.                                                                                                           s
                                                                                                                               r s s u m c s o r e s p o n s r b i l i f o r l i r n d so r v a l u a b l c n o t s o d c p o s i t c c l .
                                                                                                                                              n                           tl
         More rnformation          rvill be sentto you in early spring. Horvever.                                                       . Canrpcrs ill bc hcld rcsponsiblc danragc propcrtyand
                                                                                                                                                         ri                                   lbr                  to
         parents/guardians book flights on any airlinesso that arrival in
                                   nray                                                                                        e q u i p n r c n tr u s c db r t h c ' r n c g l r r c n c c n c r r ' i l lb c c h a r g c -a c c o r d i n g l y
                                                                                                                                                  c                        r                a l                              cl
         Minneapolis before 9:30 a.m. and departure after 2:00 p.m.
                            is                                                 is                                              l o r r r ' p a r ro r r c p l a c c n r c n t .
         Canrpers      wrll be met as flights arriveand will be buseddirectlyto                                                        . C ' a m p o l c r r e s c - r r c s c n q h t t o d r s n r i sa n v c a n r p c r ' , ' h o s e
                                                                                                                                                     F                       th                              s
         canrp. If necessary,         superviscd      lodgingcan be arrangcd campers      for                                  conductrs harnrfulto thc crnrp or to othcr ci-rnrpcrs. rs Lrndcrstood                lt                       and
         needing fly the night beforeto connect
                      to                                            with camptransportatron.                                   a g r e e db y c a m p c r s n d p a r e n t s . a tp o s s e s s r o n u s c o f t o b a c c o ,
                                                                                                                                             ,                 a                   th                        or
         Please    clearall flights arriving or departing differentdaysor times
                                                                        on                                                                                                          *h
                                                                                                                               a l c o h o l o r c o n t r o l l e d u b s t a n c e s i l c c n r o l l e d n c a n r pr v i l l b r r n g
                                                                                                                                              ,                    s                                          i
         rvith the camp office. We assume liability until the camperis under
                                                          no                                                                   immediatcdismissal.
         our supervision       and once the camperleaves                our supcrvision        enroute                                 . The Five Days of Fun program is less structurcd,nrorc expericn-
         home. Please duffle bagsfor packing. Camp Foley luggage
                             use                                                                      tags                                                          and                      on
                                                                                                                               tial than instructional, lessfocused skill devclopnrent.Not all
         rvill be sentto you in the spring.                                                                                                     are
                                                                                                                               activities offered. lnquire lor more dctails.

        Health: The CamperHealthForm will be mailedto you upon receipt                                                         Clothing List and Camper Health Form will be sent with
        of registration. The healthform must be completedyearlywithln6                                                         registration acknowledgment.
        months of camp attendance,Camperswill be limitedin their activities
        until this torm is properlycompletedand on file. The medical
                                                                                                                               For your records, please make a photocop), of both sides of this
        evaluation  nrustbe completed wrthin 24 monthsprior to camp
                                                                            I                                                  application and ssve.                                            ]
        attendance signedeachyear.
  AwardsYou Can Earnat Camp
      Heycamperel Take alookaL allof
 the coolawardsthatyoucanearnat          Boardsailing                      Skiing (National Water Ski
 Foley!1et your goalsthis winterand      Ooard                             Association)
 have funol earning
      Lhe             them at camp       Daggerboard                       Oeginner
 this summer.Lookformoredetailsi,n       Force-Four                        lnlermediate
 the Award Guidelhis gprina.                                               Advanced
                                                    Camp Craft             ExeerE
                                                    Talhfinder             Snorkeling
                                                    Explorer              Muskrat
                                                   OasicCanoeing          Swimrning
                                                                                  (American Red
                                                   AdvancedCanoeing       Cross)
                                                  Diving                  Level4
                                               ;, Springboard
                                                  FlyingEagle             Level6

                                               : Fencing                  Tennis(United StatesTennis
                                                        Advanced Foil     Association)
                                               EasicEpee, AdvancedEpee    beginner
     Saila 420 ,                                                          lnlermediafn
                                        Riflery                           Advanced
                                        Targetthooter #1
Archery (AmericanArchery                TargetShootzr#2
                                                                          Water Craft
Association)                            TargeL)hootcr#3
                                                                          DoatandWatnrSafety - DNR
Yeoman                                 Tarqet)hooter#4
Dowman                                 Targel)hooter #5
Oowmanlo"  Clags                       Rifleman #1
Oowman  tharpshooter                   Rifleman#2
Archer                                 Rifbman#3
hrcnert'' cta55                        tharpshooter#1
ArcherSharpshooLer                     tharpshooter #2
)ilver1owArcher                        SharVshooter  #3
9ilverDow Archer Class
                1oL                    Riflemastnr #1
1ilverBowArcher gharpehooter           Riflemaster #2
American Archer                        ExVerL

Biking                                 Sailing(US Sailing)
TedalTusher                            9eaman  (Levell)
KockHopper                             Mate (Level2)
TopRock                                )kipper(LevelS)
 Hall of FameAwards
        This summer was a grand one for exceplionalawardsl 1esidee our tradilional Gold
Taddle,      7ilver Taddle,   and birchbark Awards Nhat weredisNributedtro deserving
campers,a new dislinguiehedaward was added In trhesehiqh ranke - the Hallof Fame
Award. To achievethis award,a ?ereon needsLo spendlO summereat,Foley.the
?ersondoesn'I necessarilyhaveto havespend all of f,hoseoummersas a camper. He or
                                         o                                                 a
s h e c a n h a v ea c o m b i n a t i o n f c a m p e r , C l T ,u n i o rC o u n s e l o r ,n d 9 e n t o rC o u n s e l o r y e a r s
aL Foley.Hall of Fameprospects also haveto wriLean essay enLiLled                                         "WhaLCampFoley
MeansT,oMe" and compleLe biographysheeN   a                            describingtheir yearEat, Foley.fhis
specialaward was givenLo only5 peoplelhis summer. Congratulattong Lhe firsN                                  r'.tt
idLrtees ilNotleFbb/HallofFhne                        Andrea Anthony, Alli Faricy, Lauren Hartzell,
Colleen Huey, and Jana 9chmidl Iheir pictures willgrace the ',,.e\'s- n::,                              ;'i        ininghall f or
a l l L o' e e ,

        TherewereLwo oLher specialawards creaLedthrs year lAat : -, ,. . .'i -; -
cam?erecouldreceive.                                                                       Stei;: -,r ---'.''--
a l l e n d a n c e a t F o l e y f o r a L l e a E t , Sy e a r s . I h e 1 9 9 7 c a m p e r t . . . , ' : - '
s i g n e d s V e c i a l b o a r d t h a L w i l l h a n g i n Ld ie i n g a l l i h e : r : . . , i '. -
            a                                                          hn h
d a n c ea l F o l e y f o r a t l e a s t , 5 y e a r e a n d c o m p l e L i c n f t \ e ' ' , ' , ; a :
                                                                                                                                   -:t' . :
c a m ? e r S f o r t h i s a w a r d , b u t , o n l y a f e v t d e c . i d e d t o m a L e t . b , e t r : ; ' - a - - ' ' - . ) , . ',-. -- - , 1 . - - ' ' _ 1 ' - ' , ' . . : ' . . . n i I c A n d r e a
A n t h o n y , M a t t b u s s m a n n , E r i c a D a v i g , T o m O o l a n , K y l e O o y l e , W i l l y E n z ,A l l i F a r i c y ,g r i a n G i r g e n , L a u r e n H a r t z e l l ,
Colleen Huey, John lvereon, Noah Johngon,MarthaKaskie,Lauren Kelly, Tom Kelly, Tim Knutson, Chad Messer,
O r e n d a n O ' E r i e n , D e v i n O ' 9 r i e n , C h r i s t i a n ? a p a y a n o p u l o s ,K r i s t i ? f l a n z , g a r a h R h o m b e r g , J a n a S c h m i d , J i m
9 ne dike r, J oh n 5ti el ow, Ra ch el T i e r n ey - Chavez, and W i IIia m U ri o n.

                                                                                                                                -l                    Bridge CrossingMember
                                                                                                                                                         If you have been a camper at
                                                                                                                                                  / Foley for four years or more and are
                                                                                                                                                  I   planning on returninq to Foley this
                                                                                                                                                      summen you have the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                      become a member of the Dridge
                                                                                                                                                      Crossinq qroup This specialgroup is
                                                                                                                                                      for t hose individuals who have spent
                                                                                                                                \j                    five or more oummere al; Camp Foley.
                                                                                                                                                      Althou7h you have spent. the
                                                                                                                                                      summers at Foley.      you are noL
                                                                                                                                                      ;aul.orn ica !ti a Dridqe Crossinq
                                                                                                                                                      l,.ierrbe" ln ::',-ierLc b€cont€a
                                                                                                                                                      ntenlz€r,5'cu rnuSt trite an essay of
                                                                                                                                                      at leasL 5OO ',,tordsof           Camp
                    ColleenHuey,LaurenHartzell,                -                                                                                      Foley Means 1,oMe' . lf you choose
                                               Alti Foricy andJanaSchmirt
                                                                                                                                                      f,o return to camp in 1998 and write
                                                                                                                                                      this esaay to become a Dridge
                                                                                                                                                      Croesing Member please send in a
                                                                                                                                                      veraion of your essay to the camp
                                                                                                                                                      office. A special ceremony will be
                                                                                                                                                      held during each sesEion for all new
                                           palsenbeuuollrerroJ sserppv

                                                     vLv99 NIAIro^Id euld
                                                         zLI xofI tt t{JH
z,     rthtuad
 alvu ).lng

                 Tell a FriendAbout
                 Do you know someone     looking for fun, friendships and
                 adventures?Shareyour memorable experiences Camp    of
                 Foleywith them and encouragethem to register. You'll
                 receive$25 off your camp tuition for each new person you
                 sign-up. So...tell your friends! This reduction appliesonly
                 to registrantsrvho are totally new to Folev, excluding
                 siblings childrenof alumni.

                 Citv                      State-          Zip
                 Your name

                 You can also call us at: 218-543-6151, FAX us
                 atz 218-547-4269 or Email us at:
            with the samerequests.
                                                                 Daehing croegLhelake
                                                                 ln a 55 horsepower              boaL
                                                                 Allrhewaveswe ake            m
                                                                 ) k i i n q w h i l ew e f l o a t
                                                                 5 p la s h ,s p la s h .s p la s h .
                                                                 O e l l E b o u t L on n g .
                                                                 A l m o s L t t m ef o r l u n c h ,
                                                                 W h e nw e g o i n s i d e , w e l a n t L o m u n c h l .
                                                                 Oh,Camp Foley,             Camp Foley,   Camp Foley's youl for
                                                                 We haveriflery,archery,soccer,so much Lo dol
                                                                 Oh,Camp Foley,CamV Foley,Camp Foley'sf or y oul
                                                                 We qo skiin s ailin fishinq,and have f un lo ol

9oda Sread
Soda Sread
S o d a S r e a dr u l e s
E t p e c r a l l y n S u n d a y e , i t ' sr e a l l y o o l
la.c c r c a ma L l u n c ht i m e a n d s a l a db a r t o o
S a n t l a y sa L F o l e yt,h e y r e a l l yr u l e ,
F r e es ' u i m s a i l i n qa r l p r o i e c f ' s o o .
't\e re ne'.ter     boredv.ttLh      so    mucht'o do.
H u r r y u p q r a by c u r 5 u i L 55 0 w e c a n d t v e
? u L o n y o u r l : u qe ? r c y o r q e Le a L e n l i v e
TeanuL      butter,jelly,eal;nq out'side
S u n n i n g n F o l e yG r e e n
L a k es i d e ,c a m ? e r s w e g o t i t a l l . . .
g u n d a y s a l . C a m pF o l e v o c k l
J e t i , t h e o a l dh e a d e dd i r e c L o r
 l a d a v e r y s h t n yh e a d
And if you ever eaw tL,
You vtouldevenzay it,'sred. . .ltkesun burnL
 Allof the oLhercampers
U E e dt o l a u g h n d c a l lh i m n a m e s
They never lel; poor Jeff
?layinLny Foley ameg       g
Thenone rainy afLernoon
Marie came Lo say
Jeff'wiLh your head !:a red
\A/on1,you rrore sunSa!-een
                 put.                                  on
          allLhe c ampt:rs lovedhim
A : , 1 . h e y h a u r , e d o t f t , l t i l h q l e e. " y i p p e e "
               s                                                             Sonla onr/ Rudol2ilt
                                                                                                  ntakc rtn apl)utt.(rn(e
J e:ff th a bald headed direcLor,
YoJll 4o dovtntn FoleyhisLory,
                                             illorie Schmitl & Jell Beltz

       (''ttnt Ricclt'nharg                                                          lJrttlt \lrttrtt

       .1.s.r I tttt t D i r t' r'I tt r
           is                                                                .|(Initti.\|t (t||t't' lsstsItrtI

%atl tlo ,z'41/pla%'4, a{ ile aaau4kizt ?2t44*4d ol tL i"q ord

       P4atp k4'4d &4thz inlrlall dacuat4'
77/"rl t/te turAuztt al ene at4uqr@ un*4d ,/4 al ilz k44l?

         k4"/d a4 d// a14/41,i,4daad ca a4n 64t4tt4/ a44/d'
                                                        *414 t/4 44tt, fa't'
%ztl     /r4n ai,o/tn a'4d ilrca@ {i4 PEg 4e u"nkd
          at4 qa4n.aara.o4zaal 4r444,4/4/p'
,4ra u/e'a ct ort4uua kkdnq
                    iltu                                     ue u4,//t/4,444 f""' ' ''
                                                         T,tlowztt 7,/i4/44'
                                           Tl-n                             F,
            Ioo) P r^ralDP.tD)                             p
                                         uarplttl) ,s'.//;tS auutrr,1
                                            't ulu)x 'l .t)t)d '91
        uosuqof sarcPQ P aulDl,lnQ   9 alyy                         ltty

GampFoley                                                                   BULK RATE
HCR77 Box 172                                                              U.S.POSTAGE
PineRlverMN 56174                                                          PINERIVERMN
                                                                           PERMITNO. 72


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