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                                                     BoB Riley (R)
                                                     State Capitol
                                                     600 Dexter Ave.
                                                     Montgomery, AL 36130
                                                     334-242-7100/Fax: 334-353-0004

Jim Folsom JR. (D)                    BeTh Chapman (R)                           samanTha shaw (R)
Lieutenant Governor                   Secretary of State                         State Auditor
Presiding Officer of Alabama Senate   600 Dexter Ave., Suite S-105               600 Dexter Ave., Room S-101
11 South Union St., Suite 725         Montgomery, AL 36130                       Montgomery, AL 36130
Montgomery, AL 36130                  334-242-7200/Fax: 334-242-4993             334-242-7010/Fax: 334-242-7650
334-242-4661/Fax: 334-242-4661                        Email:

                                      Ron spaRKs (D)                             Kay ivey (R)
TRoy King (R)                         Commissioner of Agriculture & Industries   State Treasurer
Attorney General                      1445 Federal Dr.                           600 Dexter Ave., Room S-106
11 South Union St., 3rd Floor         Montgomery, AL 36107                       Montgomery, AL 36130
Montgomery, AL 36130                  334-240-7282/Fax: 334-240-7194             334-242-7500/Fax: 334-242-7592
334-242-7300                          Email:          Email:                       

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U.S. SENATORS                            7550 Halycon Summit Dr., Ste. 150                              15 Lee St.
                                         Montgomery, AL 36117                                           B-28 Federal
SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS (R)                334-244-7017/ Fax: 334-244-7091                                Courthouse,
                   335 Russell           Committees: Armed Services;                                    Ste. 208
                   Senate Office         Judiciary; Budget; Energy and                                  Montgomery, AL
                   Building              Natural Resources                                              36104
                   Washington, D.C.      Chief of Staff: Rick Dearborn                                  334-223-7303/
                   20510-0104            Executive Assistant: Peggi Hanrahan                            Fax: 334-223-
                   202-224-4124/                                                                        7317
                   Fax: 202-224-         SENATOR RICHARD SHELBy (R)                  Shelby             Committees:
                   3149                  110 Hart Senate Office Building                                Banking, Housing
                   www.senate.           Washington, D.C. 20510                     & Urban Affairs; Appropriations
                   gov/~sessions         202-224-5744/Fax: 202-224-3416             Chief of Staff: Shannon Hines
 Sessions                                                                           Press Secretary: Katie Boyd

                                         JO BONNER (R)                              205-254-1960/Fax: 205-254-1974
U.S. REPRESENTATIVES                                         District 1: Baldwin,   Committees: House Budget Committee;
                                                             Clarke, Escambia,      Financial Services; Judiciary;
ROBERT ADERHOLT (R)                                          Mobile, Monroe &       Ways & Means
                   District 4: Blount,                       Washington             Chief of Staff: Chanelle Hardy
                   Cherokee,                                 315 Cannon Office
                   Cullman, Dekalb,                          Building
                   Etowah, Fayette,                          Washington, D.C.       PARkER gRIFFITH, M.D. (D)
                   Franklin, Lamar,                          20515                                     District 5:
                   Lawrence, Marion,                         202-225-4931                              Colbert, Jackson,
                   Marshall, Morgan,      Bonner             Fax: 202-225-0562                         Lauderdale,
                   Pickens, Walker &                         11 N. Water St.,                          Lawrence,
                   Winston               Ste. 15290                                                    Limestone,
Aderholt           1433 Longworth        Mobile, AL 36602                                              Madison & Morgan
                   House Office          251-690-2811/Fax: 251-342-0404                                417 Cannon Office
Building                                 Committees: Agriculture; Budget;                              Building
Washington, D.C. 20515                   Science; Ethics Committee                                     Washington, D.C.
202-225-4876/Fax: 202-225-5587           Chief of Staff: Alan C. Spencer             Griffith          20515
247 Carl Elliot Building                                                                               202-225-4801
1710 Alabama Ave.                                                                   Fax: 202-225-4392
Jasper, AL 35501                         BOBBy BRIgHT ( D)                          2101 W. Clinton Ave., Ste. 302
205-221-2310                                                 District 2:            Huntsville, AL 35805
Committees: Appropriations                                   Autauga,               256-551-0190
Chief of Staff: Mark Busching                                Barbour,Bullock,       Fax: 256-551-0194
                                                             Butler, Coffee,        Chief of Staff: Sharon Wheeler
SPENCER BACHUS (R)                                           Covington,
                   District 6: Bibb,                         Crenshaw, Dale,        MIkE ROgERS (R)
                   Chilton, Coosa,                           Elmore, Geneva,                           District 3:
                   Jefferson, Shelby,                        Henry, Houston,                           Calhoun,
                                          Bright             Lowndes,                                  Chambers,
                   St. Clair &
                   Tuscaloosa                                Montgomery &                              Cherokee, Clay,
                   2246 Rayburn          Pike                                                          Cleburne, Coosa,
                   House Office          1205 Longworth                                                Lee, Macon,
                   Building              Washington, D.C. 20515                                        Montgomery,
                   Washington, D.C.      202-225-2901                                                  Randolph, Russell,
 Bachus            20515                 Chief of Staff: Meg Joseph                                    Talladega &
                   202-225-4921                                                      Rogers            Tallapoosa
Fax: 202-225-2082                                                                                      514 Cannon House
1900 International Park Dr., Ste. 107    ARTUR DAVIS (D)                            Office Building
Birmingham, AL 35243                                         District 7:            Washington, D.C. 20515
205-969-2296/Fax: 205-969-3958                               Choctaw, Clarke,       202-225-3261/Fax: 202-226-8485
Committees: Banking & Financial                              Dallas, Greene,        1129 Noble St.
Services; Judiciary; Transportation &                        Hale, Jefferson,       Anniston, AL 36201
Infrastructure                                               Lowndes,               256-236-5655/Fax: 256-237-9203
Chief of Staff: Michael Staley                               Marengo,               Committees: Armed Services;
                                                             Montgomery,            Agriculture; Homeland Security
                                                             Perry, Pickens,        Chief of Staff: Marshall Macomber
                                                             Sumter, Tuscaloosa
                                          Davis              & Wilcox
                                                             208 Cannon Office
                                         Building HOB
                                         Washington, D.C. 20515
                                         202-225-2665/Fax: 202-226-9567
                                         2 N. 20th St.
                                         Birmingham, AL 35203

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District 1 (Colbert, Lauderdale): Bobby E. Denton (D)
District 2 (Limestone, Madison): Tom Butler (D)
District 3 (Limestone, Madison, Morgan): Arthur Orr (R)
District 4 (Cullman, Lawrence, Winston): Zeb Little (D)
District 5 (Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Walker, Winston): Charles
   Bishop (R)
District 6 (Colbert, Fayette, Franklin, Lamar, Lawrence,
   Marion, Winston): Roger Bedford Jr. (D)
District 7 (Madison): Vacant
District 8 (DeKalb, Jackson, Madison): Lowell Ray Barron
District 9 (Blount, Madison, Marshall): Hinton Mitchem (D)
District 10 (Cherokee, Etowah): Larry Means (D)
District 11 (Calhoun, Coosa, Elmore, Talladega): Jim Preuitt
District 12 (Calhoun, St. Clair): Del Marsh (R)
District 13 (Chambers, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Lee,
   Randolph): Kim Benefield (D)
District 14 (Bibb, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby): Henry E.
   “Hank” Erwin, Jr. (R)
District 15 (Jefferson, Shelby): Steve French (R)
District 16 (Jefferson, Shelby): J.T. “Jabo” Waggoner (R)
District 17 (Blount, Jefferson, St. Clair): Scott Beason (R)
District 18 (Jefferson): Rodger M. Smitherman (D)
District 19 (Jefferson): Edward “E.B.” McClain (D)
District 20 (Jefferson): Linda Coleman (D)
District 21 (Hale, Pickens, Tuscaloosa): Phil Poole (D)
District 22 (Baldwin, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia,
   Mobile, Monroe, Washington): Vacant
District 23 (Autauga, Clarke, Conecuh, Dallas, Lowndes,
   Marengo, Monroe, Perry, Wilcox): Henry “Hank” Sanders
District 24 (Bibb, Choctaw, Greene, Hale, Marengo, Perry,
   Sumter, Tuscaloosa): Bobby Singleton (D)
District 25 (Elmore, Montgomery): Larry Dixon (R)
District 26 (Montgomery): Quinton T. Ross, Jr. (D)
District 27 (Lee, Russell, Tallapoosa): T.D. “Ted” Little (D)
District 28 (Barbour, Bullock, Henry, Lee, Macon, Russell):
   Myron C. Penn (D)
District 29 (Dale, Geneva, Houston): Harri Anne Smith (R)
District 30 (Autauga, Butler, Crenshaw, Elmore, Lowndes,
   Pike): Wendell Mitchell (D)
District 31 (Coffee, Covington, Dale, Houston): Jimmy Holley
   (D)                                                                                            Montgomery address for
District 32 (Baldwin): Trip Pittman (R)
District 33 (Mobile): Vivian Davis Figures (D)                                                    all State Senators and House Members:
District 34 (Mobile): Rusty Glover (R)                                                            Alabama State House
District 35 (Mobile): Ben Brooks (R)                                                              11 S. Union St.
                                                                                                  Montgomery, AL 36130

lowell Ray BaRRon                              sCoTT Beason                                      RogeR BeDFoRD JR.
              District 8 (DeKalb, Jackson,                     District 17 (Blount, Jefferson,                   District 6 (Colbert, Fayette,
              Madison); Democrat;                              St. Clair); Republican;                           Franklin, Lamar, Lawrence,
              7th term; businessman;                           1st term; Residential                             Marion, Winston); Democrat;
              Montgomery Room 729-B,                           Builder, BCR­                                 6th term, attorney;
              (334) 242-7858 Business/                         Montgomery, Room 737-B,                           Montgomery, Room 730-B,
              Home, P.O. Box 65, Fyffe,                        (334) 242-7794; P.O.                              (334) 242-7862; Business/
              AL 35971; Business: (256)                        Box 31, Gardendale AL                             Home, P.O. Box 370,
623-2298; Home: (256) 623-2811;                35071; Business/Home (205) 631-4094;              Russellville, AL 35653; Business: (256)
Committees: Banking and Insurance;             Committees: Banking and Insurance,                332-2880; Home: (256) 332-7709; Fax,
Commerce, Transportation and Utilities;        Children, Youth Affairs and Human                 (256) 332-7821;;
Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics         Resources; Fiscal Responsibility and    ; Committees: Banking
&Elections; Economic Expansion and Trade;      Accountability; Finance and Taxation              and Insurance; Commerce, Transportation
Finance and Taxation, General Fund; Local      (Minority Leader Designee); Governmental          and Utilities; Confirmations; Constitution,
Legislation No.1; Rules (Chairperson);         Affairs; Industrial Development and               Campaign Finance, Ethics &Elections;
Tourism and Marketing                          Recruitment; Local Legislation No.2; Small        Energy and Natural Resources; Finance
                                               Business and Economic Development                 and Taxation, Education, General Fund
                                                                                                 (Chairperson) Health; Judiciary; Local
                                                                                                 Legislation No.1; Rules

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Kim BeneFielD                                  Youth Affairs and Human Resources            henRy e. “hanK” eRwin JR.
              District 13 (Chambers,           (Chairperson); Conservation and Forestry;                   District 14 (Bibb, Chilton,
              Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne,        Finance and Taxation, Education;                            Jefferson, Shelby);
              Lee, Randolph); Democrat;        Industrial Development and Recruitment;                     Republican; 2nd term;
              1st term; Randolph County        Rules                                                       president and CEO of
              Circuit Clerk for 18 years                                                                   Save America Foundation;
              (Resigned) Montgomery,           linDa Coleman                                               Montgomery, Room 738-B,
              Room 729-C, (334)                               District 20 (Jefferson);                     (334) 242-7873; Business,
242-7874; Home, P.O. Box 123, Woodland                        Democrat; 1st term;                          106-B South First Street,
AL 36280; Home, (256) 449-6121; email:                        American With Disabilities    Alabaster, AL 35007, (205) 663-1831;
SenatorKimBenefield; Committees:                              Compliance Officer;           Home, 123 Country Hills, Montevallo
Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry                        Montgomery, Room 729-A,       Al 35051 (205) 620-0116; Fax, (205)
(Chairperson); Banking and Insurance;                         (334) 242-7864; Home:         663-1831;; sena-
Education; Energy and Natural Resources;                      926 Chinchona Drive,; Senator Erwin serves on
Finance and Taxation, General Fund;            Birmingham AL 35214, (205) 798-1045;         the ALCAP Board, Freedoms Foundation
Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability;      Business: (205) 254-2079; Fax (205)          Advisory Board and Chilton Chamber
Governmental Affairs; Industrial               254-2505; Email: SenatorLindaColeman;        of Commerce; Committees: Agriculture,
Development and Recruitment; Judiciary         Committees: Commerce, Transportation         Conservation and Forestry; Education;
                                               and Utilities; Confirmations; Finance and    Industrial Development and Recruitment;
ChaRles Bishop                                 Taxation, Education; Fiscal Responsibility   Local Legislation No.2; Veterans and
                District 5 (Jefferson,         and Accountability; Governmental Affairs;    Military Affairs.
                Tuscaloosa, Walker,            Health (Chairperson); Local Legislation
                Winston); Republican; 3rd      No.2; Small Business and Economic            vivian Davis FiguRes
                term; Owner/CEO, B&D           Development                                                District 33 (Mobile);
                Industrial Mining Services                                                                Democrat; 3rd term;
                Inc.; Montgomery, Room         BoBBy e. DenTon                                            Montgomery, Room 732,
                733-D, (334) 242-7894;                        District 1 (Colbert,                        (334) 242-7871; Business,
Business: P.O. Box 1351, Jasper, AL                           Lauderdale); Democrat;                      104 South Lawrence St.,
35502, (205) 221-4950; Home: P.O. Box                         8th term; Director of                       Mobile, AL 36602, (251)
1351, Jasper Al 35502, (205) 387-8560;                        Development, Northwest                      208-5480; Fax (251)
Committees: Agriculture, Conservation                         Shoals Community College;     208-5492, Home: 2054 Clemente Court,
and Forestry; Business and Labor; Banking                     He is also active in civic    Mobile, AL 36617, (251) 457-9008;
and Insurance; Commerce, Transportation                       affairs, serving on several   Email:;
and Utilities; Energy and Natural              boards and commissions. Montgomery,          Committees: Children, Youth Affairs
Resources; Finance and Taxation; General       Room 719, (334) 242-7888; Home: 2206         and Human Resources; Confirmations;
Fund; Local Legislation No.2; Tourism and      Lisa Ave., Muscle Shoals, AL 35661, (256)    Education (Chairperson); Finance
Marketing                                      381-7449; Business: (256) 383-1317 Fax,      and Taxation, Education; Judiciary,
                                               (256) 386-0592; bobby@bobbydenton.           Governmental Affairs; Local Legislation
Ben BRooKs                                     com,; As the            No.3 (Chairperson); Rules; Small Business
              District 35 (Mobile);            longest serving Member, and pursuant         and Economic Development
              Republican; 1st term;            to Senate Rule 47 (b), Senator Denton
              Attorney; Montgomery,            is Dean of the Senate; Committees:           sTeve FRenCh
              Room 735-A, (334)                Banking and Insurance (Chairperson);                       District 15 (Jefferson,
              242-7882; Business:              Business and Labor; Education; Finance                     Shelby); Republican; 3rd
              1495 University Blvd.,           and Taxation Education; Governmental                       term; Montgomery, Room
              Mobile, AL, 36609, (251)         Affairs; Industrial Development and                        737, (334) 242-7851;
344-7744, Fax (251) 343-9629; Home:            Recruitment; Rules                                         Business: P.O. Box 131428,
4953 Audubon Drive, Mobile AL 36619,                                                                      Birmingham, AL 35213,
(251) 666-7116; Committees: Banking            laRRy Dixon                                                (205) 414-7544; Home: 184
and Insurance(Minority Leader Designee);                     District 25 (Elmore,           Peachtree Circle, Birmingham, AL 35213,
Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics                       Montgomery); Republican;       (205) 871-3881; Fax, (205) 871-5904;
and Election; Fiscal Responsibility and                      7th term; Executive            Email: senatorstevefrench; by appoint-
Accountability; Judiciary; Local Legislation                 Director of Alabama Board      ment of the Lt. Governor, Senator French
No.3; Veterans and Military Affairs                          of Medical Examiners;          serves as a member of the Energy Council
(Military Leader Designee)                                   Montgomery, Room               and the Joint Legislative Transportation
                                                             737-D, (334) 242-7895;         Committee; Committees: Banking and
Tom BuTleR                                     Business: P.O. Box 946, Montgomery, AL       Insurance; Finance and Taxation, General
              District 2 (Limestone,           36101, (334) 242-4116; Home: 820 E.          Fund; Health; Industrial Development and
              Madison); Democrat; 4th          Fairview Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106,         Recruitment; Local Legislation No.2; Rules
              term; pharmacist/health          (334) 834-8105; Fax, (334) 353-5255;
              underwriter; Montgomery,; Committees:        RusTy gloveR
              Room 733-C, (334)                Confirmations(Minority Leader Designee);                  District 34 (Mobile);
              242-7854; Business/              Finance and Taxation, Education;                          Republican; 1st term; High
              Home: 136 Hartington Dr.,        Governmental Affairs; Health; Veterans                    School Teacher, Mobile
Madison, AL 35758, (256) 837-8374;             and Military Affairs                                      County Public Schools;
Fax, (256) 837-4355; senbutler@aol.                                                                      Montgomery, Room 735,
com. Committees: Agriculture; Children,                                                                  (334) 242-7886; Home,

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4225 Camellia Circle West, Semmes, AL           Anniston, AL 36207, (256) 237-1931; Fax,       aRThuR oRR
36575; Home (251) 649-7380; Committees:         (256) 237-1579;;                           District 3 (Limestone,
Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry          Committees: Confirmations; Finance and                       Madison, Morgan);
(Minority Leader Designee) Commerce;            Taxation, Education; Judiciary; Tourism and                  Republican; 1st term;
Education; Energy and Natural Resources;        Marketing                                                    Attorney, General Counsel
Finance and Taxation, General Fund;                                                                          for Cook’s Pest Control;
Local Legislation No.3; Small Business and      eDwaRD “e.B.” mCClain                                        Montgomery, Room 729,
Economic Development; Transportation and                      District 19 (Jefferson);                       (334) 242-7874; Business:
Utilities                                                     Democrat; 4th term;              1624 8th Av SE, Decatur, AL 35601,
                                                              Montgomery, Room 734,            (256)355-3285; Home: P.O. Box 305,
Jimmy w. holley                                               (334) 242-7867; Home:            Decatur AL 35602; (256) 353-3635;
              District 31 (Coffee, Covington,                 299 11th Ave., Midfield,         Email: SenatorArthurOrr; Committees:
              Dale, Houston); Democrat;                       AL 35228; Home/Fax (205)         Confirmations; Constitution, Campaign
              3rd term; Educator, Troy                        781-0786; Email: ebmc@           Finance, Ethics & Elections; Economic
              University; Montgomery, ; Committees: Business and        Expansion and Trade; Finance and Taxation,
              Room 731-C, (334)                 Labor(Chairperson); Energy and Natural         General Fund; Judiciary (Minority Leader
              242-7845; Business: Rt.           Resources; Finance and Taxation, General       Designee); Local Legislation No.1
              2, Box 254-E, Elba, AL            Fund, Local Legislation No.2; Tourism and
36323, (334) 670-3765; Home: 4212               Marketing                                      myRon C. penn
County Rd. 364, Elba, AL 36323, (334)                                                                        District 28 (Barbour,
897-5181; Committees: Business and Labor;       laRRy means                                                  Bullock, Henry, Lee,
Commerce, Transportation, and Utilities;                       District 10 (Cherokee,                        Macon, Russell); Democrat;
Finance and Taxation, Education; Veterans                      Etowah); Democrat; 3rd term;                  2nd term; Attorney;
and Military Affairs (Chairperson)                             Montgomery, Room 729,                         Montgomery, Room 731,
                                                               (334) 242-7857; Home: 1106                    (334) 242-7868; Business:
T.D. “TeD” liTTle                                              6th St., Attalla, AL 35954,                   5 Court Square, P.O. Box
              District 27 (Lee, Russell,                       (256) 538-2014; Fax, (256)      688, Clayton, AL 36016, (334) 775-9778;
              Tallapoosa); Democrat; 8th                       538-2014; Senator Means is      Home: 302 Chunnenuggee Ave., Union
              term; Attorney; Montgomery,       former Mayor of Atalla. Committees: Energy     Springs, AL 36089, (334) 738-4486;
              Room 740, (334) 242-7865;         and Natural Resources; Governmental            Fax, (334) 775-9779; Email: myron-
              Business: P.O. Box 2366,          Affairs; Health; Industrial Development and; Committees:
              Auburn, AL 36831-2366,            Recruitment (Chairperson)                      Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry;
              (334) 887-3472; Home: 410                                                        Confirmations(Chairperson); Constitution,
S. Dean Rd., Auburn, AL 36830, (334)                                                           Campaign Finance, Ethics & Elections;
                                                wenDell miTChell                               Ecomonic Expansion and Trade;
887-6552; Fax, (334) 826-7700; tedlittle@                      District 30 (Autauga, Butler,; Committees: Children,                                                          Education; Energy and Natural Resources;
                                                               Crenshaw, Elmore, Lowndes,      Finance and Taxation; General Fund;
Youth Affairs and Human Resources;                             Pike); Democrat; 7th term;
Confirmations; Finance and Taxation,                                                           Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability;
                                                               Attorney/Dean Emeritus          Governmental Affairs; Health; Judiciary;
Education; Fiscal Responsibility and                           of Jones Law School;
Accountability; (Chairperson); Judiciary;                                                      Tourism and Marketing
                                                               Montgomery, Room 733,
Rules; Small Business and Economic                             (334) 242-7883; Business/       TRip piTTman
Development                                     Home: P.O. Box 225, Luverne, AL 36049;                       District 32 (Baldwin);
                                                Business: (334) 244-1877; Home, (334)                        Republican; Montgomery,
ZeB liTTle                                      335-3449; Fax, (334) 386-7223; Email:                        Room 738-B, (334)242-
                District 4 (Limestone,          wmitchell@faulkner.ed; Senator Mitchell                      7897; Senator Pittman was
                Madison, Morgan); Democrat;     is the Deputy President Pro Tempore                          elected October, 16, 2007
                3rd term; Attorney;             serves on all Senate Standing committees,                    to fill the vacancy left by
                Montgomery, Room 722-A,         with the exception of the local Legislation                  the resignation of Senator
                (334) 242-7855; Business:       Committees                                     Bradley Byrne. Owner of Pittman Tractor.
                P.O. Box 2278, Cullman,                                                        Business: 9652 Milton Jones Road, Daphne,
                AL 35056, (256) 775-7707;                                                      AL.36526; (251)621-3555; Fax(251)621-
                                                hinTon miTChem                                 5626; Committees: Constitution, Campaign
Home: 221 Fairway Dr., Cullman, AL                             District 9 (Blount, Madison,
35057, (256) 734-6348; Fax: (256)                                                              Finance, Ethics and Elections, Economic
                                                               Marshall); Democrat; 8th        Expansion and Trade, Education, Energy
734-0466; Email: SenatorZebLittle; Senator                     term; Retired Owner,
Little is the Senate Majority Leader and                                                       and Natural Resources, Finance and
                                                               Hinton Mitchem Tractor Co.;     Taxation General Fund, Judiciary
serves on all Senate Standing Committees                       Montgomery, Room 733,
and Local Legislation No.1 (Chairperson)                       (334) 242-7876; Business/
                                                               Home: 106 Ridgewood Circle,     phil poole
Del maRsh                                       Union Grove AL 35175; Home, (256)                           District 21 (Hale, Pickens,
            District 12 (Calhoun, St.           582-0619;; Senator                     Tuscaloosa); Democrat; 4th
            Clair); Republican; 3rd             Mitchem was elected President Pro Tempore                   term; Attorney; Montgomery,
            term; owner, Industrial             of the Alabama Senate on January 9, 2007;                   Room 736, (334) 242-7889;
            Plating Co.; Montgomery,            Committees: Agriculture, Conservation                       Home: 1416 Greensboro
            Room 735, (334) 242-7877;           and Forestry; Commerce, Transportation                      Ave., Tuscaloosa, AL
            Business: P.O. Drawer 2365,         and Utilities; Confirmations; Finance and                   35401; Business: P.O.
            Anniston, AL 36202, (256)           Taxation; General Fund; Health; Rules;         Box 609, Moundville, AL 35474, (205)
237-8647; Home: 546 Hillyer High Rd.,           Veterans and Military Affairs                  371-6337; Fax, (205) 371-6330; Email:

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SenatorPhilPoole; Committees: Children,       (334) 242-7860; Business: P.O. Box           Insurance; Commerce, Transportation and
Youth Affairs and Human Resources;            1305, 1405 Jeff Davis Ave., Selma, AL        Utilities; Confirmations; Governmental
Finance and Taxation, Education               36702, (334) 875-9264, Home: One Imani       Affairs; Health; Local Legislation No.1;
                                              Way, Selma, AL 36702, (334) 875-1395;        Rules
Jim pReuiTT                                   Committees: Commerce, Transportation
               District 11 (Calhoun,          and Utilities; Confirmations (Vice-          RoDgeR m. smiTheRman
               Coosa, Elmore, Talladega);     Chairman); Constitution, Campaign                           District 18 (Jefferson);
               Democrat; 6th term; Auto       Finance, Ethics and Election; Economic                      Democrat; 4th term;
               Dealer; Montgomery,            Expansion and Trade (Vice-Chairman)                         Attorney; Montgomery,
               Room 729, (334)                Education; Energy and Natural Resources;                    Room 732, (334) 242-7870;
               242-7898; Business: 723        Finance and Taxation, Education                             Business: 2029 2nd Ave.
               E. Battle St., Talladega, AL   (Chairperson); Finance and Taxation,                        N., Birmingham, AL 35203,
35160, (256) 362-6900; Home: Hwy.             General Fund; Judiciary; Local Legislation                  (205) 322-0012; Home:
21 N., P.O. Box 1063, Talladega, AL           No.1 (Vice Chairman)                         928 Center Way SW, Birmingham,
35161, (256) 362-5253; Committees:                                                         AL 35211, (205) 322-3768; Fax, (205)
Banking and Insurance; Commerce,              BoBBy singleTon                              324-2000; rodger.smitherman@alsenate.
Transportation and Utilities; Finance and                   District 24 (Bibb, Choctaw,    gov; Committees: Business and Labor;
Taxation, General Fund; Governmental                        Greene, Hale, Marengo,         Confirmations; Finance and Taxation,
Affairs; Small Business and Economic                        Perry, Sumter, Tuscaloosa);    Education; Industrial Development and
Development(Chairman)                                       Democrat; 2nd term; Owner,     Recruitment; Judiciary (Chairperson);
                                                            Black Belt Technologies;       Local Legislation No.2 (Chairperson;
QuinTon T. Ross                                             Montgomery, Room               Rules; Tourism and Marketing
                District 26 (Montgomery);                   732-B, (334) 242-7935;
                Democrat; 2nd term;           Business: P.O. Box 548, Greensboro,          J.T. “JaBo” waggoneR
                Director of Adult             AL 36744, (334) 624-5619; Home: 105                         District 16 (Jefferson,
                Education, H. Trenholm        Cobb St., Greensboro, AL 36744, (334)                       Shelby); Republican;
                State Technical College;      507-1218; Email:;                      5th term; President,
                Montgomery, Room              Committees: Agriculture, Conservation                       Birmingham Business
                731, (334) 242-7880;          and Forestry; Banking and Insurance;                        Consultants, LLC.
Business: P.O. Box 6183, Montgomery,          Confirmations; Economic Expansion                           Montgomery, Room
AL 36106, (334) 242-7880; Home: 3778          and Trade; Finance and Taxation,                            737, (334) 242-7892;
Mosswood Road, Montgomery, AL 36116,          General Fund; Fiscal Responsibility and      Business: PO Box 660609, Vestavia
(334) 280-2963; Fax, (334) 242-2210;          Accountability; Industrial Development       Hills, AL 35266-0609; Home: 1829; Committees:           and Recruitment; Judiciary; Tourism and      Mission Rd., Birmingham, AL 35216,
Commerce, Transportation and Utilities        Marketing (Chairperson)                      (205) 822-7443; Fax, (205) 969-6889;
(Chairperson); Constitution, Campaign                                                      SenatorJaboWaggoner; Committees:
Finance, Ethics and Election; Education;      haRRi anne smiTh                             Senate Minority Leader: Serves on All
Energy and Natural Resources; Finance                       District 29 (Dale, Geneva,     Senate Standing Committees, with the
and Taxation, Education; Governmental                       Houston); Republican; 3rd      exception of the local legislation commit-
Affairs; Health; Rules; Tourism and                         term; Exec Vice President      tees; Local Legislation No.2
Marketing; Veterans and Military Affairs                    and Operations Officer for
                                                            Slocomb National Bank;
henRy “hanK” sanDeRs                                        Montgomery, Room 735,
              District 23 (Autauga, Clarke,                 (334) 242-7879; Business:
              Conecuh, Dallas, Lowndes,       P.O. Box 640, Slocomb, AL 36375, (334)               The Montgomery address for
              Marengo, Monroe, Perry,         886-2367; Home: P.O. Box 483, Slocomb,                   all state Senators is:
              Wilcox); Democrat;              AL 36375, (334) 886-3208; Fax, (334)                   Alabama State House
              7th term; Attorney;             886-2364; Email: harriannesmith@                           11 S. Union St.
              Montgomery, Room 730, ; Committees: Agriculture,                 Montgomery, AL 36130
                                              Conservation and Forestry; Banking and

6 / businessalabama
senaTe sTanDing CommiTTees:                Confirmations:                              Education:
                                                                                       Vivian Figures-C, Zeb Little-Mal, Jabo
C=Chair, DC=Deputy Chair, VC=Vice          Myron Penn-C, Hank Sanders-VC, Zeb
Chair, MaL=Majority Leader and             Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML                Waggoner-ML, Kim Benefield, Bobby
ML=Minority Leader                         Roger Bedford, Linda Coleman, Vivian        Denton, Hank Erwin, Rusty Glover,
                                           Figures, Ted Little, Del Marsh, Hinton      Myron Penn, Quinton Ross, Hank
Committee on Assignments;                  Mitchem, Arthur Orr, Bobby Singleton,       Sanders, Wendell Mitchell
Lt. Gov.Jim Folsom Jr., Pat Lindsey, Zeb   Harri Anne Smith, Rodger Smitherman,
Little, Hinton Mitchem, Hank Sanders       Wendell Mitchell, Larry Dixon               Constitution, Campaign Finance,
                                                                                       Ethics and Elections:
Rules:                                     Health:                                     Pat Lindsey-C, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo
Lowell Barron-C, Pat Lindsey-DC,           Linda Coleman-C, Vacant-DC, Pat             Waggoner-ML, Lowell Barron, Roger
Ted Little-VC, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo        Lindsey-VC, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo            Bedford, Ben Brooks, Arthur Orr, Myron
Waggoner-ML                                Waggoner-ML                                 Penn, Quinton Ross, Hank Sanders,
Roger Bedford, Tom Butler, Bobby           Roger Bedford, Larry Dixon, Steve French,   Wendell Mitchell
Denton, Vivian Figures, Steve French,      Larry Means, Hinton Mitchem, Myron
Parker Griffith, Hinton Mitchem,           Penn, Quinton Ross, Harri Anne Smith,       Industrial Development and
Quinton Ross, Harri Anne Smith, Rodger     Wendell Mitchell                            Recruitment:
Smitherman,                                                                            Larry Means-C, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo
Wendell Mitchell                           Fiscal Responsibility and                   Waggoner-ML, Scott Beason, Kim
                                           Accountability:                             Benefield, Tom Butler, Bobby Denton,
Finance and Taxation Education:            Ted Little-C, Wendell Mitchell-VC, Zeb      Hank Erwin, Bobby Singleton, Rodger
Hank Sanders-C, Phil Poole-DC, Bobby       Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML,               Smitherman, Wendell Mitchell
Denton-VC, Quinton Ross-VC, Zeb            Scott Beason, Kim Benefield, Ben Brooks,
Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML, Roger        Linda Coleman                               Tourism and Marketing:
Bedford, Tom Butler, Linda Coleman,                                                    Bobby Singleton-C, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo
Larry Dixon, Vivian Figures, Jimmy         Commerce, Transportation and                Waggoner-ML, Lowell Barron, Charles
Holley, Ted Little, Del Marsh, Rodger      Utilities:                                  Bishop, Pat Lindsey, Del Marsh, E.B.
Smitherman, Wendell Mitchell               Quinton Ross-C, Lowell Barron-VC, Zeb       McClain, Myron Penn, Quinton Ross,
                                           Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML, Roger         Rodger Smitherman, Wendell Mitchell
Finance and Taxation General Fund:         Bedford, Charles Bishop, Linda Coleman,
Roger Bedford-C, Bobby Singleton-DC,       Rusty Glover, Jimmy Holley, Pat Lindsey,    Energy and Natural Resources:
Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML,          Hinton Mitchem, Jim Preuitt, Hank           Vacant-C, Pat Lindsey-DC, Zeb
Lowell Barron, Kim Benefield, Charles      Sanders, Harri Anne Smith, Wendell          Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML, Roger
Bishop, Steve French, Rusty Glover, Pat    Mitchell                                    Bedford, Kim Benefield, Charles Bishop,
Lindsey, E.B. McClain, Hinton Mitchem,                                                 Rusty Glover, E.B. McClain, Larry Means,
Arthur Orr, Myron Penn, Jim Preuitt,       Governmental Affairs:                       Myron Penn, Quinton Ross, Hank
Hank Sanders, Wendell Mitchell, Scott      Wendell Mitchell-C, Zeb Little-MaL,         Sanders, Wendell Mitchell
Beason                                     Jabo Waggoner-ML, Scott Beason, Kim
                                           Benefield, Linda Coleman, Bobby Denton,     Economic Expansion and Trade:
Judiciary:                                 Larry Dixon, Vivian Figures, Larry Means,   Pat Lindsey-C, Hank Sanders-VC, Zeb
Rodger Smitherman-C, Myron Penn-DC,        Myron Penn, Jim Preuitt, Quinton Ross,      Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML, Lowell
Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML,          Harri Anne Smith, Pat Lindsey               Barron, Arthur Orr, Myron Penn, Bobby
Roger Bedford, Kim Benefield, Ben                                                      Singleton, Wendell Mitchell
Brooks, Vivian Figures, Pat Lindsey, Ted   Small Business and Economic
Little, Del Marsh, Hank Sanders, Bobby     Development:                                Children,Youth Affairs and Human
Singleton, Wendell Mitchell, Arthur Orr    Jim Preuitt-C, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo         Resources:
                                           Waggoner-ML, Scott Beason, Linda            Tom Butler-C, Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo
Banking and Insurance:                     Coleman, Vivian Figures, Rusty Glover,      Waggoner-ML, Scott Beason, Vivian
Bobby Denton-C, Bobby Singleton-VC,        Ted Little, Wendell Mitchell                Figures, Ted Little, Phil Poole, Wendell
Zeb Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML,                                                      Mitchell
Lowell Barron, Scott Beason, Roger         Agriculture, Conservation and
Bedford, Kim Benefield, Steve French,      Forestry:                                   Veterans and Military Affairs:
Jim Preuitt, Harri Anne Smith, Wendell     Kim Benefield-C, Charles Bishop-VC, Zeb     Jimmy Holley-C, Zeb Little-Mal, Jabo
Mitchell, Ben Brooks                       Little-MaL, Jabo Waggoner-ML                Waggoner-ML, Larry Dixon, Hank Erwin,
                                           Tom Butler, Hank Erwin, Pat Lindsey,        Pat Lindsey, Hinton Mitchem, Quinton
Business and Labor:                        Hinton Mitchem, Myron Penn, Bobby           Ross, Wendell Mitchell, Ben Brooks
E.B. McLain-C, Zeb Little-MaL ,Jabo        Singleton, Harri Anne Smith, Wendell
Waggoner-ML, Charles Bishop,               Mitchell, Rusty Glover
Bobby Denton, Jimmy Holley, Rodger
Smitherman, Wendell Mitchell

                                                                                                         businessalabama / 7
District 1 (Lauderdale): Tammy Irons. (D)
District 2 (Lauderdale): Mike Curtis (D)
District 3 (Colbert): Marcel Black (D)
District 4 (Limestone, Morgan): Micky Hammon (R)
District 5 (Limestone): Henry White (D)
District 6 (Madison): Sue Schmitz (D)
District 7 (Lawrence, Winston): John “Jody” Letson (D)
District 8 (Morgan): Bill Dukes (D)
District 9 (Morgan): Ronald Grantland (D)
District 10 (Madison): Mike Ball (R)
District 11 (Cullman, Morgan): Jeremy H. Oden (R)
District 12 (Cullman)James C. Fields
District 13 (Walker): Tommy Sherer (D)
District 14 (Tuscaloosa, Walker, Winston): Ken Guin (D)
District 15 (Jefferson): Pat Moore (R)
District 16 (Fayette, Lamar, Pickens, Tuscaloosa): William
    E. Thigpen Sr. (D)
District 17 (Marion, Winston): Mike Millican (D)
District 18 (Colbert, Franklin): Johnny Mack Morrow (D)
District 19 (Madison): Laura Hall (D)
District 20 (Madison): Howard Sanderford (R)
District 21 (Madison): Randy Hinshaw (D)
District 22 (Jackson, Madison): Butch Taylor(D)
District 23 (Jackson): John Robinson (D)
District 24 (DeKalb): Todd Greeson (R)
District 25 (Limestone, Madison): Mac McCutcheon (R)
District 26 (DeKalb, Marshall): W. Frank McDaniel (D)
District 27 (Marshall): Jeff McLaughlin (D)
District 28 (Etowah): Craig Ford (D)
District 29 (Etowah): John G. “Jack” Page (D)
District 30 (Etowah, St. Clair): Blaine Galliher ( R)
District 31 (Coosa, Elmore): Barry Mask (R)
District 32 (Calhoun, Talladega): Barbara Boyd (D)
District 33 (Talladega): Ronald G. Johnson (R)
District 34 (Blount): Elwyn Thomas (R)
District 35 (Calhoun, Talladega): Steve Hurst (D)
District 36 (Calhoun): Randy Wood (R)
District 37 (Chambers, Clay, Randolph): Richard J. Laird
District 38 (Chambers, Lee): DuWayne Bridges (R)
District 39 (Cherokee, Cleburne, DeKalb): Richard J.
    Lindsey (D)
District 40 (Calhoun): Lea Fite (D)
District 41 (Shelby): Michael Hill (R)
District 42 (Chilton, Shelby): James M. “Jimmy” Martin
    (D)                                                      District 69 (Dallas, Lowndes, Wilcox):             “Sonny” Baker (D)
District 43 (Jefferson, Shelby): Mary Sue McClurkin (R)          James L. Thomas (D)                        District 86 (Houston): Benjamin Lewis (R)
District 44 (Jefferson): Arthur Payne (R)                    District 70 (Tuscaloosa): Chris England (D)    District 87 (Geneva, Dale): Warren Beck
District 45 (Jefferson): Owen Drake (R)                      District 71 (Greene, Marengo, Sumter):             (R)
District 46 (Jefferson, Shelby): Paul DeMarco(R)                 A.J. McCampbell (D)                        District 88 (Autauga, Elmore): H. “Mac”
District 47 (Jefferson): Jack Williams (R)                   District 72 (Hale, Marengo, Perry, Bibb):          Gipson Jr. (R)
District 48 (Jefferson, Shelby): Greg Canfield (R)               Ralph Howard (D)                           District 89 (Dale, Pike): Alan Boothe (D)
District 49 (Bibb, Shelby): Cam Ward (R)                     District 73 (Montgomery): David G. Grimes      District 90 (Butler, Crenshaw, Lowndes):
District 50 (St. Clair, Shelby): Jim McClendon (R)               II (R)                                         Charles O. Newton (D)
District 51 (Jefferson):Allen Treadaway (R)                  District 74 (Montgomery): Jay Love (R)         District 91 (Coffee): Terry Spicer (D)
District 52 (Jefferson): John W. Rogers Jr. (D)              District 75 (Elmore, Montgomery): Greg         District 92 (Covington, Escambia): Seth
District 53 (Jefferson): Demetrius C. Newton (D)                 Wren (R)                                       Hamett (D)
District 54 (Jefferson): Patricia Todd (D)                   District 76 (Montgomery): Thad                 District 93 (Dale, Houston): Steve Clouse
District 55 (Jefferson): Rod Scott (D)                           McClammy (D)                                   (R)
District 56 (Jefferson): Priscilla Dunn (D)                  District 77 (Montgomery): John Knight          District 94 (Baldwin): Joe Faust (R)
District 57 (Jefferson): Merika Coleman (D)                      Jr. (D)                                    District 95 (Baldwin): Stephen McMillan
District 58 (Jefferson): Oliver Robinson (D)                 District 78 (Montgomery): Alvin Holmes             (R)
District 59 (Jefferson): Mary Moore (D)                          (D)                                        District 96 (Baldwin, Mobile): Randy Davis
District 60 (Jefferson): Earl Hilliard Jr (D)                District 79 (Lee): Mike Hubbard (R)                (R)
District 61 (Pickens, Tuscaloosa): Alan Harper (D)           District 80 (Lee, Russell): Lesley Vance (D)   District 97 (Mobile): Yvonne Kennedy (D)
District 62 (Tuscaloosa): Gerald Allen (R)                   District 81 (Tallapoosa): Betty Carol          District 98 (Mobile): James Gordon (D)
District 63 (Tuscaloosa): Robert Bentley (R)                     Graham (D)                                 District 99 (Mobile): James Buskey (D)
District 64 (Clark, Baldwin, Conecuh, Escambia, Monroe):     District 82 (Bullock, Lee, Macon): Pebblin     District 100 (Mobile): Victor Gaston (R)
    Harry Shiver (R)                                             Warren (D)                                 District 101 (Mobile): Jamie Ison (R)
District 65 (Choctaw, Clarke, Washington):George Keahey      District 83 (Lee, Russell): George Bandy       District 102 (Mobile): Chad Fincher (R)
    (D)                                                          (D)                                        District 103 (Mobile): Joseph C. Mitchell
District 66 (Escambia, Baldwin): Alan Baker (R)              District 84 (Barbour, Henry): Billy Beasley        (D)
District 67 (Dallas): Yusuf Salaam (D)                           (D)                                        District 104 (Mobile): Jim Barton (R)
District 68 (Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Marengo,              District 85 (Dale, Henry, Houston): Locy       District 105 (Mobile): Spencer Collier (R)
    Monroe): Thomas Jackson (D)

8 / businessalabama
geRalD allen                                     (334) 242-7754; District: 3824 St. Andrews      org; Committees: Boards and Commissions,
             District 62 (Tuscaloosa);           Dr., Mobile, AL 36693; Business: (251)          Education Appropriations, Internal Affairs
             Republican; 4th term;               208-5480; Email:;
             Owner, CASHCO Marketing;            Committees: Banking and Insurance, Health,      BaRBaRa BoyD
             Montgomery, Room 531, (334)         Mobile County Legislation                                    District 32 (Calhoun, Talladega);
             242-7758; District, P.O. Box                                                                     Democrat; 4th term; Retired
             71001, Tuscaloosa, AL 35407;        Billy Beasley                                                Educator/Chairperson of the
Business/Home: (205) 556-5310; Email:                          District 84 (Barbour, Henry);                  Trustee Board and Director of; Committees:                          Democrat; 3rd term; President                  Christian Education, Murray
Commerce, Government Appropriations,                           of Pratts Station LLC and                      Temple Christian Methodist
Tuscaloosa County Legislation                                  operates Clayton Drug Co.,        Episcopal Church; Montgomery, Room 530,
                                                               Clio Drug Co. and Louisville      (334) 242-7692; District: 2222 McDaniel
alan BaKeR                                                     Drug Store; Montgomery,           Ave., Anniston, AL 36202; Business: (256)
              District 66 (Escambia, Baldwin);   Room 625-A, (334) 242-7686; District: P.O.      236-3521 ext. 39; Home: (256) 236-7423;
              Republican; 1st term; Retired      Box 220, Clayton, AL 36016; Business:           Email:;
              Teacher/Coach; Montgomery,         (334) 775-3291; Email: william.beasley@         Committees: Education Policy, Government
              (334) 242-7720; Director of; Committees: Government             Operations, Rules
              Mortgage & Refinance Co.           Appropriations, Health
              Baker& Associates, 1012                                                            Duwayne BRiDges
Douglas Ave. Brewton, AL 36426; (251)            waRRen BeCK                                                  District 38 (Chambers, Lee);
867-0195; Home: P.O. Box 65, Brewton, AL                     District 87 (Geneva, Dale);                      Republican; 3rd term; Owner,
36426; (251) 867-6514; Email: alan.baker@                    Republican; 2nd term;                            Bridges Travel Plaza and; Committees: Baldwin County                        Insurance Agency Principal,                      Western Wear; Montgomery,
Legislation, Education Policy, Public Safety                 Center Insurance Agency;                         Room 528-C, (334) 242-7600;
                                                             Montgomery, Room 630-C,                          District: P.O. Box 729, Valley,
loCy “sonny” BaKeR                                           (334) 242-7774; District: P.O.      AL 36854; Business: (334) 756-6373; Home:
              District 85 (Dale, Henry,          Box 333, Geneva, AL 36340; Business: (334)      (334) 756-9553; Committees: Banking and
              Houston); Democrat; 4th            684-9549; Home: (334) 684-3011; Fax: (334)      Insurance, Commerce, Lee County Legislation
              term; Retired Educator;            6849-618, Email:;
              Montgomery, Room 522-D,            Committees: Commerce, Tourism and Travel        James BusKey
              (334) 242-7693; District: 115                                                                   District 99 (Mobile); Democrat;
              Bryant St., Abbeville, AL          RoBeRT BenTley                                               8th term; Retired Educator/
36310; Home, (334) 585-5076; locy.baker@                      District 63 (Tuscaloosa);                       Director of Franklin Memorial; Committees: Baldwin County                       Republican; 2nd term;                           Clinic and an organizer of the
Legislation, Education Policy, Government                     Physician, Founding Partner                     Commonwealth National Bank;
Appropriations, Health, Public Safety                         and President of Alabama                        Montgomery, Room 540-C,
                                                              Dermatology Associates;            (334) 242-7757; Home: 2207 Barretts Lane,
miKe Ball                                                     Montgomery, Room 537-D,            Mobile, AL 36617; Business: (251) 208-5480;
              District 10 (Madison);             (334) 242-7691; District: 11 Ridgeland,         Home: (251) 457-7928; Fax: (251) 208-5492;
              Republican; 2nd term; Retired,     Tuscaloosa, AL 35406; Business: (205)           Committees: Banking and Insurance,
              Alabama Department of Public       345-1520; Home: (205) 345-1090; Fax: (205)      Education Appropriations
              Safety; Montgomery, Room           345-1761; Email:
              526-D, (334) 242-7683; District:   org; Committees: Agriculture and Forestry,      gReg CanFielD
              P.O. Box 6302, Huntsville, AL      Education Appropriations, Internal Affairs,                   District 48 (Jefferson, Shelby);
35824; Business: (256) 539-5441; Home,           Tuscaloosa County Legislation.                                Republican; 1st term; Canfield
(256) 772-8730; Email: mikeball@knology.                                                                       Insurance & Financial Services;
net; Committees: Education Policy, Internal      maRCel BlaCK                                                  Montgomery, Room 625-D,
Affairs, Madison County Legislation, Public                   District 3 (Colbert); Democrat;                  (334) 242-7763; District:
Safety                                                        5th term; Attorney, Black and                    701 Montgomery Hwy., Ste.
                                                              Hughston; Montgomery, Room         207,Vestavia, AL 35216, (205) 822-5471;
geoRge BanDy                                                  516-C, (334) 242-7667; District:   Home: 804 Parkview Circle, Vestavia Hills,
              District 83 (Lee, Russell);                     P.O. Box 491, Tuscumbia,           AL 35242, (205) 967-5571; Email: gcanfield@
              Democrat; 4th term; Pastor,                     AL 35674; Business: (256); Committees: Constitution
              Saint James Missionary Baptist     383-2435; Home:(256) 381-5277; Email:           and Elections, Government Appropriations,
              Church; Montgomery, Room ; Committees:           Jefferson County Legislation, Shelby County
              529, (334) 242-7721; District:     Boards and Commissions, Judiciary               Legislation
              1307-A Glenn Circle, Opelika,
AL 36801; Home: (334) 749-0051; Email:           alan C. BooThe                                  sTeve Clouse; Committees:                         District 89 (Dale, Pike);                       District 93 (Dale, Houston);
Constitution and Elections, Lee County                        Democrat; 3rd term; Director                    Republican; 4th term; Vice
Legislation, Local Legislation                                of Governmental Relations                       President, Clouse Marketing
                                                              for Troy State University;                      Co.; Montgomery, Room 526-A,
Jim BaRTon                                                    Montgomery, Room 627-A,                         (334) 242-7717; District: P.O.
             District 104 (Mobile);                           (334) 242-7710; District: P.O.                  Box 818, Ozark, AL 36361-
             Republican; 3rd term; Owner,        Box 561, Troy, AL 36081; Business: (334)        0818; Business: (334) 774-9122; Home: (334)
             Bay Area Resources and              670-3203; Home: (334) 566-5742; Fax, (334)      774-7384; Fax: (334) 242-4759, Committees:
             Old South Construction;             670-3777; Email: alan.boothe@alhouse.           Health, Banking and Insurance, Examiners
             Montgomery, Room 540-D,

                                                                                                                    businessalabama / 9
of Public Accounts Legislative Oversight          owen DRaKe                                        ChaD FinCheR
Committee, Energy Council                                       District 45 (Jefferson);                         District 102 (Mobile);
                                                                Republican; 1st term; Retired,                   Republican; 1st term; Realtor/
meRiKa Coleman                                                  Jefferson County Commission;                     Broker, Owner of Fincher &
             District 57 (Jefferson);                           Montgomery, Room 528-B,                          Associates Realty Services;
             Democrat; 2nd term; Director                       (334) 242-7727; Home: 1008                       Montgomery, Room 528-A
             of Economic & Community                            Kings Forest Dr., Leeds, AL                      (334) 242-7778; Home: 10010
             Development for City of              35094, (205) 699-6655; Committees: County         Blakewood Road N., Semmes, AL 36575,
             Bessemer; Montgomery, Room           and Municipal Government, Jefferson County        (251) 649-2372; Business: P.O. Box 981,
             539-B, (334) 242-7755; District:     Legislation, Public Safety                        Semmes, AL 36575, (251) 649-2722; Email:
P.O. Box 28888, Birmingham, AL 35228;                                                     ; Committees:
Business: (205) 326-6821; Home: (205)             Bill DuKes                                        Agriculture and Forestry, Constitution and
428-4535; Fax: (205) 252-8458; Committees:                      District 8 (Morgan); Democrat;      Elections, Mobile County Legislation
Jefferson County Legislation, Boards and                        4th term; Retired Mayor of
Commissions, Government Operations                              Decatur; Montgomery, Room           lea FiTe
                                                                523-A, (334) 242-7689; District:                 District 40 (Calhoun); Democrat;
spenCeR CollieR                                                 2209 Park Place St. SE, Decatur,                 2nd term; Supermarket Owner;
              District 105 (Mobile);                            AL 35601; Home: (256)                            Montgomery, Room 534-A,
              Republican; 2nd term; Executive     353-1725;                                                      (334) 242-7728; District:
              Director of the Alabama Safety      Committees: Commerce, County and                               2413 Alabama Hwy.202,
              Institute; Montgomery, Room         Municipal Government                                           Anniston, AL 36201; Business:
              540-D (334) 242-7719; District:                                                       (256) 236-0533; Home: (256) 435-1400;
              P.O. Box 550, Irvington, AL         pRisCilla Dunn                                    Committees: Education Policy, Government
36544; District: 104 South Lawrence St.,                         District 56 (Jefferson);           Operations, Tourism and Travel
Mobile, AL 36602; Business: (251) 208-5480;                      Democrat; 3rd term; Homeless
Home: (251) 824-3798; Email: scollier@                           Education Coordinator,             CRaig FoRD; Committees:                          Bessemer City Schools;                           District 28 (Etowah); Democrat;
Agriculture and Forestry, Judiciary, Mobile                      Montgomery, Room 540-B,                          2nd term; Owner, Hodges-
County Legislation                                               (334) 242-7702; District: 460                    Ford Insurance Agency
                                                  Carriage Hills Dr., Bessemer, AL 35022;                         Inc., Messenger Newspaper;
miKe CuRTis                                       Business: (205) 432-3053; Home: (205)                           Montgomery, Room 517-F,
             District 2 (Lauderdale);             426-3795; Committees: Education Policy,                         (334) 242-7690; District: P.O.
             Democrat; 1st term; Nationwide       Internal Affairs, Jefferson County Legislation,   Box 8208, Gadsden, AL 35902; Business:
             Insurance; Montgomery,               Judiciary, Local Legislation                      (256) 413-7611; Home: (256) 547-2727;
             Room 522-E, (334) 242-7725;                                                            Committees: Banking and Insurance, Public
             Business: 115 Mobile St,             ChRis englanD                                     Safety, Rules, Tourism and Travel
             Florence, AL 35630, (256)                          District 70 (Tuscaloosa);
767-4237; Home: 91 Shelton Dr., Florence,                       Democrat; 1st term; Assistant       Blaine galliheR
AL, 35634, (256) 757-2792; Email: curtism5@                     City Attorney for Tuscaloosa;                    District 30 (Etowah, St. Clair);; Committees: County and                          Montgomery, Room 539-B,                          Republican; 4th term; Director
Municipal Government, Public Safety                             (334) 242-7703; Business:                        of Business and Industry
                                                                P.O. Box 2089, Tuscaloosa, AL                    Training for Calhoun County;
RanDy Davis                                       35403, (205) 349-0101; Home: 43 Woodbine                       Montgomery, Room 628-C,
             District 96 (Baldwin, Mobile);       Road, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405; Committees:                        (334) 242-7760; District:
             Republican; 2nd term; Assistant      County and Municipal Government,                  P.O. Box 4353, Gadsden, AL 35904-4353;
             Professor of Music for Mobile        Judiciary, Tuscaloosa County Legislation          Business: (256) 832-1201; Home: (256)
             College, Resident Conductor                                                            442-7517; Email:;
             for Baldwin County Pops Band;        Joe FausT                                         Committees: Banking and Insurance, Health,
             Montgomery, Room 538-B,                            District 94 (Baldwin);              Rules
(334) 242-7724; Home: 6590 Thompson                             Republican; 2nd term;
Lane, Daphne, AL 36526; Business:                               Insurance Broker; Montgomery,       viCToR gasTon
(251) 442-2552; Home: (251) 621-0814;                           Room 524-C, (334) 242-7699;                     District 100 (Mobile);
Committees: Constitution and Elections,                         District: 20452 Beecher St.,                    Republican; 7th term; Retired
Agriculture and Forestry, Local Legislation,                    Fairhope, AL 36532; Business:                   School Administrator and
Baldwin County Legislation, Mobile County         (251) 990-4615; Home: (251) 928-5445;                         Timber Farmer; Montgomery,
Legislation                                       Email:; Committees:                    Room 526-C, (334) 242-7675;
                                                  Baldwin County Legislation, Tourism and                       District: 1136 Hillcrest
paul DemaRCo                                      Travel                                            Crossing West, Mobile, AL 36695; Business:
               District 46 (Jefferson, Shelby);                                                     (251) 208-5480; Home: (251) 639-2555;
               Republican; 2nd term;              James C. FielDs JR.                               Committees: Government Appropriations,
               Attorney, partner in the law                     District 12 (Baldwin); Democrat;    Government Operations, Mobile County
               firm of Parsons, Lee and                         1st term; Montgomery, Room          Legislation
               Juliano P.C.; Montgomery,                        N/A, (334) 242-7600;
               Room 537-F (334) 242-7740;                       Home: 167 County Road 33,           h. “maC” gipson JR.
District: 111 Edgewood Blvd., Homewood,                         Hanceville, AL 35077, (256)                      District 88 (Autauga, Elmore);
AL 35209; Business: (205) 326-6600; Home:                       287-0007. Email: james.fields@                   Republican; 3rd term; retired
(205) 802-7285; Email:;  ; Committees: N/A                                   CEO of Gipson’s Auto Tire Inc.;
Committees: Boards and Commissions,                                                                              Montgomery, Room 522-E,
Jefferson County Legislation, Judiciary                                                                          (334) 242-7695; District: 507
10 / businessalabama
Cook Road, Prattville, AL 36067; Business:       Ken guin                                ; Committees: Banking
(334) 365-0671; Home: (334) 365-9529; Fax:                     District 14 (Tuscaloosa, Walker,    and Insurance, Government Operations
(334) 361-1917; Email: macgipson@knology.                      Winston); Democrat; 4th
net; Committees: Education Appropriations,                     term; Attorney; Montgomery,         eaRl hilliaRD JR.
Tourism and Travel                                             Room 517-E, (334) 242-7674;                       District 60 (Jefferson);
                                                               District: P.O. Box 470, Carbon                    Democrat; 1st term; Attorney;
James goRDon                                                   Hill, AL 35549; Business: (205)                   Montgomery, Room 539-A,
             District 98 (Mobile); Democrat;     924-0061; Fax: (205) 924-0040; Email:                           (334) 242-7684; Home: 822
             1st term; Chiropractor;   ;;                          Cochise Trail, Birmingham,
             Montgomery, Room 522-C,             Committees: Constitution and Elections,                         AL 35214, (205) 798-6940;
             (334) 242-7772; Home:               Rules, Tuscaloosa County Legislation              Business: 228 18th St. N., Birmingham,
             7818 Lukoli Lane, Saraland,                                                           AL 35203, (205) 254-0020; Committees:
             AL 36571, (251) 679-9744;           lauRa hall                                        Agriculture and Forestry, Commerce, County
Business: 607 B Wilson Ave., Mobile, AL                       District 19 (Madison); Democrat;     and Municipal Government, Jefferson County
36571, (251) 476-7246; Email: james@                          4th term; Administrator,             Legislation, Tourism and Travel; Committees: Board and                       Calhoun Community College;
Commissions, Constitution and Elections,                      Montgomery, Room 518, (334)          RanDy hinshaw
Health, Mobile County Legislation                             242-7688; District: 100 St. Clair,               District 21 (Madison);
                                                              Huntsville, AL 35810; Business:                  Democrat; 2nd term; Education
BeTTy CaRol gRaham                               (256) 859-2234; Fax: (256) 539-5444; Email:                   Specialist, Montgomery, Room
             District 81 (Tallapoosa); ; Committees: Government                   535, (334) 242-7733; District:
             Democrat; 4th term; Dean of         Appropriations, Judiciary, Madison County                     P.O. Box 182, Meridianville,
             Students, Central Alabama           Legislation                                                   AL 35759-1016; Home: (256)
             Community College;                                                                    828-7119; Email: randy.hinshaw@alhouse.
             Montgomery, Room 531,               seTh hammeTT                                      org; Committees: Constitution and Elections,
             (334) 242-7741; District: 3485                   District 92 (Escambia,               Madison County Legislation, Tourism and
Cowpens Road, Alexander City, AL 35010;                       Covington); Democrat;                Travel
Business: (256) 234-6346 ext. 6531; Home:                     8th term; Speaker of The
(256) 234-7068; Email:                   House; Director of Economic          alvin holmes
us; Committees: Banking and Insurance,                        Development, PowerSouth;                          District 78 (Montgomery);
Education Appropriations, Lee County                          Montgomery, Room 519-A,                           Democrat; 9th term; Real Estate
Legislation                                      (334) 242-7668,District: P.O. Box 1776,                        Broker/College Educator;
                                                 Andalusia, AL 36420; Business: (334)                           Montgomery, Room 525-A,
RonalD gRanTlanD                                 269-2670; Home: (334) 222-4469; seth.                          (334) 242-7706; District: P.O.
              District 9 (Morgan); Democrat;                                            Box 6064, Montgomery, AL
              3rd term; Retired Administrator,                                                     36106; Business: (334) 264-7807; Home:
              Cullman County Health              miCKy hammon                                      (334) 281-8637; Committees: Montgomery
              Department; Montgomery,                        District 4 (Limestone, Morgan);       County Legislation
              Room 524-A, (334) 242-7736;                    Republican; 2nd term; Electrical
              District: P.O. Box 1628,                       Contractor; Montgomery, Room          Ralph howaRD
Hartselle, AL 35640; Home: (256) 773-6796;                   523-C, (334) 242-7709; District:                   District 72 (Hale, Marengo,
Committees: Government Appropriations,                       1344 E. Upper River Road,                          Perry, Bibb); Democrat; 2nd
Health, Local Legislation                                    Decatur, AL 35603; Business:                       term; Montgomery, Room
                                                 (256) 350-4261; Home: (256) 350-0375;                          527-D, (334) 242-7759;
ToDD gReeson                                     Committees: Constitutions and Elections,                       District: 700 M W Rollins Lane,
            District 24 (DeKalb);                Tourism and Travel                                             Greensboro, AL 36744; Home:
            Republican; 3rd term; Farmer/                                                          (334) 624-1887; Committees: Agriculture and
            Insurance Agent; Montgomery,         alan haRpeR                                       Forestry, Government Operations
            Room 528-A, (334) 242-7743;                       District 61 (Pickens, Tuscaloosa);
            District: 2751 County Road                        Democrat; 1st term; Director         miKe huBBaRD
            651, Ider, AL 35981; Business/                    of Economic Development,                         District 79 (Lee); Republican;
Home: (256) 632-3963; Fax, (334) 242-4759;                    City of Aliceville; Montgomery,                  3rd term; House Minority
Committees: Education Appropriations, Rules,                  Room 538-C, (334) 242-7732;                      Leader; President, Auburn
Tourism and Travel                                            Home: P.O. Box 403, Aliceville,                  Network Inc.; Montgomery,
                                                 AL 35442, (205) 373-2433; Business: 419                       Room 536-A, (334) 242-7739;
DaviD g. gRimes                                  Memorial Pkwy. E., Aliceville, AL 35442,                      District: P.O. Box 950,
              District 73 (Montgomery);          (205) 373-6611; Email:;          Auburn, AL 36831-0950; Business: (334)
              Republican; 2nd term; Life         Committees: Agriculture and Forestry, Boards      826-9946; Home: (334) 821-9706; Fax: (334)
              Insurance; Montgomery,             and Commissions, Commerce, Tuscaloosa             826-9151; Email: hubbard@mikehubbard.
              Room 537-A, (334) 242-7707;        County Legislation                                com; Committees: Agriculture and Forestry,
              Business: 2870 Zelda Road,                                                           Government Operations, Lee County
              Montgomery, AL 36106, (334)        miChael hill                                      Legislation
834-3989; Home: 1254 Magnolia Curve,                         District 41 (Shelby); Republican;
Montgomery, AL 36106, (334) 274-0700;                        7th term; Title Insurance Agent;      sTeve huRsT
Fax: (334) 274-0710; Email: grimesdg@birch.                  Montgomery, Room 628-D,                            District 35 (Calhoun,
net; Committees: Commerce, Banking and                       (334) 242-7715; District: 114                      Talladega); Democrat; 4th
Insurance, Internal Affairs, Montgomery                      Arlington Ave., Columbiana,                        term; Businessman and
Legislation                                                  AL 35051; Business: (205)                          employed with Georgia Pacific
                                                 988-5600; Home: (205) 669-6264; Email:                         Corporation; Montgomery,
                                                                                                                    businessalabama / 11
Room 630-A, (334) 353-9215; District:          yvonne KenneDy                                     Jay love
155 Quail Run Road, Munford, AL                              District 97 (Mobile); Democrat;                   District 74 (Montgomery);
36268; Home: (256) 761-1935; Fax: (256)                      7th term; Montgomery, Room                        Republican; 2nd term;
761-2626,Committees: Agriculture and                         537-C, (334) 242-7737; District:                  Montgomery, Room 527-A,
Forestry, Public Safety                                      1205 Glennon Ave., Mobile, AL                     (334) 242-7716; District:
                                                             36603; (251) 438-9509                             P.O. Box 3221, Montgomery,
Tammy iRons                                                                                                    AL 36109; Business: (334)
               District 1 (Lauderdale);        John KnighT JR.                                    356-7827; Home: (334) 213-0961; Fax: (334)
               Democrat; 2nd term; Business                District 77 (Montgomery);              356-7828; Email:;
               Attorney and owner of Irons                 Democrat; 5th term; Special            Committees: Constitution and Elections,
               Law Firm; Montgomery, Room                  Assistant to the President for         Government Appropriations, Montgomery
               526-B, (334) 353-9032; Home:                Alabama State University;              County Legislation
               722 Rivermont Road, Florence,               Montgomery, Room 516-A,
AL 35634, (256) 760-0950; Business: 219                    (334) 242-7660; District: P.O.         James m. “Jimmy” maRTin
N. Court St., Florence, AL 35630, (256)        Box 6300, Montgomery, AL 36106; Business:                       District 42 (Chilton, Shelby);
766-9201; Email: tammy@ironslawfirm.           (334) 229-4286; Home: (334) 834-7445;                           Democrat; 3rd term; Co-Owner,
com; Committees: Boards and Commissions,       Committees: Government Appropriations,                          Martin Funeral Home Inc.;
Judiciary                                      Montgomery County Legislation, Public                           Montgomery, Room 530-D,
                                               Safety                                                          (334) 242-7714; District: P.O.
Jamie ison                                                                                                     Box 1214, Clanton, AL 35046;
              District 101 (Mobile);           RiChaRD J. laiRD                                   Business: (205) 755-3550; Home: (205)
              Republican; 2nd term;                           District 37 (Chambers, Clay,        755-3483; Fax: (334) 755-3555; Email: james-
              Montgomery, Room 527-B,                         Randolph); Democrat; 8th term;; Committees: Banking
              (334) 242-7711; District: 57                    President, Ranco Inc. real estate   and Insurance, Commerce, Shelby County
              Byrnes Blvd., Mobile, AL                        and development; Montgomery,        Legislation
              36608; Home: (251) 342-6697;                    Room 528-D, (334) 242-7744;
Email:; Committees:                    District: 341 Bonner Dr.,           BaRRy masK
Agriculture and Forestry, Judiciary, Mobile    Roanoke, AL 36274; Business:(334)                                District 31 (Coosa, Elmore);
County Legislation                             863-4249; Home:(334) 863-2424; Email:                            Republican; 2nd term;
                                     ; Committees: County                        Montgomery, Room 527-C,
Thomas JaCKson                                 and Municipal Government, Health, Internal                       (334) 242-7732; Home: 1860
              District 68 (Choctaw, Clarke,    Affairs, Rules                                                   Emerald Mountain Pkwy.,
              Conecuh, Marengo, Monroe);                                                                        Wetumpka, AL 36093, (334)
              Democrat; 3rd term; Director     John “JoDy” leTson                                 328-9231; Email:;
              of Upward Bound Program,                        District 7 (Lawrence, Winston);     Committees: Constitution and Elections, Local
              Alabama Southern College,                       Democrat; 4th term; A               Legislation, Tourism and Travel
              Associate Pastor of Church of                   farmer, small business owner;
God in Christ; Montgomery, Room 522-C,                        Montgomery, Room 541-A,             a.J. mCCampBell
(334) 242-7738; District: P.O. Box 656,                       (334) 242-7767; Home: 15720                      District 71 (Greene, Marengo,
Thomasville, AL 36784-0656; Business:                         County Road 400, Hillsboro,                      Sumter); Democrat; 3rd
(334) 246-3597; Home: (334) 636-0094;          AL 35643; District: 12001 Alabama Highway                       term; Insurance Agent;
Committees: Agriculture and Forestry, Health   157, Moulton, AL 35650, (256) 974-5175;                         Montgomery, Room 539-C,
                                               Home: (256) 637-6608; Fax:(256) 974-7164;                       (334) 242-7747; Business: P.O.
RonalD g. Johnson                              Email:; Committees:                    Box 487,Demopolis, AL 36732,
             District 33 (Talladega);          Government Appropriations, Government              (334) 295-5634; Committees: Agriculture and
             Republican; 8th term; Partner,    Operations                                         Forestry, Commerce, Public Safety, Tourism
             Medical Care Equipment Inc.;                                                         and Travel, Tuscaloosa County Legislation
             Montgomery, Room 627-D,           BenJamin lewis
             (334) 242-7777; District: 3770                  District 86 (Houston);               ThaD mCClammy
             Sylacauga-Fayette Highway,                      Republican; 1st term; Dairy                        District 76 (Montgomery);
Sylacauga, AL 35151-4904; Business:                          Farmer, Lewis Family Dairy;                        Democrat; 7th term; Real Estate
(256) 249-3558; Home: (256) 249-9489;                        Montgomery, Room 540-A,                            Broker; Montgomery, Room
Committees: Health, Rules                                    (334) 242-7756, Home:                              525-D, (334) 242-7780; District:
                                                             2209 Eddins Road, Dothan,                          P.O. Box 250776, Montgomery,
maRC Keahey                                    AL 36301, (334) 792-1849; Business: 173                          AL 36125-0776; Home: (334)
             District 65 (Choctaw, Clarke,     Lewis Farm Road, Ashford, AL 36312, (334)          264-6767; Fax: (334) 284-5769; Committees:
             Washington); Democrat; 1st        792-6520; Committees: Agriculture and              Banking and Insurance, Montgomery County
             term; Attorney; Montgomery,       Forestry, Public Safety                            Legislation, Public Safety, Tourism and Travel
             Room 630-A, (334) 242-7748;
             Home: 2350 Allen Road, Grove                    RiChaRD J. linDsey                   Jim mCClenDon
             Hill, AL 36451, (251) 275-3541;                District 39 (Cherokee, Cleburne,                   District 50 (St. Clair, Shelby);
Business: P.O. Box 297, Grove Hill, AL                      DeKalb); Democrat; 7th term;                       Republican; 2nd term; Retired
36457, (251) 275-3127; Fax: (251) 275-3129;                 Manager, Lindsey Brothers Inc.;                    Optometrist; Montgomery,
Committees: Agriculture and Forestry,                       Montgomery, Room 514, (334)                        Room 527-C, (334) 242-7749;
Judiciary                                      242-7713; District: 13750 County Road 22,                       District: 361 Jones Road,
                                               Centre, AL 35960; Business: (256) 475-3400;                     Springville, AL 35146; Home:
                                               Home: (256) 475-3415; Committees:                  (205) 467-2656; Website: www.jimmc-
                                               Education Appropriations                 ; Committees: County and

12 / businessalabama
Municipal Government, Health, Shelby County      Steele St., Hamilton, AL 35570; Home: (205)                    Court West, Birmingham, AL
Legislation                                      921-3214,Email:;                     35204, (205) 324-6053; Business:
                                                 Committees: Health                                             (205) 252-9203; Committees:
maRy sue mCCluRKin                                                                                              Jefferson County Legislation,
              District 43 (Jefferson, Shelby);   Joseph C. miTChell                                             Public Safety
              Republican, 3rd term; Owner,                      District 103 (Mobile); Democrat;
              McClurkin Enterprises;                            4th term; Founder, Alabama         JeRemy h. oDen
              Montgomery, Room 517-D,                           American Research and                           District 11 (Cullman, Morgan);
              (334) 242-7682; District: 1134                    Education Associates Inc.;                      Republican; 3rd term; CFO, Delta
              County Services Dr., Pelham,                      Montgomery, Room 517-A,                         Discount Corp.; Montgomery,
AL 35124; Home: (205) 620-6610; Fax: (205)                      (334) 242-7735; District: 465                   Room 527-D, (334) 242-7722;
620-6611; Committees: Health, Shelby County      Dexter Ave., Mobile, AL 36604; Home/                           Home: 1268 County Road 1459,
Legislation, Ways and Means, General Fund        Business: (251) 473-5020; Email: house3@                       Vinemont, AL 35179; Business:
                                       ; Committees:                          (256) 734-4236; Fax: (256) 739-9119; Email:
maC mCCuTCheon                                   Constitution and Elections, Education Policy,; Committees: County
             District 25 (Limestone, Madison);   Internal Affairs, Mobile County Legislation       and Municipal Government, Education
             Republican; 1st term; Farmer,                                                         Appropriations
             25 years Law Enforcement;           maRy ann mooRe
             Montgomery, (334) 242-7600;                      District 59 (Jefferson); Democrat;   John g. “JaCK” page iii
             Home: P.O. Box 370, Capshaw,                     2nd term; Retired Medical                        District 29 (Etowah); Democrat;
             AL 35742, (256) 655-3764;                        Technologist; Montgomery,                        5th term; Former Gadsden City
Email:;                             Room 539-D, (334) 242-7608;                      Councilman, Community Liaison
Committees: Education Policy, Madison                         District: 1622 36th Avenue                       for Gadsden State Community
County Legislation, Public Safety                             North, Birmingham, AL 35207;                     College; Montgomery, Room
                                                 Home: (205) 322-0254; Fax, (205) 322-4097;                    628-E, (334) 242-7742; Home:
w. F. “FRanK” mCDaniel                           Committees: Jefferson County Legislation,         P.O. Box 8207, Gadsden, AL 35902, (256)
              District 26 (DeKalb, Marshall);    Boards and Commissions, Constitution and          546-5365; Business: P.O. Box 227, Gadsden,
              Democrat; 6th term; Retired        Elections                                         AL 35902, (256) 549-8287; Fax: (256)
              President, McDaniel Tom’s Sales                                                      547-4482; Email:;
              Inc.; Montgomery, Room 522-B,      paT mooRe                                         Committees: Constitution and Elections,
              (334) 242-7697; District: P.O.                   District 15 (Jefferson);            Government Appropriations, Rules
              Box 577, Albertville, AL 35950;                  Republican; 1st term; Co-owner-
District: 412-A Gunter Ave., Guntersville,                     real estate investment company      aRThuR payne
AL 35976, (256) 582-0619; Home: (256)                          and a small timber farm;                          District 44 (Jefferson);
878-1717; Fax: (256) 582-7049, Email: legis-                   Montgomery, Room 523-C,                           Republican; 8th term; Owner,; Committees: Commerce,                          (334) 242-7775; Home: P.O                         Arthur Payne Sporting Goods;
County and Municipal Government                  Box 338, Pleasant Grove, AL 35127, (205)                        Montgomery, Room 627-B,
                                                 744-1593; Email:;                           (334) 242-7753; District: 7763
JeFF mClaughlin                                  Committees: Boards and Commissions,                             Peppertree Highlands Circle,
            District 27 (Marshall); Democrat;    Government Operations, Jefferson County           Trussville, AL 35173; Home: (205) 655-5845;
            3rd term; Attorney; Montgomery,      Legislation                                       Committees: Boards and Commissions,
            Room 526-B; (334) 242-7765;                                                            Government Operations, Jefferson County
            District: 1129 O’Brig Ave.,          Johnny maCK moRRow                                Commission
            Guntersville, AL 35976; District:                   District 18 (Colbert, Franklin);
            412-A Gunter Ave., Guntersville,                    Democrat; 5th term; Business       John RoBinson
AL 35976; Business: (256) 582-0619; Fax:                        and Economics Instructor,                        District 23 (Jackson); Democrat;
(256) 582-7049; Email: jeff@mcedlaw.                            Northwest Junior College;                        4th term; Trial Coordinator,
com; Committees: County and Municipal                           Montgomery, Room 628-B,                          Jackson County District
Government, Education Appropriations                            (334) 242-7698; District: 512                    Attorney’s Office; Montgomery,
                                                 4th Ave. S.E., Red Bay, AL 35582; Business:                     Room 534-D, (334) 242-7728;
sTephen mCmillan                                 (256) 332-1110; Home: (256) 356-8043;                           District: 3479 County Road
             District 95 (Baldwin);              Committees: Government Operations, Tourism        33, Scottsboro, AL 35769; Business:
             Republican; 7th term; Real          and Travel                                        (256) 259-6190; Home: (256) 259-2434;
             Estate, McMillan & Associates;                                                        Committees: Education Policy, Judiciary, Rules
             Montgomery, Room 532, (334)         ChaRles o. newTon
             242-7723; District: P.O. Box                     District 90 (Butler, Crenshaw,       oliveR RoBinson
             337, Bay Minette, AL 36507;                      Lowndes); Democrat; 6th term;                      District 58 (Jefferson); Democrat;
Business: (251) 937-6048; Email: bcclegisla-                  President, Newton Oil Co.;                         3rd term; Former San Antonio; Committees: Baldwin                    Montgomery, Room 541-E,                            Spurs Basketball Player;
County Legislation, County and Municipal                      (334) 242-4460; District: 1216                     Montgomery, Room 534-B,
Government, Judiciary                                         South Conecuh St., Greenville,                     (334) 242-7769; District: 9640
                                                 AL 36037; Business: (334) 382-8700; Home:                       Eastpoint Circle, Birmingham, AL
miKe milliCan                                    (334) 382-3370; Committees: Government            35217; Home: (205) 849-6765; Committees:
             District 17 (Marion, Winston);      Appropriations, Judiciary                         Boards and Commissions, Government
             Democrat; 5th term; Director                                                          Operations, Jefferson County Commission
             of Business and Industry, Bevill    DemeTRius C. newTon
             State Community College;            District 53 (Jefferson); Democrat; 6th term;      John w. RogeRs JR.
             Montgomery, Room 628-F,             Attorney, City of Birmingham; Montgomery,         District 52 (Jefferson); Democrat; 7th term;
             (334) 242-7768; District: 1529      Room 516-B, (334) 242-7663; Home: 400 10th        President, Rogers & Rogers Inc./Photographer,
                                                                                                                      businessalabama / 13
               P.R Counselor and College        (205) 387-1321; Email: tommysherer@                          Wilcox Central High School;
               Administrator, Director; Committees: Constitution and                      President of the National Black
               of Minority Affairs for the      Elections, Education Policy, Government                      Caucus of State Legislators;
               University of Alabama in         Appropriations, Local Legislation                            Montgomery, Room 525-B,
               Birmingham; Montgomery,                                                                       (334) 242-7701; District:
               Room 541-D, (334) 242-7761;      haRRy shiveR                                                 2713 Highway 14 E., Selma,
District: 1424 18th St. S.W., Birmingham,                    District 64 (Clark, Baldwin,        AL 36701; Business: (334) 682-9590;
AL 35211; Business: (205) 934-0364;                          Conecuh, Escambia, Monroe);         Committees: Banking and Insurance,
Home: (205) 925-3522; Email: yke@cec.                        Republican; 1st term;               Education Appropriations, Tourism and Travel; Committees: Boards and                     Montgomery, Room 526-D,
Commissions, Education Appropriations,                       (334) 242-7600; Home: 46007         paTRiCia ToDD
Jefferson County Legislation                                 Sunset Dr., Bay Minette, AL                       District 54 (Jefferson);
                                                36507, (251) 937-1391; Fax: (251) 937-1391;                    Democrat; 1st term; Director of
yusuF salaam                                    Email:; Committees:                        Development, Aids Alabama;
            District 67 (Dallas); Democrat;     Baldwin County Legislation, Education Policy,                  Montgomery, Room 541-C,
            2nd term; Attorney;                 Government Operations                                          (334) 242-7718; Business: 3521
            Montgomery, Room 539-E,                                                                            Seventh Ave. S., Birmingham,
            (334) 242-7746; District:           TeRRy spiCeR                                     AL 35222, (205) 324-9822; Home: 1320 58th
            230 Franklin St., Selma, AL                       District 91 (Coffee); Democrat;    St., Birmingham, AL 35222; District: P.O.
            36703; Home: (334) 872-7571;                      3rd term; Assistant to the         Box 130201,Birmingham, AL 35222; Email:
Committees: Government Appropriations,                        President for Economic and; www.patriciatodd.
Judiciary                                                     Community Development at           net; Committees: Boards and Commissions,
                                                              Enterprise-Ozark Community         Constitution and Elections, Jefferson County
howaRD sanDeRFoRD                                             College; Montgomery, Room          Legislation
             District 20 (Madison);             630-B, (334) 242-7773; District: 2665 Taylor
             Republican; 6th term; President,   Mill Road, Elba, AL 36323; Business: (334)       allen TReaDaway
             Computer Leasing Company           347-2623 ext. 2246; Home: (334) 897-3862;                      District 51 (Jefferson);
             Inc.; Montgomery, Room 528-B,      Committees: Education Appropriations,                          Republican; 2nd term; Police
             (334) 242-4368; District: 908      Education Policy                                               Sergeant with the City of
             Tannahill Dr. S.E., Huntsville,                                                                   Birmingham, Former President
AL 35802-1971; Business: (256) 533-1989;        BuTCh TayloR                                                   of Birmingham Fraternal Order
Home: (256) 881-8390; Email: hs1989@aol.                    District 22 (Jackson,                              of Police; Montgomery, Room
com; Committees: Boards and Commissions,                    Madison); Democrat; 1st term;        536-D, (334) 242-7685; District: P.O. Box
Judiciary, Madison County Legislation                       Retired Teacher and Coach;           126, Morris, AL 35116, (205) 566-6385;
                                                            Montgomery, Room 526-B,              Email:; Committees:
sue sChmiTZ                                                 (334) 242-7600; District: 224        Education Policy, Health, Jefferson County
             District 6 (Madison);                          Taylor Ave., New Hope, AL            Legislation, Local Legislation
             Democrat; 3rd term; Teacher/       35760; Home: (256) 723-8436; Email: butch.
             Co-Owner, Hardware and                                  lesley vanCe
             General Merchandise Store;                                                                       District 80 (Lee, Russell);
             Montgomery, Room 524-D,            william e. Thigpen sR.                                        Democrat; 4th term; Owner
             (334) 242-7704; District:                         District 16 (Fayette, Lamar,                   Vance Memorial Chapel;
4649 Jeff Road, Toney, AL 35773; Business:                     Pickens, Tuscaloosa); Democrat;                Montgomery, Room 630-E,
(256) 852-7003; Home: (256) 852-7003;                          3rd term; Insurance Agent;                     (334) 242-7687; District: P.O.
Committees: Education Appropriations,                          Retired Major in the Alabama                   Box 1429, Phenix City, AL
Madison County Legislation, Tourism and                        National Guard; Montgomery,       36868-1429; Business: (334) 298-0668;
Travel                                                         Room 538-D, (334) 242-7766;       Home: (334) 298-4948; Committees: Banking
                                                District: 1225 13th Street S.W., Fayette, AL     and Insurance, Commerce, Lee County
RoDeRiCK “RoD” sCoTT                            35555; Business: (205) 932-5225; Home:           Legislation
               District 55 (Jefferson);         (205) 932-3317; Email: William.thigpen@
               Democrat; 1st term; Instructor; Committees: Banking and             Cam waRD
               in Business & Accounting for     Insurance, Health, Tuscaloosa County                            District 49 (Bibb, Shelby);
               Miles College; Montgomery,       Legislation                                                     Republican; 2nd term;
               (334) 242-7600; Business:                                                                        Executive Director, Alabaster
               5500 Myron Massey Blvd.,         elwyn Thomas                                                    Industrial Development Board;
Fairfield, AL 35064, (205) 929-1534; Home:                   District 34 (Blount); Republican;                  Montgomery, Room 625-C,
657 Maple St., Fairfield, AL 35064, (205)                    3rd term; Real Estate Evaluator,                   (334) 242-7750; District: P.O.
781-1322; Committees: Commerce, County                       Colonial Bank and SHY;              Box 1749, Alabaster, AL 35007/Shelby
and Municipal Government, Jefferson County                   Montgomery, Room 541-B,             County Legislative Office, 1134 County
Legislation, Rules                                           (334) 242-7762; District: 124       Services Dr., Pelham, AL 35124; Business:
                                                             Cliff Springs Road, Oneonta,        (205) 620-6610; Home: (205) 664-1066; Fax:
Tommy sheReR                                    AL 35121; Business: (205) 594-4141; Home:        (205) 664-6841; Email:;
            District 13 (Walker); Democrat;     (205) 274-2316; Fax: (205) 274-2393;   ; Committees: Education
            2nd term; Retired Principal,        Committees: Government Appropriations,           Policy, Judiciary, Rules, Shelby County
            Memorial Park School;               Jefferson County Legislation, Public Safety      Legislation
            Montgomery, Room 522-A,
            (334) 242-7694; District:           James l. Thomas                                  peBBlin waRRen
            P.O. Box 1384, Jasper, AL           District 69 (Dallas, Lowndes, Wilcox);           District 82 (Bullock, Lee, Macon); Democrat;
35502; Business: (205) 522-2348; Home:          Democrat; 7th term; Principal Director,          2nd term; Director of Economic Development
14 / businessalabama
              for Trenholm Technical            house sTanDing CommiTTees:                        Public Saftey:
              College; Montgomery, Room                                                           Thad McClammy-C, Elwyn Thomas-
              520, (334) 242-7734; District:    C=Chair, VC=Vice Chair, RMM=Ranking               VC-RMM, Alan Baker, Mike Ball, Mike
              P.O. Box 1328,Tuskegee            Minority Member                                   Curtis, Owen Drake, Craig Ford, Steve
              Institute, AL 36067; Business:                                                      Hurst, John Knight, Benjamin Lewis, A.J.
              (334) 380-4469; Home:             Rules:                                            McCampbell, Mac McCutcheon, Demetrius
(334) 727-9127; Email:        Ken Guin-C, James Buskey-VC, Ron                  Newton, Henry White, Randy Wood
gov; Committees: Commerce, County and           Johnson-RMM, Barbara Boyd, Craig Ford,
Municipal Government, Health, Lee County        Blaine Galliher, Todd Greeson, Randy              Boards and Commissions:
Legislation, Rules                              Hinshaw, Richard Laird, Jack Page, Arthur         Merika Coleman-C, Howard Sanderford-VC,
                                                Payne, John Robinson, Rod Scott, Pebblin          Arthur Payne-RMM, Marcel Black, Alan
henRy whiTe                                     Warren, Cam Ward                                  Boothe, Paul DeMarco, James Gordon, Alan
              District 5 (Limestone);                                                             Harper, Tammy Irons, Mary Sue McClurkin,
              Democrat; 1st term; Retired       Education Appropriations:                         Mary Moore, Pat Moore, Patricia Todd, John
              Educator; Montgomery,             Richard Lindsey-C, John Rogers-VC, Mac            Rogers, Greg Wren
              Room 528-C, (334) 242-7712;       Gipson-RMM, Robert Bentley, Alan Boothe,
              Home: P.O. Box 1085, Athens,      James Buskey, Betty Carol Graham, Todd            County and Municipal Government:
              AL 35612, (256) 232-7982;         Greeson, Yvonne Kennedy, Mary Sue                 Bill Dukes-C, Randy Wood-VC, Steve
Business: (256) 233-6678; Email: henry-         McClurkin, Jeff McLauglin, Jeremy Oden, Sue       McMillan-RMM, Mike Curtis, Owen; Committees: Agriculture       Schmitz, Terry Spicer, James Thomas               Drake, Chris England, Richard Laird,
and Forestry, Education Policy, Public Safety                                                     Jim McClendon, Frank McDaniel, Jeff
                                                Government Appropriations:                        McLaughlin, Jeremy Oden, Rod Scott, Butch
JaCK williams                                   John Knight-C         , Jack Page-VC, Victor      Taylor, Pebblin Warren, Jack Williams
              District 47 (Jefferson);          Gaston-RMM, Gerald Allen, Locy Baker, Billy
              Republican; 2nd term; Real        Beasley, Greg Canfield, Ron Grantland, Laura      Banking and Insurance:
              Estate Consultant, Chairman       Hall, Jody Letson, Jay Love, Charles Newton,      Lesley Vance-C, Mike Hill-VC-RMM, Jim
              of the Board for Greater          Yusuf Salaam, Terry Sherer, Elwyn Thomas          Barton, DuWayne Bridges, James Buskey,
              Birmingham Habitat for                                                              Steve Clouse, Craig Ford, Blaine Galliher,
              Humanity; Montgomery,             Judiciary:                                        Betty Carol Graham, David Grimes, Jimmy
Room 536-D, (334) 242-7685; District: 3273      Marcel Black-C, Charles Newton-VC, Steve          Martin, Thad McClammy, Oliver Robinson,
Brashford Road, Birmingham, AL 35216;           McMillan-RMM, Spencer Collier, Paul               William Thigpen, James Thomas
Home: (205) 979-7901; Business: (205)           DeMarco, Priscilla Dunn, Chris England,
414-7539; Fax: (205) 414-7531; Email: jack@     Laura Hall, Tammy Irons, Jimie Ison, Marc         Education Policy:; Committees: Commerce,         Keahy, John Robinson, Yusuf Salaam,               Yvonne Kennedy-C, Terry Spicer-VC, Mike
County and Municipal Government, Jefferson      Howard Sanderford, Cam Ward                       Ball-RMM, Alan Baker, Barbara Boyd,
County Legislation                                                                                Priscilla Dunn, Lea Fite, Mac McCutcheon,
                                                Government Operations:                            Joseph Mitchell, John Robinson, Tommy
RanDy wooD                                      Oliver Robinson-C, Lea Fite -VC, Arthur           Sherer, Harry Shiver, Allen Treadaway, Cam
            District 36 (Calhoun);              Payne-RMM, Barbara Boyd, Merika                   Ward, Henry White
            Republican; 2nd term; Owner,        Coleman, Victor Gaston, Mike Hill, Ralph
            Wood’s Auto Body Shop in            Howard, Mike Hubbard, Jody Letson, Pat            Agriculture and Forestry:
            Anniston; Montgomery, Room          Moore, Johnny Mack Morrow, Harry Shiver,          Thomas Jackson-C, Steve Hurst-VC, Mike
            524-E, (334) 242-7700; District:    Butch Taylor                                      Hubbard-RMM, Robert Bentley, Spencer
            P.O. Box 4432, Anniston, AL                                                           Collier, Randy Davis, Chad Fincher, Alan
36204; Business: (256) 237-8114; Home:          Commerce:                                         Harper, Earl Hilliard Jr., Ralph Howard, Jamie
(256) 820-6700; Fax:(256) 236-7379;             Frank McDaniel-C, Alan Harper-VC, Gerald          Ison, Marc Heahey, Benjamin Lewis, A.J.
Committees: County and Municipal                Allen-RMM, Warren Beck, DuWayne                   McCampbell, Henry White
Government, Public Safety                       Bridges, Bill Dukes, David Grimes, Earl
                                                Hilliard Jr., A.J. McCampell, Rod Scott, Lesley   Tourism and Travel
gReg wRen                                       Vance, Pebblin Warren, Jack Williams, Greg        Johnny Mack Morrow-C, James Thomas-VC,
             District 75 (Elmore,               Wren                                              Mac Gipson-RMM, Warren Beck, Joe
             Montgomery); Republican; 1st                                                         Faust, Lea Fite, Craig Ford, Todd Greeson,
             term; Independent Insurance        Health:                                           Mickey Hammon, Earl Hilliard Jr., Randy
             Agent; Montgomery, Room            Mike Millican-C, Locy Baker-VC, Ron               Hinshaw, Barry Mask, A.J. McCampbell, Thad
             517-B, (334) 242-7764;             Johnson-RMM, Jim Barton, Billy Beasley,           McClammy, Sue Schmitz
             District: 4213 Carmichael Road,    Steve Clouse, Blaine Galliher ,James Gordon,
Montgomery, AL 36106, (334) 395-0123;           Ron Grantland, Thomas Jackson, Richard            Internal Affairs:
Home: 7700 Wynlakes Blvd., Montgomery,          Laird, Jim McClendon, William Thigpen,            Alan Boothe-C, Robert Bentley-VC, Mike
AL 36117, (334) 279-0959; Fax: (334)            Allen Treadaway, Pebblin Warren                   Ball-RMM, Priscilla Dunn, David Grimes,
396-4787; Email: representative@greg-                                                             Steve Hurst, Joseph Mitchell; Committees: Commerce, Boards          Constitution and Elections:
and Commissions, Montgomery County              Jimmy Martin-C, Tommy Sherer-VC, Jay
Legislation                                     Love-RMM, George Bandy, Greg Canfield,
                                                Randy Davis, Chad Fincher, James Gordon,
        The Montgomery address for              Ken Guin, Mickey Hammon, Barry Mask,
           all representatives is:              Joseph Mitchell, Mary Moore, Jack Page,
          Alabama State House                   Patricia Todd
              11 S. Union St.
         Montgomery, AL 36130
                                                                                                                   businessalabama / 15