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									Ecommerce Solution with Integrated Features

             The Must Haves in Ecommerce Solution and Shopping Cart Software

The pre-requisites for an ecommerce solution should be first thought coming in mind.
Webmaster should look for the key features for profitable ecommerce.

You want your business to flourish but missing something that can give you the kick-start. What
do you need in an ecommerce solution beneficial for you? You will possibly search for reliable
commerce solutions and almost all will assure you of the best services but will they make you
aware of the very core of your e-business? I think it will be more of a task fulfilled by the
webmaster before he could go for an ecommerce solution with integration made easy.

The first and the foremost is to get a trusted and secure web hosting package with e-store
creation feature and a shopping cart working for you. The online shopping cart integrated must
have Dynamic categories and sub-categories, unlimited product add option, order fulfillment
service, automated inventory tracking system and more with payment gateways. Getting a web
based application and a web-hosting package that provides with admin ecommerce solution can
be the next best feature along with design features and search engine optimization.
What you need as effective ecommerce solution:-

      Store Creation Wizard- Give your customers the benefit of online store creation in a
       minute. Ecommerce solution with store setup in a single click with more integrated
       ecommerce solution is good for e-businesses.

      Integrated Shopping Cart Software: Your business is more likely to take the right
       direction for it to bring profits only if it has the shopping cart compatible to the products in
       store. It should be compatible with multiple payment ecommerce solution, should track,
       keep note of available and shipped inventory to update it periodically.

      Admin Features- Look for ecommerce solution that gives you the freedom to customize.
       You should be given administrative access to be able to add or delete products, bulk upload
       them whenever necessary, store data and confidential customer details and billing history.
       Invoice generation and e-mail notification feature and management of these can be very
       fulfilling along with the most important of all payment processing.
      Web Applications for E-stores- Most useful application as part of reliable ecommerce
       solution are web based movable applications that can be accessed anywhere from the
       web, through a browser easily integrated with add-on ecommerce solution.

      Design and Store UI- There should be opportunities for a webmaster to change and
       customize the theme of the website for the best product portfolio of newly emerging e-
       businesses or integrating with existing systems with online shopping cart provided. The
       availability of large pool of ready to apply templates added to the e-store wizard with CMS
       controls and e-mail templates will be an addition to it.

      SEO services- Working for and with the search engines for your websites to be present
       virtually in search results is paramount and one without SEO is more likely to be in the
       wilderness. Take into heed measures for search engine optimization of your website with
       user defined Meta tags and content under qualified guidance for better search visibility of
       new emerging or long lost existing businesses.

Just weigh your business accordingly and include the essentials in ecommerce solutions with the
flexibility of customization and administrative access with more integrated ecommerce solution, to
let you earn more.

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