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					                          Elements of a Research Proposal
                 Written by Dr. Meg Campbell & Dr. Cheryl Nordstrom
                               Revised October 5, 2009

Research question
   a.k.a. Specific aims
   a.k.a. Hypothesis
   a.k.a. Purpose

    a.k.a. Introduction
    2-3 paragraphs summarizing the existing literature, identifying the gap in the
      literature, and how your proposed study will fill that gap

What you are going to do and the steps to accomplish it
   Design
         o Cross-sectional, descriptive, longitudinal, intervention, randomized
            controlled trial, observation, pre-post comparison, or other
   Sample
         o Who are the participants?
                 Age
                 Race
                 Gender
                 Diagnosis
                 Location
                        Inpatients
                        Outpatients
                        Community dwelling adults
                        Healthy volunteers
                 Unique characteristics defined by the research question
                        Smokers
                        Obese
                        Terminally ill
         o How are you recruiting them?
                 Convenience sample of nurses or patients
                 Place flyers in clinic waiting rooms
                 Advertise in local newspapers
                 From an existing database
         o How many do you need?
                 Justify the sample size
                 Do you have/need a control group for comparison?
   Protocol
         o A step-by-step plan for conducting the study
                 Identify eligible participants
                 Obtain consent if indicated
                Collect data via:
                     Performing an intervention
                     Observing participants
                     Surveying participants
                     Extracting data from existing medical records or database
                Plan for data entry and storage

   Data Analysis
   Plan for Dissemination
       o Writing a peer-reviewed journal article
       o Presenting a paper or poster at a professional meeting
       o DMC media outlets
       o Nursing Grand Rounds lecture
       o Unit-based distribution of findings

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